Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 10, 1972 · Page 18
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 18

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 10, 1972
Page 18
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2B--Sept. 10, 1972 Sunday Gazette-Mail __ _ · ··· Oiiflttton. WMt Vlrslnli Krishnas Use State to Mark Lord's Birth By Jon N'ordheimer ! tion. Intercourse is to be at( NW York Times Scrvi"e tempted only after each partner MOUNDSVILLE. W. Va.-On ' the crown of a lovely green hill in the West Virginia countryside, under the aluminum roof of an open pavilion, the faithful gathered last weekend to chant the name of Lord Krishna and kneel at the feet of their spiritual master, a wrinkled brown man named A. C. Bhaktivedan- ta Swami Prabhupada. insert ital It was the opening of a seven-day festival at a communal farm celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna nearly 5,000 years ago. and the chanters "were members of the Hare Krishna sect, a small ascetic band of young mendicants in flowing robes who are usually found on the streets of large American cities from Times Square to Ghiradellli Square in San Francisco. Prabhupada (Pra-voo-pod), as he is called by his followers, came to the United States from India in 1965. to spread the word of Krishna, the peripatetic god of the ancient Vedic scriptures that constitute the basis of most of the Hindu religious cults. In the ensuing years he has shaped a hard-score group of about 1.000 devotees--the worldwide number is placed at more than 3,000--who have renounced the material world in the hope of finding spiritual redemption at death. Consequently, the members exhibit the enthusiasm of Jesus freaks, the abstinence of monks and the persistence of a sidewalk Salvation Army! drumbeater I performs several hours of '. . . | chanting to cleanse the mind. THE HARE KRISHNAS stalk! The consumption of meat fish the city streets in groups rang-jand eggs is forbidden ing from six to a dozen, thump-1 No intoxicants of any kind are (of sin and has become submis-|is that man in his imperfectminds. only after he has freed himself jgtate cannot recognize God, and The'response by Prabhupada sive can he develop the spiritua ing drums and ringing bells chanting in the belief that the souls of the nonbelievers they pass will be elevated simply by hearing the Krishna. divine name of The men, their heads shaved except for a top knot of hair, wear dhotis (long loincloths) ol burnt orange and pale yellow The women are dressed in saris. All wear the mark of Krishna-a daub of white clay or some other material that streaks down their forehead to apoint between the eyes. And all display the beatific look of rapture as the chanting rises in volume and intensity, accompanied by dancing and rhythmic handclapping. Members of the sect dwell in city temples to which they have been assigned by Prabhupada. who himself resides in a former Methodist church in Los Angeles from where he directs the operations of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. They sojourned here on buses and vans with bright Hare Krishnas emblazoned on the sides; some hitchhikied and some came by commercial transport fnr thousands of miles to praise Krishna at his festival of birth and to raptly listen to Prabhupada preach the wisdom of 5.000 years of disciplic suc-j cession. i "Men doubt qwhat they can-! not see," he intoned as thej faithful pressed around at the allowed, and that includes cof fee and tea. The final restriction is against gambling, which is extended to outlaw all "mental speculation," a dictum that denies devotee the privilege of opinions, whether they be his own or those advanced by other philosophers or spiritual leaders. "The rigidity ft behaviour and thought control has a purpose," observed Prajapati Das, a former social worker from Dallas. "The regulations control activity," he explained. "The control of activity reduces tensions, freeing the senses. The heightening of the senses enlarges the mind, and leads to a greater consciousness. The control and discipline of the initiates is absolute, and outsiders struck .by the hierarchical structure of the cult and its elitism, its attitude toward women and children, and its rejection of id^.s find it difficult to fathom why it should attract men and women of inquiring New Metal daily discourses the spiritual mentor conducted on the grassy hilltop, "and yet no man has seen the inside of eyelid which i jDeveloped SAN ANTONIO, Tex.-W-A new system to screen skyjackers which researchers say can detect concealed weapons more accurately than other existing! ., ! devices was shown i a t e e n e r ' "W, f ^est R , 2r s . and share a background in; %? C ^£ ^ " te ' f the SyS !f! ?, the upper middle class and the 1 **£ n f f S h TM . While there are 1 u x ,, lh a , bee P lng tone " y TM^ ° bjeCt ' SUch between its! But unlike the older systems eters--the new device won't give false alarms when smaller metal items pass through, the researchers said, the researchers said. In three months of testing at; Antonio air-! drug culture. those who have been lured from a temporal life of intetctTM achievement and status, the ma- 1 jority appeared to be young peo- 1 . ---- -·- ..... pie who had grown disillusioned, ~ which consist of magnetom- after extensive experimentation! with drugs and the hippie cult, j "Hippies are our best custom- '· ers," remarked Dharmaraj Das, a 24 year old, while awaiting the arrival of Phrabhupada at the cult's .ISO-acre farm in the hilly wedge of West Virginia P° rt here, about 1,300 persons; t h a t senarates Pennsylvania and h a v e voluntarily gone through Ohio. "They are frustrated bet n p detector and it has proven cause they have learned thai a itself mu ch more accurate thani life of illicit sex and drugs is 'he °Wer system. Richard Cur-. not the way to sprituaj con- t i n - head of the research team,' sciousness.' 1 said. ; PI-RITY OF "MIND and horiv "f sairi the new device - devel -i Is the path to s p r i t ual awaS- ° P 1 "^ ",, fe ? eral conlract inc. acrordinn to the nil*", C ° ul ? b ? TM\ f ° r wid *P"««r Prnhhupada. Jd d"vo : U S e m S 1 X m 0 n t h s tees accept rigid rules of con-' duct t h a t i-eiect not only the Linville Heads Putnam materialism of (heir city-stihnr- to % Sdl ° o1 Ba " d D '»ve ! pressmn of the youth culture. . The chairman of the Putnam pickup add . County Citizens for Better The four regulative principles, Schools is Sidney L Linville ; for example, cnnriemn ·'illicit assistant superintendent of the : sex. All sexual contact, includ- county school system. The pur- in.s kissing, is considered illicit pose of the group is to promote unless it is performed by mar- the better school buildings mea- nwi couples once a month a t : sure which will be decided in the optimum t i m e for procrea- November. SALE FOR 3 DAYS SEPTEMBER 10, 1 1, 12 HONGKONG Representing Dunhill Fashions P.O. Box K-4549 HOW LOON, HONG KING Showing 10 A.M.-9 P.M. Daily DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY LIMITED TIME ONL/ "i-nennd rhoose f r o m 7000 of the world's finest imported fabric- nd get meosured for su-ts. dresses, sport (octets, topcoats and i.rts EVEPYBODV WELCOME, FOR LADIES: Kmt Su.ts, B«aded ^/·Olers, Evening Bogv e t c . We Fit Tall 4 Short, Big A Small of Na Intro Colt VISIT OR CALL for Appomtmcnt MR. PETER RANEY HOLIDAY INN Knnowha Blvd. at Elk Riv«r Charleston, W. Va Tel. 343-4521 HARE KRISHNA SECT CHILDREN AT PLAY Emotional Attachments Are Discouraged to follow Krishna. "If you begin to give service to the supreme lord then you can begin to know him," Pra bhupada has written. "Your service begins with the tongue Now? By the tongue you can chant Hare Krishna and by the tongue you can taste prasedam spiritual food." THE INITIATES'are expected to turn all their worldly goods over to Prabhupad* and submit ,to the labors he and his assistants request of them. Except for the communal farm, where about 35 members live anc work, most of the devotee dwel in urban temples, chanting on the streets for donations. The four divisions of the Hindu caste system are accepted as the law of God, and there is a yearning to reach the level o! Brahmana--the intellectual--in this life or the next life as the soul transmigrates, hopefully toward eternal reunion with Krishna in a spiritual corner ol the universe called Viakunta. Inside the movement there are three areas of endeavor. The Brahmacharis, or bachelors, are the foot soldiers; the G r i h a s t a are householders whose marriages have been arranged by the godbrothers with the approval of Pabhupada on the basis of spiritual compatibility, and the Sannyasis the highest order, are men who have renounced all family ties to wander from temple to temple ·New York Tim« photo to spread the word of Krishna. "This is a movement of intelligent men," explained, Ruganu- ba Das Goswami, a 32-year-old Sunyui who was a New York City social worker named Robert Corens until he was enlisted by Prabhupada six years ago. "We have plenty of educated men who have been searching for God for years and discovered him in Krishna. They have to be intelligent to reach a point where they ask 'Why? 1 They see order in the universe and realize wherever there is order there is meaning." SPECIAL NOTICE! THE SITE OF THE 19.72 WEST VIRGINIA INDUSTRIAL AND MINING SHOW has been changed from the CHARLESTON CIVIC CENTER to the CHARLESTON ORDNANCE CENTER SHOW DATES ARE SEPTEMBER 12,13,14 as originally scheduled Our Show will occupy Building 309 of the Charleston Ordnance Center. All exhibits will be under roof, in 600,000 square feet of space. The Ordnance Center is conveniently located on U. S. Rt, 60, in South Charleston, only 10 minutes from downtown Charleston. We're looking forward to your visit. If you need additional information contact: CHARLESTON AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P. O. BOX 471, Charleston, W. V». 25322 Phont 304/342-5175 * C^-^SN^ r *\Vt^H~''J ·**-* Si e Lowes HOMESTEAD Have you been looking for a comfortable, quiet and convenient home? Here s the answer--The Wrangler, with 1136 square feet of heated living space in a modern ranch styling. 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