The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 1, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1918
Page 5
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JIIOSDAT, JULY t ' I THB DABLT COURIER.- GONNELESVIILE. PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWSOFTHEDAY AT Ml PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Fourth of July Parade Called Off That Coke Men May Work. KEIAHDER OF PROGRAM STANDS rttikug Jttriic Will B* Speakerof ·ocwloa at Frick Park, :When Tkcre Will Be Sonwtklti; «W«S on »m.r; finite^ Of tor (·»». Special to Th« .Courier. \ MOUNT PLEASANT, July l.-r-By request of the fuel administrator Hie men of the coke region'will work on July Fourth, ind with this in mind Superintendent Lynch 'called T. O. . Anderson, chairman of the parade committee for the Fourth, and asked .him it they could not .do away with the .parade for this day. With its usual patriotic spirit the town was glad to cancel the parade chat' was being arranged by · the Patriotic league. AM day long, however, there will .be something: doing at the Prick Iark to entertain and amuse, and the speaker of the day is considered the lintst that the bureau in 1'itUburg iia*. He is Dr. Clarence L. Daagherty of the Trinity Methodist Episcopal church, Pittsburg. .The .band conctrt that will b£ given- In the evening by the Municipal band, is. a feature at- 'taction. ] Mm to 6» to Can*. \The first of this month's quota of *afte»s began leaving this morning at 740 when Ray Celsthorpa and I$arry Holmes, Jr., started for Cam T trUte Springs, where they will have tiree months' training.' .Dnrins the a»ek of the 15th Ben Stillwagon and Clarlet Mullin will,leave for Lehigh u iversity* South..Bethlehem, ' · · where ISaadtail Sa-Briaff RATIOS At Xntattsft Senlta. St. Ixmia 2; Flttsbnrg. 1. *Plttibure;5; St Louis',4: ! Cincinnati 7; Chicago 0. ·Cincinnati T; Chicago 7. ' ·Eleren Innings, called by menr_ ' '· - * agree- Chicago New York Boston Phllcde'iphit Brooklyn Cincinnati St. Louis the Ctata. w. L: p«. -42 18 .700 41 20 .672: 33 .476 .46.7 .452 .424 .417 .393 OTPLWGOFFUEL ADMINISTRAT50NIS POLmCIANS' PLAN WoaW Mmke llr. Gwfleld · Subordinate of Director , General McAdoo. "At a matter of fact, I'am informed that at present'the railroad situation is aiesd of the mininff situation--that; more cars can be delirereaVto every mine than that mine .can fill. Meanwhile, Dr. Garfteld talks of curtailment in; industry and warns of'a seri- j OUB situation next witer, instead of | doing something to stimulate .mine, production. · "I haVe little hope of the fuel situation so long as Dr. Gsrfteid remains at the head of it, K . M r . McAdod is BUFFALO CONGRESSMAN Thinks '-Hart of Rjiilroad Horn it Equl to'tlic Task of lieliev- i»g til Ap;rch»sioi as 'to the Tuti Sltsmtion and '.K*» the Bailroadi Too too busy to take some other man act should be put over tills problem, tfjo Is not afraid! to in charge." ; TrxUj's Schedule. Brooklyn at Boston. New York. AJU1RICAA LEAUUK. Yesterday's BoBston 3 ; Washington 1. St. Louis 4: Chicago 3. Detroit 10; Cleveland 2. Detroit 1; Cleveland 0. Boston Standing of tJw Clnt». . · · V. L. Cleveland ^__ Washington Chicago _ SL Louis __ Detroit Philadelphia _ 39 36 39 no -- 22 Pet. .582 .581 .557 .522 .484 .470 .435 .355 Today's Sc»ed»1e. SL Louis at Chicago. New York at Philadelphia. Boston at Washington. Detroit at Cleveland. Confluence. 'will attend school. Wednesday.' CONFLUENCE, . Jrne 23.--Grant eiening James Flt?j)airick trill leave i.PT.Ie. the drayman. ba» loaded the t4 loin the SOlst Eefrigeratais Com- j household goods of Mr. and .Mrs. John SSny at 'Washington, D. C., .aud dur- j Treutle for Dayton. O. At the time iqt the week, of July 22.' 41 more will I ifr. and Mrs. Treutle left for Dayton gi This will practically oHan up | several wei£s ago, ombartoes pre- C^M.--.I men : with the eicep'Iion ' of j vented tliem. shipping their jfoods. fctr, who will be used as alternates. | lira. Charlus McDonald -.and «on ':· PnvKjs E.T»»in»tio». . Raymond at iDtai;. are' viiiarig .Mr. . Word has been received fro'in Rev,[and Mrs..juha Davis at 'preseint Ei Paul .Smith, pastor of thi; First!. The council'has placed police dg- Bjrtis't church, who left on-Ttinrsday.}"als at several of the most prominent ta the Columbus barracks, That he aroasinga in town. passed his physical examination »d would be here, about Friday to his farewell serinon ' on next Siodajr before his appointment to ctipUin, in the araty. Mr. Smilh has hsl oil application hi for almost a T«^. ; . . . . ' . ' . . ' . '. . f" inttiist iii TronWe. · Surges* 3. P. Stevens was'tiusiy with' piice ilra _ U Dean and. little, «ro of Addison, wtiri! here yesterday on their way to PItiJiurg to viidt fri-.'nds. Mrs. Aiarp.rn fitanton haj igone ',o Meyersdale". to visit friends. , Miss "Minnie Augustine '-rig here yesterday on her way to her borne in Addison, lifter' visiting friends In Washington, D. C. · · ' ': . court over the week-end but j CONFLUENCE. July X'--W. H. miner was hard to.'get. Of 10 per-1 Charles, a .-well 'known cat:Je dealer ids that w«re given hearing* only i °t Greeosbiir'g, was 'a weck-iend busi- tar paid fic«3, : ' Three -paid J5 and' ness visitor here last' wtiekl ;·· oo tJ,0. Five men are serrinj.flvel Try our cluslfied adverti»nienu. df «ach and a woman three days, j Airs. Freeman Lelghty and .daujb- J*L- Armbrust. one of the men scrv-'.ter,. Mrs. Glover Shipley; »;ent shop-; *f fire days, wair given-thiE'-after ho ;P'-ng In Condellsvllle'Saturday. " lul raftue'd to pay a. J20'flne for re- ' Miss Marjf Kate Davli. · i. itudent. sjtinj aa officer. 1 Tonight he v.-ill be , nurse in a hospital' at New Ixjndon, (.brought about a 'very much closer co- i hftarnig before the burgess i Conru, and. .who was spcitdiug two j ordination* between the two organi-' rations, which led him to betlcre that, there would be much closer coSpera: lion thin vfinter than last.' ; Congreziman Smith is quoted as j saying: i "1 don't pretend to understand what la In Dr. Garfield's :mlnd, bnt : I know that we arc drifting' toward n fuel shortage that will be' worse that: that of list winter and he is doing nothing--except; Evidences are not wanting to show .'that an attempt; Is being made to cripple the Fuel Administration in its efforts til avert a fuel famine next ·Vinter. "The politician's." says The Black Diamond, "wishing to control coal. to serve certain of their own purposes, dave begun to try 10 control the Fli-el Administration. This is believed to be only preliminary to taking ever the coal mines. "The advances of the politicians are told in .a dispatch sent by Carter the New' York Tribune. This relates bow Representative Smith of Buffalo proposed to President Wilson that the Fuel Administration be made a bureau under the Secretary of the Treasury. McAdoo. r " In bis.-letter. Mr. Smith says, that the Fuel Administration is falling and that it should he taken over by another department. He fails to mention, that the cause of.the failure. In very large part, Is the failure of tbu Railroad . Administration to supply the transportation or to take In storage coal. "The cause of the failure--Uie rea) cause--Is therefore ,tht very board which he suggests should he. given control over coal. Just ; how tlie railroad administration would act to Improve a situation It had made Impossible, .if it were placed In control oi both coa! and the railroads. Is one of the missing' points In Mr. Smith's communication." The Wa-shlnRtort dispatch In the Tribune was as follows: /'TrritatiMl at the profusion of statement? but lack of action on the part of Fuel Administrator Garfleld to avert a fuiM shortage next ' winter. Representative Charles II. Smith, of Buffalo, has recommended to President Wilson that the fuel administration be made a bureau In U» treasury derailment, with a vleiP" of entfinfc all difference! bet-ween the two organizations and checking all" shifting of responsibility from 1 one in the other. "Mr. Smith frankly thlnkn that Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo would stop Isoulng statement* and lake oom« action which wo^ld avoid the terlfic cost, in money as well as suffering of a fuel famine . "The President declined, for the \ present at leant, to put. Dr. Garfleld , under Mr. McAdoo; but assured Mr. | ---- Cinith be felt keenly about the fuel MU OdOHS MftKE USEFUL NECKLACES. Compttt* »»treelio«« for fcoBw Mnarnc aaj- dryiaf wiil IM- vent to db* r*a«i«n W-thw p*per'upMi application t» tk« N.rion.l Ww Gmrdtu a*binrton t .D. C. f «n- two-cent ·tamp (or poiUx*, Gray Hair J. N. trump ITE LINr w 8 , TRANSFER moron TFIUCK ·tonHn P1.A.V09 AJIU HOICT1KO 4 IPECIALTT. omtt- l«a B; Grap* ·It* I*. H. 0. Drvol. Big Eetluctiona On AH Women's Suits, Coats and Dresses. KOBACKERC " THE BIG STORE Sale of Men's Dress Shirts, Good Quality Material, All Colors and Sizes, Special 94c 100% of The Big Store's employes have subscribed for War Savings Stamps. Do you realize how important a matter this is? Buy all you can-Uncle Sam is goin gto buy them back with big in ' * terest and preserve your liberty with it. Watch Tuesday's Newspapers for the Big Event of July 4th Wearing Apparel. ' We Promise Some Interesting Values. Your Unrestricted Choioce of Any Hat in Our Stock, up to $7 Values, SPECIAL TUESDAY $3.95 w Transparent $3.95 Every new White Milan Hpt--every new Trausparent Hat--every new Summer Leg a Hat --every new Straw and George-it; Hat---up to $7.00 values, for About 150 H»ts to Choose from. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH MOMS ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. Yough House RESSTAURANT I'njcr Jtanaijoment, A Cl«an Quiet Place for Your . Family to Eat Let tls Know What Tou Want «.ad How You Want U. GOOD SERVIC3. Ttn. C. J. Prop. situation.. a,s well as the transporta- ^ tion titualton. and had recently 3fr pceding and disorderly conduct, | weeks' vacation here with hijr par- M lor the other ohirgts against him · enls, Mr. nn.A Mrs. John pa'vis. re- la wU! be takun before. Justice of the . turned to her work Saturday ere- ?««« L. S. Khodcs. The burgess iias ' niJig. . · v ilw writMa to Harrlsburg to have bis'i T*'. s. Bo-Vers. who is » .jwlisnt at revoke(L Is Bor». iFrantz hospital, is improving nic»ly. I Jlrs. Joseph Dlckaoa of Coiumlln- Mr. .aiid. Mrs. Lewis Randolph are j.ville, hat. rtfitirned home af:er-a vieit the proud parents of a son, born at [with .Mr. and Mrs. John Iiavte be, : . ; e the Memorial hospital. ifor sev»!ral · days. Indian Creek. Mrs. C. il. Tebby and twa children nothingrr-abcolutely returned to their hointi in Greeii ] toliMne statement! ciUim; on people I Springs, W.iVa., after a viii't of a lenr to get their coal in early and to ecoh- :'days liere .with friends. 'They for- omilp ' and w a"ilng of the cnrtall- D4D1AN CREEK. June 29.--Mr. and i m crly resided here. jment«r which will be necessary.. 'Mri Williani Ohler'and.«on Frank of |-. Mrs. John Davis » vi»iti;ig friendi " J believe 'raokly that If Mr. if'c- """ Run,' spent a day among C6n-.| | n Conncllsrille. at present. Adoo were in charge of the fuel situ- Kin nalisvillf friends. Mrs. W. E. Vansickel of Urslnai C!yfe Fletcher was a businers vis- was here recently on her way hom« , ;itor at Connelliville. Mrs. D. ·!_· Marlatta and Miss Mil, irat Hawkins of Mill Run, spent.a . 3ay here Uie guests of Alias Jean lilts. . H. J. Fisher litt.:for his home in Tv'ilkinsbnrg and will spend over Sunday., with his family. W. J. .Metts. superintendent for the Rust : Engineering company. was called to Pittsburgh on accoun^ of the death : -of his father-in-law.' ''' A. W. Nicholson of DItkerson Run, a pent a few days with bis family at Mill Run. Miss Rose Steindl is spending today t from a visit to Connellavillt. to close down for lack of fuel and that Cnnnellsville. friends. Markleton. I XLARKLEn'ON, .June 38.--.The I. 6. I O. F. memorial at Kingv/obd wa» largely attended, the principal address being' made ,by Rev. Bracken. Mtei Roseljn Hall has gone to Grove. City;' where' she will enroll ail a student In the Grove City college, y -Mr. and .Mrs. J. C. McMillan arc vis- I carry th« coal which is being'mined, iting la'Hairlshnrg this w*ek. :,· [.or. which .could be mined, he would Quiie a number of people from hers haTe toTM 3 extensions rushed in to the ation-- -which the President admits: 'cifflicrs about the problem of transportation'-- all this apprehension of a : frjel famine would shortly disappear. | and we would find our coal bins. n e x t ' winter filled up to overflowing. I Be- i llcve 'that not a factory would have!- PARAMOUNT JHEATRE 10c --TODAY-- ISc THB ROMANCE OF A FIGHTING BAHSON IS "CYCLONE HIGGINS, D. D." A S ACT METRO SCREEN DRAMA O? LOVE J.N HOMESPtJN ST^UIRING FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN AiiD BEVBRhY BAYNE ALSO A 2 ACT KJ-TYSTONE COMEDY. T 0 M O B B 0 If WORLD PRESENTS "THE CABARET' "With an all-star cast including Carlyle Blackwell, Montague iJjve, June Elyidje, John Elvjdge, George McQus.rrie..-Tl.e Inside'life of a. New York Cabaret and the Bohemian cn'lers of tile great city is vividly shown In this picture. ALSO A GOOD COMT3DY AKD THE UNIVERSAL WEEKLY. not a family would suffer for lack o f , j a fire if they could afford to buy coal, i TJ .'"This belief is based 'merely on:, the ·nsursTice that Mr. McAdoo ivould take some quick action now to avoid this menace. If the railroads cannot THE THEATBI THAT PLATS OJTLT THE BEST Cone TThen Ion Please. Stey As Irfng As Tm Like. Week of July 1st SHAFFER AND STOUDISH Present The Girls From Huylers in a Repertoire of High Class Musical Comedies, Featuring; NORMA STANDISH, BUD SCHAFFER, BIG GIRLIE CHORUS On the Sreen, Helen Holmes in "The Lost Express" 3L G. Swltzler of Jonea' Mill, is ajence. .,! attended .the chantauqua at Conflti- * " ' business caller In ConneUsville. Mr. and -Mrs. H. B. Brown ara oall- rn;i on ConnellTitle and Leisanring " today. . If Ton Are Bargain* H pad the adrertlselog colomaj of Tbo O%ily Courier. Tou will flnd item. . Wlm Tn Hwl AylUa( AdvertiM in our \Cla««Mitd.'Ccl' .Patronize tho«« wb adrertiae. ; J. B. Stnflt of Boatwell, organized.! grange at : : KJngwood :oti Tueoilay night with 5« members. . ' · ' Miss Bertha Kreger ii home from California state normal, where »he took a normal course this spring. ratrvitlie. . . Mercbanta/irho adverU j« their good? * Dally Conrt«r. , . coal country on irolch the coal could be poured out. If the problem la getting enough coal mined; he would aec to It tiat It was mined, eTen If it were necessary, to conscript mfrn to mine the coat... "Incidentally, the Ibas from excess profits aiid income taxes Moue which .will result to ibe treasury from one iworkless day a.uch as we experienced lajt fflnier would more than pay /or the railroad construction necessary,, if any should be shown to be nececsary. ORPHEUM THEATRE AND TOMOJU:OT( CHARLIE CHAPLIN II-! . "A DOQTS IIFE" llhomaa H. Ince Presents DOROTHY EALTON in "FLAKE-TJF SAT," A Unhce Hall, girl's great Baerlflco, wild' romance, hold-ups, ad- vontores, thrills, suspense, a little Bob for the danue hall girl and a laugh of Joy at the climax. SOISSON THEATRE FORKS L. BROTT AJTD COHFAITE ARE JSETJtTSED FOR'TBIS WEES. The comedies are changed throe times as usuai--Mooda^ Wednesday and Friday. There Is also the addition ol vaoderffle acts which aro changed Monday and Thursday. ;.-:. i ' PICTTOBKS AS USTIAIj, · More laughs than sobs will be tie offering on-the screen Ixre- after. KAfESJTBS AT 3.1 AKB 9 P. H. PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAHBR. Indigestion. Druggists j refund money jfjt fails. 25c « --Wh»t':S«lnniurhi«'WmiM Sl?lc Such » fioofl T,ook!nir By C. A- TOKrHX- /^ --S' ('' \ see owe i itwo V^ OUT "TJ-tE 6LD "SOS 70lM?31Btf : . AW OUT-FIX ) L. GO/JO

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