The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY COURIER. CONNETLLSVILUS. PA. PAGE FIVE. C. A. FOIQHT ) cr /* V"'s^ * | /'Vjt/HV 1 " f AMD NWJ v U«=t?ei DOUGHY PBTtEV i-~ EC \WEWE. OUT ^i 1 WAUTtn Tn SUoW --^00 Sr»ft V/lTM I HAVE To Do 5, tl\|B AMD --VOUn IDEA KAT.BU , But, » TViivitt THIS Si IS A. PRtfTtT10tl TVlrtM O-*OKt« MV AAJWST U-Bo«CS SVECTACUIATI. SPECTACUtAlt SUMMIT CHILDREN'S DAY NEWS OF THE DAY AT Ml PLEASANT BRlEFtfREiATEB War Gardener* Near Irlck Park Complain of Damage to Thorn. COUNOL CONES TO RESCUE Oidei luwi lor EHnUMtieii of Gnu» lint Blgfct Destroy Crop* or AnmoT Auto Speetar Fined WO, to Ifck* filsom Tern. SDecitil to Th« "ourlflr. MOUNT PLIUS^lNT, July 2.--Council, at its regala- monthlj meeting last evening heai-d complaints from citizens These gardens border on the I'rlck, Part and vrho livt on. Walnut street and those who live on Ch-urch street* and whose iot-j border on Prick park. To eliminate this nuisance a motion was adopted that members ot the property committee stop the playing of an} garner on the park that may anuoj the citizens M I Barnhart was before council and stated why ,he had laken the garden without permission and was git en (he use of it lor $2 rent A motion was adopted to connect ila.n stieet with Washington street at Center avenue by paring the lead with brick Ilntd S-ifl Ar Speediig. Bargess S p. Stevens laK eremag turned o~ver to 1 council a check for Dunbar. DUNBAK Jnly 2--G F Grlffen ot J1SB. tfie rece'pts for his office for the-j Smithfleld spent a few hours her* estcrda looking after businees in- past month Lutner Armbrust, who was arrested for speeding and all sorts of daring traveling in an automobile on Sunda}, was finad J40 or SO da}£ to jail last eveninc and will take the 30 days. Other v Under the anti-loafing proclamation two were gathered Jn yesterday. Harry Stauffer paid five dollars fine and Joseph Bladen took five days at labor ' U. L. Gordy of Chambersbarg who w»s «otne to attend the edncational JMcilag in Pittsbuxg this week, stopped ofl «ith old friends here Sun,day. 1 H. H. De-Long is attending the educational meating in Plttsburg this v*ek. Mr. and Mrs Joe Shaffer of Conand , were the guests of Mr Yn. Jo* Snllenberger Ucatenaat Crosby Thompson, stain Texas, is home on a fur- O'Neil of Cleveland, Oonjh, Ha. O, is the guest of Mrs Daniel Dull- HiH Emma Gelsthorpe has returned from New York and Atlantic City, where she was v siting friends Carl Miller has gone to State college to take a five weeks course in agricultural training IS A MERRY WIDOW- ^ after my husband's death nine years ago I was taken with typhoid fever. Since then ha^e suffered trom stomach aud Hver tiouble and conMij«.-.ion I have doctored a great deal without benefit. Sme taking aiayr. 'Wonderfal Rem«i7 three montlis aso my bo\rels have moved regularly and I am feeling well again I am now a happy woman.' It is a i simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucous from the inlestiua£ tract and allays toe mflam- natiou which causes practically all Btomarh. liver and Intestinal ailments, including appendicitis One dose will convince 01 money refunded A A. Clark* and druggists everywnere -Adv. From * taw lo Dr Caldwell written bjr\ SI Madwon Stmt, I / C E. W HAT I particularly like about Dr. CaldwelPs Syrup Pepsin is its mild but thorough action on the bowels. It has been very helpful in relieving my nine- year-old son, v?ho had been constipated since a baby." ,, /From I Mr. \ Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin The Ptrfect Laxative Sold by Druggists Everywhere 50 cts. (?£) $1.00 Free from opiates and narcotic drugs and pleasant to the taste y itacts easily and naturally and restores normal regularity. A trial bottle can be obtained free of charge by writing to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 458 Washington Street, Monticello, Illinois. tereiU Gasoline, 26c Wells-MIBs Motor Car Co., Connellsvilie.--Adv-27-4k Mist Lena Bell was calling on. friends and relatives in Brown»vUI« i Sunda} | C A. Reidell of Atlanta, G», via, the guest ot friends here for thP past i few days i Mrs Fred Kearns was calling on trends in Connellsville Monday See ' The Men Without a Country' at the Paramount Theatre Wednesday and Thursday--Adv--7-S Miss Pearl Cense who has sp«r the p»st vear with her grandmother at Monessen, returned home Monday Miss Mav Murphy and Jacob Marietta narrowly escaped a serious In jury at Cross Keys when an automo bile dashed Into their marhine 'Mr and Mrs. John Bowdm Johnstown spent Sunday here the guests of their sisters, Misses Belle and Martha Bowden. Mri J Crawiord and son visited in Uniontown over Sunday Mrs James Barrett and son returned home from Bellevernon after spending a week with relative*. Andrew Wishart attended the bakers' convention in Uniontown on Saturday Mr and Mrs "William Wall of Akron O are spending a few weeks with toe latter's sister, Mrs Andre* Wishart- Mr and Mrs P N McClosky ol ·Wator street arc visiting friends and relatives in Fairmont W Va M-s H L Thomas and daughter, Margaret and Miss Viola Anderson vhlted in Uniontown Sunday J L, Brown and Clorence Ball were TTmontown callers Sunday Thelma Gongaware spent the weekend here with her parents Mil Gangaware is spending the summer with her grandparents at Tarr "William Jobes of McKeesport spent the Methodist Protestant church. A fine program was carried out by th« children Buella Miller of Brownsville spent Sunday here visiting relatives Edward Connell of Fairmont spent Sunday here with his parenU on Speers Hill Rheumatism, Lumbago Sunday here with his family Ernest Shellhonr of Star City visited here over Sunday Miss Nelle Martin was catling on gfriends in Connellsivlle Saturday Children's Day was celebrated in Womem Sl.ould Take special care to keep free from headache, backache, constipation, weakness and depression. For these recurring ailments and other conditions peculiar tx women, Beecham's !PiDs are a tested and effectual remedy. They act gertly and promptly on the stomarh, liysr and bowelv and exert a tonic, strengthening effect on she bodily functions. These famous pills are purely vegetable, contain no habit-forming dreg, and produce no disagreeable after-effects. Women the world over, find needed help and strength in Sole tf Any JfafiM * t*. HMf " PiMrticM ·* SpccU Valw to W«Ma arc wMi Ewy B«K. lhr«^oul U. w«U. k Box^Tuk, IS Be OtttJilmed ml (on»«-II rmtf Mtmre. I* G««mar The nhooilns, toariny palnn of Neuralgia Sciatica and Uumbsgo arc speedily rcllc-ved, whll* heaiiachv. Toothache axid Earache Hlmplj 1 rte Heavy colds and tiore throaUi thmt threaten pneumonia and totudUtis ma'v be cured in a single nfght--and not onlr is 20th Centito Liniment the re- Haf needed in suuh cases at this but in practically any pftlnCnl condition There s n o f h i n g tnjarlou^ In 20th Century liniment. N^ burnlnp, no «re«e or st^,n It contain* inch -well known remedies as Camphor Menthol Iodine (In non-colorable form) and many other ingredients prescribed by the highest* authorities on the land Fine Program lleinlftred Sunday by InJoB School IB Itenbnr Township. Children's Day services were observed Sunday night by the Summit Sunday school it th« presence of one of the lai gest f ongregationa in the history of ttie iichool The church was filled to ilia utmost capacity and a mimfeer were unable to get in the building The ererciaea were impressive and wer? beautifully rendered. The address at welcome! was made by Superintendent Hugto D Barnhart. Tho renmindei of the program was as follows Song by soiool, 'Til B« a Sunbeam, proyfT by J J Barahart; recitation, Wi'da Harford, recitation, Lena "Woody recitation, Dorothy Thornton, recl'ation, Margaret Morris, flower drill directed by Mrs H D Barnhart, Tilth 12 girls, recitation, Elizabeth Upton, recitation, Lucille Morris, recitation, Nellie Clark recitation. Bra Belle Morris,, song by choir, "More Like the Master," recitation Evelyn "WortbJngtoa, rccita- | Hon. Alberta Morris, icefcation, Clarence Upton, recitatwri, "Novr I Lay Me Down to Sleep ' by five (hiidrott, directed by Mrs. B. Morris duet, Lillian Hardin and Mrs. Roseilii. Barnhart, recitation Howard Clark, recitation, Ella Morris, recitation, Ed- irina Barnhart, recitation, Grace Clark recitation, Alice Morris, song, "All :s Compleui," hi three ffirla, recitation, Huth Vorris, recitation, Albert Seese, recitation, Ethel Morris song by children, "Open tie Door for iho Children:' recitation. Mary Elizabeth Secse recitation Gladys Morris recitation Tbelira Kelly letter drill, America.' 14 girls, led ,by .Vra. Rosclla Barnhart, recitation, Dlla "Woody; recitation, Dorothy Thornton, recitation, Cora Hammel "Goodbye Children by Carrie Kelly After a short but touching talk Dy the superintendent the exercises I closed with too sinking of "America" by the audience CH1DREN J AIDRED CROSS Various Means Adopted of lt*isinij Snail Suns for the Cause. Junior Red Cross girls from ttia Third ward have turned over to Red Cross headquarters 55 cents raised at a meeting at the home of Lillian Man in Crawford avenue The nett meeting will be at the home oC Annabel Artis, in Murpb} avenue By giving a show Margaret Krush, Miriam Rosenfelrf, Sarah Rosenfeld, John Rice and William Rtce rafsed 51 cents and turned it over to the Red Cross The Do Your Bit club, through Mildred Elkua treasurer, contributed J2 50 in dues Ht'len thfngrs t b i e I*rjngr soothing: relief and real joy to stiff and tired out muscles i^ . _ ,, ,, _ ., Give ycurseif a brisk rub with 20th Snaythe, Margaret Dull George Cull, Century Lhitntont it night for one week and If you don t fee! year- younger after following- the simple dl- rcctoina u.ko It back to the druff- eists and j,et your mone back Step Into the nearest drug more or stop on your way home at the Con- nell«rville Drugr Co and g:*t a, bottle If result* are what i ou want make an effort to ffet It--Adr Catherine McC arrity and Sa rah Moore came forward with 90 cents CHAIN LETTER FAKE Bed Cross Tot Identified With Movement for "Face and Jaw" Hospital. The Pennsylvania Committee of Public Safi-ty has beep advised by the federal authorities that a chain letter plan, "foi the purpose of founding a special hospital in Pnuice, for tile treatment of wounds in the face and jaw,' stonM be discouraged Recipients of the letter were 'requested to send 25 cents to the French consul at Seattle and to write five friinds to do like 1 ? se This letter was put in circulation through a misunderstanding It links the name of the Red Cross with the enterprise but the American Ited Cross announces that it has not agreed to help finance such a hospital. The Red Cross and the French ambassador are anxious that the cban should be broken Tie Treab-ury Department has author zed disapproval of a chain letter plan which has been started by some enthusiastic workers for the sale of War Savings Stamps The National War Savings coounittee also wishes the public to understand that it did not instigate such a plan In fact, the 'ederal authorities are opposed to all :ham letter schemes. ABOUT EEADT. TTfll First Ration*!'! Tnrie Ttevlew Be banal T!ii» Meek, Every business man should read it !t gives in clear, concise form facts and figures which have a ital bear- ng on industrial and commercial conditions throuaout the country Send your address to the First NationaJ 3ank ot Connellsville. No charge -Adv TONIC - UPBUILDER Stattm C«|k., Wnk Ln ( uj CoUi T» Eckman's AHtratlit For many y*»r» thi» Calclnm preparation no* maintained an ever-JncroanltiR reputation for acooapliehfnc food, and often rwaarlcabfa zeaulu, *2 Sam $1 Sam now $1.50 now 80c Price Includes TFor Tax II TOB ire Hvaiuft Lead the ailvertiseing columns of, TI» Courier You will find 1 them. Manhattan --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE ^ AT HOME), Strictly Fresh, Clean and Purs ASK FOB OUR SPECIAL CLUb BRHAPAST if AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Qnr Pastries Are Delicious B *cause They Are Homemade.' { NEXT DOOH TO WSST WAITING ROOM. - Buy Wcr Savings Stamps. CIosi.1 AH Day CRACKER JACKS FOR JULY 4th Th« items below hare been selected carefully from the different departments of our store and we reel sure you'll appreciate our foresight to supply your July 4th needs at moderate prices. Silk Brerss the 4th for . FROM ALL OVER THE STORE Ladies' Voile and Lawn Waists in regular styles, large and small collars, Special Ladies 'Corsets, in all the new models, flesh and white, Wednesday Special , Ladies' White Wash Skirts in Gabardine, Whip Cords, P K's, all waist measures Up to $2200 Silk Silk Dresses of all the wanted materials, styles and colors, all sizes, for women, misses and juniors, Special $12.75 Woman s Wash Skirts of all the wanted materials trimmed with pockets and buttons, ^11 waist measuies Jlisses $2 50 White Tennis Shoes, lace stjle, T^hite ivory sole and heel, sizes ll 3 /^ to 2 Children's $2 00 White Canvas One Strap Slippers, sizes 8i/ 2 to 11, JJ1 /I f^ Special tP.L.'U Tissue Dress Gingham, in plaids Kf\f» I and stripes, per yard tJvfV' I Women's Silk Gloves m black and white, double finger tips, RClf* Special vFt/v/ Boys' Middy Wash Suits in plain blue or white with pink and blue mings ages 3 to S years , Boys' Linen and Palm Beach Pants, sizes 6 to ISjears, stripes and plain f\Qf» colors, Special Wednesday OI/l/ : $1.95 iiiiuiimii "HT EEffTS "ME lOOQOOGOOOOOOOOOVOCXMOOOO^^ Patronize Those Who Advertise iii^This Paper. I oooooocxiOOoex)ooac3ooooQooooooooooooc»oo(x3oooecxxx)ooocxxx)ooooooooooooooo«

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