The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 16
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PAGE SIX. . THE DAILY COURIER, CO! JNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 5, P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Hostess to Wales in Ills African Illness Mrs. Joseph Boucher of Ogdftn street has returned from Cleveland, Ohio, wh«r« *he spent the past two rootith* as the KU'est O f her sons-ln-la^tf aftd daughters. Mr. and Mrs. William Rinrler and Mr. and Mrs. Ctiarlea Smith. A son was born February 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. There are four boys in the family. Dr. Stuart Scott announces removal of offtce to 302 Second National Bank HuildlnR.--AflvorUsc-inent.--8mar-6t. Mrs. Joseph Taylor of Barneaboro ha* returned home after a visit with her brother and .ilster-ln-law, MK and Mrs. Frank B. Oalley of Vamlerbilt nnd ·with friends at Dawaon. Mr, Taylor can\e to Vanderbilt and With frlenda at Dawaon. Mr. Taylor came to Vanderbilt to accompany his wife home. PegRy's Beauty Shoppe, 157 West Crawford avenue, has secured a Hew operator In the person of Miss Hazel Snj-der. Phone 1810.--Advertisement. --Smar-lt. H. Ci. Witt was in Unioutown yes terday on business. Miss Louise Mack of Sycamore street is; spending the wefek-end with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Will i a m Mack of Unlontown. Miss Kvelyn Gordon aiUl Miss Elizabeth MagdoYHz, members of the Con- nellsvills Section, Council of Jewish Juniors, attended a benefit card fwrt? Kivon Wednesday night in the 0etj)hla ' l u b rooms ot Unlontown by the Jewish Juniors of that place. / Mrs. Harry P. Poftei 1 of Scbttdale was the guest ot her mother, Mrs. J. IX i'er-c.v of East Cedar avehu* yesterday. Lym-an K. Miller, who is employed in Detroit, Mich,, is spending a few (lays here with his fanrfly. Mre. W. W. Hainea of Bast Cedar avenue has returned home after a brief visit with her auut, Miss Emma Van Swoaringen of Uiiiontown. Miss Marian May, daughter ot Attorney und Mrs. H. George May ot Wills road, who was home to recover from a .slight Illness, has returned to the Misses Kirk school at Brytt Mawr. Mrs. A. M. Johnson, who is ill, at her home in East End, Is reported to be Improved. Mrs. Johnson IB the mother of Dr. I.,. Dale Johnson of Hace street. Mrs. I.. Dale Johnson and daughter, Marjorie, of Race street, and Miriam Karoerer of South Pittsburg street, were Pittsburg visitors today. Miss Blanche C. Ixmling. music; supervisor in the schools df AHquippa, is spending the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Blatice Dowllng. Mrs. 1C. V. Scunners ot Tacoma, Waeh., daughter of Mr. .and Mrs. H. W. Bridt«gum of East Washington avenue, 1« seriously ill at a Tacoma hospital. She Is suffering from goitre and at the present her condition will not permit an operation. Mrt. Sommers will be remembered by her Connells- villo friends as Miss Mary Bridegum. Mrs. Davis W-. Henderson, Wife of Judge Henderson, who Is a patient in the Uniontown Hospital, is reported to be recovering slowly from the et- tects of a recent serious operation. Mrs. Henderson's mother, Mrs. Ca»'rle K. Kelfer, who has been 111, continues to Improve. Mrs. Keifer makea her homo with Judge and Mrs. Henderson, oar "" advertisement Aunt Het BT ItOBERT QV1LLE* H-T "M thei ioy is a l i t t l e wild, he come by it honest. 1'vo seen his father go id the postofflce for his mall oa a Sunday." Among The Churches FIRST METHiOMST PROTESTANT, Went Appte street, J. H. Lanvbertson, minister.--Class meeting at 9: leafier, Georg* Swallop. Sunday school, 9:45, T, H. Moans, superintendent. Mornin*? worship, 11, anH-seloon lecture, member* Anti-Saloon League. i'Hhior C. E., 3. Intermediate C. E., 6. Senior C. E.. subject, "Why and How to "Win Others to Christ," leader, Mary Papfchlll. Eveftlng servicee. Special music. Address by C. d. Keftt. secretary Y. M. C A. Regulftr prayer-ineet- Ing Wednesday 7: SO, in charge C. V. Snader and T. H. Means. All are cordially inv:ted. CATHOLIC CHURCH FAVORS WITHDRAWAL OF U. S. FROM HAITI By HAim W.-fttANTZ. TJnltetl Frees Staff Correspondent. PORT A.TJ PRINCE, Haiti, March 8. -- Preliminary drafts of a political program desigrned to bring to an end the United States military occupation o.f Haiti, are In the hands of the Hoover Investigating commission. leadeT3 of the opposition Including Justin Sam, prime mover In the Damien students' strike last year. Georges Leger, Seymour Pradel, An- totne Rlgal and Pierre MudleOUrt, have been given more tltne to mukft a flnal revision of their clemantla, which jirill bo discussed next week, Both the commission and the Haitians appear sptlBfled "with the progress that has been tna'de this iveek. Anothet powerful influence was thrown, oa the side of American occupation. opponents, when the Catholic Chufth, supported by m6fe than half the'jxjpulatiou of Haiti, afe represented by Archbishop Cohan, declared its sympathy with the reform movement. The cnurxib, Archbishop'tJonah told the comoiisslon -when it paid him a courtesy vtuit yesterday, abstains from politics, yet takes a profound interest la Everything ihat affects the w«Jl-bein;; of the people, and therefore ·will rejoice when the present uofortuate eltuatlon Is eiid^ti. OUIJA BOARD LEADS INDIAN WOMAN TO KILL, CONFESSION REVEALS Bv U n i t e d !'r*s«. BtTPFAIX). N. Y., March 8.-~uMol«rn police dealt with primitive belle! in myatlclsm--inysticlflm of the oulja board, of witchea and "spolk5"-*--today as they perused the cmifesslon of Mrs. Nancy Bo wen, a 00-year old Seneca, that she k i l l e d Mrs. Clotllde MAitJh- and, Wife 6! Henri Marchand, th« artist. The aged woman said she killed Mra. Marclumd at the itiHtlgailoii of Ijlltlau J.iiMrson. also an Indian. The confession r«lateit how ouljn board seances w i t h Mien Jlm-ereon had brought about the belief iu tho my«tlc "evil" of MM. Marchand. Police say Mi«s Jintersiin wan motivated by jealousy of ibe artlat'a Wife because of the unrequited loVe Mts9 Jiniefson held for Mai-i'hand. The "ouija board" nfurder 'was dla- covered Jute Thdrsdrty when a son, Henri, Jr., It came home from se-hool and found hia mother's battered body lying on the floor · of the living room. Police found fingerprints on the throat, lacerations on the scWp and finally a cHlorofo |- m-soakod paper wad in her tlji'oat. Neighbors recalled seeing ftft ilndlan woman .leave the house an hour before' young , Henri dame home. Other persona had seen and Indian woman board a bus dowri- tawn. . · CARKSGJE TECH INSTRUCTOR SHOT DURING PARTY Continued from fag-e One.' iziooiiorent and QittinbleU, they eald. "What's U ·!! about? I doh't know. G u n ? Wilt I keep my grin on the third floor. How'd It get to the ««c- oiicl flowV Thai's where 7011 got me," lie repllel to quvftUonlng. Mr. and M«. Walter A. Krebs, imr- orit* of the ywuii(f man, are visiting in St. PetwrsburK, Fla., police saW. Last flight KVebs J» aaW to have invited dlbsson and Bad* to loin him in a party at .hie home, Both Gibson and Bnne lire at the D«*fltown Y, M. (X A. CUbson l« a son of U C. QlbBon ot Green Forest, Ark. He is » gifadaate of the Ui.ivorslty of Arkansas. Kreba i« a refmtirch engineer at the Bureau of Mine*, according to police. He and Gibbon h « \ c tn«n fri«nd« for e«veral aiontbs, is wns «slt. U»t«r trday Bane and Kredw will W osticincil si homioldc hradfltiartera Coatrii l'olic« station buiidiug. OKLAHOMA CITY "JAKE" DRINKERS ARE PAF^LYZED . , By U n i t e d Pl'es*. , ; OKLAHOMA CITY,|Oklu., March 8, -- Mora tttant 300 jtei-eotie were ret-ov- erlng today from affects of dflhklng "jake,"" popDMf low'-pWced iiiWilcant which parAl^/.eti the victinie. Many w-era etrlckeu at their homes yesterday. Physicians could promise them no relief, At least 50 were iti hospitals and clinics where experts attempted to determine whether the malady wouki be fatal. No deaths uocurre-cl, although phyel- clftlls reported many victlma who had noted Ohly slight muacular twltchee early in the day Were Worse. All victims told authorities the 111- ne»s follow«i drinking of jdlhalca ginger die tr United by fboolleggftre ahd Ladyi Joan Kathleen Grijof, wife of Sir Edward Griggt high commissioner of E»»t African protectorate, who ia boat to the Princ* of Wale*. Thft Prince (· reported to h«rr* contracted A teidari*! Ulfles* White dn hii hunting trip ia Africa. Before bet: marriage she and her ttater, were considered' two of the mMt net*4 bwttatifes In HOOVER SEES EARLY RETURN TONORMALCY and Cabinet Mem- hern Look for Industrial RpTiTal Within 60 Bays. ALREADY ON UPWARD MOVE pig" tli-UJS stores. A Federal bun was planed ort the shipment of Jamaica ginger train Kan- tae C-ity and St. txute warehouse'.} yes- terdiiy anfi authoriite^ riald It 1 would exlet. until specialists are able to determine the taufee of the affection. Most of the victim^ llv« in the pan of the city where oil .flell itieu ail*) laborers lite. Many were youths. Just Off the Wire By Unltad fi-eai, WASHINGTON, March S.--Edward L. DOhetiy, 7 1 years old, retiml Oil millionaire, v an here today awaiting trial on a charge of giving former Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall a 1100,000 bribe. The trial ie to start Monday, * * * NHW CUMBiaHLjANU, W. Vn., March 8.--Fire today destroyed the c! P. Telephone building and th* Herron bttlldlng and sDread to other* before it was under control, The loss was iu excess; of $100,000. Loottuqr for BargKhifl If no, read to- By U n i t e d WASHINGTON, March 8.--Pr«rid*nt Hoover and tlio C»m(u«rc« antl I^abor dopartjriients see Iho diirk eiotidH of uUomployinont and business uncertainty cleared away within 80 dtiyg. Tlie Chief Executive, Socretnry of Oomwert-c Uiinotit and Recretarjf of Oabttr Dflvls were on record to t h l B effect today In a series ot optimlflUe statements whk'h i»ero la^tied after they had made a thr^»-hcwir study of the Ibteet flguros. ( Tiie hilB of Mh-Hoover wrto s«*n In an appMl to tbo urerftge cltli^fj to by starting ahoad of time this those llttl«'jobs of clehnlivft u p and rcpulritig ttstiuliy done nlktttt the home In the spriug-tlm-e, 80 that many nOW unemployed tnAy hEtve Woi'k. ThlB sug-gesllon WBS mnflo in thd ^oliit sUitenwnt by Iivls and katnont, Which was iaflu«fl with t h a t of Hie Prusidejil from thfe Whlto House Jute yesterday. Mlgh pOlfitH of the joint sumtnury of tho situation were: 1. Th« worst effects'of the stock market craflll Ott 6ln'ploymoiit vrlil PHHB within 60 days. 2. The low point of b twiners a depression 'and unemployment was reached in late Decetaler and early January. Conditions have steadily Improved since then. 8. The amount of unemployment, In proportion to the- numbef of worh- 6fs, Is Only one-third of one-half as serious as H..iVa8 following.the panics of l£t07-OS and iMo-tos. 4. A canvases of tracleA ettiploylng 17,000,000 persons Indicates that between 1,(WO;000 and 1,-lM.OOO more peraonfi, are out «f work now than tit ttila time last yoar. 5. Acute unemployment 1s confined lo 12 states, while In the other M "Heasoual unemployment" or "luinor abnormal unemployment" · i rapidly being absorbod. v Despite Davis' statement Tuesday that "tho delays in' tariff legislation are more responsible today for creating unemployment than any other fitctor," he said yesterday, In conjtittdtloli with L,amont, tluit in "those IhdUsti'les affected by changes Iti the Wfitt" th« Employment situatioti lia^ "beeii Either stationary or BhoWJItg Slight d^clliie;" The White HoUie, fiitateliieflt Was tile flrst i'mportaiit dtie (Isalirtg with busl- lieas which Mi', Hoover has tnttde since Ala aeries of conferences with Industrial leaderst liere tdlteWliig the atock market crash last fall. It ivas :»een here as an attempt to reassUfe the country's (!drtitnOi'(ila,l Ihlefesta Which might have become alai'Jnea 1^ Widespread uneniplOyiiiiettt flettlotiatra- tlous Thursday hi a iiitnlb^i 1 o( American cities, thltt more jollfl' s«x(h will Ue available and that trade will be ihore brisk. ' ; "Nationwide response to the request 1'or Increased construction and improvement work'by public uuthoritie?, I'allroada, utilities and Industries Is having a most material effect," the President said. \ . "Conslruution ' contracts- in these categories In January dhd February were from 40 U 45 per (Jeiit hlglief than «ver known ill, thoSe morithd. The total construction Work for 1930 seehls iiHaured to be larger than even 192H. "The a m o u n t of unemployment is, in proportion to the numiber o£ workers, considerably leH than ,ouo haJf (probably only cue-third^) ot that which resulted from the crashes of 15)07-08 and 1920-2^ at this period of the situation. i "The undertakings to maintain wag-es have been held." --BY NEW CASTLE, March 8.--District Attorney John S. Powers oC Lawrence county and Attorney Charles S. Margiotti, special prosecutor, were to de- rido today whether Mrs. Irene Schroe- tier or Glenn Dagu'e, indicted, last Monday by a Krand j u r y on charges in connection w i t h the staying oJ! Cor- joral Brady Paul of tho State High- ·way Patrol, wouM stand trial flrst Werthelmer Motor (,-'0., W. Crawford Avenue. t Pi*k uP MOP I WTO T 1 IE WA*TY, AN ) L I K E THIS use o *rr A N Y MJC.K- Hot* H* BREAK* Hit WERTMEIMER MOTOR CO. WCR.THEIMER MOTOR CO. 1020 Isscx Coupe li»2!) : ;ssex Coach 1927 ] fash Coach We can't* smooth out rough roacB-- but wn CAN smooth your way towa.rdfl owning a good car! Hedan Esmcx Conp« 1038 EsHc.t Coach Gotham Lays Flan« for Gigatttie S c The architect's draw proposed fifty-story ' Ittg whkh is to be ei Radio Corporation Viotor Oottlipny lit t comer of ^^ewlngton Fifty-first Street, Ne- The new jfiant dtn Gothic desijfh and will occopubcy In the Sum ng for th«: 'ower Build-, acted b* th* f AmeHeaJ IB Boathweitl r York City, 1 ctorc is of 1)6 *e*dy foh n«r of 1931, Homes? Everyday you will fl id home* and aorne sites advertised A our classified col urn lie--re id iheo over. llosnok, SchictiDper Company Fedcnil ttntl Sta-s Taxes vrt and Auditors Corcrete t locks We iiavo lai'g 3 supply well seasoned r Kik face ttd J)la!;ti concre e blookB, all BlHdJV., made at oUf plant located at · th street and Meason Av;., WGK't Side, (kinnellsvills. Coitftolidatei! 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CMrrcHEix Who Employ* No Ag«nh» or Solic CANS *25 to*: If You Need Moiwy for Emerg'em y S E E - U S Fayetto Loan Company . Title frUst !ldg.. 5th Floor. Conn llsville, Pa. Telephosie 2*4 *'S6G Bonded to tho State. A Clean SteeringWheel When you take your cfli* ffotfl, this better repair shop you can take' your placo behind the wheel with perfect .con- lldetiCQ. Pol* you know tM Wofk is efficient. And'yOU ItnbW v^e never leave a bit of dirt or grease dii the jobs w-e do, .That's just one of the many reasons you will like this complete auto service. Drive up today for efficient, thorough attention. Baker's Garage Phone 1394 JVliere the Western Maryland Crosses the Pea nwj Ivan la. - Suiitit 7th Street, Conncllsville', Pa. A NEW. PEAK IN W1.FI2 I'UE»E«VKHS HEAR Apex Super-S*e«n-Grid R»4io -- Apex Muiti-PhMe Cirouit. Apex Putt Tone^olor ElecW6»ay«ai»i«j Speak**. Only J115 (less tubes). / Other Ap«x R^te^fmm |46 to $160 (lew tubtt). vcnient terma. 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