The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1918
Page 3
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lf'-i : ; Home MaKers ··'5 ·Ir if : UCH a change one year has wrought in the S Nation that held the name of the "most ex- · ^travagant on earth. Conservation--our patriotic .watchword---has 'become fashionable anjong the proudest families. It's no longer "tjie thing" to try to outshine one's neighbors. Bnihess men who can offer sterling opportuni- ties to economize now are doing a worthy service t» their country. We are doing our bit. These hot midsummer days are the best of Conserva- tion days in our store. · - ·It's the Spring That Makes the Bed If you must 'economize on · bed outfit; don't let it be on the ·frixg, · for upon its strength. : resiliency and durability depend* tound, refreshing sleep. Better a "less expehaiYe bed than a cheap iprihg or mattren. _ '*£. ' We carry .only. standard iprings -- the best makes upon Hie' mar!$et-- and gnara*tee them to be satisfactory, in every respect. INDESTRUCTIBLE COIt/ SPRINGS, made of carefully ^tempered ".vrire'CDrtt, -«eciir«ljr "fastened'and japanned. FABRIC SPRINGS with japanned frames, of . angle steel, braced and bolted at corners. Elastic and guaranteed fcr- 20 years. WOVEN WIRE- SPRINGS; made with hardwood or all-steel frames, with cable fdge and strongly re-enforced with fiat woven cables or wire, springs. BOX ' SPRINGS -- sanitary and duct-proof -- for immaculate bedrooms. 9mt Spring*) »* P»ic»» Mattresses for 100 Per Cent Efficiency Four hours of sound sleep ue worth eight of turning and tosaiag on a hard bed. U you would get the moat cat of yoar- ·df--mentally and pbyucaHy-- don't stint on the mattrew ycm sleep ·. ·Our special COtton-felt mattresses are made of brand new, cotton in a sanitary factory.' .They are resilient and luxuriously comfortable. Single, double and crib sues. .Sound in Quality Sanitary in Make Sensibly Priced Links of Happiness in Lifetime's Chain Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Kitchen --each room a, cosy, inviting spot--each a link in the chain of home happiness. We know, from ye«irs of experience in furnishing new homes, just how important each link is, forthe whole chain can be no stronger than its weakest link. So Our 4 Room Outfits are planned to make home the prettiest, cosiest, .most convenient and inviting spot in all the world for two young people to begin life in. And if you get half the joy out of your home that we have had in its planning, we'll be more than repaid for the price sacrifices we have made. Choice of several plans, rangiog from $250 Up LEONABD CLEA5,Utt,E Miles and Miles of Them have gone from here to carry ceo] ddifiht into humdreds of homes. But these modern refrigerators,; with their good cabinet work,snowy porcelain linings and perfect Insulation are a far cry from the old-time ike-box; REK RICK 11A TORS $8.50 Up Baby Strolkrs Just the carriages for little tots who can "sit up and take notice." The children can wheel them easily. Priced from $11.50 Up T HE expressed tHought of one woman is echoed by many:--"I just hate to think of all the opportunities to economize that I lose . when 1 take the children away for the summer." But a few wise women, who are absent during the hot weather, have solved the problem most satisfactorily by making a special, trip here."to.- take advantage o f our midsummer prices. They have proved that the savings more than repay, them for the effort. -.. · ^ Your Joy in Your Home 4 need not be tempered by dissatisfaction if youcnoose j your furnishings from the generous display of better / furniture ypu will always find here. Our interest in our customers never stops short with the purchase. We want you to be satisfied and to tell us if you are not..'.. This Queen Anne Suite for the Dicing Room is a good example of the excellent values you will flnd oo oiir floors in moderate- priced furniture during this month. In spite of the scarcity of Wai- / nut we Slave some beaotxfnl . suites in that ranch - desired / wood at surprisingly modest- prices. Mahogany and Oak also t in scores of handsome effects.- Dining Room fl» "t Q A A A tol d · Suites 4JLOUrlAJ Upwards Porch Swings Strong, comfortable, roompswinss of solid oak, hung by galranizcd chains. The indestructible kind that will give years of good service. Several sizes, prided from $3.45 Better Baby Cribs Sensible, sanitary, safe cribs of spotless enaraeJ or sancjr bras*. with drop sides that defy inquisitive baby 'fingera. Priced, at $8.50 to $20.00 NEWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN YV'iir Savings Stamp Canvass Vic-Ills Total of $45-, ; ooo. ALL GlEDITS NOT YET RECEIVED Start* this Week for tlt« !«r*i»K UraK I'tnb and This Is Exacted to Brins in Hoo*y SUM; Intotaker Injiirpi; Other Sens. Erasing the "Tell-Tale Wrinkles This Good Looking Tonnit Woman - Adilse* the use of old lime recipe of Buttermilk Cream in-a Sew Way. . A gentle X*ss«(re With Fingers Before U«tirln(c All tkat it A'ecessary. , i*» D*»l--Kerpt* Fare. Hwidn a»d Am* 1 Ux^ubdtr Omlltln-- Soft. Smoctk mm* Be«»tlfnl. ··'·'-. 'Su«clal to The Crmrl«r. · · : . ' . cCttTDALE, July 2.--Reports re..:. ucivei by Miss Carrie Mae Frye, who :·' . -was ^ charge of the canvass for "War ,·'·:: Savlfcrs Stamps' by the several teams. ;-^ sheathe sale of stamps amounted to · . $45,00. The canvass for members of the 'ershing Limit clnb will ./take ; plao this week. The-old Red Cross Leadoarters' has been tuned into '':/.· Wat Savings Stamp headquarters.: »" '' Thesaljs fell short: in the : coinmun-' £_· ity because societies with branches !,·!·_' her canvassed from their Fittsburg ·':: . · hediuarters, and as yet the local .pecle -have gotten no credit for thee. T!ie girls who have worked no faWuUy on the teams are: First wad. Mrs. Hartman, chairman; Mar- ioi Bill... Annabelle Patton. Mabsl .I^y. Irene Loucks and Pauline Uer; Second ward, Helen Sisley, cSrmaii; Kiuh Eicher. Heten Sicfcler. Margaret Bbcler, Mary Geon and Olive Rhodes; The old-time .application of Buttermilk and Cream- to whiten and 'preserve the skin and remove harsh little wrinkles and Utfly ; sallow-ness is (rrandmother's recipe, and vomer* throughout the country are again us| ing: it. to ensure a beautiful complexion .and snowrwhite hands and arm?. Buttermilk,', however. Is not always obtainable, but a specialist has at laKt .perfected-.a- method of .concentrating buttermilk and combining ft. with a perfect, ci-earn. which yo.. _.,i'buy In small, quantities -ready to 'use at any first 'claaa dru'ir simply asking for "Howard's" Buttermilk Cream. There i« no.secret about; it nor Is there any. doubt about the result--it's . the corners 'of the-eyes anrt mouth . Mrs. Frank Tropf and family, who i were visiting friends at Star,, Junc- I tion. have, returned home. I Miss Ruth L,loyd hub returned to hor Moncssen home after a visit paid j:\liss Jennie-Giiest.. i Miss Lillle Battenfield was the guest oC friends !n Uniontown over i.Sunday. ! William Wardlow srier.t Sunduy in I Pittsburg with Ills friend, Charles J K i n c a i d . Meyersdale. just a. common ordiharr buttermilk in after the .first application or they will the fgrm of a wondurful cream, gently refund the money. Sold in this city Lasaa£ed : f.with the : .:flng-er tips around under a'refund guarantee by al! drug._ .. .,.·-..· j ... . . ^ nd tho CoBno i| BTl i Ie Drug Co. . . IMPORTANT^-To. those who! live In outlyins sections.'for a limited period only,- the. manufacturers. Howard Bros. Chemical Co., Buffalo, N. T-, will send the-full.siie;pkckaB« direct, mail charges' paid, on receipt-of'price, 50 'cents,-.and'dealer'j.; name. A few frtsnds were entertained, at; the home of Francis Folk at a sur-; prise birthday party.; Cards and music were the amusements of the evening. Refreshments ware served. The decorations were : ' red, 'white and blue: . ' . ..' : .-. nice presents were received. On Sunday Sir. and Mrs. Stemm left for their 'already furnished home - a E J C . , is visiting her parents, Mr; MEYERSDALE, July 1.--Mrs. John Dixon and sister. Miss Elizabeth .Mahon returned to their homes in Connellsville on Sunday after a few days' visit here at Ibe home o/.' the former's son. James I.. Diion. Mr. and Mrs. Irv-in Steinly and two children and Mrs. Jacob Steinly of Finzel, Md., motored here Sunday j and spent fliq day as guests of Mr. .'and Mrs. M. FJBaer. Mr. antl Mrs. .lames Inrin of Acosta, Pa., are the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. .Irwin. Miss Kathryn McKenzie of Pitts- tmrg spent over Sunday here with her parents,.Mr. and Mrs- S. J. McKenzie. ' V_ Miss Daisy Ohler. after a few days' visit here .with friends, returned today to her home in Sand Patch. · Mrs. R. G. Hillegas of Charlotte, N. Petty TWer«» Sn«T. Youngstown/ Your Foortfc of July Jfecds. Supplied here' at the most economical prices! A thrifty 'Fourth for j women. Fresh and new'summer gar- On' Saturday. night /-thieves .visited i ments .which combine style with true the aomei of Chuck Lewis, H. B. Lee, j economy;,^ Our July clearance sale Joe ; M. Steiner, Boots'Clark and the''is now oh' in-.-full force'just before d. Charlotte Kelly chairman; Esten Miller. Esther Trimble, Ann Djk, Dorothy Stauffer, Edna.-Rhodes, ~~fff\ .Collins and Helen Hess: KrUi ward, Florence Pinnerty, ctlnnan; Elta Miller, Mrs. Charles IJwellyn. Mrs. , William Clarksoa. 'Js. Albert Ecltman ' and Mrs. · Oirles CorJnofs. : Drill Pierces Tk»Mb. Vhlle Undertaker William Fergii- ii was working in his shop. y e5 ter* b« accidentally ran.a steel drill .'IfcuBii his left thumb. He had his t^ub cauterized to prevent inlec-. tir- · ' ' . . - . . ' · · · « Third tome of Stewarts on the corner c£ i the .'Fourth'with' thousands or Everson and Loucks avenue. At the sains.. Broadway Ladies' Store, just Stewart home they got a gold watch. At the Clark home they got fresh eggs, and a chocolate cake.. .They left the pl»ie in the yard. " A t the home of Chuck Lewis they g:ot almost J100 worth of vegetables, cereals and other articles^ Skower for Bride. as you get off the car-, Scottdaie, Pa.- Adv. Personal.: Jliss. Caroline : Eicher spent the week-end with Uiiioniown friends. . Mrs. Oweii C. McLeao. of Sharon left for her home yesterday morning after, a pleasant visit spent with her Miss Hilda Anderson gave a shower parents. Mr. and Mrs. j: A. Barno-n Saturday evening at her North hart. She took -home -with .her her Scotdale home for her sister, Esther, "who was married to'Edward. Stem:n of youngstown. Onto; on' Saturday in Greensburf. The cbior scheme was carried, ont .in pink : and ' whits. little niece. Marjory Jp'hea^ for a visit - Miss Celeste Loucks is .X'isiting Wilkinsburg friends. Mr. and Mrs. Edward JZertzog and family of Southwest are visitin · - - - - ' · " ' ' · · Mrs. Michael Foley. Misses Helen and Lenora Collins.' students at a business college in Philadelphia, are here to spend the summer ,-irito their parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. CoUinn.; Mrs. John Stacer returned today from a l( : -day visit with relatives and friends in Cumberland. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Younkin visited friends in Stoyestown on Sunday. .. ' ' Miss Bernadette Lynch of Pittsburg spent a few days here visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Lynch and other relatives and friends. Bumstead's Worm Syrup A Wife end nn B«n«d7 for Wonni. ' ·tood th«'te«t tor 5O' ' ' ' To . eliildr . XT mercy. .- 'y»ar». it i* mn aafal of . TO TAXH. NO zro ramc XEBDEB, on« icttl« has k311«d 133 wormfl. 'AU 'Qxvf. timtm aa« dmlin, or by mail-- leo a.boti x«. c. *. voomxxxi K. 9., NOT SORRY NOW IT COSTS MORE Does Not Regret His'Eating IB More Expensive, DUG to Tanlac. This convincing Tanlac story was told by C. J. Swires, of 1S19 Eighth Ave., Aitoona, a signal fitter. "[ have been a great sufferer from catarrh in an advanced state," Mr. Swires began. "T have used everything I error iaeartj of, I believe," he continued, "but nothing I used helped me one particle. There were mucous discharges from my nose that affected Ethel of Smock, visiteS 0. 'W. Mosser and family over Sunday. Btbel will spend th-3 remainder of the wqpk here. See "The Man Without a Country" at the Paramount Theatre Wednesday and Thursday.--Adv.--7-2. Arthur Dunn of Franklin' township, was a business caller here yesterday. | The VanderMlt H»J Cross unit ! meets every "Wednesday in the u-p- ! stairs of the "W. J.' Rain.ey store room. | Everybody is -urged to conie. ' : Mrs. Harry B. Reed has accented a. : position with the Ken-da.ll Lumber company at Cheat Havim. Hazel Edwards will leave Saturday to take a government position at Washington, D. C. Shu taught in the Vanderbilt public school, last winter QUICK RELIEF FOR ECZEMA San Cora Ointment is a Mjurelons Ointment* for May Other Distressing AJlnvurts. San Gnra Ointment his cnred ! ing piles. It '· from and completely healed running. | sores and ferer sores which .were BOI j old and chronic that everyone, who. saw them considered them helplass. San Cura Ointment is guaranteed by: | the Laughrey Drug Co., Connellsville,, i and Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale, and, altogether, I was in a. nervous, run-down condition, and contracted colds. '7 heard of the wonderful work of this new medicine Tanlac and I immediately got me some of- the medicine. I am certainly glad that I .purchased the medicine and began taking it .when I .did. as it has done me a world of good. I have takea two bottles of Tanlac and am now on my third. This statement of mine its therefore not hasty, but is based oa ample proof. An the symptoms from which I have suffered have disappeared and 1 believe Tanlac has cured me. I am, however, going to keep oil taking the mecicine as I believe I will get better thai I ever was in my lite." Tanlac is now sold here by. the Connellsville Dnigr Co. Tanlac can also be secured in Dunbar at D. C. Bason's' Drug 1 Store.-- Mrs. Vf. J. Reed and:sou, W. J., Jr., are visiting friends in.Bellevernon. Herbert Cheeseman of Pittsburg,- is visiting his father, who is conducting a class in music at the Presbyterian church. Rev. Gettamen. conducted the services Sunday evt.ning at the Presbyterian church. Aaron S\airchild of ITanklin township, was a business caller here yesterday. J. H. Letten of Bute's Crossing, was a Connellsville business caller recently. TAKE A SUNSHINE TABLET FOR THY STOMACH'S SAKE j There never such a marvelous buncles, to heal u'cers, scalds and bruises, or money;-.back. The .same guarantee holdfi, .good for- chilblains, chapped 1 hands and^ace, so yon. risjc not a penny when you .buy a jar for 30c ( 60e or $1J2Q. .-. For .tcoader .skin and. to.-s ecu re a perfect complexion. use San-Cura Soap. It's-the best soap for babies', too, as it- prevents contagion -- 35 cents. Thompson Medical Go., TilusVille, Pa. --Adv.- - ... "" - ........ . ........ _____ . ____________ Prescription for stomach distress and ! Bellevernon Perryopolis. PER.R.YOPOLIS, July 2.-- Miss Eo- maine Espcy- has returned to her home at West Newto.vafter visiting friends cf town. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Martin and children spent Sunday with' relatives at VANDERBU.T, July 2.--Mrs. Plate Pratt of East Liberty, visited her sou John recently. Gasoline, 2»Sc. Wells-Mills Motor Car Co.,]lsvile.--Adv-27-4t. . Miss Sara Freed of Highland Carm, Dt.nbar township, visited, with her l)rotb.".r and sister, Walter and'Mary.', Suadaj . . . ." ' . Robert^\ioore-of New Geneva, spent, Sunday', with, ''his parents, Mr. and Mrs;'J.."C...MoDre. .Mrs. Harriet Hague of Oregon, is spending sbme:time with Joseph. Freijd and .family of. Dunbar. township. jit's doubtful it any doctor-ever will. j It is ao good that A, A. Clrtrke says t money back If H dnftsn': relieve. : · J A woman in MiUnc calls Mi-o-na_ the i sunshine prescription because she' has ; Keen ao many sour, miserable, agyrra- ' ViUinfj dyspeptics; turned i n t o happy, j cheerful, sweet human being's in ,1 i few days by' taking 1 Mj-o-na. | The stomach is responsible for i three-fourths of the nervousness 'and hall the misery of the Tforld. A woman can have a first-class stomach and yet be miserable it she hat; a husband who Is a nervous dyspeptic. If. you have indigestion... belcbteg- of '.gas. heaviness.--alter eating 1 , drowsy i sensation after eating-, sour stomach ! or any miserable stomach disturbance i the prescription called Mi-o-na will 1 put you rlffht, and brine- fftmshJna into | your life in a week. I A l^rg-e box of 3tt-o-tt* t*2£ets.x»st i 0,1 ly 60 cents at X A.-dark«fB : az)d'by ' lending rtrnTrH'H',1 rverr^tteTe. They jnellsville were" "calling, on-- -towa friends Satui'day evening. '',''. Mr. and Mrs. J. V, r . BimUns,'Mrs. Mar- M r oof}, .Henry J, and Robert 1 Bunting,- all ot Dunlwx, spejit Sun- 1-day w-th town .relatives. - . ! Mr.- «nd Mrs. WilHam Luce and (Mrs. J. D. Buuermore left this morn- j-Jug-'for Camp-Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Reynolds 1 and Miss Fern Carson attended a reunion at Hunker-Saturday. Mrs. William Peters has ; returned to her home at. Harmony after Tisit- ing relatives liere: ... : ... " · Mr. imd Mrs. ..George Duff And Mr. an.i'Alrs.;AJbert.KeyTipl3s'staYted for Camp Lee Monday morning." Mr. and Mrs, Georg* Murpny o? Pairview called on town traeadc Son-

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