The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1939
Page 6
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.f AGE SIX. i'HE DATL? COURIER, CONNEI.'LSVnJjg, Pi. vVEDKESDAY MARCH 13 1900 PERSONAL MENTION Miss Bac Atkins daughtei of Ml ind Mis W H Atkins of Isabella ro d vv is udinttcd to the Connells- Mllc Stutc Hospital Tuesday aftci- noon fijji tieatmcrt Miss Atkins employ Id in the billing c'epditment ol the post Pern Powei Company is bei lously ill oi iheumatism \vhich dc\clopt.d fiom gup She wis given a blood ti insfubion this dftemoon S.ive half on diy d o m i n g Simons Cd--h . C u i y Cleane s--AdveiUse m e n t -- U n i d i 5t The condition of 11 D Juiiett aged resident of Scottdale md veil known in this comrnunit} vvus icpoitcd seil- ous toddy He is a patient at the Conncllsv ille St to Hospital House cleaning needb Kiibtolite, Wall Piipci Clc inci Mops, Blooms, Blushes Stcpkiddeib Polishes and Wa\ L d v v a i d B i e i Hdidwdie Phone 584 --Advcitiscmcnt--14mar-2t Mi ar-d Mis Roy Vfihon ol Un- inntoxvn \isited luesday evening w i t h Mi and Mis Jacob Millei of South Co tdge avenue Rummage b i e 1 iiday Mdrch 31st by the Amencan Legion Auxiliary in Amencan Legion Home, 340 N Pitts- bui g St --Advertisement--mm -8-1522-29 Martin Mai tun of E ibt Ciawfoid avenue v cited Sunday in G eens- buij, Select youi St Tatrick Day caids and paity invitations at Kestnei s Bool S^oie 12T W Apple St--Ad- vei tisemcnt --15mn-2t T'lomds'Dellun of Race stieel \vas n Pittsbuigh \isitol Tuesday aftel- noon Enchant nt, new spnrg fioct.s ·51 05 to S3 00 Pi ncess Shop --Ad- vei tjsuncnt --15mar-lt Chailes Stcll h is ictuii ed lo Penn State Col'cse iflci spending the week-end i t his lome m Last Crawford avenue D B Wlijel man iger ot tl e Con- nellsvi'lc blanch oC the A. A A . t ttcnded i man igcrs meeting at Wilk nsbuig todav Mis D Haiold Hoover of Ea 1 -*. Pattcison ivenue spert Tuesdiy in Pittsbuigh Mis Robcit W Gia't is ill of gup at her 1 omc in South Pittsburg street C Roy Miller, linotype operator at The Coulier is connned to his home in East Washington avenue with grip Mt and M s Karl K Kramer of Isabella road have as then guest, Mrs J F Kendall Jr of Pittsburgh Mrs A W Young, Mrs Ernest R Kooscr Mrs Charles C Mitchell Mrs W C Michael Mrs W W Cunningham Mis M J Cummings, Mrs Ira D Younkm Mrs Ewmg R Harmon, Mrs Nell Getchell, Mrs L W Carpenter Mrs Harry Sheetz, Miss Gertrude Grimm and Mrs G T Barker last named ol Baltimore attended an installation meeting of the Ordei ol the Eastan Stai of Doi- mont Pittsburgn, held Tuesday evening at the Masonic Hali, Dormont Mrs P C Dix, formerly of Connellsville was installed as worthy mat-on o£ tne chapter Aunt Met By RObE-Rb QU1LLE.M "Clipper" Smith Resigns as Grid Coach at Duquesne Special to The Courier PITTSBURGH, Mar 15 --Coach John Philip little clipper' Smith, whose Duquesne University football teams slipped alter a successful 1936 season, today resigned as foo*ball coach and athletic director at Duquesne Smith captain and guard of the Notic Dame 1927 eleven, gave no reason immediately for his icsigna- lion while his .contract had one year to run, but it wns reported that there was a bloc at Duquesne which was not entirely in accoid with his regime He was the fouith Duquesne coach m 12 years having been pieceded in recent years by Elmei Layden, Joe Bach and Chribty Flanagan University officials did not announce immediately any successor to Smith bvtt it u is believed that Fust Assistiiit Co ich Bull Donelli a member of the Duqqesne faculty, may be the ne\t head coach Reilly io Answer Bank Night Test Rule in 10 Days Spocla to Tho Conner ·UNIONTOWN Mar 15--Judge W ^Uissell Cair this afteinoon granted » i ule on D strict A tot ney J A. =teillj retuinablc in 10 day?, in the sank list case brought by -theatrical nanageis of Fdyettc county ·There had boon sorwr question sboul the jurisdiction of"the local ouits as to a lestraining order on .he dlstilct attorney and this will be nought to T head at the espiration f 10 days when the rule is return- ible NERVES FEEL FRAYED LIKE When you* head arbes when, your nerves leel as II about to snap uscCapudine Itnot on yre- Ileves pain gently and quickly but soothes tense ne-ves C a p u d n e a oulcK action Is duo to Us being liquid--Its Ingredients a-e already dissolved a.U ready to wort. CAPUDINE I ujih we had women piesi- dcnts A. m \i\ U inks he am I actin IIKC a statesman unjcss he is n cssm in \he troubles ol Euiopc Czechs, In Tears, Greet | Britain Accepts Nazi Troops In Prague , r- t With Hisses and Catcalls hal ' e ot " Grim Reaper WILLIAM. COURISTAN William G Corristin 74 yea s old i w dely knosvn ci izen oi Ohiop\le cued d 7 10 o c ock Tuesd i mo nmg a* his homo altei a brief illness of conplicat ons A lifelong itsidenl of Stewai t township Mi CoTistan w is born JIi 12 1804 lie was a ic- t red farmer and caipcitei and was a foimer school duecto and a member of t i e Ohiopyle council He assumed a leading piit in chuich and civic ictivities for i ian }Cdis His w i f e Cl iilotti Weir GouJslun died 10 yeii; dgo His fathei-m-1 ivv the late RidciifTc Weir was bo n in lie- land emigiated to IHib country at the age of 23 ard been ne one of Ste\vait townships outstanding citizens He was a justice o£ the peace for many ears Mrs Conistan u, survived by the following childicn Haivey G Coi- ustan Wilkmstmrg Mis G L Hershbcigc Washington Pa Mis Lee Woodmency Mis Neil Turner Hugh Ridchffc Robei t Agnes and Ruth Cor istan all of Ohiopyle A brotner, Andiew A Corristan, the last of a family of 13 childien and nine giaiidc'iildren a so s i t Vive Funeial sen ice will be conducted at 2 o clock Thursday afternoon at the family lesidetue with Bev James C. Clark pastor of. the Second Pies- bjtenan Chuich of Uniontovvn, officiating Burial will be in Lutheran Cemetery at Chalk Hill Fr ends will be received at tie Con istan home until the horn of the service MRS HENRIETTA FAIR MEYERSDALE Mar lo--Mrs Henrietta Mankamjer Faf 82 yeais old died at her home ir Sind Pitch R D 1, aft,er a Imgeung illness ol complications She vv is the u idow. of John E Fair and is suivived by *he following children Charles L of Conncllsvillc Iivm E of Akron Ohio Mrs Frank R Mun ey of Deal, Pa, Mahlon at home and Albeit A ol Ellerslie Md One son and one daughter preceded her m death Thirteen grandchildren and eight gieat-giandchildren ilso suivive \vith the .following brothers and sisters Richard, Joseph and Chustian Mankamyer and M's Albert Bittner all of Mcj ersdale The funeral services weic held this afternoon at the Temple Evangelical Chinch at W ute Oil Interment will be ii the chuich cemetery JOSEPH HOEY Joseph Ploey, '·on of Mis Anna Kearney of Rogeialown Dunb-ii township died Tuesday morning it Washington D C v^eie he was employed by the Goiernmcnt The body will be brought heie GEORGE B FORSYTHE SCOTIDALE, Mai 15--Geoge B Foi sy the 75 years old of East Scottdale, died eaily this morning in Connellsville Stdle Hospital lie was a lormei employe of the United States Cast lion Pipe Foundty Company Besides hjs wife Mis Anna Forsythe, he is suivived by three chil- dicn, Harry and HatUe, at home and Roy of Scottdjle One brothel, C o n t i n u e d fiom Page One aimed and \\all ing about as civilians Aboi t 100 G e i m i n atmy bicyclists v, th uiles or automilic machine guns slung ovei hen shoulders rode silent y aciobs the Eiontiei into the Czech state dt Meln U 20 miles noith of Plague dt 7 20 \ M (1 20 A M EST) n a blinding snow stoi m Mclmk is the icalest fiontier point to Plague Motorcjclists dnc a battco of aiiti tank guns followed The last time Gciman tioops uossed d. Ciech bordei to occupy the ceded Sudeten temtoiy cheering thiorgs met them and pelted them w i l l flovvct 1 It w is d i f f e i e i t tod ly The bhz- ^did and the uttei silence of the people os they entered were appio- p lute to the death of a nation I motoicd lo the fiontiei to meet l^e Geirtim loops and accompanied them oack to Pi.iguc As they made then vvny «long th" highwa} womei \ \ i t h sh iwls ovei then he^b \voil men in shabby clothes and childien on then way to school \v tl then knapsacks on the r b cks iin 3ut f t o m houses nd stood silently in smal ,noteclive gioups, us they passed Both men and women occasionally, burst into bittei sobs \ few Czech solclicis without aims .stood by the roadside The Gei nnn columns moved Icisuiel) It iv ds an easy tnumph o\ei the lemnants of the littte Czechoslovak republic Its officcis made thci lust dristic ch mge in the c o u n t i y s eld ordei when as they advanced thev foiccd all cuihan ti (Tic to the light sides of roads Czechs h i v e been accjbtomed to the lefl-lnnd load systrrn As the troops adv-inced, f aimers at wo k in the snow coveted fields stopped their work witching silently The motorcjctists took the advanced position as the scout force enteicd Pi ague capital of non- cxistcnt Czechoslovakia Motors roai- mg the} move into the Wenceslos squaie in tlie city s centei High overhead dioned a squadron of Gciman m i h t a i y planes They had appeared over the city n advance of he Uoops signaling the occupation Thcj wheeled about and came to a stop in milna y formation as the MIOW teased suddenly and thiough a break in the clouds the sun peeped out / H nigh since a government ladio announcemen'- that the Czech government had ogieed to the occupation tne c ty had been in teiror People weie absolutely demoralized Thousands had tried to get away v,heie they could, to find all means of escape barred Otl ers sought to go 'undeigiound to hide in cellars or garrets m feai that they might be subject to Nazi vengeance for past political offenses But as tlie troops entered the city took its ne\v defeat and its dcaih as d wo-ld cdpi'al w i t h fortitude and lesignation It has a thousand jcar his'ory of sieges, of defeats and triumphs As Their Affair District Attorney Becomes Dad Again A son weighing nine pounds and tlnee foiiith ounce= was born at 5 15 o clock Tuesday moinmg it the Un- lontovvn Hospital to District Attor ie\ and Mis Janes A Reill., of Union- t o w n The babj the fourt! son and fifth child in the familj is a grandson of Mi and Mrs Philip A Rcillj of South Eighth st-ect West Side Connolls\ ille Fnrk of Ivew St«nton and three sibleis Mis Vide Lankej a i d Mrs Alice Linl cj both of Acme and Mrs Margaret Stai s of Pleasant Unity, also survive together wi h six giandchildren LOUR ANDERSON A'te an illness of complications, Lohi Anderson 50 years old well- known Uniontown man died Tuesday at the Umon'oun Hospital I MRS ELLA BERNHAGIA Mrs Ella Bernhagen, 55 yeais old, of Uniontown c"ied Tuesday it the Umontovvn Hospital Paramount Theatre -- Last Times Today-- ..-. -. francis That: --THURSDAY OJT1Y-- LONDON Md 1 5 -- G i e i t DiiUlll oddy gnoied the dej h of Czechoslovakia anu pioLuedcd \vilh liusiuess as u s u j l ^v tl the dictator \ Bi it s i tiade rommisbion will eav e tomo low /foi Beihn as scheduled lo d cKcp for an Anglo- Go man u ideistmding goveinmg tlie mai keta of bougie istei n Eui ope A Rome Lord Pel til the Butisi arroiswidc d i d I l i l i a n Foreign Mm stci ilediio Ci mo met last night anc signed in exchange of notes icadjusting the (.ommeicial nccoid between I t n l j and Great Bi it nn Sophomores Give "Little Geraldme," Comedy, Friday Night The sophomoie class ol t i e Connellsville H gh School w i l piesen Little Cenldme a comedy by Bojce Lo\mg in the High School idditorium F u d i j evening Mai en 17 The setting foi ' Little Geraldme is U e Apha Beta Soionty house at tnglcwood College The sorority sis ters Anna Ruth Lindjmore who plajs the gait of Lissa Eisie Atkirs as Till md Agnes Kane as Jiggs ·welcome Rea Heid Little Ga- aldme none too giaciouslj into thei- chapter Piesidirg over he Alpha Beta house is the kind v houscmolhei Joann Shal enbeiger Mrs Lanmng close friend of Doiothy Whittikci Mis Montgomeij Ficqacnt visitors at he Mpha Beta house i e the rtcspressible pals Nip and TUCK Billie Burkey ind Bob Goldstone Marj, plied by Joe Marlis Bus Domcr Ross and Totsy ind Mel, Lma Engelka and Call Geenan students from the nearby State "Umversi v Assisting with Hitler to Share Mountain Feud In Triumphs Continued from Page One Ilungaiidn regulaia In Ins proclama ion to the Geiman people Hitlei announced that Czecho- =lovakia had ceased to exist and tl at h s aimv \ ould cxecu e he basis for mtiodjction of a new fundamental ae tlemeit u h i c h will do justice to A thousand yeais of histoiv jnd lo the practical needs o£ the Ge man and Czech people German t oops iad a l i e dj crossed he f i o i t i e i to occupy tlie Gertian Over Property minonly d i s l i i c s of Mdthuscr- Joseph Cu llo by Thomas McEhoy Three Powers Seek Dominance in New States CJontinued fiom Page One senoub losses Geiman tioops had not been expected lo enlei Slo\akia UNIONTOWN MJI 15--In what As n ne announcement cane that had the ifdimaiks of a mountain feud t | ley had d one so jt was assei tcd at hice t-ouit cases developed Xiom Vienna tha f Fe dmand Duicansk-v Wharton township They weie hcara f o i e i g n m i nis t er O f the new Slovak loelij he 01 e Judge W Russell Can gcAC i nm ent had appealed to Gei- Thc ccuit duected a veidict of m , uiy for aid against Polish troops acquittal on chaige» oi laiceny and I who l t was dsserted already had rrdhc ous mischief pieleired against clObSed the slovak rrontler J imeb A Kennedy Nicholas O nornesbuig Kennelh Ildines and which is ncai the Polisl and Pi sen at the vvcsl side the production m the role of pionpter s Maijone Craig Members of the stage crew ire Ned Shipley Iiv Lohr James Martin George Rudolph Gail Grouse and James Funan The propeity crew consists ot Jannie Dunkle F-'ed Shrallow June McDowell and Tommy Blacka On the advertising committee are Don Fos-elman Genevieve LnPortc M i v Ellen Pijne Grace Pilla Gl idys Brooks and Tom Gra Special Singing Program At Pritistown Revival; Meetings Close March 26, Dot and Homei \\ell known ladio singers uil play and sing at the r e v i v a l service Thursday nigh* at Prittstowii A special eh r. lectuie \vill be given Saturday night The subject will be Did God Create a Devil 7 Wh Does He Permit Hirr to Li e'" Can Evolution and the Bible Both Be true' 1 ;« the subject lor Sunday nights service The meetings which arc being held every night will close March 26 The public ii Invited Rev Salcskey evangelist, at Wcstemport, Md , is in charge Osliau Iiontiei of Czec i te ntory In Carpatho-Ruthcn a at the cx- l erne castcin tip of the now non- CMslenl Czecboslovd ^ tepub ic the Diet met to confirm i d c c U i a t o n oC independerce sucli as that which Slovakia pioclaimed yesteiday Hungarian tioops weie Hghtlng Czech troops and membeis of t ic Hut len an sepaiatisl Sitch gin ds on Caipntho-Ukra man soil ma vvcic cvpccted by tonigM to ln\c occupied all ot the cential area up to the Polish fiont er It wns repoitcd that Rumanian tioops had c"ossed the Caipatho- Ru'hcnian i i o i t er at its eastein end to insure in Rumania got a minot ity area embiacing about 20 vi'Iages Iiregular bodies of the Pol sh f ce corps w e i e leported to h i v e en cied Ciipatho-Ukiamiti fiom the Po'ish side C?et'i aieas o£ lie dismembeied ··epublic were m a stale of terror To piepare the way foi his tioop occupation Jlitlei Ind forbidden travel of anv 1 md until fuithei not ce into 01 out of areas which were put under German protection Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels Hitlei s minister of propaganda in a 6 A M broadcast to the Geiman people 01- dcred al Geimans to fly flngs fiom their homes In celebration of the en- tiy of German tioops into Bohemia ana Moiavia President Hacha and Foreign M n- ster Frsntisek Chvalkovsky ot the Czech s^ate had a i r v e d here last night it Hitlers orde- They frst talked to Joachim von Ribbentlop rfiUei s foreign m nistei and then vv th h m w e n t o see Hitler at 1 10 A M today They conferred with Hitler Field Marshal Hermann Goering his right hanA man and Rudolf Hess Hitler's deputy as leader of the Nazi party /or thiee hours Czech legal expeits weie called into the confeience Nazis spread woid that Hacha had asked Hitler to assume a protectorate ovei Czech ter- ntorv and that Hitle- had agieed Hacha came out of the conCeiei ce at Hitlei s ornate new chancellery vv ith his face draw n and pale He refused to talk He went to his hotel to consult advisers It was nearmg dawn of the an- niversaiy of the da on which a jeai ago -iii er entered Vienna capital ot his r a t i v e Austria, m triumph and annourced to the people 'At this houi I can repoit to the German people the completion of the most importint act of my life As leader and chancellor of the German nation and the reich I report before history the entrj of irj homelind IP- to the German Reich Todaj, in the first departuie he eve w had made from the program set forth m his political testament 'Mem Kamp£ Hitler had taken non- German people under his protection 7 wo olhei indictment chdiging McCl oy w i t h foicible entiy md de- tainci biought vetdicts ol guilt with J idge Can leleismg the de- fci danl nfloi Iho latlei s uiomise lo i c t u i n home and behave 1 imself ind cnasc no additional troable in ris pii iciilji neighborhood 15 e cnsc was he ou glow h ol a leud ovei possession of piopertj belonging to the Kennedy hens in Whaiton ow iship It was chniged McLlioy entered Hie piemises, a 180- acie f im while it was in possession of Kennedy thus foicing tlie lattei lo move Ilcmy Biowr Ld Belle was found gu Ity oC violating the unifoim firearms act in a v e t d t c t ictuined to Jut'se I S Di mbauid winch acquitted the de endant of n additional chaige of assault and batteiy with intent to kill The case gicw out of a shooling alTny Novembei I 1 ), I°38 when Johnnie Mae Simpson 3G wab f lallj wounded whi o tiymg to pait B^ovvn and U i f o i a Co(Tc in an n g u m e n t Both mei pos essed guns and fiicd t j H h i d been 1 is aigumcil llial a weakness of the old Au=Uo-Fungai- lan Empire had been its mosaic of non-si np thetic races Poland ^lovvevei soon aflervviid Announced full lecognition of the i ew Slov ak sidle Then came the iepoi f lhat Hunga lan tioops after occupying a poi- tion of Cai patbo-'Ukriinia had enteied Slovakn a id Uiat Hungaiian niegulais had clashed with Slovaks when they occupied Ober-Metzen- se fen and Untei -Mctzenseifer cnch olhei--with tl e woman caught in the cioss-fie Coffey entered a plea of guil y yesueidd} to a charge of monslaugh- lor It was found the bullets fiom 1 is gun had killed the woman who Was tijmg to make peace between the combatants How Women in Their 40's Can Attract Men a good advice for a wo a ly from 38 to n dtirmc her chauEc (uaua ly from 38 to 52) *ho fc*ra ahc U lose htr apppal tn men vho "worries ibout hot flashes loss of pep, dizzy spells u j set norvca and moody spoils Just get more fresh air 8 hra sleep and if NOU nec-d a reliable WO MANS tonic take 1 1 a E Pinkham B Vegetable Compound* mndc rtpfcictly for JTOTJICH ft helps Vature build up phya cal resistance thus helps pve more % vac ly to enjoy h£o and assist catai- inRjittc j nerves and those disturb ngsyjnp- ioma tnat often accompany change of li'e Pinkbam s is WELL WORTH trying. TODAY TOMORROW JANE BRINGS LAW AND ORDER TO THE WEST -- T H E WITHERS BRAND 1 LEO CARRILLO P A U t l N E M O O S E W I L L I A M H E N R Y HENRY W l t C O X O N D O U G L A S FOWIEY ETIENNE QIRARDOT [A Mlh C«nhity-fOT Fkhi SIDNEY TOLER Phyllis Brooks - Sen Yung Eddie Collins - John King Cloirc Dcdd- George Zutco Robert Ecrrot MottUwtnct NEXT "TAIL SPIN SOISSON THEATRE TODAY Tomorrow--Friday AGAIN: Two Great Full Length Features at the Price of a Single Admission NEXT PC ITUBE Tlie show you ve been; about "GUNGA DIN" Feature No 2 "HOODLUMS HAVE NO G U T S ! I CAS* L I C K A N Y T H R E E OF T H E M !" Barbara O'Hefl · John Beat tkWendy Barrie Otto Kniger Directed b y A l E X A N D S R H A t l Feature No 1 COME EXPECTING ONE OF THE BEST PICTUKH6 ^YOU'VE EVER SEEN.. -for in all his career Barrymore never zave more to a role-nor played a role that had more to take! ihiHc» old Vinec s?*i ifut Its* idnmlifc you llglow cheer through yourtun ind 14 f~ Even "Iron Hat" McCarty, toughest heeler in the Old: 13th, had to kowtow to the man they'd been kicking around,.. when the town woke up to find Ms single ballot controlling the whole e/eciion. PANDRO S BERMAN In charge of product on D r«ci«d by Goreoi K Produced by D1 Reid Screen Ploy by Jo'-fl Tw »l

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