The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1918
Page 2
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iiplfPSfPlilTfi^ WSf^M^rJSvK^sv^^rF^':' vr -'y f -'^''-'^ '""·' '". ; :" '' ··---··;."· FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1918. v'c R IS ·the Baltimore Ohid railroad is Bal- ",t5e ."" Episcbpar'cliurcn'IC'Held" ·Wednesday "' the home~o?TtTr8. Paul Gerke meeting -will be held "Wednesday eys- nir.g, July 17, In the · new church house, Or-N. T. -iSnyitbilcIelub wai delightJully_ entertained "Wednesday afternoon by~Mra! J. "W. Trenberth at her home in South ConnellsvlUe. Nine ladies -were present and spent a very; fanryn-ork. The club VtU-t*? entertained Thursday afternoon, July 14j; by Mra^Miller at-her-home atiVan- Jji«6fiKemen'irE«-be«n'"!n»ed : of, Miss.TJi.elli'Ma'e ..-- Hgstfaigg · of Vnlosttosm. '· · ; ter if Mr .; ioneown, and -Captain^EdwiiJ;". liw« ;-'Scofleld, -were married MoDdayr. in- the · ' ^Church of tie Ascenfioa, NeV York. ! "Captain ScoSeld, who is a rnembej of : the Coast jirtillery^J^li sen_of,the, : lato Hn*S_ScOfi«rdrofJSt»inford," Conn,' " He eiuccts to teceive. its orders for Miss Minnie McEIrcy, daughter of 5"iljr'»nd"fr»r"W. K. McEiroy of U* "foiitow a: 'taA Thomas D. Radtke were rasirried "Wednesday evening in Union- to«-n..bir ROT. Cloyd JJqodnight, pastor of the Centra'i Christian church, . TTnSontown. 'The bride previous to "ter m'arrialje'lield posrilous" -with^tie "TJjflon Supply company at Smock and; " tie' Fayette 'Supply "company at Oliver" No." T-.; "The bridegrom' nas been "witn the "Keil"-Can'aghan"'"Coal k Colce company" at High House".' Miss Edna Poiser of First street., West Sine, and. Hoy HalJiitl, son ol' S.amuel HaHhill, went to Cumberland · list night w-fiere they were united In janirtney 'returned this morning after spending -the Fourth-at" the- former's home at -Woodlawn. Mr. and Mrs. K-'E. Caster of HynS- man, are guests of the.former's mother, Mrs._JEIiza J. Gsuiter, of .Prospect Mrr and Mrs." Randolph Light of Youngstown, O., were guests of .friends here over UteFourtti. ·Tie Bailr Rsminder--Buy "War Say- Ings Stamps und^keep ut/your knitting. - "We help you do both. Thrift Stamp free with each pound ot Liber? ty -Yarn. ' All .guaranteed standard colors; J4.00 pound. Scad check or money order. Liberty Yarn Co., 114 North Highland Avenue, Plttsbnrg, riarriage The- bride vras a cleric at the.Sajfar Bowf, North. Pitte- liurs street. :Tbe bridegrom is a driver for A^'Hager, tbe' 'grocer. Churclu.J)ay will be obseir«fid on Thursday, July. 11. at the odist .Episcopal church with the. following ^committee- -in -cfearge:.' .^-Mrs. Fred Gilbert, Mrs. D. H. Hprton; Mrs. E. "W. Sprner, Mrs. Ji C. Hunter,- Mrs. « James- Hicks.'Mrs. W. J; -Hicks, SHss Anna Homer, Miss Viletta ^Howard, Mrs. J. F. Holland, Mfcisrtettjia Hii- enbaugh, Mrs,.S^B;.;Henry,^.MVs. Carrie HoopV.atbCilarrfclliSOir^Mrs. Jos' ' 1 eph Henry; .' HenTy, Mrs; A. '"" C. Herwick.'ttHSH^-.r'Hetzel. Mrs. S, T. Irwin, Mrs. Tbbnias Jones, Mrs. Laura Jajnes, Mrs. Ira Jaynes, Mrs. Rb^yjaynes,'illssT'E.' "Hlbaer, Mrs. Frank Jones-" Mrs. -Blanche Kesslar, Mrs. Amanda. Kesslar, Miss Elizabeth KeUeaberger and Sirs. "p. A. Koesor. Lunch irill be. served from u]-to 1 o'clock Community prayer services wtfl be ield'this'evening at 3 o'clock at "the home of Mrs. 'Ellis in Aetna street' 'PHSCWALS. ' Merrill Lessig and Charles Dari* spent yesterday in Greeasburg. Ralph Rhodes was at Oakford Park yesterday. ; :_;_;.:.,,: Miss Elizabeth ParAapIaagiiter. of Mr. and Mrs. TrilliamTEapke of Morgan, went toVFJitsburg"-tbJi»:.»ftenioon: to enter the "nurses' 'Siming department of a Pittsburg hospital.' . ,'. . "Don Toor-blt." Keep your needles basy wttE sweaters." wristlets," etc., tor- the-'aoldters-and sailors. Khaki yarns ^snr specialty;' - $4.00 pound. Send check or money order.. Liberty Yarn. Co.,; 114 : North-ElghVland Are-'Mrs..-.-J:-,-A. Mason .of . South . . Meyer. "J-Tiarpn;:'.' left-- yesterday; for; Grand Rapida, jiich., oh -business. For lio best and cheapen repain on tnat roof, conductor or epouUnj, tee F. T. Bran* Bstate. -- Adr. : .jMrs.-JJinl; :iBexke lcft.'lbte morning for a visit 'With; "friends in Philadelphia. Mrs. I. W. Myers has returned home Irom a visit with relatives in. "Wheel- TttissXMSbel. Pranks, 'bookkeeper at ; tlie, 'Cottage-State hospital, -was the gnesi 6'(?}en4 in;Uniontown over the ' " " iear.'£aSy::--I-received a sweater with- your-card on it It fits me fine, ' ABMT. . Glacier Burkhardt enlisted in [tin United States' Army and this morning went to Pittsburg to receive his' orders as to where he is to be serft £or training. - ' . · · fered Amerlc'aV Declaration" of. Independence to" the peoples ."of the world; w|ti'a pledge"'that the United States and .its. Allies will apt-sheathe the sword : in. war against .the Central Powers until" there is settled "Once for all" for the worM what was settled for America jn 1776. .Foreign born citizens of the United States, 33 nationalities, who had placed wreaths of palms on the tomb in token of fealty to the principles laid down by the Father of bis Country,' cried their approval of. his words in many languages -and th'en stood witi reverently bared heads while the voice of John McConnack soared over the hallowed' ground in the notes ol the "Star spangled Banner." "Washington and his assistants, like Because'it -was made, of [Liberty Khaki j Uie barors of Runnymede, spoke and Tarir.'jiiOp. "per pound.-Send check or acted, not for a class, "but for a peo- HUN MILITARISM -MUST BE CRUSHED , ; ;PEOARES WILSON la. Shadon of "Tomb-of "Washington: Executive Emphasizes There Can '.."" "- Be So"Compro«lse; By Associated Preao. WASHINGTON, D. C., July .S.-Prom-'-the-.shadow of "Washington's tomb, President "Wilson, yesterday oE- I front in France, has returned to the *».:« »TM,.,i«-..i-T M i.,»HTM-ii T«J._ United States .and "detailed to duty aa an instructor at Camp Dix, Wrishta- town, N. J. j GiACIEK BUBKHABDT SHMSTS 1IEUT. DEAJf'STUKGTS KETUESS TO AMJEBICA. . Lieutenant Dean D. Sturgis, son of Attorney'"W. J. Sturgis of Uniontown, recently seriously -. wounded .! at the _ por poiuid. monejr order:' ·-Libertylfarn Co., 114 | Pl«." the President said. "It bas been North..'"Highland.-^Areine,::,Pittsburg, ' J ' * ' ' - ""·-- " 1 --" L - .'-'.3Ii£.1..J.',Penrod and Mrs. Thomas Arcjh. street, ~asd -gnests, . -B)mer Loi«n?.BnPlttshnrfc_were" guest* of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Elte^roT'of Uniontown, crver the Fourth. ~Mr. anffJitrs. F. M". Fisher ana "granddnnghter. Frances, were gneats of Mr. and Mrs. Jaoes MoCormick of Latrobei over the Fourti. The tT place to shop after alL ·" Brownell Shoe Co. -- Adr. -; Albert .Tressler, assistant Baltimore - * Obio ticket agent, is in PittaJmrg today. Mr. and Mrs.. W. L. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. C. E:"Wll8on-and daughter. Miss EsteMe,'-and son3Jbnaldi -Mr. and Mrs. C. M. : ;Mr. and - Mrs." _ afteraootf . br- antoSwbne'Ygr 'Camp; Meade; Tta-' iictira, ifd.; to spend a reV -. 7*Over Tosce" -o::r. Soys, jeed xaar '·'· help, _KQep.'Jiusr. fcnittingiand save :; . V. S. S"..-'Oae-frer.wjlh each pound :; ' ol yarn.\'..itU"Jit»ridard:"c"Oldr»; $4.00 ·'". pound. Seh'd"check-.or"-indney onjer. '.?. Liberty Tarn Co., .114 -Nortt"Highland ' Areiine, Pittsburgh-Pa.^-Adv.-5i2. MrsVilargiaTet Murray-' and Mrs. ' Daniel HhpdeE-''-fpr Detroit · Mich., to Tisii ; the former's daughter. Mrs. John ^est.. ^ r"-- Miss Della'zHoop of Greenwood, and CMr. and Mrs. Clarence E.'. Hoop of jJcMnestead^ .-were guests of Mr. and _._llrs~Charfe^opr ot.'.Caltifpuiia,- Ea.;: " over the Fourth.. Miss Ella .McManus. employed by Pa.--Adr,-S12. - - - . . Mr, and Mrs. J. J. 'Buttermore and family and JJr-.and M:s. G-. S. Cornell spent the Fourth at, Guard,. Md. . S.-J. Tipton of,.Washington, D. C_ a former Baltimore Ohio tlcke* agent here, was In town yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Patterson are visiting the latter's brother, John Cook of Tippecanoe. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Portsr and baby o! Scottdale. were guests of Mrs. Porter's parents, Mr! and Mr«. J. D. Percy ol West Peach street, yesterday. Miss Elizabeth -.Straab, who .was graduated-' irom ihe General iijispital, Knorville, Tenn., l»,spcnding a vacation with her'parents, Mr. and-Mrs. A. A. Straub ot the':"South Side. Mrs. Justus Smiley aad son of Day : ton, O., are visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Sisley of jeacnette, formerly of ConnellsviUe. (Morris Grodzin was in Pittsbnrg today on business. . Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Baker and little daughter, Anai.Louise, or Clev land, O., motored tromi'.Cleveland-ar r riving here at 1.30 o'clock'ith'is; mottling, and are 'guests of vJTr. "Baker's mother, Mrs. Louise Baker ot Greenwood. ; · - · .ADss .Dora. Copltgr of "West. Peach street, .Is visiting,' her sister, Mrs. F. Jf. Tipton of Pittsburg. Mr. and.Mrs. Charles Alter and Mr. and .Mrs. McClintock of West Newton, motored Sere yesterday and" visited relatives.- - . . . . E. S. Rady of, Clarksburg, W. Va, is visiting friends here. ·Mr. and Mrs. P. J. O'Brien of Oak Park, III., arrived nere tni» morning for a visit with. Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Donnelly of "West Peach street Mr. O'Brien is a sister of Mrsi Donnelly. Mrs. Percy Sheetz, Miss Helen-Shaw and .'Miss Julia Zimmerman were guests oi.Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Brobst of Greensbnrg, yesterday. Miss Nora Shallenberger and Mrs. Mason of Brownsville, were in town today. Mrs..MasDn was on her way to Killarney Park, while Miss Shallen- bers'er/.who Is .' investigator for the Mothers' -Assistance' Board ot Fayette county, -went to Indian Head in the Interest of her work.' Miss. Ruth Heeler spent the Fourth with Mr. and Mrs; S. P. Ashe and family; w.ho.are, spending the summer at left for us to see-to it that, it shall be understood that they spoke and acted not for a single .people only, but for all mankind. '"We, here in Aemrica, believe our participation in this present war to be only the fruitage of what they" planted. "There can be but one issue. The settlement must be final. There can be no compromise. "What we seek is the reign of law, based ypon consent of the governed and sustained" by the organized opinion of mankind." ' Elaborating the purposes for which the "associated peoples of tie world" are fighting, the President reiterated MRS. SUSIE T. WOODALL. Mrs. Susie Thornhill Woodall, 54 years old, a former well known resident of Conneilsville,. died Wednesday night at her home in Cincinnati, O. Mrs. "Wobdall's Illness dated back to. last Christmas when she contracted pneumonia. However, she recovered her health to such an extent that she was able to be about most of'the time. As late as last Tuesday the attending physicians told members of. the family that might live for several months. Mrs. Eugene Bishop of Chicago, who had been visiting her mother, accompanied by her husband and baby left for Conneilsville Tuesday night and on "Wednesday, atter- noon she received a letter telling her that her mother's condition had taken a turn for the worst Later word o f ' her death, arrived. The body will be · brought to Conneilsville for interment in Hill Grove cemetery, but up until noon today the arrangements for the funeral bad not been made. Mrs. Woodall'c death was due to pernicious anemia. Deceased was hern In ] Kincardine, Ontario, Canada, June 13.] JSS3, a daughter of tile late Mr. and j Mrs. Edward ThornhH). She resided at Kincardine until some years after her marriage. August 2, 1SS7, to Wil- BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD WESTERN MARYLAND RAILWAY Effective Saadar, July. 7, 1918, Western "Maryland trains Nos. 5 and 6, between Cumberland, Md., and Connellsville, Pa., will be discontinued. Baltimore Ohio trains No. 15 and 16 will run between Keystone, Pa., and the Baltimore Ohio station, Cumberland, Md., over the tracks ol "Western Maryland Rallwry, and will be 'discontinued between these points on the. Baltimore Ohio H. R. No changes -will be made in schedules of -trains Nos. 15 and 16, except as follows: So. 15. * 1.30 P.M. Lv Cumberland (B.O. Sts.) F2.00 P.M. Ml. Sivaee ("W. M.) 2:10 P.M. Frostburs (W. M.) P2.2JT.M..' Deal (W. M.) : 2.45 P.M. ,Ar Meycrsdale (B. OO Ni. 10. ' ' 6.00 P.M. Ar Cumberland (B.O. Sta)! F5.32 P.M. Mt. Savage (W. M.) 5.25 P.M. Frostburs (W. M.) F5.0T P.Jf. Deal (W. M.) 1.15 P.M. Lv Moyersdnje (B. O.) F -- Stop on., signal. WRINKLES THAT FORM ARGUNDEYBandMOUTH Looking Yovn;? Woman ArivlMe* Old lime llcclpc ot Buttermilk Cream - in -Sew T.VOJ--- A Gen- ilc Ma»M«aire_iTlth Fingers Before llvHrlnir All" That T« " that peace can be made only when , [gnl j. WoKta jj. In M00 the family , the Central Powers agree to tie de- moved , 0 connellsvtlle, residing here I strnction of militarism, the consent of the governed for all readjustments, the aacrodness of treaties and tho organization of a league of peace. He further forestalled any offers of peace uatil 1913 when they moved to Philadelphia. Last April the family moved" to Cincinnati, O. Sirs. Woodall. while residing in Coanellsvtlle. was a devout member of the First Baptist by compromise which the Contra! | church, being one of its most active .Powers .may make, by announcing workers. She won the friendship and that the purposes for which the United States is sending millions of its men to the trenches may not be fulfilled around a council table. ·recovering from an operation performed at the army hospital. He Is now in a convalescent hospital. ""Mr; and Mrs: W: R. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Roberts of Wllldns- burg; and Mrs. and Mrs. B. C. Fair ol Latrobe,. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome ifcCormick of West Fayette street, yesterday^ Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Roland, Dr.' James O'Donovan, J. J. Driscoll and W.'S. Stimmel motored to Guard, Md., yesterday and spent the day. Are Advertised Hedielnei WortUets! There is;no more reason to f conJemn' all- advertised medicines'than there is to condemn, all physicians or all druggists...- Ibices. tber,e are in every pi;o- fesston xdt in. *very:'tr»de,-Dut .tb.'ey *rn'ot"last ImJgr--Take a'ineaiclne like Lydia E. Piukham'* Vegetable pompoond, tha true test ot its merit is-the -faet.ihat for forty years it ias been relieving women of America from the- worst ; 'f6rms~o(" female ailments, constantly .growin's in popularity and favor, until it is now recognized from ocean to ocean as the standard remedy lor female Ills.--Adv. DnnlMir SnHBng Party. Kiss Agnes Nemon and Miss Martha PABTT AT ADELAIDE F,"H1 SOLDIER TCuTH A farewell party was held at the Jiemo of Mr. aad Mrs. Ardeosky at Adelaide, !i; honor ot their sot. Jphc.. who has gone to Cambridge Springs to go in training as a motor mechanic. The evening was spent at dancing and. ail present report a very enjoyable time. esteem of all with whom she came in contact and her many friends here keenly feel her death. At the time of her death she was a member of Walnut Hills Baptist church in Cincinnati. In addition-to lier husband Mrs. Woodall children: survived by the following R, A., of Chicago; Wilfred, atte-ied. to the 45th United l . Ittl .«.. illi ^ ?n ' Slates Regular. Headquarters. company, stationed ai Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Ala., and now home on a furlough; Misses Joy, Frescos and Dorothy "Woodall, at home; John T., There Is no secret about ft nor .ff thorc n-ny doubt about tbe resuit--it's just conunon ordinary Buttermilk In tho form of a wonderful, cream gently massaged with tho ftntjcr tips arounil the corners of the eyes a.nd mouth. To prove this to your complete satisfaction obtain a small quantity at Lhe ConneUsville Druff Co.. on the money back If tUssatistied plan. The are simple and It costs so srirl or woman can a^WAS BIG SUCCESS Refreshments 50 guest*. GO TO YISIT BATTSOS BOY Ef CAXP lEE HOSPITAT, Elmer Smith and sister, Mrs. B." K. Bralllcr.ot Dawson, left this morning for Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., to visit the'lattor's son, Boy Brallier, who Us Forest, Ontario, Can.; Barker Thorn,hill of Jamestown. N. D., and one sis- tar, Mrs. Margaret JIcKibben of Washington state. SE3n) were served to about of Denver. Col., and Mrs. Eugene Bis-: Mount Ternon Picnic Attended by a \ hop of Chicago; four grandchildren. Large Crowd of People. j two brothers. C. J. Thornhill of Mount -ph? picnic held at old Mount Ver- i non ore mine. Bullskin township, yes- \ terday for tKo beneSt o£ tie P.ert | Cross was a big success. It Is esti- I mated that upwards ot 5,000 people i were in attendance. Addresses were made by Judge J. Q. Van Swearicgen, JJev. A. N. Slayton of Unlontown and Rev. I. E. Hunk j of Scottdale. Music was furnished by j the Sccctdale and Woodda'e bands and j Robliins auartet of Scottdale. An j elaborate picnic dinner was served ar j neon. ' i The de-tails of the affair were ar- j FICTOTE SOIDIEE HOME. Reqniist for "my baby's picture" to be sent at once is contained in a letter from Enmntt Addis of Dickerson Run who is in France, to bis mother, Mrs. Samuel Addis, in which he says In part: . , "0ea.T mother: Just a few lines to let you know I am In the best of health and having a good time. It has been four weeks since I have had any mail and I am anxious to hear from home. Has any one heard from Bill Brown? l.have seen him only once since we left home. Has Hai'ry ·Wrigbt'lcft for Prance yet? I hove not" heard from him for a long time. This is certainly a fine place over. Mother, I can tell you so much more when "we meet face to face and may it not be so very long, for I have the spirit of returning some day ami I Iran: to fee] the same way and do not worry as we have to do this job. "We are a long way from the firing line yet and not in -much danger and every one is happy and only waitnig for a chance for a crack at old Bill. Be sure and get my baby's picture and send It to me as soon as' you can. I had a fine. trip coming across and did not get se sick." COWORAI, JAKES TOEBESCE 18 OITBJf THAXSI'EB. Corporal James B. Torrence, who has been with the 16th Company, Coast Artillery, at Port Barry, Cal., has been transferred to toe 67th Eegi- ment. Artillery. Battery E, stationed Fort "Winfleld Scott, CaJ. He is a son ot Mr. and Mrs..J. G. Torren;e of Dawson, and has been In the service since December 31, 1917, says he likes it but is anxious to go over. THOJtlS "WAITOK HOME 05 A FtJItXOtlGH. Thomas Walton, attached to the United States Marines, is spending" a 10-day furlough with his sister, Mrs. R. P. BSacka, and his aunt, Mrs. T, J. Smith of Ninth street. Greenwood. SATT WHALES ACT) 'SHAKES BET 3fO SUBMARINES. "We have landed at last" says a-letter from Corporal Howard L. Sparks of Headquarters Company, 13tt. Field Grier were joint hostesses at a de- Artillery, in France, to his sister, Mrs. dav Albert Henry of this city. "Our trip · . . , - .... ;.,E.K:.SNTDHR. B. K. Sayd«r, 73 years old, one of the mos-t widely known Civil war veterans in Fayette county, died "Wednesday evening at S.30 o'clock at his home in East Main street, Uniontown. Mr. Snydcr at the time of nis death was adjutant of "William F. Stewart Post, No. 180, ot Uniontown, and was chief ot staff to Dr. L. P. Arensberg whe-n the latter was state commander. Mr, Snyder had been in poor health for some time past, but had uot been confined to his bed until early Wednesday eve-ting. He retired an hour before his death and wire founa dying when one of the relatives went to his room to give him some medicine. Tno funeral will bo tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, with Rev. E. A. Hodll, pastor of tie Third Presbyterian church, UnioBtows, officiating. Interment in Oak Grove cemetery. Mr. Snyder was born May 13, 1S45, in Livingston county, N. Y., a son of Tunis Snyder. The family moved to Iowa, whero the deceased enlisted in Company B, First Iowa Infantry, during the Cirtl war, at tho age of IS years. He was with Sherman on his march to Uie sea. Mr. .Snyder was married to Miss Anna G. Riat of PennsvlUe, who survives, witli three daughters, Mrs,. George Barclay, Mrs. Frank "Wood and Airs. Andrew McDowell, Uniontown. Two brothers, Edward Snydcr, Fort "Worth, Tex., and Loreuzo Snyder, Los Angeles, Cal.; 15 grandchildren and four great grandchildren also survive. Mr. Snyder was an uncle of 3£rs. Walter S. Stimmel of this. city. His wife is a sister of Mrs. Joseph Rtchey and John i P. Rist and the late Mrs. Johb. Richey ot pennsville. MRS. EWING BROWN, Jfrs. Lyda Brown, 18 years old, wife of Ewing Brown, died Thursday evening at the South, Side hospital, Pittsburg, from a complication ol ailments. She had been there for some time. The remains were brought to the home of her mother, Mrs. Nevada Landenberger, Bast Connells'ville, ranged by the Odd Follows and a com- [ mittce of citizens of the community. MOTHER OF 12 DIES "Dickerson Run "Hainan Succumbs After the Birth of Twelfth Cliild. Following the birth ot her 12tS child, a little boy, on last Monday, Mrs. Frank Mickey, 41 years old, died Wednesday evening at S o'clock at her home at Dickerson Run. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock with interment la Dickcrsou Sun cemetery. Fuoera.1 Director W. H. Parkhil! oE Dawson will have charge. The deceased had resided in Dickerson Run for a number of years and was well known in that community. Ten children arc at home and tv;o daughters are married. HAD NERVOUS BREAKDOWN ind| lightful 'knitting party Wednesday afternoon at Miss Nemon's home at Dunbar.. .At_the,.conclu»ion..of, knit- "BSs"a"aamtil5-'"" appointed luncheon was served. Out of town, guests were Mrs. H. B. Hetricfc of;Ccarleroi; Mrs. f Bejierernonr : Mlw Christie Bernnart of tlniontoTrn; Mrs. D_ E. Treher,_Mrs. A. M/Nenidn and ' " .Child Hit By·, I/eiiie Tonio of Dunbar, six years as admitted to the Cottage State hospital Wednesday night.,for jtreat- ment of an^e'arm suffered was delightful. "We did not sfte any submarines but sighted, a number of whales'-and'sharks.' Tell everybody back there to boost lie Y. M. C. A.. It means so-mucu for the soldiers and sailors." · - - . : C1AKEHCE 'OTXCTOTAlf 05 Tisrr HOSEE. Jciareiice (SDonovan, the fuel and' forage : department of 'the quartermaster's headquarters, ; Camp Lee,. was granted a 48-hour furlough, arriving iere- yesterday morning at 7.30 o'clock and -leaving for camp at 3 ; , o'clock yesterday afternoon: He spentrtis' -lirief furlough witn- .his. when he was struck by an automobile, faiher. Alderman Eugene O'Donovan. where funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 o'clock, 'in charge of Undertaker Charles C. Mitchell. Mrs. Bro^vn's husband is in the service. Besides the husband there" survive a Sow Owi' My Present Health Strength to Ylnol. Burdett, N. Y.--"I keep house for my family of three, and raise chickens. I had ,'i nervous breakdown, so I was unable to work. The doctor did not sefim to help me, and a cousin asked me to try Vino!.--It buih ac up--I now have a good appetite and am well "and strong."--.Mrs. Loyal Palmer. There ia no secret about Vinoi.--It owes its success to beef and cod liver peptones, iron and manganese pepton- ate's and glycerophosphates, the oldest and most famous body-building and strength-creating tonics. Laughrey Drug Co., Conneilsville; D. C. Eason, "Duubar, and druggists everywhere.--Adv. I 'TKeHoMEofQuALlTY.andSEPfViCEi ^ fe9"toi33.N PITTSBURG St.] CoNNELLsviLL.a.6*' CONNELLSViLLE'S GREATEST STORE Suits one or.two"of a style in this season's best models--Iain colors, fancy combinations, effects in checks, etc. See them' an'd try them on. and you will apreciate the won- derfur values "worth $25.00-Your Choice Now $14.95. Coats at a big saving in price. Materials are -wool velours, checks an dplaids, in all the best colors. Former price $25,00-Your Choice Now $14.95. New and -inspiring styles of the Summer, best models, materials of fine oiles, Ginghams, Batistes or Organdies, with neat and elaborate trimmings. Former prices §17.95 up to $27.50-Your Choice Now $12.95. Priced at $1.95 up to $5.95 Adisplay of mid-summer Millinery that surpasses all others. Included are Leghorns, Italian /dilans, Hair Braid Panamas, White Hemp and Sport 'Hats in pretty trhn- minip of Feathers, Ribbons, Fancy Ornaments, Wings, Ostrich andFlowers. You must see the Hats at ?1.95 up to $5.95. Our Great Mill End Remnant Sale Begins Monday, Jnly Sth. The story of this glorious event is too well known to require more tnan passing mention. All the month of July is a month of wonderful oportunities £or you at Con- nelisville's Greatest Store. Come and See--E. Dunn Store. Protect Pre5«nre« with Farowax Pour melted Parowax over your jellies; dip the top of your jars of jams and preserves into the Parowax. Presto!--They're sealed tight--ready to tuck away for many moatbs. Be sure to use Parowax --pure, clean, economical Parowax gives idded protection when you preserve by the "cold pack" method. THE ATLANTIC REFINING COMPANY The, COASTLINE to The dcHBhtB of voor vacation bein the moment you board a D. C. Coast Line Steamer for beautiful Mactinoc Idaod-for i*U of tie delight* are in tbe l^ke voyage. Railroad tickets ere honored on all D. i C Line ateamcn without extra charge. The D. C. Iniitaia Insures tfac best in «PtointmerKi, cu'uine. and pwRBldtiBtf «ervie; Safety and health provwioaa are til that could be desired- All it camera are equipped witb Ulest wireleu service- water is ttenliccd by ultrt violet ray procek*. Two iplendld ve**c.*s-- City of Mackloac IK and City of Alpena II-- operate four timea m week 10 Mockinac Iilar-d From Toledo Monday. «nd Saturday! 830 A. M.. Tuesdays and Thursday* 6:00 P. M. From Detroit Mondays and Saturdsya 5:00 P. M , Wednesday. M d Fridays 830 A- M. Scud 3-ceut aianiD for illn«rated pamphlet »nd £rc« Lakea map. Atldre* L. cTlEWlS, G. P. A~t 9 Third Avenue, Detroit, Mich. TO MACKINAC ISLAND Froffl Bu!lilo $11.00 Round trip 19.00 from Ckvclud $1.00 Round trio 14.09 From ToWo * 7.25 Round trip 13.00 ^ Frcia ^ Detroit 46.50 H2.00 UIBBOX HAT RETOBMS XO FATQK OF FASHION. Mrs. Beeorers. Mrs. Frank Gaali wtio uaderweat an operation at the Mercy hospital, Pitts- babj; son a. month old, the mother, a i UrE , wa s discnargod Tuesday night sister, Mrs. Clarence "W. Evans of i aa a has gone to-thc home of her par- at Uniontown, and a brother, Ernest, at home. SAFE DEPOSIT EQXTIFMEHT. Bank Makes Sale Important Papers and Yalnafcles. A private home cannot oe eijuipped irlth safe deposit facilities. For esarople: Several comfortable homes built at a cost not to e.-ceeed the"eipens« of installing safe deposit vaults in The Citizens .National Bank. cuts, 1 Mr. and Mrs, Sistey, Jeannettc to rem; ly recovers. .in uatil she entire- Clara Infant Dies. Anna Hixenbaugh, infant Once more the ribbon hat is in our ; midst in a black aud whtte, with its ever-present wool embroidery ornamentation. The brim is faced witii' daughter D£ Mr. and Mrs. John Hixen- bauga oE Mount Braddock, died yes-|i)i ac k straw braid, while the croyh! terday. The jntermeut was made this afternoon, at Percy. Undergoes Appendicitis Operation. Mrs. Winifred Sliger of South Con- and uuper brim are entirely of white i ribbon. But the safety of our vault department.\ nellsville tmdenvent an operation for Hunting Bnrgalns J You will find them in our ad. columns. is available for every home in tWs city, because we rent. individual safe deposit boxes, at .a-, small annual fee. Thisjljank. is located · tit -138 North Pittstmrg strcet-r-Adv. - . . - · Then,; use. our,.classified' column. Results'.will follow. ' , appendicitis last evening at the Cottage State hospital. Wed in Cumberland. , Robert.J?olk and Iva Ries, both of Meyprsdale, wore granted a license to wed in Cumberland. Patronize, tncrae wno advertlsa BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund 25c INVALUABLE FOS 60LOS It tafccn In time this Cnlclum mmpouna Ijsijns tbf rljj O f chronic throat or lims trouble. AU the rwnfcdlai and tonic qual- ittp» or* combined in this Calcium compound. Jwo harmful drusa. Try them to- oay, 50 cents a box, including war tax 5For BB!« by all

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