The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 1939. "THK DAILY COURIER. coNNELL.svn.Ljfl. PA. PAGE SEVEN. Radio information At a Gtance Break-Up of the Czecho-Slovak Republic WC/VE--1221 KC. G:00--American Schools. 6:15--Evening News. 6:25--Sports. 0:30--News on Parade. 8:45--Romance Lyrics. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Edwin C. Hill. 7:30--Modern Melody. 7:45--Jack Berch. 8:00--One Man's Family. 8:30--Tommy Dorsey's Orch. 9:00--Town Hall. 10:00--Kay Kyser's Klass. 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Sterling Young's Orch. 11:30--Lou Breeze's Orch. 12:00--Dick Jurgcn's Orch. 12:30--Lights Out. 1:00--Bernie Cummins' Orch. TONSGHT KDKA--980 KC. \ 6:00--News: Sports. Weather. 6:06--Movie Magazine of the Air. G:15 -Manuel Contrares' Orch. 6:30--Music--Sports. 6:45--Lowell Thomas. 7:00--Easy Aces. 7:15--Mr Keen. 7:30--Horace Heidi's Orch. 8:00--Fingertip Fantasies. 8:30 -Hobby Lobby. 3:00--Horse and Buggy Days. j:30--Wings for the Martins. 10:00--Ransome Sheman Presents. 10:30--Fu Manchu. 11:00--News; weather. 11:15--The Music Vou Want. 12:00--Chick Webb'ss Orch. 12:15--New Penn Orch. 12:30--Al Kavelin's Orch. WJ AS--1290 KC. 6:05--Organ Melodies. 6:15--News of the World. 6:30--Bob Trout. 6:45--Talk of the Town. 7:00--County Seat. 7:15--Lum and Abner. 7:30--Ask-It-Basket. 8:00--Gangbusters. 8:30--Paul Whiteman's Orch. 9:00--Texaco Star Theatre. 10:00--99 men and a Girl. 10:30--It Can Be Done. 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. 11;15--Charles Baum. 11:30---Jackie Keller. 12:00--Glen Gray's Orch. THURSDAY WCAE 7:00--Program Resume. 7:00--Morning Express. 8:00--News. 8:15--Today's Almanac. 8:30--Do You Remember. 8.45--Hits and Encores. 9:00--Musical Interlude. 9:05--Happy Jack. 9:15-- 'Jems of Melody. 9:30--Band Goes to Town. 9:45--Secret Diary. 10:00--Central City. 10:15--John's Other Wife. 10:30--Just Plain Bill. 10:45--Woman in White. 11:00--David Harum. 11:15--Lorenzo Jones. 11:30--Young Widder Brown. 11:45--Road of Life. 12:00--Studio Time Signal. 12:00--News. 12:10--Melodies. 12:15--The O'Neills. 12:30--Carters of Elm Street. 12:45--Singin' Sam. 1:00--Musical Caravan. 1:15--Muted Music. 1:30--Bernie Cummins' Orch. 1:45--Melody Jewel Box. 2:00--Palmer House Orch. 2:15--Ed Fitzgerald's Review. 2:30--Kitty Keene. 2:45--Utility Hall. 3:00--Mary Marlin. 3:15--Ma Perkins. 3:30--Pepper Young's Family. 3:45--Guiding Light. 4:00--Backstage Wife. 4:15--Stella Dallas. 4:30--Vic and Sade. 4:45--Girl Alone. 5:00--Diek Tracy. 5:15--Your Family and Mine. 5:30--Jack Armstrong. 5:45--Orphan Annie. 6:00--Metropolitan Operalogue. 6:15--Evening News. 6:25--Sports. 6:30--Goodwill Hour. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Vocal Varieties. 7:30--Mario Cozzi. 7:45--Inside of Sports. ' 8:00--Rudy Vallee. 9:00--Good News ol 1939. 10:00--Music Hall. 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Bernie Cummins' Orch. 11:30 Charles Barnett's Orch, 12:00--Glen Gray's Orch. KDKA 6:30--Musical Clock. 6:45--Farm Markets. 7:00--Musical Clock. 7:15--Western Trails. 7:30--Musical Clock. 7:45--Russell Pratt. 8:00--News. 8:05--Musical Clock. .°:15--Dr. Sunshine. 8:30--Musical Clock. 9:00--Shopping Circle. 9:15--Linda's First Love. 9:30--The Editor's Daughter. 9:45--Gospel Singer. 1000--Melody Time. 10:15--Jane Arden. 10:30--Smiling Ed McConnell. 10:45--Houseboat Hannah. 11:00--Mary Marlin. 11:15--Vic and Sade. 11:30--Pepper Young's Family. 11:45--Getting the Most Out of Life. 12:00--News. 12:15--Rosey Bits. 12:30--National Farm Home Hour. 1:15--Farm Radio Service. 1:30--Women in the News. 1:45--Happy G ! 'mans. 2:00--Betty and Bob. 2:15--Arnold Grimm's Daughter. 2:30--Valiant Lady. 2:45--Hymns of All Churches. 3:00--Home Forum. 3:30--Tea Time Tunes. 4:00--Club Matinee. 5:00--BiUmore Boys' Orch. 5:15--Terry and the Pirates. 5:30--Don Winslow of the Navy. 5:45--Tom Mix Straight Shooters. 6:00--News: sports: weather. 6:06--Your Movie Magazine of the Air. 6:15--Manuel Contrares' Orch. 6:30--Music--Sports. 6:45--Lowell Thomas. 7:00--Easy Aees. 7:15--Mr. Keen. 7:30--Romance and Rhythm. 7:45--The Curtain Rises. 8:00--Merry Music. 8:15--To be announced. 8:30--Rochester Philarmonic Orch. 9:30--America's Town Meeting ol Air. 10:30--Fu Manchu. 10:45--Minstrels. 11:00--News, weather. 11:15--The Music You Want. 12:00--Chick Webb's Orch. WJAS 7:30--Musicale. 8:00--News of the World. 8:15--Marjorie Stewart. 8:30--Musicale. 8:40--Today's Program. 8:45--Si. Patrick's Church. 9:15--Manhattan Mother. 9:30--Joyce Jordan. 9:45--Bachelor's Children. 10:00--Young Dr. Malone. 10:15--Myrt and Marge. 10:30--Hilltop House. 10:45--The Stepmother. 11:00--Mary Lee Taylor. 11:15--Scattcrgood Baines. 11:30--Big Sister. 11:45--Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories. 12:00--Kate Smith. 12:15--Her Honor, Nancy James. 12:30--News of the World. 12:45--Our Gal Sunday. 1:00--Goldbergs. 1:15--Life Can Be Beautiful. 1:30--Road of Life. 1:45--This Day Is Ours. 2:00--Doc Bartley's Daughters. 2:15--The Life and Love of Dr. Susan. 2:30--American School ol the Air. 3:00--Army Band. 3:30--Keyboard Concert. 4:00--Lc Brun Sisters. 4:14--Today's Programs. 4:20--Ray Bloch's Varieties. 4:45--Four Clubmen. 5:00--Questions Before the House. 5:15--Howie Wing. 5:30--Baron Elliotts' Orch. 6:05--Deep River Boys. 6:15--News of the World. 6:30--Today with Bob Trout. 6:45--Nan Wynn. 7:00--County Seat, 7:15--Adventures in Science. 7:30--Joe Penner. 8:00--Kate Smith. 9:00--Major Bowes' Amateur Hour. 10:00--Tune Up Time. 10:45--Americans at Work. 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. 11:15--Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. 11:30--Cab Galloway's Orch. 12:00--Sammy Kayo's Orch. P O L A M D · KIELCE PlLSEN BOHEMIA- MORAVM J-Iitler moves on what was Czecho-Slovakia arc indicated in map. Joseph Tiso, pro-Nazi, emerges as Premier of newly-created Slovakia, backed by Germany. Bohemia and Moravia is all that remains of the Czech republic. Kuthenia is now known as Carpatho Ukraine, where Hungarians fought Czechs for control nf the atrin of land. (Central Frees) Latest Hitle as Prem News of the Day At Bear Run siitary Honors BEAR RUN, Mar. 15.--Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Woodall ot Uniontown visited the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Friend, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Tissue and family, Mr.-. Joseph Tissue and Lloyd Oldland o£ Connellsville, Mr. and Mrs. Abram Skinner o£ Confluence and Dwight Skinner of Norfolk visited- Mrs. M. C. Skinner, Sunday. Albert McNair is ill at his home. Mrs. Anna Friend and Mrs. Besse Friend attended the Home Economics meeting held at the home ~o£ Mrs. Mabel Stickel o£ Mill Eun last Wednesday. Ross Firestone of Youngwood visited Mr. and Mrs. Orville Firestone Sunday. Mr. 'nd Mrs.'Herbert Ohler, Mrs. Besse Friend and daughter Verga, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stull and Casey and Gladys Bowers attended the funeral of Andrew Hawk held in the Baptist Church at Mill Run Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Skinner attended the Sunday school district meeting at Ohiopyle Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Thelma Miller, Mrs. Besse Friend, Mrs. Anna Friend and Miss Vergna Friend attended the meeting o£ the Mill Run Baptist Missionary Society which was in the form o£ a covered-dish dinner at the home o£ Mrs. F. S. Wortman of Ohiopyle Saturday. Oscar Firestone and son o£ Owensdale visited Mr. and Mrs. Orville Firestone Friday night. By United Press. BERLIN, Mar. 15.--The last breaths of the sovereign, independent nation of Czechoslovakia were drawn while the German Reich was paying it full military honors. Summoned to Berlin to hear the terms of Adolf Hitler, Emilc Hacha, last president ot the Czech republic as created by Y/oodrcnv Wilson, was accorded each of the honors given the visiting head of a foreign state. He was greeted at the railroad station by Hitler's personal representative, and representatives ot the foreign office. Taken to the chancellory, he was escorted through the "court of honor" whore Hitler's elite guards Walfonifei Seek Abandoned House On City Properly City Council was in session until the wee hours of the morning as It [ listened to requests of various citizens and labored diligently over other problems. The meeting got underway at 7:30 o'clock Monday night and didn't adjourn until 1:02 o'clock Tuesday morning. A group from the local chapter of the Izaak Walton League headed by were drawn up at attention. Drums \ i t s resident, Ross J. McdcalC, ap- rolled in salute ' P eared before the solons w:lh the rc- ThenHika met Hitler and several h u e a l . t l l a t tl!0 b^ing now being houis later it was announced that the remainder of his country was being taken under the protection of the Reich and that German troops were occupying it. Court Considers used by WPA workers in the East Park project be turned over to the league when it is no longer needed there. President MedcaU said he had heard the building was soon to be razed. He told Council the league intended io build a lodge on its prop- Jurisdiction in injunction Case UNIONTOWN, Mar. J 5.--Uncertain as to jurisdiction of the Fayctte county courst, Judge \V. Russell Carr took under advisement a petition presented .for an injunction against District Attorney J a m e s - A . Reilly to restrain him from interfering with bank nights at theatres in various sections of the county. erty in Enst Park and it hoped to be able to secure the old building for the lumber. Mayor Ira D. Younkin said that inasmuch as the building was on a project under the supervision of the Recreation Commission he felt that Chairman D. K. Mcllvaine was the person to contact. Council members expressed themselves in accord and Mr. Medcalf was informed that any proposition worked out with the Recreation Commission would be agreeable to the solons. President Medcalf said the league was not contemplating the erection of! a "shack," but instead a lodge which would be a real improvement to the locality. For this reason he felt confident a suitable arrangement could be worked out with Mr. Mcllvaine because it would be tying in with the work oC the Recreation Commission in beautifying the city. Ho also stated the building, when completed, could be used toy other groups for. the purpose of holding meetings. John S. Robb Dies. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 15.--A practicing attorney here for more than 50 years, John S. Robb, Jr., 79, died in Shadyside Hospital Wednesday and was buried Friday from the Samson Funeral Home. Among the many cases he figured in was the prosecution of the Biddle boys, of jail-escape fame, and the defense of a constable in the Ku Klux Klan riots in Carnegie, Pa., nearly 20 years ago. WAKE UP YOUR UVER BILE- ffilionl Cilomcl--And YwT] Jump Out »f Bed IB , the Morning Riria* to Go ' The liver should poor out two pound! ol liquid bile Into your bawds daily. If thla bfl« is not flowing freely, your lood do cfln'tdtcest. It just decays in the bowels. Gas bloats up your ntomch. You net constipated. Your whale system b poisoned and you feel sour. ·unit and the world looks punk. A mere bowel movement doesn't set *t the cause. It taken those good, old Carter'* Little Liver Fills to ect theac two pounds of bile flowinc freely and make you feel "up and UD." Harmless, irentie. yet am a sins in maklhfir bile flow freely. Ailt for Carter 1 * Little Liver Pills by name. 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