The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1918
Page 4
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CUCJ±U£Jt, COMV'lSLJ^SV.tLi.E, PA. TUESDAY, JULY 2, lais. I v Ji^ fetig (ficunrr. Found*! »nd F SKTDER, K. M. SNTDEB. Preihtont. *' JAMES i DRI6CQLI* Secy and Trea*. BmlauMLjlan ~ - ~ 5lHN JL. OAKS - Man«iin« ~B«itar *~ WAI.TEK STMMEU City Editor 3U3S LYNNE B-iJOSCBi, ' MEMBEBS'OF Associated Press -- f ndlt Eur«ti» the -postoaic* Com 1 TUESDAY ^ S, IMS. T""S," .. ~" -tkiuarr Fore**, ~ . ^4CICRAE1,~ OKENALDO, _r^2_ HAROLD BICIIBT, *E»«tSr-B 107th Tield Artil- ? "-"f.rjr 3»th D'vision XT S N WIUJAH P SHERMAN [o«llai-U»U--L^ Aawricai^. BXt_ ptdlnlottMv^F^rc**.. r JT. dltjbrtary Forces France J IlteP \B11AND. B, b3rd Enclneers, I? 011 BwiawJu.-.. Indlaaapo- ; ^t * Jia Grant, ti 7 CJ Rl- STEjrOE, nianany* l«t Battallor -- tantry R*B'aceim« Bn- * """ "*· -s - Camp ^ce Va. The Atsoo'iteil Press Is «- Vuslvell, entUsil to the use for rcpublication of all U» news di3p«io!ies ctiitlited 1o It or not "6th«rise crelited In this paper -nn ( al««- the local n»ws pub- 1ishe4 Sdrcln gfriT PtlCF TEK3K. Whether CourA Roon a member oJ the Prussian house o£ lords spoke with authonty of his supreme cuer- lord, i!be Kaiser when announcing the- preposterous peace terms to which Gennan is eniitUd matters little E,en had the Kaiser himself elated theqe terms thy mil recede ed to be available during that period, that it becomi B incumbert upon eve~y consumer to be just as sparing as possible, other-wise the stock ot sujar will be exhausted before the neit West Indian crop reaches the refineries about the first of next year Some persons may feel that they have already conomized in the use of sugar and mar look upon a restriction to three pouncls per perse n per month, in Addition to r a special r i!Jowance /or home canning as quite a hardship, but such a reduction 13 aftei' all only about 25 per cent from normal consumption and still double the ration Jn the allied countries Compared with the economies practiced in those countries *re have not j*t learned th" meaning of the term "^ e must learn to show devotion at all fo^te devot-on the people ·ot the wmr -Btncfcen an^s have shoicn to the sacred cause their soldiers and ours ar c maintaining WANTED--SI LL HOUSE W4MTED -- POKIER. NOT IN draft. Jit Hili HOUSE Scottdale. 27JuraSt WANTED--SjaLESMAN AT C NCE Clll at 3DB We t Cra-w'o-d avenue 2fljune3t MLD--COOK AND CHAMBDH at TEAMS AIA-MHENI HO 25Jv.netld WArrnr--BOYS OVJIR is YEARS of age t^ON\£LLS% CO-, INC SLLK ' 2julytf "WANTED--COAL MESSRS ON I^s try WOTK at nev» mine ol Linco n Ga. 1 ! Coal Company near TVashineton Pa 8 hour s h i f t Appl} ^ TV VANCE, Super i n t p n d p n t 2"june6t W A \ T F D -- EXPFKIENCED STEK oi?rar-ar for established ConnellsMUe buslnt s house preferably one had »om. experience "With the War I par truant ruling .gainst the use ot liquor m p r f \ a t e ora«* where officers and soidiers are Entertained tl e Sh/ppl-iff Board advocating the uae ot bee" by the ship- ya-d worKerzf other "WHsMngrton offl- cials slandinj- firm for ratification ot the--prohibition amendment and the Pr4sldent,,oppos'nj- atnerdrociit to bills ,maklTH: t prohibition a vir time meaa- mrci the average citizen la just a trifle perplex*d to know whether Washington is a Sahara nr a -Dlf-ati*! Swamp In gene-al office CT Ad dress Bot 458, ConnellaviUe Pa Shattering seven, crark German dl visions in three weeks in Just a Mn.. to the*- Huns ojC^hut the .American? jrtn do -when the/ 1 reaH* commence to Who S"loonft now 1 * C ount Iloon, the tJEru«ai*n. lord wlio thinks Germany Is tttted to -the earth »ai a altee of £ e ·mftoiv-thrown in for Kod measure ·WANTUD--CCA ERNM"£NT NEEDS 2 0 0 0 0 clerks at Washington Examinations verywhei e in Julj Experience unnecessary Men and women desiring: n ernment positions write for free particulars to J C I EDWARD (former C U I J SerrJce Examl ner), S9S Kenols b-oilding WT.5htnp- ton £9junc5t* WANTED -- THE ST 5 HA VCIS Hospital Training School for Nurses Pitt^burj, Pa offers a three years' course to 3o«ne women over eighteen \ears of age having 1 the necessary qualifications The course includes all THE THEATRE THAT PLATS ONI,* THE BEST Come ^Jhen "You Please. Stay As Long As You Like. Weed of July 1st SHAFFER AND STOUDISH Present The Girls From Huyters in a Repertoire of High Class Musical Comedies, Featuring NORMA STANDISH, BUD SCHAFFER, BIG GIRLIE CHORUS On the Sreen, Helen Holmes in "The Lost Express" the branches of nursing, and in tion hydrotberapy and massage T 1 !» hotpital has a capacity of five hundred beds and l«* ftflllKtcd w ith the 3 bniver»1ti of PIttsbure for tenchinR- purpo-ies For f u r t h r r partfculars up plv to the DIRECTRESS OF NURSES 29june"t There wer no Connel ^^illians in the defense of Verdun but w e haie some cUiiens vrho for the auke of the Red -Cross are irf)3inff o ha ;o -ai(l of them Well done because of what they are ready to pi\ e- toward r«lie\ Ing the suffering of those who will ha\e other Verduna to defend. Nothing bu f the *ige limit seems to atanrf in the -wa of CmnclHville s en- tiro force of newspaper v.orkers ink Ing an assignment t Get the K a t a a r The Hur«f ha\e already found that Che despised Tank-e etui stnd will call the turn on anj trick the want to play and uho-nr them t. few new ones in t'ie m-eantime ^ Philad Iphla Press. The Democra it. V^ttonal Committee hi*; just Isxced i t rul rtmarkabl* 1 document for w hlc\ It ^ks publlci tion in the Democratic pi **i It Is the announcement of the t i f l d t n e up of a dve Industry In th- "Lnited State* to.d in eloquent inn^u-ips aid breathing of Rloriflcation at c\ erv pore In the language of con^nnrnate p-ida It tell** how u ithln three rearm the larpeat d estufC induntrv in the w orld from the point of \ few C'f money Invested, ha-i been built up in thc United Stale* ·The United States has «mashcd n l i h overwhelming blows the Gcrm**n d j e stuft industry on tliis ildft of th* At lantic" It declares and wrecked mo*t profitable Kor IU»« FOR RE\"T--APARTMENTS FLOU ENCE SMUTZ J4Jun«tf FOR !IK*VT--ONi: G ROOM HOLSE Call Bell -103 R. 29june3" FOR REVT cd rooms b a t n ford -THREE UNI Appl 310 W«st Crt I-OR Rfc-NT -- O n C room, get tliman pn^lcrri T r t r d street, Wobt Sido FUKMSMLD L iOS North 2Jul52t* FOR RENT--TWO LARGE DKSIlt able furnished rooms for lisM housekeeping All con\«ni8nceR. 410 Vorth PittbnrK JirreeL Ejulylt Fwr SAl^P^--1 HhSM COW I~NG 1R£.STO V JL * D No ;lla\ille Ijulylt" roit s\.L.r:--01 TP VDE--GOOD f-( ^ c w extra heiv / m l l h c r H A R R Y I I I I T/I L. Ml VT M VREvKT Weat Side ' model "^3 In Incjulrt 104 V- --15LD HUDSON AUTO Kooti r u n n i n g condition. Crawford or "ft oil i J H I l s ISjunolf. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE IOC --10DVT-- !.*( WOE1.D "THE CABARET " i an all star CJLKI including Carlle Blacfcwell Montagne Love. June Eividjje, Jnn Bowers George McQuame The inside life of a New Yoik Ciba. et and the Bohemian cmte p s of the great cit is viridlv shonn In this jicture ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND THL UMVERSAL WEEKLY i _IvFJXNtSDAT ASI THUKSDAT-- ·THE SENSATION OP THE HOUR"--ED'W ARD EVERETT HALES IMMORTAL AMERICAN CLASSIC "The Man Without a Country" FLATURING DM OF THC «N \TION S GREATEST STARS, rr-ORlaNOE LA BADE THP BIST 3ICTURE TrULT HAS EVER BCBN SHOWN ANT) THE dU.ATx.ST iCTLVfr IS SHOWN IV THIS PRODUCTION AL£0 CURRENT EV1CNTS TOR SAI K--OAKI,"^D R O A D S f t R J In f a i r condition High tension rnaffn* { to Cl e%p to q u U k buyer Call 5~5 Boil p one 2 j u t 4 t FOR In pIoitinK^ JOH^ S VI.E -- I 000 ami Htlffhtly FEET used absolutely no cott^iderition In ei*heri voice U points out ^ e h a \ e cut of R D N zase any peace rroposal at this Urn* ^^"^^10 tt" r T*ii°t*n P 7hT**i^i" FOB" BOUGH floorfnp Road onld "Tse nbthina, more thari a colos- plosmcnt eft tho-nai ds of men and th* ,,,, . , , . _ ! reapjnr of millions ol dollars of ri»v toTbe comple'el} Ignored by j tn £ The Democratic N a t i o n a l Committee -_ , ^ - i c l e n t I y t h l n h n that this In j h e flr-?t Uris to far expected that Germany a i time that an indu*tn has been built our tarW lws they will flnd a larffft i number of such InnUinces From its I very beejn-tlnjr th» protec*He tariff Iitw* of the United *5tT.t*»g h t v ^ been .. _. ' effect \ e In «tartlnR nto life irnlu*. theJPiench,statesman terms Ifc, It is j trlea t h a t never CXIS ert herft before nothing shoct of tieachery to the cause, TMat is the ba-(ic idei of protection , a I t s o u p l c d -ocith t^t l Idea of a*suHnp to of the Allie* for aay person eren t o j t n c American producer ni«t proper thttk of*pe»«e mgotntions No mat-1 Place 1" hfs market place In vuiita. V «_ F^T- c= present Instance the war has acted is pae offensive wdl *,- sume many^foims, air characteristic a ,,,. · * . , - , - , » t ~ r*r *·*· of ^ha-ftho^e Prussian policr of ar rogan e and-cuuilJiS,' as Cletaenceau SALE--ALl* K1KD 1 ! OF HtLB her S ampff manufactured by C N tLIL,l R 303 ASest CrawEord SOJunefit FOR SILB--OM3 fi TON WHIT couth gran motor 12 Inch ffaupe. In good condition ImmetJi-vio drlivury Box J() care Courier Zjulylfd FOR SALE--COLUMBIA DJCTA- phonc new Vcostyle dupUcatin^ i^t ter michlne SevcriJ Fix.1 riiffff rliean to quick buvcr Ch 855 Bell source J they may lay be assured that the by the Hun 1 : ic absolute]? refuse to a hitrh tariff wall a^aln^t Germar d\ e* that if all Lnder the stimulus of iuch conditions th« Amertcin dve ·?tuff Industry ha? hid an opportunity Vow (hat the Democratic FOR SVkE--1 TON NASH TRCCK ujpped -vnth coal body (uid cab st class condition Ton small foi f present use Inquire C L. TFORIv "- etlnvlllo Pa. 2 S J u n e t f d listen QC do 1 the- war wffh constantly increasing j JJ^f vig»r a«d strength until Germany hasTbeea dm en to that extremity wh«a, in good £aith «he is wiUuig to state h«r peacu,term' in two ·Jignifi- ia«t eureeehi' and'eisi j undcr-tood | surrender." except to push i has «xpre"3Pd Its Jo at *uch ft should brHsr about Protects e Tariff lav. and It w U t FOK SALC--CHEA" SPw. Kood w ork horse-* three seta d u b t f harn^-is four good road wagons oru d u m p w i p o n Inqu ic P I E R C E committee ' BPOTH? RS COAL COMPANY JOUt^ SOISSON THEATRE 1 Q K K T I- BKOTT AJD COWl'VXY IRF JiEl*IM» FOB Till'i TtEEK. The comedies are changed three times as usual--^Monday Wednesday and Friday There is aiso the addltloo of laudoiille acts *»hich are changed Monday and .Thursday PirTCKES VS IftltL. More laughs tlinj: sobs will lf the offenng on the screen hereafter JIATIMaS \ T 2 , 7 VXD'IT. M. Next rndJ-y tttc attraction vrill be a nomber of amateur songs dunces and other vaude\iHe acts--which will pleise all Anyone -ttifhing to enter the contest for the best singer or dancer, or otber amuitng specialty will please cull at the Soisson Theatre office. Prizes wtll br given atraj acd awarded according to the de ciston of the audience Don't Xns the rnn. This Contest Is Open to All. pro Cnnnellpviltc TIPW { 240 W ' - - Pa. TrI-Stnte phontt ISjuneCt then have other such achievements to chronicle JECtSSTIT lOK-SVfnG 8UGAE. The adoption or the aew «ogar regu atlOQ which became effCLU^e Tester- rfsf ^Administratio ^)e taken because of c^itdULons grow- 1 But ^he u everj inch t scrapper ^itig out of the protongstion ot the Tar ' 1 ~ J " *· "~" v -~"- --^There is an increasing #2iQrtagp in the THB MAKOE. Hc 15 al ^ a/a flt and ready He is always cool ard steady ?Sv«? S S. I bSr,. ate .tS w He la trim and he is LOTS FOR SAI^E--THE JOHN T HofTK propertj Eort Pirk A d J I t i o n . and South Side has been divided | amon«r the heirs Mrs Johnston -n Ml Tell her holdings on liberal terms and | j rer reasonable prlc« Some choice [lots on both pn.\ecl nnd · unpa^ed [ streets. Will help finance b u j c f H M j they ·want \o build Long time easy ' payments for those \vUMng to build later txts loratetl on WaahlngtoT avenue South Side "ft I Is Road pavc-d and beyond unpavcd portion Isabella Road. Snyder and other -troets Some of Jot«i much 1 east i bin hcretofor named Consult rim roal estate ag-cn or w r i t e direct, stating w h a t lot or lots aro -ft anted STF'WART JOHS TOV 1209 House Building P i t t s b u r g 21um,St cues- f i i «ai,ailable supply adil!t£onal re- \nd"where-er the shells are thleke t can look for the Tiarine He s* Che first to acert he battle Jstricuons must be ii posed upon its | Fir« to hear the ^^^ ^ ^^^ Neath a foreign bit of aky -» -The Food ^dmis**)ration explains H e 3 tne first of truths defensea And when flehting erim comjuences , a number of causes ha^e develop- He v the first tt heed the challenge-For the Flag he s first to die Uief In the -vild untutored places £ed to make oi» sugaa position more Difficult than wab f' ticipated earlier the year The employment of the j He la rough sometimes of manner Cvaat number ol .twm^wrn. trans-1 g^ h. ^.nt^.^.., ·^porting men munitions ana supplies i Or a min of pe:lce an( i ^to Europe has great!} reduced 3"wnber 0 ( ships in the sugar ·tpprtauon service p irticularlv irorai^-,,), x i, ammor !ahe ^oirces of supply that are . distant from CUT Otra ports In He can level mountain ridses , Cross the risers with his bridges Fashion order out of cimos And a ruined town restore T-ncIe Sam lias neier tasl ed him With a job or never ivbked him ro* o.^pecial brand of service That he wasn't ready for Within nr*r dwrtnf tkc las' half of the ;ear. the In ?the sajfttefof raw fragaf Iboth fot__pur allies and ourselves are ^iet being received as regularlV'br m ^fts Idrge-^uantitios-a^ focmerly^ Agaii\ ^-inniB otrthe sHgar_ producmg areas y-feaei-of'the-uJfited States, as th,e,"West Indies, have had a J H e s al ' on ,° eted1 " I J J^hi's'inisB jnuch less mountifal crop ttin h a d i Ana'votni "Avaya flnd hTnT 3)«en expected. The sugar beet cropj Bverj-where the Flap Is seen Jn, the western stafs and the canol'WTien thc ballets start to fly iusar crop 1D Lomsiana have fallen | *£ ^f^JJ ? h TM ^^aSSve rslioi t of earlier estimates There has ] For the U a A Marine SUen further destruction of sugar t*,J Tories in-the battle areas ot Prance; |nd Italy Both the Lm»ed Stal i^u allies hive lott large cargoes ot Vigar through the aeth ities of the TJ- Jjsats - AU of these caus«» combined h»7e to curtailed the kno»a and estlm»tid Stocks of sugar from all sources that 3n3v 1,600 000 *onR are counted upua «s- ai ailable tor eoTtamnfUoa daring the ensuing ilx month*. ·. Sued upon i ^hoawboX eoBBtiiiptlon of thrw faoodi per penwn r«r month; taking cttf tl the n*«4i of our Army and Nwr r ·* fravldla* for the pre«erv»- ttea o4* fruit, «1lk and other food «r- wffl require 15dO,«M tons of LOST--LADICS OPEN F ICE SEL % o r watch Rewtrd If re urncd t Courier office IjuIvSt LOST--FB ATERNITY PIN WITH name Don L Bold date tebru-try £3 11S engrraxod on re\erse side not piwnablc R e t u r n to Courier olflcd and recei\ e reward IjulySt* LOST--POCKtTBOOK CONTAINING sum of money and (jold witch either on Western Mori land train from PHtsburg or between "W M depot and Thtnl strpet Reward if returned to Courier off ce lju 2 t Pop art FOUN-D--BED HEIFER ABOLT 1 year old at John litner farm below Greek church Leiseanng- \o I Owner can have same by calling and paying for damiRres don* Ijuly2t* WMITBD--TBUCKEBS AT BAli Ohio Freight Station f *SJuneJt ·WANTED--5« HEV "WAGES »J 7( V*r- d»r "*AMly at FOUNDATION COMPANY, W«t P«nn Ptw«r plant. 2jnlj»t WANTED -- TO BOY BECOl^p HAND Nolle* C N PULLER MANTJFACTCBER -[ Kuboer Stamps 309 West Crivr ' u r d avenue Comnlete line of stamp supplies 2SJuneSt Hmrlfty-Davfdaoit mo^orayele with side Box tli. Broad Ford \otlee a ILLER cesed Letters testamentary Jn th« estate of I E O Miller late of Soutl ConnellsviHo Fa} cue county Pcnn- tjlvinia decoaseU having been granted tlie undersigned notice is hereby given to all perftonl Inoebted to said estate to m'Lke immediate payment and to thoie harlnr claims ag-alnit the same to present them properly authen Heated for =ottlement J K RENNER Administrator 4]uie«t-tues NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAI the partnership lately subsisting b" tv«en Al«e Chlnn and J Gardner of the city ot Col ne^lmvllle. County ot F»otte and State of Pennsj ivania under the flrm. name of Chlnn £, Gard ner was dicsoUed on the 26£h da of Juno A P 1918 by mu ual convent. All debt», owlns to the said partner Hhip are to be received by the salti Alec Chlnn and alt demanda on th' said partnership aro to be presented to him for jiaymftnt. ALEC CHUsN J OARTO.EB JTjuneCt ' O R P H E U M T H E A T R E -TOBAT-- The Dramatic Story of a D-race Hall G i r l s Triumph Thomas H. Ince Presents DOROTHT DALTO\ in "FLAKE-CT Stt" CHARLIE CHAPLIN IN "A BOG'S LIFT" Hia First Million Dollar Production for the National Wednesdar--VI nan MarUn in Unclaimed Goods There is a lot of special hot weitrier raiment in our stores for the July demand Don't -wait_ until the last day, buy new what you need and benefit by the savings offered The prices 'Mas not be possible again for a long tune Men's clothing, boys' clothing women's, misses', and children's clothing, of every description, cool, hot weather, July specials Many of them are a class of goods that we will not be able to duplicate on perhaps we will not be able to get them again for years Mills that manufactured ttese goods are out of business--the Government is ·using them for making clothing, blankets, underwear, etc , for the soldiers, prices are advancing Many of these lines todaj would cost mo-e wholesale than our retail prices, therefore, if you are in need of anything in the way of ra- ment for men and boys, if you are in need of an^ summer dresses for women, misses, and chil dren, or goods to make summer dresses, skirts or shirt waists, buy now, bu while you can get the goods You can get ractically what you want now, later you will be obliged to take what you, can get · C3 Lartre Department Stores, Located in Fayefcte, Westmoreland and £lleghei? Counties. Oifords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good. All the newest and best styles arc here. WE FIT Men, women and children with real Shoes, \dmlnl«(rnlor*» Xoflce. f- STATE O* MAR"i M A R G A A C r Sh iCcr late oC the cllj of Connate vitle countj of 1 a t t t o and s ate ot Pennsylvania, deceased L,ett rtf of administration on the above narcoJ estate having bt,on granted to the un derslgm d notice Is hereby elven to a}) persons nOebtcd to ttatd estate to mal^e l*mn* ~te payment and to tho--o having clilms iffalnst the same to present them pro ?crly authentic-vied Cor settlement MAURICE H SHAF TK.R Admintstrai or Connellsvtlle Pennsylvania, H G MAY Attorney 2 5 June fit-tiles Notice LSTArE~or pSA^K YOJNWN deceased Letters testamentary in the estate of Frank Younkin late of Bu 1 ·ikin township Favette county Penii sylvania daceased naving been grant ed thc undersigTed notice Is hereby given to all persons indebted to s-iid estate to mtLk mmedinte laynient and to those having claims against the same to present them pioperly authenticated for settlement CHAJ J3BTWILER E D ConrclISTi le FJ- DICK SHDRRICK Ccnnellt-viile Pi Executors F E YOUNKJN A torney "8raayGt tuee Want Ads--1 Gent a Word By Parcel Post to rour door Send yo ir money now "We will ship a once Parcel Post charges p,jd Barred Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Beds at. 25 for ; 4 50 50 for $ 9 00 t(10 for $17 5fl AJso White and Brown ).*«£ horns at 25 tot ( 4 00 50 tor t ft.M 100 for 15*0 BI.UE BIIK.C tOTTITB.Y F1JH.M Bell Phijne 1779 Uniontown Pa. Real Money Can Be Saved by Having Tom Hat Cleaned and ReWocked into the Latest Shape bj our Experienced and Expert Hat Cleiner who makes a special study of all Panama work We use no acids and fiuarantee all our work to be the best Established 1904. The American Up-to-Date Hat Oeaning Parlor J. L PEKKIS, Proprietor. Ill W Crawford Ave CONNB1/LSVILLB PENNA. the roerchants who ad- vertiss, in this paper [ Theywill treat you right LOT VALUES That Cannot Be Duplicated Anywhere-- That S-M-A-S-H AU Precedents in Value-giving! LOTS as $ low as On lonr Chvu Easy Terms 80 Located at Poplar Gnne--A beautiful spot indeed--the coming residence district of Connellsville--only a 15- mmute -walk or a 5-mmute oar ride from 'Brimstone Corner When you consider that farm lands in Fayette county are bemg sold at greater prices than -^ou are offered this land right at your door in a developed and constantly improving neighborhood--then you'll start to realize how big these values really are ExteusiTe Improvements-"Water m front of every lot, street improvements ar-d fine shade trees Church and Public School nearby Every convenience right at your command It costs you nothing to get all the factv--simplj write C. B. McCORMICK P. 0. Box H4. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Sr\

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