The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 17
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 17
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SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1030. THE DAILY COURIER, CUnNlNRLLit VIJULEJ, L'A.t At the Theatres The Paramount "Skin TDeep" !« a story of life in tho ratv--Monte b l u e la the «tar and the show is at the Paramount. "Skin Defp' 'is i Warier Bros, all- t a l k i n g Vltaphono picture and this f.ict make* it possible to convey to the audience with telling effect tho Impulse*, and reactions of the astontah- i»K people w h o tome and go on the Bciee-n. The denizons ot gangland are re- ·voaled vdry humanly. It i*i shown that those outcasts of Bociety have impulse« much the same ai those ot other clas»en of society w i t h -which they are at war. The re- ·ult is a eerie* of gripping situations "which holds (ho interest of the audience from the firm to tho final Wofd. In addition to Monte Blun the cast includes Davey Tx^-e, Bettty Conipson, Alice Day, John Robertson, Tully Marshall, John Iknvers, Georg-le Stone and Robert Perry A special feature at 7 o'clock is .Amos and Andy. Tho program also includes a news reol with Graham Me- Namee explaining each \ent as ita thrown on the screen, and a chapter ot "Tatzan the Tlper," a serial which i« being looked forward to from week to Week with keen Interest. Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday T/eartrle Joy will bo starred in "A Most Ilmmoral LaJy." The Orpheum Maurice Chevalier, who hac become the greatest European actor to achieve «Uccesa in American films since Em',1 J.innlnss, will be seen and heard la Ins most gorgeoue picture to data when "The Love Parade" opens at th« Orpheum Theatre for a^ three day run beginning on Monday afternoon. "The Love Parade" la something different in all-talkln? musical film productions, ju«t as Chevalier ie a personage entirely different from all other screen typee In the first place "The Txve Pared*" was written for the audible str«en. It is not a film vereion of any previous ntage promotion, it was treated 'expressly for the sereen'e values for amusement uppermost in the minds ot the geniuses who created It. In the second place ''The lxve Va- rade" -wa« directed by Ernst Lubitetfh, ·who -was named bv vote of critics in a poll taken by 'Film Dally ae the fofWtooftt director m the movie industry. H« has never tuftied out a failure. One of his greatest pictures ·WAS "The Patriot.' ' "Then there are other qualities that cwrry "Th* Love Parade" to the fore »s protjably the gieatest musical romance of the Now Show World. The! libretto or dialog was written by', Krnest Vajda and CJuy Bolton. B o t h i are veterans of their craft. Dolton baa written the books for over 50 «p#rottae and musical comedies Heading the supporting caet of "The Parade" is Jciinnetto MacDonald, lov«ly Philadelphia girl who made a rapM climb in musical «5mfrdy through two or three years of haul ·work abetted by a personal charm and beauty t h a t j i e t wouldn't allow ]ver to fetay in obscurity. The Orpheum Hherlock Holmes, the world re- apwned detective, waited u n t i l his ·ttnd birthday to m a k e hi« first appearance, in the- all-talking motion pictures In 1887 Sir A Oonan Doyle prownted him in his first story "A Study in Scarlet." M a n y oth^t popular tales followed. Now this pdpular detective chai ao- ter can bo seen and Heard at the Orpheum Theatre in ' the Return of Sherlock Holmes" CllVe Brook is cast In the role of Uie euper m a n hunter and you will m«xt most of the characters from tho !*ooks, such as Sergeant Grippcr, Dr Watson, Moriarity and Solly Cheesocako. Th reason for "Tho Return ot Sherlock Holmes" wa Urn untimely murder of Captain Txngmore, on the ovo ot his eon's Veddln^ to the daughter of Dr Wat«on. Holmes took titf UIP trail which led hirmjnto a thrill-* ing adventure^ The mactety of several tricks of legerdemain was torce I on Brook by the action ot the all talking screen play In which he ap eare In the story, Sherlock llolmet, disguises himself a« a member of the orchestra on a trans-Atlantic liner^ In thle gUlwo he appears on the program of the iihlp's concert and pei forma several amateur stage tricks. While thus engaged, he secures p»sessloH of Important papers The program also include* a movietone act, Bound aewfi reel and all-tnHUng comedy. Perry Township School Outing at Olympia June 2 PBRRVOPOLIS, Man h S---A picnlo has been planned for n i l the Perry township school children at Olynipia Park on June 2 Schoo children from Banning;, ^\vhtteett. Lavton, Pleasant Grove, .fackson, Vi?tiria, Banning, Star Junction alKl Periyopolie fire to attend The Boy SeoulH o PerrropoHp, under the leadership ot J R SUmmel, held a meeting Thursday «vcuitig in the high school b a l l d i n ,' Miss Y v o n n e Sr'V'der of Pprryopoll 1 ) is spending eoitie tim« traveling With her father ami mother Mr and Mrs. J, lluell Snydcr Swallow* Welcomed Of all thp feathered flock t h a t swann to Sitland'8 shores in *prln* or curly eumnier none is more acsiirpd of a wploome than the swallow. Tha The Strand flrit sight of It in «jw«y« hailed ,with the liveliest satisfaction. In rnnny country districts the in- h n b i t n n t » believe that « wish expreMed on first sighting n bird IN certain tn be fulfilled, no long as thp \rish l« silently cxpresh-od and not t-onflded to nnyone «l«e. It Is it common b«»il»»f among village rnftiden* also that if they breathe their lonj tng for a constant UWpr when they *ee the gwnllow for the first time they w i l l hnve thptr fond hope lenllfced before tlie bird tie parts In the autumn. The f u s t K'-oat dramatic spectacle of t h e t a l k i n g scfetMi--Radio Picture production of rionms ZiegteldVi fabulous operott) "Ulto Rita '--opens at t h » Stiaml ThpattN 1 , ScotUlale, Sunday ni ;ht at 12 01 A. M With 'John Uole« and BPDG Daniels heading n giRUtitlc cast Of players, t-uiKers, dancers, beauties and bpc- ciaity performers, ' Kio Rita" irtkea its place among th great scieen plays i of all time. In its wealth of diverei- entertainment It has doubtl«sa e*n eduallel Jiert Wheeler anl ftobe-rt Wdolsoy play the cohvedy roles th^y crontod for Zlfgtfeld: Dorothy Lee, the Dahy-talk girl of "Syncopation;" Helen Kataor, on» of Zigf«lfV« plotlftiMl girls; Don Aivattto, and Renevnnt, Freiich stage star, and othfra of the teai'iirwl cu«t Harry Tieriiey, composer of (ho original t4tneftit score of "Rio Hita," ad»l£?(l two IIPW BOII^ hits to the plc- tute. Clminl's grand opera chctfUfl of SO voicoe; tho Pearl tCaton cl'irufl of 100 Hoi I wood beautiee, th4 Jlt-at stock! chorus In motion pictures, ami a symphonic orchestra directed by Victor Baravelle are othei' features of the nltn, which was directed by I^uther lleed. Wfct Grckl Eniin«Br the Civil w i f Jdrht^ Bti- chnnan Rnels cbnstru'-tPd Iron-clad uteamefi n n d morfar hosts for the Vuited States gorernfient. He con- strtioted the pr«»at stcel-nn'h bridge flcrons the hdanlnHlpbi m St. Louis during the years 1867 to J T4. Hbwever, the ttork Upon which his renutatton principally rest* was his de*p«nlnc and llxinfj the channel «4 the rttonthfi of thc« Mississippi by tnoflns of jetties, whereby the narrowed stream was tnnde to scour out Hf channel nnU clear sediment oui to «PI. Shortly before his death he 'projected a scheme for a ship raihrny acro-m tho Isthmus of Tehnuntepec in lied of an istliuminn canal. Use They bring results. Ads. Pr6v*rb H»» Miny Form* "A ftlrtl in the hahd 1« worth t\*o In the bush" comes from i collertlon of Scottish saylflfts found In ,tohn Ray's "ComtitPrtt Cdiloctloa of JSn^iUh Proverb^," a book which apoenred flrst in 1870 nnd which went through several Editions. The ori^tnal phfnse, ns found In UR.T, Is, "Betfer a fowl Ih hand nor two flying" tn Another form it nppears In a coiliVtlon by John Heywood (1546) aa follows: "Iteiler one bird In hand t h a n ten In the wood." And there are many other parly variations, one, ot least, from the Hebrew, two from the French, and two from Ihe fepnnlsh,-- Exchange. Paramount Theatre \ Last Time Today Y1TAPHOKE ALL TA Monte Blue and Betty Compson -in-SKIN DEEP" Vitaphone Act and Talking Serial S]»oclal, 7 O'clock--Amos and An4y MclSamoe Explains tho Jfews lift I 3lottiliij« Tuostliij nnd Leatrice Joy in "A Most Immoral MARCH 16 TO 23 FIRST AID-HOME REMEDY WEEK Movement Sponsored by National Association of lle- tflll FILL MEDICINE CHEST, SLOGAN Tli-e Good Samaritan m pictured as "The First Flrnt Aid ' in the national reminder w h i c h has been solit to druggists all over Amonca, atlnoilnc- IHK the n i n t h anniversary ot "FMfflt Aid--Home Remedy Week," fixed for March 16--23 The il*a ot aft adverlifting-mer- chandising onre-a-year drive litned w i l h eprthg housecleaning wan given to the drug World by Sterling Products, I n , In 1022. Preparedn6»»fi for meeting accident ok- sudden illness is emphasized as 8. sensible and eeason- ablo sales |lftn Which serves to alleviate niWless HUffering and undoubtedly save life. The National Aipeoclation of Retail Druggists sponsored this plan and later added Pharmacy as aa autumn festival for Intehait* advertising and salesmanship in the drug workl. The National WholeRale Druggists Abeociatton and the National Association of Drug Clerks have joined th* N. A. R. D. in *Btablishiiig botli tKeee ffflttvale of selling as spring and autumrt fiitttiree for t h e welfafd of humanity 'Fill That Medicine Cheit Now" is the elogan of "Firat AW--Home Remedy Week" and ha* boon from th« beginning 11 ws Dr. "WHUAm E Weiss, general manager ot Sterling Products, Inc., hlms«lf a pWiduate from tTie ranke of retail druggists, who first «aw the talue of "OTrtJt Aid --Home Remely We«k" *nd Wherever live-wire druggists have codperated by showing a window filled with stig- gentlve first aids both for aeoWant or IUne««, and u«ing their hoaio hew*, paper advertising space, th#y have added .choerfutly to their March business Possess ion of Vest of Bard U Cl*ittoed Mlddletowtt, K. Y.--WlIHtm Shak«- spoafe'a flrthklnjc of sflck And itlfe at th* Mefnuia tat*rn ntfl n*t larf-t*** lit* WRitt tf»e*Bure b#tond * p«rf«;t thirty-two Jf ft WilltCftftt now in th« poMMiiort «f O. S «4th«W*,v, Jr.. «t- ecu tor of the «*tat« «f th* l»t« Dr, Julia E. Bra drier, U authentic Doctor Brodner pnrettf«ipd th» ivaUtcoosi frort Je*M B»,ke\vdll of Mid- dlitown, who ciBtra* at his maternal grandmother, Un. Mary V**non, daughter 6f JttrtPi Shasctpeare of Birmingham, England. James Bhake- sftcnr* die i in 1818 He claimed to be (Ifill hi llB«ftl d«««#»t, According to th« Bakewells, from the celebrated Elizabethan drmnUKt. The ontf «it*nt documents on the authenticity of the waistcoat ftnd other relic*) wblch Indutip a work bat par- porting to have been mUd* h* 9hnlc«- Hpoare'g mother, «nd a tnutf box, *r» alndavlta rnnfl* by J«nc Bakrwell when lht» relics Vvere sold to Doctor t)radn#r. Rakowell Bgaertcd the relied w»r» Kit-on to Mr*, nary Ann Raktweii, wife of J. Bak«-w«l! ( whon iftt \ifllted Bn^ltttd in 1803. On th* front of th» cMit is a facing of ftatln bro- cfld* ill Wflltth a deilrn of cr*»tn r*d nnd pnle bine flowers hna been wci'kfd with silk threads. The satin, which W-flg evidently black, is well Worn oA tha edifcs Th« chMt ju»t beneetli the arm hoi PS is thtHy-Sir. Japan't Wireless Will Link South Sea hies Tokyo.-- A plan to ronne'et and the Bcuth 8e islands bj wirelww telejri'aph will be realized this j eat- by the cMmniunleatlons department, according to the vernacular press. The sura of yen 130,000 for expenses of the Tokyo telejrrflph bureau opening the new service has been npproprial*tl. tt Is UhderMftofl authorities short i. T will order tho Japanese Wireless Telegraph company to estab- li*h the m»w service with upwurd of yon 1,000,000. Upon completion of the new stations there will be two Hiies -- the British owned rabies aha toe Japanese government radio, Telegraphic rates will be lowered when the new Service Is opened. Woman, 100, I* Sick Sm4n-Law, SO Disko, Ind,--Mrs. SalOirt* Myers, one hUhdrud, is serving an nurse for her eighty-year-old soh-lii-lflw, William Secor, ofltldally ill with Mftiett- ing of the arteries. His wife, eighty, who is in pood health, Is assisting her mother. Wrs, Myers celebrated attain ing the century mark last fall by * tlnee day "islt at Fort \VnyH6 abd au a u t o trip, 6rl»ih »f §e»ilUh Hftllarf The did «coU!»h hnUnfl of "The Bonn? Batl of Moray," IS based an Huntl^y's as»«ss'In»tfon of young irnrnv Ih iTOi, And Alt old 1eg«hd declares that the bereaved Bother lmO ^ plrturi of Her irtUrdet-pd sota pained on linen and i*nriled ns fl banner through EdlttbUrgh o bfoelalhi the crime. A f«W jr^ars nkrt, In etplorlng long dlfeUse^iJ rdoittk at Kt^failtaft castle, this llneft picihfe wa» dlffcoVpred anioug fot-Kbiten luitilter by the t'res- ent Earl of Moray, who has tinil It stretched *tiid ffathed al a piece of fumlly HiBlory. Ytikaii Coli jS^m Fort Yukon, Alaska.--Around Fort Y u k o n tnere Is an average of (55 tUt.t* In t h e year d u r i n g which thf temper- n t u i c ilhopf fteloh rrrtj, \ \ l i l i free w e n t h ^ r occtiiirtnalli- oWurrlct In three luramer months. HEUM My Lovefan*k' ^Ams.Stai/tkeSifjf let's Be Qnato* IM Monday--Tuesday--Wednesday i MORE THRILLING THAN EVER! He aings, makes love for youu The entertainment Idol of the world -Maurice Chevalier, Here's the production that amazed New York! The screen's flrst original UiuSical-ro- mance. Tuneful! Sophiticatod! Hilarious! The roguish romance of a beautiful queen. An engaging, exciting cast. Dazzling costumes. Lovely Women. MAURICE CHEVALIER The Love Parade AN ERNST LUBITSCH P l X O D U t T I O N JIANETTE MACDONALD LUPINO LANE LILLIAN ROTH d paramount (picture Also All talking romedj. Tim« Shows: 1, :i:30, o andt 8:80 · · · · · · · ! · * | shop e ca\ tucim«lce ted brrudly m at true ctax. ff d. Qpaut Ihe old stews, hi imie was laJaM0 d shave at t ·ajidjeid. Aw* foK6 sctnt ca beiabsd the Jtnave ^ ferfimvne m*?cr. Ihe ace o man. difjxsps-s -ed Jh stftoicer *«aur d and men htatls atuay I ORPHEUM THEATRE J ·* TODAY -*i * ALL TALKING THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES WITH CLIVE BROOK Also All-Talking Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound News Hear What Sou Sec! At the End of the Vista A vista i n landscape ganlenlng i a framed view One may be Incline* to think that BO (?raiil a word tmn c ily be applied to grand views, 'fti be si re, a m o u n t a i n , n glacier, ona dlst uit Bllmpse of Ihe ocean, affcird vlmis w h i c h one Will travel lar lo see, rtd t h e f e are f o r t u n a t e gardetis, In favored places, which have fiir'i v l e t s . R U t lacking gi-andetir, one may t ' l ' l Uavo ylstas In his garden A v aw a W i h d d w to w h e r e an apple i pe arches ovet' a- pool, is a v h t a , he picl'ure of ft blftt bittli flanked v ith flower groUbB, of B view thr'oi gh f r a m i n g H'er lops to a auiUmcr sin set may be a vista. In the £mal! gardaii vlstftH are ot two c'lassfcs, thbSe w h l n h jolt cl-«. te, those which yiKl dlRcoVrr ' 'he location ivhere a gatden is mads D ay provide attractive yie*s ( cither c ut- , ai Within the RBi'deii area. Tli »se siirtuld be brestfrvpd and tbtS vifrw= nt p i o p e f l y i'hundd to emiihat iae tlmir bfiaiily A vista should be le- vBloped 1 al 111080 poirilB Wlierp ne flrsit IbokH upon Hie ftauleit or i r e - (lueittiy Vtdws It A w i n d o w oix?n tig upon the garden f r o m a dhiing TO m, or UvlUg room, iJhoilld frame a p^ t«- liig plcttife This ( M c t u t e la called lie leitiilittis of the Vista, or t h u tPt-Hii ial leature 111 the iimttll frnrllen ortfr Is *«!! id- vtsed to seek cliarm, r u t her t h a n le- galife, I n i p r e n s l v o n s t * or n o p h l s t i al l o n in H l K h f * a U i i c H A g n r d c n stal, i l h l ' ' t i \ p h , ,uifl .lurroinn eri p i B i i H n t j iif sii'-li h p f l i i l y a* to make an i n v i t i n g ba-*r; a ataalJ J) X1 which mirrors flowers about Its margin; a sundial set in a nook of the Shrubbery border; auj- composition* which delights the eye will serve as the terminus of a vista. And charm vviil be greatest when the planning of tlie picture is not obvious; when thp pleasing views which tnoet the vlBilof'B aye afe Hot too boldly la- beted' "This Is a planned v t s l a " Tha gardens which delight u"4 falost are those Whose effects, hbWeVer dunning- ly devised, a£em aiWple and natural. 3 DAYS STARTING «··· · MMfc M f* MONDAY MAR. 10 | MIDNITE SHOW SUNDAY, MARCH 9*] Brickwork Mad« Utt« ot by fiuSldcirt Long Ago BaBylonlfttt fithirtures «*p!ored cither at Ur ot- at other slte« Include three elltpf typfs of briekwbrk, One is * burnt brick fhUcli like file modern aHlrfe, exWjfJt t h a t th* blirrt is linnl- er. 'i'h# ncc'niiil Is itnhnrht hrlok, possibly uwed for lea's HHpr)H»nt struc- tuteh nno luiimiollhji tbf auo\p in Sett of the present BouUiwWI. The. i h l n l til a csirvCii brlokt llUf h pilrt of a cylinder, apparently Hnid^ miring one pefloil of liatiylonlBli architecture, either becaiite of some iiiiHIKtrt of dry- Ing oter rounded iog«i "(· for srune oth to cehrttin now torgolleli. To these tlWe rwPni dlst'nverleft apparently aurl two still p«Hlor types; The crosseil brickwork--pnlled the h«ri'lnBltone pattern--of some of i l i f ) rprenily found s r n i f t u r i ' S urn) tli» t l t i y liiiims ^ l i l ^ l i nrf tint ,\il l i r l r k s ill n i l . A d i l l t l m n i l u l l l ln n u n l l c t l t v l l l i Ihlfrr-'H; *v»i\v one wh-s i* iMirlfiim a b o u t th« of rivtllied maa. Hear What Yo» PEAR HOA*\-=»ISA TINY TOT WITH A TUfviNJY ACHE A Mitt MAT1HBVW* A SHARP ToNSUE, HE SAV CUTTJH* M.P 9CHBIRBR HAS W1UWIT KILL. TM* NUMSKUUt If » IF THAT VAIft-MOUTM 1C WOUi-D YOU CUACS AS «UD*^ BENJAMIN I, ,CAMf* ' NOAH '= I* C

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