The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1918
Page 4
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[THE DAILY COtTRIBK, CONNBLLSVIULB, PA. WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1918. if I fe. : ?-'· uitr HEXRT P. SNTCKK. Founder and Editor, 1S78-151*. T1IE COURIER COBrA.YY . ' 5 JAMES 3. Sifc'y and Treas. -~ ·:·" . Bu3jlnf»'M»nar»r. JOHN L. , ·WAl.TEh 3. STMiOEIi City EUitor. ' ' JCSS LTNNE B. K1KCBIJX . Society EUHor. _ MEitBERS OP : Assoiiated ^rjar- .; . . ·.·. -. 'Audit Euriau ol Clrcij)r.tto."ii. ^Twft oenta ptr copy,' 50c per month; »rp»r year br mall It paid In adwice. "Entered as second elaas matter at t^p pofftoffice. Conn«H«jrillap^-Pa.-r «.- '«·«·.'· J WttllAlI P. SHBJ-.MAN. U jw«JUloi»r» ForceS. .Franc*. ., HAUH F. SUGKH, ; Compur B. »ltti.J»f*arr. "iC. S. N. JW American .Expedl-JJ ^ tienory 'Forces, Franc*. ? MICHAEL OBENAI-DCSi 5 HiBOLD R1CBET. WBMttry B, UTth Fi«ld Artll- » G., American En'«UUo»~"~; ^ ary Forc««, Franc*. i ii/orr B, cox F; »7ta Ena1n*en, U. JU. *oic My«. Va. JBUD3 CROCSB, K. IStl ditionary ForcM, Fran«. - JAXEB i McPABTLANB. - Company B. *3rd X^irin««r. - CJUltway). Fort B»nJamU» · - Harrtpon. Indlanr-po-"' . ' lla. Indiana. » RtJSSKLL LENSART, r U. a a PrMtent Orant. D. S. - Nary. -. · . · ^ CASL STEHLJ1, ^.9rd Company, lot Battalion, In- f tantry Replacement Bri- 'J (ad*. Camp Lee. Va. duct that; General Fenhlng made gpeelal 3D»ntk)n of it in bis report - ;:.."Th« /ezpkiltB of two colored tn- liattrriaeit,'' said General Pershing. "in Tepelling^. a' much larger German ·'pa'trql;' Mlllnfcj r.nd -wonndlng neyeral Germans and winning Croix de Guerre t/y.-ieir, gallantry, has aroused'a fine lift; of 'emulation throughout the 'colored troops, all of whom are look- fog -rorward to mors active sen-ice. Only regret expressed by colored troops is that they are not given more I dangerous '-work to do. They are j especially amused at the most dangerous positions ana all are desirous ot having more active serrice than has; .been permitted them thus far., j I can- not commend too highly the spirit shown.;amone the colored combat troops', who exhibit fine capacity- for (juick training and eagerness for the most dangerous irork." . The^.color of. the :Bkin niahes no dif- :*ercnce;to Uncle Sam. All the wear- : *rs .of.hii kiaki look alike to him and they are going to prove tliat they can fight alike, no matter who they are or whenco they came. AMERICAN ARMY REPRESENTATIVES 1 WELCOMED IN ITALY la .«- ;.cluslv«lT oiUU«d to Uu ox for -npvbUwtioa of all the new» ^dlnpaieha credited to It or not 'othcrwbM credited In this pap«r · and alao the local n«w» pab- herein. 1TEEKE TO STAM XEYISION OF ,-' -A coirDjnTTo*T)c{;urcB. Th» Central Mstricf Telephone do -w«ll nc.t.lo.:itti«t«ke . th» meaning of the'n-illihsnMs on part ol the city council -fv-'torther 'consider « conduit ordinance. The city has no «.eoncMsion».tomike. but as we understand the attitude oc.thc members. o£ t he.-, municipal,, body,- .Uie telephone company "ne«fe to make many and " very important. concessions in order tw: entitle' ai'iubetitiu;" ordinance to any conjideratioo whalerer. It the company- casnot enter mt'o-- a cpnler- enSse ynyiauf to meet 1 Chilly »nd SrilW infly all the objection* that hare been raiied- to~the- ordinance- now before council,' ud "concede to the city all the richis, privileges and immunities th» grant of a fair and equitable franchise th* present and future interest ol tne'citjr'demarid, we believe time »ill W -wasted in an attempt to negotiate 1217 other liad of a' contract. First o* all the company most subscribe to the proposition tha.1 a frao- chla« for th«/iBM!^c the meets at citjr U a continuing contract between thii utility .'arid the" 'people, instead of an^out-cf-aaad (rant from their rep- rc*rnta*1r«a~ and for widen reasonable 3U5B .1ST FATHER FEEI "BTOST." Colonel Roosevelt was denied the privilege-of going .after the Hnn in person;, but having sent four of his sons-.he. nan. been" able to overcome some of his disappointment, especially since reports have been coming to Oyster Bay of what the youngsters are. dolmg. None have been more effective" in causing a recurrence of Uiat "bally" feeling the Colonel experiences at certain times and under certain circumstance*- than the com- muniqae in which General Penning commends a long list of officers and men for conspicuous conduct in the Ime of doty. When the Colonel's eye scanned, this list his heart must have swelled with pride, and an explosive "Th«fs bally" nrast b*vo been ei- Pltssed as be read: -MAJOR THEODORE ROOSEVELT, JR.: . For conspicuous gallantry in action daring the operations connected with the - capture and defense of Cantigny. During .« enemy raid displayed high qualities of coorsge and leadership in going forward to supervise in person the action of one of tbe companies of his bat- Sslion which had been attacked. On the day .of our atack upon .-Cantigny, although gassed in the lungs and passed ia the eyes to blindness. Major Roosevelt refused 'to be evacuated, and retained the command of his battalion under a "heavy bombardment throughout the engagement." This would make almost any real, live 'American father . reel "bully," even If he did not employ the Colonel'* method of expressing his feelings. With over l.XX.*aO Tinkles In France th* eaftlc will be heard very pltnir tomorrow, tttt Juirt.wafc tmtH next year wfctm the boys staee that cerebration to BerHn: The Kaiser will need ear mtts nnd a. scond proof booth to' jnreTr. flt permanent Injnry to his ' Thc : Bell company win have to get a clearer wire before It e*n make Its conduit message plain to the city shall be given. The fraei»se must not be Indeterminate, factor a. specified period. It mast not coiter any .rjgrt that a competitor injlU apt be permuted to enjoy under """ TSe ·grant should be upon the location, and .'[··Dm and form ot construction of coalolt .beta* neb aa ; will .permit othirr coadnila befey .Jail as » part; of .* AMeraT ptim to "eVentually place ail wires underground. Definite sboold be made for tbe re- of all owrtead lines at the in ail «eedona of tie city, i«Bad__o;_ jndcflnite^ rrovisia»m i as,, to secfioniTas is" on o* of the objeo- nijgUlirdtBtgrea-«f-tn«--OTdi»nce tat "When American anny repraiBTitatlveKj lauded at Milan, Italy, there was much excitement The streets through which tie procession passed were thronged witfe people" in all walks of life, each iryirjg to outdo '.be other in seeing bow loud he could cheer for the Americans. Tbe photograph shows a contingent ot American officers and Red Cross nurses passing through a street in Milan, her cud, until the .milking** clone, and Beems to say, "Thin foaming flcod will help to can the Hun." It may be I imagine it .but Dol'bin seems to know; he pulls up harder on the bit, he*tf always keen to go. 1 hitch him to my one-boss pl'w, and as ho does his trick, m«C'lnk« he sayti, "I'm striving now to queer the .Prussian hick," This Dobbin horse wn» wont to ball*- before we drew the sword, and I would .pelt him with a rock, and Jam him with a board. It may be I imagine things, but let Urt hope I'm r i p h t ; we'll surely spoil the kraut-fod fcinss, if all the dumb brutes fight- WAKTBD business. BAHBERJNO tt FOR SALK-- AT A--BARGAIN. J 4 0 6 ctush. 2 Jot.v COjcl-iO in East Coiinells- ville, k n o w n :IK the Thoa. Hper p r o p - erty; h a s a Small two room house and shod K i t c h e n . Make a warrrLntfiti deed. Address Eos 97, M:irt!n, ==n.. Fayette county. 3jaly3t* WANTED--BI2LL HODSE. nor AT SMITH FOB SAU3--CBEAP. SIX HBAD good work horses, throe sots d o u b l f ? harness, f o u r soocl road wagons, one dump wa^-on. I n q u i r e ! J IET:CE i^S OVER 15 YEARS i BItOTHBHS COAL COMPANY, S n u t h _s CVS.K !(. tfiAJW r.-, nm . 1!svl , Iei P!l _ Tri-St;it« phono of aKe. CONtsELLSVILbE SILK MLL.L j \;°"' WANTED--SO MEN. WAGES S3.' pur day. Apply at FOUNDATION i COMPANY. Weal Ptnn Powor plan I. ; OR SAJ-.E--SIX P.GOM HOUSE. 90-1 j ^morc- street, w:i« door f r o m Cednr, i hath. hot ;ind cold water. Pour J Lea for b u r n i n g coal or i^tK, S2.500; j net; in m o n t h l y pay- j FOCBIE OP JtM. The old boll ranir, tha-t slorloius clay. WANTED--PO31T1O.V Hi' COM- ,' muntsr ' potont lady stenographer having eomc i ^ U U" l -. (-·spot-lance In bookkeeping. Best of reference. Adtlresa "J. G.," care Courier. J j u l y J t * 5 s.7. r » ' ;! ion ·WANTED-- COAL VlXKttS ON EN- trj- work at ne^ m i n e of .Lincoln J. 'A. .MASON, Second N a t i o n al Bank B u i l d i n g . 3 j u i y 3 t Fretdora »» a babe waji born. | OonxpAnr. near WaaJJlnslon. Pa.; ] 8 hour shirt. Apply S. Yet nune iheTo wa« could truly say Tte mctninff ol that splendid morn. ; SuperlBtendcnt- M«\ knew, because they saw as '' ' heard. That life was pacing through change; But neither dream nor printed word W. VANCE, I 2 7 j u n 6 t j Could sound thfl depths of deeds so strange. Into the ptirHamnnt of Htn . A child had com* f r o m parents fine- Bom In the days of stress and Htri According to the will di.vlmi. -- CARPENTERS, per day. Tjahorcrs IJ.SO per day. rnrcK CONSTRUCTION co.. western Ma.r'Innd Ne 1 *' Bngiue, Bo west J u n c - LOST--LADTES' OPEN' FA^E SJT.- vor watch. Keward if r e t u r m - d to Cr. urit-T office. I j u ] y 2 t · 1X)ST--IX COXNELJ^SVILLB. P. ; I^. B. railroad pass made out to Frank \ Materarjto. K i n d e r pfeast? rt-turn to , P. O. box 311, Connellsvillt', !'a. 3july1f , tion. 3Jii!y2l* Men knew the whaeklrff ftTKftd of old Were thick with rust and time's decay---~ Knew that the tinsel and the gold ' Of ».^i'K lone tatist piiss awiiy; WANTED--EXPEHIENCKD STB.S"- ographer for established C o n n e l l s v U l n i business house, preferably one vrho has ! hue! somo experience in peneral office | ~ j work and nllng;. Htatc previous ex- | f pcrience and salary expected. Ad- j ! dress Box 458. ConnnllBrllle. Pa, i LOST--LAPISST WATCH BHACE- I r t with chain, b e t w e e n Queen K I T P S L anrl corner of Third street: W f s t Side. R«w.~ard if r e t u r n e d to Courier oiricc. 3 j u l y n t AdtniuUtrato I WANTED--GOVERNMENT S 20,000 clerks at Washington. Of Freedom's cHlld, tell. ,ra befcutt, of ot thes^fllrfBaaetrtar provisions '·win; w» believe, find eooncll ready to (Ma acetous eoMideratimi to the projf- and ante the TrorJdug out of qaestteas · comparatrvely eacy dloaie where and how a revision ot 1k«;:ord*n«ne« skonU be eommeBced: C«MB-ffO. BOTKKEffCX. Tfc* partdpation of th* American in the _^ already d»3*t«tnted thmrno Blngle race, "or Ta»*e up our mitt MM ·M^II» rfcin force-! oTO all others' tat -fen**ir or daring in action. "The ·pirtt *t- tmttiaaiiam- lofuw every TO»K of lne"Arioy"wi«ther the m«a- b«n b* nativo-born wJiitea, the sons of tmUga-fcont-parents, Indians or It if too noar Thanksgirinff for Turkey to set "sassy" with Uncle Sajn. . - The. Fuel Administration might help along 1 the situation b}* brlq UACttnfT some of the red ta-pe no-w used in its system ot fuel distribution . Wonldn't **Washboard avenne" net-re splendidly as a drill ground for Ma.yor IOffSai_*3 '*work or fight" draftees? "WfaAt would some of th« g-ov«rnro*nt regulating: agencies do if they did not have the billiards of ]aat -winter to blame things onT Tb* beat rwiabns? for the delay in tbe n«xt German drive ar« found in the activities of tn« Americans \vho don't g-ive the Bocbon tlra*. day or night, to get ready tp do anything bnt atart- on that Uong" drive from which no Hun ever return*. : ·; ; · BUSY JL.TOCALS, The hena . arc laying' luscious fruit, and' cackfo In their pr-tie; they seem to know that from tbe Tent they'll bolp take th» hide. My Dorking hanar, In "other days, were rather stern and dour; but now whene'er a chicken lays, she cackles by the hour. 3ffy old red _cow^s_ tt..ftnc_ii».,.atlk,., she knows our n«e-uiC I think ; "the way- she's tarnlngr oot the, milk "vpnld drive a. man to drink.- She stands- around Mid chewj And none could pueys the splendid soul Thev greeted tfcen irith Kwlugrltig hell. Races long uaed to keen dtatruss learned of this babe across the sea. But in the darkness failed to eii'-M That come day he shou Id .ict til era free. Tear after yaar the infant urrew. - And those who loved him «e: aside HJa datf of birth to pledge anew Their faltti an-1 be rena.nct I fled. Yet few could penetrate the dim. . Far distance ot t h e f u t u r e years. And see what purpose wa'tted Kim "When war should flood the world w i t h tears. "brow. But God has op«n,ed wide the scroll ". Freedom has come t.o manh oo^ now! America, the child of old. - * Destined by God on high to he Hltt instrument ot courage, bold. To set all troubled peoples free . Ha blonHomed out of early youth Icto the splendor of a man. And stands today to serve the truth According to the Master's pier.. Ring balls, anl thundering can noon roar. t*et hallelujahs shake the hills . Tyrants shall fall, to rei?m no more; Freedom her destiny fulfills! War Work for AH Tho«e Who Cannot Fight Can Help Sava the Crops' ·- · ; - · t . · By Clarence DuBose, Department of Agriculture. War requlrea of every jwttiulii; Jrer- son the- dolnc of at lemst two or three \Mnfm -- Hfht , work, five. Many men are Aeiiv all three. ,. Brerjone can. at rfea«t,.work and fire. One must work, IB order to h**^ money to give. One Iniiiii wofl:,.tn ord«r to produce sup- plte« toe the flchtinc men. . . . . . ""Not 16 wbrS "liTltiot'-lo be patriotic, *TiScre"to some sort at work, ot real constructive va)n* Jn war winning which can' be, performed by every able- b^ed,..maiir Perhmp* it ia to continue haanner and tones at hia present ed for military service either to be engaged in useful work or t-j be placed in Class I. A. So, either by actual military order applicable to him personally, or by publfc sentiment directed at him, every man of every age and condition is called upon to render military service or to render some other service of valne to tho country. Thousands of town and city men have volunteered and are volunteering for farm work; securing a leave ol absence from their town employment . . fc Kxami- But what the 'm-isaion, whal tbe Roal. J nations everywhere in July. K x p e r "" " '~ "" " ' «° nian could ; i en co unnccoswa.n". Men and w o m e n - dcsirlnir grovernm*m. po«ttlona w r l l i for free particulars to J. C, LEON-! men , t '_.'\ nLd AJ1D, ( f o r m e r CtvU S*rvh:e Bi.xaml- ner). 858 Kcnols bulldinjr, Washington- 29June5t* ESTATE OF W1U..LAM MICHE^LS. di'Cfioscd. Loiters U'flttiiienriu-y in tnc estate of "U'll3i:im Mich owls, late ^f North L'nlontown. Pa.. Kayivtlw c o u n t y . P*:nn0y!vanla, ileni'vf!i?d, It^vinf; been sr.anted l(7»! undtT-sj^-nfiJ. notice Is h e r e b y Riven to n i l iMirsor.s inilehLed to aaid et-tati.' to mu,kc imint-diMt-o pay- thoi-e Ii.ivJjit-' chtlma ths ttarr.o lu pro^^nt t h e m properly auth?ntica.teil for rieltlfnic-ni. IIA P. M ON W. M If' U K A I ,S. CHA1U.JS.S K I C I G H U E Y , A d m i n i a t r a t o r K . WA-VTED -- 1 :'. E ST- FHANX'ia Hospital Training School for Xursns. IMttsourer, I'n.., offerH a threo ycLirfr" courtro to young" women over e.K-htein ) years of aRp. ha.vinK the necessary j L j^ quallAcailonft. Tlie course includes all ' the bmoc* f *i3 of niirslnfir, and in addition, hyorotherapy and rrwiiraaR'B. Tho hospHnl has a capacity of five h u n - dred betin, and Is affilfatocl w i t h th UnU-ornity of PittsburR for «f i'i For f u r t h e r particulars apply to the DTRKCTRKSS OF NURSKS. IS HEIti-GT OfVK.V TIfAT o partm-rship lately sub.iistinK b-- twcen Alec Chinn and J. Gardner ¥ o{ the city of C o n n e l h i v i l l e , C ' o u n t y of Fnyettc. anil State of rvrmsylvanisi. u n d e r the flrrn name of Cliinn i Gard, ner. w^s dlpaolvud oa the 2Sth day of l a c h i n g . j unt;i A . D. 3313, by m u U m l consent WAN'TED--DIST1UCT aTAXAGPIRS ! to the said partnership are to bo rocHved by ;hc said Alec Chinn, and all demands or, th. ; flajd p.'irl-nership ;ir« to 1)** presented to him for p a y m e n t . A L K O CHINN. J. CrAUDNKR. 27junc-Gt Accident Company. Somothine new. "Complete Protect'?n," Policies covers disability by sickness, accident, natural. Accidental Ieath. for 51.00 per montli. AH occuj ations, btli Hexes. Liberal contract t · capable part time men, .Atklrosn NAT ION A L* I o j Faye'te HTSbH^ AiyJUTlANCE COMPANY. 10G Term ]"«18 SoiHh Fourth nl.rect., Phi!adnip?ila. I B pondent^ Pa. 2 9 j u n e - l - 3 - j u l y ' · Dlv BHO \-VTVFJELD , GOODSTEJX, Attorneys. · ChHstine K!nff vs. William Kin?:. In the -^ Court of Commorf Picas u n t y To Pa., No. ^'J4 March -VVmiam Ki FOR RENT--: APARTMENTS. FLORENCE SMUTZ. 24junetf are hereby notified ( h u t tbe subpoena and a l h i H s u b p o e n a j i n t h i s j CEUJO hiive been r e t u r n e d " K u r t est i n - VQTIIUS." you lire t h e r e f o r e required t o appear in tho Court of C o m m o n j rieiis of Fayette c o u n t y . I';i. on t h y I 3rd M o n d a y of J u l y oC sa!u Court, A. D. FOR HSNT--THREE UXFIJP.NISH- USlS, (o answer tho Jibel a»»J corned rooms, bath. A p p l y 310 West. C r a w - I plaint filed therein, and show cause-, ford. 2 9 j u n u 5 t * [ if any you have, why a divorce f r o m · FOR RENT--ONE iPTtow'tcun^i . th * b f l ndH o£ m a t r i m o n y should not room, g-entleman p r e f e r ' Third West Sid. VTtr VTicjtTK 1 r* u i - i i M . i vi. i i i o . L i i i i - . i n i j a i i u m u j i v i FURNISHED | bc g. raritcd t h o j| b t :lant above n a m e d , rod. 2BS .North TH OS. D. HOWARD, Sheriff. E h c r i r f s e. 2July-!:' oitico, J u n e . 13, 1318.' June-2 0-27-July-3-10. FOR SAIjE--1IARE AN'D i ABE TCXVT, Leis.snrinff No. 1. ! FOft SAiE--J'^RKSH COW. INI quire 'U. G. FIREISTOXIS. R. P. D. No. 3, Connells-ville. I j u l y S t - FOR SALE--OR TRADE--GOOD Eresh cow, oxlra. heavy milker. H A R R Y HETZEJj MSAT MARKET. West Side. UulySt FOR SALE--USED HUDSON AUTO, model 33, in good r u n n i n g condition. Inquire 104 "W. Crawford or Wells Mills Garage. ISJunctf. J** 1 ??*! ^^J r _ J ._* I ?!^ c ? tin ?'r tllCt i J oB - Perhaps U !· to undertake tern- or ^pending their vacatioa in farm porarllj; soibe special form of . war i work. Business and professional men blewlnpi ol libertr-under oar free government Oof bavc- bauome so moM«i in'thofight, haliits, ambitions and purpoee*'tn J the' irar*that..they, bare fcrjottca, tieic diOrencea as in- dlTidoals. As one man .they are will- IBK and eager to" meet the tests by which; ttielr devotion*to country are to be pleasured. In meeting that isii events has thn» far proven, and."will continue to prove, .'ihat-*3her are" all Americans ·n-lthout'cUitlnctlon" as to race, color or anteceSenis.'^:'-· Of the men who bare thua far been in action against the crmi«V^alraott * race were several cofor*f ittlt*' JT^rc. as upcn -ether occasion? in'.the Vaf r::r Jirpr.''t. l 'es6, i r;'r!i.cave ·very race reprcsei^ed Jtt«on*r latlon-has funilsEi)^ +~*-f~« members wjjb have S3 H in try In preser^ _ Atnons the soldiers "tJra'S'«ffw5rSi : .'mnultlwi MTe';be'0B.-«ce«Un»ti\»«n- oaJj- commands 'tneae up :ofjraotf"b|/k; ***· '» thig ctropmign; rich · or. poor, ^service. Bat «t 'ay "mat, -whatever I have cooperated heartily in this plan. 'the '·wark jn»y be, on* thing 1« certain j in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas yol- unteers from the towns anil cities.are furnishing most of the emergency labor for the wheat harTest, and, as the harvest season advances to Nebraska, Minnesota and the Dakotas the. saine methods will be followed. · And what about women.: on farms? As yet there is no. need for women to engage in. general farm work--nor 1H there Jong u able-bodied men »re engaged in town work that can be suspended. Hownver, town he must work! - That coneiuilon;; was reached by mort people, eartifinith* war. Public sentiment has increasingly dwelt upon it. It has grown and': developed. : It la now a very, unfashionable ;ting not to .work..;.:-Jt.number of' States have adopted' statute* as a reiiult o^'itewar. and'ln" many other States the ; 'nre-«iiiting T ' are-b«1ng rtgfdljr- enforced. - I n towns and coimWe* »11 over the nation local public Mnttatot ha« demanded that poscfi offlcH'B.i.reQuirtf^ pvery 'idler. IA go to woi^ic'or goto : :jpM':.". men who are. not ed to go to are expect- FOR SALE--OAKLAND ROADSTER in Calr condition. Hi^h tension magneto. Cheap to quick buyer. Call 575 Bell phone. » 2julyU FOR SALE--1,000 FteET ROUGH lumbor an^fl allgrlitjy used Jloorinff. JOHN ROBINSOK, Springfield R. D. No. 3. to Con tract urn. BIDS "WILL BE IIBCE1YED B5T THE St. John Roman Catholic cotiKTcga-tion ot Connellsville. To., £or Lho p r o p e r erc-ctjon and completion of a school bulUllngr, a parish liouse and a Sisters' home, as per plans nnd specifications prepared by .John. H. Wurman. Architect, C32 First National Bank budding, " U n i o n t o w n . Pn. T«-o proposals \vi\1 be required as follows; First, a proposal f,or the f u l l erection and completion of' the three buildings as pcV plans f u r n i a h e d as a who'e, tho second proposal for tlic i erection and completion o£ the p a r i s h ! house and a Sisters' h o m e u n d e r one ; proposition and the schocl separateri ' and mentioned and both enclosed and sealed together. ] Bids for tht 1 :Ltovc work v/il! be re- ; ceived up to 3^ o'clock noon of July 13. i 19J8. Plans nnd specifications car. be i had at tbe office of the architect, or ' Road ' tbo residence rif the 'Rev. F a t h e r ? ' ' Tusek. Connellsvillr. Ta. St. John Roman Catholic Congregation, b y ! FOR SALE--ALL KINDS Or RUB- '. REV, PATHRR TUSEK, C o n n c H s v i l l c , ' ber Stamps' manufactured by C. N. FULLER, 303 West Crawford. Pa. JOHN H. Uniontown, Pa. SALE -- ONE motor. 42 6-TON inch FOCK! condition. Immediate deliver;', Box 90. care Courier. 2jul;-£fd FOR SALE--COLUMBIA DICTA[.phone, new- Neostyie d u p l i c a t i n g letter machine. Several 5x7 rugs cheap to quick buyer. Call 855 Bell. I-L-VRMAN, Architect, J'!l3*-I-3-C FOR SALE--1-TON NASH TRUCK, [ulpped with coal, body and cab; . · ;.. . · i nrst-claas condkioii. Too small for the larm-labor «iruation in an i present -use. Jinjulre c. L. WORK, inilrrect-.way; thatil«, by going; tbj'Conneiisviiie, Pa. 2Sjunetfd · farmhouses and.assJfltiiig ic.the house- j ^ · ·· work, rardoninc.'frult and: berrvnlrir- . :f° R SALE--PLANT BEANS NOW dening.''fruit anil: berry, pick- . FOR SALE--PLANT BE i.. 'i-ni-j'...W'il,i.;ii-;··'·--· ' tar .cannlns anfl fall use. Ing. canning, Three tnlngB to do: In rifldjtiori to this Wldaiprenul ' P'ight; : -,work, You can do. at leakt two of Our 3tock Stririgrless Green Pod,,/Red .Valentine, Six -Wiek's, p vt Vrn-i;.i'"Go\fon. TV ax,. Dwarf, Kentucky f Wonders,'. Po2a'....flnd- other mlscellan- OOU3-Bocds. ANCHOR : 3ROCERT, SIS Noi-tli ElttffSurf ''Etrcst. IjulyJt-eoB'.·'":. Parcel Post to rour door. Send y o u r money now, We -will ship at once. Parcel Post . charges paid. Barred Plymouth Hocks .and Rhode laland P.eds at 25 £OT S 4.60 50 for ,.S 9.00 100 for 517.60 Also Wliite and Brown Leghorns at 25 for 5 4.00 50 for'...-. I S.OO . 100 for 515.50 BI.CE BJDGE POTJkTITV KAHJI 'Bell Phone 177S, Urifontow-n, Pa. There is a lot of special hot weather raiment in our stores £or the July demand. Don't wait_ until the last day, buy now what you need and benefit by the savings offered. The prices may not be possible' again for a long time. Men's clothing, boys' clothing, women's, misses', and children's clothing, of every 'description; cool, hot weather, July specials. Many of them are a ^lass of goods that we will not be able to duplicate on, perhaps we will not be able to get them again for years. Mills that manufactured these goods are out of business--the Government is using them for making clothing, blankets, underwear, etc., for the soldiers; prices are advancing. Many of these lines today would cost more wholesale than our retail prices; therefore, if you are in reed of anything in the way of raiment for men and boys, if you are in need of any summer dresses for v/omen, misses, and children, or goods to make summer dresses, skirts, or shirt waists, buy now, buy while you can get the goods. You can get Tactically what you want now; later you will be obliged to take what you_ can. get. ·8 Lartre Department Stores, Located la Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all tie shades and colors that axe good. All the newest and best styles are here. Men, women and children with real Shoes. VALUES That Cannot Be Duplicated AnywJiere--That ·A-S-H AH Precedents in Valne-giring! as r low" as On Your Own Easy Terms Located at PopJar Grove--A beautiful spot indeed--the coming- residence district of Connellsville--only a 15- minute walk or a 5-minute car ride from "Brimstone Corner. 'W'hen you consider that farm lands in Payette county are being sold at 'greater prices than you are offered this land right at your door in a developed and constantly improving neighborhood--then you'll start to realize how big these values really are. Extensire Improvements-Water in front of every lot, street improvements and fine saade trees. Church and Public School nearbv. Every convenience right at your command. It costs yon nothing to get ail the facts---simply write C. B. McCORMICK P. 0- Box 144. COJfjrElLSVIJLlE, PA.

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