The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1918
Page 3
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--J. If* «3=C,~ '· 'WEDNESDAY JULY 3, i9\S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSYTLLE PA. FOOD ADMINISTRATION'S "FAIR" PRICES FOR WEEK The county food; administration today oC "lair' food pi ices for tL i county Tl announced its They follow. fourth weekly li»t Article Flour, ·wheat Flour wheat (pastry) -Flour, wheat (loose) Floor, »ice Flonr barley Flour corn Com meal (bolted) Com. meal (kiln dried) --| Rolled oats Rice (loose) Rice (pkg ) _' Potatoes (new) Beans (California) Beans (navy--Mich) Beans (Roman) Beans (ljm£) Onions Bvi pi rated milk (unsweetened) Evaporated milk (baby can) Eraporaud milk (tall can) Butter (creamery, tub) -Butter (creamery, prmt) _ Oleomargarine Eggs (fresh) Eggs (fresh, carton) -- (cream) N T Cheese (cream) Wis. . Lard (steam rend.) _ Lard (steam rend.) 1 )b carton Lard (open kettle) ·Wholesale til 50 bbl 1050 bbL 11 Ib 1275 bbl 6 50 cwt 5 00 cwt 6.25 cwt U --Pkg 11 Ib 12 Ib 05 ,lb U Ib 14% -- Ib 15 In 05 Ib 46% _lb 48H _Ib 28 27 .2! .29 .29 .Ib -Ib, -Ib. -Ib. Retail Cash and Carry I Retail Charg* and DjMverjr 25 IDS ft 60 5 ibs 1.45 1 Ib 07 1 Ib IS lib 09 lib 09 l i b 06% l i b 07tt 13 13 14 06 16 15 17 17 07 j lib l i b l i b lib l i b lib lib lib lean . lean . lib _ lib _ l i b _ Idoz. . Idoi. . l i b _ l i b _ l i b _ 111/ _ lib. _ 07 1£ 52 52 .35 46 4« 95 15 32 32 32 IDS. »160 lb« 1 45 Ib. Ib Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib pkg -Ib It Ib Ib Ib Ib Ib 1 can . 1 can . 1 Ih. _ 1 Ib, _ 1 Ib _ 1 do*. . 1 doi . 1 Ib _ 1 Ib _ 1 Ib _ 1 Ib _ 1 Ib. _ 07 .16 OS 09 OVA 07% 14 14 15 06 17 .16 IS IS 07 M 16 .56 4t 49 .38 38 34 35 Article (strip) Bacon (sHeod) (14 to 1« Iba.) (·mall) ,alfcMl) _: 40-50 Whohwale 3* to 45 to 30 to 31 to 3: Retail At MAN 'Win'OtrT A COUT4- Mmrd Bmatt Bale's fa- naa» atorr 1 bei»« shown today and- wffl ·!·» ba tbe atnettan oa t wflt aim W th* attraction n 1 am pfctan tbat IBM thrllM tbe na- tteav It la tb*. aiaaartnn ot tha hour t*aac to* aoat tknafer of an feature uilfcUliM ni th* lmi.»iVm» k ·OB af jrtilataau it tmrrtm. It drlvas koa* ttw ll«al««» laacarn la Cha moat «tory TO* ha»» wit- I ja Twn. AaM« from tka woo- 1 ati«T. raad by «nrr ram] ABKT- Inam. It trta»m forth a »e»en pJay ,it l*«r«alloua naUan. "Ttlx Man 'WMJi- OB« · Cttftrj" !«· baca trmnlatnl !· fta IIIMU and boaUM in BlIeMr. Jokn Altaav a « aaciTiat. nltara thki eane. (k* U^ted Oo»«i I wtan I bwr ot th* UKltod Snrtat," ia a tfcoe irt*» b* ia a«gCT- »* DT ti« aeon ftf tn* pBtriotte da)w*sd by th* Ion of We Norton, »*o a fiackn H* la late iMd Brant* HaXrt ·torr. a Coaatry." and to Mm Uk» a n- Rfl» fa a n»»kia» «·- XitovkflCMvt **TM^"1f Pvotan. TJ.8. A, h**H* hkraelT OB trial tar iMBCBtaat QM Uaftod by liiantr. ttien « fc p«B Ib* nat ot Mi We ·aatanMed prtnaer on Board a itttboot ever biarlnc of ttf ·btcli be DelOD^*ij^ afid *tattmOb dfiBC ta hto cabin wttt a for ttw fla« at tbe Catted vokkeaa te Jotm Alton th* dor- MM* of naBoaafMUty to 1 Kad b li««in«* a raerntt at a iMem a Bed Cnaa ta* noren reel* li n»*»aaa ta the Cai'iaa) Bvanti are TJMCUnCHD OOOOa."--Jnnrtam 4b* aaataui role ot r of a sberHf, and ab* n- ot **bnj[ iftdvvd 4A an c^pvw pack- ac* to % ndntnc town, bat wban abe wto vat to bm* eteimed ber fatto to capear. T%» mining town kt ta tb* buds of taajdM*. tbe toadcr of whom. iHiai«nl by tbe girl's beauty, is about to bay b«ir at amction, when she is saved by a man in* had befriended aad who uacrine** Ms life In her behalf Tomorrow wmiam S Bart In ·Ti«bful Tmllrter" JOBQT MOL BKAK 1*5 AT UIJTAEI ACABMT. tb* fcocor mm of tbe ehuus of 1919 at the United States KHtary aodMnT at Went Point, trxtnatad Ote TMT ' Come in and see the ,4? latest improvements in tires, more miles per dollar than ever. TF you -want tire mfleae at the lowest pos- j. sitle cost let us replace each of your fares, as they give out, -with a Firestone Cord Tire. We expected a lot from this fare, but it is doin even tetter than -we expected. The extra price is more than oSset ty extra tire mileage alone, besides the gasoline they save, the added comfort and greater car protection. Firestone has set a higher standard than ever in fabric tires, too. In developing their cord tire they found ·ways to improve the fabric line. More robber between fabric layers, deeper cushion under tread, reinforced bead and other things. Come in and see the construction. You -will then know why "we are confident in offering you, in Cord or Fabric Tires-Most Miles per Dollar Wells-Mills Motor Car Company G. BL Roberts' tbia J. B. nrartiii urm hw oev fire-puMacer ^1-cyUnder Bolck. Mia. LflBsm atricklv and Mrs Jkibs KMDT ot Batt Ifbtrtj, -wen IB Ptttaturc Ham**?. in Brief 1UTHUUL LUflCB. Twitrtey't Bwrib. 7, ChtcfaraMl 6 Brookijn 4, BtMtoa 0 FWailBlBfcai S. Now lork t CMesco 7. «L iMto L «; St. Louis 1. Vwxfcrbih. VUH)WffiM:,T, J»ly 3.-- A third Red Cn»» «tt Aai tt*n orjmniiel here with rocxaa in the Baptist church Mrs Hcary Brown was elected chairman, and 9tla* LJlllam Sheppmrd scere- tarj Me;ton to b« k«ld each Tuesday. Gnaottn), Xc. WeUs-Mills Motor ""ar Co. ConnellsTlHe-- Adv 27-4t But Liberty has organized a Red ^roai null, with Miss Jesale Brans as bail-man, and Miss Georgie JtcBur- ney us secretary Meetings to be held at th; home of Mrs John Keen) every Weduesda r Rer J w Ha^-s was a bnsiness caller In ComielUTllle yesterday Hazel 3i«rard3 was shopping in ConncllSTille Tuesday Mjune Ruth Shallenberger of Pittn- barc Is (siting her parents. Mr and Mrs H D Shallenbergrr. this week Mrs Earl Roberts of Brownsville, is 24 40 J75 Today's Schmtalc. Cincinnati at Fittsburg Chicago at St. lenis Brooklyn at New York Philadelphia at Boston. AJBERICA3C IKABIIE. Testcrtay's BonUta. Cleveland 4 St. Louis 2 Philadelphia 5, N«w York 0 Washington 3, Boston 0 Chicago 8, Detroit i Detroit 11, Chicago 8 Standlag of tbe Cluks, New York _ Boston Cleveland _ Washington St. Louis Chicago Detroit Philadelphia -37 27 -J9 29 _41 31 -37 33 _33 36 -31 35 -2S 37 .23 41 L Pet '.78 '.74 R69 529 478 ·70 131 JS» Todnj's Schedule. Detruit at Chicago St Louis a. Cleveland- Boston at Phlladelpb a New ^ork at ·Washington BELMNS Hot water Sure Relief Take Bid* This Week. Bids will be recened Una week tor 1 Iroprmemtnts to be made upon the Mount Zloa Baptist church in Foui th I street, "Wt»t Side A total amount of $1,23526 has already been raided o wards .he work t If Ton Are HnnUmg Barf*int Read die advertisem; coinmas c-f Th» i Daily Courier You will find tiem. Patronize them* wo FIBER BROOM It wOI ntwear i corn brooms. It is ^uaraateed to wear one year. Sent to any address postpaid for $1£5. Aceits wanted. Aslt kow to get »»e free. Keystone Fibre Broom Co. PmSBCBG, PA. CLARE CASSEL RETURNS TO RANKS OF AMATEUR TENNIS Yough House RESTAURANT Under 2few Management A Clean Quiet Place tor Your Family to Eat Let Us Know What You Want and Ho-sr You Warn lu GOOD SERVICE, C. }. Armstrong, prop This U the most recent photograph of Miss Clare Cass 3 l, whose return to :he ranks of amateur tennis nas brought joy to the grpat host of fol owers of the game P*fore she left competition Miss Cassel rnnk-»d aroon, tbe ont ten women experts on tbe courts She was forced to forego play nf In 1016 because ehe had given professional skating Instruction, walch de- )arred her from amatenr tennis competition She has refrained from pro- 'e«sional sport activity for more than a jpar and as a reiralt Is now restored to her amateur statris General Crouuei slipped a big pack Be of dynamite undenieatb. uebalL BOTMPHONJS OPPMAtfS TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. adveriiss in tfeis; paps? will give JOE best values for your moaiey. WONDER. THt SUIT IS OOT- OF DATE , ITS TWENTY ,01-0, A PERSON CANT TEIL THC AGE OF- A SUIT THE HANDSOME PICTURES |M THE HE t»O AND HERE IS THE Skf M C M c r k f r ISIS YOU NEVER CAN TELL FROM A PICTURE When the home clothier has a surplus of unseasonable and out-of-date merchandise in stock he wisely tells his patrons and gnes them the ad\antage in reduced .prices The out o£-town'catalogue house on the othei hand paints cleier pictures as bait and the victims hite freel} The outcome is inevitable Phop-worn out of-sfjle and unserviceable goods are received, there is no salvation and the wearer is subject to the ndicule of his friends Ten and often twent jears elapse before such gDOds get from tre makei to the \vearer and the wearer is the real victim The home clothier Keeps in style to please his patrons and the catalogue dealers take the surplus and work it off upon their ea« MCtims MORAL --With clot! ig unlike -ft me age -works to their deterioration. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will I, Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ZOEMLEKStAi-WlkD COMPANY Furniture, Burs Stoies 154-16S V. Crawiord Ave W. A. LBCIIE Drj Good* IS) \\. Crawford Are. TH1 HOIUiEU COMPACT? Hen's Wear 1W W. Lrairford Vre. CULOMAL RATIOSAl BA3K Con. r .Tittsbnrg Street and Cmwford \rennc- Mt/SIC ASD iLZCTKIC CO. Hotel Block X Pjttfitmrg St. H. KOBACKEE SOSS "Tho Big Store" . I'lttsburg St C. TV. DOWNS Foeti«ir for hferrbody 12? \. Pittsbnrg St COJttELLSVJOLLE iaAKKE'l AiD JNOB1H E5D MARKET Leading Groccrr Stores 13C itud 313 N rittsbiirg St AJ)KRSO-iOCCKS H i^DWAJRE CO. HnrUnare 116 fl. Crnwford AT«. CHARLES T. GILES Jeweltr 141 TFest CraTrford Are. BBO^ NELL SHOE COatPAXi Shoen flest Crawford Ire. CO^ELLSV1LLE DE0G COTIPAM lrugs 1JO »cst Crawford ire. PETEB R. WEEKEE FUnog and l'lionogr»ph» 1J7-129S nst Uawford Are. A. W. BISHOP Jewelry 10? West Cranford ATC. CROWLET-MESTEEZAT CO. Slices for the Whole Famil-r 113 W. CrawfonJ ATO. AKT5IAN WORK Cluna and Wall Taper H7-lol \\. Crairford AT*. THE CEMRiL STOEE Dry Goods 211 Vh Crawford Aire. ELPEH' ! S Ladies' Suits find Couts 130 Ti. Pirtybarf St PIVE AAD TE CEJiT WALL PAPER CO. NaJl Paper 10S W. Apple St « ELLS-MILLS MOTOR CAR CO. Agents lor )^il]Ts-hjiJs:bt Overland Cars, Accessories ·R ERTHEOIEK BROS. Men's Store 124 a. Fittsbnr St CO»TSLLSYELIE LAU?ORY "Snort White Work" 129 Baldwin AT*. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Dusgun ffritt Side TRISBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware \. Crawford Are. WRIGHT-KIETZLER CO. Department Store V. Crawford Ave. EAPPOST-rElTaER3IAI CO. \m Caa Do Bitter Here. 1--Entrance to a dugout In the Alps between tie Brenta and the Finve where the An«trlans ha\e been trj-Ing to break thionsh Into Uie plains ^-Camouflnge 'hop at Uie tront and sorse wornTM uorkers. »--Miss Florence M.j Gonjperg, RrnnddanEhter o£ Samuel Gompers, TMth tte bureau of de\elopment of the national headquarters, American Red Cross. I Patronize Those Who Advertise in This Paper. flflVWWl«MfMMM^MWV-yi^^

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