The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1918
Page 6
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,-fHE DAILY'COURIER, CONN-Et,LSVmLE. PA. VBDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1918. LEC30N HICNCH'BATTUSHF',£ASSAIU- . , OM a*a*t;-afiar I had beat at Dta- a*» ftr *b«K tMM.iiwlaL we nd* »··» kr.ta* tae» c a very bean ·t*. Oar.e»*dKalaaj»'-«t -:· --aiaaa «*·*··( , -*ai Oea- aaaTraaee.- Than w» waaM »;..... J... ..-. ... -.-.,,..-.. :.. .... . : · - . We left .them fbera,'iriUi ..onr-afUHi lery takla( cao\» of tteia. and oar. mate' the of .treee.there,- woods, and a* wn peaeed the ht · to xeae naerve trend**. We ··· pretty ranch acart aad badir ait «p. We rafcnaed there, and were joined by otker of oar aad pMoci* aad singly. Oar eaataia.had get H: a ntth tune, uiM»aMli,b«t b* wooM not leave w, ·» be -w .-tae nakH« oAcaE. He had · antlp wuafl. .dot tbe.'otaen *e»e to M» arraa and rtinoMera. Be gooM Dot ···· b» hanhr at an. . Bat b* ted ear ebarja.wbeo we tan tar the woods. We carried: MOM m»- Ma» «·· irttb w M w» went, and the gaBM« nueM ran a pfcca. at* ap. fln wfca* we ornaed 'ap ftr Hn. end of · trench «un fartt** -ji th» right and helped aa. art ire dn/rs the 3er- woe* add oceapK* It then, «· bed tb* Ocmm* K aft oM trencii *Joo«t dfrecUy .from ·\gt ant. Our oOcen arwaya I«d M. »ot I km* MWT *M · GtenMn (fleer l«id a eterce. Tb^r ahraya w«r« b* ktad thdr mum. drlrtu LMH«d at iMaV frt I do not twlitra they are u brave »s th«y ai» said to b«- .- Well, w» went ov« mil ttaM, and th» maehlae.(Mui -ma Mrtalnry. tptog . K strong. We w«re pretty r- n abont tie chaplain* 1 Swiss and all that and w« pot «p an awful fight, but j»» conld not make It and had to come j ;^*««'XdoaE*rtIiia."morBtagrJ» oune ivff-- ·' forty-five yards ''away. ·; We i bosibs. and sheila right in onr A TanMan Jh our company got leraiy. and ran back over the parados. (Be ran * few.yard*, then stopped and looked .back at. .us. I. think, he .was coining to-bis senses, and would have started back to iu. Then .the spot riefe he bad been' was empty, 'and a ascend later hl» body from the chest fefl'"n'ot,three yards, from the parados. I do .not -know.where."the hip-part went. That cut a ve-in.the low h'lltop.before^lt ex- -yloded. He-had-been-hit by- a big 4mell. and absolutely cut-in two. 1 (bare sees this happen to four men, but this -was the only-one la France. "I'-'ihont seven o'clock, we received re-; jaBforcements, and poured fresh troops wrer and rejook the trench. So aoone,? ..]ja»d we, however,,than thiS ~iB*nnans tamed tbeir artillery "on ntt, ·^ Mot even waiting,for their own treopo , ke_retlre .ufely.. .They kilted, numbers ·f their In tills way. But the _ jars.was so hemvy that, when they conn- ..»r.--atta?ked,.,we had to retlr* again. ,/iaJid this time they kept after ns and lebove u» beyond the trench, we 'had tha rear, aod:.w« atapty e«t ..1 ttdaft aH the TOW* were kept tbV day, or e!*e the men who made died ant. I w»a «bot throo^h tbe th^h »om« ttoe or oSwr «fs«r the. csptalu got ' The men do *ot talk about their wound* much, and everybody trie* to b* happy and «how It. The food waaftne, ami there wu Iota of It. ; . ,!'*·"not Brink there'.were any doe- .ton tn the wrM better than oura, and .tb«TW«B rtwayii, trying to make ttln^ «a«T for nm. They did, not rip itbV drc«elngi lift your woondi like jMaa of Lbe tMbAera do la Borne of oar iMairlw-'tbat'I -kaow-of,, hot took att cartMly. Everything was .'dean and sanitary,·and.Jsomeof ttie.'hoepttalri bail 5un pariora, which 'wa»-w*aiM,!l, you canbemure. ' ' 8»we'of tt« men bade 'toy» and faocy artlclea,, eocli a« boaoo hoots 'paper knives. They made the from empty eheB CTBO, or or'piece*-of Zeppelin*,, or else' picked: up along the the? are getting Wen, the men ,;barne** making; mechanical telegraplry, .gardening, "poul- type*itttojt,.-.boi*kegpln£; Md tbe man teach tbe nones how to cacea out of alien caaes, and of alnmlnom, and alTppera and «ot,ef bianketa. . Tte/nmei certainly work hart. They al»»T» h«Te more to do than tkex ooflit to, but they aer«r complalD, and are alwaye tlnafnl and ready to play gaunt when thay have the .time, or read to someno«n. Aad their work , pretty dirty too:, I would not like j.nrst twenty-tour hours, they behaved arms to the celling of Sis room aid set afire. His trunk was coniiHetely cnr- bonlxed, but his bend and arms were unbraced. At the same place, the body of a flfteen-yeir-old ,boy was found, pierced by more than twenty bayonet throats. _ Other dead were found with their hands still"In the air, leaning np against walli. At another place tbe Germans abetled the town- for a dey; and then entered and sacked It The women and children were tarried looee, without being allowed to take anything with uieui, and forced to leave' the town. Keerly five hundred men were deported to (.Germany. . Itree, who were almost exhausted by hunger, tried to escape.' They were bayoneted and' clubbed to daath. .iSreive'men, who had taken refuge In a farm, were tied together and shot in a mass. Another groep of air; were tied together and ·hot, after the Germans had put oat theirVtyea and tortured them with: bayonet*. TJiree others -were brought, before their wives and children, and 'sabered;', .''' .'.' . · · : · The BeJrlan told nw be was at Na- ttror when th» Oeroians began Bbelltng H. The bombardment lasted the whole of Angnat 21 'and 22, 1914. They centered tbeir-flre on the prison, the hospital, and the railway 'station. They entered the town at roar o'clock In tbe afternoon of Aognat 23. Daring the jto do tt. They cay Ibere wen Mai of French ·odety tadlea worMn/r as tnmiea, bat rou nerer beard mticlt abont lioctatj. or any talk about Lord Helpua, or Count Wkoifla, or vtat teati or 7 ar«ftblnc ilk« that from them; A f«w -»*'?5! Jjmd*d-E«r oer .he*. pliai, whfle. I -wM'tharaj.bvt no patient waa Mt Tt»y knocked a ahrlne of'Onr to spilnten, thoagb. 'and bowled bikek. U «£t i«at ail* s 'nndicvprick i at ont a«o then for · wblie my Ice w nonb. A eovpte of hoao after we took ow-treaeb bMk, I startcd'/nt for tb* rear and ho*lt»L Thewwrodhad bcca hvrttnf for ·onw time. ri«d th« cavtein -.oat on a atr«t*eT abont tbe inne Unw, bat he died on the. way from 'Una of blood. Fre«b troops i up to relieve us, but our men nfnsed to goi and thonfh offldal ly they wen not there In the trench, tb*y ttayed until they took the cap- taln away. ', Then, back to bllleta--not DoUeta, this time..I believe: that we re- e«rred a army citation for that ptece gf. work, but I do not know, as 1 was ita tbe hospital for a Aon time after* ward. I do not remember much about going to the hospital except that the mad* an awful racket going , . ; a»d that tb* bearer who piiiked Dp one ^,o« : niy:i|iti»tcber.. had eyes oke dead Sin 'floa'tinc on water; .also, that there fwere »ome clvrie* standlrig around the 'entrance ·arwe^were^being carried lu. 'entrance ·a Tb* e^were^being carried l . thej^ ID 'the ho»- pltalja to take off your 'old dirty bandages and aHiJe your, stretcher nnder ia ": A doctor comes :|a"_ah(l- place* _Ua;,hand. over yoor WonnS,'and they"l«t down the magnet. OT«V ila-'hand and 'torn ."on th* jalce. M-the ahell agni«ni' dr. bullet In you : ,1s more than seven centl'mBters deep,- '^'·"eii»^;fe»l i Uie;na)n.^-'Tbe first- doctor 'rqioi ij-toj the · chief; how deep' yror wound lB: _ajdjirbere It l« attn- la^bt, and-.{hea'^a.'atMe-.-comes op* to '-jam, wherr ; yon Ue,.witt. your clothe* ·ml on. and aalot yi?n to take the* ]"pres«nr«."-. ·' ". . · Tbea they lift yon on a four-wheeled cart, and roll you to the operating theater. They tai'.e off your clothes there. :^ remember 1 liked to look at tbe nuraw ud sargeon*; they .looked, so good Jn.their clean white clothes. Then they stick hollow needles Into yon, which hart a good deal, and you take^the pressure. After a while, they begin cnttlng away, the bruised and maybe rotten flesa,. removing the old cloth, pieces : of dirt and «o forth, and* scraping away the splinters of bone. . . Tou think for.tare you are'golug to bleed to death, " The blood rushes through yon like Ughtoing, and if yoa 'get a light of yourself, yon can feel yourself turning pale. Then they hurry yon to yonr bed, and cover you over with blankets and hot-water bottles.* They raise your bed on chairs, .so the blood will run np toward your head, and lifter a while, your eyes^open tied the doctor says, "Oni. oul, U vlvra," meaning that yon still had wine time to iptnd'beforefinally .going w«st. The trenttnret we lot In the hospital was great. We reeelved dgarettea, tobacco, matches, mgailnes, and clean over a big croetftx. The kitchen was Dear by, and It wai jolt tho cheTs In* that he had. walked over to our ward to an a pal of bta, when a shell landed plumb In th» canter of ttw Xttchca, and aO yomioroW see al) over the ba»- racfca WB» ctew. That wm» a regnlar e«t!ess day for ·a, an!C ti^T rigged up bogles and got fouie more dfxiea, aad mixed up some coromeel for va, i The chef made up (or it the next day, though. Tbe chef great Ilttie gay. Be w»e a ·Ueaae" blmsett, and I guess his «tora- aeb. aympatnlzed with oars. · Tticre wai a ITrenchmaa In the bed next to me who bad the whole side of bis face torn off. He told me he had been next to a bomber, who hfld^JrJirt: lit a few and did not: tllnk it was bumfttg fast enough, so it« blew on It. It burned fast enough after that, and* ttMrehowm*. ' : There was a Belgian In one of tlie other wards, whom I got to know prettr [well, and he would otten coine over and visit me. Be asked many qaei- Hoas about Dixmnde, for he bad had relative! there, though lie had lost {track of them. He often tried to'de* ·crib* the hoase they had lived In, so '(bat I might tell him whether It was ·themsetves, but on-tite 24th tier began MMERWAM 'OMPANY FURNITURE » » RUGS "The Big Store Near The Bridge." STOVES 158 West Crawford Avemic.Successors Leonard I?urnitare Co. Women and Chfldr.rt Begged for the Llvn of tb» Men. Bring at anyone They pleased, and set fire to different houses on fire of the principal squares. Then they ordered every one, to leave his boofle, and those who did sot were shot. The others, about four hundred la all. were drawn up In front of the chorea, close to the river bank. The Jstlil standing or not, buH coold not , Belgian said he could never forget how remember the place be spoke of. jar- 1 they all. looked. Ing oar talks, he told me abont many) "I can remember Just how It WM," atrocities. Some ot the things he told | he. said. "There were eight men, whom of | j icncw icry well, standing In a row ine I had heard before, and !e ^ .them I heard at afterward*. Here are isome things that he either enw or Iheard of from victims: H* Bald that when the Germans entered . the town of St. Queutlc, they started firing Into the wlc-.dows as they pasced along. First, after they Uad.oc- cupied the town, they bayoneted every worklngmau they could flud. ' Then they took about half of the children. that, they could find, and killed them with,their musket butts. After this, they marched tjie remainder of the chll- dfea and the -wonen to the square, where 'they ha'd.lininVup a row \ male 'citizens , against- a wait The women 'ind idilldren'were told that If they moved;'they, would lill be shot. ; Another file'of men was brought upland .nude .'to kneel In front of the f*fcor niea against the wait : · The women and children began to be^'for tho llvns of the men, and many of them were knocked In the bead with gun butts before they stopped. Thou the Germans flred at tne double rank of men. After three -olleys, Jhere were eighty-four dead ana twenty wounded. Most of the wounded they then killed with aie«, but somehow, three or four escaped by hiding nnder the bodies of others and'playing dead, though the officers- walked up and down firing their-revolvers Into the piles of bodies. * : day the German* went through- the wine cellars, and shot all the Inhabitants -they found hiding there. · A. lot of people, who had. taken refuge In.a factory over night.decided to;corae out with a white flag.'" They were allowed tb think that the white flag, would be respected, but no sooner with several priests. t Jteit came two good friends of mine named Balbau and GuUlnume, with Bnlbau's ecvsn- teen-year-old son; then two men ivho^ had tafcen,refuR? In a bam and had been discovered and blinded', then two other men whom I had never seen before. "·It was awful to see the. way the' women were crying--'Shoot me too, shoot me with ray husband/* "The men were lined up on the edge of the hollow, which runs "from the high road to the bottom of the One ot them was leaning »n the shoal-. ! ders of an old priest, and he was cry- Ing, 'I . am tod young--1 can't death bravely.'' . "I couldn't bear the sight any longer. I turned my back to the road ami covered my. eyes. I lieard the #rolley and tbe bodies falling. Then some one cried, 'Look, they're all down.' But a lew escaped." ThisJfJelglan had escaped by hiding --he could not remember how many days--In an old cart filled with manure and rubbish. He had chewed old hides for food, had swam across the river, and hid In a mud bank for almost a week longer, .arid finally got to Franca' He 'took It very hard when we talked about Dixmnde, and I told htm .that the old church was Jnst shot to pieces. He asked ab'oui ·'. nalritlng called the"Adoration or the' Magi.r* ana'one or the other prisoners told us : It.had been saved and transported to Germany. If. that Is true, and they do not destroy' it meanwhile, we will get It baclr, don't worry!. _ . . · » . ' . ,' . My wound was just a clean, gunshot wound and not very serious, so, ai- ' Nationally Advertised Fine Period Furniture EXCLUSIVELY AT THE ZIMMERMAN-WILD STORE The handiwork of the world's best crafstmen is represented in the famed Limbert Furniture--life-time creations that you will be proud to own and live with. We deem it an honor to be the exclusive selling agency ? i Gonnellsville for Limbert Furniture. 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"A/paralytic '.was shot as be sat In his ami-cbalr,;and : a'^boy· of- fourteen was the legii and pulled apart. .At one place, a-'man wtis tlcd-by the they let me go after three \weeks. But before I went, I saw something that, no man of us will ever i forget. Borne of them took; vows joat )lk« tb» men o£ the legion I have toid about ; TO BE CONTlNuijb. THKJLIHITED W^o visit at tKc Haa3 Hotel, ConnellB- ville, 109 S. "Waiter, street Room 2, Second floor. eTery Thursday each -veek »t S A. M. to S P. M. Honest. JleMable Service. Hesults and Permanftnt Practica.. For men ajrid TFOmen. Up to dAte Trejt-tment for all .'chronic nervous ebmpUcft.t«d, 'blood, general and vpeci- ftc. diseases. ?*o mutter what yoar ditteaae, nee these wpeciiilsts, -who often CU'TO after otherB'-fali, Consultations Crcp and confidential. Terms always reasonable.- " Every Wedriesday and Saturday alao at 'Exchanr? Hotel. UniontowB. Of AD Kinds PRINTING not the cheap kind but the good kind done here. 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