The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 20
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I'AUK TGJI\. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEI LSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1930, There Are New Opportunities For Everyone Every Day In These Classified Ads j Ebr Sat In (Smarter CLASSIFTFin ADVERTISING INFORMATION All ads are r e s t r i c t e d to tfielr pro-per classification and to the regular style of type The publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any classlH a d v e r t i s i n g copy. Errors in a d v f i r t l s p m e n t a should Be reported immediately. The Courier will not be reap msible for more tnati one Incorrect I n s e r t i o n . Charged ads for responsible parties will bo received by telephone. «·""·" paid within bix d xys. cash rates will be allowed. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes U.e u n o time rato. No ad la taken for less than a basis o t h r e e lines. C o u n t t h o average word to the lino. An iverage word contair.i "' AdT l ordered for t n r e e or six time, and stopped b e f o i e e-.plrailon will be charged for only tho number of timea the ad appeared, and adjustment made advertising upon request. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Dally rato per line f o r consecutive insertions. charge Cash .10 .08 .08 .07 .07 .08 WHEN A^D WHERE TO PLACE Y O U U AX»a The Classed Advertising Depart, m e n t is s i t u a t e d at Courier Place. This ottice i» c pen to "«? tlsemonts Irom S.JO A. M. to One Time ... Three Times Six Times .. M. n t s irom o.^« «·· -- y .,.,,0 rtallv All ads teclved up u n t i l 11-°O A M . ' wfll appoa,- lu *imo». the -- Phone Yotir CUnolBed All. No. li:, i» or 4UO. The Ad Take, w i l l gladly assist you, if desired, so tha. the ccpy lor your ad !. prepared In such a manner /as to bring Uie greater results for vou Classification index The the in under ar» ar- in A'Z,i'jlAJlJi.iiO.U^ order for 1 -i -- out da of Thank* ^ -- iu iuumurium 4 _ i'lowera auu Mourning Guol» -- uueial u»iecior» . ouib ana Cemetery ntid Social Ji.vent« 7 -- 10 -- o i i i * « u , 4 _ AULO tur sale , itaciois, Trailers I(S _ iL uiu AccejaoJitsSi 'Urea, Part* ii _ uai.xi.Ba-- j v u t u a lor ilire. Taxi --- ° l v "- e is -- .ou»ui-s» o o i v i i - u OHorea is . a -- \i.oio tu Diue i»-u-- La* uunu,*, iiuauty Parlors -c -- uoi.euu.ueoua u.uu Contiactlng _ Uoatui4. .fi-uuumii, a l -- Lauuaouut, -, 0 _, iiuoking. Storaga ·^ _ i'aiiuum, fayouiiB, Dwuratlng ^ - i -- i - i i u u i i b , i.iibiu.vuib', j.vjit,adiiuii.l iservictsa eyairuis -""1 Ueuuia AWiiiutts and Upaoiatery eaaiug a ei vice dU -- i ,jv _ ii BU VV allied -- Female Bo-- iioit) W a n , ^ -- Male M -- jueii -- .uu.H and i'tuiale Bi -- Boacuors, Janvaasois, Agents 8(J _ oituationa -- .female Ul -- oituauontt W a u t u U -- Male O p p o r t u n i t i e s ·^ -- invostmouis, IOOK.S, Bonds 4U -- Money tu iy^aii, JJiortgagea 41 -- Wanted -- 'lu Borrow Courncii ·U -- i n a l i u c u u i i Cltisbea ^4 _ .iiusieal, ij-iucius, Ura.miUo 40 -- i'nvaio iubi.rui.iion 4i. a -- Frivaie j u a t t u c t u n -- iiusio jj, -- w anted 47 -- jjofcs, i-atB, Other Pels at's, (Ja.i tie, Utinjr block U -- V V a n l e U -- i - i v u s t o c CH A A LlLSli 1 -- jviLi--it.a l u r bale il-a -- uartor iid iuAc (,-£ -- lauuia ana Ati-ttos Od -- j-,u..u.ut,s, u u i i u u i u .uaterial. ^j -- l-tiiia aud u a n y j,j-a -- iai olj -- i-'uut, f 01 linger 10 L,at V -- liuuaeiiuiU ouoda t,u -- ^ o v v o n , «V at».uo», JUlajuoads OJ. -- ^lctt-ulKCi ana Laois usiuai ikl 1 1 caaaduo i'iat LU, flowers ai uie biorea tio -- vv c«j.i iiitf ^vppaiel UU -- vv allied-- lo Buy IIOOJAS A..-\tJ UU.lilO-- 0? -- Kuoiu., W U u iioard Ua -- liuums, V V i . u o u i Uuaid tU-- ituouaa, Loi 7u-- vacAtion l-* 71 -- VV.'ieie to l,al 72 -- WlJBie tu oiup In Town id -- W a u t u d -- Uuuius or fcoard IliuAL tai.vlt. i on tll^NT -7^ -- Aparuiiuiiib and i'']ai« 7o -- U u a . n u a a T i a u v a tor Kent 7tt-- 1-aima and Uauda lor Kent 77 -- iiuuaua tor Item "a -- UIUi-o and JJusli iioora 7U -- uore, Wouiuain. I^IKB for Kent Sy -- a u u u r b a u , C o u n t r y tot- Kent SI -- W a n t e d -- Tu Itont Hfc-AL. L.SlA'i'K »· llll SALK K -- ilJoKeru tu ittsai k s i u t e 8J-- tU3niKsa i ' i ^ , . i - i i t j r bale Bit-- !· a t nuj and 1-uiJ r u i tmio 64 -- Houses f u i »ale S5---.L.OU t'Ji ale 8tt-- iitiaio. M u i i Uiiin, .Lake iur Sale 87-- auLrui't:iu f u r Sale 88-- To lixUian c -- Kual JEatato 80 -- \Vsiulud -- It al tsiate ADC'l'lOIN - LKUA Ir-00 -- A u u t i o u c o i i i Auoiloa 01 -- i-egui AUK you O.NE or the satisfied money ·avera w h u uso tha c-Kisaineti t l i r l f t tcrvlcoT A CUORTKOUS AD-TAKKR will flla.41y n e l p o a 10 w o r d a result-pro- Jucins «d If you all 1^-13-41)0 and a«k (or till* tr«o aorvlco. Announcements Deatlis Person sis CHA9. R. OWSKEY--Floating «nplne«r. ropresc-ntlns the Holland Furnace Co., is now located at 157 North Tenth St., ConneUs%ille Information w i l l be gladly gl-en upon inquiry in rigarrl t n Holland'.- method of heat- Ing. Also r e p a i r i n g and cleaning service for any make furnace. Phone 1324-W-R-2. Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 i'UNBRAl, DKSIGNf- -- And weddln* b o u q u e t s a specialty Oglovee'B Flower Shop, 105 E. Cawtor 1 Ave. Pbone 424. Strayed. fonnd 10 LOST rOCKETEOOl- -- In n«w McCrory 5 lOc Stire. Nice reward if r e t u r n e d to Courier Office. ' Automotive Automobiles For Sale 11 CAN OFF13R 1 OU--Several rpal bargains in Uied 'ara If you will stop in totlaj. I'Jvans M o t o r Service, Wcat C r a w f o r d a v r t i u c . Phone 1831. YUU'LL BE SURPRI 4BD--If you stop In today and see wl at real values we a i o o t t e r i n g in good Used Cars. i£asy Terms. Weat Side M o t o r C o m p a n y , West C r a w f o r d a v o n u o . Phone 407 and 408. SPECIAL 1 SFECI.VJU OrTDSMOBIUUB-rVlLi,E CO KXCBPTIONAL. -OS ARS .h Of March! THE FOLLOWIKG VALU IN USEJD C During The Mon Slake- 10JU Oldsmoblle Sod. 19^5 C h a n d l e r bedan U-lVli A\V lOS-J H u d s o n Coach 1!)JI Chevrolet Itimdt. 11)^0 H u d s o n Coacli 1UJO Ford Sedan 1UJ8 Hudson beda-i 1827 Nash Coach 1UJ5 Nash Sedan 1U^6 Oakland Hodtin lUHB Oakland Coupe Former I-rli-r n . . . $4UO ,, . JJ50 A1H' .... J200 er . J75 $100 ..... SMI) $-'30 SJOO ..... $250 .... J-70 Sale frier J3UO $275 J100 J 2D 520O $ 4U J200 $100 $126 J150 $200 USK-- Our Kasy I'aj f o r y o u r benefit. -nent Plan. It'» OLDSMOBILK-CONN B Oldsmobilo-Vil 117 EAST APPLE JT CO. I n g Autos PHONE 6T4. TALK ABOUT TOUR BARGAINS! YOU SHOU C JD SJSB W1JUVT ROiA L BUTTS WE HAVE ON SALE ; A Kido Will Ci nvinco You CAR.i Chevrolet Coupes (2). C h e v r o l e t Cabriolet. Chevrolet C acti. Chevrolet Coupe. 7 i'ord TuUor Sedan, S) Chevrolet Coach cti ( ^ ) 7 Star Coupon (^). j Oakland C u u i e . TRUCKS 1DJ7 Dodge, a- ton Post Truck, w i t h - n e w tires · n rear. Cheap, 10JS C h e v r o l e t 1 ---ton Truck, 10J8 Two, C h e v r o l e t l-i!-ton Trucks. TRADES! TERAldl TltAJJES! MASON MOTO1 COMPANY Trades -- Open Sundays -- Terms. WUST APPLE STRKi'.T. PHONE 105 1U 192 1U HEAL BUVS! BARGAINS! IN GUARANTEED UbED CARfa \VK H A V K CARS -- \ V l t h many unused inlles of tran.sporid.tlon in them priced f r o m $'-!5 to *l,000. Evtsry car has a UU*day $500 $UJO |UOO iH7." $100 $210 $475 $3'JU jUUu $10 $;)1T $b'0 $108 A FEW OF U U I UST1NCKJS T9^7 M a r m o n Sedan lU.'S C h e v r o l e t Coacli ........... IUJ7 1'ontiau C a b r t o k t .......... 1'JUIl l l u o s u v u ' l t Sedan, 5-passenger, liWU i'Jsaex. Coach . ., ......... 11WU Hudson Coach . . . . . ...... 1KJ7 Oakland Landau Sedan .... 192B S t u d e b n k o r Cua h ......... lU'Jli OakUuui Coupe ............ 11)^1 Stud«lmker T o u i l n g ........ lUi.7 Uodge Panel T i U t k , % - t o n , C l u y s l e r Sedan ................ Maxwell Coupe, Late Model .... MANY OTtU.rt GOOD BUYS NOT LISTED Automotive Automobile* Por Sal* 11 BT»rjr One In A-l Condition TRADED CAR BARGAINS Lower Prices Than Elsewh«re GO SHOPPING? -- T*i«re arts -no comparisons-- · come in and look them over, 1029 Mode! "A" Ford Tudor, haa b«*o driven only 2,500 mllea. 1929 Model "A" Ford Roadster. 1029 Model "A" Ford Touring Car. 1929 Model "A" Ford Standard Coup«. 1027 Pontlac Sedan. Eauy Payments, Trades, Trm»! MOTOR COMPANY AUTHORIZED FORD AGENCY SCOTTDALK, PA.. PHONE 4TO. Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts 18 NOTICE}--We Pay Cash lor your old worn out car or truck. Bring It to us, or phono "88" and we'll call for H. Fayette Auto Wrecking Co., Mc- Cormiok avenue. Repairing--S«rriee Stalloua 16 GAXi.EY'8 DDCO AND BODY SHOP--- Body and Fender Repairs-Duco and top work. We ear* you money. Phone 1073. RADIATORS REPAIRED--And cleaned, a specialty. A u t o lep'alrlns. Fuehrer'! Repair Shop. 116 N. l»t St Phone 2012. WE GUARANTEE--tery Job we put out. Flat ratos, If desired Karl Kesalt-r'B Shop Rhodes Motor Bldg., "Weal Side. Phono 2038. DON'T FORGET "ONE-STOP" SERVICE FIRESTONE SERVICE STORES, INC W. APPLE ST , CO Ft MEADOW LANE. PHXJN1S "21." ButineM Service Service Oit';rc« I0 YOU CLEAN Y O U H HOUSL' E V E U Y SPRING? DON'T YOU THINK--Your FURNACB d e u e r v e a the same c o n u i d e r a t t u n ? Our Super Service V a c u u m Cleaner doei t 10 w o r k and for le.fa money, A. R. BOYER WARM AIR HEATING E N G I N E E R PHONE 30i!. CONNEJjLBVlLJLja, PA. HcaUay, riumblag, Hoefivg HEATE.11S1 FURNACES! HEATBRSl Repaired and cleaned. All makes. "From W h i t e It'a Klcht." 13U bouth PittMburg SU For service, p h u n e Olfe-J. QUALITY FLUMBINO-- And neating. William Seller* Company, faoutji P i t t s b u r g r St Phone UiQ. Prompt Service. Insurance and Surety Don4t 28 INSURANCE ALL KINDS EXJ2EPT LIFE FAYKTTE REALTY CO. PHOMt! 1375 T. D. GARDNBH, MGlt. INSURANCE--"We writii Jt rieht." All kinds, Cook and Lauehlin, Inc., Insurance, SOU First National .Bank Building. Phone 020. INSURANCE--All kinds, exceytlns life. Berth*. Cunningham, Ins., Notary Public 4(Xi First National Dank Building. Phono 435. Res. 1083-R. Moving, TmekJng, storage GLOTFBLTY'S TRANSFER--Local and long distance. Opp. Arlington Hotel. Pbone 842. Residence 4102-Riag 22. '.fallorliig juid OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN -- Makes it possible for you to own any car we have jn our Ilo r. MEANS USED CAR MARKET Trades! Open Ev ningn! Terms! 151 SOUTH EIGHTH ST. PHONE -142, KICHMAN CLOTHES--All $2200. Sold only by Simons Caali and Carry. Phone 1065. Employment Help Wautcd--i'cinalo u n n e c i s s a r y Ltbeial pay. No sell- ins. Wrl'Ui for f t e o UeUtlls. Atlas Handherchlei: Go., Bridgeport, Conn. Small things u lited become great. The ads in the Clas nfied Section make up a big catalogue of Opportunity for wise readers. Their sma (1 savings grow into tig profits! Employment Situations* Wanted--Malt "WANTEJD--·Position by farmer married man, general f a r m we ~k or dairy. Itwjuiro ftoora No. 1, Webb Hotel, ScitUla.l». Financial Family ixtau* NEED MOM HIT QUICKLY 2-4 Hour Court «on» S«rrlc- On CASH lyOANS Up To *8C X SMAii, MONTHLl" PATHKNTS- -Come In for t u n I n f o r m a t i o n -- Just "!M" or writ* PERSONAL FINANCE COM! 112 WEST CKAWfOKD AVJSNUi CITY Instruction Private IhtrucUoa--Jlosic 44-A INSTRUCTION -- Private. m» idol In, piano, banjo, guitar, u k u l e l e . Jl,b»on School, a b o v e Kuril J e w e l r y Store. Merchandise Articles lor Sale ftl COMBINATION E1UECTTUC TO/ 5TING OUTFIT--Capacity, u: aand ,-Jciie«. Orig-inal pricu i23. Uood a new. W i l l Dell for |o0 ujmh. Writo Box 5, care Courier. Fuel, Feed, VertUlMr M CONNKLLBVLULK COKINO CO.* U--12o dellvorad, 80 at the mine. We t Side CoaJ C o m p a n y , Ninth street, comer a v e n u e Phone 197 ». Household Gvod* 69 FOR SAJLJS--Oil j i t o v o , gnji rang*, comb i n a t i o n riiiiKC, k l i u h a n cabin t, «;x- tonaion table, a..n i i i K m a c h i n , beds and rtrcsaurs. U t i t l ' u Httirage, 1. - J!la»t Fc*ch btreat. I'nouc U, Musical Merchandise 63 FOR SAJjK -- Good, Packard Player Piano. cheap I n q u i r e F orence G r i m m , A l v e r t o n , Pu. ,or phone 4U3-K-16, ScollJalo. Hadlu ATWATKK KiiNT SA-LOSS AND PUONE BOSCH RADIO -- Soreoo-Grld, Fr«o demonstration. JUkdio bervice c o,, iao South Pttutburg «treet. Phone 17B6. EDISON AND PH1LCO--Ridio*. Free demcmutratiou*. Thomas J. Ueb, 10.2 Wtwt Apple street. iUoc STEWART WARJv'EH RADIO -- Hear It before buying. A. A. Clarke Drujt Store, H o r t h Pittfiburg atieel. Phone 104. Hpeclais at the Stores 64 IT WON'T BE LONG N O W ! BEFORE--rou are planting your garden. Stop in today and loc * over our garden tools. Ordot y o u r ;arden seeds and f e r l l l t a e r fifora ua n o w ! Frlsbee Hardware Co., 184 W. Crawford, avnuo. Phone 101, SAX.B OF CURTAIN ROD! ONE-HALF PRICE AND LESS .EARN -WONJ3Y--Spare time, pleasant ,,.,.,, * A , T n ,, R , P 4 I N r n^r - TO .work on h a n d k e r c h i e f s . K x p o r i e n c o KANT FALL CURTAIN ROt 3--We ' h a v e any n u m b e r o£ these 01 hand that aro made to 111 any Mze w indow. Priced from, Do to 25c. Ori rlnally sold for GOc. DON'T HESITATE LONC.BR! GO Stralgrht /head And Cliooso The Cat You Want TODAY -- The prices ( f our Used Cars are HO moderate t ia.t y u u actually can save money b "driving your own." 1!U9 Hupmobile Roauster (like new.) 1U28 H u p m o b i l e Sedan (Good as new.) ON THE TWO ABOVi; CARS -- Thero la u tO-day new car Guarantee! OTHER GOOD BUYS 102S Oakland Sedan. ItHiO Ohevrole Coupe. iU2u l l u p r a o b l l e Sedan. "Easy Terms And Payments" IIUPMOBIL.E SALES AND SERVICE -',V, E. CRAWFOKP A VIS. PHONE 243. NOW ON DISPLAY THE NEW NASK STRAIGHT EIGHT EVANS MOTOR COMPANY EAST CRAWFORD A /E. PKONB 77. WANTED--Reliable girl for d i n i n g room. To go homo at nights. Connellsville State Hospital, Help Wanted--Male 38 FULLER BRUSH CO.--Has opening for young married man with car Must lie appearing, courteous and hard worker. Similar positions now paying $40 per week. Unlimited, opportunity. Write R. E. SmJ-tti, 805 Peoples Bank Bldg., McKeiasport. Pa. CAR WASHER WANTED--Experience necessary. Apply ai. once. ConnellsvlUe-Oldstno- blle Company, 117 Eat Apple street. Phone 574. LOUCKS HARDWARE COM! 4.NY 116 W. CRAWFORD AVB, PJTOI E 135, PEOPLE WHO READ the cl. saified ada know how, when and whi re to spend money moat profitably. Merchandise WanUsu--I'o Huj CLBAN WHJTB RAOS--W»nt«l Will p*y o per pound. Courier COPIES OF THE DAH.Y COUHIBR -Three. Dated October 81, 1021k. Will pay 25c for each copy. Th« Daily Courier WANTED TO BUT-- WltA top ·writer desk with typ«wrlt«* oo partment at »lde, C»U OUic», Courier. Rooms and Board Booms for H«ue«keepli»g CRAWirORD AVB, BAST, 307--Three room furnlahed light housekeeping Apt., bate, porch, private entrance. Real Estate For Rent Apartment)) and FlaU FOUR ROOM FLAT--Bath, heat, light, b'as. Six room h o u s u with batli. Inc j u i r e 409 J o h n s t o n avenue. FOll RENT--Three room furnliihd a p a r t m e n t , private bath. Inquire 121.0 Chestnut stre*t. Business Places lor Jteit 76 STOREROOM--At 111 W*«t Apple St. liuituble for a n y purpoae. 10x40. In- qulie lOc Wall Paper Company. Uoottec lor Kent BA3T CRAWFORD AVB1NUE--Bight room house, all conveniences. Call 1443 or laqulre 237 B. Crawford. APARTMENTS. HOUSES, STORS- ROOMS AND GARAGES--Inquire 12« West Peach street. Phone 470. SOUTH SIDE--Fiv« room single h-ousc, f u r n a c e , l e n t reauonable. Coll 1910. Real Estate For Sale Uouaea (or Sale '' §4 POPLAK UROVE--Six room frame house, with bath, gas, electric. lia-s hot water h e a t i n g system, cemented cellar, stationary tubs. House U in beat of repairs. Home IB located noar car atop. Grounds consist of three lota with nlco garden spoL Will soil at bargain price of ?4,500. TcrroJJ, part mougdBa. I n q u i r e A. E. Wagoner u.nd Son, 100l West CM,W- ford a \ e n u e Phone 148. Wanted--Heal Estate WANTED T9 BUY--Farm with outbuildings, not far from state road. Call 1410-M. Auctions--Legal* Legal Notices 91 DESERTION NOTICE. My wife, Mrs. A'vln Harshman having left my bed arid board one month ago, without just cause. I hereby notify all parties that I will not ba responsible for any debts contracted by her. Mr. Alvln Harrtiman. Mar tst-lt N Three Dead in Dnlnth Fire. DULUTH, March 8.--Three persons were burned to death and a man was unaccounted for in a spectacular flre which last night destroyed a six- story office building and a rooming- house iu the downtown section. Marshall College Orator Wins. FAIRMONT. W. Va., March 8.--Tim Hollandsworth of Marshall College, Huntlngton, won the annual oratorical contest of the West Virginia Intercollegiate Forensic' 'Society here late last night. All Fords the Same. ' ·' DETROIT, March S--The new Detroit city directory te no respecter of wealth or pereonage. It contains 13 Henry Forde, and all get the same size type. WANTED--TWO MEN EXPERIENCED IN INSTALLMENT BUSINESS FOR CANVASSING AND COLLECTING. PERMAENT POSITION. SALARY. WRITK STATING EXPERIENCE TO "P" CARE BOX 700, UNIONTOWN, PA. Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents 35 BIG OHIO CORPORATION--Seeks manager for open territory. Opportunity to earn $3,500, $5,000 and more yearly Wo f u r n i s h everything;. E\- perleni e unnecessary. ICyr-Fyter Co., 1056 F/r-Fyter Bldg., Dayton, Ohio. WE K-JOW THA.T If you know what we knoT/ about the service given by classified ads you certainly make sure of knowing about all the opportunities th«y offer *aoh day * IMPORTANT NEWS Reports of all sorts of opportunities which are import ant tc your welfare and profit are included in this page of varied wants and offers every day Be sure to miss nothing which is to youi advantage. · Always Different--In Opportunity The A-B C- Classified Ads Always tha Same--In Service Mis* Mississippi in Beauty Pageant Loniae M. McBrataej, I?, · etndent of Wichita, Kama*, is rep- the State of reeeotinf t at the Miami Beach pageant in wbiish "America'* Sweetlieart" will be dhoaen. She former) r lived in Ittudafippi and entered the contest thai* before mj»vMf to IConaa*. Meyersdale MHYBRSDALEJ, March 8--Mre. D. G. Clapper antertained the Teachers Brdige Club this wepk at Her home on North street. Thens were 12 guests present. Lunch wat eerv-ad after the games. Mrs. Clarence Moore waa hoetess to the members of the Tne-Mlay Night Bridge Clnb this week at her home. At the conclusion of the itames lunch was serred. Mrs. Charles C. Boyer, her daughter, Mm. Richard Diver, iind Mr. and Mi». H. M. Cook left W-jdnesday in the ilormer'a automobile for St. Petersburg, Florida, where ther will visit Mrs. Coolc'a sisters, the Misses Emma and Kate Ollnger, who spent the ·winter there. They exp«c' to be gone about three weeks. Mr. and Mre. W. P. Payne and daughter, Mrs. Ware Deeper motored to Cumberland Thursday and spent the day visiting and shopi ing. Miss Eliza Wetmiller of West Salisbury, recently visited here with friends. , Mtes B«B Danecker whc for several months had been employed in Johns-* town, haa returned home. Miss Margaret Foley h;«i returned from a two weeks' visit vith her ste- ter, Mrs. R. O. Hillegare in Baltimore. Mrs. Frank Folk of LaVale, Md., spent Thursday here at the hom« o( her paronte, Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Heckler. Mrs. C. R. Weaver visited r»l«*lv4W in G-reensburg oft Wednesday. Patronize those who adverted. Mr. and Mre. Fnlton Shipley spent several daye during the week visiting relatives in PUteburgr. Changes in Marriage Institution Puzzle To Philosophers T am puzzled more and more by the changes tbat r« taking place in the Institution of marriage, says the philosopher Will Durant In The Mentor Magazine. On thte line of experiment America has gone further, I think, than England or Germany, or even than non-ParUrtan Franc*. No country rivals ua In the ' deferment of marriage*, the limitation of the family and the frequency of divorce. Whether marriages are untrappier now than bo- fore, or unhappier in Europe than here, no man can eay; if they a*e, it will make no great difference whether new ware come or not. One hundred years ago, however, the rebel Shelley wrote: "A system of marriage could not well have been devised more studiously hostile to human happiness than marriage." Let us Met again the causes of these changes: Our lengthened adolescence --the great time required for youth to reach mental maturity and economic place in the world immeasurably more complex and unstable than the rural world of a century ago, Our habltua- tion of luxury and high standard* of living, which must often be sacrificed when marriage begins. The replacement of tti9 individual home, which waa the chief attraction of marriage, by the apartment, which is a spiritual abomination. The discovery of means for the artificial sterilization of mar* riage--"the most revolutionary invention of the nineteenth century,** The childle66 idleness and competitive extravagance of the middle-class wife, who drives her husband to eel! first hie leisure, then his friends, then his eoul, for money, and teachea tho bachelor to put up patiently with hia loneliness. The tng-of-war that cornet) with equality--the «trtf« for domestic and financial mastery; quarrels about money begin as eoon as the honeymoon ends. Above all, the natural varietiem of the insatiate male and the unoccupied woman; the delusion tlut other women, and other men, are lonelier OT finer than one's mate; the hunger for new conquests and new praise. In it any wonder that modern marriage i» the greatest failure in all history? No, I have no remedies; no remedy IB possible until our precipitate transition to industrialization is complete, and marriage finds in that new regime, by trial and error, «ome new level of stability. Santa Got the Letter. WEALDSTONB, Eng., March 8--A little girl who sent a letter eddreased "Father Chrtetmae, No. 1, Swliarland," received a box of chocolates in Today's Cross Word Puzzle 10 a« IB 1-4 19 1 ' ; ACROSS 1 Large numberf '« To quote ,10 Member of a crtw 111 Characteriaed by ) criminal intent It Elevated railway \ (aobr.) '14 To aocompllrii 15 An appendage 16 Till *alo abbr4 IT Sum total 1» Sketched SI Head ooverinr ·SS A set of worker* 14 Girl'* name 26 An tmmenUm tt To deluc* SS Title at ·0 Collet* ao tl ·ft I* M Fl*h*n* as AMoelaied i teriaa fabbr. »T AnlmaT* Uti 99 A d*w 41 To tr» by 41 Period oC time 41 Gardenia* Imple »1 Adjective mflbc denoting decree » St Incidental 10 il Part of British U India fab«r. II W A continent (abbr.) U «« Landed aetate II U To chide l». '«· Period* of M hour* II 41 Channel* SI I DOWN » 1 CH*4 2 |S On* of the New f» Rnglenrt *tate* " abhr.) »« I Net new J · 4 A fereet ~ I A phyalclan f*bbr.I» «J « Round money M*K ** T Attinv I Toward ',** An*w«r t* u «· 41 4» (I ·4 Sf A tract of land Oamee to BtMleal «karaet«* BrowalaB fatty Hurried Bxelamatlea of ·urprlM Cooked meat i«M0 ·man Anrer Televnph key Boy*' echoot Amacedw I Material watUl Polnnof tne CHrt'f Todivtu* OJov*. DtMOVWVd Cvnnlnv ina nnr.'a P 4T Pm*trr 41 Animal** plural 0 A *lMwt *lee» -\

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