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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, July 5, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,832 VOL. 16, NO. 201. CONNELJJSVIL.LB; PA., FRIDAY EVENING, JULY 5, TEN PAGES. BOARD NO. 5 CALLS 34 MEN TO LEAVE WEEK OF JULY 22 Definite Time of Departure Has Sot Yet Been Made Known. MONTH'S INCREMENT 31 With MohUizfcc of 1'hlg Jiwnber of Sclecth'os Thi're »"ill Be left Between 30 and SO Hen In Clans 1, In Addition to the Twenty-OKI's. GERMAN EFFORTS TO REGAIN LOST AMIENS POSITIONS ARE SHATTERED BY THE BRITISH In Fourth of July Operations British Take | 1,300 Prisoners and 100 Machine Guns -*. and Other Teuton Weapons; French Raiding Parties Return With Prisoners. ; ALLIED ARMIES IN NEXT DRIVE OUTNUMBER HUNS : . . J · "---- · . By Associated Prens. '*?' LONDON, July 5.--The Germans last night delivered a ; ' counter attack upon, the new positions gained by the British i on the Amiens front to the east of the village of Hamel. The war office announced today that the enemy had been repulsed in this attempt and left prisoners in the British hands. More than 1,300 prisoners were taken by the British'forces in yesterday's operation in the Somme area. In addition 1001 time for f the departure "of the men has · machine guns_and a nurnber of trench mortars were captured. been set. After the departure of the July contingent. there will be only between 20 and 30 men left in Class 1 of the No. 5 board. The list of. men who will from the No. 2 board .In July has not yet. been issued. The following men have. called: Braden Snyder, Indian Head. John Lowry, Dunbar. Joseph James, Kossiter. Krista V. Loria, VanderbilL William A. Pirl, Normilville. Frederick G-rant Smalley, Ohiopylc. Jesse Jordon, Mount Braddock. John Henry Moody, Dunbar. Frank Lewis Bresnaox"* Connellsville. Elmer Harry Murray, Leisenring. Frank August Hagler, Dunbar, R. D. 1. lMca.1 Board for District No. 5 has sent out a call to 34 mea to ,be prepared to appear on notice diiring the five-day period beginning July 22 tor entrainment to Camp Lee, Va. Tbe board received notice some time ago, tint the quota.for the July increment Si men, but as yet no. definite PATK01S BUST. PARIS, July 5.--French patrol parties were active last night in many sectors of tie front from Picardy to Lorraine, according to today's war office reports. Prisoners were taken by the numerous raiding detachments. The'statement says: ", "French patrol detachments operating between Montdidier and the Oise in the Champagne sector and on the right bank of the Meuse (Verdun region) -and in Lorraine took .prisoners. AUXES CO.VTD.TTE TO HARASS GEKBtAS 1DTES. I H»ra»3i«K of the German lines IB ·I tin West Snows no sljrns' oi letting ; Jitf a*4 tke Allies continae to gmln : Knui here and there and bring m i'*. large buck** »f German: prisoners. \ '."'.'Che game of striking the enemy a ; ' KOlHI Mow on » small sector novr kas ; beoi taken »p on the British front · and *Ji airance of · mile and .a half · on m width of four miles with tke prisoners south of testifies to the. hitting ,,». jwwen of tke AastraILac.% aided A**ifeaa attachments. G»raum efforts t* kold the atUcklnz Anstnd- law imt jliterleans wto hare *j- pcandi*B this pint of tin; Iteo for tke tnt time were U raU. Last night ike ftiOtk toi so irell cst»b-. I Onudrc* i« Ufte new po*i- Ikat wke» tke «enuu deliv. !· m Kmmtet attKk'.'it wx Tfulut t* mtUOom to flw Mot: Fiwek U*ir gmbm) cnm- dtaiMepa«4 nl »«re than 1JWO prtii««n;~tte Gtrmrm: tare BOt '«t- ' wimtcr tknsts; Here also lias been tke only [··in *f retaUation for the croincl aal prfunem lost. Tke Germau hne STMB up their counter attacks i ami ke»vy (nanre Mnitost Oi- new · AMerka* poslMoas west of Clurfean ' -TUtn j tat ire borabanDng tlif vfl- 1^^ of.:SL;Plerre Aiglr, sonth ol the ,.:Al*M, irained by the French Tuesday. . . .TkrMjrk tke successful anr' snc- uesrtr* tknrtg in tke pnst 10 days the Allies lave token from the Germans p»sltfc)»s ifhick would' have keen very nsetal In futirr ot?ensiT! openitlonii. TThetker tk$ policr of nibbling is holding back a renewal of heavy ene- -L-ray- ·ttoeks is not known hut there era be no donht that by pnshing the Germans ont of local Important post- ONLY ONE LANGUAGE GERMANY UNDERSTANDS, BIG GUNS. LANE SAYS No Limit to Somber of Troops C. S. TO11 Send Across Secretary ot Interior Tells Educators. Bv Associated Press. PITTSBURG, July 5.--Three years ot negotiations, patience and appeal showed tbe United SUtese there is only one language Germany can understand--from the mouth of the big guns. There will be no limit to the number of troops and cannon this country will send-against the forces of tie Teutonic autocracy. This briefly is tbe government "fight until victory" program outlined by Franklin K. Lane, secretary of the interior in an address - bore today"before {the .closing session · of the;56th annual.' convention , of ;tthe J»«tkra«l ^Education" AsipciiMon..y ; ;, ·' -'-~^' '-;·_·'*-· -!*j?^-_'J '--.- 1L .'.. » --- '"^'''Lj'fl^jiJB here and there between Tpres a4 Itkelns General Fneh Is giving!borer." the German command something to ctmstier seriously .1.'; to the effect on i n*ra1e. i , , will 'be adaia'to tne 1,000,000, alre»dy in Prance if needed a year from' how. 'TV'e realize now what we are fighting for. ;W« arc not fighting merely from pride because Germany flaanted us; we are not fighting 'to make a place in the history of wars out -of desire for. martial glory; we are not fighting merely to protect international rights guaranteed by treaty and by custom. "We are at war when tho last word is said for the preservation of what we call Christian civilization which the recognition of the fact 'that physical force must be limited by moral force,; that the .vrorld is not to belong to trie strongest · "There are 5,500,00 illiterates, in the United States-- 7f-0,000 · of these are' within the draft ages," Secretary Lane said, declaring ,.it is a shame public schools are open only a half a year and a "disgrace 'that. teacbers them are. paid lesa than a day la- The nifiber of prisoners taker dar- Ig the last week Is nearly £,009. On the Italia* front General Tiiaz has been equally successful with his 1»- caj attacks, and captures of prisoners since last Sutardaj are now well oier 4,88ft, SKK10CS CSKEST Cf SOUTH AFRICA. PRETORIA. July 5--Premier Botha of'the Union of South Africa, has is- sutd a statement showing that serious unrest f-xists in South Africa. Strong police and.military measures are being takirn to cope with the situation. : AKXK1C.1SS CEI/EBKATE " FOUKTH BT TICTOBJT. By a great surprise; attack on the German lines, planned especially as a celebration of American Independence Day, Australian toops have wrested from the Germans the vil- !a|* of Kamel, east of Amiens, occu- i^pied Viilt and Hamel woods, south 1 ' of the village and captured more than 1,500 prisoners. The Australians advanced tinder - th» cover of a smoke barrage and . were led by tanks in the breaking of th» enemy's line over a front of more than four miles. The attack, penetrated a mile and a half into tbe German positions. Th* British war office has aunoun- ceil that. American patcd in the -attack. " troops partlci- Tli is is the .first . time "they have appeared in this part of the battle area. DECLASE ': STOCKHOOI. July 5.--At editorial g offlces here declaration of war by §; Ftalund against the Entente nations !' is expected at any hour. i AIHES "ffltl OCTJdOlBElt S. · · Hl« Ef HKXT DRITt 1 . WASHINGTON. July S.--Ilgnreil ?V compiled here from official German ^ and .allied' reports indicate tbat the number those of the kaiser when tbe vaunted forthcoming German drive is launched. Germany will marshal 2,842,000 men and the allies will bave at least 3,500,000 it ia believed. StXTT-FOUR TESSELS XAE5CHED OK FOURTH, j Parker Allen Rickert, Indian Head. John Wesley Smith, Dunbar. James Francis Prinkey, Normaivilie, R. D. 1. Walter Harvard Ramsey. Adelaide. William Ray Thomas, Markieys- burg. James L. McCarthy, Leisenring. Antonio Constantino, Dunbar. Harry James Patterson, Leisenring. Oliver Wflrman, Dunbar. Frank Spangonberg, Dunbar. Chester Gween Johnson, Vanderbilt. Mirtii J. iladden, Vandurbilt. . Lewis Montgomery -Fuehrer, Erie.. '4Jpbonse.T««riti,'.Adelaide; ^ · - ' , ' 1 ^ :; --.''Difri« 'Newfli; Champion. MORELANDS'ANNUAL FOURTH OBSERVANCE DRAWSLARGE CROWD Seventy Persons From Connellsville and Xenrby Guests at Uonbar Township Farm. The Moreland farm in Dunbar township was the scene of a big picnic yesterday. Every Fourth during recent years the Misses Lena, Minnie and Laura Aioreland and Messrs. John H. and M. W. Moreland have entertained a host of friends on their pretty p4ace. Marked by perfect weather yesterr day's affair was one of the happiest of these annual functions. A census snowed that there were present some 70 guests, including upwards at a j score of children, who had the time of their lives in the open. Various diver- j sions were employed to pass the time. The ladies busied' themselves with their war knitting, while the men shot at the mark and pitched quoits. "Dave" Parkhill and Allen Downs, champion quoit pitchers, were unseated by Dr. G. W. Gallagher and H. M. L'.ston, the latter of Dunbar, but Parkhill and Downs are st'ili entitled to a lot of credit for their past performances. At noon and again at supper a table laden with life's substantial^ and all the dainties of the season was spread upon the spacious lawn and ail par- .took of. their fill. The company JHooverizod to tbe extent that they saw that nothing was wasted. In 'the afternoon Cooper Patterson and Ralph C. Ward collaborated In photographing the guests grouped on the lawn. M. W. Moreland exhibited th« original deed for the Moreland farm, made by the commonwealth to Alexander Moreland in 17S8. The parchment, yellow with age, is well preserved, and'tbe writing, in bold hand, is perfectly legible. T. Sscott Dunn led in tho singing of o-ld time songs. In the evening the guests returned to their homes, voting the day an entire success. Those present were: COKE WORKERS WAS PROVEN YESTERDAY When They Reported For Work As Usual, Making full Day's Kun. OUTPUT WAS 60,000 TONS Or About iyxw Tons Above tbe Eecent Daily Arerago; JBosjonse Was Genend Torongboat Jifgioni; Practically Fall Force of Men oL Work Xvda; Joseph Ross Ftke, .Markleysbufs. ' James Samzone, Trotter. Vincent Morrison, Qhiopyle. John Klink, Dnnbar. Reuben Stanley. Frey, Gibbons Glade. . Biozio Di Mickelis. Dunbar. Harry John Karl Benke, Leiscnring. WALTER P. SCHENCK TO BE SECRETARY OF FAYETTE RED CROSS Local Attorney Will Temporarily Give Up Practice to Look After War Work. ·*-- Beginning the first of next week Walter P. Schanck o£ this city, and a member of the Fayecte couniy bar, will give up his law practice for the duration of the war to become executives secretary of the Fayette county chapter of the Red Cross. Headquarters will be established in the Fayette Title Trust building in Uniontown. In order to familiarize himself with the work of the Red Cross Mr. Schenck will go to Pittsburg and possibly Philadelphia .for a few days to study the system by which the organ- .zation is conducted. The announcement of the appoint- PHrLADELPHIA, July 5.--Reports j ment of Mr. Sciienck as executive sec- received by the Emergency Fleet I retary was made last night by County The coke workers of the Councils- GROVE PICNIC ADDS $2,000 TO RED CROSS FUND, B ESTIMATE MADE BY COMMIHEE EXECUTION OF NEGRO SOLDIERS WITNESSED BY ENTIRE DIVISION Every Cent Above Actual Expenses Goes to War Cause Three Are Hanged Todny at Camp Dodge, IDWJI, for' Assault on loung WUte Girl. By Associated Press. ' CAMP DODGE, la.. July 5.--Three negro soldiers, convicted .by court martial of "assaulting and outraging" vilJe region proved their patriotism; a 17 year'old white girl on the can- yesterday to a remarkable degree and in a most practical way. Responding willingiy and tie request of the Fuel Administration, and the appeals of the plant managers, tne workers, miners and coke yard em- ployes alike, and made a Hull day's run to the extent, of drawing and charging ail ovens in blast and loading out the usual quoui of coking coal. Preparations had to a certain extent been made beforehand and work began earlier than usual. At many plants the drawers were on the yardfi at one o'clock in.the morning, and at practical!}- all of them the run was over by 9.30 or 10 o'clock, instead oS. three or four o'clock, the ordinary time of Quitting. As a result The workers had the greater part of the day to attend the picnics, bail gamus, dances and other functions that were scheduled for the afternoon and eve- inuig. Wiley L. Byers, district representative of the Fuel Administration, estimates yesterday's production of coke to have been 60,000 tons, an increase GREAT CROWD AT GROVE Fourth in ConnellsviLIe Passes Off Extremely Quietly. tonment grounds the night of May 24, were hanged here today with virtually ] JKXNOIl FLAG IS ELEVATED the entire division witnessing the ex- i ecution. · i ~ The three were sprung simul- j Attorney E. C. Higbeo Speaker of Cetaceous!}- at 9.03 A. 3C, and dcati was ( cusion at Pole at City Hall Sroumls; Slavs Hold Patriots Bally in West Side Hall and. Stage Big Parade. instantaneous. The negroes marched ' onto the scaffold singing "God Have j Mercy on .My Soul." The negroes were Nelson Johnson, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Stanley Tramble, Sproug, Ala., and Fred Allen, Georgiana, .Ala., all selective service men. Johnson and Tramble were declared by military police, officials to have confessed their complete guilt, but Allen, while admitting his presence when the crime was committed, maintained he had not outraged the girl. Three negro soldiers among the spectators fainted -when the men dropped to their death and another ran amuck. He started on a dead run directly toward the guards overpowered soldier also fainted. scaffold, but him. A white Patterson, George Patterson, T. Scott Dunn, .Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Cox and son Wilbur, C. TV. Rush, Mr. and Mrs. .Ralph C. Ward, M. W. Moreland. John H. .Moreland, D. M. ParkhiH, E. K. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hurst. Walter and Ruth Hurst, Dr. and Mrs. G. V. Gallagher, Mr. aud Mrs. W. B. Downs, Allen Downs, Mr. and Mrs. George Armstrong. 'R. C. Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson. . Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Brooks, Miss Mary Parkhill, Misses Jessie and Nan Brooks, Mrs. William uPorter, Miss Mary. Porter, Miss Ruth' Robinson, Mrs. .Charles p.-Bier.i Johii,'' Jean? Frances' and AuH, Dr.i'and Mrs.: cr"W. tjtts Jano and Mary Lou Utts, Helen'Cochran, Sara and Ruth Steals, Ii96 Florence Patterson, Miss Beatrice Patterson, Mrs. Mary Eobinson, Rebecca Patterson, Mrs. Anna C. Denny, Mra. Mar J R. Braaheox, Miss Grace 'Robinson, Mrs. R. C. Paine and sons Dick and iproderick. Mrs. J. B. Carson. -Mrs. 'Four negroes were arrested (he morning after the assault, which oc- jcurred shortly before midnight May average ol the preceding week. The 24. One suspect was acquitted when Mr. arfd Mrs. Cooper! 0 . 1 2 '°°° " ns or more ° ver output ot coking coal was practically normal. "The response of the workmen was very gratifying," Mr. Byers said. "We it was established that he was not near the scene of tbe crime. "With a young soldier escort tbe girl was sitting on a hillside when, accord- did not erpect any oth«r in view of ing to her story at tie trial, four ne- what the coke region has done for the jgroes approached. One of them, rep- Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Liberty Loan, j resenting himself as s. military police- K. of C. and the numerous, other pa-i m an, struct her escort on the head trioUc movements supported. The re- j and i n the stomach, dazrag him. gion as a wiiole had a normal maximum day, but iu some places the output was above th« maximum. "Workmen in the region wittingly cancelled Fourth o£ July celebrations. . The result*. ortheir sacrifice i The comple-teness equivalent .to ,-W-..^-.r.-^^: 'wJiib'b the workers abandoned their usual methods of celebrating the Fourth of July exceeded expectations. It wae confidently believed that there would be fairly general compliance with the request to work, but it was even more universal than had been counted upon. The display tf patriotism on part of Frank Anderson, Mrs. John C. For- i tbe men shows, as many persons have tbe em- dFttai, Mrs. Connie F. Brown, Mr. and i recently pointed out, that M r s - J H Craig Misses Lena, Mtanie | P'«yes of the coke .region bave had a and Laura Moreland, H. M. Liston,! better appreciation of the situation and Duntiar; Mr. and Mrs. John Parkhil! and daughter Eleaiior, New .Brighton; Mrs. A. N. South, Pittsburg. Corr. oration ap to early today of the ] Chairman J. Fred Kurtz. The seere- damaged. SUFFERS SPRAINED ANKLE Wayne Jlnttermore Hurt Wien Davidson's Truck Turns Over. Wayne Buttermore, driving a delivery truck for the J: R. Davidson grocery store, suffered a sprained ankle and body bruises when the machine turned over in Wills road this morn- ng about 11 o'clock. The steering ;ear of the machine became caught and 'the momentum of the car caused it to turn on its side. P. R. Weimer, who happened to be driving behind the truck, witnessed tho accident and assisted young Buttermore from beneath the car. He took tho driver to the office of Dr. G. H. Edmunds, where his injuries! were dressed. The machine was not badly Fourth of July iaunchicgs of American ships showed 64 vessels, aggregating 348,554 dead weight tons had taken the initial plunge at shipyards throughout the country. Thirty-nine were of s.teel and 25 wood. AMERICAS' AYIATOHS GET ITAMAN WAR CROSSES. ITAIi.IAN ;ARMY HEADQUARTERS, July 5.--Five American aviators attached to the Italian army were decorated with the Italian war cross today by King Victor Emmaii- The decorations were - bestowed during a review and in the presence of General Eben Swift, bead of a»e American myitary- mission. PEBSHING REPORTS 23 Uf CASTJAIJT H5T. WASHINGTON, July 5.--The Army casualty list toclay contained 23 names, divided as follows: Killed in" action, 5; died of wound?, 7; died of accidents and other causes, 1; died of disease, 2; wouoded severely, 3; miza- ng in action, 5. , 4IASKA CAIXEB PPOIT TDK seo SEMCTTTES. WASHINGTON, July 5.--Alaska was directed' by Provost Marshal leneral Growder today to furnish 300 white selective service registrants to- sent to Fort . 'William ..Sewjird, laines, Alaska, as. scion as .they^'can be mobilized. . .'$'·."'·' Adnttral ITari Dies. f^ T:, July 5.--Rear Admiral Aaron Ward, TJ. S. (N,, retired, died here today after three days' Ill- idled armies ia Prauee will far out- ness from heart trouble. tary will devote himself exclusively ' to Red Cross work, and through hi£ office every department of the county organization will be brought .into closer, touch, and each department will have its headquarters in the county headquarters office. An effort to bring an eiecutive secretary of experience here has be.etf made, but men familiar with the work of the Red Cross are in demand elsewhere and none could be secured for the county chapter. The necessity of a secretary becoming pressing, Mr. Schenck was appointed. The Fayette county chapter is doing a. business of $100,000 a year, and excellent service is being rendered ; by the officers, department heads and workers of the various branches, which- extend into every part of the county. HMEY IS THIRD Telegram From Local Driver lUffers From Homing Press Reports. Word received by MXE. R D. Hiokey of the West Side, from her sou, Denny Hickey, the local speed king, says he. finished third in. the. 100-sriile Ldberiy handicap, automobile · race at tbe SharonyiUe speedway, Cincinnati, O., yesterday. Press dispatches placed Hickej". fifth, but his own telegram.;.toofc third, money. He will ar- rive'home this afternoon; Tie race-was iron by Ralph DePalma, .whose time was. 57.01 .Hickey, according to dispatches, had repeated engine..trouble, buir.despite this remained in the contest."-'-Hickey will prepare, for . the races Uniontown immediately on his arrival borne. Is Total oi Taxes on Income finil Excess Profits During Liifct Year. Taxes on incomes and excess profits for the fiscal year ending June 30, levied under the war revenue bill, enacted by congr«es last year, totaled $2,821,340,801. Total revenue collections from all sources were $3,671,918,236. New fork i«d the states in income, and excess profits taxes with a total of J6S9,917,031, while Pennsylvania was.second with ?4M,OS7,261. ginning July 1, according to a joint decision of the Fuel Administration and the War Industries Board, announced yesterday. Tho fuel restriction amounting to 50 per cent will include fuel of all kinds and will be based on tb« aver; age annual consumption between than has been credited to them, and | Jamla ..j, : , a915i and Decemb er 3. that they have needed only to under-i i 9rr ., The order al , plles to b , eTOrs stand what was expected ot them as o , beeri al0] porter an(} other cerea , beverages and ix the manufacture of The girl screamed and the alarm sounded by her escort -when he recovered aroused the canp. Fiftj- Per C«nt Kednction Inclufles S'on-Alcohflllc Drinks. The brewing of beer and all nonalcoholic cereal beverages will be and many went to the parks, triotic celebration was held Connellsville had a quiet Fourth of July, there being a noted absence of explosives, and no general celebration. Many persons went out o£ tbe city, wbile others attended a ball game at Fayette Fieid. In tbe norn- ing the honor flag awarded thir cily for passing the quota in' the Th?rd Liberty loan was raised on tbe city flag pole. Others attended the union ox and corn r.oast at .^Graham's grove A pa- by a Slavish society on the V?est Sice. At the Sag raising in tbe mornixig, the ceremonies were short Mayor John Duggan. introduced Attorney' E. C. Higbee, who read tbe Independence Day Message ot President Wilson. The honor banner was raised by J. M. Martin and A, O. Bixler. The raising and lowering of the flags has · now been turned over- to the Eoy Scouts of the city who will see tbat they are taken down each evening and raised in.the..morning. The Connellsville Military Band played during tbe flag raising exercises. A good crowd turned out for the ceremony. As the band strac'K up * "The Star Spangled Banner" many persons noticed three uniformed soldiers crossing the west side ol the Yough bridge. Much favorable com- meiit _was made -when .tiey stopped arid stood at attention until the za- tional air had been played. It is estimated .that ?2,0(M was cleared at the ox and corn roast held at Graham's Grove by the combined lodges and fraternities of the city. curtailed 50 per cent for one year be- All tickets have not yet been turned .4--.,,,, -,,,,,, T ,,*:-- ,,, ,, ,·,,,·_» l i n bM the committee in chargo today said tbe approximate amount raised for the-beueflt of the Red Cross would individuals and they would respond just as freely .as others from their Inon-alcoholic cereal beverages, ranks have res-ponded to the call for military service. It was feared in some quarters thai today might show a serious slowing down of effort, as was put forth yesterday, but tbe reports so far received indicate that with some- few exceptions practically the full forces of men are at work today and that the output will, be almost as hoavy as'that of yesterday. TMrfl Shooting Ticttm Dies. PITTSBURG, July 5.--Joseph Jackson, a negro, 37 years old, employed as watchman by the Baltimore Ohio railroad, died in the Allegheny General hospital this morning, completing a triple tragedy 'enacted late last night under the north end of the 33rd'street, bridge of the railroad in which A. B. Kohn, .30 years old, a private detective, was shot to death and Jackson fatally wounded by an unidentified negro who shot and killed himself. Unsettled, probably, local showers' tonight and Saturday; cooler Saturday, is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. -'- Te»perabnre Record. . . -.:'" .1918 1317 'Maximum --I--: 90. 83 . Minimum _60- . ' 57' -" Slean " 70 WESTERN MARYLAND PASSENGER SERVICE TO BE DISCONTINUED Baltimore * Ohio WiU Take Curo of Travel Between This City and Cumberland. Effective Sunday, July 7th, Western Maryland trains Nos. C and 6, running between Cumberland and Coaneils- ville, the only ones in service, will be discontinued. Baltimore Ohio trains Nos. 15 and 16 will run between Keystone, near Meyersdale, and Cumberland, over the tracks of the Western Maryland railroad, and will he discontinued between these points on the Baltimore Ohio railroad. No' changes will be made in the schedules of trains Nos. 15 and 16, except as follows: No. 15--1.30 P. M., leaves Cumberland Baltimore Ohio station; [2 P. If., Mt. Savage, Western Maryland station; 2.10 P. M., Frostburg Western Maryland station; {2.29-P. M., Deal, Western Maryland station; 2.45 P. M., arrives at Meyersdale Baltimore Ohio station; f. stop on signal. No. 16--Leaves Meyersdale at 4.-19 P. M., arriving at Cumberland at 6 P. M. Trains Noa. 152 and 153' will continue, on the same schedule over the Pittsbnrg Lake Erie, from the West Side to Pittsburg, leaving at 3.15 P. M., and arriving- here at 10.30 A. M. The train is made up ber.e; The curtailment, while ( effective only for one year, was regarded in somei quarters as tbe forerunner of further restrictions within the year. for STREET MEETINGS Ministerial Association Arranfres Saturday Ereninf,- Services. Street meetings at Brimstone corner will be held each Saturday evening at 7.30 o'clock during July and August under the direction of the Connellsville Ministerial association. The flrst will be tomorrow evening, with Rev. H. A. Baum, pastor of the Cochran Memorial Metbodist Episcopal church at Dawson, as the speaker, be ?2,000. Every cent of money cleared at tbe picnic will go to that organization of mercy. About 1,000 persons visitei tie grove during, the day. There tvas plenty for everyone to eat, and c-ial and coke workers who went to -.ho picnic after working a full turn at. tho plants were also cared to;. The sporting program attracted mar.y in the afternoon. An exhibition bout was staged by FranTdc Dailey of Latrobe and a Pittsburg fighter. Two midgets in the Go-pound class gave an exhibition of boxing and wrestling. The bout between Duncan of rnion- town and Stewart ot this city -vis not staged because the fighters failed to appear. The Leisenring band for- nished music. The p'icnic committee requests all persons who-had tickets to sell to turn in unsold tickers immediately in order that a che* may be given to the Red Cross immediately. The Slovak National League, held a rally here yesterday, hundreds of Slovaks from the surrounding region participating. A parade led DT th aad wift Rev. Wilbur Nelson presia- ConnellsvJJle Military band marched ing and E. W. Haviland in charge of the music. i The program'for later meetings will be announced tomorrow. JACOJSS BEHEVED. )nptuin of Troop A. State Police, Is Dropped From the Force. The court martial which heard charges preferred against Captain Charles W. Jacobs, commanding ?roop A, State Constabulary, at Greensburg, alleging conduct to the 'rejudice of good order and discipline, ronounced the officer innocent of iro-G-erman sentiments, as has bean T alteged. To Play at Oakford. He- was' granted a io-day leave of The Connellsville Military Band, | absence, at the end ol which period with Miss Eleanor Savage, soloist, for -I he will be dropped from the service. Nirella's. band, Pittsburg.this season, as. soloist, will give two, concerts .on Sunday ^ at Oafcford park, 'one '. in -..the afternoon: and one' in the' evening. The band ..has" also' been engaged to play, at thg iWaQn JB September, CanHnal MiirHnelli Dies. « ROME, July S.--Cardinal Sebastian Martinelli, prefect of tbe Sacred Congregation of Rites and former papal delegate \o the United. States, is dead. over the principal streets of th« city after which addresses were made at tbe auditorium on tbe West Sid'?. The principal speaker was Prof. Memcpej of the University of Pitts- burs, the president of the Slovalt National society. Mayor John Duggaa read the Fourth of July messi-ge of President Wilson, and Rev. lather English. Slavish Groups of children from Star Junction gave flag drills. BULLSKIN DOING WELL r/E. MJer Secures (57,455 Ifar Savings in Small .Part of ToirnsMp. Tusel; gave in address in During the picnic at Ore Mine's j Rev - Tomaska spoke in yesterday W. E. Mier of Pennsville, one of the War Savings canvassers for Bullskin township, secured cash subscriptions ot ?313.50 and pledges of $2,395 in the savings campaign. With this Mr. Mier has secured, in he Moyer, Pennsville and Cross toads communities principally, a total of $7,455. Two subscirbers to tiie Persbing jmlt Club, Charles Detwiler and H. W. Detwiler, were among tie number. There was a of explosives conspicuous absence yesterday." Although firecrackers could be heard throughout the day the noises were net continuous. Following out the orders of" Mayor. Duggan no explosives were discharged in the business district accidents whatever were reported yesterday. The fire department was called out early in the e»mi D jr by a false alarm from a box at the corner of South Pittsburg street and 1 attersoa avenue but otherwise was inactive yesterday. . Councilman M. B. Pryce and Alderman Fred Munk were amon;f the" speakers at the ceremony of flag; raising on the pole at St. Emory Itoman" Catholic church. South Arch street. High mass and the blessing of tlie fins preceded the ceremony on the lawn. Fireworks Catcn Fire. A spark, out put a sudden end to the celebration of tbe Fourth last evening at the home ol Antonio- Bufano in' Green street. It set the evening's supply of fireworks off all at once. The River Rlsinp. Tough river rose durins the night from'LOO to 1.05 feet

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