The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 10, 1930 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1930
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L-iast Hi dition untn Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. f*egi VOL. 28. NO. 101. The AWefcly Courier, Fonml.-d J u l y 17, 1870. The Dally Courier, Founded November ,IO, l»oa. Merged, Jnlr IS, J»J». CONNELLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 10, 1930. TWELVE PAGES. BODY OF TAFT WILL LIE IN ROTUNDA OF CAPITOL; BURIAL IN ARLINGTON Public W i l l Have Opportunity Of Viewing Remains of Former President Tomorrow Forenoon. SERVICE WILL BE BROADCAST B U n i t e d Preis W A S H I N C T O N , Mai oh 10.--Tho .Nation p r e p a r e d t o d a y t o p a v n n a l ,ind f u l l t r i b u t e t o William Howard T a l t , \ v h o a:. President and Chief Justice did m u c h to mould the course of i t s h i s t o r y a n d d e v e l o p m e n t i n i c e e n t years Tu (lie cla r e i of c a v a l r j , the body ot I In- s t a t e . - m a n and m r i s t w i l l be. b o r n e w i t h 'nil m i l i t a r y h o n o i s t o - m o r r o w ( o t i e Capitol, w h e r e h e vva'- -o Ions .1 I u n l l i a r f i g u r e ^ on tho Su ircmc C o u i t b e n c h , t h e r e to lie In Mate i n ( l i e l o t u m l a u n d o r the great w h i t e dome Aft pi w a r d , he w i l l bo t a k e n lo tin h o l e h l s of A r l i n g t o n , across the Potomac, and buried among o i l i e r of the N a t i o n s n o t a b l e s ·n t h e criMt n a t i o n a l c e m e t e r y w h i c h o v e r l o o k s \ V . i 5 - h i i \ K l o n i Tho ( J o v e r i i n e n t paus.ed today in Us in r p s p o c t t i I he f o r m e r The- S u p i e m o Court o v e r p r e s i d e d i IcbUl lU door?. its ,S!l-vear-old d e a n . J u - t u s " l l o l r u e s a t noon l i k e w i s e , suspended i t s busline tor the- tlaj. O \ e r the White House the flag was d t half mast w h i c h is the r u l e o n l y upon the d e i t h of a Preidcut. oiHcial n ' o u r n i n g p e r i a d ot 30 d u r i n g « h i c b all W h i t e House t u n c t i o n a h a v e b t e n c a n c e l l e d , p r o c l a i m e d b v President Huovi" President and M i s Hoover, associates on the Supreme C o u i t , Cabi n e t inembMs and other high officials w i l l a t t e n d t'u- f u n e r a l f e r \ l c c a t A i l Souls U u i U ' U n C h u r c h here at i o'clotk t o m o - i o w a f t e i n o o i i a n d t o t low tho t . o r i o - . v t u l proces-dton across Hie P o t o m a c and up ihe w i n d i n g road w h i c h leads amoim- t h o u s a n d s of i i i o u u m c n t n I ) the i l l u s t r i o u s de: l d. C . i h i u Coo ulge, I lie only s u r v i v i n g (x-Prtsitlelit, iiiso is e x p e c t e d to at- t e n d t h e f u n e r a l , w i t h Mrs. Cool.age. ' K d - i \ , d i s i n g u M i c d f r i e n d s LOU- u t i t l e d to i-al .it t h e home m Wyom- i n g t i v i u u r . ^ h e i e t h o t o r t n e r C .iitui led on Past; S e v e n NATION M O U R N S PASSING 1 YVILMA.1I Ull TAKT. w h i c h h o a d j o u r n * d Associate Scores of Korean School Children Die In Naphtha Blast MRS. HERTZOG'S. ESTATE DWINDLES TO UNDER $10,000 Many of (Securities Listed as Total of $25,000 Held to Be Worthless. HAD ABOUT $1,500 CASH UMONTOWN, March 10. -- The Uftato of Mre. Emma L. Hertzog, Spring-hill township, widow who was slain last November -when her nephew, John Scott, wrapped a handkerchief about her npck and strangled her to death, was appraised this morning. The total value of the personal property wae fixed at. $0,147, although approximately $25,000 worth of securities .ire listed. Tho appraisers were O. C Lyons and T W. Cans. The larger equities in the eetatc !n- clud* 1 30 shares of preferred stock in the Point Marion Bridgo Company, worth ?3,000; notes from Attorney D, M. Ttertzog for $2,500; cash in tho People's National Bank of Point Marion 1o the extent of $1,489.12. Nineteen certificates of tho Kaet Liberty Corporation aro net d o w n by tho appraisers at one-tenth of their valun. Twenty ehares of Triple Airless Tiro Company with a par valuo of $20 a share in tho worthless list ae well at! 1,000 shares of Grand View Coal Lumber Company. Two $100 shares of Prank M. Hoover £ Corn- pan are valued at ?30. An day;?. Uy Un K U S A N , Kore, naphtha exploit the auditorium i station today an scores of ptTS school ( h i l d r e n , p i c t u r e showing ' The- death toll { although it was a c c u r a t e l y in the tcu I'rcbJ i, March i'. - A n :ind ft re wrecked i 1 the t'hiiikal naval 1 took t h e lives of ins, most of them a t t e n d i n g y motion hero waa placed at 101, impossible to check confusion and panic. CONDUCTOR HOUCK GETS CASH AWARD FOR SAFETY RECORD LAMONT REPORTS $800,000,000 FOR PUBLIC BUILDING lv L u l l e d Press. W A S H I N G T O N , March 10. lin- courai?Bmeut tor t h e N a t i o n ' s u u o n i - plovt-d was C'Uiiid today in t h e rep«i t of C'onmu-.-c-( Secretary Lumont t r i a t a lota! of $UOO,000,OOi) is to bo upcut ibis j f a r iti ( i i ? h t stairs for construction and malnti'iuiucp of Mate, c o u n t y and m u n i c i p a l p u b l i c works. Thrsc s t a t e s aro the latest to announce coupi-ratioii w i t h President ' Iloover'h $7 0(»0,HOO.OO(i construction p r o g r a m s for tin- year, as a incatih ot ( o n i b a t t l n " i n d u s t r i a l dopression. Spei'duiK u p of tho program "beeinis \ s c l l established," I,amont waul. Tho C o i n n u r c j liepartiJMMit now ha.s o r n p l c t c r r t ' i r n s f r o m g o v p r n o r s of nior, 1 t h a n t w o - t h i r d s o f t h e statos. One of ( h o eight stato.s i n c l u d e d in Mir latest H port « a ^ 1'iMiiibylvania. whore the o J c p t M i d l t u t o - of $:i05,9S8,lli tor p u b l l t works, \va.s indicatcil ;y (iovernov Kilu-r I ' e n n s v I v a n i a , w i t h New Y o r k ai'd Ohio, p r c - v i o u s l y reported, w i l l spend more t h a n $1,000,- dOO.UOU for l o n s t r m t l o t i and main- t e n a n c e d u r i n g the year, Lainont said On J a n u a r y 31 ( ity, e o n d u c i o r Division of the \ completed 12 w i t h o u t accident This record eut a waul offered by p l o \ e s who tomv out accident. Th w i t h a systom ( waa I n s t t t u t t d b courage c a r e f u l ( C o n d u c t o r Hou f r e i g h t r u n bet I ' n i o n t o w n a n d I . w i t h the compan 1922. He- is man West Side. K .! Houck of t h i s n t h e ( ' o n u e H s v i l l o CHt I'enn Railways,' onsecittivc monttiH n v n t v l n g the publii*. tics him to the ca-n the company to em- I c t e ]2 m o n t h s witii- i; a w a r d fogethor, C m o n t h l y a w a r d s , the company to en- peratlon. ·k IH on t h e veen f ' o n n e l l s v l l l e , itrobc and has been i, since J a n u a r y i n , led and lives on u.o BETHLEHEM, YOUNGSTOWN MERGER NEAR MRS. SARAH ARMSTRONG LEAVES $138,000 PERSONAL ESTATE I MUNTOWN. M a r c h 10.-- I n v e n t o r y ol tho Pbtate of i h e l a t e Mr* Sarah W. Armstrong o B r o w n s v i l l e niailo p u b l i i today «hov s personal property a n t o u n t i n i ; l o $1.'J-.1!M I I . I n c l u d e d in t h e ostaH 1 are ,1 Mivings, account in the C'ilueiis »\'at uiuii B a n k of C'on- n e l l o v i l l o , ot w l i i ' h f i h e wab a atock- holder, a m o u n t i n , ' ti $30,0^-1; 3:i8 shares of l'ennt vanl.i Railroad and 71 ohareti )E I ' n i i w l SULes Stuel and othor valuable stx ck.s. A f t e r the death ot her husband. Mi. Armstrong moved f t o m C o n u e l l s v i l l p to her L-.hildhood hoiinJ i n Brownsville. Samuel K."Taylor an-1 I f . IX Graham, of South I)rown5vill wore the a»pra,!s- O 1 H . -Mrs. Aruibtroii(. «.ib t h e vv Mow of J C. A r m s t r o n g it Brmvimvill-e. JAMES C. REISINGER KILLED IN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT IN OHIO James C Relslngw, 77 years old, a n a t i v e of Connellsviile and ii rpoident of this city during his y o u n g manhood, was killed instantly Saturday evening near Steubenvllle, Ohio, w h e n an automobile in which ho was ridJrs with Judge K m m e t t Morrow of tho Jefferson c o u n t y , Ohio, court was wrecked. The judt;e was injured, seriously. Mr. Heisinger was a son of Samuel Reis nger. Ho lived here until he was about 25 years old and tor some time wa3 associated w i t h hi« father in ttm operation of a store at the Davidson coke plant. Katcr ho WMit to Pitts- Intrg and learned tho tailoring husl- ness, which ho followed tho greater part of his active life. He had been at Steube-nvllle for many years before retiring. For some time Mr Relsmger lni.'l madu his home with a *iieoc, Mrs. J, J. Baer, in Urtlontown. Jlc had left Uii- fontown last week to go to Ohio for a vielt. 1I« and Judge Morrow had boon to Toronto, Ohio, and were r e t u r n i n g when the accident h a p - pened. James C. Mtuison, Miss Althea Collins, Robert Collins and Mrs. Mary Whan of ConnellBviUe are cousins. The funeral service will be tomorrow at 2 o'clock at Johnston's chiipel at 6 1 North Gallatin avenue, Uniontown. Tho body may be viewed there at any time. Burial will bo in Hill Grove Cemetery, Coniiellsrllio. VARE, DAVIS, BROWN WILL MEET TONIGHT IN PHILADELPHIA Uv U t l l t o i l ['russ. N(.;ST('\VN. Ohio. M.irch 10.- of tlM- \ o u n g f t o w i i Sheet S- Ttibo Com fi.u j w . t h t h e I t e t h l e h c - m Steel Corpor.ition K e x p e c t e d to bf . t n n o n n i x ' d \v t h i n the tu-xt fovv d!M-h \ \ i u l o .stoel oflK'i.ilt. relii"ed to dis i ufi 1 . I n o x ' t t .it.on i t is K n o w n in f i i i d i u ' i u l t i n e the merger has been » ' r t u a l l \ uc;rtt(! u p o n \ \ i t h th!- d e v e l o p m e n t came tho 111 f o r m a t i o n t : - m the Ketniblu Steel ( onipin i l i a .1 d f l i u u e det-ision h i s been m u d * to t h e l i o u d q u a i lers ot the in w l oigaiu/.ed merg«'i in Y o u u g x t o v M i '1 hi- w i l l t i i ' - l u d i * all a c t i v i t i e s nt ' ! ( o m p a n v . opt l a t i i i f . 1 . t l n a n c i n l i t n i l s.ile, i t s\a.s K i n a i u i a l t » '!!' hen- liad it r u n lias heen no n i i v s t i o n the slif^t and tulx 1 - h a s t , i - t " : t t s l o t w i t h I k - t h k h f t n a l t h o u g h H * ! u b i H 1 s t i l l t ' i n t i t i t i f d it o f f O ' t to ' i t l t . l . . X O S H I O I t d m i i U ' r i to H o s p i t a l . Four p a t s e r t t w o r n a r i m i t t c d t o t h ("onnc'tlsv ,, 1^ S ,iif l U ' s p f f r i l o v e r t ' u HP- OIK. f J: r a t inoti.' T h p v n r t John M i ( « n u i . i n *' I r s e n r m s N r i I Mr 1 - f i / . i i " " i s. (.''" of M . i i K c 1 J i t n « Penrose Me^linger Plays in National School Orchestra Po.lioso M e l l i u .;.'i' of Scottdalc, a v i o l i n i b t , was .mi nig the titudents in the Niit'o'ial I l i j . i i School Orchestra whu'h ul.tywl Ko u'litiry 22-27 at tho n a t i o n a l t o n v e i i t l o n of d e p a r t m e n t o MI perin ten dent of the N a t i o n a l Educa- t i o n Association, and iatei at Phila- d e l p h i a New Yor; and Washington K e r n m d T u o l l i , violinist, of Charleroi v\as anothc in t h e orchestra He was the chain l«n ot tho v a i n u Koietibk- l.i ,iguo . March 16--William K. Varc, JUIIKM .1. Davis and Prancib i-'bunk Brown win con for at tho yelle v ue-8tratford Hotel here to"- iiiglit, the United Press learned, today from an authoritative source. , It. is expected this conference w i l l deal chiefly with the make-up of tho ticket and aettle the candidates for Lieutenant governor, secretary of Internal affairs, judges ,of th« Superior Couit ami justice Of the Supreme Com t. 1 It is probable Varo w i l l issue his withdrawal from the Senatorial race after the conference and the Secretary of Labor, if he lias not already made an announcement, will issue his format statement at that tim-e. STEEL CORPORATION ORDERS INCREASE T w « B u r n to li'i;tli. .\l KM I'll IS, TCI ii . Mrti-ch l o -- F.m Corrado Galiardi Will Grade P ; W.Va.Road From Old Meadow to Pennsville The firm of Corvado ' raliardi 'has been awarded the sub-contract by tho Vang-Construction Com] any for about a mile and a half of excaTation on the Copnells-ville extonf on of the- Httsburg . West Virginia Railroad, between a point n u a r Old 1^ eadow mill and Pennsville. The contract will i n v o h a about 100,000 cubic yards of excavation. Tho road in t h i s n e o t i r a will c~oss the Baltimore Ohio and Pennsylvania at old Keister wor .s and extend back of Valley works to a point j u s t above Pennsville, on 110 Sherrlck farm. Three hteam bhovtls TV 11 be put to work. The firm has jus-t comp eted a subcontract of 400,000 cubic yards on the aection of the road aoui li of tho Monoiigahela lllver. Ballet Wouni Fatal to Tech Instructor By United Fre«. PtTTSBURG, March 1' Gibson, 24, Carnegje Tech i shot Saturday d u r i n g a pa' home of Walter O. Krcbs, 24 died today at the }io:neopt pltal. Before IIP died Gibson Krebs and tiu.itlco IJ. Hanc, law student and son of At IB. Bane ot Urdoutown, of a Acrordinp to I he a lory t lice, by Kreba aud Bane th occurrtHl oarlv S a l u r d u y thrfH men and tliroe g:rla h d r i i i k l b g anil dancing part girls had boon t a k i n bom bald, and he and Gibson amining H gun when it was t ]y discharged. --Newell istructor, ty at the a friend, thlc Hos- ab solved 25, a Pitt orney D. ly blame. Id to po- shooting fter the id held n v. The , Krebs vore ex- .-cident al- REFUSED TO HAVE PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN STANDINGS if WIFE 1'NIONTOWN, Mai eh 10- bantl refused 10 stai.d by h a f a m i l y group picture WUE a Normal v i I U picnic arci Clara Uuccia ot Ciinncllav w i t h five others was tiwardi by court order i hat morning by Juigo S. . TOW. JMrt). O.uicla also sah husband beat he). They wei May 2, 1027. in I'liiottto-wa i atcd J u l y 4, 1M7. JxtUo Mao Johni. n of street, Unloutown, *a» gl' vorue decree Iroin Ceorge ) son. Sbo saki that her hu hof Severn! Um'S While h v l t i K in PaliieBVlllo, Ohio, forced to leave because hf t r o u b l u with another girl, ^ son said, ba'-er Bhi locat Masontown anrt l e f t . h e r e ai stable had served a \varrat for desertion .iml n'U-suppt were married in Dnioiitowi her 28, 1.908. Hester Conwav oS Owen awarded her frerdom from ,' hcrt Coins ay of LinionUxwn legod cruel treatment. She in March, 1929, whjk they w in Hraddoclc street, Unioril a m p home- drunk and abuse suid. Con way contested I' They wore married Sopt( Jltaf), at Cumberland, Md. Ada K, Kikj now of Fp. testified that hor husband, C Kike, sent her awav on a w h i c h was to IHBI t w o or th and t'uilcHl entirely to see Hi back. When she returnod homo at Scarights, n i n e w t she baid Fiko had bold all th hold f u r n i t u r e and announce vvah through w i t h married had to go to the home of he They were married in Mary! her 0, 19 L5. Kichard II. tSwordh, a car of Newell, charges his wife Swords, with de.Hertion, SU on November 27, 1926, Tha l)ay. They were niairled 1924, at Cumberland, Md. Her hus- r side an taken at rding to ,tle, who 4 divorce led d o w n oha Mor- thnt her · married ad 2 Wayne en a di- .ay Jolm- band left hey were she was got into re. Johnd him in er a con- t on him rt. They Soplem- N t W YORK, March 10 orders of the United 'fctateii Steel Corporation increased 11.03S tons in February, it was announced at the corporation's office today. | Unfilled orders as of February 28 amounted to 4,479,748 tons against, 4,- 4U8.710 tou.s on January ai; '1,417,193 on December 31 and 4,144,341 on Feb- ruarv 2S, 1929 Theatre (Jlniin Projct- NMW YOEIK, March 10,- tlon of .i- national che-in o to 50 theatres, dedicated , pictures, has been, '.innoum H, Mr,s,s., who retired as a operator IAVO years ago, f i l t o -- I n New Y o r k -- h a w t h u - Roloc-tcd. The t h e a t r e s wi bigned primarily fop t a l k i n g the floors, coilliigs and wi equipped with sound-proolii ial. was ames Gil- She al- Icft him iro living )wii. Ho 1 her, she e action. aiber 17, rer, Md., arenco Jfi. vacation ee weeks t she got to their ··ks later, ir housu- d that he life. She · parents. aid Octo- inspector Elsie L. 'left htm uksgivlng April 2i), ed. Const ruc- froiTi 40 0 talking ed by B. ·audevlUe Only one far bepti 1 be depictures, Us being g matcr- t h . i t uappi-d t h e n h o i i M - j-oom-, ludi' 01 i \ v o ou 111; W i . J u r i t s. 10 a n o t h c i v v p i c i i l e n t i t i p d H lu Uitn t v iuu-.i.'cl the death n«?u and m i n o r i u - er-^ou The v i c t i m s Pahh U e i k l e j , 3i), M y i t l e C o m U r p W h e r , 2- l'ostpun«d. \VASHLCGTON, March 10.--Opening ot tho bribery trial ot Kklward L. Doheny, liiilliotiaire. oil man, today was pcotnoiipd until Wedrwsday by .luclgo William Hirz on account of the of ^ \ i l l i a r a Howard Taft. L'nionloMn Store Kobl etl. UNIONT6WN, March 10. -For the second time v\ lUiin a rnont i, thieve? forced an entry i n l u the .vholesaii house of A. S. Craig Sons Saturday night, taking $15.69 in cat i and 33 cases of 330,000 cig.iri ts, · a^lued at about $2,000. The Weather South ( o n m - l"rumi of "517 Ilenrluir I'oslponed. I'lrp Tanses Slifflil Loss. \\ A S I U N X J T d N \hiu-h t o -- I h e Th i fire D e p a r t m e n t w a s called I K , i ma on t h e p p i i r u t u u i ot t ' i e out tutnda.v a f t e r n o o n to t h p homo ol ' P i n burs fc \\'et V e r m i n , ! r . u l i o a d t o ; M r ? .lames Dallpy oil \\est. Fayotto! , n i | i i i i ' l o i i t i o l I t i n W l i o p l i n g ife stree w h » ! ' e t h p w a u i H c o t i n g had b e - I cloudiness an wai'mr t o n l p h t , followed by shower Tuesday Is the 1 noon weather for»cu.ut Tor Wost- err. PennsyUani'i. Temprrnture Kecor. . I no r a i l i 0,1 !, s c h e d u l e r ! lor to- .vi^ poh'pont I u n t i l J u n e II come stna.ll Thr damage w a a ! .Maximum M i n i m u m ilaan VANDERBILT IS TO GET $3,000 FROMTHE STATE E m e r g e n c y Appropriation Granted to Help District Out of Debt. HEARING HELD AT HARRISBURG An emergency appropriation of $3.000 has been granted to the Vauderbilt (school district by the State Council of Education, it has been announced u( Harrisburg. The decision followed a hearing Friday at Harris-burg at which time Bert S. Means and I.)oual(j J. Patterson, members of the school board, presented a plea for funds to help get lie district out of debt, Some' time previously a representative of tbe State was at VanderhiH and discussed the matter with all of tbe directors. GEORGE BETTERS OUT $150 AFTER RAID BY POLICE Because he failed to pay the winners, who In turn complained to.the police, It ls said, George Betters, eoJor.Vl, tbe "chief" agent for the operation of a clearing house pool in this city, waa arrested in a Saturday night raid and settled "with the author- itlei on three different charges before ho was released. Chi^f John C, Wall said he'got hie first Information "on" Betters from men who had purchased tickets through tho latter's sub-agents, When the winners went to collect Bettei* told them, they eaM, tliat hte sul- ngents had neglected to turn In their numbers and it would be impossible to pay the claims. Then the word of Uetters' activity was passed along to tho police. Betters wae charged with maintaining a gambling houee, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He pteiwl guilty to tbe first charge and was fined $100. On tha second charge Mayor H. D. Minerd fined him $25 and for the disorderly conduct and the defendant also paid $10. George Washington, also colored, who wus present at the time o£ the raid, TVEIH arrested when three of the licket stubs were found on him. He was charged with being disorderly and waa fined |15. which Betters paid. Chief Wall, Assistant' Ohicf Andrew Thomafj, Uity Detectfve V. Bert TUtehie and Patrolman George Yothers participated in the raid. DIES SUDDENLY JDSTICE K. T. SAN FORD A. few hours befor6 the d^th Saturday evening of forme: Chief Justice William Howard Taft. WH late a- souiate on tho bench, Edward Terry Sajnford, died suddenly at his home in. Washington. Just Off the Wire By UnUiidi Press. HARRISBURG, Match 10.--James Q. Workman, Democrat, Elliottsville, ot the First ifayetle di-itrlct, tiled papers today for Ropubli'-an nomination to the- House. · * * HARRISBURG, Maich. 10.--Four road contracts which t h e State Highway Department last v. eek announced it had awarded have bi en held up for f u r t h e r study, the department announced today. The projects, for which bids were received March 6 included, Somerset county, Shad* township. · · » ROOSEVELT FIELD, N; Y., March 10.--Eleauor Smith, joung aviatrix, landed shortly after noon today aud announced she had est iblished a new women's altitude rec rd ot "about | 30,000 feet." · » · LONDON, March 1).--The United States, Japanese and British delegations to tho naval uuntereni'e were understood today to be agreed in principle on their respective naval quotas, although no igreesnent had yet been signed. ARRESTED AFTER TRYING TO SELL STOLEN AUTO . Charged with the theft of an automobile belonging to Frank Swinker of Dunbar township in December, George Bunnell was arrested at 11 o'clock Saturday night by City Detective V. Bert Ritchie. Ho was taken to Unioniown to await a bearing, A warrant for'Bunnoli was issued when information was secured that he endeavored to sell the stolen automobile ITI Detroit. The man with whom he tried to deal became suspicious and investigated, establishing communication with authorities hqro. He was snt a photograph of Bunnell, which he recognized as. the man claiming to be the owner of the machine. When Bunnell came here Saturday night he was immediately arrested. B. O. VETERANS MEET TUESDAY The Baltimore Ohio Veterans Association will meet at the Y. M. C. A. at 7:30 P. M. Tuesday evening. Lunch will he served. Dunbar Han Coiuicted. UNIONTOWN, March 10.--Snow tracks which led -from the home of Sessler Hughes to a cache 3,000 yards away In thp mountains back of TJun- Iwr resulted In Hughes' conviction by a j u r y Saturday. State Police raided Ihe home but found nothing:. They followed tho p r i n t s , however, to ail outhoue and uncovered a five-gallon \ina llllil, ITIII1 ARTHUR A. BROWN OF DICKERSON RUN ADMITTED TO BAR Special to Ths Courier, UNIONTOWN, M a n h 10. -- T w o more attorneys were a Ided to the-roll of the Fayette county bar this morning when tlie court on bane approved a motion presented by Altmney Robert D. Stauft adnii.ting Arthur A. Brown of Dickerson Hun and Ralph B. Rudisill of German township. Brown is a sou of Mr. aad Mrs. .A If rod Brown of Dawsou. For several yea ra lie had been mem bor of the lega 1 department oi the Poples Natural Gas Coniipany of JPiUt-burg. He is a graduate of tho Durbar Township High School and Wes, Virginia University. Mr. Kudisill began t aching in York county, his birthplace. To better prepare himself he entered Gettysburg College of which inst'tution bo is a graduate. He a.lBo has takon extensive work at CoiumbU and Harvard Universities. lie is a former superintendent of tho Get man township schools where lie served for eight years. After beitiK formal]} announced by tbe court crier, the tvp were then ushered into the separate orphans court for practice before Judge J. W. Dawson. BYRD AND PARTY GET GREAT WELCOME BY NEW ZEALANDERS Uy U n i t e d Press, DUNK-DIN, N. Z., March 10.--Rsir Admiral Richard K. B y i d . the woat.her- hardened, crow of his hlblory-making Antarctic expedition, came back Ixi civilization today Lo be greeted by Ihe most' turmiltoug rccop 1911 New Zealand has ever accordef o. world horo. His sturdy ship, the C'ity of New York, plainly allowing the battering of. Ice and ravages o) wind, gave eloquent testimony to the ravages of a year at the ice-barrtei 1 and its battle through the Iloes on tin return trip. 1,200 INSANE j ARE 'SAVED WHEN FIRE THREATENS By United P -ess. · JACKSONVILLE, 11! , March JO -Twelve hundred patlci tn lu the administration building of the State Hospital for ihe I n - a t i p marched quietly to safety lodav w-hen tire de- strojed ihe ciipoln of thf ritiucture. Throti persons, a l l a t l e n d u n t t f , wri-p the only one« injured. They were cut IRENE SCHROEDER PLACED ON TRIAL FOR PAUL MURDER Only one Juror Secured Oat of 10 Talesmen Examined During Forenoon. DEFENDANT NOT TO BE MOTHER By United Pre". NEW CASTLE, March 10.--Irene Schroeder, blond daughter of a Benwood, W. Va., fiah monger, pleaded not guilly when brought before the bar of justice in the iiny Lawrence county courtroom foday to answer the Stale's charge of murder in the killing of Corporal Brady Paul, state highway policeman, lact December 27. A moment before the trial started the prosecuting attorney presented a signed statement from five doctors, declaring Mrs. Schroeder is not to become a mother. Prevlpuely defense at torn eye bad told newspaper men the woman would become a mother in June. After Irene beard the indictment and pleaded not guilty, tho selection of a jury began before Judge R, L. Hildebrand. District Attorney John S, Powers, assisted by Special Prosecutor Charles J. Margiotti, examined the prospective jurors for the State, while Kedgwin Powell, Thomas W. Dicky and Ben Jarett questioned them for the defense. Joseph D. Kelly, a farmer from Wayne, was the first juror accepted. When tho court adjourned until 1:30 P. M., Keliy wa«s the only juror accepted of 10 examined. Irene was attired in a black straw hat with a black coat and a fur collar. W. Glenn Dague, her lover, who with her, is accused of Paul's murder but will be tried separately, waa not in court. The former waitress eat at the defense table without any display of emotion as questions concerning the death .penalty passed between prospective jurors and defease and prosecuting attorneys. When the trial started tho doors of the courthouse were locked and none but persons witb passes and official badges were admitted. Many persons milled around outside. At noon Irene was Jed back to jail for lunch while deputy gheriffe held back the crowds that swarmed around her. MONESSEN MAN IS KILLED, ANOTHER HURT NEAR PERRY Matthew A. Waiia, 26 years old, of Monessen was injured fatally and Herman Waxman, 20 years old, also of Monessen. IB in the Uniontown Hospital in a serious condition as the result ot an automobile accident at- Ilr30 o'clock Sunday night on the Perryopolts-West Newton, road, route No. 61. - Pllsila died at 1 o'clock this morning while he was being taken to tbe ihospital In an ambulance. He- had suffered a factnred skull and laternal injuies. Waxman haa a probmble fracture ot the skull and internal injuries. An X-ray waa taken today to determine tho extent ot the wounds. One eye waa gouged out Leonard Laatu, 18 years old. als- ot Monessen, driver fflt the Automobile is being held pending an Investigation. He escaped serious iBjnry in the crash. ' It was said that th* machine turned turtle four time* when it left the highway. The trio were thrown from the vehicle shortly ae it went off the road as the young men were- found about 100 feet from the car which, waa badly wrecked. Pihsila's body was removed by JTo- neral Directors Ira Blair Son. to his parlors where it wan prepared tor burial before being removed to the late home at Monessen. Fayette county authorities and Stale Highway Patrolmen are Investigating the* accident which occurred j u s t across tho Fayette line in Westmoreland county. BOARD OF TRADE DIRECTORS WILL MEET TONIGHT The continued meeting of the board of directota of the Connellsville Board of Trade will be held this evening in the offices in tile First National Bank building. The annual reports of various committees are to be submitted. The directors met on Friday evening tfut found it necessary to continue the K«8skm until tonight. To Fire 100 0venf». UNIONTOWN, March 10,--One hundred ovens at the Century Coke Company's plant near Brownsyille hav« been ordered In as a result of a substantial contract secuiod by the Producers Coke Company, John Mickey A UtflONTOWN, March lO.--John Miokpy of Falrchance wap £cund not guilty of violating the liquor laws but war directed, to pay tho co^ls in tb» final jury verdict ot tho nrtt

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