The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1939
Page 2
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rAGE TWO. TTTE DAILY COTjnTTCR. CONNEIXSVTLLE. PA. iVEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 393!). Mother-Daughter Girl Scout Banquet Wilt Be Held Friday at Trinity Lutheran Church An initial mother-daughter Girl Scout banc-aet, to be sponsored by Connelkville Girl Scout Council, will be held at 0:30 o'clock Friday evening at Trinity Lutheran Church in observance of the twenty-seventh birthday of Girl Scouts o£ America. All Girl Scout troops, seven in number, accompanied by their mothers, and lieutenants or Iroop committee members will be in attendance. Each troop has been allotted five minutes to present a.program after the dinner. Miss Katherine B. Humphrey, captain of Troop 1, is chairman of the program. The committee in charge of the banquet com- Class of 1929 Will Hold First Reunion Twenty-five members of the Class of 1929 of the Ccr.nellsville High School met Sunday afternoon at the Y. M. C. A. in South Pittsburg street and formulated plans lor its initial class reunion. Joseph Kurtz, general chairman, presided over the business session and announced the following committees. Contact--Miss Helen Matthews, chairman; Kenneth Brooks, Charles Collins, Jack Craig, Miss Bessie Eycster, John Isola, Miss Catherine I Presbyterian Scouts j Will Give Silver Tea Saturday Afternoon Troop ·!, Girl Souti, of Uic Presbyterian Church wjjl give a MJver tea, mailing the clo^c of Girl S^out Week, Saturday afternoon at the home ot the troop committee eh^ir- man, Mrs. Karl II. J, Schoenborn, -,n South Pittsburg stioct. The hours arc from 2:30 to 4 30 o'clock. I A program ha:- been arranged for the a/lair and all poisons interested in scouting are invited to attend the tea, proceeds from which wil] be used in aiding the Scouts to earn money for the purchase of uniforms. Invitations, made by the Scouts for their parents and Scout officials, are in the form of miniature pigs and bearing the inscription "Sure 'tis St. B y S h c p a r d B a r c l a y "The Authority on Authorities" Mrs. J. H. Dull Is Hostess to County Dental Auxiliary BILL PROPOSES ALIENS IN STATE BE REGISTERED man, Mrs. William F. Brooks Mrs. Lyell L. Buttermore. prises Mrs. Ernest R. Kooser, chair- McCleary, Miss Evelyn Moore and man, Mrs. William F. Brooks and Miss Chrysogene Wilhelm. Decorating--Miss Mary Lou Forl-, chairman; Miss Carolyn Beuscher, Mrs. Robert Kerns, Mrs. Joe Whiteley and Mrs. Ann McGrogan. Place--James Means. Program--Howard Smith, chairman; Miss Martha Sellers and Miss Gwendolyn Guyton. Transportation--Homer H o o v e r , chairman and Mason Whipkey. Patrick's Day, so come to our silver tay. We want some uniforms by May, but need more $$$ la pay." S. K. HUEYS ENTERTAIN ·- - .FRIENDSHIP BIBLE CLASS ; Mi-. ancl.JVIrs. S. K. Huey were host and hostess to twelve members ol th» Friendship Bible Class ot trie " First "United Brethren Church, and " thirteen visitors Tuesday night at their home, 508 Race street. It was the monthly meeting o£ the class The session opened with singing '·What a Friend We Have in Jesus." Prayer was offered by Mrs. William Kooser and Mrs. John F. Kooser read the Sci'Jpture .lesson; Tbe^eiass reported 'that -thirty-nine -visits \vcre made. It was voted to give $10 to the retired preachers' pension. ~ The lollowing program, supplemented the business session: Talks, "Christianity i'uid Homc-i.ife Around (.he World," THi'S. Ernest*-T.'Whipkey; "The Great Need for "Mending a Broken Net," O. O. Osterwise; prayer of gratitude, Mrs. A. G. Dunston; talk, "The Great Need-of -a More Devoted Christian Life,"-Rev. E. A. Sehultz; poems, "The Bridge," Mrs. John Kooser; "Beautiful Friendship," Mrs. William Koosor; talk, i Mrs. E. A, SchulU; poem, "Compensation," S. K. lluey. The meeting closed with prayers, offered by Rev. Schultz and O. O. Osterwise, for sick- members of the class. A social hour followed. Lunch was served by Mrs. Huey, assisted by tier daughter-in-law. The next meeting will be held Tuesday evening, April 18, at ' the '.lome of Mrs. John Kooser in Galla- | Lin. avenue. The date was changed 3n account of revival services. DAUGHTERS OF RTJTH CLASS MEETS IN MONTHLY SESSION' Thirty-two members of the Daughters of Ruth Bibie Class of Trinity Lutheran Church attended an inter- ssting meeting of the class, held Tuesday night at the homo of Mrs. Robert M. Lciberger of East Cedar avenue. In the absence of the president, Mrs. A. W. Young, Mrs. Kathryn Gordon, vice-president, was in charge. Mrs. B. C. Burkhardt conducted the devotionals and the entertainment was in charge ol Mrs. Ethel Irvin. Readings were given by Mrs. C. Roy Hetzel, Mrs. C. A. Morgan, Mrs. L. E. Winkler, Miss Esther Miles, Miss Ruth Miller, Miss Margaret Miles, Mis. J. D. Fox, Mrs. Paul Hosfelt, Mrs. W. R. Scott, Mrs. Chidcstcr and Miss Minerva KefTer. Games were played, prizes being won NEW MEMBER IS INITIATED AT LODGE BALBO MEETING A new member, Miss Mary Smarto, wasJnitiaied at the regu»ar meeting ol' Lodge Balbo Acjuila D'ltalia, held Tuesday Right at the lodge room. Routine business was taken j;arc of. An invitation to atterid"-"a" banquet to be held April 23 at Mission Inn m honor _p£ Judge - Eugene Ales- ANNA M. SPRINGER AGAIN HEAD OF DEBORAH CLA'SS Mrs. Anna M. Springer was elected president of the Deborah Bible Class of the First Presbyterian Church when the class met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mis. S. R, Cox in North Sixth street, West Side. Other officers chosen arc: First vice- president, Mrs. J. M. Cecil; second vice-president, Miss Ida Wolfe; secretary, Mrs. James W. Buttermore; treasurer, Miss Lucy Cropp; teacher, Mrs. J. L. Proudfit. AH officers were rcelected. Mrs. Proudflt led in the study of Daniel, eighth chaptei. li was decided to hold (he annual npron party Thursday, April 13, at the church. All women or the church will be invited. A social hour followed and the hostess, assisted by her sister, Mis. W. \V. Haines, served delicious refreshments. Fifteen members and guests attended. YOUR JUST DESERTS JUST EXACTLY WHAT you deserve--no better, no worse--is what, you get a majority of the time at the bridge table. Good bidding and play usually offers rewords, and the converse usually costs you something. Duplicate players get a chance to know that better than anybody else, for they notice what happens at the various tables where different contracts are played. Sometimes peculiar results develop, which seem to indicate there is no justice in the world, but In the long run they are unimportant. V ?0 6 \ 3 4 K. 8 3 A A 3 S 5 3 4 Q 7 V A J 8 5 « 9 1 2 4, K Q J 6, East doubled. South 2-Diamonda and West tried a thin double. This was made for a score of 130 fot North-South, doubled tricka counting -10 each and bonus for making the contract 50. At a third table, after the same bidding up to the double of North's 1-No trump, South Jef t in the woeful contract, which was set one, 200 for East-West. In a fourth case, after South took out the No trump double with 2- Diamonds, West essayed 2 - No tramp and made it, Tor 120 points. In a fifth instance, after that same bidding, East raised the 2-No trump to truir.p, and it was set one doubled by South, for a score of 100 points and a tie for North-South top. The set of scores disclosed generally penalties [or bad work, rewards for good, In tho handling- of delicate close questions. sandroni, grand venerable ol the Oi- cier of the Sons of Italy of Pennsylvania, was received and accepted. Members planning to attend are to make their reservations at the next meeting,^scheduled for April H. A donation was made to the Kmetz charity fund. A novel and entertaining social is being planned for the next meeting. Miss Evelyn Melone will have charge. Her aides are Mrs, C. Prudentc, Mrs. P. M. Wills, Mrs. Dom Isola, Mrs. Lewis Falcone, Miss Marie Prudente, Miss Kathleen Lepera, Mrs. Catherine Nesta and Mrs. George Faugh. The meeting Tuesday night was largely attended. With Mrs. Can- Sheetz. The J. L. Pioudfit Clast of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at 8 o'clock Thursday night at the home of Mrs. Can- Sheetz in Porter avenue. The committee is composed of Mrs. C. E. HotlJesbeiBpr, Mrs. C. E. Goe and Mrs. II. S. Martz Each member is asked to bring one ot her baby or early girlhood pictures. GEORGE KERN PRESIDENT OF EAST END MISSIONEKS Officers for the coming year were elected at the monthly meeting of. the Women's Missionary Society ot the East End United Brethren Church, held Friday nighl at the church. They arc: President, Mrs. George Kern; vice-president, Mis. Frank Welsh; treasurer, Mrs. Arthur Graham; secretary, Mrs. Frank Weimer; secretary of literature, Mrs. E. Lincoln; thank offering seceretary, Mis. Geoige Livingston; secretary of stewardship, Mrs. Frank Hoffman. Mrs. George Keins and Mrs. Edward Lincoln were elected delegates to the branch convention 11 June. Mrs. Arthur Graham had charge of the devotionals, her subject being "Prayer." Talks were given by Mrs. Frank Weimer and Mrs. George Kerns. Mrs Edward Lincoln conducted the mission study book, "Moving Millions," and Mrs. George Livingston, president, was in charge of the_ business session,. Ijy Mrs. L. J. Moorman and Mis. E. C. Camp. During the business session, the; MISSION STUDY CLASSES class votea to give S10 to the church | TO MEET THTJRSDA'S: NIGHT Will Mret at Y. 51. C. A. Snilo Lodge, Ladies A u x i h n i y to the Brotherhood if Railroad Tiiiin- mcn, will meet at 7.30 o'clock a 1 , the Y. M. C. A. (Dealer; East North-South vulnerable.) Only one South player in a recent tournament could resist the temptation to make a spade overcali of the opening bid by Bast on this deal. Them It went 1-Heart by East, 1- Spade by West, 2-Clubs by East, 2- Spadcs by West and all pass, the contract being set two by means of the club A, two club ruffs, two diamond tricks, one heart and the trump A. This gave North and South 100 points. At another table East started with 1-Club, South bid 1-Spado, West doubled, North 1-No trump. V K 9 8 S r 10 7 5 2 # A 7 4 Tomorrow's Problem * J S 4 3 f J 7 6 4 «- 9 * K. Q J 6 £ K 10 7 6 2 V 10 |w El $ A 8 B A 10 S 3 2 4 A Q 3 V A Q 2 $ K Q J 4 3 A B 8 (Dealer: South. East-West vulnerable ) If South bids 1-Diamond here, West makes a bad overcall of ]Spade, North and Bast pass, why should South double instead of bidding 2-Diamonds? Copyright 1939, bj King Futures Syndicate, Inc. ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARTY FRIDAY AT VANDEBBILT The Intermediate Gids Society of Christian Endeavor of the East Liberty Presbyteiian Church of Vanderbilt, will entertain the Presbyterian Boya Club with a Saint Patrick's Day paity Friday evening at the Presbyterian Church. The festivities will begin at 7:30 o'clock. The fol.owing committees arc in charge: Refreshments--Ruth Evans, Dolores McManus and Garnet Lancaster; piogram--Grace Foreman and Lillian McCracken. Counselors for the gioups arc Miss Olive Ruth Kceney and O. S. Oglcvce, Jr. Tho Boys Club will meet at 7 o'clock in the men's class room for a brief business meeting, at which time officers will be elected. ELEANOR KOLAND SEMINAR SPEAKER AT SETON HILL Mibs Eleanor Eoland, member of the High Schoof faculty, addressed the stUdenl-teacher seminar at Seton Hill College, Greensburg, Monday night. Her topic dealt with thp teacher's responsibility for leisure time training ot high school students. At the close of Miss Roland's talk the Muder.t teachers participated in an open forum on the subject. At the monthly mealing of the Foyelte County -Dental Auxiliary, held Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. Harold Dull :n Wills road, officers lor the coming year were elected as follows: President, Mrs. F. C. Robinson, succeeding Mrs. O. M. Howard; vice-president, Mrs, E. C. Nixon; secretary, Mrs. W. F. Springer; treasurer, Mrs. B. B. Peai!btein. Dr. J. If. Dull addressed the group on "Habits Which Cause Irregularity of Teeth." Mrs. Louis Shrallw entertained xvith a delightful recital of piano numbers. During the business session, plans were made to cooperate with the Fayctle County Tuberculosis Society Dental Health vWeek, April 17-28. Hostesses were Mrs. Dull, Mrs. W. ' A. Puji'a, Mrs. O. F. Leighty and I Mrs. Shrallow. A dainty lunch was! served, appointments being symbolic of Saint Patrick's Day. About twenty-five attended. Out-of-town w o m e n attending were Mrs. F. C. Robinson of Hopwood, Mrs. L. W. Brownfield, Mrs. J. W. Martin. Mrs, E. B. Fast, Mrs. W. F. Springer, Mrs. Marcus Jaquette, Mrs. J. K. Sanner, Mrs. Charles Buttermore and Mrs. E. C. Nixon of Union town. Local Woman Hostess. The Friday Night Q Club of Liberty will meet Friday night at the home of Mrs. Florence Love, Franklin avenue, Connellsville. Q sisters will be revealed. By Unttcd Press HARRISBURG, Mar. 15. -- The Senate , considered today a bill, sponson/d by Senator James A. Geltz, R., Allegheny, to require annual registration with the Department of Labor md Industry all aliens, 18 years ol- over, living in the State who who have not declared intention of becoming American citizens. Reported from committee late yesterday, tho bill was given initial reading and was on the second reading calendar today. i 'Pageant of Brides" M. Aloysius Hall ntWRAR, PA. Friday, March 17th Admission 35c St. Patrick's Dance Friday, Murcli 17,1039 S:30 to 12 O'clock K;js:lcs Hall KIXOXIONS CHRISTIAN PHILATHEAS WILL ELECT OFFICERS Ofticeis for the coming year will be elected at the icgular meeting of the Phiiathca Class ot the Chritsian Church to be held Fridciy night at the hoinu of Mrs. Jumcs Charlesworth in Pear! stieet. Sunshine sis- 1 tcrs will be revealed. TSie meeting i will begin at 7:30 o'clock. ! CouncHsville High School Sophomore Class Play LITTLE GERALDINE Frr, Evening, Mar. 17 S:30 P.M. High School Auditorium --Admission-Students 15c Adults 35c For 24 Yeara Vicka Advertising /KM Bc«rt passed vpon by a Board of Phyriciana USE VA-TRO-NOL IN TIME- IT HELPS TO PREVENT COLDS DEVELOPING Here's specialized medication for the nose and upper i throat--where most colds start. Used at the flrst sruf B flo or sneeze-a few drops up each nostril--It helps to prevent many colds from developing ... Even, when your head is stopped-up from a neglected cold, Va-tro-nol clears away clogging mucus, shrinks swollen membranes-- . .~ v? helps to keep the sinuses open-lets you Breathe again! VlCKS ' YOU CAN FEEL ITS TINCUNG MEDICATION GO TO WORK VA*TRO*NOL "Used in mete;hoines than )fy1itb#r"nifediUtioi ol its kind Easter fund. _ - The committee composed of _Mrb. John H. Bowman, Migs'-Margarei Brickman, Mis. -F_. J. DeChambeaip Mrs. Edwaid Baer, Mrs. 'Leibergel 1 and Mrs. Arthuf-Wilkey,- _served ~s tasty lunch.- ----· --·--- ~--~--" "· Mrs. J. U."Ke!idoll,"Jrr,"oX""Pitts- burgh, was a guest. MIIS. FRANCES THOMAS IS - - HOSTESS TO R. M. T. CLUB - Mis. Francis Thomas entertained the R. M. T. Club Tuesday evening !(t her home at South Connellsville. Six members and one guest,-_Miss Josephine Edenbo, wore presen.t. "At the close of a business session games were played. High prize went to Miss Virginia Lurgent, and second, to Mrs. Allen Williams ol Snydertown. At a late hour a delicious lunch was served nt a beautifully decorated table. A Saint Patrick's Day color motif was attractively carried out. ^ The next meeting will be held Tuesday night, A,pril 11, at the home ol Mrs. Williams. The eqnchij(ing : se_ssion of'the mission jludV classes, sponsored by the Women's Missionary Society o£ Trinity fiuthcran Church,-, will _be held Thursday night.qt the church instead of Friday night. The .-meeting will -.begirjrat 7:45 a'clock. "Members .are asked to note the change of night. The church pastor, Dr. W. H. Hetrick, .will conclude the course Sun- day'rilgltt. 'All mission study classes .will attend in-a body. ^Tarriagc 'Announced. Miss Frieda Weaver, daughter of Mr.-"_aritf Mrs. -Frank-" Weaver of Grcensb'urg, R, "D. 2, "and Norman A. Snively, a member of the crew of the U. S. S. Cimmarron, were married Saturday evening at the home q£ the bride's parents. Hev. E. P. Welker, pastor of | the Heformed Chuich of Tidgucr, read the seivice. The couple will .reside in Philadelphia. ADAH! NATUHE STUDY CLUB FORMS FLANS FOR PARTY - Mrs. W. H. Cunningham entertained the Adahi Nature Study Club Monday night at her home in East Washington avenue. There was a good attendance. Mrs. W. S. Bradley told of her recent southern trip, describing the birds and flowers she saw. Plans were made for a party, time and place to be announced j later. The next meeting will be held evening, April 10, at the home o£ Mrs. Pauline Gallagher in Blackstone avenue. Will Meet Thursday. The Altrunan Class of the First Baptist Church will hold its regular meeting at 7:30 o'clock Thursday night at the home of Miss Phyllis Stewart, IlO'Tforth Cottage avenue. TONIGHT at the M A Y F L O W E R Hustle and Shuffle to the Music of JEBDIE HUSSjEI/L A2VJ) HIS OKCHESTKA GET A THRILL OUT OF WEEK-END OFFER: A»U«ni StO p« P«non, Double Room, Bath, All MCO)J, Friday after Bieakloftt thru SundaVr or r a y a t e Saturday th Coma down to the sea »t Co]ton Manor tvh«r* luxu- Tloutt hospitality considers your puna. Motjem comfotfa, *e» water baths* unique "SHtp'a Duck" king ocean. Fascinating Pl«ytimrt Hoom"--gjimfts and iipoiin for all ages. Aa \ovr a« £3O woetly ptst person, double, unsurpaEaed cuicltio. Booklet. COLTON MANOR mioylvAni* Av«. Atlantic Cit-r Paul Auditor, Mgi. You., and to You..and to You test 2-Day Sale Event eason-Troutman Days! The air is filled wlfJi eactcrncs.s and anticipation. And small r--for i'riday and Salnrdny i\«' arc hinging our greatest of ;i)l Miles, TJfJOUT-MAS DAYS. Little nccil-1)C said nljont the tremendous bargain!,, for experience ]i«» tnusrht you that you really do SAVE IN A BIO ^VAY-OS TROUTSTAY DAVS! 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