The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 21
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 21
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riATURDAY, MARCH 8, 193U. DAILY COURIER; CONNEL.LSVILLB, PA* MOUNTAINS THAT HEVEALJSTORY Darius Used 5,000 Words to Tell the Story of the Persian Empire. Wnshinffton.--FITS hundred words is the limit to a factory ot the United State* which former President Coolidge has been asked to wrltu as a legend to accompany the hercnlean flguros of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt, belnjf carved on the rocky face of ML Rashmore, 8, D. Darins, kinjf of the Peralans, and Mr. Coolidge'i predecessor in mountain inscribing by the margin of nearly 2.ROO years, nsed 5,000 words for a hiftory ot his empire. To the Mt Rnslunore history there has been assigned 9,WO square feet; Darius was cramped in about 800 wjtur* feet and was compelled to use a part of the space fof translation* into two other langnageii. Historic Mountain Memorial*, "Darius' Inscriptions at Behistun; ·the rock records of conquerors from Rainescs II down to the French in 1860 nt the Nahr el-Ealfc, Syria; and the Lfon of Luzern, Switzerland; are three notable mountain memorials," snys a bnlletln from the Washington hendqnnrtors of the National Geographic society. "Monntalns nre the oldest tablets man over tried to write upon," continues the bulletin. "But his very old- ert ·writings' are Jnslde, not outside, of mountains. Pictnres of the elU. mammoth, and many strange beasts painted on the sides of subterranean chambers in northern Rpnfn are the work of prehistoric rnvemen who lived fiO.OOO years ago. "The fnmous cliffs of Nahr el-Kelh (Dog river), just north of Beyrouth, have served for R.OOO years as a truest book for vlsltlnj? Invaders. "Names of conquerors and their remarks cover the rock like autographs and verses fill the pages of an old album. 4 "The Lion of Luzern is a recent memorial and one familiar to tourists. In a niche of native rock lies a dying Hon on a spear and shield. Below -are cnrved the names of 2S officers who, with 700 privates, are memorialized ns members of the Swiss srunrd that gnre their HVPH In the defense of I,ouljt XVI and Marie Antoinette in the Tullleries at the beginning of »he French revolution. "The comments of Darius about himself, on the mountain at Beblstun, overlooking the ancient road Irom Baghdad to Ecbatana (Hamadan), have acquired an importance quite out of proportion to their text For two centuries the Behistun inscription* proved a mystery that challenged scholars. Steps leading to tb« translation of the writings make one of the best mystery stories of archeolojry. Final success In reading the cuneiform sentences gave the key to the whole literature of Babylonia. What the Rosetta stone did to reveal the enigma of Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Darius inscription did for cuneiform writing. "OnneSfonn writing fcf a shorthand style made tip of arrow-shaped marks. Copies of the mysterious .Bellistun ·broadside* were brought to Europe by Pletro dtilla Valle, 800 years ago. Generations of scholars puzzled over page* of impressions not unlike hen tracks. One man deciphered eleven signs, another added knowledge of seven more. Still there were not enough until Rowlinson, an English army officer, working Independently, went to Behistun on leave. He copied modi of the text, working on a ledge 18 Indies wide A mis-step would have s«at him roiling down the 600-foot precipice. "Rawllnson, laboring alone, solred the great cuneiform puzzle and.trans- lated Darius' 5,000-word, mountain- engraved history which begins: An Autobiography on Stone. ,'"1 am Darius, tha great king, the king of kings, the king of Persia, tbe king of the provinces, the son of Hy- taspes, the grandson of Arsames, the Achaemenlan,' and so on, at considerable length. "Much of Darius' message Is devoted to the putting down of revolts in various provinces. Nine revolt leaders are cnrved in the rock above the legend, with ropes around their necks. The en tiro text Is a gargantuan boast of a primitive tyrant whose human ·weaknesses peep out only once or twice. "There is also nnch else,' proclaims Darius with sudden modesty, 'that hath been dote by me which Is not graven in this Inscription; on this account it hath not been inscribed lest he who nbiill read this Inscription hereafter should then hold that which hath been done by me to b« too much and shonld not belUive It, but should take It to be lies. 1 "BawUason and the scholars who pegged away at the cipher ware on no, thankless job. Dariiaa memorialized them, too. Near the end of tbe text they found: Thtm sulth Darius, tbe King; "If thon Shalt not conceal this edict, but eludl publlsft it to the world, then may -lora Unzolla (ran god) be thy friend, may thy kotme b« numerous, and mayeat thou thyself be long- lived".' " Old Wreck Warnemoende.--Some days ago a violent southwest storm along the Baltic see, const of Merkl«nburg drove the waters back so fair that the skeleton of « ship wrecked 1st th» Sffm waa uncovered. YOUR NAME Is it on our smb»cription IbtT We will guarantee yo»i full value FOR YOUR MONEY TOOTS By Jiaonr UUBPHY WHAT INSTITUTION ,_ COES THAT C" ON -YOUR. ~TANI P CO«NEt_L, CALIFORNIA, COLGATE.,, COLUMBIA. CHICAGO IT AMP IF t DO IT MT-SELF I AM AM M-f COLOME1_ HOOFER.'. , !rx, Cnmt Britain rfdiU r«l»r»f! PARDOW BUT C0UU TEXX. ME V/HERE OHIO' \=, T. HE CALUED ME- ('50NNY"! I Vs/|«3H \ COULD HAVE. HEAR-D THAT* \ OU^HT TO A SLATE AND SOME ·SCHOOL. BOOWg, AMD MAYBE SOME. NICE. MAM Vs/ILL £r\VE ME A NICUEL FOR f., i ICE CREAM CONE.'. A 7 / ( PAR!OM,.BUT CPOLD \ T"OU TCLU ME \ OWO PAGE BLBV5SN. ETTA JTET* CAST WE BE FKIENDS? By PAUL BOBDfSOJ trrrA IS amend 1 those 5 prasenb fbra . A Given at the SSINEB TIM TVLEfc I'VE (SOT \N SOTO MAKE A TAUONG I*RO*N ONE EUSE --TAN A. ouzo- AND. « '(2BAP1 TO PUT, IT IN A AND MOffST MWT A OI3BAN\ -I P XOOO I-VMQC IT OOM6. -couuoN'r voo U'ti? CN HALF, Of T6N THrXfS CHfVNG Of 1 THIHIC A Of 10U his orchestra WEU-.OUP- OROVMD "" A VW= ABOUT TO SELL OWFIT rue ©ECCET AT THE LAST ME THSCW4S OS SOME:. STUKT THATl UKE TO sower HA^ YOUJTO. BIG SIS TEE. fT CAST BE TRUE 87 LES FOBUBATE. (F* XJO'U- !6W IS P£«M«T TO use earn iu_ HAND CHBCK. FOR. CAKE M;JTW VOO RECEMTt"/ WOROPROM HUNOREP/ OOtuARS.'/ EXPECT T2 tW ROe T. .WAV UN'OU. VC -i ATWfclVE. THE ROOM OF OOORS" oooct KNOB A OIGr SURPRISE!*" MYSTERIOUS FELIX THE CAW AT LAST I OOv\ v W / O T AwrAY -- rv- c -^

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