The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 19
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 19
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SATtrRDAY. MARCH S, 1930. THE DAILY COTTRTER, CONNEJ .LSVELLE, PA. USE PIGEONS TO SMUGGLE DRUGS New Problem Presented as Birds Bring Dope Over Mexican Border. San Antonio, Texas.--Carrier pigeons have been added to other duir.b smugglers which must be watched by federal customs officers along the Mexican border and narcotic officers here. The birds are being extensively used for smuggling narcotics Into this country, It was declared by customs Inspectors here, and are proving the most difficult problem for the officials to ·olve. Dcgg, donkeys, and even cattle have b«en used to smuggle "dope" In the paat, bat Ic was declared that only recently have pigeons been employed to *'oy extent. Of course, the amount of the drugs; that one bird can carry Is small, but a small aluminum «ap»nle attached to each leg IB said to contain from $5 to 510 worth, de- · pending on the kind and the undercover market prices. The officers' attention was first at- Qiacted to the birds when a San Antonio pigeon fancier, whose name the officials declined to divulge. Informed them that a pigeon sold by him S«Y- eral months ngo had returned home with a capsule attached to each lee. Investigation showed the capsules contained cocaine. The fancier explained that he had sold twenty pigeons «om« time before to a Mexican whose name he did not remember. No record w«J made of the sale. One Avoid* New Hem*. The fancier aided the officers in attempting to trace the birds without ·uccess. He explained tuat the par- chaser no doubt had taken the birds to aome place in Texas and confined them In a loft until he believed they were "broken" to the new borne and ·would return there when released, Thoy were then sent to Mexico, there laden with "dope" and ^released. The bird which returned to Its former owner's loft is said to have been an old one, and these are declared to be very hard to "break" to another loft. The others were yonnger and no doubt returned to their new home, each with Itn cargo of narcotic, it la believed. The fact that Sasn Antonio is the center of an active pigeon racing association complicate the work of the officers. No races are flows from Mexican points, it in amid, on account of fast-flying falcons in that country *rhlch have caused the loss of many birds in former when San Antonio and Monterey fanciers held two;way races. These races were aban- tfoned on account of the falcons. 1 There has always been some trade wtth Mexico in homing pigeons. In qplt* of the danger from .falcons in that country, and shipments across the Bio Grande from San Antonio caused no suspicion until it was found that they wore being used for smuggling. Even now officers said it is .hard to keep track of shipments of birds, although Mexican officers cooperate in the work. Birds shipped to border points are easily smuggled to ·Cbcr polntfl and released. Birds Sound Alarm Clock. Once the birds are released, Intercepting them Is Mid to be Impossible. A. flying pigeon is a common aight any- wh«re, and the homing variety does ·ot atop until it reaches its home loft. It enters the loft through a trap equipped with an alarm clock, and the owner can fletaeh the contraband Immediately, a ad it Is easily'hidden. Shotguns would not avail against the birds, even If the border patrol should see them while in flight. The carrier on long flights Is always out of range of even henry shot, and even In range their npeed would make thtm a difficult target. The border is being watched tor shipments of pigeons, but officers ire confident u many ore ·mnggleft acro»» as are- ,«hlppdd openly. It Is art easy matter to confine 100 birds In « basket and ship them across the Bio Grande', it was declared. Once acrou, the work U easy. The .unerring homing instinct of the pigeons do«s the trick. Officers,point out that as far as they knew only oae bird bad been found with the good* ofi it and that waa the one that "returned to its former hone. Thousands have been shipped acroae tlie border, it waa declared. The more ·trips tho blrcfg make, the better for the smuggles they become. After a pigeon has been flown over the same route two or three time*, It will be off like a shot u it is released. It the territory In which the bird l» released Is strange t» it, iome time will be lost In getting orientated. Smugglftra Rafting Own Btrde, Officers here hare requested pigeon fanciers to keep record* of ·*!«·, which i« being done, bat it ia believed that many nnegglera have eitahttehe4 lofU end at* now breeding their own pigeons. The birds are prolific, and it Is not nflcotnmon for « pair tt, raise aa many «e ten paint within a fear. These ten pairs, descendants of ·mng- gtera, will no doubt the next year be enraggiers, ami in reinrn breed unng- glers, it is fenrect. OflUten rcp«rt finding dog* and den- Mre need aa drag smugglers, bit «· * rale the animal, although it cartice mere than a pigeon, can be used but once, as the success ot its roiasioa coet* Its Ida. The drug is usually fed to the animal In a large metal capsule and the animal released on the otter side of the Rio aranda to find 1U way tack home. Whea it arrives across Oie river, «-here It has been kept for iome time und well fed, it la killed te obtain the drug, Pigeons cannot only be used again and again, but they ean be used (or conveying the drag greater dUtaneea, the long distances only catting tiie weight of the load. One thousand miles can lie covered by a good fa«t bird easily, but it Is not believed the home loft« of the smuggling birds are located thai far from their source* of supply. The K tor Bargains T Read the advortisjuuents la REGISTER'S AND CLERK'S NOTICE Tho f o l l o w i n g p x p o u t o r s . mliHnist-alr-ri', sun i i1i,irM .inrt I r t i M o e s settled thJr respective account? in th* office of tli^ Register and Oloric of Ori/hiin.i' I ' o u r t a n i l t i n - M.IIIIO « i l l I'C iirese-nted f o r confirmation to tho Orphans' Court of Fayette County U t h e C o u r t Haute. U m o n t o w n , P e n n s y l v a n i a , MOM DAY, A P R I l i 1, 103O. fio. K»tulr of AwomitnntM OT1'-4. 1--George-W. Scmana . , F. S V c n d c l l Hem.ins, S u r v i v i n g Administrators, :. £. a Februarys 2--Charlie Tone* . . . . . . M a r t i n (.',. HU.SH, l-lxecutor March . B e n j a m i n I,. M i l l e r , A d m i n i s t r a t o r , - February 1 : . P h l l l i J A. M r M i i h o n , K x r r u l n r February 1 .Marsh K n o p s n y d e r a m i M a r y Coffmn, Administrators .... i''cbruary 2 . W a l l e r 11 J e n v r y s , A d m l n i s l r a l o r F e b r u a r y s ' . .1 Fliruary 2 f t. a. 3--Hfenntih M i l l e r 4.--James TS. K e l l y .".--Irvln t G.--Kllza A. 7.--Jacob V. S m i t h . . . S.--Ell C'. S m i t h n.--IVenry Hue 10.--Amanda B. S'ephons 11.--Arthur S. Ha^an T i t l e ' T r u s t "company, Truler, as Stated by Pet« W .liter H. .li'ITerys, A d m i n l s u ,Uor, C. .Upor«e B. Jjim-iuna!. j U l m i n i s t r a t o r . K d w u r i i llowse!', A d n i i n l s t i * n L O T . . . . .OltlKPin T i t l e T r u s t C o m p a n y , Trustee, QH Stated Ty Pete (!. I ' . i m e r o n , K e c r e l a r y «C H a n k i n g of Pennsylvania IflSO 1030 1030 1030 1030 1030 March March 1030 1030 1930 February 2 !, 1OTO February (',. ?'.imcron, f p c r p t a r v »f I t a n k l n p r of Pennsylvania 15,--tmry S. Dawwm Citizen-! T i t l e · T r u s t Company, Trusti-o, as £ la-tod by Pc-ter G. r,impi-on, H p r r c f a r y n f B a n k i n g of Ponnsylvania February 13.--Eleanor A. Maad diluent Tlt'V; Trust C ' n m r i a n v , Trustee, as Slated by Peter a. C.imcnfii, Secretary "f (.tanking of Pennsylvania jMarch 14.--John Koplch, a Minor Citizen-; Tlt/e Trust Pompiwiv, CrUa.rdlAn, as Sta'tod by Pert or (!. C.ime-r/iii, Secretary n[ Banking of PernnBylvaatla Mnroh 3, 1030 9, 1030 3, 1080 !, 1930 TER of MON I BY ROY VICKERS CHAPTER L. i S TEPHANOS staggered to his feet. "Thera'a yottt knife," said Alan, *ad handed it to him. "Try and tue it again oa me," '· Once more Stephanos tried and again the mea were grappling. Again the knife fell to the ground. Wfth your right arm you dared to touch an American woman, acorn of the earth that you are!" shouted Alan. "You'll never UM your right arm again, Stephanos. I'm going to break it." There came a cry of pain ae Alan fulfilled hit threat. ShirUcF tried to go away then, bat eouM not Alan picked up the knife and turned to AbramoveL "A present for you, AbraraoveL Now kick that dog out of the camp. Don't kill him, mind. Jurt kick him." Shirley iteggered into the aback and a moment later Alas waa beside her. "Once agttin--I told you I mold have to UM methods you wouldn't ·ndowe," h« MM gruffly. "Groee humiliation was neceeeary, Ifa a good thing 1 kept my temper, t had my hand on hie throat once and took it away again." Part ot her was revolted at a tieene of violence, but the part of her that wa» the ttrongar wa* dianr with admiration, clamoring to teU him what aha felt Again Shirley waa discovering man--discovering this time tho gforiou* body of maa --had aeon in him the dicejplined strength of the tiger. . . . She put out her haai to him. "Alan--" she said brokenly. "But it was good business in the end," ae added. "Abramo- vel is as much afraid of me BOW as he was of Stephanos this morning. You proved very useful, Shirley." The spell was broken. She got up unsteadily and went behind the curtain into her own part of the shack. · * · · Stephanos attacked at dawn on the following day. aa Alan had prophesied. ''The advantage of making him thoroughly angry," he had ex* plained to Shirley the previous evening, "is that he won't wait about He's burning to avenge s the insult. He thinks it'll ba a walk-over for him here--he does not know about the Serbians." She was standing outside the shack when Abramovel cantered ·up with tho news. Alan had not yet risen. It was the first time the had be«n tra before him and she wondered uneasily whether he had overstrained himself in hia fight with Stephanos. She held AbramovePs horse while he ran into the ahaek. A couple oi ininuUe later they both came owt. "Bight, Abramovel!" said AJan. "Too get busy. Carry out the P lan we arranged 'te every detail. 11 handle tho Serbians. I shan't see you again until we've finished · with Stephanos . .' . Petros!" he bellowed, and demanded hi* horse. "You're tired!" she said anxiously. "I'm not. I'm just a bit stiff," he answered with unwonted surliness. "You get into the dug-out." His mood was strange and she was puzzled. "Not until I hear the first shot fired." she anawered. "Tboae wens your orders. You haven't- had any breakfast" He ignored her as Petree came up with the mare. She watched tm mount and canter off to the Serbian quarters and she thought that he eat rather heavily. She fetched th« neld-glasses and i watched hia marshaling the Serbian*. She knew every detail of his plan and could eeo that thingv were working quietly and quickfy. Abrannrvel and his men. ia touch with half the Serbian*, were taking «p positions sx that they could covsr with their rifle fire the overhanging slope of the mountain wbur* Stephanos would be compelled to mass his men before rmah- I»g the camp through the eaetant deflie. She tried to pick out the mules that were to take the ma- ebhie guns to their own special ambush, bat could not see them. Presently the Serbian camp wae deserted and Alan was trotting back towards the shack. He drew up and stared at her. "Everything according to plan!" he said stiAy. "As seen as the fun begins, I'll get thoce machine guns into position--can't do tt until we're mire they are this aide of the deAle. . . . Th« sun is get- tinn up. Get me a aunshade, Shirley--two runabades. . . . Lots of sunshades. A fashionable woman like you most have millions and millions and millions " 3h« sprang to bis aide and caught him as he swaved in the ·addle, struggling to keep him from falling, while she screamed for Petros. It was u much as Petro* and hersolf could do to lift him from thtj saddle. "Water and some eunahades, he waa muttering like a drunken mnn. "Quick, te sun is coating t" They laid him on tho ground, Shirley propping bin head. "What is the matter with him ? she cried. "Has he been ntabbed? "It is fever, madame." "Malaria?" "No--it is too sudden. It is the sand-fly fever. It Is not dangerous to life, but he will be ill for perhaps ten, for perhaps twenty dayn. . . . The battle begins, madame." ] There had come a couple of rifle slots and then a fusillade from the hills that was answered by Abra- movel's men and the Serbians. "Quick--we rnuat got him into the shack--no, into the dug-out!" ordered Shirley. "I'll take bis feet, Putros." "No, madame, I can do better, sa id Petros, dropping to the ground beside Alan ana rolling the now unconscious man onto his back. Sldrley went to the sha«k for her oysrn mattres* and on this they laid him in the dug-out. She held his head in her lap while Petros hurried for a pillow and other accessories. Hero was disaster unforeseen, overwhelming 1 . For the moment thought of his hnlpleesnasa, of the giant laid low, drowned all others. She wo* mad duned by her own ineffectualness. She had never been taught to nurse--and she had never heard of thia particular fever. "Is it dangerous, Petroa?" she attked an the Greek returned. "He will not die of the fever, answered Petros. "It ia very common here. He must have no food ov drink until nightfall, and then quinine only." There came a sudden intens fi- cation of the rifle-fire, and a bu let pattered oa tfc* iron roof of he aback twenty yard* away. He will net die of the diseat a," repeated Petros. "B*t Stepha toe wfll torture him to death. 'Stephanos f" ube echoed. " tut we shaHwin. Fetroe." Petros shook hia head. "He would have made us rin because the men are more af i aid of him than of Stephanos. Jut when they know he is ill they rill ·top fighting and run away-- except the Serbians who are at. aid of ne one and do not care rho wine. They !ov«d him, but JD« cannot love a sick man." Shirley gasped aa the con ep- tion of Stephanos' victory b) ok* upon her. Hitherto she had not thought of it Alan had perfe ied bu plan* and had told her hat BeepMDM would be anaihils ted, and she had thought no ciore about it "Then they must mot knov he fc ffl," ahe said qukUy. "1 hey do not know yet We znnat eke cesre that they do not find out He has made nil hia plane and they, know what they have to io." "They will wait for his oriere, to carry them out, madame. And when there are no orders, 'Jbey wfll run away." "X know, the order*. I rive them myself," cried Shi 'ley. "They will think that he has sent me." "Madame is wise," said the Greek. "Bh« will perhapt be killed -- and it will fen the e isier way to di«." "We're not going to dieP em- claimed Shirley in sudden oca*- peration, but she spoke in En ilish and tho Greek only blinked. "By Jove, I'd forgotten thomo ma hine gvasr" In French she aided: "Look after him, Petros/' She hurried out of the do :-eut into the shack and finite the fleld gbuweii about her. Without f (fort on her part sh» had stumble i vo the svidfer'* secret--that in I title there b) no risk of de^wX "He said the machine guns were to go out as soon as the fui began," ran her thoughts. "Thy fun Eaa been going on for five mir ates. A few kind words to Abrai ibvel first, I think." Shu mounted the rear* ane galloped across to whom Abrtu iovel and his men, with half the Ser itans on their flank, were firing from cover. "Mr. Uremia way says yot are doing well. He is now gob g to post machine runs in an an bush to cut off Stephanos' retreat' ' Before Abramovel could an mer, she was galloping ' acroee th valley 'to the; camp. In the I illow u n,d e r an overhanging ·oeky ledge crouched thoet; of tt e laborers who had refused te take part in the fight. She heard tbeir cry of amasement a* they e ugkt sight of her, then wheeled onnd the ledJre te where twenty Sei blaas ia full equipment were it* lAbog by the already laden mules. She shouted to them in F.tme* but they shook tbeir heads. She At an- plMon-Ekvflisb without *vaQ, then feu back on dumb-show. once they responded srwl tethered the males. (To B« Continued ! OwnUM. i»»,_br Snr MrtrUnu* Mr KUt HOME TOWN TWO DOUUARS CASH MONEY UP Pieces HEP 5ONB TEN HIM DOLLARS Tt TdW HIM IN {'. - -^-/ SOU.D , OLD ROADSTEER FCW SPOT CA,SW X LA'TE ..»,.,Cttfoe-aa Till* Trust .Company, Guardian, is Ste-ted by Peter Q. Cameron, Secretary cf Hawking of Pennsylvania _ 18.--Bdward KMpich, a Minor Citizens Title Truat Company, Guardian. !«* Koptoh. a. Minor G. Cameron, .Secretary t B a n k i n g of I ' t n Title Truat Company, PAGE March Stated by PcJter i s y l v a n l a ." March lib .Staled by Pater .UMizens i tile Truat uompany, u-uartiiuH, !"» oi-u.ii.--j »i * G. hameiron, Secretary r f Bo-nklng of P e n n s y l v a n i a ·· Marco .OltlKfrna Title Trust Company, ) u a r d ! « i n . as Slated by Pctfc-r G., .Secretary r,r Hawkins of Pennsylvania -I-ctiruary ITj--Joseph Bareo-fltz, a Minor Citizens Fury, a Minor ...., «. Minor ,......Oiri!6«lli'TI\1»'"Trusi'boinp»nyrJHardi;in, its .Stated by T'*tor O., Secretary rf B a n k h i t y n f P r - n t i s v l v n n l a Fcurua-ry Pary, * Minor ,..- Cltizeaa Title" TrUst Company, Gu"ari:an. «» Stated by Pwler G. Cameron, Secreta-ry i T B a n k i n g - of l ' f - n n s y l v : i n l a F e b r u a r y Stjry, a, Mirier . , Citizens Title Trust Co npa-ny, ( na .St/Ufd by Pe/le-r G. Came.ron, Secretary i.f Banking of Pr mm Ivan In February 22.--Id* Fury, a Minor Citizens Tltlo Trust Co npany, duardUin, na Started li'sr Peter^ . G. Canurot), Secretary .f Handling- of P e n n s y l v a n i a '· - teOfcruary 2R.--.Francesco Kurcr, a Minor ........ Citizen* Title Truwt Company, duardj'in, aa Staitfd by Pet*r _ , G. Qamoron, Secretary cf Banking of Pen n s y l v a n hi February M.--Eilu.b«th B*ury, a Minor Citizens Title Trust Oompa-ny, Guardian, aa SUi-Ud byv Pete-r^ G, Came-ro-n, Seoreta-ry 'tt BiLnltingr of Pe-nnsylvania February 86.--John Holupco, a Minor ..Citizens TStle Tru»t Compaii.y, Guard'.an, as Started by Pc-tc-r ' G. Cam«ron, Sdcretury t Banking: ( o! H i i n n s y l v a n l a . . ' . . . . February M.--Charles Holapco, A Minor ......Citizens Title Trust Company, Guardian us Stinted by Peter , ^_ _ G. Cameron, Becreta-ry of Baji-khi? of I ' u n n s y l v u i i l n February 2T.--Mlfce Holnpoo, a Minor Citizen* Title Trust Company, G u a r d i a n , as Stalled by Peter ,,,, T · G. Cameron. 3ecr-atarj{ .if Banking: of P e n n s y l v m i l a February 28.--J«»n Ch«mb«ra, a Minor ,Cttia«na Title Trust Company, Wwardlfin, aa Staged by Ptfter .' G. Cutatitoa, Seorotary tt' Ba.nlci.n(? of.l J eniiBylva;nia February 30.--^Ruith Bllzaibeth Collier, * Minor. .Citizens Title Truat Company, u-uardi-dn. as SUutc-rt by peter G. d»TOeron, Secretary .rf Banking- of P e n n s y l v a n i a February SO.--Th»tam Catherine Collier, a MtoorCittBens Titl» Trust Company, Guardian, as Started by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary if Banking of P o n n s y l v a n i a February »1.--J»m«s M. OoltJer, * Minor Citizens Title Trust Company, Guardian, as Started by Peter | G. Cameron, Secretary rt Ban-king: of P e n n a y l v a n l a February 82.--Anna JUadoMne Collier, a Minor. .Oltlftena Title Truwt Company, Cuardlan, a « Staj(rl by P*(er G. Cameron, Secretary 'f Biuiking of P e n r i s y i v a n f i i February 33.--Merchant I* OoUler, a Minor ,...CItl»en» Title Trust Company, Guardian/ as Stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary -ft Batiklng of P e n n s y l v a n i a .. .. F e b r u a r y 34,--Mildred HaaH Collier, a Minor. .Citizens Title tt. Truirt. Company, OuardUn aa Sta'ted by Pi-tor _, ' J. Cameron, Secretary yt Banking- of P e n n s y l v a n i a F e b r u a r y 30,--willtesn Ko*«rt Collier, a Minor.Citizens Title Trust Company, G u a r d i a n , as SUut*'J by Pe4er , _ G, Cameron, Secre-lary it Bajrklng of P e n n s y l v a n i a F e b r u a r y 30.--Mary BVlitat*th K«wcomer, MlnqrCKIeens flito Trust Company, Guardian, as Started by Peter (J. Camron, Secretary -it Banking nt P«nii«ylvanla February .Cltl*ens Title Trust Ccmpany. Uiumllan, a« StwUd by Peter O. Cameron, Secratary yf BtUikhiR oE ppiins.v l v a n l , i F e b r u a r y .Cttlzens Title Trust Company, Ouardtuii. «K Hta-.v1 l).v }'-iw O. Cameron, Secretary oC JSti-ivking: of P e n n a y l M u i U i F i ' b r u a r j .Cltlxene Title Trust Ormpony, Ouardlan, as stulrd by Pc-lcr G. Cameron, Secretary of JJa^ikinjj of P e n i i K y l v a n l u Febr'iur.i ,Citiaen« Title Trust Com puny. U u a r d l n n , en fitii-!i5 b.s Pe-ler Q. Cameron, Sncr«»ary of Ba.n-king of P e h i i s y l \ u n l a . . . . . . F e b r u a r y .CWizenm Title Trust Cf-mpany, O-uard'-un, us Sfa-U.I bv Pt-.lpi- ,, __ O, Cameron, Secretary of Ritn-kl-ngr of P o n n j ^ y l N a i i h i J V i j v t K i r y 2.--Herbert Kenneth Hew corner, a * tltwr · · · .Cltizenc Title Trust O-mpainy, f i u a r j ' a n . n s H t i n t t i l by V e ( f - r 1 · G. Cameron, Secretary of B a n k l n i r of P e n i i K !\ u n i a . . . . . F e U n i u r y Citizens Title . Trust O-mpany, Ouarai«'i. n » Stated by Pe-L. i- G. Cameron, Secretary of JVarrftlng 1 of P o t i n g ) I v t u i l i t K.' Cltlxeos Title Truat O' mpany, GuarJ'«'i, u s l) I'lMi-r »» -- *·*· Cjunwoii, Secretary of B a n k i n g of J ' u n / i n h a n j j F i - i n u i i y -«0.--R»b«.r-t TWelltBlr Newcomer, a M!nor · CfU»en* Title Trust Oumpany, f J n a i ' J ' a n , a s K t a i M l by _, ,,. ,, _ .. G- Cameron, Seereta-cy of aa.nlting- nl P e t i n s y h u n l a . . ·nutn E. Dearth, a Mln«- Cltlsens Title Trust Company, :uurd.u, as Slated by ,, ,, , G. Came-ron, Secretary of B a j i k t n t r i u f Pon-si^yhanlji M.irdi -Alary Kossak, a Minor dilzenjs Title Trust Company, r.uiird a n . us Ma.t«^l br Prt^r .- T , , ,, O. CJarne-ron, Secretary of B a n k i n g of Pei:n.sylvaniu '. Miir' 1 '! 48.--Helen Kiofisak, a Minor Cttiaens Title Trust C rnpany, C J n a r t l l a n , »» !?tn!fd b-, P ( i t e r J n ,^ -^ .^ ^. O ' Came-ron, Secretary of B a n k i n g tof P e n n s y l v a n i a Al.irch ·40.--Ida Dorothy Costolo, now a Minor dtlsene Title A Trust C (mpany. G u a r d i a n , ns Sta-sed by P e t e r . O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking- of P e i i i i . - y H u n i n M a r c h a Minor Citizens Title Trust C mi pan y, ) u a r 5 U n , UK .Staled by Pe'U r O. Cameron, Secretary of Backing- of P e n n s y l v a n i a Mjrcli a Mlno-r ..........Cltlzena Title Trust 'Company, U u a r d l a n . «» Statr-d by Pe-ter G. Cameron, Secretary of Ba.nkln«: of P e n n s y l v u n l a March * Minor ..Cltteena Title Truat Oimpa-ny, CJtiarUiu". a» fetatcd by i'fier _ _ ., G. Came-ron, Secretary of Banking of P e n n s y l v a n i a March 53.--Nellie Hln»», a. Minor Citizens Title Truirt Company, G u a r d f u n , as Stattcl by P u t c r - i YI »,., in , °- Cameron, Secretary of Ban-king: of P e n n s y l v a n i a Mart-h ,4.--Harold Hlrne*. a Minor CltfzcYis Tills Trust Company. G u a r d l a r ) . a* BtiU«d by Pe-ter , - G. Cameron, Kecr«tary of Banking- Of P e n n s y l v a n i a Man-li .1.1 -- Zjeroy Wallace, a Minor Citizens Title Trust OmpanyA G u a r d i a n , an KCn-ted by Peti-r 'G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsj Iva-nia February 56.--Charles \'P«llac«. a Mh»r CitlKcns Title Trust Company, Oiiardtan, is Startrd by Peto-r ,,. _ .. , , G- Camoron, Secretary of Ba'n-ltlns- of P e n n s y l v a n i a February 01.--aieanor Ruth Conn, a Minor ....Citizens Title Trust Company, Guardian, U K storti-d by Peter i ,. ,, ,. _ ,,, G. Cameron, .Secretary of Ban-lsins 1 of P e n n s y l v n n l a February ,*.--^rollne Gaata, a Minor Citizens Title Trust Company. G u a r d i a n . »s Ktn-t»d by Pfter .. .__« ,-, -.., ., "· Cameron, Secretary of Backing of P e n n s y H a n i a February OJ - ATI « a t»«»a, a Miner .,..Citterns Tftle Trust Company, Guardian, as Sta/lwl by'Pc-tor «m B» n h - ·». ~°' CafWo"! Sec-rotary of Banking- of Pennsylvania F e b r u a r y 00.--Stephen G**a, a Minor Cltlnens Title Trust Company. G u a r d i a n , as Sta-itd bywpdter »7.--Rwlngr K, Newcomer, a Minor 38.--AruuubeU« »ircom«r, a Minor 38.--Robert A. Nftwcoiraer, a Minor 40.--.Tame* C, Newcoih«r, a Mfnor . 41.--Bwlnsr C. Newcomer, a. Minor -·3.--William I. N«wcomer, a Minor *·».--Joum«» B. J«weom«r, a Minor . . ,,, 40. ._ 47. BO. -- Burke HImes, k t -mn .14 81. -- Wllma Himes, , 0 TO- o*. -- vvavue 5, 19SO a, inso 5, 1930 28, 1J(30 28, 1*80 US, 1930 28. 1930 28, 1080 28. 1030 28, 1030 US, 1030 28, 1030 28, 1»30 ii8, 1030 US, 1030 i!S, 3l).'!l 28, 1030 28, io:o 28. in;id 'JS, IO."1! Pc-ler . . Ki- 2S, 2S, 10-"lt 2S. 103d ·JS, Killii / _\*. mini ·js. iti.'iu r,, isi'sn 0, nn;u ,j. in.'in .", loco :i, in;;o .'!, VMO 28, ,,, ,.. . . , _ _ _ _ . Bl.-- M. t-dga-r Wtripp, a 6H. oc. 86, Cameron, Secretary of Ba-nklng- of P e n n s y l v a n i a February Minor , ., ...Cltistins Title Trust Company. G u a r d i a n , ajt .Stalled by Peter G. Camoron, Secretary of Backing- of P e n n s y l v a n i a February BI«anor Cherrr, a Minor ..Cltizpns Title Trust Company, G u a r d i a n , as Stated by Pctor , G. Cameron, Sucretarj' ot Bajivklnj? of P e n n s y l v a n i a March tw.--Anna uonza, a MM«r Citizens Title Truwt C ' o m p a n y , G u a r d i a n , as Stated by Prte,r _,, ._. ,,, G- Came-ron, Sucretarj of Backing of P e n n s j l v a n l a March Klissobetn Honza. a Minor CitUens Title Trus-t C'ompany, O u a r d l n n , as Stajtrd by Pot or T«.^h ir-v _, «· « *?' Camion, Hecrelar\ of Baiiklri s of P c n n B y l v a t t i a March ·Joaepn ilonza, a Minor Citizen* Title . Truirt C'ompany. Guardian, as StaUrd by Pt-tor G- Canforon, Hecretarj of Banking- of P r i i n s y t v a n l a March ·Mrflrarat KMhner, a Minor . .. .'Cltlisons Title Truat Company, Uuardlun, us Htatei by P-ete-r- «, ·* -,. t . G - Cameron, Secretarj of Bnnkltur of P e n n s y l v a n i a March 67.--Mary Kuehner, a Minor Citizens Title Trust C'ompany. G u a r d l u n . as Start.-d by Poter -.,. _. . . G. Cameron. Secretar of lia-nl^lns- of Pennsylvania Majvh Blla Kusnner, a mhvor .Cttlswsns Title Trust Company, G u a r d i a n , as Sta-ted by Poter G. Cameron, Secretarj ot of P e n n s y l M i n l a Ma.rch QHlzens Title Truirt Company. O u a r i l l u n , as Siwtcvl by Peter G. Came-ron. Secr«t*r\ of Banking of P e n n s y l v a n i a March Citizen* Title Trust Mmpany, Guardian, an Stated by Polar 'G. Cameron, Secretarj of Bnklng of P e n n s y l v a n i a . . . , . .. M,wch Cl i. l *tT' :!l -TL t J? Trust company. Guardliiii. us Stwted by Pet^r " " " " " February bv Peter 68. 09. in a Minor 70.--3us*nn*h Kushn«r, a Minor 71.--Emilo Clpolettl, a 73.--Gleria. Ctpolettl, a Mkior . . . . . . 75.--Perry a. Minor . . . , O, Gamnron, :l, a Minor Citizens Title n, Cameron; 76.--Caroline Clpolettl, a Minor .,.'., .Citizens Title G. Cimeron, 77.--Olive Ixmiso Ker*naw Blackvtone, a Minor Cltfaefts Title _ . , . . . · , G. Cameron, 78.--Steve-n Bonk, a Minor ,,.Citizens Title . . . . · O. Cameron, 79.--Hl-bert W. Cherry, a Minor Citizens Title G. Cameron, 80.--Leopold Cabaret, a Minor ., Citizens Title G. Came-ron, 81.--Mary Alice Rl-tchey, a Minor ... .CJtlzens Title O. Cameron, 82.--Violet Ritcher, a Minor .Citlx,cna Title a Minor . . . . G. Cameron, M.--Joan HJraen, a Minor Citizens Title -O, Cameron, 88.--Q««ton Cabaret, a Minor- i Citizens Title G. Cameron, 86.--Alberta G*rcher. a Minor . Citixn-ns Title G. Cameron, 87.--Clyde R. Blfm. a Minor . .v...Cftlzens Tltlo ' G. Cameron, 88.--Jamen H. Blgam, a Minor CTUzena Title 88.---Jose-phlne Blfam, a Minor , Citizens Title' G. Cameron, 00.--.Roaa Belt Biram, a Minor Cl-tizen^ Tltln G. Cameron, 81.--Sophie Dudklewlcz, a Minor ... .Citizen* Tltlo 02.--Blola Foabr'hik, a Minor . . . ' . . . , of P e n n s y l v a n i a . . , . , . February ., as StateU by Pe'ter fiecretar" of Ban-king- of P e n n s y l v a n i a February Truot 'JumpM^y, G u a r d i a n , us Stated by Pe.ter Secretary of Banking: of Pennsylvania .' February Trust i Company. Guardian, as Stat«l by Poster Seuretar-- of Banking of P e n n s y l v a n i a . . . . . . February 'Trust :Mmpany, G-uardUin, as Stated by Pc-ter Secrotar '.of BatiKing: of P.ennayivanlu ." February . Trust Oompuny, Guardian. a» Stated by Pftter Secr«tar ·· of B a n k i n g oi' Pc-nrisylvania February T r u a t O o m p u r i y , Guardian. ;is Stoited by Prtcr Secrclar/ of BauJcliivg ot P o n n s y l v a n i a March Trust Company, Ouaruian, as Stati-d by P e t e r Secretary of B a n k i n g of P e n n s y l v a n i a Februa-ry fc 'IVus-t 'Jompariy, Ouaid'.an, ns Stated by Po-ter Secretary of Hanking- of P e n n s y l v a n i a Marcli «c Trtmt Company, G u a t d l n i i . as SUticd by Peter Secretary of Banking* of P i n n s y J v a nia. March Trut, ns K t a t c J by Pe-ter Secretary of Banking of P e n n s y l v a n i a .' February Trust Company, Guardian. UK S(a.fud by Pe-ter Secretary of Banking "f P e n n s y l v a n i a F c b r u u r v Trust Company, Guard'.an, ns Stated by Pe-ler Secretary of B a n k i n g of P e n n s y l v a n i a .' F e b r u a r y Trust Company, Guardian, as Sta/lrd by Poter Secretary of B a n k i n g of P r n i i B y H a r u u Felmiarv · Trust Company, Guardian, as Stated by Peter Secretary of Banking: of P e n n s y l v a n i a . ' . . . . F e b r u n r v Trust Company, Guardian, us Sta.ed by Becretary of Banking °f P ' - n n s y l v u n l a F e U r u t r v . Tru»t Oompfthy, Q u a r d l a n . «» t-talcd by Pe-ter Secretary of Banking of P e n n s y l v a n i a F e b r u a r v Trust Oonjpainy, G-uai'diati, as Stated by PiHer becrctary of Backing of Pc-nnsylvania F e b r u a r y Truet Company, RuarOlan. as S i a i f d by Peter 28, 1030 28, 103ii 28, 1030 2s, 10:10 10, J030 5, 1930 5, 1030 3, 1030 3. 1930 7, 1030 .'!, 1930 3, 1930 3, 1030 18. 103» 18, 10UO IS, 10r,i) 18, io;jo is, ism IS, I9u0 10, 1930 10, J!»0(l i«: insu 3, IWitl ' 28. 10i!0 2S, HKJi) is, If, lOUll is, imt is, istait. is, lt»;!u 1, as,--John Posibrl-hk, a Minor k · rtiS' *-- amero11 ' Secr«tai y of Bankittg; of Pennsylvania . . . . Februarvl M..--Jam«» Po*brln*, a Miuo-r Citizens Title Trust Compa-n-y, Guardian, as Stated by Peter · _,. · _,?.· Cameron, SecreUuy of Banklns: of Pennsylvania ', V'ebru'arv ,0.1.--Peter Bryiwit, a Minor ;.Citizen* Title Trust Company, Quor u Ian. as StatHl by Peter ' I ,,, ?· Ca '» sr on. Secretaiy of Ban-kingr of Pennsylvania^ , .. . Febniarv 'Ofl.--Rabert Bryan-t, a Mln«r ...OHIzena Title Trust Company, Guardian, as Stated by Pet at ,, " *' _,9- Camwon, Secretary of Ban-kinsf of P e n n s y l v a n i a , .-, . February 87.--Wanda Gay, a Mlnor.*'l. Cltlzena Title Trust Company, Giiardlan, as Slatctl by froter · ( G, Cameron, Secretaiy. of Banking-of Pennsylvania . ·· rebrunrv 08.--Robert Gay, 1 a Ml-nor Oltlzena Title Trust Company, Ouardlan, as Stated by Peter * , , «. Cwh«r*n, Secretary of Banklns: of Pennsylvania; . . . . . Fcbfu»ry 00.--Stanl*y Gay, a Minor C4tl*en« Title Trust Company. Guardian, as Stated by Peter ' G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking- of Pennsylvania ,.,... Fftbrumry 100,--Cecelia Bank*, a Minor ,. Citizen* Title ft Truirt Company, Guardian, as S tat eT by 'Pe-ter " G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania 1 101,--Jortah H. .pil«, a Minor Citizen* Title tt Trust Company, Guardian, as Stated by Peter '. G..Cameron, Secretary of Ban-king: of Pennsylvania 102.--Mary B. plls, a Minor Citizens Title Trust Oompamy, O-ua-r-alun, as Stated by Jfeter O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania 103.--M*ry E. Bryflon, a Minor Citizen* Title True' Oompamy, Guardian, as Stated by'p'e'tir' O. Cameron, Secretary of. Banking of Pennsylvania ' · M*MI. 104.--Elizabeth Ctoir, a Minor CWlsetia Title Tru« Oompamy, G-ua-rdian, as Stated by'p'e'ti'r" G. Cameron. Secretary of Ban-king- of Pennsylvania *, Hin«r . .Otttaena Title Trust Oompamy, Ouardlan. as Stated by Peter' G. Cameron, Secretary ot Ban kin sr or Pennsylvania Ottiaane Title Tru»t Oompa/ny, Qu,aTdlfl.n, as Stated by p'oWr G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking: of Pennsylvania . . Citizen* Title Trusrt Company, Guardian, as Stated by Pet'e-V , i O- Cameron, Secretary, of Banfeinc ot Pennsylvania ^ . . . . 106,--Andrew JacV»on Camp-bell, ' ·' ' a Mln» ....,,,,-,. CMlaen« Title 105.--Nevada F. Balitn««r, 106,---Jaihe» J. C. B*(*t«|f*r, a- M-lior DAUfherty, a Minor . 108.~Koland P. T«t«, 'a Vinar Trust Oompamy, Guardian, ai StateS by Peter- G. Cameron, Sedretery of Banking of Pennsylvania March .Citizen* 7'ltle Trusi pompainy, Guardian, as Stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary oil Banking- of Pennsylvania ., . 110.~-H»nry GtUiort »tn»*»on, 'a Minor.Cftlaena Title Tru»i Company, Gua-rdlan, as Stated bvPatAr i °- Ca«»roh, Secretary of Sanklnr of Pennsylvafllft .... £, 111,--B**inJild .Battley ,Tne Second Na,tlonM Hank of Urilontown, Pen«e, AdmlnivtraitoT- 113.--Albert H, Bryner Plummar V. Bry-ne,r, Executor 118.--Laura A, Kill* , ,..,Emm* K. BUU, Executrix , ...C , "" AUDIT IVOTICK. "---All parties ,lnt«fe«t»!I a»e h«re*y nntined that an Aud-lt Ll»t will be made tip of all the tort,n»nm A\A l\mi will b« eaHem bfl Monday, th» »l»t day ot April, 1030, art 10 o'olock A. M., and continue tSSttftw (Saturday* arttt BUn«Uy» excepted) until tl»e ll»t shall have be«n di»po«el of. ww^w^^r IS, 'I83o J8, 1080 is', man 1H, 1080 18, 1030 18, J930 IS, 1939 IS, 1930 1H, 1820 f), 1030 B, 1030 .5, 1980 ' 5, 1«30 , 1M0 «, XMt a. ·i. »§, , ( S»«l»t*r of Wills tuna Ux-Offlolo ^*~~~ - - i i ^-^^at^mmmmmm Use Our Classified Ads PAXBONIZE HOM1 MEHCHAJIT* AHVIKT1SB III THIS 11 X u

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