The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1918
Page 8
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CAGE EIGHT THE COTTRrER T3ONNELLSVIIJE, PA. TUESDAY, JOLT 2, 1918. Aft Mb® Tbsaiihnss THK PO1ASOC5T. fir 8- ·THE CABARET"--A five part j irorid feature in whKh flw of the most famous motion, picture stars ap- Bear, is being shown todav Thej »re June Elvidge Monjigue Love John Bowers Carlyle Blackwell, Irani Mayo and George afacQnarrte. The exceptional strength of thia cast was chosen because of the length of the story "The Cabaret is forceful, nnusual intensely interesting dramatic document which a splendidly worth its presentation by such an all-star cast. It is a story of rres- .,^nt day Ufa in the famous Greenwich -Tillage of New York *tty. where so -many ot tha modern internationally - lamows auors and artists live and 'work. "Tbe Cabaret" is, of course .' i lore story, and an unusual one It show* the Bonemian nature of lite lived in "lie Village," as few ether ·Ira* bare recently done, and in doing this M presents a number of fascinating views of this remarkable sec- ~bo» ft OM big city Cariyle Black- wen b«* t** heaTy part while TJon- tagne LOT* takes the part of the allaBt. but taiihful lover Altogether till* procra.tion is one of tbe reall 'memorable film events of the year Toraorro* and Thursday "The Man Without a Country" Edward Hales "famon* story, wffl. be shown Florence. LaBadl*, supported by a'CMt of .rnntmmi excellence appears in tbe leading role. Apart from its sUmng patriot* apirit the pietore offers real* of engrossing entertainment be featured in "The Forbidden Path o Jta production Mary Garden will I be wen soon, to "A Splendid Sinner" ABCATOE THEATEE. The Girls from H»ylers was greet- I ed by capeieity audiences at the Ar cad* theatre yesterday, and that the show went over well and pleased the audiences if indicative of the feign calibre of this Htest Gas Son oBer- ! ing. Thete were several beantiftilj I singing numbers interspersed into i th« sketch, and a patnotic closing j brought forth generous apjlansc i Norma Standisl? received four encores in her rendition of "liutter cup" The show closed wita the eighth Installment of Helen Holmes In "The Lost Express The shov. will be repeated again today TVd neaoay and Thursday will be % complete change of program ORPHEUS THEATRE. TLABE-UP SAL"--Is a Paramount production featuring Dorothv Dalton Ia tie role of Sally Jo Miss Dalton is first seen living near one of the nruihroom mining towns that TELLS HOW TO GET BACK OLD TIME AMBITION Discoverer instruct* druggist* everywhere not to take a cent of anyone's money unless Bio-feren doubles energy, vigor and nerve* force in two weeks. 1 A DAT FOR 7 OATS any nan »r wonum who ttnd* tint tk*r ar» (Olnc bazkwart. «· not u ·txonr u tlMT uMd to bo, hart lott xn8d*iH» la tb«lx ability to Kcom- ·aek m*al and ona at badtima. Sevan a day lor MT*n day*. Then tak* ona aftwr aach meal until the aupply i* aahauatad. Than II y*«r n«rrowni«a K n»t tf you do not f*el twic* a *t -- m* bator*. « your not kaan Chang-Mi to a on*, tak. b*ek th. MOty paekac* anA yowr roomy will ba ratnno* without coun.nt. No matter what aienaaa. worry-- evarwerk--too mnoa tobacoo or al :ohol --h«r« w«ak«Bed your body and wracked your narres. any drnffgiat aathorixad to ratnnil your If Blo-faraa. th. Etnacla and it elaUDMl tor It moaer oa requwt If Bio- nlabty v«toBlUr of blood, Wata 40M act to ia*t wtat il awsnt akont tb* Jornmla at Bio ferea. nttrtntti oa mry packa**. ow o»n. pkuolpbthatoiB. CH«ar««lti Capit Keep* Teeth Clean and Gums Healthy Specially indicated for treatment of Soft, Spongy and Bleeding Gums.-- · ' --*» All Dr*,l*ta aad Tailat CovnUn. there wou]d sprang up in California in the days not ha%e been enough lo 5Upp i } thi of the gold rush of '49 In gunny I demam j but thej all got out of the nek rags and tatters MISB Dalton is ^ Fl!ialll tno buU weat iato the «ti« attractive She goes to tlie Loo-| back yard of ^ resi(iclloe of James loo Bird, a noted resort, and is lured | LaagQre} ln tho m eaiiume the i«to an unconscious dance by t h e , ^^ QUt ^ ^ treeg anfl Boon music which so charms tbe jiroprie- I Mr Boy1 w5 t ihe barn acd moml tor of the place Dandy Dave Hammond that he s »cures permission to keep her there 'Wednesday ViTian Martin i» jTeatttred Goods" in 'Lnclaimed MORE DEADLY THAN A MAD DOG'S BITE The bite of rabid dog Is m longer deadl due To the now famous Pasteur Treatment but the slow lumsr death the resultant of poisoning: of the sjs- tem by deadly urtc acid i^ a.s sure and inevitable as Uuy follows Jiic t No other organs of the human body ara so important to health m ilclnpr is the Kidneys and bladder K«ep our kidneys clean and our bladder in working condition and you med ha.%0 no fear of disease Don t try to cheat i nature It it* a cruel master Wnen ·^cr .sou experience backache nervousness difficult} in passing urjne. "Kit on the job Tour kidn s anil bladder require Immediate attention Ion t delay This s the time to take the bull by the horns GOLD MEDA.L Haarlem Oil Capsules -will do the trick fr or o\ or two hundrxd 5 earn they ha\e proven meritoriou" In the * treatment ot uitja-cae* of the stomach kidneyi li\er and bladder Tt is i world Carned emedj in us as a hou-^ehold necessity for ver 200 veirs If ou h^ve been doctorinp without results fjet a bot of GOL/D Mt-DAL. Haarlem Oil Cipsulea toU Tour dmpffiits selN their Abio In lei v Ejuiratueed or monej refunded Beware of imitations. Look for the name GOLD MEDAL on e^e-y box -Adv Ing his horse went after tbe bull R ding up to it he tried again to drne it to the barn, but the ball vas not just rcad to "gb 4-fter ^aitfngr ser- j eral minues it was finally dm en into j tbe stable o* George Johnson A new rope was* adjusted into the nng in his nose, after -which Mr Boyil ^od son led him back to the barn with "ttle trouble Dawson. July 1 --G-eat preparations arc oemg made for the Fourth of July celebration at D2ckerson Run. Tiro ball games are to be played between, the Y II C A. and Dunbar These should be good garni s as the "Y" team won the first game on the Duubar grounds by a score of 4 to 3 A regular Held day program has been arranged and a number of prizes will be aTarded the winners Gasoline S6c Wells-Mills Motor Car Co, Connellsvllle --Adv 27-1L Mrs A J Manning was calling on Coooellsviile friends Moaday Charles Gaal, who has been off duty the past three weeks as the relit of burning his hands packing a on his train enroute to returned to bis ·work. A bull belonging to Charles Boyd i at North Dawson^ caused much e\residents Sunday att- i, and tor a time threatened to tltimeni to the rBOOn, *nd tor damage It was tied in his orchard near his barn when the rope broke. Mr ,Boyd and son. Haymond. went out and were going to drive him iato the barn, but the bull i efiued to v jo,'a»d turning on them made them ga*k jtafety by climbing up into the poach trees. The bull raged and tear- lag up the sod: under toe traes would Dot badge Th* men's calls attracted Ike attention at some ot the residents, 'and ia a few moments the entire population was ovit to gr»e thoir as^ist- aace A«ler bellowing arcund and owing many wild west stunts the bull left the ironard and ttarted down into tk. town. *aa" we -aaati say here that tk* onw vno w«t k th« i-escne did 200 CASES OF ALLEGED VIOLATION OFFUELRULES ARE TO BE PROSECUTED Ont of 400 or 5«0 Wnich Have B(on JorestifTRted by the legal Department of Administration. The Fuel Administration announces that about 200 CMOS involving alleged violations of D' Garfield s orde-s have keen turned over to 'he Department of Justice for p--os£yuUon and that between 400 and 500 other cases are under consideration b the legal department The administration in a statement explaining its activities in taking action against those charged with violating tho price regulations says. A large, majority of the offenders in these cases are jobbers who have made a profit in excess of that prescribed b the Fuel Admin strauon There are other cases m vvnich operators have charged more Ulan the government price for coal 'In some instances the charges complained of were made by mistake In a majority o£ cases however the overciarg6o were apparently made intentionally m the expectation that Bh«j viouid escape the attent on of the authorities In ever case the offender was given ample opportunity to refund his illegal profits before his case was turned over to the Department of Justice He first received a communication from the Federal Trade Commis slon calling his attention to the fact that his charges constitjten a violation of the orders of the FuH Admra tstratlon and suggesting that he vrould be given an oppo-tumty to make restitution Upon his failure to comply with that suggestion his case was referred , to the legal depf rtment of the Fuel, Administration which thereupon I again called his attention] to his viola tions and notified aim that an opportunity would be given hi,m to refund his apparent excess char{ cs ' Only those cases hai e been referred to the Department of Justice in which the violators have failed or refused to complj with the demands of the. Federal Trade Conimission and 'the legal department of the Fuel Administration." Suspicion Leak. She--t am convinced tbcf* Is ·omethln; wrong about our o«w neighbors, and ther vvsnt to bide it He--What makes jou thiaJt that She--Their hind girl Is dof and dmib- An anniversary that in the year of 1918 will be celebrated by the world. No longer is it a day to be observed solely within the boundaries of our country. A greater significance of this day has appeared upon the horizon of the world, heralding the universal brotherhood of nations Let our celebrations of this great day be dignified with the importance of this occasion. Let us unfurl our flags, open our hearts, give voice to the sentiment within our souls, and renew our unselfish allegiance to the cause of World Liberty. Closed All Day Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday to Complete Your Preparations Tub Skirts for Summer Outings and Sports Stylish, Serviceable, Cool, Economical Early m the season we felt that this would be a season of Wash Skirts And so it has prov^ We have kept in the market constantly, selecting" the best of the new styles, and hardly a day goes by that we do not receive a few Dozens of women will need a new one for tie Fourth For these women we are ready. Prices Range from $2.50 Gradually up to $12.50 Piques Cords Repps Poplins Linens Gabardines, Linenes aud Checks--almost every skirt with some distinguishing feature not found on any other * The treatments of belta and pockets are Just a* attractive 39 they are novel. nw Pre-Shrsnk Skirts are $X7a to Other Skirt*, BJUIJ gtylw, as tow a* Smart Cotton and Silk Blouses If yeu will ezamlne this "Waist Stock carefully you will se» more than beauty to recommend it. Here you find qaartty, variety, quol- in, workmanship gtylee and values You must BBC it if you need a blouse for the Fourth. Prices as Low u $1.00 And from that up to $25 The "Wlrthmor" and "Welworth" BlouM* at (1 and $2 meet all requirements of an m- ciperKive general utility blouse Always new, and to be had at th'B store only /U (256 to |S1 7Z are splendid styles in organdy, dimit} washable silks ·ailes and other litht materials At J3 95 to ?25 are models in elegant crepe de chine and georgette--alt colors, all sizes Cool, Summer-Weight Underwear for Women At25c Ribbed White Cotton Tests, low neck and sleei. elcss In regular and extra sizes Tbe regular sizes ara first quality tut the. extra sizes arc "seconds with only slight irr perfections At 50c and 60c / Ribbed White Cotton Combinations made with bodice top and loose knee. 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