The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 10
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THB DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, ] 'A. SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1930. There Are New Opportunities For Everyone Every Day In These Classified Ads msrfer CLASStFIlCD ADVERTIPINQ INFORMATION All ads are restricted to their proper classification and to the regular style ot type. fho publishers reserve the rljfht to edit or reject any class!fled advertising copy. Errora in advertisements shouia oe reported Immediate! y. The Courier will not be responsible for more than one Incorrect Insertion. Charged ads. tor roaponsiMe r a "'®; will be received by telephone, and. It paid within six days, cash ratea will be ordered tor irregular Jr,- Announcements Deaths Personals OHAS. R. OWSKEY--Heating «-nf?hieer, ropresentlng tho Holland Furnace Co , is now loc-ateS at 157 North Tenth St,, Conneitsifille. Inforrap-tion will be gladly given upon Inquiry in regard to Holland's method of }ieat- ing. A1"!O repairing and cleaning service /or any make furnace. Phone 1S24-W-R-2. Flowers and mourning GoodH 4 K U N K R A L l^KSIGNS -- And i« bouquets a specialty. Oglevee'e Flower ihop, 103 B. Cawtord Ave. Phonn 24. Strayed, Lout, Konnrt 10 LOST. POCKKTBOOK -- In n*n Mc- Orory 5 lOc Store Nice reward If returned to Courier Office. Automotive Automobiles For Sale 11 81 All tl ordered for three or · and stoppod betoro *xpir**Joo upoti renuest. ynarly advertising ,,,, ADVEBTISINO BATE*. Daily rata per Una tor consecutive InaertioM Ch»rga Cash One Tiro* · -J2 ' 07 Three Times rr ^ Six Tlmea day. Pbo»« Vonr C1 »TM 4 «° ~The A4 TaKefwm Sudl/."J«t.**. Classification index The w.u t viuu*i *av«m»om«uui und«r the rultowius ouu»»ia«»non ar» ar- .'ansea in A*PliA»^llU-U. order lor roIereucB. A t» O U A Ctot»Ui*MTS-- ' 1 - UWVlllB of Thank* u i . i,- lo warn auu Mournlna Goo«iJi eriU u»r««Jtor» . B _ iiiouuuieuia a-nd Cemetery LoU) T_-roiuuuaia tt--l^oi.fa.^ua and Social £.veal4i y -- ouojwues »"U 10 -- c u u j c u , L»di, WE CAN OFFER YOU--Several bargains '" Us«d Cars 1C you will stop in today, Uvans Motor S rvice, West Crawford avenue. Phoni 1834. YUb'LL BK SURPRISED--If you stop in today and see what real values we .ire ofteririK In good Used Cars. Easy Tern i. West Side Motor Company, WeM Crav, ford aveuue. Phone 407 and 408, Automotive Automobiles for Sale 11 One In A-l Condtlton TRADBB CAR BARGAINS Price* Than Blsewh-ere ·\VTIY GO SHOPPTN*}?--There ar« no comparisons--come In and look them over. 1029 ModJl "A" For6 Todor, h»a b*en driven only 2.500 mile*. 1929 Model "A" Ford Roadster. 1029 Model "A" Ford Touring Car. 1920 Model "A" Port! Standard Coupa. 1027 Pontiac Sedan. IQaay Payments, Trades, Tfrm«! MOTOR COMPANY AtTTHOKIZSD SX3RD AGENCY SCOTTDALE, PA. P1IONH 47ft Aeeoasoriem Tires, Part* IS NOTICE)--W« Pay Cash for your old wom ovt car or truck. Bring: it to us, or phone "88" and we'll call for it. Fayette Auto Wrecking Co., Me- Cormlck avenue. B«p*irlnf--S«rTlce StaUona GALLEY'S DOCO AKD BODY SHOP-- SPECIAL' SPECIAL! SPECIAL! OCKSMOBILLE-C'VILLB CO. OFFERS THB FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONAL VALUES IN USBJD CARS During Tb« Month Of Mar h! Former S»Ie BI«J(c Prior llrlce 192U Oldsmoblie Sedan. .. .f4W $300 19-15 C h a n d l e r Sedan . . . .$.150 $275 GIVE A W A Y S ' ' 102-t Hudson Coacli . . . . |200 *100 1UJ1 Chevrolet Roadster .. $75 $ 20 IU2S Hudson Couch laOO ?200 li2« Ford Sedan $100 $ 40 1928 Hudson Sedan ?30( $200 10.J7 Nash Coach faOn |150 ltur» Nash Sedan $M« $125 1020 Oakland Sedan $U5i $150 1U2S Oakland Coupe ...... W 7 $200 USB--Our Ea^y Payment PI ui. 11'» Tor y o u r benefit. OLDSMOBILE-CONNELLSVII.LB CO. Oldsmobilo-Vlklng Aut is 117 EAST APPLE ST. PHONE 674. Bofly »nd Fender Repairs-Duco and top work. Wo EAT* you money. Phone 1073. RADIATORS REPAIRED--And cleaned, a specialty. Auto repairing. Fuehrer'* Repair Shop. 115 N, l»t St. Phone _ ^ AgeuUas i l -- jiuiuuiuuutsa tor bale li--^uia nut-M-B, uacuuM. Trailer* A _ ^^luu Ax-cwuwrma. Xue», Part* autt iiicycte. ooivji-e Offered ix-a -- vv i-tuo ia-u-- J*n uuii LU-- uu , uoauty Parlors a Contracting iu«, weiiovatinil auu MUUnory Zi_iu»uiiiiiuo auu ou.uiy ^i -- lAkUUUtil 4«B ·j-- iioviub, Aiucklns. Storage 2tt~faiaii"«. s. Umuiug AWMIUBS and Upaolsmry and PJ esams tm vice W a u l e d -- £ emala ijj -- J.l«ip Wu.ui Jd -- JJa'o 3t __ ijujv -- .VIU.IB auu J! eaiale (i _ rtoiicilurs, L-aiivasaera, Agent* 6-u -- situations \Vu.ui«d-- l-'eiuaio 7-- oitunuona WauteU-- Atale Opportunities -,U -- InvestmoiiLa, aiocKa, Bonds 4U __ Money to JLjoan, _ a -- J'aimly Luaua VVitneU -- 'io isorrow ·1Z-- oturw»pouience Coursca 4J -- instruction Classes ^4 _ .jnusieal, Uancine. £rauiatlo 45 -- Private Instruction 4i-a -- 1'rivaio iiiati action -- Musio ·it, -- vVaiitod Instructiou 1,1V KSTUClv -47 -- uot,s, C.US, Other Pots 4t. -- lluiaes, Caiue, Other atock 4ii-- P u u i t i y , ls-bt.a aua auppliea Wauled -- o-.jivualucU, i*Jr bale iiartor AiiU J.xch -iis and Acu*»su i.Uiutja, L;uii-i»i'ii au. \.i3 i'ui^j iiH iuiU Uttiiy f i a t -- l Ou-- i 1 uo*, If eou, x 1 1 lin jij -- OuuU xiuufca t u ^.u Jji -- iumi;ia;tuu Things vvaLuasB, Jjjaoiond* la -- ju.uaii.aj t.J-u. -- itauiy W -- aeoua, Planut, i lowers tri -- apuiiula ui uuj btorea tl (, -- wan ma -- 'io OUJlA AAil UOA1UJ-- J7-- Itujjua W i t u oo -- H.UDIUS, \Vituuui. tiw -- Jtuuuia. ior 71 -- \ V u u i a to liul 7^ -- W u u i u t ' a i u p in Town 7,j_-VVu.uit)d -- Uuuiua or Buard 7 t -- Apai'Uneiua uui 1-lais 7.i-- iiuoiucaa 1'Uues lui Hen; 74-- \baiwa auu L-iuda for Kent 77 -- iluuaes for Keut 7i -- ututa and Do JK Room 7u-- uore, M u u n m n . J_«.iiie for Kent Sit-- auuufutku, (Joantry iur Rent til -- Wanted -- To Kent HUA1.'A'1'iU K O I t K -- livK.etu lu Ita SJ-- ijuaiuuss P r u ^ u i t y iur data b3-- li'aiuia and i-uiJ tar bale K4 -- Uuusca for a-Utt 85~ Lota (or bald 8tt-- JsUJi'-j. M u u n i u i i i , iur Sale 87-- ououroaa for dule 8S-- To lilKctiauge- -- Keal Eatale $0 -- Wanted -- Hiul iiatute UO -- Aucllunoufa, Auction Sale* 01 -- Legal ARE YOU ONE of the satisfies money xavera who uai the claasitiect thrift COURTEOUS AD-TAKER will help you t J word a reaull-pro- UuclAg *d it y j u call 12-13-490 and a»k or tbl* free TALK ABOUT TOUR BARGAINS 1 YOU SHOULD SJCifl ·WHAT RliAL BUTS WE HAVE ON SALE ( A Rido Will Convince You CARS .1929 Chevrolet Coupes 2 i . 1928 Chevrolet Cabriolet lazu Chevrolet Coach. 102S Chevrolet Coupe 1027 i'ord Tudor Sedan, 192S Chevrolet Coachea ( J ) 1U27 Star Coupoa U). 192u O u H l a n U Cuupo. TRUCKS 1927 Dodse, a-ton Post Truck, with 2 n e w tires on rear Clio*p. 1928 Che-krolet 1 1-2-ton Truck, 19^8 Two, Chevrolet 1-2-ton Trucks. TRADES! TERMS! TRADfiSl MASON MOTOR COMPANY Trades--Open Sunday a--Terms. WBST APPLK STRKBT. PHONE 105 WE GUARANTEE-- Brery Joh we put out. Flat ratai, If desired. Earl Kessiar's Shop Rhodes Motor West Side. Phone DON'T FORGET "ONE-STOP" SERVICE FIRESTONE SERVICE STORES, INC. W. APPLli ST . COK MBADOW LANK. PJH'ONt: "21." Biuinea* Service Busluesw .Service Off«rc« 18 DO YCJU CLEAN YOUR HOUSE EVERY SPRING7 DON'T YOU THINK--Your FURNACE disserves the same consideration? Our Super Sei vice Vacuum Cleauer does the work and for less money. A. 1^ 3OYER WAB.M AIR H BATING J3NGINEBR PHONK J02. CONNELLSV1LLE, PA. Plnntbtag, AooiUif it HKATBRS! BVRNACKS1 HEATERS! Repaired and cleaned. All makes. ' From White It's Right." liU South PitUburg- St. For service, phone 18-J. Small things united be :ome great. The ads in the Classified Se ction make up a big catalogue of Oppc rtunity for wise readers. Their small savin; fs grow into big profits! Employment Situations Wanted--Kale 37 WANTED--Prtvsition by fann«r, married man, general (arm work or dairy. Inquire Room No, 1, Webb Hotel. Scottdal*. Financial ¥amHr Lwuu 40-A NEBD MONKY QUICKLY T 84 Hour Couruon* Serric* On CASH LOANS Up To |300. SMALL MONTHLY PAiMENTS--Come in for lull information--Juat Phone. "*i" or writ* PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANT 112 WEST CRAWFORD AVKNTJJB, CITT Instruction Private Instruction--Music INSTRUCTION -- Private. mandolin, piano, banjo, fruiter, ukulele. Gtbson School, a b a t e Kurtz Jewelry Store, Merchandise Articles i*r COMBINATION ELECTRIC TGAHTI.NG OUTFIT--Capacity, Hi sandwich**. Original p r k u $026 Uood » now. Will *ell for |uO csh. Write Box 5, care Courier. , Fael, Veed, CONNBLL8VILLB COK1N3 COAL--lZo jAUv6r«l. Sc at the mine. Wuu Side Coal Company, Ninth »tre«t, corner Loisenrlng avenue. Phone li)75. Merchandise Wantea--I'o Bnj M Cl 5AN WK1TB RAOS -- W»nt»4 ) »y o per pound. Courier Will COPIES OF THE 0AIL.T COURIBK-- ' 'hroo. Dated October 81, 102S. Will ·y 26c for each copy. Th« Daily Company. IMDisa Missiasippi in Beauty Pageant W UTED TO BUT-- rj»t top triter desk with typ»m*U«r at »id«. Call Courier. Rooms and Board Booms lor Housekeeping «8 C lAWFOKD AVEL, BAST, 307--Three room I'unitahed light housekeeping Apt, bath, porch, private entrance. Reai Estate For Rent Apartment* and Flats 54 ROOM FLAT--Bath, heat, ligrnt, Six room house w i t h bath, in- q u i r e 400 Jobnalou avenue. 1 Oli RENT--Threo room apart ji-iL-nt, private bath. liilti Chestnut Inquire rtaces lor tt«*X TORBROOM-- At IU Woat Apple St. suitable for a n y purpo.«9. 16x40. Inquire t He lOc Wall Paper Company. HOOHCA I«f SAOT CRAWtXJIU) AVONUE--JEi*ht room house, all couTauiencBa. Call 1443 or inquire 237 E. Crawford. APARTMENTS. HOUSES, STOREROOMS AJMD GARAQfSfi--Inqutre 1Z6 VVoal Peach atroet. Flione 47S. SOUTH SIDE--Five room single lyouse, furnace, rent reaaouttble. Call REAL BUYS! BARrAlNa! IN * UUAHANTKBD TJiiBJ · CAltS WK HAVE CAR -- WUh many unused miles of transportation In them priced f r o m $-5 to jl.OQi K v « r y car has a uUdu $500 $;;3o JMOO $875 $100 »213 »4V5 A FKVV UP UUK UbTlNUGS CJUALITT PL17MBINO-- And n eating. ·William Seller* Cornpiuiy, -ioutli i'Utsbure SU Phone U40, Prompt Service, Insurance au4 Surety Uon4i 88 INSURANCE ALL KIN 0S EXCEPT LIFE FAYfiTTK REALTY CO. PUONH 1375 T. D. UARONKR, M.GR. INSURANCE--"W« write tt rljfht." All kinds. Cook and LauBhlin. J n c , Insurance, :!0i First National Bank Bulldllng. Phone UiO. INSURANCES--All kluda, excepting life, Ucrtha Cunntnsham, Ins., Notaiy Public. 406 First National Bank Building. Phono 135. ROB. 1CTB3-K. ttoving, Trucking, titcra** 110 19U7 Marmon Sedan , lUJii Chevrolet Coach 1027 i'ontlao Cabriolet 1U2U K u o e v t ' t t Sedan, 3-passei{fer, lOiU I'Jsaux (Jocich llf.'U Hudson Coach , It/27 Oakland Landau tjeO-in .... 1026 Studcbaker Coach 1020 Oakland Coupe 10U-1 Studubaker T o u r i n K 1U27 Dodge Panul Truck %-ton, Chrysler bcdan ' Maxwell Coupe, Lato Model .... MAN IT orHJFSH GOOD BUiTS NOT OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN--Makes It possible for you to own any car w e havii on pur floor. MEANS USED CAR MARKET Trades! Open Evenings! Terms! 161 SOUTH EIGHTH ST. PHONE 442. DON'T HESITATE ANY LONGER! Go Straight Ahtad And Clioose Tlie Car You Want TODAY--The prlc«a of :ur Used Cars are no modoratu thai you actually can save money by 'driving your own." 1029 Hupmobllo Roadstar (lllce new.) 1028 Hupmoblle Sedan Good as new.) ON THE TWO ABOVE 'ARS--Th ore is u 30-day new car Om rajitee! OTHER GOOD BUYS 102S Oakland S' dan, lOtili Chevrolet 'Joupa. 1020 UupmobtU Sedan. "Easy Terms And Payments" HXJPMOBILE SALES VND SERVICE '-·5'J E. CRAWFORD A\ S. PHKJNE 248. OLOTFISLTY'S TRANSFER--Local and lone distance. Opp. Arlinjfton Hotel. Phone tH2. Residence 4102-Rlne 22. Tailoring and Pressing 30 IKICHMAN CLOTHES--AH »22,o, sold j only by HUnons Cash and Carry. Phone 106'». Employment NOW ON DISPLAY TIIE NEW NASH ST1 AIQHT EIGHT EVANS MOTOR COMPANY EAST CRAWFORD A^ E. PHONE 7T. Help Wanted--Jr'eiaale tt EARN MONEY--Spare time, pleasant . w w k on tiandkerthicfii ICxpoiience uiint'C£j.ssai y. Llbral pay. No aell- Ing. Wrlt.0 Iur fieo details. Atlas HandkerchieC Co.. Bridgeport, Conn. WANTED--Reliable grlrl for dining room. To go fiorno at nights. Con- nellaville State Hospital, Household Good* I FOR SALE--Oil atove, (faa rangn; coroblnntloi: ramtce. k i t u h a n cabinet, «x- tanaton t u b l o , s e t t i n g tnacliln^, bt-da and dresacrs, Lul!'« Stom^o, 1-2 Kast l'6»cii Street. 1'honc Du. Musical Merchandise 63 Real EUtate For Sale Houses for Sale TOR SALB--Good PacJcar'l Pl«.yer P)*no, Cheap Inuulre Florence Qrimui, Aiverton, PH.. ,or pliotn ·illi(-ll-l, Kcottdale. lU4iu *SU ATWATBR KENT RAUIO SALES AND SERVILE PHONE POPLAR UROVJS--Six room frame house, w i t h biitli, gda. eloclric. H hot water h e a t i n g system, cemented cellar, stationary tube. House Is in beat of repairs. Home Is located near car stop. Grounds conjilst of throe lots with nice garden spot. Will sail at bargain price of ?*,500. Terms, part mortgage. Inquire A, E. Wagoner and Son, 1001 West Crawford a\ojmi: Phone 148. ter, Mrs. R. O. Hi Mrs. Frank Fol i,pent Thursday 1: legars in Baltimore, o£ LaVale, Md., ire at the home of Mrs. N. B. her parento, Mr. and Heckler. Mrs. C. K. Weaver visited »I*tlT«fl in Greertsburg on Wednesday. Patronise those who advertfw. Mr. and Mrs. Pulton Shipley spent several daye during the w«ek visiting relatives In Pitteburg. Zxmtee BL McBretaey, 1?, a ·indent of WicbiU, KJUIBM, i* rep- raMntlnff th« State of Miwiwippi ·t the Mianri Beach pageant in Which "Americrt Sweetheart" wil! b« ehoeen. She formerly lived in UlwiMippi and entered the then before inoTinf to Meyersdale Wanted--Heal Estate AIBYBRSDALB, March 8--Mre. D. G. Clapper entertained the Toacbars Brdlge Club this week at her home on North street. There were 12 gu«ts present. Lunch was eervod alter the gomes. Mrs. Clarence Moore wae hoetes * to the members of the Ttteeday N ght Bridge Clnb this week at her home. At the conclusion of the games lunch ·was served. Mrs. Charles C. Boyer, her daughter. Mm, Richard Diver, and Mr. and. Mr*. H. M, Cook left Wednesday in the former's automobile for St. Petersburg, Florida, where they will yisit Mrs. Cook'* sisters, the Mlsees Binom and Kate OHngor, who spent the winter there. They expect to be about three w«eks. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Payne awl daughter, Mrs, Ware Deeter mo'orei to Cumberland Thursday and »,pent the day visiting and shopping. Miss Eliza Wetmiller ot West Halis- nry, recently vleitod here with friends. Miss Bees Danecker who for sc veral months had been employed to Johnstown, haa returned home. Miss Margaret Foley hae returned from a, two weeks' visit with her ste- BOSCH RADIO -- Screen-arid demon*tr«ttion. Radio .Sorvic* Co., South Pitt*bur* flTuul. Pbooe EDISON AND PHILCO--Radio*. Fre deraonKtr*t)ou». Tliomas J. Llel 112 W**t Apple street. Phone 1U STEWART WAHNKR~ KA.OIO-- Hear1 i before buying, A. A Clarke JJru : Store, N o r t h Ptttobure etieeu Phon i 104, SpecialB at Ute Stores 11 IT WON'T BE LONG NOW! BEFORE--You arc planting o i r garden, .Stop in today and look ov r our garden tuols, Ordoi y o u r gard n Beeda and IcrtiliKor flora us no' ! Frlsbee Hardware Co., 184 \V. Crsti lord avenue. Phone 104. SALE OF CURTAIN RODS ONE-HALF PRICK AND LBSS KANT FALL CURTAIN RODS--" have any n u m b e r ot theso on liu nd that arc mado to lit any ab.o w i n U t w. Priced from 5c to 20c. Orlglna ly aold tor 50c. LOUCKS HARDWARK COMPAN' 116 W, CRA\y.FORaj AVl'i, TIIONB i5, H«tlp Wasted--Male 88 FULLER BRUSH CO.--Has opening' for young- married ma.n with car. Must bo neat appearing, courteous and ha.rH worker. Similar positions now paying $40 per week. Unlimited opportunity Wrlto R. E. Srorth, 805 Peopled Hank Bldg., McKeosport, Pa. CAR WASHER WANTED--Experience necessary. Apply at unoe. ConneUavllle-Oldsmo- blie Company, 117 East Apple street. Phone 574. PEOPLE WHO HEAD ths claMl led ads know how, when and where to spend money most profitably. WANTED Tp BUY--HVirm with outbuildings, not fur from state road. Call 1410-M. Auctions--Legal* Legal Notice* ·1 DE8KH.T1ON NOTICE!. My wife, Mr» Alvlu Uarshman hav- ingr left my bed and board one month ago, w i t h o u t Jviat nuiHe. 1 hereby notify all parties that I will not b« responsible f o r any debts contracted by her. JMr. Alvin Harahman. ^ Three Dead in lnln(h Fire. DULUTH, March 8.--Three persons were burned to death and a man was unaccounted for in a spectacular fire which last night destroyed a six- story office building and a rooming- house in the downtown section. Marshall College Orator Wtas, FAIRMONT, W. Vs., March 8.--Tim Hollandsworth of Marshall College, Huntiugton, won the annual oratorical contest of the West Virginia Intercollegiate Forensic 'Society here late last night. All Fords the Same. DETROIT, March 8--The new Detroit city directory te no respecter of wealth, or personage. It contains 13 Henry Fordfi, and all get the same size type. WANTED--TWO MEN EXPERIENCED IN INSTALLMENT BUSINESS FOR CANVASSING ANp COLLECTING. PBRMAJ2NT POSITION. SALARY. WRITE STATING EXPERIENCE TO "P" CArtE BOX 700, UNIONTOWN, PA. Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents 85 BIG OHIO CORPORATION--Seeks manager tor open territory. Opportun- i t y to earn $3,500, $5,00fl and more yearly. We furnish everything. Experience unnecessary. Fyr-Pyter Co., 1055 Fyr-Fyter Bide., Dayton, Ohio. WE KNOW THAT it you know what we know about the service given by classified ads you certainly make sure of knowing about all the opportunities they otto." cacti day l IMPORTANT NEWS Reports of all sc rts of opportunities which are imiportant to ; our welfare and profit are included in this j»age of varied wants and offers every day. Be sure to miss nothing which is to your ; ^vantage. · Always Different--In Opportunity The A-B-C- Classified Ads Always th; Same--In Service Changes in Marriage Institution Puzzle To Philosophers I am puzzled more and more by tfhe changes that are taking place in tho Institution of marriage, says the philosopher Will Durant In The Mentor Magazine. On thte Ita« ot experiment America has gone further, I think, :han England or Germany, or «veu than. nxin-ParUrfan France. No coun- ;ry rivals us In the deferment of marriages, the limitation ot the tamfly and the frequency of divorce. Whether marriages are un'happier now than before, or tinhappier in Europe than 4ere, no man can eay; it they arc, it will make no great difference whether new ware cwne or not. One hundred years ago, however, toe rebel Shelley wrote: "A system of marriage could not well have been devteed more studiously hostile to hnman happiness than marriage." Let U6 liet again the causes of there changes: Our lengthened adolescence -- the great time required for youth to reach mental maturity and economic place in the world immeasurably more complex and unstable than the rural world of a century ago. Our habituation ot luxury and high standards of living:, which must often be sacrificed when marnage begins. The replacement of £0$ individual home, which was the chief attraction ot marriage, hy the apartment, which is a spiritual abomination. The discovery of means for the artificial sterilization of marriage -- "the most revolutionary Invention of the nineteenth century." The childless idleness and competitive extravagance of the middle-claae wife, who drives her hue-band to sell first hie leisure, then his friends, then hia eoul, for money, and teaches the bachelor to put up patiently with hia loneliness. The tug-of-war that com en with equality -- the strife for domestic and financial mastery; quarrels about money begin an «oon as the honeymoon ende. Attorn all, the natural varitiem of the insatiate male and the unoccupied woman; the delusion that other v.omon, and other men, are lovelier or finer "than one's mate; th hunger for new conquests and new praise. Is it any wonder that modern marriage is the greatest failure iu all history? No, I have no remedies; no remedy la possible until our precipitate transition w industrialization is complete, and marriage finds in that new regime, by trial and error, eome new level of stability. Santa dot the Letter. WEALBSTONB, Eng., March 8--- A little girl who sent a letter addressed "Father Cbrletme, No. 1, Swiierland," received a box of chocolates In reply. Today's Cross Word Puzzle 10 I ie \A ·an 19 IS ·46 · I fto BO 440 ACROSS 1 Largo numb«ni « To quat* 10 Member of * «rew ill Character!**! by Criminal Intent II Elevated railway \ (abtor.) |J4 To »ccompll«h IB An appendage 1« Tilt aale Abbr4 IT Sum total 19 8k«tehed SI H««a covtrlnff ·IS A set of worker* )4 Olri'a name is An Immereloa J« To d«luf» »8 TIU* of reepeet to Collegre d*gre« ( («bbr.) W FeouOe de«r « Pleh en* K Aewxslated Pnetyp* I tortoa (abbr.) 17 AntmaJ'e Mr 19 A. dew n To v tv 41 Period of time 4S Oardenln» Impie- mento 41 PMtry 41 Animal'* neeb (plural) to A etMtft elee» St Adjective eoflbc denotlnc decree * t* laeMental 10 61 Part of Britteh tl Indta. (ebbr. It IS A continent ebbr.) II t» Landed eetate U t« To chtd* W '«» PJrlode or U hour* 91 «t Chanuele DOWN » t Cried *i 1 One of the New *» England ·Utee « '! *» ·? ·* *· » Not new 4 A fereet t A phyiksUn (abbr.) « Round money 4Wt * Toward An*w«rte Previewe ** .A treat of Uad Reetlar piece Oomee to Ittrft* Blb4(c*l eAejMtef Brownie* tn eoMT ratty nukterlei ' HurrUd Exelamettea o( eurprlee Peeling* ' Cooked meat JBMM Smell Anger TelegrapB key Boys' echool Amaged tn two» Dire A etlck Katerleto need C» InetlU Point of the . 1:13 aoB- am*! oari ancarin 41 4 6» ·4 IT M M Olrl'e To divine QIOVM . Dtaeevered CvnnlAc AUtletlc abbr. abbr. America*

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