Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 10, 1972 · Page 4
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 4

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 10, 1972
Page 4
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4 A--Sept. 10, 1972 *$undny GawUv-Mail -Oi*rl*$ton, W«t Vlrglnl* Brezhnev Plan's Success Questioned MOSCOW~w-One of the Soviet Union's most highly industrialized regions is suffering Leonid I. Brezhnev's five-year from serious shortages of food plan is running into trouble' and consumer goods. THIS REVELATION by Prav- ( S. V. Yefimov - a protege of da on Saturday suggested that Brezhnev -- indicated some indirect criticism of the general secretary himself. The 3.6 million people of the Gorky Oblast (region) are short ; not only of such basic items as ; bread, potatoes and vegetables, ibut factories aren't turning out 'enough dishes, plates and refrigerators. Though there had been uncon-| i n his keynote speech to the firmed reports of widespread 24th party congress last year, shortages across the nation,;Brezhnev"said the 1971-75 econ- Pravda smgled out Gorky and' o m j c p i an wou id finally usher in! called the local Communist par-^he era of the consumer for thei ty chief to account. j Russians. j The fact that the finger was| Pravda reported long bread! pointed at Gorky First Secretary lines, short supplies of vegeta- bles, insufficient c o n s u m e r items, bad management and slovenly service in Gorky, central European Russia. A place twice the size of Belgium that produces cars, trucks and a wide range of other manufactures, the Gorky region has such an intense concentration of industry that 10 Cabell Man Found Guilty Of Murder HUNTINGTON - (AP) - A Lamented' he" regu'ady" "had toiCabell Comity Common Pleas it is permanently closed foreign visitors. Pravda's format for its detailed disclosure of Gorky's plight was an interview with Yefimov. Pravda's man said his questions were based on a large number of letters from complaining Corky- ites. One of them, cited as representative, was from a man who! wait in line for hours to buy bread. Yefimov said this was "abnormal." the fault of a labor · v shortage which forced some! Court jury deliberated one hour Saturday before finding Jesse Willard White, 33. guilty of first j bread factories to shut downjd e g ree murder. i their ovens. ' The verdict did not include a recommendation for mercy, making a life sentence man.- datory. Judge Robert Conaty set Oct. 16 for sentencing, at which time he will hear defense motions to set the verdict aside. White was charged in connection with the deaths last April of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dameron and Mrs. Betty Holland, all of Huntington, during a shooting spree at the Damron home. Mrs. Loretta Jarrell, the defendant's former wife, was wounded. LKO.VID BREZHNEV In Trouble? I Korean Riot Is Aimed j At Japanese | .Yrtr York Tunes Service \ SEOUL. South Korea--About 100 disabled Korean veterans ofj the Vietnam War staged a: riotous demonstration at the| Japanese embassy here protesting a recent supplement of Japan's Yomiuri newspaper wbichi had allegedly defamed them. The Yomiuri supplement on North Korea prompted the South! Korean government to close! down the paper's Seoul bureau j Friday and order its correspondent here expelled by Monday oni the ground that it had slanderedj "the sovereignty of our govern-, ment and people." j The demonstrators, swinging their crutches and artificial arms, smashed the front doors of the downtown Japanese embassy to break into it. They demanded a public apology from Japanese Ambassador Torao Ushiroku. but since it was Saturday afternoon there were no responsible officials at the embassy, j They briefly clashed with about' I'rin helmeted riot policemen who tried to keep them from entering the embassy building. New Books At Library Among the titles received last week at the Kanawha County Public Library: Fiction-- Brunner, The Sheep Look Up; Durham, The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing; Johnston. The Mourning Trees; Merle. Behind the Glass, Morrison. Treehouse; Osborne, My Enemy's Friend; Palmer, The Wrong Plantagenet. Xonfiction-- Birenbaum, Some- t h i n g For Everybody Is Not Enough. Brubaker, The Live On Earth; FitzGerald, Fire In The Lake; Kelly, Art Restoration; Lash. Eleanor: The Years Alone: Malraux, Felled Oaks; Palmer. An Introduction To The' African Novel: Rolston, The I Bride's Guide For Young Mar-, rieris: W i t t . The Way; An A n - j tholngy Of American Indian Lit- 1 oral ure. \ Reference-- Cox, State And N a t i o n a l Voting In Federal Elections. 1910-1970; Nelkin, The University and Military Research. i Juvenile fiction-- Greenleaf, 1 D i r k : A Story Of The Struggle! For Freedom In Holland, 1572-1 157-1: Hightower. The Secret Of ! The Crazy Quilt; Knott, High! Fly To Center; Parrish, G r a n - j ny. the Baby, And The Big Gray Thine: Van Iterson, Village Of Outcasts; White, Sarah and Katie. .luvcnile nonfiction-- Cooke, G i r a f f e s At Home; Dickinson,) The Iron Lion: Hollander, Theyj Dared T o Lead: America's) Black Athletes: Kay, A Day I n j The Life Of A Baby Gibbon. ! "Throe Lives' Author Philhrick Coming lo Cily Herbert Philhrick, author of "I Lead Three Lives." will he at ' h e D i a m o n d bookstore Monday 10 autograph copies of a ro is'd and updated edition of his book. P h i l h r i c k wrote the hook after serving as an undercover agent a m o n c Communist groups for the FBI. His experience later ·A as the basis of a television series. Ho will bp at the Diamond from 11 a.m u n t i l 2 p.m.) and from 4 p.m. u n t i l 6 p.m. j Arthritis fonntlnlion \ T(t HP Reorganized A m r v i i n c to reorganize the K;m;u'. h a - P u t n a m division of the WPM Virginia chapter of the A r t h r i t i s Foundation will be held at 7 !ifl p . m . Wednesday at t h e Morris Memorial United Methodist Church, located at 4fil.i MacCorkle Ave. S E. Plastics to Be Topic At Knginerrs Meeting P A R K K R S B U R G - The odor and l a s t e of plastics used in the packaging i n d u s t r y will be discussed a: t h e m o n t h l y meeting of the Southeastern Ohio Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers at t h e Holiday Inn here Tuesday. , '· NON-SPLATTER FRY PAN COVER aluminum, litsall si/es, lets steam out. keeps splatter in. protects against burns and spots. »· APPLE-AIRE REFRIG. DEODORIZER captures odors, releases fresh air. looks like a real apple. 17. SWEATER DRYER of nylon mesh on vinyl covered wire frame won't rust. Suction cups attach to tub. 25. KNIFE SHARPENER-BOTTLE OPENER COMBO white plastic with metal parts, screws to wall or just set on table. 30. COLLAPSIBLE SALAD WASHER. Bright chrome finish, non-tarnishable, takes sand out of lettuce quickly, completely. 38. SWEDISH GRATER. 7'/2 n high, stainless steel with four dinerent grating and slicing surlaces. rH-i 46. ALUMINUM BASTER. For juicier roasts and fowl, always handy, easy to clean, use also lor watering plants. 54. BATH BRUSH 14" long, soft long-lasting brisi'es for gentle massaging,, avocado, gold and hot-pink. f-H ' ·· H ' f 4-.-;-) f I . 2. EVEN FLAME HEAT OIF- FUSER. P r e v e n t s burning, scorching, boil-overs, for electric or gas stoves. 3. 3 PC. DESK SET consisting of re-fillable note pad container, letter stand and pencil holder, all covered with colorfuh oilcloth. ' 10. SPATTER-PRUFE HVi" dia., mesh filter of durable aluminum, stops spatter, lets steam escape, easy to clean, dishwasher proof. 18. STAINLESS STER FRY PAN heavy gauge. 6" size, heat proof bakehte handle. II' TEARLESS ONION CHOPPER stainless steel blades, automatic spring action, fine plastic top, kitchen colors. 26. MAGNETIC MEMO HOLDERS 8 miniature decorative trivets in various designs, attach to any steel surface. H-fH-4 TIBET ALMOND STICK eliminates scratches from all your 'fine furniture, long lasting, efficient. m 4. RECIPE BOOK gaily decorated, has index tor eight different categories, an ideal gift for the housewife. 12. SALT t PEPPER CADDY with salt and pepper shakers. Convenient for carrying to table. All in bright chrome finish. 5. RECIPE FILE colorful plastic with index cards, desired recipe clips on outside of coven 6, FLAVOR PRESS, polished aluminum, perfect for. garlic, parsley, herbs, onions, lemons, etc., dishwasher safe, comes apart for easy cleaning. -H+ 7. 3-COMPARTMENT SKILLET heavy steel, 9!z" dia., sturdy wood handle, cook or heat complete meal at once, saves pan washing. 13. ADJUSTABLE ROAST RACK polished chrome, 7 different positions, holds roasts, fowl elevated. 20. 2 PC. BROILING PAN 1" x 16" heavy duty family ize, smokeless, perforated ack, for all broiling, baking. eats evenly. 21. ELECTRIC BURNER BIBS Set of 9 in 2 sizes to fit all burners, aluminum foil reflects heat, save electric, collect drippings. GADGET SALE HOUSEWARES--KM Floor war nt rou« 88 uocm MO«D«T «w FIID«Y ito-iM-oim e»rs -in j ; oo (CLOSED su«o»rj 3«-o9i i M 1 I j ' I I I 31. OVEN DRIP PAN heavy duly aluminum, keeps even clean, c a t c h e s all m e s s y overflow and juice drippings. 32. "FITS ALL" AIR CONDITIONER COVER. Fits all '/z to IVz ton models, easy to attach, keeps out dust and water. 39. BATHTUB WASHER long- handled, shaped to fit curves of tub. no stooping or kneel- «--*-*· '-H-H+H 33, C O L A N D E R - S T R A I N E R Ste" diam., 2\i" deep, heavy sturdy alum., for washing, rinsing, draining and steaming. 40. WINDOW WASHER with squeegie sponge. 31" long, washes and wipes inside and outside, fits between windows. 47. A L U M I N U M B A C O N CRISPER 6 1 .:'' dia.. cooks on both sides, prevents curling, splattering. 55. ALUMINUM OVEN LINERS set of 2, 16" x IS" to fit gas or electric oven, heavy gauge reusable foil to catch' drippings and keep your oven clean. 48. P A S T R Y C L O T H AND ROLLING PIN COVER. Finest quality for flakier, non-sticking pastry dough. 62. WRAP PAPER C A O O Y vinyl coated, folds 6 boxes of wax paper, foil, etc., saves cupboard space. 70. COFFEE MUG TREE free- stand'n? wrought iron stand in bright colors, 14" tail, holds 6 coffee rr,i;gs. DISH MOP DUO styro- foam sponge heads with detergent- dispensing handles, make glasses ,-jrd rjishes sparkie, avoid dishpan hands. 56. SELFBASTING ROASTING BAGS set of 5. heavy foil, paper lined for rich gravy and browning, holds fowl or roast up to 12 IDS., locks juices in. keeps oven clean. 64. ALUMINUM ICE CUBE TRAY fast freezing, plastic insert makes 14 perfect cubes for instant release · G O L D E N W A N D L I N T BRUSH long lasting wire bristles remove dust and dirt handle. 72. 10 in 1 TOOL KIT 8 all- purpose tools, also contains large size slip-on handle for hetter leverage, in clear plastic pocket size container. 34. POP IT BURGER set of 2 trays, u n b r e a k a b l e , dishwasher safe, flexible plastic. to form and freeze perfect patties. «. "LACY" NAPKIN HOLDER easy-to-clean non-tarnish chrome, useful and decorative with any table setting. mm KH-QUN:I w»us 49. WARM-AIR HEAT DEFLECTOR. Fits ail floor and wall registers, improves heat distribution, protects drapes, walls, 57. CARROT CRISPER 9H" high, non-breakable colorful polyethylene, locks flavor in and keeps odors out 65. NYLON MESH WASHBAG 3-compartments zipper closed, protects your dainty lingerie in washing machine. 42. "LACY" CHROME TRIVET easy-to-clean non-tarnish chrome. 6" dia., protects furniture from stains, burns and scratches. 50. .HUSKY SCRU3 BRUSH sturdy, convenient, assorted colors, fine quality plastic bristles, for all household needs. 58. S C R A P E R - S P A T U L A S lOVz" '··"-" set of 3, for bowls, plates or blenders, plastic with bright kitchen color handles. 66. ICE SHAVER WITH TRAY high impact plastic, sharp metal-edged scraper, makes snow-like ice for sherberts, drinks, ice packs, etc. 14. SET OF 2 COOKIE PANS Il"xl6", heavy gauge steel, durable, seamless, has many uses. 15. "DEEM" WATER CONDITIONER makes tap water mineral-free for steam irons, prevents clogginjj. 22- 4 SELECTED B A K I N G SHELLS large natural baking shells, "gourmet way" to cook and serve your favorite dishes. 27. FURNITURE BRUSH. Bright asstd. colors, extra soft durable bristles, ideal for fine furniture. 23. GAS BURNER BIBS set of 8 , aluminum foil reflects heat, save gas and collect drippings, fit all burners. 35. P A S T R Y B L E N D E R . 6 curved stainless steel wires riveted to fine plastic handle, the ideal dough blender. 2». ALL PURPOSE KITCHFN SHEARS cuts vegetables, poultry, fish, also serves as can lifter. D t . . Bright' cast-aluminum, easy grip handle, tenderizes the toughest steak. 43. PAN GREASER high impact colorful plastic, efficient, easy to refill and clean. SI. FRY BASKET of rust-free heavy mesh wire. Fits any pan over 8" diameter. Long handle for lifting. 44. CAKE MOLD 10" diameter^ 3%" high, aluminum anodized on inside, bright enameled colors outside. 52. 2-PC. CAKE RACK SET for cooling cakes and cookies !0" x 14", heavy chrome plated. 59. DIET SCALE with Calorie Chart listing hundreds of items, for the conscientious weight watcher, weighs exact ounces. 67. SLIDING CUP RACK 11" long. 5" wide, bright plated steel, holds 12 cups safely, slides out for easy access. 60. SILICONS OVEN MITTS set of 2, washable, scorch- proof and heat resistant, protects your hands, use indoors and outdoors. ». TIDY FROG pliable vinyl in assorted bright colors, use as holder for soap and scouring pad,toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. 16. STAINLESS STEEL SAUCE PAN handy 2V'z cup capacity, for small portions, shiny heavy gauge stainless, easy-grid hut-proof handle. 24. DRI-FRY 8" diam., heavy gauge alum., automatically drains grease, makes a fat- Tree grill of any skillet 2'. SANI-BIUE TOILET CLEANSER f o r s p a r k l i n g bowls. Cleanser-deodorant, attaches to toilet tank. (Refills available.) 37. BUTTER WARMER in solid stainless steel 3'j" diameter. Black bakelite handle. Two pouring lips. 45. ALUMINUM SPLATTER 6UASD protects against grease spattering, keeps stove and wall clean, folds flat. 53. SPATULA AND SPOON SET heat-resistant unbreakable nylon, ideal for Teflon and other non-stick cookware, easy to clean. 61. POTATO BAKER ECONOMY OVEN. Use on top of stove with less heat, less fuel, for perfect baking. 68. LAUNDRY RACK chrome plated, handover towel rack door, ideal for travel. 69. UTILITY COVER AND DROP CLOTH 9 x 12 ft., heavy duty polyethylene, in natural, green, yellow, blue and peach protects carpets and furniture. I 1. 7. 13. 19. 25. 31. 37. 43. I 2- 8. U. 20. 26. 22. 38. . 44. I 3. 9. 15. 21. 27. 33. 39. 45. I 4. 10. 16. 22. 28. 34. 40. 46. I 5. 11. 17. 23. 29. 35. 41. 47. i 6. 12. 18. 24. 30. 36. 42. 48. 49. 55. 61. 67. 50. 56. 62. 68. 51. 57. 63. 69. 52. 58. 64. 70. 53. 59. 65. 71. 54. 60. 66. 72. m . 8t r-j (9/10/GM) THE DIAMOND, BOX T993, Charl«lon, W. Vo. 25327 Pleaie include 3% «to!e tot hg. rj t k. MINIMUM ORDER 5 ITEMS NAME ADDRESS CITY .......................... STATE ................... 2 |p

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