The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 15
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SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 193d. HE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVT1 ,LE, PA. PAGE FIVlfe V A Study in Attitudes 'Brass Tacks" on the Sunday School Lesson Che tfottett (Text "Who katli w. to h.«r, Ut Mm b»*r."~ftUtttww 13)9. By DR. ALVTN E. BELL, A good definition ot a parable was given by a child in the words. "A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning" In Matthew 13 we have seven auch "earthly stories" of a sower sowing seed, an enemy sowing tares, anothei sowing a mustard seed, a woman hiding yeast in m*al, a man finding and hiding a treasure in a field, a merchantman finding in pearl of great price~and fishermen drawing in their net. To these common, every day occurrences our Lord attached heavenly meanings as ho likened the kingdom of heavon to thos-e familiar scenes. The I'urabie of the Sower. The first of these parables, generally c-all-ed the Parable of tho Sower, raigtit as truly bo called the Parable of the Soils, for the four results attending the sowing of the same seed from tfie hands of tho same sower. Taking our Lord's explanation of the second parable as applying to all of this group of parabl-os, we conclude that here, too, "ho that soweth the seed Is the Son of Man" and "the field is the world." So Christ is the one w« are to picture when we read, "Behold, a sower went forth toAsow; and when he sowed, some seeds fell by the wayside, and the fowls came and devoured tb©m up." Our Lord's own explanation of this Is, "When anyone heareth the word of tie Kingdom, and irnderstandelh il not, tb«n cometh the wicked one, and calchefh away that which \vis sown In h!? heart. This is ho t h a t HH'cived secl by tho wayside." These represent the attitude toward th kingdom that is hard and imprvi- ous to spiritual Influences. Cull It "hard-headed." "hard-boiled," "hardhearted" or "gospel hardened," as you ( hoose They have allowed the traffic of materialism to so beat upon their lie-arts as to preclude- the entrance of spiritual influences. The Impulsive Attitude. If the first kind of soil re-presents .he impervious heart, the eecond represents tho impulshe Iwart: "Others ' fdll upon rocky places, where they had not much earth; and straightway they sprang up, because, they had no deepness of earth." "This is be that heareth the word, and straightway with jo/ receiveth it; yet hath he not root iu himeelf, bin eudureth for a while; and when tabulation or persecution arlseth bocausa of the word, ttralghtway he stumbleth." These are the shallow, unstable emotionalists. "Little pot, soon hot," and lust as soon cooled off again. The .ittitude of superficiality brings disapipolntment, for it yields little In spiiitual frult- fulness. The Attitude ot Indulgence. The third class of hearers fall m their fruitfulness because of their indulgence in the things that are hostile to the word and spiritu il growth: "Others fell among thorns, and th thorns grew up and choked , them." "This is. he that heareth tl e word, and the care of the world, ami the deceit- fulnes of riches, choke tlie word, and he becometh unfruitful." It is not that they are Incapable, b it that their capabilities are prostitute I to inferior perSuits, and their carnaity chokes the spirituality to death. Their liven are pre-empted by materialism, to the stifling ot the spiritual. These three attitudes toward the kingdom, the impervious the impulsive and the indulgent heirt represent the hostility towards the kingdom of that ancient triumvirate t he devil, the flesh and the world that steal, starve and strangle the spiritual life Implanted in human hearts by the word of God. The Faithful Heart. Finally, there is the roceptlve, retentive, productive attitud i of the good soil: "Others fell upon jcood ground, and yielded fruit, tome a hundredfold, eome sixty, some thirty." /"This Is ho that hearath the word, and under- standeth it; who verity beareth f r u i t , and brlngeth forth, somo a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty." This, is the attitude that in productive of result". 81'he harvest is yielded only in the "hone-st and good h«-arts, which, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with paiience." One and the same server sows one and tho same good seed, but with what varied results, all because of o ir varied attitudes towards the divine Sower and the Word ot Life which He implants In our hearts (The Internationa/ Uniform Lessen tor March 9 IB Matt, 13: t-23, the sub- e«t being "The Parable or the Sower," and the Golden Text, Matt. 13:9, "He that hath ean to hoar, 1 t him hear.") (The Daily Bible Readings for next week's study are: Monday, Matt. 13:31-35; Tuesday, Matt. 13:44-52; Wednesday, II Sam, 12.1-10; Thursday, Matt. 18:7-14; Friday, Mitt. 18:21-35; Saturday, Luke 19:12-24 and Sunday Prov. 3:19-26.) EVERSON REVIVAL CAMPAIGN WILL BE CLOSEDflN SUNDAY '! h« evangelistic, campaign at Everoon Vnfted Brethren Church will Hose Sunday. Thoma« A, Filer, blind singer of Altoona, and Mrs, Ruth Man- gnu Stoveneon of Johnstown will sing. Three meetings v ill be held. Rev. Paul F. Mickey of PhilipsTmrg, who ha« charge of tho meetings, will speak at 10:45 A. M. on "Emblems -of tho Holy Spirit"; at 2:30 P. M. on "The Four Faces" and at 7.30 on "Josus Is Passing By." A special meeting will be held to- nitfht. Tho first 30 or 40 minutes will be given to the old-fashioned clase meeting, after which tho evangeltet wiH preach on "The Second Coming of Christ." . "Shoots" Living Tiger In Indo-Qiina Jungle DR. MAURICE SAMUEL WILL SPEAK SUNDAY NIGHT IN UNIONTOWN Many Connellsvlllc people are planning to go to Uniontown Sunday evening to hear Dr. Mauiict Samuel, who will deliver his famous lecture, "The Fate of Oiu- Civilization," at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Admission will be frt e. Dr. Samuel is consideied one of the foremost authors and holds an enviable position in the literary field lor his brilliant and intellet tual style. Non-Jews are also cordially invited by the sponsors of the lecture, which is scheduled to start promptly at 8:45 P. M. Kn. fferaan Cron, of New Y«rk, W bette*«d to hnvt wUblUhad * nark f*r «om«n photographer* wh«« «h« «n»pp«d » photograph of t Mvaf«, living t ger In th« junglt In broad dayhgrt. Sho i* on · forty-day camant huat witk a*r aoabaa*. Writer See* Religion aa Matter of Instinct If an nngel with a pen of light were to take a spiritual inventory of the heart of lh« people in our pews, what would the record reveal' A medley, no doubt, of the faiths, feelings, fears, hopes and haunting of a native religiousness, beyond widen few ever go; mystic moods, morel edicts, relics of old magic, inarticulate longings, Oark dreads, flashes or insight. In Borne, religion Is a few things remembered from childhood; in others, a grim sense of duty unlocking hidden reserves; in others, a passing awareness, a moment of wonder when the spirit trembles with awe; In others, a thing of rite and roto punctiliously performed; in others, « soft shield to blunt the raw edges of reality; In others, a wisp of wlstfulnees held together by a tenuous tl\ In all of as, whether by lack or bj loss, religion Is more a quest than a conquest; a yearning rather than a realization; more occasional than continuous; lesa an Insight than an Instinct. As Stevenson said of Burns, we ere not so much d^oted to religion as haunter! by It. --.ToBpph Fort Newton In the Churoh- mnn, Ctattlfled Advert^ entente Brlivf rwanka wh#n pUo«d In th* ool- unuw of T%» Dai!y WHAT THE CHURCH IS FOR By WILLIAM H. HETHICK, D.D , Pastor of T r i n i t y Lutheran Church "Ho findeth first his own ' brother Simon, and saith unto htm: We have found the Messiah (which is, being interpreted, Chriet.) He brought him unto Jesus." John 1:41, 42. The purpose of the Church ie twofold; to develop those within her fold and to bring in and save those who are without. Stated in another way, it is, the edification and sancUfleation of believers and the salvation ot unbelievers. The Church raiujt never center her cfforte on one of these *o the neglect of the other. If ehe doee, she oeasee, by that act, to bo tho true Church. Sho no longer fulfills her divine commission. She is a bird w i t h a broken pinion. No matter how largo or Influential a congregation may become it must continue ite'evangelical work. Of the )lwo, the' evangelistic elde of the Church's mission te more important than ite internal processes looking toward BJtnclification, because, in the first plaos It makes possible the latter, and in the second place it gives life, impetus and spirit to it. True sanctiflcation involves and includes evangelism and is not possible without It. No oa« ie developing in tho spiritual life and approaching a state of sanctlflcation who is not primarily interested and concerned about the salvation of others, "Wo think of the TOMORROW IS "BRING ONE" DAY INJHURCHES Every Member of Every Church Urered to Brinf? Another o So me Service. EVANGELISM WORK GOES ON In the Protestant churches of the city tomorrow is designated as "bring one" Sunday in the go-to-ehurch movement for tho month of March. Tho churches are making a special appeal to members to bring at least one more preon to the service* tomorrow. "The united effort of the churches to Increase the attendance to meeting with results," said a spokesman for the Ministerial Aefiociatlon, "despite the fact thai every Sunday «inoe the concerted evangel is-m campaign was conducted has been marred by inclement weather, ono Sunday being severely cold--well below zero." The hope is expressed that the churches will be crowded Sunday. The personal evangelism work is being- continued and will be continued through to Pentecost, June 8. Second of Series of Ser- monettes on Go to Church Month. Christian not as on« who is self- centered, eelf-eatisfled, but!as ono wh has Christ'e mind and spirit m eeek- ing to save the loet. We pee it exemplified in t'ho missior ami purpose of Christ Himeolf. II came to eeek and savo tho lo«t. Hat His own sanctilication toon coneid ered as an end In Itself, (here woul( have heen no motive of inclination ii Ilia doming down into tho world t give His life a raneom for many an make an atonement for ein. Rait Hit aanetiGcation did not operate in sue! a narrow selfieh way. If it had, 3 would not have been a true, gonuim sanctiflcation. The same is true of UF Our real Christian character niwl pro fesaion are shown when wp r-?arh ou in mercy and love for the salvation o the precious eoula about us. Evan gelism is our mission. It ia the hoar and soul of it. It is tho eign and evi · dence ot a rising or falling Church. There is nothing ^anl^r than t Church to rest in present number t and strength; to be % satisfied w i t . what has been already attatnixl; t repoee *u the security and stiength c'. Dailq Lenten Devotion \ SPECIAL SERVICES AT M. E. CHURCH A sermon on the "Meekn«se of Moses," in which the seemingly revolt against the 18th Amendment will he discussed, will he delivered Sunday morning by L»r, D. R. Graham, pastor of the' First Methodist Episcopal Church. Sunday evening a special subject, "What Do "We Know of Life Beyond the Grave?" will be considered. A eplendid musical program will be rendered. "Search for tho SCRIPTURJ3 Memory Vers«: "Show me thy way ., O Lord. Teach me thy path* " fPsal a 25M). Read: Psalm 26:4-14. MEDITATION TTo oome to terms with th« univer o one must find i1fi laws and obey tboi i, II i« no les« tmo in moral a twl epir - tual realms than in physical natnr ',, "No man can e'rve two masters," b t every man must serve one, or his 1! e has no peace. Lord Byron yearns f- r a freedom "_ _ .. which ages have not yet nubdued In man--to have no maetr save his mood." But one's mood i« .1, cruel a; d whimsical master. We know wi h Huxley that "a man's worst dlfficn 1- tiee begin when be In able to do i« he likes." , "There i« no freedom n mere freedom.' The man who recc 5- nizee no authority is a ship witho tt a port. No normal niAn is really hap y unless there is something which ie fella he must eerve with all his he rt and mind and soul. PIIAYER Enlarge our soulc and deepen o ir lives, 0 God, Break the .ippll tt *t holds MB in bondage (o things /e touch and see. Give us that ecnse of the invisible and eternal that mal es u« citizens of the universe. Amen Workers Meeting Tuesday Evening AttheU.B. Church The workers meeting; next we k will b at the United Brethren Chur :h Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. Rev, K H. Stevens will have chai je of tho devotions. present prosperity. It ie the old danger which lurks snugly in the feeling ot pelf-complacency and ease. Experience teaches us that we are more In danger when things go well than when they do not go so well. Study the history of nations, read the experiences ot churches, watch the lives of individuals, and you will find that the critical period of their extistences wae reached when they came to a certain stage of well-being and prosperity. This period is characterized by a stealthy disposition to laxity, indifference, neglect, issuing finally in aposta-sy Itself. The more eense of largeness readily lends an impulse to such a condition affairs. la a senee it may bo more Catal to belong to a church ot a large members-hip, when ithaa reached such a state ot indifference, than to a smaller one which has to struggle constantly for existence. You can see how a large body might caeily incline toward a natural indifference and dteconcem for othene. The precious value of souls can easily be lost by a congregation of great size. May God quicken no with His Spirit and give us a renewal of spiritual activity and interest such as will manifest Itself in the desire not'only to work our own salvation but th« salvation of the many precious soule about ue. In saving others we eaire ourselves, LEADER SCHOOL WILL BE OPENED MONDAYJIARCH17 Sessions First Week at United Presbyterian Church, Second at U. B. THREE COURSES ARE OFFERED, The leadership training school in the Connellsville district will bo opened Monday, March 17, at the Unlteo Presbyterian Church and continue for two weeks, District President L. G. Hoover announced today. Sessions will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7:3w to 0:30 o'clock. Th# second week the sessions Trill be transferred to the United Brethren Church. Rev. E. A. Schultz will be dean of the school and A. H. Long, registrar. Three Will be offered: Course No. 3, Old Testament, Rev, George R. Krupp, teacher. Course No. 6, Teaching the Work of Jesus, Rev. E. H. Stevens, teacher. Course No. 101, Life of Christ, Rev. R. R, Shober, teacher. Persons who wish to take either course are asked to notify their superintendents tomorrow so that textbooks may be ordered in advance. Any information can be secured of the dean, the registrar, President Hoover or any Sunday school superintendent. Meyersdale Mrs. Henry Hamilton went to Cumberland Thursday having been called there by the death of a relative. Mias Clara Saylor, a teacher ia the ·local public schools, will fipend the week-end at her home in Rockwood. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cook were recent visitors with relatives in Frostburg. Mrs. George Raymond and little eon who had been here tor some tim« with her mother, Mrs. James Murphy, has returned to her home in Detroit Your Dollars Merit Careful Watching -the kind the gives and ha* given to the funds entrusted to its care over a quarter-century. Join the Growing Family a 1 : the Citizens Start An Account Tod ay 1 FIRST BAPTIST, E. H. Stovens, minister--Church echooi, 9:45, l5esou, "The Parable of the Sower, or Take Heed How ye Hear." Morning worship, 10:45, sermon, "What Jetnu Does for Us." Meeting of the Juniors at 2 P. M. Evening worship, 7:3\ sermon, "Taking the Dread Owt of PVjar." FIRST UNITED BRBSBYTSRIAN, South Pittehurg and West Mortoi avenue, G. R. Krupp, paetor--Sunday echooi, 9:45 A. M , Charles E. Carson, Jr., ^superintendent. Morning worship 11 o'clock; theme "When You Turn Away." Evening worship, 7:30; theme "When You Stay Away." Intermediate Y. P. C. U., 6-30 P. M. Senior Y. P. C. U., 6:45 P. M. Workers »tudy class, Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. Regular mid-week eervice of prayer and praiee Wednesday at 7:45 P. M. Saturday at 2 P. M,. the regular meeting of the Junior Missionary Society. There is a place for "U" in. "ch rck." Fill it tomorrow. FIRST CHRISTIAN, South Pittsburg street, Rev. Eugene N. Duty, minister--Church school at 9-30 A. M., Walter S. Stimmel, superint* ndem_ Communion and worship at 10-40 A. M.; eubject, "Tne Majesty ot the Church." Senior and Intermediate Christian Endeavor at 6:30 P. M. Special evangelistic service at 7:3,'; subject, "Why Will ye Die?" Bajitiamal service at the close of the evening feprvice. Wednesday prayer-meeting at 7:30 P. M. A mid-week pause to think of God. This te "go-to-church" month, and i» "bring one" Sumiay. A friendly chunch invites you to all of Its eervlcea. FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL, D. R. Graham, D.D., minister--Sermon subjedt at 11 A. M., "The Meekness" of Moses." At 7:30 P. M., the theme will be "What Do We K n o w of Life Beyond the Grave?" Violin duete by Mies Paline Hombach and Evrett Thomas. The choir will render special numbere. DUNBAR PRKSBYTKRIAN, I, R. Wylle, pastor.--Bible school at 9:46; Upton D. Speer, superinlendent. Morning worship at 11. stibje:t, "My Church." Evening worship a union service in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 7:30. Service each ^vening during the week in the Methodist Episcopal, Church at 7:10. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN, J. L. Proudfit, D. D., minister--Sunday school, 9:30, H. W. McRobbie, superintendent. Morning servic \ 11; Charles B. Boring, D. D , of Altoona, field representative of the Presbyterian Board of Pensions. Young People's service, 15:30, Evening service, 7:30; Rev. Boring, speak-ec. Wednesday evening prayer-meeting, 7:45. * -TRINITY LUTHERAN, Fairvlew avenue, W. H. Hetrick, D.D, pastor-- Claee in catechism, 9 A. M Sunday school, 10 A, M. Contest between Luthers and Von Boras starts next Sunday. Morning worship, 11 A, M. Sermon, "The Value of th« Son of God to His Principles." Luther League at 6:40 P. M., "Why and How Win Others to Christ?" leader, David Ilet- rJck. Evening worship, 7:30. Sermon, "Why Baptize fnfants?" TRINITY REFORMED, corner of- Pittsburg and Green streets C. Cf. Shupe, paetor--Sunday school at 9:45, S. C. Witt, superintendent. At n A. M., sermon, '"The Investment 01 Life." Christian Endeavor at 0:46. Sermon at 7:30 entitled, "Where and How to Find Happineee." FIRST EVANGELICAL, South COT* nollevillc, M. R. Tyfion, pastor---Su» day school, at Ei"50, Mrs. G. Show maker, superintendent. Morning wot* ship at 10:45; subject, "The ChurclJ of Tomorrow." B. I*. C. E. at 8:45 P! M., Misa Pearl King, leader. Evening worship at 7:30- Prayer-meeting a 7:30 Wednesday evening. FAYETTE U. B. CHARGE, ROT. 14 II. Arndt, minister--East End: Sunday school, 10 A. M. Preaching at 11, Senior C. K. Society at 7:30. Moonj Memorial: Preaching a) 2 : 4 5 P. M, Mount Oilvo: Sunday ochool, 10 A. M Senior C. E. Society at 6:30 P. .M, Preaching at 7:30 P. M., 6ub1ecf "What'e Wrong With th© Ohurxh? 11 This service will be the beginning ol the evangelistic cervices at (he Moun^ Olive Church, PAYNE, A. M. E., W. E. Amos, paw tor--Sunday ecliool at 9:45, W. K\ Thompson, superintendent. Morning worship at 10:45. Evening- worehip a{ 7:3-0. Young people's meeting at 0:39 with Gladys Marilla in charge. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN", corner Vine and Newmyer, Ralph 10. Shober, minister--Bible school at 9:4.1 Mrs. Paul V. Lepley, superintendent. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Seri monette, "The Milk Man's Horse;* sermon subject, "Tho Doctrine «( Faith." B. Y. P. D. at 7. Evening worship at 7:30, fourth of a series ot illustrated lectures on the Criseis irt the life of Jesus. Subject, "Jesue in Wanderings with the Twelve." Quarterly church business meeting Monday evening at 7'30. Praypr-meeting Weil- needay at 7:30 P. M. Second Sunday in "go-to-church-month" has been do- eignated. aa "Bring One" Sunday. SALVATION' A.RMT, South Pitti- burg street and Gallatiu avenue, Captain C. J. Fox, officer iu charge--Sunday m o r n i n g service-11 oclock. Sunday school, 2:30. Young people's meeting, 4. Evening service, 7:30. The sub- ect will be "Hell." Tli-ere will be revival service's every evening next week at 7:30. Kvrybody welcome. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY, McCrory Building--"Man" is the subject of the lesson-sermon, to be read Sunday. The Uoldeu Text fs, "Blessed is the man whom thou choosest and causest to approach unto theo, that he may dwell in thy courts: we shall be satisfied with tho goodness of thy house, even of tliy holy temple." (Psalm 65:1). Among- the citations from tho Bible is the following: "Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his benefits: wlio he'aleth all thy diseases; who rc- deemeth thy life from destruction." (Psalms 103:2-4). Sunday mornipf? service at 10:46. Sunday school, at 0:30 A. M. Wednesday evening testimonial meeting at 8 o'clock. Reading room open daily except Sundays and holidays from 2 to 4 P. M., wh-ero all authorized literature may bo read. FIRST CHURCH OF THE,UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Lincoln avenue at Race street, E!m«r A. Sohultz, minieter--Church echooi, 9:45 A. M., Harry G. Witt, superintendent. Divine worship, 11 A. M. Special muhic. Sermon, "The Available Chritit." Senior Christian Endeavor Society, 6'30, leader R C. Witt. Junior Christina Endeavor Society, 6:30. Evening service, 7:30, sermon, "The Ambition of Paul." Mid-week service, Wednesday at 7 30 P. M. TRINITY EPISCOPAL, Canon L. H. Burn--Church school, 10. Morning prayer and sermon, 11. SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE NOW AND YEAR AGO Following are the figures for attendance in the Sunday schools oC the community last Sunday is compared with a year ago, the figures being compiled by the Ministerial Association: Last Year Sunday Church of the Brethren 91 Church ot God* Covenanter * First Baptist* First Christian 148 First Evangelical -- 140 First M. E. 256 First M. P. 209 First Presbyterian 209 United Bi'ethren 228 United Presbyterian 228 Greenwood M. E. . */ 102 Highland Baptist* Mount Zlon Baptist 31 Payne A. M. E --. 53 Rocky Mount Baptist*.... / German Lutheran 40 Halvatiou Army ... 2-1 Trinity Episcopal * Trinity Lutheran _ 341 Trinity Reformed 62 Trotter Community 2fl Union Baptist 25 90 141! 169 364 26 L 303 322 259 110 ca 38 EVANGELISTIC SERVICES OPEN AT MOUNT OLIVE Evangelistic services will be opened Sunday evening at the Mount Olive United Brethren Church, to continiio for two weeks, with the exception of Saturdays. The pastor, Rev. E. II. Arndt, will be in charge. Special features will be announced from night to night. 456 06 32 40 *Indicates no report received. Official Board Meetlnjr. There will be a meeting 01 the official board o£ the Cbristiai Church after the morning service tomorrow. Revival to Continue. Evangelistic services by t IP Salvation Army will be oont!ntie t h r o u g h next week. Captain C. J Tfox announced. Baptist Trntiteen t« .1 eel. The trus)6«g of tho Fint Baptist Church will meet Tuesday night at lUe chutch. Another Victim to Strange Curse of Tut Lord Westbury, distinguished British Peer who was killed in a 100- foot fall from a window of his home, aa he appeared in 1012. The death of the 77-year-old nobleman recalls the strange curse of the tomb of Tutankhamen which is believed my many to have been responsible for the death last November of Lord Westtmry'i M*. Hen,

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