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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, July 3, 1918
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^jjjP^W??!??;:^ Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,832 · VOL. 16, NO. 200. CONNEL1SVILUE, PA. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 3,: 1918. BIGHT PAGES. BRITISH LOSE GREATER PART OF GROUND WRESTED FROM THE GERMANS IN SUNDAY'S ATTACK Germans Drive Forward in Albert Sector After Fierce Artillery Bombardment; Six Months More Will See Two and Half Million Americans in France. GREAT CROWD WILL ATTEND PICNIC AT GRAHAM'S GROVE Preparations Hade to Serve 2,000 Persops in Eed Cross Benefit. OVER MILLION MEN ARE NOW ACROSS ATLANTIC By Aisociated Press. JULY FOURTH IN REGION Flap Raisings in Connellsvlllo and Tarions Places Arranged for Anniversary of Declaration of Jndepcnd- j encc; Cofee Employes Are to Work, j i Attention in Connellsvillc on July LONDON, July 8.--German, troops last night after heavy .Fourth will be centered in the frater- preparatory shelling attacked and recaptured the greater part of the ground taken by-the British in their local operation near nal orders' picnic at Graham's Grove in Dunbar township for the benefit BouzincourtJ north of Albert, on Sunday evening, the war office ot the Red Cross, at which 2,000 ner- ; announced today. " "" """"·* " h - '"*. SIX JffOTHS. sons are ejcpecujd to be in attendance. In Connellsville there will he the rais-; ing of the Liberty Loan honor flag j BOWKS' TKAM HOIJ)S TO :E*VD IN WAR SAYINGS ICUIPAIGJf I. The foHowing reports of the team captains in the Vfar Savings Stamp .drive, totaling £337,- 221.25, show what'amounts were solicited by each of the teams: Capt. Mo. Sobs. Downs -Kenney _ Campbell Keagy -Bixler -Asbe Wright _ Pryce -- Lcche -Graham , Long Trader Leiilenring 1_ Post Office ._ Maccabees Total 563 355 .103 '154 418 269 398 1.99 -_ 352 373 354 183 L50 J43.573.00 36,373.00 28,355.00 26,681.00 23.662.75 22,780.00 22,356.00 18.261.00' 17,565.00 15.886.00 14,450.00 8,975.00 6,000.00 50,000.00 2,264.50 CONNELLSYILLE GOES OVER TOP IN W.S.S. DRIVE Reports of Canvassing Teams Show Quota is Oversubscribed Br $58,000.' WESTERN MARYLAND YARDS, ROUNDHOUSE AT FAYETTE TO BE COMPLETED IN 60 DAYS IOTA! IS NOW $377,221 Citizens of This Community Show (i Spirit of Loyalty njiil Generosity in Their SuwscripOons; Result of Thrw.' Day Wrire is IVonderfnl. ; ' .,900,000 . '.during the morning, a Bag raising by j r i n » f ADAD Tfl UVf D PARIS, July 3. -- (Havas Agency) -- In six months there will' t h e members of St. Emory's Roman fAlUN L/U)UI\ 1U ttLLl he 2,500,000 American troops on the French front, Andre Car- 1 catholic church in south Arch street, dieu, head of the general commission for Franco-American, war land a baseball gam« in. tie afternoon matters, has declared to the editor of the Petit Journal. '. ·WASHINGTON, July 3.--Knowi- · edge that more than 1,000.000 United 'States troops "are now in France tu: day promises to add to America's eel; bration of the Fourth of July tomorrow. President Wjlron in making i 'nubile a letter from Secretary Baker ('made known the fact that 1,013,115 British admiralty," the note reads, ·'the assertion in this case that a German submarine was responsibile for the afte of the Llandovery Castle is also probably incorrect. It appears from the later news that no one on board the steamer observed a U-boat i'or a torpedo. In all probability the American troops hail left for over- ca|]Se of , he , oss ^j b(J (ound to ^ · s«as service: on July 1. a record ·'|t;hich in the words of the President i 'Srili give.additional zest to our national celebration of the Fourth of : 'July." -.-, : · Despite- activity of German subma- i vines troops sailing have increased \sjteadily; from 1.718 men in May 1917, '."·when the, ;raiisuard of America's eon- attributable to a British mine." ARCHA5GEJ, FROVISCIAI, OFFICIALS ARRESTED. WASHINGTON, July S.--Arrest ot i members of the Archang-el provincial ! at Fayette Field, while in various parts oC the county there will be events to observe the day, among them being Dickerson Run and Wooddale. Everything is ready for the picnic. Three hundred dozen ears of corn from South Carolina arrived ia the city this morning and will be veady for the dinner, the serving of which will begin at noon. Large quantities of roast beef and other good things are ready. The crowd will begin to gather during the forenoon and the affair will last wel! into the day. AH the clubs of the orders will Toe closed un- government by the Bolshevilci is reported in a dispatch from Ambassador Francis dated at Vologda and re- !!irh»uUon.o;. the' forces of democracy. ived lod at ^ sme hom^.hor.M, until lost month \- duma ^ Tologda tie messap! wer* «nt.,awar th« total saifl of ^ fiubitanti^ljr enoush lor 30 divisions mandates of th ,. Je ^ and al!o i,.;ha,d reached Prance^tti a total-loss tt^atened with arrest. - . . -at,-sea because of submarines of only. - __; · . ,291 ; ,men,.a,record .which army offl- rHEJTCH REGIOJ* 61TE ''·. · . '.cials declare .has never been parallel- { .' AJCt'Rtt'JUf "VA3IE ; to, ^date .including those lost at sea and those which have been. .: turned. ,aie placed. at 8,16, men- by. *" . , . M ·- aker - le? ' Tm? 1.000,000 -men to fac«- PARIS, jThe general commanding the French- army in Boise ^e Baliftaii.. region of the Marne'frqnt on-, reviewing the American."troops' rettirnin^-fron..,the. JUS 7 o'clock in the evening in order that all members may attend the ou'.- ing. Automobiles will be provided for- those who do not care to travel by trolley. » In. compliance with the request of the Fuel Administration employes of the coke ' works will remain on the job. Arrangements have been made to serve Innch to all vrbo come after work at. the p'icnic at Graham's grove.. Graham's grove is located near the Georgfi Fuehrer, home on the-Lctsen- ring line. In case of rain. the. picnic vHl be served in 'Fuehrer's'pavilion. The jreather " forecast, however, is IN HARVESTING CROPS IN COUNTY NOW READY Farmers Asked to JTak^rhcir n'ants KUOTTII to tho farm Labor Man. agcr by Telephone or Otherwise. E. E. Arnold, farm labor manager, has issued the following statement on the harvest labor situation: "Labor to harvest your crops is at your demand whenever you need it. Through ttio Committee of Public Safety we hare been atile to get a number of helpers from m»ny districts in Payette county. Contv:!lsville did herself honor ugain when after all reports on the IV'ar Savings Stamp drive had boon made, totals showed that the quota for thU ciiy had been oversubscribed by more than 158,000. With a goal of $321,000 canvassing teams composed of business men in three days' work raised the majnilico'lt sum of J377.221.2S. In a drive last Thursday and Friday a total of ?294,964 was raised and in order to go over the top the cam- jpaign was continued yesterday, with the result that Conneilsvi'le shines forth as the premier city in the county when it comes to a display of patriotism and generosity. The canvassers report they bad rto difficulty in securing pledges for the "baby bonds" and the campaign committee feels that if the canvassers had had a full week to work in; the loan in War Savings Stamps hero would have, surpassed the tola! of the Third Liberty loan. C. "W. Downs' team took of! honors last night H-ith a'tolal of $43,573 in "At this cr.'Ucal period we must'lP* 613 ? 65 - Hls toam a!so reported the work and save. Now, farmers, to win I largest number of individual smith U war we must have food produced j scriptions, securing 563. W. R. Ken- ; 3,000,000' men in France according to ; recent statements by Provost Marshal General Crowder stands another mil- j in training and according to I CIVBTTB AUC AC ClfUT the same a.:'hority still another mil- i "«I 111 I £ VttL \Jt tllUlll · lion will have entered military life by the end of the present rooath. begmnlng at. · J SETESTI-FOUK 1E.4TRS ; ;. - REPORTED Bf PERSHISG. · : WASHINGTON, July 3.--The Army caaualty list today contained 85 . names, divided as follows: Killed in , 18; died o! wounds, 9; died of COUNTIES, OF STATE ACTIVE IN WAR WORK So .VentJnned !· of tfcc Penn* s;rlYsnia Council of Xottanal Defense aid Public Safe? Com. Fayette county is onfc ol eigbt ;' accidents and other causes, 6; died o/'i counties state of Peansylvania 4; wounded severely. 12; j whose war activities receives special ; missing in action,. 36. ( T h e list includes: Killed in action ' ^-Lieutenant John V, Curry, Plains, - Pa. '. 'Died of wounds--Private John C, Jlckee. Nelsonville, O. mention in.a recent bulletin issued by the Pennsylvania Council of National Defense and Committee . of Public Safety, "By arrangement of 'the Fayette county organization," says this bulle- charge of Antonio .Bufano. There will be a boxing bout between Terrel Duncan oC Uniontown and Bill Carter of Connellsville. welter, weights. Frank. Dailey of Latrobe. known as the champion lightweight of France, will stage a few rounds with a Pittsburger. There will · also be a battle royal among colored fellows. Assurance Is given that there will be something during the entire day. All business in Connellsville wil! be suspended. Many are making ar- j rangements to get away to the woods or-elsewhere for the day. There is no organized celebration in the city, except the raising of the honor flag fn the morning at 9.30 o'clock at which time Attorney E. C. Higbee will speak. mand to give you the htlp.whenever it ia needed. Do not say you could not lake car-e of your crops* .because th» labor was scarce. lAbor is scarce, but we have tha volunteer laborers tiiat are anxious to help, you out. and save your crops. These-meh are willing to sacrifice a few aaytr ot their and take care ot what already hasj ne y' s t - cam ra n second in the amount | tn been produced. We are at your com- I o f mon6 7 secured, having a total of 1 ?36,373, and H. O. Keagy's team took i . second place in the number of sub- - " oc "- 0 E ra P" s . scriptionii, reporting 454. The teams of A. 0. Bixler and George Campbell reported 418 and 403 subscriptions respectively. C. B. Franks reported a total of $6,'500 pledged by persons living at I/eisenring No. 1. The postoffice has WOMEN OF THE NAVY LEAGUE COMPLETE 1,026 COMFORT SETS Chairman Sirs. J. JT. Krey M.ikcs Ap- peiil for HospiUil Hags for Soldiers' Trinkets. .Mrs, J. Melvin Grey, chairman of the Charleston Comforts Branch or the Nm-y League, has set Monday, July 15th as the date for the next shipment of knitted articles to the Navy League headquarters. This date marks the closing of the first year of the organization of the branch and Mrs. Grey would like to have all knitters finish their work and hand it in for the shipment. In ten months the Navy League knitters of Connellsville ' and surrounding towns, have turned in 1,026 complete sets and the branch is very anxious !o mak'e a splendid showing in the next shipment. An appeal has been sent oat from headquarters for hospital bags, thousands of which are wanted. The" bags should be 35x14 whan finished, and may be made of any washable material. Flowered chintzes and cretonnes are preferred by the men as being gay and cheerful. A while linen label should be attached two inches from the bottom 'and sewed all -around on one side of tie bag only. A casing should be run one inch from the top and two tapes wiih separate outlets on each side of the hag run through this casing. "W,hea the men £.re brooght to the hospital they have quantities of little Railroad Administrator! Will Put Thousand Men to Work. TRESTLE FOR WEST PENN Temporary Wooden Strnctnra to Span Railroad Tracks. IS FOR COAL TEAFMC Resomption of "Work In Herd Bottom is for Purpose of Facilitating More« mcEt of Coal Pzom West Yhgliiia Fields; Tards Arc Half Completed. In order to expedite handling of the coal traffic from West Virginia by; way of Connellsville the Railroad- Administration has ordered, according to reliable information received today, the immediate completion of the Western Maryland-Baltimore Ohio yards at Fayette. A thousand men will be put to work at once, it is stated, with a view to completing the yards within 60 days. The task will include tie erection of a roundhouse, as was planned originally. To provide for traffic over the West Penn railways line the administration will have erected a temporary wooden trestle crossing tie Baltimore Ohio and Western Maryland, lines. Tha , . . . , , ,, . , n t - , - plans provided for a new steel via- the battlefield, letters from home, I duct e:rteridillg from tbe ^ of ^ c.c. The clothing has bluff at MorreS ,,. over to be taken away .-. be cleaned and time to help you out. "The majority of tee. chairmen, of the county have help ready to : go'Out now and hWp. In order, 'ioi gei- ; .Lhis help call Hoortt 735, rJPirsi./. NJUfonal; Bank""BitlidIng,'''Oni6nVown,. Bell' Phone .224, Tri-Stite Phone 604. : ' If possible] give a few days' notice when you are | going to need help. Give us a call. sold stamps;to the amount of ?90,OOD and through a campaign conducted repaired. The conients of a man's pockets, are therefore put in these little bags on which his name and the number of his regiment is put on. It is a great satisfaction to the convalescent soldier to. have these little lrac]!;s in ,,, va] , ljl( Scarci f , was responsible largely for the delay In the construction of thia work. At this time it would be impossible to assemble the materials for a permanent structure in the time allotted for completion of the work, hence the bags hanging at his bed-head, where j temporary wooden structure. he can touch it and take out the con- i tenvs during the long hours of his con-i *2,3S4Ja-:Tvaa riteed. The Maccabees It .s- also, a great relief a nstaltJcm o: sil tra ba*t..'t6tal- W -et-'imbscrlptions. The j "r the hospital authorities to feel that h aud purchased from the Herd The yard system at Fayette is about half complete:- Toe plans'called for installation a" six total, numoer of pledges reported wai "Harvest time is at hand, get them to help you through with it, so yon will be ready for your fall work," Mler i R. Kenney's team, reported ;Di«d of disease--Private Russell D.!" n ' "fusi-iess men gave a dinner to T^entzel, .TelOrd, Pa. : ' Died of ace dent and other causes-; Corporal Deiver Smith, Sugar Tree : Ridge, :0. fanners which resulted in a better understanding and promoted the 'get- together' spirit. Robert Norris, . a banker of Connellsville, has pushed the enrollment of business men for : .Missing inaction-Thomas Morgan. «TM=en o usness men or ;U«ln S . 0., »d Harry B. O'Connor r me . rKe .'7 fa TM se fTM e - TMTM rhu "', Newark, 0. . . r I ored pledges have been secured from I business men who will devote their usual vacation periods to farm work." The change in name of the state or- WASHINGTON, July 3.--The Ma- toe Corps, casualty list today con- g:injzatlon| by . ^ prefil of .. penMy ,_ ajoed 40, dividedlasi follows: Council of National Defense" J»ed m action 33; died of wounds, | f o ^ OUe )g to ; . 4;- severely wounded, 3. ^ wft!l ^ Counci , o{ Notlonal ^i ensf: of which it is a part, in addition to its purely local activity. character as a state F«EJfCH ATTACK OX XttF. ; ' · ' ' . Alfl HALF FJEOKT. j; PARIS, Jnly 3.--French troops last ,' nifht attacked the German position [ along a front of three kilometers i north of Moulin-Sous-Toutbent and (improved theif · position. West of i. Chateau-Thierry, on the Marne front, : a German coun'.er attack in the region otViui, was checked by the French rflrei Other German attempts to ad' vaace north of iloncel ajid in Upper · Aliace were without results. In. the 'attack on the .iioulin-sous- Tputbent l.trbnt-tae French, troops penetrated i the .German position to a depth of 800 * njetres. So far the namHer of Ger'.-ma. prisoners :n this operation has tion of a month anntially. Roy. J. L. ' reached 220. * Proadfit of Connellsville, moderator of the jresbytery, presided. Dr. Waters comes highly recommended. - He has been in the ministry for 10 years, in .Ohio. CALL HEW PASTOR Dr. ,1. D. Waters of Mount Sterling, 0, Coming to Itnnhar Church. The Dunbar Presbyterian . chnrch, at a largely attended meeting' last evening, extended, a call to Dr. J. D. Waters of Mount Sterling, 0, who has been serving the church during the month of June and who will accept Th? salary of the" pastor was jn- -,, , r ,,,,,, creased to »1,200. with the use. of the So far' the num'ier of Ger- parsonage, and he was voted a vaca- BOY SHOOTS WOMAN Civile Miller Fires Two Shot* Into Limbs of Xrs. Theivssa Kupfner. Clyde Miller, 14 years old. is being held at the city hall charged with the shooting of Mrs. Theressa Kupfner, a daughter of John Geisler of Leisenring, at that place yesterday afternoon. The boy, angered when he discovered Mrs. Kupftier and another woman picking berries on a farm on which be lives, flred a .32-caIJ.bre rifle them, a shot taking effect in each of..Mrs. Kupfner's limbs. Information against the lad has been made before Alderman Fred Munk. According to the prosecutor, they had. been picking berries outside ot their own property, but when ordered off by Miller. left immediately.. It is claimed that Mrs. Kapfner was ISO feet inside her father's farm when the shots -were-, fired. A hearing will be held when the woman recovers sufficiently to appear, against the boy. on that in SIXTY-TWO KILLED .nighty Others Injured in Semel'Solvay Kiplosion at Split Kock. B- Associated Press. j SYRACUSE, N. Y., July 3.--The | bodies of 47 victims of the explosion of T. K. T. which wrecked the plant of the Senut-Solvay company at Split Hock, just west of this city last night, had been received at the county morgue at noon today. A report | BullEkia township, 84 subscriptions were secured and $5,060 pledged. The team captains reported that in canvassing the cote region the following amounts frere reported in their totals: Trotter, ?3,115; Juniata, $3,000; Lcisenring No. 1, ?C,000; i jLeiaenring No. 3, 53,000; Adelaide, f3,000; Davidson, J3.500. A report, sent in £rom Mill Run this morning showed that S9 subscrip- ^«,= small belongings are kept to-j Three tracks have been comple'ed gether and not a care and responsi-j and the g.-ading is done for the others, billiy to them. | Nothing has been done toward tha I erection of roundhouse. from Split Rock said that 15 more vie- i U ,. nioalow " "presenting Connellsvillc tims had be.;n taken from the debris bringing the total of dead to 62. Other bodies ,it was said, may still be in the ruins. The injured numbered at least 8ft, Most of them are in local hospitals,) but many of them were removed 1 TWICE ABSENT FROM POST, CONTENDS LINDLEY Two liaisons for »w Trial in 'Bnrkey harder Case Filed Today by Counsel for Prisoner. Counsel for Frank M. Liudiey who was convicted of the murder of Frank A. Burkey in the latter's office | in the Second National bank building, Connellsville, last December IS, today filed in court in Uniontown two reasons wir a new trial should bo granted the defendant. The defendant, the first reason sets forth, will be able to prove that Wesley King, night elevator operator in At a picnic t o ' b o - h e l d nt Homing-· the bank building and '.he star wit- tions had been secured at that place with a total of $2,345. At the meeting the War Chest plan was discussed and .this afternoon E. T. Norton and F. B. Mariell are In oi at a meeting of the nominating committees wliich is arranging plans for the appointing of officers who will have charge of the War Chest drive ii the project goes through. their homes ia the rush to. remove them quickly from the scene of the disaster. Several of. the injured are expected to die. At least hall of the great munitions plant was wiped out by the 0rc and series of explosions which followed. At least 10 buildings were destroyed and the property damage will exceed ?1,000,000. tor's Mills tomorrow which between | ncss for Q, e commonwealth, was ab- 2,000 and 3,00.0 persons are expected j f e n t r rom , building at least twice j Yesterday was the biggest .day "lai INSPECTNEW^DIVISION B. 0. Prepare for Operation Western Maryland Line Hast. Baltimore Ohio railroad oSicials, including General Superiutend-jnt J. J. Keegan, Pittsburg; Philip Potrie,-district^ engineer, maintenance of way, nd 'Division Superintendent M. H. Broughton are today making an in- specjion of the^Connellsville di-.-ision of the Western" Maryland railroad, which is being operated, since July 1, as a part of the Connellsville division . of tie Baltimore Ohio road. The object of the inspection is to de- tennine how best to provide for economic operation of the added line. What changes in traffic arrangements will be made will- probably be deter-( mined after the inspection; to attend, \Villiam llier will sell "War Savings Stamps. SPELKER ANSWER during the night of Dec. 18 between M^ 16 history of the Connellsville division in the matter of the movement of 11 and 1 o'clock, as set forth in affidavits of Arthur G. Richter and W. K. Show. sets forth In the second reason traffic. Five thousand moved over, the division.- cars. were The previ- Honnt Hotclman E.vp man Kartonder. UEFMMXG : YAUX AJO'tHlLATEl). : WASHINGTON, July 3.--General i Pershins's communique for yesterday announces that one German regi- · meat was practically annihilated in i heaTy losses inflicted by the Ameri- j cans when they stormed and held the : village of Vaux and neighboring ; woo4s, advancing the American posi- i tionj .1.0"0 yards on a mile and a half ! front. iGKBM.VSY 9LOIES M1S1E FOR ; HOSPITAL SHU' SUfKDCG. :' . AMSTBRDAir. July S.--The sinking iirf the British hospital ship Utndov- Ittr Castle, announced by the British {admiralty to have' been, sent to the ' bottom by an eiwmy submarine off the j Irish coast on June 27, nrich the probable loss ol more than 200 lives, was iike to her striking a British mine in all probability, says a semi-oBicial note tiose Berlin, received here today. Earthquake BeeonML WASHINGTON, July 3.--An earthquake of considerable severity this morning beginning at 3.11 A. M. and continuing until 5.20 A, M. was recorded on the seismograph of Georgetown University observatory. Its center was estimated at about 3.SOO' miles from Washington. Pitch CcHaet ROTTERDAM, jiily 3^--The Dutch, cabinet will place the".resi|rnation of its members in the hands of Qneen. 'ntlhelmina tomorrow, says the Nieuwe Botterdamsche Courant Bftnk Statementa Called. "WASHINGTON, July 3.--The comptroller, of the currency today issued a call for a statement of-the condition of ill national banks at the clow a! -Like all iteilarjUMrtioiu ot lira bualiMM Saturday, Joe 29 305 PIECES clerk of the Greensburg courts yesterday to die charge made that Be stated that l,e did employ Mrs. Rose Schachte, wii'e of John Schachte, a ! cashier, and ordered bartender of experience, because of .chicken sandwiches'between 11 SENATOR T1LLMAN DIES South Carolina Statesman Had Been 1'nconscions Since Thursday. By Associated Pr*sa. . WASHINGTON, .July 3.--Senator Benjamin R. Tillmaa ol South Carolina, died this morning at. 4.20. Senator Tillman suffered a.- cerebral hemorrhage last Thursday and had been, in an unconscious condition since that i » portion of Monday, June 18, Tues- time. The stroke affected the entire o^y. J u n e 1S ' imd Wednesday, June left side. The senator had been- a 29. j prietor of the Baltimore House where j Lindlpy secured a room for ibe night, · h a d retired and closed the hotel not August Spelker, alleged to have em- (later than 12.30 o'clock, the statement ployed a tennaid in his hotel at Mount I being substantiated by an aSdavit by Pleasant, filod his answer with th« Mrs. O'Hara. The affidavits of Richter and Shaw »et forth that King came to W. C. Bishop's restaurant, where they were Martin O'Hara, pro- ous n '6h record was a little over 4,009' employed respectively the disability of Johu Schachte, who suffered frorr: paralysis of the left 12 o'clock and later returaed them. Richter sets forth that he saw as cook and a naif dozen and for MRS. IRM FREED Court Orders Discharge of Accnsed by Murder Convict. Again Mrs. Sarah Irwin, star witJ ncss in the trial of Patsy Medio £oi -the murder of Raymond Bartelli ati Dawson last December, is free. Medio's efforts lo sa-ve Ms life by in-» criminating the woman came to) naught yesterday when, following av was assisted at the bar by his wife, Knit for tie Red ross by Mrs. Elizabeth Cimmons of IsitboHii Jiood. Mrs. Elizabeth Cimmons of Isabella road is one.of the most industrious Hed Cross workers in Connellsville, and has probably completed more garments and articles for the soldiers' comfort than any other person in this vicinity. . .' . . . Todate she has knit 82 .pairs of socks, 54 pairs of wristlets, 14 sweaters', two scarfs, nine wash rags and eight sponges, or a total ,o£ 305 separate pieces. Mrs. Cimmons is past 70 years of age and is kepi confined to her home as the resul't of a fall which has permanently crippled her. Otherwise she' is In: good health and I ^ spirits, as the products of her Indus- 11 try- attest - ' member of the United States senate since 1894. His term would have expired March 3, 1919. Tisconnt Ilhcndda Dies. London July 3.--Viscount Rhondda (David Alfred Hammond), the British fond controller died this morning. MO PAPER TOMOmiOrV. ..In accordance with custom there will be co issue of "The Courier tomorrow,. Independence Day. Ball Game Tomorrow. The Maccabees and Trotter baseball-teams will play tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at Payette Peld. . A good game is in prospect . JTo Police Conrt. There was no police court this morning, the only prisoner arrested overnight paying a $2.50 forfeit; Weather · Pair, and warmer tonight and Thursday,' is the noon weather, lore- cast' for-. Western Pennsylvania. Temperature K«cord. 191S 1917 Maximum - : -- 77 S5 Minimum -- ; -- i - 54 .;'-!S9'- Mean --- .65 73 The Yough met felS during the night rrom" 120 feet to 1.06 feet t side. He stnted that John Schachte | and hoard King talking over the j habeas corpus hearing, Judge E; " ' ait-I Reppert ordered the discharge of th» j woman from custody. Mrs. Irwin, oe , to i M". Sarah Wright, as sh6 was better his | known, left last evening for PittsJ h o u r ) burg. The Spelker case has attracted con- counter to Miss Ada Convey, ress. The affidavit of Mrs. O'Hara establish that Lindley was room at the hotel before the in sidcrable attention in this part of the;fixed by King as having seen him state, as it is tho first time in the history of hotel keeping in Westmoreland county where a womas has been rjie capacity of selling drink. ChnrcHi 1'ropertj- Sold. * Through, this trustees of the Vander- leave the bank bluMing.- Kjno; Wins Confest. 0. J. King, Republican, was today declared the winner over Asa L. Martin. Democrat, in the tax collector- ship contest in North Union township. Judge E. D. Copsyand of Westmore- hilt M. B. ch-irch, an unincorporated, )and c beforc whom ^ case soc.e y, a pe Uion was filed in court was hear decjded reMJTed ^, Tuesday for the permission to sell a jot owned in that tcnvn 40x130 feet to the Vancerbilr, Coal Coke company for tho sura o" 51,800. The- petition was signed 07 J. W. Knight, Oliver Knight, Charles K. ShaUenherger, Henry T. Cocbran, G. -B.. Roberts, I. . ween am! 1. B. Henderson, mem ' votes and Martin Raise SO for Bed Cross. By operating a refreshment stand Mrs. Irwin's husband, wiio has'for- given her and taken hor back to-his home, was with, her during tie' hear^ ing, and. accompanied her when sh« left the Jail. · FLAG SERVICE MEETING Boys of BaTrnon Community to be Honored at Gathering Tonight. A union song and prayer service in honor of the boys in the service will be held this evening at 8 o'clock in the Cochran Memorial Methodist Bpis^ copal church at Dawson. Parents . ; at awson. in Gibson avenue. South Side sever- \ and relatives of the boys are girls raised $6 for the Red Cross, coffie as hDnor guests , A] , wWc h amount was turned m ; 0 hea4- . . . , be'rs of the Hoard of trustees of the ! quarters. The girls were Hazci church. The court issued an order ; M«*es, Mabely Meckes Julia Danfor the sale ol the property. i n e r ' Marion Fcnstennachcr and Mar- . Two ^ridjres Ordered^ ; .-;. v Construction' of two bridges in'Fay- ette county was prdered;yesterday by the cpuirt.4pn5 is Bridge No.. 73 over "Wtiite-:" creek' . between Connellsville and Bullskin: township. The other bridge ordereci constructed is Bridge No. TO. orer Mtsintz creek in Connells- villelownshiii, ion "SVnipkey. 5ot in Accident. Jacob Marietta of Dunbar, called The Courier today to deny an item in the Dunbar news yesterday thf.t'he was in an. automobile accident while driving with a woman of that place. He was not driving and was absent (from the locality at ihe timo, he said. service flags are asked to bring them. Company pictures, at the boys, in th9 service are 'also requested. There will be -special music an4 nrayers for the soldiers and sailors. Rev. W. B, Purricll will be in charge, Army Insurance Paid. War risk insurance taken .out by, John Meckleburg of Unjontown on.' entering the National Army, was paid this week to his parents, Mr. and.Mrs. Ernest Sleckieburc. He carried $!(),·» ooo;

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