The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 18
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 18
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PAC,tZ MGHT. . EOS DAILTf COTJKTim, CG XNELTjSVTtiLE, PA'. SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1930. Basketball THE SPORTING WORLD Br .TAMES ML I ITSCOLI* |1 *'T T T*1 Basketball Meet National Champions on Monday COKERS AT LEISENRING TUESDAY EVENING i Dunbar Township Favorite To Win Annual Series With Orange and Black Passers Considerable Interest Manifest In Competition Between Neighbor Rivals. LARGE CROWD. IS EXPECTED Rules for 1930 American Legion Diamond Program Announcement was made today that the first i;ame of UIP annual series between Connetlsvillo and Dunbar Township High basketeers will be staged Tuesday even.nt? at tho Lel- senring No. 1 gymnasium. Considerable interest is manifest in the play despite the ff.ct that the Red and Black warriors are ruling favorites to take both ends of the competition, tho second of which will be staged on the local courts on Friday night. Both ?ymnablums are expected to be taxed to capacity for the struggles and sUtidlng room uuquestioiia-blv will be at a premium as tho followers of tho two noighboily rival institutions will jam the spacious pavilions. Bruco M. Shearer lun a, vpiy good combination at Leisenrmg No 1 and the fact that tho contingent recorded 14 triumphs in 16 star^.3 may be given much thought. The quintet also copped the championship in Section 12, W. P. I. A. League, and while it was unable to cope with the crack Monessen High wariiors in the elimination round the showing of tho Red and Black was regarded as very good. The skipper has moulded a good scoi- ing combination Around Joe Tulley, Jimmy Bailey and Eugene Roillj, three lettermeu of 1W9. Be-hrens, Millei and Skonezny also have been play ing a game all season. Past perfoimances as a rule don 1 ) moan anything when these two insti- t u t i o n s KO atter each other in competitive i ndeators as has been noticed In the past. While Dunbar was tho r u l i n g favorite in 1929 in the Coker series, tho Leienrlnjr boys hud a difficult time ekeins out a triumph on the home ground and then were given a decisive whipping at tho Orange and Bl,u-k court. BUI Dolde, popular High School ithletlt director, seems to have i) T. "paged" when it comes to basketball and for this reason, two clocly contested battled can be | anticipated. PERFECT LOW SCORE REPORTED IN BASKETBALL CHICAGO, March 8.--The perfect low scord basketball game has been produced in a district preliminary tournament. Georgetown defeated Homer, 1 to 0, tcorlng a foul goal in the first period and retaining the lead by stalling. The Homer five refused to attempt to break up the stall until the last three minutes of play. Additional rules pertaining to tho 19 JO junior baseball program ot the American L gion follows: r In cities or towns having populations of 50 000 or more, according to 19?0 Federal census, no team will be allowed to Iraw persons from more than one high school. The high school record as o r February 15, 1930, will govern as t bona iide enrollment of players. ('I his rule Is en forcible as to public, pi ivate and denominational high school- giving^ the- regular accredited hig'i school curriculum This rule 1s enfor -tble as to all high school pupils regai clleae of whether or not they have i ver partlcpated in high school at! letici "Junior high schools," "Intermediate high schools," "niftht commercial high schools," pri\ato ant! denominational schools not carry-in ' a regular accredited "high school curriculum" are not considered high schools within the meaning c«f this r u l e ) G It a player is found to be ineligible, he -thall be disqualified immediately from further competition, and it such iaellglLihty tvo determined prior to a egioiial tournament, the entire team having use'! such ineligible play r will be automatically disqualified ;*nd barred from f u r t h e r competitions and all games won by such team st a!l be thrown out of the records. All protests on eligibility of players must bo specific and set forth reasonable bvsis for protest and be accompanied by proof. 7. No tea n may carry inoro than 14 players a id all players must have been enroll* I before Juno 15, 1930 The player personnel of a team cannot bo chan, ed after dato of official enrollment Substitutions for purpose ot strengthening team will not be allowed under »ny circumstances Only in case of d-oath or disability may a vacancy be filled with u substitute player, and then only when authorized by the department athletic director for competitions within bis department, and by the national director of the Americanism commission for regional, sectional and final tournaments. Geno\ese and Fiirin, whose faces appear i n the group of St. Vincent College basketball players shown elsewhere on this page- were members o' Ray Welsh's North Union Township High School team last season. The former is high scorer of Clem Crowe'n organization. i , , A Strong Woman! East Huntingdon Loses Close Game To Derry Passers ALVEUTO , March 8.--East Huntingdon Town hip High passers lost a single point decision to Derry Township at Den · last night. The tally was 17 to 16 Alverton m »de a great stand in the final quartes. scoring nine points while holding the home club to one. The line-ui-: Derry Twp.-- 17. E. Huntingdon--16. Graham F Shaeffer Braden F ...» Hyskell Johnson -- 0 Eicher Abbaticchlo G Crosby Ferrari .. ... G. King Score by periods: Derry Township ~ ....G G 4 1--IT Kast Huntingdon 2 3 2 SK-16 Substitutions--Wilson, for Shaeffer, Shaeffer for Hyskell, Andrish for Eicher, Tomeuhko for Crosby, Lem- .mon for King Piper for Wilson, Wilton for Piper, Hyskell for Wilson, lc*pto for Shne-ffer. i?leld goals --Graham 4, Braden 3, Ferrari, Shaeffer 3, Andrish, Tomechko, Leminon. Foul goals--Derry Township, 1 out of 2; East Huntingdon, 4 out of 8. Referee--Lj uch. LEAGUE OF NATIONS WINS IN DUCKPINS The Leagu throe gam-ctt Ohio Account laat night. S 499. The scores. B. O. ifullln -------- 1- MRS. tt U/PTLAW M A K S Y M I A K . The peujle ol this vicinity will have nn opport uiity of w i t n e s s i n g ouu ot the g i ^ a U s t su ta of s t r e n g t h evei to be t»tH.K«d w h e n on Sunday evening it 7 u ' i l i k Mr am! Mrs- Wald-yluw Muk.»tnUK of W u t h a w , Poland, appear at tli« Polish Amei Club at Kvt'son WaldyUw, a 236-pound giant of atrength, will show just what a human body can do Ho w i l l not be alone in his efforts for Ills w i f e (pictured 1 »boo'» w h o is rated f l i p strong- a-tt woman in the world, w i l l bo t h e r e to «.hrw w h a t Ihn fftndlp of the syocica u-. ablo to accomplish. O. Priukey . Frlsohnaller Panaella .. - - Zimniii ------ Lohau ..... . of Nations team won from the Baltimore uits on the Elk alloys uhoiidgo was high with ACCOUNTANTS. 15J 172 112 437 195 124 91 413 85 S5 . ... 97 07 109 303 121 137 12ti 384 79 79 -- 'lie lie Totals -651 609 57 1817 L.EAGU:; OF NATIONS. I'ltUmiiit - -. .168 '122 106 39G Babel _ .140 )8 175 419 | QiUnn - _ JG 103 152 351 ' Kdwarda 133 119 2J7 ...449 Sohonago 130 192 177 498 673 834 S2fi 2133 I Many Conn* Hsvllllaus will go to Morgan town oniRht to .SPO^ Charl-oy l l v a i l and i h r Pitt Panthers in action against the M untHinqrs Most tana r-wili/.^ (tin Ho den f'ini) w i l l ho facing a stnpro tost Pictured above is tho SI Vincont College basketball equail from Latrobe, Pa, which w i l l tangle with the mighty Pitt Panthers on next Monday evening at Uic Pitt Stadium in Plttsburg. Pitt is recognized as national champs and though St. Vincent Howitzers Lose To Bearcats at Armory, 44-25 George T r u m p and liis lighting Bearcats registered anothpr victory over the Howitzer basketball team at ·he State Armory last night. In the second half tho Bearcats opened a passing attack which brought basket after basket The final count was 44-25. The first two periods were hard and evenly fought. When the half closed the victors had a three-point margin which grew rapidly in the third and lourth quarters. G. Mossholder led tho .scoring with eight field goals and Jaros and Sylers Kept the Howitzers in the game with tour baskets each. The line-up: Bearcats--44. j. Mossholder Cypher . a. Mossholder Trump --. Witt Substitutions--Kesler Mansbury for Scott. Field goals--G. Mossholder 8, Cypher 5, S. Mossholder B, Trump 4, Lucky 2, Sylrs 4, Jaroa 4, Kesler, Foul goals--Howitzers, 3 6ut of 8; Bearcats, none out of none, Referees--Robbins and Stouer, VAT 4JVJCH -GM»/eo Is given no chance of renting them they will go into the g me and make a desnfratp a 1 tempt to hold the Panthera to a r-MSionab e wcoro while gutting a few more pol its than eorhe other tfaina ha*e madt thoro. The garno wltn Pitt o i Monday will McG«« Recommended To McGraw fc r Giant* y. F. c. G. Howitzers--2f. _. Vaughn Lucky ,_ . Syleis Scott JaroB for Vaughn, Use our classified advertisement Bernard McGoo, catch r, waa rec- : orrtmendod to John IcGraw by ) Tammany Chief Oorrj MoOec ii {showing som« fin« wor'i behind the |bat u he train* with tl eNew York' Giants at San Antonio, Texas. bring St Vincent's second season of varsity basketball to a close and much cmlit Is duo to Coach Clem Crowe for bringing his team up to euch recognition in the isuort space ot two years. Patronized those who advertise. West Side Team Beats Greenwood Methodist Five Directory of All Baseball Clubs Desired; Managers to Notify Courier Sports Dept Sports Comment By JOHN H. WHORIC. There's going to be much activity Thursday ni«ht, March 13, at th« Slavish Hill when the Oonnellsville Athletic Club putt. on. another of its popular amateur fistic program which should draw a crowd that will tax the capacity of the spacious auditorium. Seven matches that will provide real action and ke?p the huge gathering keenly interested are to be arranged by matchmaker and trainer, Billy Carter, who already has started the boys' regular workouts. A word to the sport tan--There's one consolation -when you go to an amateur fistic card. You know that you'll get your money's worth in action and that there's no opportunity of a Phil Scott carnival The elrnon pares crawl through the ropes for honor and glory--cash, being out ot question--and thin virtually guarantees a world of battle. A mflfl by the n ime of Fred Bngle- hart, genial physical director of the Navy Y. M. C. A. has several score medals for winning places tu various athletic contests, including broad jump, hop-step-jumD, dash and etc. His ten rules, for success in athletics aro gheii as thus: Live moderately, do lots of walking, Keep regular sleeping hours, no pastry with meals, no smoking or drinking, no turkey trotting, eight hours work, regular meals run your own ract always and keep at it persistently. The West Side basketball tsara won another game at the Greenwood M. E. Church gymnasium last night, defeating the Methodists by a score of 27-18. The West Slders had the upper hand, all the way through the fast contest. Tom McCleary was the high scorer for the victors, registering four times and his passing kept the club out in front. Martin, oE the Methodists, equalled McCleary's record in point getting The line-up: Went Side--27. laola Robbins _McCleary C. . Decrement! . O, . Shrum G C. DeBolt Substitutions--Polser tor Shrum, Priukey for Declementi, Emerick for O. DeBolt. Field goals--Isola 3, Hobbins 2, Mc- Cloary 4, Shrum, Declementl 2, Poiser, B. Jaynes 3, Witt, Martin 4, Q. DeBolt. Foul goals--West Side, 1 out of 3; Methodists, 1 out of 2. Referee--Trump. Methodists--18. F. _ /_ B. Jaynes Witt Martin . G. DeBolt F. Classified Advertisements When placed in the columns of Courier bring results. Try them. Yanking" Themselves Into Shape Manager Bob Shawkey himself puts his squad of potential New York Yankee diamond stars through their strenuous setting-up exercises. The familiar looking gentleman in th« center of the group i* knot 'n as Professor Babe Ruth, Sultan of Swat and Kini of Klout. The boys go through thia drill every i.nor itng as a part of their rigorous Spring training in p (partition for a big season back houne. Mayor II. D, Mi) erd, au advocate of community Sports for Connellsville, apparently is the figure behind tbo Junior American Legion Baseball League. "Dan' 1 is au active Legionnaire and he's a great believer in the right kind of athletics for the boys. Not that H matters but--Pug Cafferty's going to hold another boring show. He says Jw lost some money on the last program. Mayor H. D. Minerd Suggest* List of Potential Teams Be Procured. The Uniontown News-Standard continues to rnlBittforox ita readers. The other day the fol'owing paragraph appeared: "Dunbiu staggered through to victory this y-iar. Without Hon- josky, it3 stellar oager of last year, Dunbar was not so impressive* this year, PerryopolLi and SeWiokley scared the noble followers ot the l«iB- enring schpol at least three times." Winning 14 out ol 16 starts is some stagger and I don't mean maybe. And how Se-wickley did scare D. T. In the first game at Lelsenring, they won by 18 points and then in the second at the Hermlnle gym, tbe Red and only chalked up a 22-point edge. We hope for more swh scares. Ninetynine per cent of ihe close followers followers of the Loieeorlng team will vouch for the fact that the 1930 combination could trim th« 1929 auintet with Honjosky hoi'ling his own. Dunbar this season had a well balanced machine and its great success ia not attributed to any one Individual who on many occasions might ruin the entire club as has had happened many times Boxing Fans Will Get Treat Thursday At Load Program Boxing fans are due for a real treat during the Lenten season when on Thursday evening, March 13, the Con- nellaville' Athletic Club will present one of the best amateur flstlc cards ever to be witnessed in this region. Seven three-round bouts arc scheduled between the best boys in the Fay-West district. Teddy Mancuso, the local featherweight, is to battle Johnny Nagy who hails from Masontown. Nagy is anxious to add the Coker to his already long list of viotori. and Teddy will be on his toes iu order to check his opponent in a decisive manner. Teddy has already mot and defeated some of the best boys In tliis Vicinity and if he is able to conau«T Nagy, it will be ·A feather in his hat Joe Vargosky, the Youngwood mauler who has be«n fighting under the colors of the Couuellsvllle Athletic Club, will have His hands full when he steps three rounds with Young Fraucesk, represent np th« West Newton Athletic Club. These boys are mixers and fnns a 'e assured plenty of hard wallops. Keports emanating from Youngwood Indicates that Joe will come to Connellsville backed by a large delegation c t home fans. Jimmy Giacho-tti of Uniontown meets RUFB Sickles of West Newton and Young Gorcheik of Masontown encounters Red VIAm at West Newton in two of the other oouts. Three more are to be arranged Babe nufh hae Dejected th» com- promifce offer of Colonel Jake Ilup- pert, owner of the New York Yank-ecu, The offer was 185,000 for this year or $30,000 (or each of aezt two eeasona. SEVERAL LOOPS MAY BE FORMED J-ubt how many potential baselalt teams are there In Connellsvnie ie a question those interested in the organization o£ a City League and one or two other loops are asking. In another month the weather v1l] probably be favorable to outdoor practice and the earlier the start, the better the prospect for complete schixl- utes. Mayor H. D. Minerd, who is ranch interested in the promotion of the game as a community activity} lias suggested that clube which anticipate ·being active this season get In touch with the sports editor of The Oourlr, giving information as to age of players, experience and whether or not they would like to bo enrolled IB « loop. Beginning text week, despite ihe fact that many of the teams have not progressed further than preliminary discussion, this paper will announce any organization which is certain it will have representatives on the diamond. In that manner some idea of the league prospects will be obtainod. Within a few weeks it is hoped to be able to call the managers of the various teams together and 'hold meetings at which organization plaua will be laid. There-'s nothing so thrilling on a bright summer day as the smack of hickory against the leather hide ot a baseball and if the young athletee ot the city get behind the movement which has been begun by Mayor M'.nerd, it is evident there will be plei ty of fun for tht idle hours. Not only will it give those athletically inclined something t,o do, but will provide entertainment for hundreds of others WEST NEWTON HIGH DOWNS COKER GIRLS IN CLOSE CONTEST The West Newton High School gti Is scored a 14-11 decision over the Coker sextet Thursday night at the Hi,;h School gymnasium. A good crowd was on hand to eee the contest. B T 3OY GROVE Central Pre»i gporti Writer OLFERS, In beginning, ihoold \J realize then mre many way« to learn the game. We mean that the game Is founded on a general principle from ·tart to finish, but that doet not exclude one from uelng Individual naturalneM to develop their «olf. t AH profeaatonaU have their peeutt- arltlea Thta !· very noticeable oil the putting green and !· just aa radical on the tee, but la hidden by the power of the stroke. for that reason It !· very difficult to Imitate the drive 'of your favorite golfer. Jchnny farrell ha» a very peculiar putting form which la all In hi* hand*. He dig* the nail of hla right thumb Into the leather of Mm putter. Johnny aaya this method keep* tha wrlsta working In a straight tin*. Thta alao leaaena the danger of "roll- Ing wrlata," which send* the putt to the right or the left of the cup. Whether thin ii true or not it ti Karrell'a belief, it may be take* aa form, or confidence. Hagen'n putting )· conaldered th« finest. :!is utanco ts wide open, with feet far apart aa Illustrated In the drawing. The ball la played well off the right foot, hla elbewa are cloee to the body and bin putting ta don* with the wrlata. Hla grume la much the aama throughout, whereaa Farnll'a dlCtara with almost every shot. l*arrel)'a feet are close together on the green and wide apart on the tee. Between thesa points his stance varies with the distance at the shet

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