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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, July 2, 1918
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tiffer. Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation JLast Week, 6,832 VOL. 16, NO. 199. CONNELLSVILLJB, PA, TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 2, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. COUNCIL AND BEL COMPANY MAY YET REACH AGREEMENT ; At Request of Corporation Con- dull Measure is Held Over. WAS DOOMED TO DEFEAT AMERICANS CAPTURE VAUX ; AND HEIGHTS WEST; TAKE OVER 300 BOOKS CAPTIVE Operation Carried Out in: Conjunction With French Troops; Germans Attempt *,,- to Retake Positions Wrested From Them but Fail Except at Insignificant Point. SUBMARINE CAMPAIGN AGAINST HOSPITAL SHIPS By Associated Prwti. a- PARIS, July 2.--The village of Vaui,' west of Chateau Thierry, and tbe heights to the west of Vam were captured last night b% American troops in an operation on the Marne front,(ten through, city council, tie Bell carried out in con juction with the French, the war office an-1 Telephone company, turough its rep; nounced .today. :" More than 300 prisoners, including fife officers, were captured in the action. . " mining whether the The success has resulted in an improvement of the Allied 1 council can get togeti Bii9 Opened for Street Motor Track B«t_Contr«ct is Not Awarded; Ordinances Illegally Adopted Arc Re- Submitted; Other Council News. The telephone conduit ordinance still lives. Assured that in the form submitted it could not possibly be got- resentative, Mr. Bishop, has asked that the.measure be gone over sec- lion by section with a view to detcr- company and get together on the points lines between Hill 204 and the vicinity of Vavn. [objectionable to the solons. The French carried out raids on the front between Mont-! .The measure was to have been act- 'didier and Noyon and eastward of Rheims in which prisoners (*ed upon last evening. At least four were taken. German raiders were driven off by the French flrft near Belloy and in Upper Alsace. The statement reads: "To the west of Chateaeu Thierry a local operation carried I out in conjunction with the Americans enabled the French. to ! improve their positions on the front of Vaux hill 204. The village of Vaux and the heights to the west of the village were captured i by American troops. The number of prisoners taken during this i action exceeds 300, including five officers. : : ; - "Raiding operations carried out between Montdidier and pJJoyon and to the east of Rheims resulted in the taking of a few i . prlionersi -- , j^' "Attempted German raids near Belloy and in Upper Alsace !' failed under the French fire." ' StlC 8 OF FAB1S HIGHWAY '.··':. .:·' ' s AXEMCAS HAJTDS. ;···.WITH I OK i In a brilliant · *ghtid* American troop* on this front i Jtft nifbt captured . the Tillage of ! Vwi. tofetierrwlth a large slice ot i.iM'FMb highway west of .Chateau V'JWerry...and two-patches of wooded ^Jaad, The,Americans took £75 Ger- j naas prisoner, includic? five officers, I tat captured a quantity ol machine t'ifuu Hflid other equipment. : casualty list today contained 81 nlnieSf divided as follows: Killed, iu AMERICAN fOSCBS j action, *; died of wounds. 10; died of FRONT, July 2.-- j disease; 1; wounded; severely, 48; operation .after hard wounded slightly, 2; »onnded, degree undetermined, 2; mii;sing in action. The list includes: Di«d of wounds. Lieutenant George B. Jackson, Kingwoon, ."W. Va. Wounded severely; Private John H. Critchlow, Homestead, Pa.; James S. Daugherty. Blueflelds, W. Va,; Andy Gvrnole. FuniKrtawney, Pi.; William McLaughlin, JToraker, Ohio. ; action. Sergeant Daniel A. Foley, Youngstown, Ohio. HOTS SATPIHf.. " ; : WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY E* · inUNCS.vJuly'aJ-^lB 'tnVVwix region 'i tk* Americans 'toot' the Gsrmans |«««»pl3t«lT by surprise. Most at th« ; prisoners were taken oat of cellars {and dugouts. How many Germans !T«»»e Wiled, of course, is unknown, ] but from the number of dead in plain | Ti«w of various places the total must ^ have been, considerable, t · OERJCAJf IEFOOT TO i : , , : - RKGAIS OROKTO FAQS. , LON'IXJN, July 2.--German troops last night, after a strong bombard- roeit, a' the northwest ol *«rt, -aortti cf the Somme, in an at- · twapt to regain the positions lost to ;th* British on Sunday night. -The enemy' succeeded In gaining a footiii,; ;in on* of the British trenches, the fV»r offlce 'announces. Blseirher* »t»ey were repulsed with loss. ·OCSE-TAKES/WIBE WASHTNGTON. July W HAM). j.-- While three cabinet officers were before the Hojise Commerce Committee today advocating the Oswell resolution empowering the President to take oror telegraph, telephone, cable and radio systems, the House took Jurisdiction over the measure from, that committee. and Tested it in the Military Coinmit- tee. HOSPITAL SHITS : * ) . DEL1BEBATK HBX P01ICI. : ·;. LONDON, July 2.--That the sinking ·, ships is a deliberate pol- ' fey on the part of the -Germans is 'placed beyond all doubt by the tor- ipedoing of the British hospital ship jjWiiutoverjF Castle, the newspapers ?say ia. their editorial comment today. * · '*In. the.presence of. such unspefek- ?»ble infamy, . deliberately repeated," isaj-s the Daily Chronicle, "it is » !-waste; ol breath to reiterate tte ab- "horrence which everybody with a 'sparlc.. of civilized sense must feel. 'But we would invite the German. p«o- jpte. to'ask themselves whit is the use ;6f: their · statesmen . appealing Mike ·Foreign .Secretary von .Kueblmann to jbf credited with probity and honor icnjld'-crimes'so odious, dishonorable ·and unashamed continue to be carried loot by the orders ot their govern- £3lAit." ] 'Vrhe excuse for the'attack on the iUjadoTrery Castle," says the Daily f!tZt, "was a lie. and the German of-. i'flcer who told, it did'not believe it Ihiics'elt,when he said to the captain: ·You-'ire .carrying "eight American flj jot:: officers.' If .there. ha4 been a ijiitiele ; o* - tf atU in the charge,'the submarine captain' had only to stop \ky IJandovery Castle, seize-the eight oJHcers"and take them to'Germany as lroo-of Allied guilt in using hospital ships tor transports." t.nOAT WHICH JOHN FATKICK TO EHTES TKAnflSG. 05 JULT 15. John Patrick, employed at Aaron's furniture store, has received notice from Local Board for District No. 2 that he trill leuve on July 15, for the North Carolina State College at Raleigh. N. C. He will go into training there as. an · automobile mechanic. Patrick will leave with three others who have been assigned to the same place. · · ' BELGIAN STEAMER SUNK V-Wat Shells Chiller 1,100 JUIes OD AtU.Uc C*»L ' . By Associated Praaa. W'ASmXGTOti.: July 2.--The Belgian 5l**«er Chiller was sunk. 3.400 votes against it, probably five, were assured. At the instance of ilr. Bishop action was delayed until tho oeit meeting, July S. In the meantime it is expected a conference will be arranged. Bids for a motor truck for street use were opened, but council was not ready to decide which machine to' purchase, and action was held over. Bids were submitted as follows: Packard Motor company. $4,125.21; Acme ifotor Truck company, f3,(M3.- 25; Wells-MHIs Motor Car company, 13,000; Conaelisville Garage company. J3.775. Owing; lo an ov«rsi£ht regarding the number of votes necessary for adoption five ordinances passed at tbe A connrEiLRYiu.E BOY Till? Iff M D A I I U 7 A V CAKTOOMST OK NAT AI, FATE* Int If. Hi. KAILWAI BEING OPERATED AS PARTOFTHEB.0. Included in Connellsville I)!- visJon of Latter by Federal Order. WAR SAVINGS DRIVE IN CITY AND COMMUNITY ON ITS LAST LAP WITH THE GOAL IN SIGHT DIMBAR BOARD NAMES TEACHERS; VOTES TO 4. W.THOMPSON HAN ACER: ELIMINATE GERMAN · Prof. 0. 0: Say'or is Elected Principal Of Croup Comprista B. 0. Eastern of Furnace Town-Schools; Term Lines; Western Maryland; C n m - Begins September 9. bertand Valley; Cumberland and , At a meeting of the school board o£ Pennsylvania and C. C. Eallroads,' Duubar last evening 0. 0. Saylor, for · seven years principal of the West Brownsville schools and for four years engaged in the profession at Elk Lick, Somerset county, was chosen princi- Cc'n- "*'' succee!lln E H. L. Hannawalt, -who , filled the position last term. The ' salary -was fixed at 5125 a month. Other teachers were elected as fol- The Canvassers Believe There Will Be Margin to Report. I _ Beginning yesterday the "Western Maryland railroad between ConneUs- ville and City Junction. Cumberland, is being operated ae part of the nellsville division' of the Baltimore Ohio railroad. This grouping together of these parallel lines of road results from action of Director General McAdoo in creating what' is lows: Shaw, Raymond Balsley. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Balsley of the West Side Is achieving distinction, as a cartoonist as, well as making, rapid progress ic Ills training and instruction at the Naval Air Station at Key West. Fla. In the current issue of "The Camouflage," a very pretentious monthly publication of 52 pages, published by the Naval Athletic association at Key West, appear two very clever cartoons from the pencil of Quartermaster Balsley. One is presumably a termed the Allegheny Region, including the Baltimore i Ohio, dividing at Holloway, 0., New Castle Junction, Pa., Earkersburg and Wheeling, W. Va., and Including the New York terminals; the Western Maryland: Cumberland Valley, Cumberland Pennsylvania and the Coal Coke railroads, under the charge of A. W. Thompson, federal manager. General officers in coarse with Mfiss Ella Baker, Miss Lulu Miss Pearl Richer, Miss Alma Tonnent. Jiiss Gladys McClasky, Miss GATHER AGAIN TOMGHl County Quota of 84,000,OW Probably Will Be Beached, Also. RUKALITES SOT YET Other Communities "Which Hare Exported Have Shown Full Quota a»4 Some of Tliem in Excess of th« Amount Xecessarj-; All Hustling Daise Trombley,, Miss Ada Carroll, ' Miss Lena Durst and Miss, flizabethj Perren. All will be given substantial j increases in salaries, depending on! ^ ^.^ ^ cfty begr ^ ^ ap this morning. 'After canvassing The War Savings Stamp drive, to " j g o over the top'with the $331,000 experience and grade The Increase will b of certificate.' approximately ! two days last, week in which the en- ? 1 TM n ?* f ° ath ', ° a th ,° aTCTaS ^ i "re sum with the exception of about Tfae board voted to eliminate Gcr-| man from the high school curriculum.! Whether French will be substituted! headquarters in Baltimore, have been ! was not deiermincd. C. E. Gaddis appointed, effective yesterday, as follows: R. N.. Begien. assistant to federal manager, who will have jurisdiction. over all the territory In charge o:! operating and unification of facilities: J. M. Davis, manager of Baltimore £ Ohio New York Terminals, was re-elected secretary of the board and Joseph Hair was chosen treasurer. The Central bank was made depository. Monday. September 9, was fixed as the date for opening school. WIDER POWERS very Hfe-like representation o t j w l t h headquarters at New Jfork: S. "Bffmp," described as devoting most previous meeting were called up night and re-artopied. Four votes j . ware necessary under the law. Only j Uon aDd three members of council were prca- | ent when the former action was taken. Ail members but Councilman R. vi r . were present last uight and of his lira* to the "study" ot bis cl«- icncs. Another is "Rajgs, on Watch. 1 I "Rags" is the dog mascot of Uie sta- Ja dejJctcd In an attitude of real naval vigilance on his post at Lbe entrance to the mess haJi. SKXDS GRKKT151.S TO FRJKXDS. Ennes. general manager, Baltimore jSftuffht hy District tteprtsentatlves of . Ohio eastern lines and Coal ; the Fuel Administration. Coke railway; M. C. Bycrs, general j At a conference 5ust closed in Wash- manager, Western Maryland railway, ; , ng ton between district representa- Uves and the l^el Administration, re- Cumberland Valley railroad and Cumberland "Pennsylvania railroad, with headquarters at Hagerstown; S0 mtwhat wider powers in the distri- j if -necessary Archibald Fries, traffic manager; F...tuition ot coal and coke. Under exiat- was pledged, it was decide^ to extend the campaign, for one more day and send ConneJlsvil3e OTer tho top once more. The drives in other communities have been going on, steadily but by subscribing freely, citizens of this city required only two days to make a total of $294 7 964. Tbe teams "will meet tonight at S o'clock at the Masonic temple to turn in reports. In the two days' canvass only 3.00S pledges were secured, and the campaign committee feels that this number ought to be given a big boost. The War Savings investment is possibly the hest for the man of small means to make, as he gets a high rate of interest and is able to quest was mac-c by the former for {draw out his money on short notice all voted favorably. The ordinances were those for the. grading and paving- of. Chestnm street and Davidson | J^TM- ^V^-il'tad". i « H. Clark, r.enera! maintenance of the vacation of an alley in the rear of the Slavish Catholic church on the West Side, the defining of another farther north to .replace tbe one vacated, and that granting the Pennsylvania""Railroad' company;., the right to construct a siding over Fay- ttte street. equipment; H. B. superintendent M. Devejeux, ; H. R. Preston, general so- writes from Trance that be i*, feeling; Hcitor; H. A. Lane, chief engineer; fine and asks to be remem'Dered to ! *"· S. Galloway, purchasing agent; J. superintendent i n g regulations a vast amount of red In a letter to hia father, 0. C. Poltz jVoorhces. general of Dunbar, Arthur Wilson .Foitz, a | transportation; E. There was no general gathering'of thc teams this morning. All can- tape is used in making distribution. vassers had previously been sup- Requisitions for fuel are Grat passed plied, with pledge cards and arrange- iipon by the War Industries Board, j meats were made by the captains for approved the order is forward-j the districts which were, to be can- his friends. . 3111*1, TO nATH.S; W.VFKR |J. Ekin. general auditor: E. E. Ham- jiiton. assistant to federal manager. ,, ,, The Potomac district is created, ed to In turn state fuel administrator and ·to the district CHUiLT i consisting of the following divisions: Writing to hlis mother, Mm. A. E.J The Cumberland Valley division wlli Cable, Wilfred roBentative in the field where the desired quality of fuel' can be obtained' and delivered wiih the shortest haul to point of consumptiun. \'assed. One team captain reported that he had written pledges he-secured up $2,000 in Ir.cfrn territory i which had been canvassed by another team in t h e two-day drive last week. Members of tbe campaign commit- There is a lo; of lost motion in this tee have also tak"en subscriptions i method which district representatives which were made'to them Trr men who company hut the agreement was between the city and Contractor Duggan. A voucher for the amount, J9,- 553J.5,.was turned" over by the railroad company to the city. Purchasing Agent Hoover was instructed to advertise for bids for materials necessary to the construction ot a building under the Crawford avenue bridge, according lo estimates to be prepared by the city'engineer. The building will be of old brick, from re- jav«ni streets. An ordinance was irtroduccd pro- riding for the transfer of $1,000 from the .general contingent fund to the Department of Public Safety. reading the tiewspapr-rs than he is a!- j lowed to tell, Tho young soldier will be glad to get letters andl papers from his friends at home. elude the Western Maryland railway BAY KEFITER KKTGKNS TO LANLBY Charles Ray Kepner l«ft this rcu'-ni- ing for Laneley Field, Hampton, VEU a.ftei; spending a furlough here. The young soldier was married Ut£i week Co Hiss Birdella Herwick. I trom Cumberland to Baltimore, except that portion included in the Cumberland Valley division; the Baltimore Ohio railroad from "Weverton, Md., to Hagerstown. The Elkics division wUJ include the WeBtern Maryland railway from Cum- MttR0AD_LOSSES HEAVY Operating Incomt-j of 123 Linen }106,000,000 Less Than Year Apo. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON, July 2.--Reduction of $108,196,836 iu the operating in- VTILLIAX GALLRX S.*f E ACROSS THE ATLANTIC. Mr. and -Mrs. Ewing Galley of Dawson, have received word of th; arrival overseas of their son, "William K. Galley. miles off the Atlantic coast on Jane · come of 123 of the largest railn 23.- the navy department announced during the first five months u; roads today. Twenty-five survivors wore picked up by a sailing vessel on June 27. The following statement wa» issued: · · " · . · ' "The Nary Dcp»rtnent Is informed that the .Belgian, steamship Chiller was sunk by shell fire from a German submarine about ,1,400 miles at. sea from the Atlantic · coast on June 21. Twenty-five survivors were rescued on June 27 by a sailing vessel. First information iras received i*st The Chllier .was a ship of 2,966 gross tons." government control compared with the same .period a year agp^ was announced today by the Commerce .Commission. F. B. XIIKSOK HOSE OS SHORT FOTXOBGH. Attorney Fred D. Miinson. attached to the Ordnance Department, is home from Washington, D. C., on a. five-day furlough.' CUBE KDGK.K1. TTIM,' , l'RAL\ FOB Clyde Kimmel of Nonnalville, will Interstate : leave on July 15 for the North. Caro- I Una State college a': Raleigh, H. C., In May, the last of. thc five months, whers he will go into 'training as an the roatls were beginning to recover ' automobile mechanic. "He is being from, the paralyzing effect of bliz- 1 specially inducted under a call for /.ards and embargoes and the operating income rose to z point near last year's figures. For tie five months the total was ?18(i,987,144, compared with. $295,183,970 during that period last year, and for May it,was $64,276,805 against J76.290.630 last May. FOUR AMERICANS KILLED O j I GoTernmeat .Forecnst Shows Prodoc- Xexleu Kuditc Fmr With rarroll . . - - B.v Associated Fr«am. HOUSTON,; Tex.,' July.,. Z.^-Fpur American' citizens were' killed 07 Mex- men by -Local Board, for District^No. 5. Local Board No. 2 will scud three men to thc same place. tai], as now done. ANOTHER APPOINTMENT (Savings loan go to a bank if a solici- 1 tor does not see them. The War Savings campaipn in thn ; county will close on the Fourth. It is 1 estimated that the county quota of irfio Rev. Doneho^' Formerly Pastor $.(,000,000 will probably be reached of Local Presbyleriiui Church. |Communities in ibe county are re- Ret-. George P. Donehoo, formerly . portiag their fuj; quotas but Iho pastor of Uie Presbyterian church of | rural districts have not been heard Va,, and tbe Cumberland Pennsylvania railroad. The district will be under M. C. bcrland_to EHans^and BeUngton, W. jConneJlsvillc, but now pastor of the Presbyterian church of Coudersport, Pa., together with Senator William C. Sproui, Republican candidate for gov- Byers, general nianagcr. who wasi e r n o r ] has Deen name[i a member ot connected with the Baltimore Ohio j the Pennsylvania War History Com-I railroad, and more recently assistant! mission. ' | to president of thc Western .MaryJand j R CV Donehoo is already secretary railway, from in many sections. r,!DUGGAN WOULD HAVE I 1 , t lean bandits near Tainpfco last Saturday-while carrying the-payroll of the.' nol!nci Meiican Gulf Oil company,laceprding duction advices to the PKES. IJXCOLS CAUGHT, j -'^-.j,.-., ; 1'O.RTSMOUTH. -.Vm.-, Juir 3.--Cap- j offices here. Leslie R. MillirdgBeaa- tura of-the CSerman' submarine which rtont..· Tes., .assistant c»shier,^kd v .,ri. sBok-'.tbie- American transport, Pr»ai-! A- Dunn, H. M. Cooptr and'Al.fred ,JE.: deut'LlncoIir. was announced in a Estorcia, whose addresses, ariv'nof known here, were the bandits' victims. PriYate telegrams to Millard's relativts today stated: the four men were shot and killed instantly. received here today from LlfUteaant Edourd Victor Isaacs, U. 'S. N-.^who iras taken prisoner by lie 'O*rnian w/hen the transport was sent jdQMrn-'-Msaacs telegraphed »«';safe in England. that he TRUE MARRIES X1SSH6 ' ostr ZCoted Xtaitter Mes. COUJMBUS, p., July 2.--Rev. Dr. "Wiashington Gladden, nationally By Asaochtted-PrBSB. WASHINGTiDN, July 2.--A huge cotton crop is in-prospect this yvir, the Department of Agricalture : an- today, forecasting., tho pro- | it :15,325.,OOI) equivalent '500 ] ppund bales. ; A crop that size would j b'the third'Jargest ever grown. -.vTJje.condition of the crops on June 25 was ,'85.8'-per cent of a normal ior r th'an on MavJ|5. ! and .6" jjer ....-· --is-.g.j,. a T, ra .|;e, cltsa br. that of 1913; BROTHERS HATE A1UUTE SAFE OVIIBSEAS. Mr. and Mrs. A. jp; Olander.of Vanderbilt, have receive;! cards [i-om tlieir two sons, Rudolph and Phorwalt, an- nouucing arrival overseas. Rudolph, is with Company. M, 313th Infantryi and Pnorwalt Is with Company A,'319th. Another son, Conpbral Walter Olander, with the 32nd Company, 8th Training Battalion, :is r.ta- tioned at Lee,.Va; cenfinigheV than the; ... The;, .acreage th'is'ye»r;'comcs clt io*.'toe"record, being?«cceeded'only WILL MiSE FLAG St Vmorj Citholic CimfcrepiUoji Thus . t o Celebrate Fonith. known congregational minister and |i^VJk»HlNGTOX. July 2.--ThB Ma- author of this city. di«d this morning ftB«'Corps casualty list today con-i following a second-stroke of paraJy- Emory Roman Catholic-church, South !aln«l only three name*, all mlssinglsis suffered last Sunday. Dr. Glad-IArcti street,.will haise a. flag the Members of the congregation of SL Wrian 6JUSTY AFTER . KAISER'S LIFE. to.his sister, Jlis Battalion, of the American forces in France says he is "somewhere in Franco trying, to get' the .kaissr." . 31.S81 ,n tori who has appointed the following officers: H. H. Toag*. general superintendent, with headauarters at Hagers- towu p who has spent a number of years m the Baltimore Ohio service; G. F. YFieseckel, superintendent, maintenance oE equipment, formerly with -Western Mryiand rail'way, headtiuartera at Hsgerstown; H. K. Pratt, engineer maintenance of way, formerly chief engineer of the Western Maryland railway, who will also have his headquarters at Hagcrstown. Thf Coal Coke railway which extends from Charleston to Elkins, W. Va,, with its branches, will be operated as a pan. of the Baltimore Ohio railroad. In spite of the reduced operating income revenues of the .roads actually ' were larger for the five months this j year than last. They were ?1,390,282,620 compared with Jl.274,970,488, giving margins which were more than eaten np by increased- expenses. IVr May operating revenues were' fil3,T90,lSl as against $ZS4,782,5!iO in 1917. Operating expenses' for May, 1918, were $236,688368- against 5016,793,140 for May, 1917. The .net rev- .emie from railway operation during May, 1918, the cotromission fund, wafi J77J.01.813, only $10,000,000 below the net revenue in 1917 wtiich, vi^as ?87,989,410. In reporting the figure oa which which is the railroads' operating income less certain d?Mts for eriuip- ment and joint facility rent, the commission found that the -net income ol the 123 railroads'for. May, 1918, was |S1,002,5U, against $75,570,822 in ilay, 1517. of the Pennsylvania Historical Commission, having charge of tho marking of places of historic interest within tbe state. H-o was largely instrumental in securing the Colonel William Crawford monument for Con- nellsvillc. Both he and Senator Sproui made addresses at thc dedication of thc monument last October. TWO ASK DIVORCE Wife Charges llos^rtion, Hnsband Says 31at« is Unfaithful. Mrs. Mamie Moore filed a libel :n divorce today in Uniontown against Harry W. W. Moore, charging desertion. They were married in 1903 at Greensburg and lived in .Conaellsville the 11- In action. Kv cr'A "WASHINGTON, July 2.--Tha Army ] d«n was 82 years of »ge. Dr., Gladden · was a distance relative" of.Rev. W. H. Gladdan of Con- ncllsville . . . moruing of the Fourth.' The pole, 57 feet'high, was placed last Friday-by yourig men from Davidson A. : program for the event is being arranged. Fair tonight; -warmer in the south portion;' "Wednesday, fair and warmer is the noqa weather forecast for -Western. Pennsylvania. Temperature JRecoriJ. ".. .. ..- .1918 1917 Maximum ; --i--'. 176 . 9 0 Minimum ,', J2 69 , Mean .:.._-- '---.64 ,.79 The 7ough river fell, dti mg tlu; night from 1.48 feeb tp' 155 feet \ MEMO TELLS STORY In Habeas Corpus ·Action HP BJames Mrs. Irrrb for Parrson Hurder. Testimoay in the habeas corpus hearing in the case of Mrs. Sarah Irwin, charged by Patsy Medlo, conj j , f ·n J T - I 1 " « " c u i v ( j j ( j £3cii i Jtnuj tf a; VUIO" 'rail- ^^^^SSTw,^^ TM* TMTM "" "-Perty ^, Btas ing fired the fatal shot, was takca in __ Uniontown this morning before Judge i n cT better^bricks* E. H. HepperL Thc court announced improve the street, and bellant alleges, that Uie husband's ; {avorable lo dO ing anything conduct forced her to leave him. She j wou ia 'has not since been able to re-establish herself in tbe home, she says. Irwin .Moon applied for a divorce from Hannan Moon, to whom he was married at Scullton in. 1916. Adultery with "divers persons" during their married life is alleged. Temporary Superintendent. ; Dr. JohnVAlleman, former superintendent of the Greensburg. schools, Vas elected ' tenrporary superintend- of the Uniontown schools by the -board of education last-evening at a.'^alary of 53,'ODO a. year. Superlritendeiit Al-'to.assiinie his duties at: once and \f continue as head of the schools .until the ·return of Superintendent McGune, who Is now in military service. MOTORISTS FINANCE STREET IMPROVEMENT This is Only Method by Which Crawford Avenne, West Side, Can Be Pared at Present A suggej-.tion of automobile owners of this city by which West Cravrford avenue, tetter known as ""Washboard avenue." might be paved has met mert "with the approval-.of Mayor Duggan. Some truck owners' have expressed themselves as being willing to haul the -paving material if the city -would furnish Uie material, the work to be done voluntarily by persons interested in having thc thor- oughfane repaired. The street is in bad condition and one or two day's work could not help but improve it to some extent. Thc mayor expressed himself as being thsr said the city would furnish thc necessary slag arid brick. "I know that street is aa outrage,; 1 he said, "but the. city cannot do anything. It is barely pos-. sible to keep enough men to get. the streets cleaned," The ruts in tbe t.riclt surface of Vest Crawford avenue-are hard on the springs of a machine,- and mak» exceedingly j-ongh "-idihg. After s rain the holes are filled with water for several hours, ano 1 passing automobiles splash pedestrians. . Mayor Duggan said the bricks In South Water street, which has beet, traded to the Baltimore Ohio rail- there would bo a decision in- the case Arch street, could- be -used as tbej' iwere in excellent condition and'tial were made. Slag can be procured and with, a :few: , .trucks to haul the material only labor during the day. would be needed to get "the streoi- Medio told the same story as thai j n to-shape ' : unfolded to his counsel a few.days-ago I oie 9id ;- of th( ; ue c w in which he said -Mrs. Irwin shot Bartelli.. ; Picnic Corn Shipped. Word has been received' by ·tb.« b( repaired .first and then the other From First, street, West 'Side, to- the foot of the West Side hill, the- street is. just one deep hole after another. The many .ruts have resulted in the committee in charge of the picnic at i street being called "Washboard ,,,,,Graham's Grovo. on the Fourth of ; nue." } July that the corn for the roast is ou i jf owners of antomobnes tate ae- its. way here from. South Carolina, jtion on the matter ana.get together- Tl-e corn has been shipped hmre by 1 for one or two-day's -R;ork wonderfnl express and will be in plenty of time improvements could be' mad* fci thii for the picnic. ^.thoroughfare.

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