The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONN 5LLSVTLLE, PA. 's... USE PIGEONS TO SMUGGLE DRUGS New Problem Presented as Birds Bring Dope Over Mexican Border. San Antonio, Toxns.--Carrier pigeons have been added to other dumb smugglers which must be watched by federal customs officers along the Mexican border and narcotic officers here. The birds are being extensively used for smuggling narcotics Into this country, It was declared by cnstoms Inspectors here, and are proving the most idifltcntt problem for the officials to Mlve. Begs, donkeys, and even cattle have been used to smuggle "dope" in the past, but it was declared that only recently havo pigeons bcsn employed .to any extent. Of course, the amount ·f the drugs that one bird can carry Is small, but a small aluminum capsule attached to each leg Is said to contain from $5 to $10 worth, do- · pending on the kind and the undercover market prices. The officers' attention wus first at- Oacted to the birds when a San Antonto pigeon fancier, whose name the officials declined to divulge. Informed them that a pigeon sold by him several months ago had returned home with a capsule attached to each leg. Investigation showed the capsules contained cocaine. The fancier explained that he had sold twenty pigeons so too time before to a Mexican whose name he did not remember. No record was made of the snle. One Avoid* New Home. The fancier aided the officers In attempting to trace the birds without ·uceeas. He explained tliat the purchaser no doubt had taken the birds to some place in Texas and confined them In a loft until he believed they were "broken" to the new borne and would return there when released. They were then sent to Mexico, there laden with "dope" and (Released. The bird v/hleh returned to Its for ner owner's loft Is said to have been an old one, and these are declared to be very hnrd to "break" to another loft. The others were younger and no doubt returned fo their n»w home, each with it? Cargo of narcotic, It is believed. The fact that San Antonio Is the center of au active pigeon racing as sedation complicates the work of the officers. No races are flown from Mexican points, it is said, on account of fast-flying falcon* In that country which have caused the loss of many birds In former years wnen San Antonio and Monterey fanciers held two- iflroy races. These races were aban 'Honed on account of the falcons. There has always been some trade 'With Mexico In homing pigeons, in qplt* of the danger froaa falcons In 'that country, and shipments across the Bio Grande from San Antonio 'erased no suspicion until It was found that they were being used for smug fling. Even now offioern said It is hard to Seep track of shipments of birds, although Mexican officers co operate In the work. Birds shipped to boarder poJntu are easily smuggled to ·ther points and released. Birds Sound Alarm Clock. Once the birds are released, intercepting them is Mid to ba Impossible. A. flying pigeon is a common sight anywhere, and the homing variety does ·ot itop until it reaches its horn* loft. It enters the loft through n trap equipped with an alarm clock, and the owner can detach the contraband 1m mediately, and It Is easily'hidden, Shotguns would not avail against the birds, even if the border patrol should see them while fn flight. The carrier on long flights Is always out of range of even heavy shot, and even in range their speed would make them a difficult target- To* border I* being watched for shipment* of pigeons, but officer* are confident w many are smuggled acr$M as are,shipped openly. It Is an easy matter 'to confine 100 birds In a bas kot and ihlp them aero*s the Bio Grande', It wns declared. Once across, the work if easy. The .unerring bom- ing .instinct of the plgefloi does the trick. Officers, pot at out that M far as th«y knew only one bird bad been found with the goods on It and that was the one that \tturned to IU former bom*. Thousands have bean shipped acroM the border, it was declared. The more trips the birds make, the better for the smuggler* they become. ..After a pigeon has been flown over the same route two or three tlmec, tt will be off like a shot as it Is released. If the territory In which the bird I* released is strange to It, some time will be lost _ln getting orientated. «wuflQUr (1 Raising Own Bird*, Officers here hare requested pigeon fanciers to keep records of ssles, which is betnc MM, but it I* believed that many smugglers have established lofts and ere now breeding their own pigeons, Th« birds are prolific, and It is not oneommen for s petr to raise M many as t«o pair* within s yesr. Them ten pairs, descendants of smugglers, will no doubt the next yesr be wnaggiersi, and in return breed smtf- glers, it Is feared. Offlcen report finding dogs and aeo- kers need as drag smugglers, b«t es · rule the animal, although it cSnie* mere titan a pigeon, can be used but once, as the success of its mission coets its life. The drug is usually fed to the animal In a large metal capsule and the animal releeaed on tbe other side of the Rio Grand* to find 1U way tack home. When it Strives across tho river, where It has been kept for tome time and well fed, it Is killed to obtain tbe drug, Pigeons cannot only be used again and again, but they con be used for conveying the drug greater distances, the long distances only cutting the weight of the load. One thousand miles can be covered by a good fast bird easily, but it Is not believed the home lofts of the smuggling birds are located that from their sources of »apply. Lookiu* for Bargain* ! the aiverU««menU ia Tbe Isily REGISTER'S AND CLERK'S NOTICE The f o M o w l n s r executors. Hiln of tho Register « n d Clork of Orpli of Fayetle Coiuity at I h e Court H No. H»ute of 1.--Gorg-e »W. Somans 2.--Charlie Totiey ... 3--Hannah W i l i e r . 4,--James E K e l l y . .".--'Irvln Kjiot (1.--Eliza A Smith . 7.--Jacob V Srnlth S.--Kli C. S m i t h I),--Henry Sue 10--Amanda B. Stephens i l n l s t r a t o r - , R u a i i l i u n " mcl t r u s t e e s settled theh- reaper-live accounts In 1 i n s ' Conn ;mil tlu .sumo w i l l bo presented for confirmation to (.he Orph-ai ouse, U n i o n t o w n , P e n n s y l v a n i a , MONDAY, APItlli 1, 1O3O. Ace»4iiitflDM ' * . . . . F . W e n d e l l Semans, S u r v i v i n g Administrators, c. t. a. , February M a r t i n C. HOSH, I 5 x c c u t o r Marc) . . . . B e n j a m i n i,. M i l l e r , A d m i n i s t r a t o r , February . . . . P h i l i p A. McMiihn-n, E x e c u t o r February rH i K n o p s t i v d o r and . ., .Walter H .J(nr,vs, A t l m l i . . . . " W a l t e r R. J i - f f p r y s , A (I mil .Georj;e B. B i n - L l i i n a l , Adn i r n s t t a t o r I I . -- A r t h u r S. Hajran 12.--Lucy S. Dawson 13.--Eleanor A. Mead ., 14.--John Kopich. a Minor . . . . E d w a r d Bowser, A c l m l n l s . .. .Clti/x ns T i t l e T r u n t 1*0 C a m e r o n , H e j e r e t i r y c ry Coffman, Administrators . , isluitor ! l»tnilor, c. t. a. tra-lor n p u n y , Trustee, JLS Stated by I, e B a n k i n g of Pennsylvania, Fi'ibruary February . February . . March .'.. March i« offic* s' Court 25, 1*80 1, 1030 13, 1030 14, 1030 24, 1930 27, 1030 27, 1030 6, 1930 5, 1030 Febrnary 28, IflSO . C l t U r n s T i t l e * T r u i i t C o m p a n y , Trustee, as Stated by Po'ter \ G. o ' a m p r o n , Scjcretary ol Banking of Pennsylvania . . t , . . ' Fcbruarj 10, 1930 . .. .Citizens T i t l e T r u s t C o m p a n y , Trustee, as plated by peter G. C a m e r o n , Secretary of H a n k i n g of Pennsylvania February IS, 1930 . . . . C i t i z e n s TllV Trust C o m p a n y , Trustee, as Stated by Peter G. Camerr/n, Secretary ol Banking of Pennsylvania March 8, 1980 , .. . C i t i z e n s Title Triift Company, Guiwvjlan, us Slated by Peit«r G. Caznea-Jin, Secretary of Ban'krng of Bomnsylvaoria Mart* 0, 1930 n STEFof I BY ROY VICKERS bis CHAPTER L. S TEPHANOS staggered to feet. "There's yoor knife," said Alan, and handed it to him. "Try and tue it aain on me," * Once more Stephanos tried and again the men were grappling. Again the knife fell to the ground. WHii jrovtr right arm you dared to touch an American woman, sewn of the earth that you are!" shovted Alan. "You'll never use year right arm again, Stephanos. I'm going to break it." There earae a cry of pain aa Alan fulfilled his threat Shirley tried to go away then, bat eoaM not. Alan picked ap the knife and turned to AbramoTeL "A present for you, AbramowaL Now kick that dog oat of ths camp. Don't kill him, mind. Just kick him." Shirley staggered into the shack and a moment later Alan was beside her. "Once agidn--I told you I would have to use methods you wouldn't endorse," he said graffly. "Groat humiliation was necessary. It's a good thing I kept my temper. I had my hand on his throat once and took it away again." Part of her was revolted at a scene of violence, but the part of her thar. was the utronger was disar with admiration, clamoring to tefl him what she felt Again Shirley was discovering man--discovering this time tho glorious body of man --had seen in him the disciplined strength of the tiget. . . - She put out her hand to him.. "Alan--" she said brokenly. "But it was stood buatnesH in the «nd," he added. "Ahrmmo- vel is as roach afraid of me no 1 as he waa of Stephanos this mmrn- You proved very useful, rley." Tho spell was broken. She got up unsteadily and went behind the curtain into her own part of the shack. * » · » Stephanoi attacked at dawn on the following day, as Alan had prophesied. "The advantage of maklne him thoroughly angry," he had explained to Shirley the previous evening, "i'i that he won't wait about He's burning to av«nge ·the insult. He thinks it'll be a walk-over for him here--he does not know about the Serbians." She was standing outside the shack when Abramovel cantered ·up with the news. Alan had not yet risen. It was the first time she had been «p before him and she wonder* d uneasily whether he had overstrained himself in his fight with Stephanos. She hekl Abramovel's horse while he r»c into the shack. A couple ot minutes later they ooth came oat. "Bight, Abramovei!" said Alan. "Yaa get Uusy. Garry out the plan we arranged fa every detail. Ill handle the Serbians. I shant see you again until we've finished · with Stephanos . . . Petros!" he bellowed, ard demanded his horse. "You're ured!" she said anxiously. "I'm not. I'm just a bit stiff," he answered with unwonted surliness. "Yon get into the dug-out." His mood was strange and she wan puzzled. "Not until I bear the first shot fired," she answered. "Those were your orders. You haven't* had any breakfast" He ignored her as Petres eaae QB with the mare. She watched him meant and canter off to the Serbian quarters and she thought ihat he sat rather heavily. ' She fetched the field-glasses and watched his m*"'*'*"^ the Serbians. She knew every detail of his plan and could see that things wsre working quietly and quickly. Abramev*) and his men, in teuen with half the Serbians, were taking ap positions so that they could cover with their 'rifle Are ttie overhanging slope ef the mountain when Stephanos would be compelled to mass his men bef ere neah- iae the camp through (he eastern defile. She tried to rick out the mules that were to take the machine guns to their own special ambush, bat could not see taem. Preeently the Serbian camp was denerted and Alan was trotting back towards the shack. He drew ap and stared at her. "Everything according to pla»!" he Mid stiAy. "As MOD a. the fun begins, rll get those marhlae guns unto position--can't do it until we're sure they are this side of the defile. . . . Th« snn is getting up. Get me a »unshade, Shirley--two ·unahades, . . . Lots of sunshades. A fashionable woman like yon must have millions and millions and millions----" She sprang to bis side and caught ban as he swayed in the satiate, struggling to keep him from falling, while she screamed fos It was as much as Petros and herself could do to lift him from this saddls. "Water and some ttunahadei, he was muttering like a drunken man. "Quick, the son is coming t" They laid him on the ground, Shirley propping his head. "What is the matter with him? 1 sh. cried. "Has be been stabbed T 1 "It is fever, madam«," "Malaria?" "No--it is too midden. It is the sand-fly fever. It if not dangerous to life, but he will be ill for perhaps ten, for perhapii twenty days. . . . Tbe battle begins, madame." ] There had come a coupla of rifle sltou and then a fusillade from the hills that was answered by Abra- movel's melt and the Serbians. "Quick--we must get him into tho shack--no, into the dug-out!" ordered Shirley. "I'll take his feet, Petros." "No, madam«, 1 can do better, 1 said Petros, dropping to the gronnd beiride Alan ana rolling the now unconscious man onto his back. Shirley went to the shaek for her own mattress and on this they laid him in the dug-out. She held his head in her lap while Petros hurried for a pillc and other accessories. Here was disaster unforeseen, overwhelming. For the moment thought of his helplessness, of the giant laid low, drowned all others. She was maddened by her own ineffeetoalness. She had never been taught to nurse--and she had never-heard of this particular fever. "Is it dangerous, Petros?" she asked as the Greek returned. "He will not die of the fever,' antwered Petros. "It is very common here. He must have no food or drink until nightfall, and then quinine only." There came a sudden inter *ifi- cation of the rifle-fire, and a b illet pattered on the iron roof of the aback twenty yards awny. He will net die of *hs disei $e," repeated Petres. "Bat Steph inoe will torture him to Aieth. "Stephanos!" she echoed. ' But w« shsJTrin, Petros." Petros shook his bead. "He would have made as win because the men are more airald of him than of Stephanos. Bat when they know he is ill they wMl ·top flgh'Ung and ran away- -except the Serbians who are wraid of no one and do not care who wtns. They loved him, but one cannot love a sick num." Shirley . gasped as the cot eep- tion of Stepjtanos' victory broke open her. Hitherto uhe had not thoogfat of it Alan had perfi etad his plans and bad told W that Mspnanoe would be annihiltted, and she had thought no aore about it "Tfcen they ranst «et knot? he to HI," she said quickly. "They do not know yet We most take ceare that they do not find out. He has made all his plans and they, know what they have to do." "They will wait for his or iers, to carry them out, ins dame. And when there sro no orders, they will run awa;r." "I know, thr orders. I «haH give them mjrsnlf ," cried Sh. rley. "They will tliink that ha has sent m«." "Madame is wise," said the Greek. "She will perhapi be killed -- and it will bo the e isier way to die." "We're not going to die T exclaimed Shirley in sudden ixae- peration, bat see spoke in En flick- and the Greek only blinked. ''By Jove, I'd forgotten those ma bine gnsr*' In French she acded: "Look after him, Petros." She harried out ef the dni.t-ent into the shack and flung- the field glasses about her. Without « r fort on" her part she had stumble 1 en the soldier's seeMt -- that in 1: »ttl« there ia no risk of death. "He said the machine yuns *are to go out as soon aa the fui began.". ran her thought*. "Tht fun has been going on for five mic ates. A few kind words to Abran ovel first, I think." She mounted the mam and galloped across to where Abras ovol and his men, with half tho Ser! -lane on their flank, were firing rent cover. "Mr. Brenaaway any* yotj are doing well. Ho is now goitf to post machine guns in an anuush to eat off Stephanos' retreat* · Bef ore -'Abramovel could an wer, she waa' galloping across the valley 'to the camp. IB the VDow u n d e r an overhanging uekjr ledge crouched tho*e of th laborers who . had refused ty» take part in the fight. She heard Jbeir cry of anavemutt M they «* tight sight of her, then wheeled r land the ledge to where twenty Bsvi ·fans in full equipmant were stai aims mules. m in 1ft no* but .they shook their heads. She tried piireon-Bogiish without * vaQ, then left back on dumb-show, At ones they responded and tethered the mole*. (To Be Continued ! in full equipmant were s by the already laden mules. She shouted to them in un- HOME TOWN DOUUAfeS nettwr A 10 i« p onvmei* *I_UCKY MAP rtENDRVCKS SOt_D HIS. , OLD ROADSTBR RCtfit SPOT LATE PAGE NTNfc. 20. -- AlwxMtdw *P*ory, · Minor 21. -- OOOV«T« Fttry, ·. Mlndr 22. -- Ida Fury, a Minor ».--uMwut Xoptoh. ·, Minor ,. .dtUretm Title Trust.(Jon-paw, Guarding, as Stated by Peter G. Camerjn, Secretary of Ban'lchig- of Ilennsylvanla «*r«i IS.--Bdward Xtoplch, a. Minor CUtzens Title Trust Company, Guard'.in, lit. Kt.ate1 by Pciwr G. Cameron, Kecrotarx of B a n k i n g - of I ' o n i i h y l v i u i i r i March Vtr--Jooep-h Bar«xvltz, a Mlmor Citizens Tltlo Truut Company, G u a r d i a n , u-s SLUM' by Peter Gj Camoron, Secretan ot H a n k i n g of P e n n s y l v a n i a · · March lav--iTotanda. Fury, a Minor OWlke-ns Title Trust Company, ( ' u a r d M n . as Slntctl by Peter G Came-roo, Secretar: o-f ria.nJcIiiK of Pennsylvania fcbrusey 1ft.--Anna J-nry, m. Minor ai-tike-na Title Trust Company, Guardian, AS Stalled by Pet«r G Cameron, Secretary of B a n k ling-of P e n n s y l v a n i a , . . . . February .CHlze-na Title' Trust Compa-ny, Guard .in. as Staled by Perte-r^ Cl Caniero.n, Seoreta.r o-t Bunking: of 1 ' m n H y l v n n l A F e b r u a r y .Oltlisc-ha Title Trust ' ' o m p a n y , Guardian, as SLa/fWl by Pete-r G. Cam»ron. Secretar. of Banking of P e n n s y l v a n i a F e b r u a r y .Citizens Title Tru»t Company. Cluardl-an, aa Slaved I)J' Peter G. Camferon, SeefeUj- of Hank-tag of Pennsylvania February 2*.--Francesco Kury, a Minor Citizen* Titia Trtis^ company. Oua|-li'ii), as .SUutrd by Pcier G. Cameron, SecreUvr? o'f Banking of Pennsylvania February M.--Elizabeth Fury, a Minor Ol.ttze.ns Title Trust I'ompiuvy, GuardUm. as SUi'f*l by Peter G. Camoron, Secretion' of Bulking- of P e n n s y l v a n i a Febru.irj 2C.--Jo-hn Holupoo, a Minor .Citjvaens Title Trumt Oompan.y, OuarvKan, P Sta/ul by Pc-te-r G. Oa-maron, Score^n ot Banking; of P e m i n y t v u n l a February J6.--Charle* Holopco, a MltMir Citizens Title Truat (,'ompany, Guardian, aa KUutotl by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of BajvkliiR- «)' P t n i i H y l - u i n l . t . . . . F e b r u a r y 27.--M1)t» Bolnpoo, a Minor Citizens Title Trust Company, G u a r d i a n , as Stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking- ot P e n n s y l v a n i a February 28.--Jean Chambers, a Minor ........CTtlzena Title Trust Company, ««.irilan, as Sta.UxI by PciUr G. Ca+n!rc.o, Secreta-r: o£ Ba.nkl,nR o f . P e n n s y l M v n l a February 26.--Ruth Elizabeth OolHer, a Minor. .Citizens Title True* Company, Guardian, as Stated by Peter G. CVme.ron, Secreta.r- of Banking- of P e n n s y l v a n i a F e b r u a l y SO.--muehna Catherine ColHer, a MHiorCJtlzans Title Tru»t Company, Guardian, as Startar! by Peter G. Gamoron, Secretan' »f B a n k i n g - of P o n n H y l v a n l a I'*ebru«.ry ·t.--James M. Collier, a Mhior Cl'Ueens Title tc Trust C o m p a n y . G u a r d i a n , as Stu'trd by Peter 1 G. CaTOron, Socretazj of Banking: of P e n n a y l v a n i a . . . . r e b x i w r y 82.--lAnna MidoHne Collier, a Minor.,OltlRe-ivs Title Trust Company, Guardian, as Sta/ir-j by PiMcr G. Caraeran, Secretar) of B i u i k i n g of P o n r m y l v a n l a , ... February 38.--Merchant IA Collier, a Minor ,. ..Cltleens Title Trust Company, Guardian, as Staite-d bv Porter _ - G. Camftron, Secretan ot JJati'klnfr of P e n i i B y H a n i a . . . F e b r u a r y 84.--Mildred Haml Collier, a Minor. .CMIzena Title A. Trust Company, ouardlan. as Stailc-J l.y PU«- »,,,,. -- ' o Camftron, Secretary ot Ba.nklng- of P e n n n y l v a n l a . . . . February 3C.--WiUlacn »*b«rt Collier, ·.Minor.Cttlzens Title Trust Company, Oiiardluu. as Start*ij by Pi-t*-r , , G, Camron, Seerolarj o Ban'klng ot P e n n s y l v a n i a Fe!rii'ii-\ 8ft.--Mary Bncatovtii Newcomer, Minor Citizens T'ltle Trust Company, Guan' as KUUod by Peter G. Cameron, Secrotarj ot Ekuivlflng of I V n n n y l v a n U . . . . F e b r u a r y -"' .Cltlxcn.i Title Trust company, Uuarilluu, as Kt«tcO b.\ Pi"trr O. Cameron, Racretarj of Bgunklns of P i j i i R l v a n l , i ... . Frbni,)r\ '."· ,Citizens Title Trust Company, G u a r d i a n , as StB:rJ l,.v l j i»ii-i G. Cameron, Secretan ot Biuvkingr of P o n n a y H u t i l a . . . F o b r u a r I?" 0, ft, 0, .8, -.?. _*, -*. 28, 28, 38, 28, 1'S. 2S, 2S, i!8, TIM" 1980 30..0 1930 10oO lf3 lf30 87.--Eiring- K. N«wcom»r, a Minor., 38,--AmiAibeHa Newcomer, a Mln«r . 30.--Robert A. N»wcom*r, a Minor ., 40.--Jame« C. Newcomer, a Minor , , , 41,--Bwtng- C. Newcomer, a Minor ., 42.--Herbert Keoaeth Newcomer, a Ml nw ,. , 48,--William I. Newcomer a Minor. 44.--Ja,m«» ». N*wcom«r, a Minor , . . .Citizens Title Truat tompfiny, Qu'nritUtn, as SimUd b Pt-ler G. Cameron, Secretarj of BajiUli\s of P e n n s y l v a n i a ,CHI/,en,3 T'ltle Trust ( ompeuny. G u a r d i a n , r s ( J t a L i d b% G. Cam»ron, Secretar of B a n k l i ' s of P e n n s y l v u n l a . .CUIiwiiis Title Trust Company, G u i i n l ' i i i i , as SUuud Ijv (1. Cameron, Seeretarj of Biinklr.s of lVnn.s h .nil.i .Cltlgena 'Htle Trust Company, Guard'.'in. n s S i n t f l b.\ G. Came-ron, Secretarj of Ban-It I U K of P e n i i H ) I v u t ' . i a . r o b r u a r P H e r . . F e l r u a r \ ^8, Ptdci . . I ' i M j r u a r v -S, 3n;t( J0.10 10.'5O 10oi) in.'ln li;:d UlSi) 10,"o ID.lii F e b r u a r y HKfil u x H t a t i l \t\ I I U M l\a.iu.i r .Man M a r Cltlzon« Title Trust Company, Guardlnn. as H t a 1 f l bv G. tiimei-on, fcj6ctela.r of Ba.n-klnfr ut P CMtlKeflis Title Trust C o m p a n y , G u a r d u r G. Camron, Syeretarj 01' Jiatiklng at i' 45.--Robe-rt Wftlllnjc Newcomer, a Minor . . , » . ; Citizens Title Trust nompany, G u a r d ' u n . UK St.iicd by I'd P I r i- m TV- O- C ainr ' n . Seuretarj ot Backing al P e i i u b y h a i t l a 48.--Ruth E, Dearttt, a Minor ..Citizens) Title Tru»t C o m p a n y , (iuaivl.iui ai Stai«] bv ,_ -, _, G. Came-ron, Secretarj of 13ftnk!nKi"r PcrnlB} hsiniu 47.--Mary Koosak, a Minor Citleona Title . Trust C*ompany, G u a m an, as Ma.tiMl by I N t m · 3. Ofcme-ron, Secretarj (it B a n k i n g nf ppi--nK.vlvinil.-i 4S ---weien Kossak, a Minor Citizens Title Trust i ompa.ny, G u a n l U i n , «» ,^tiKf,J bv Peter .,, ,^ ,, , *-«· Came-ro-n, Secretarj ot j ^ a n k i n « 61' P e n n s y l v a n i a Mur"h 40.--Ida. Dorothy Oo»t-olo. now Bcv*r«.,-e, a Minor Oltlzana Title *; Trust C'ompany G u a r d i a n , ns SUUfii by p.tcr ' G, Cameron, Jjenretarj o'f IBflUKinu of Pcnii»yl\:inlu M n r c l i 50.--Burke Rlmea, a M i n o r Citizens Title Trust C o m p a n y . G u u r d ' U n . n.s .S(a-tol by Pol.r t, WM -,,, *·*· Carowon, Bcoretarj of Bajiklng u f I'einisylv.tnliji M a r c h 51--WUma Hlmes, a Mloo-r Oitlzena Title Tru»f Company, G u o r d l n n , as Stoted by Pt-ior ,, ._ G, Camftron, Secr«la.r of Ba,n'l?ln« of Pennsylvania March OJl --wayn* Hinve«, a Minor CLtlzerut Title Tru»t company, G-ua-rdlan, aa Staled by l'c»icj , G. Cnmeron, Secrotarj uf BoJikln^ of P c n n o y l v a r i l n . ... .. Starch OJ.--r»eille Hlmes, a. Minor CKIzans Title Tru*t C o m p a n y , Guardian, us .Staled by Ptter - . n ... IT , °' Cameron, Secretarj of Banking: of P e i i i m y U A n l a March o*.--Harold Hirna*, a M i n o r ; . , . . , Cltizc'na Title Trust Company, rtuaidlan. as Stated by Pmer G. Cameron, Hecretarj of J'a.i)linK ^f P e n n s y l v a n i a Alurt'li ,it.--i*ror Wallace, a Minor Citizens Title Trust Company; G u a r d h m . a? KUUwl by Pe-u-r 'G. Comeron, Secretarj of Baiikjnp of P e n n B j lvo.nia F e b r u a r y 56 ---Charles W«!lace, a Mrnor ClUecns Title Trust C o m p a n y , Gu'ardfan, as Sttutrd by rK«i- ,,,, ,,. G. Cameron, Socretarj of BaYi'ltinff of Ponnsylviuila F e b r u a r y Si.--Eleanor Ruth Conn, a Minor ... .Citleons Title Trust Company, Guardian, as SUuU-d by Peter ... ._ ,. _ ,,. G. Camero-n, Secretary vt llawklng- or P e n n s y l v a n i a February trt).--C»M)line Gazm, · Minor dtfcenn Title Trucrt Company, G u a r d i a n , as Slatted by Peteir r _ . _ ,,, _O- Game-roil, Sec-retarj'of Bttnilttng oC P e n n s y l i a n i a .' February ftu.--Anna oaM., a Minor ,...Citizens Title Trust C o m p a n y , G b a r d l u n . a.s Slartp.3 by'Polor «A o..^i. r . « ,, Q ' Caweron, S«cratar of Ban-king of P e n n s y l v a n i a Fe-brunry CO.--Stephen G*«a, « Minor ....Citizens Title * Trust Company, Guardian, as .Started Ijy.pettw ,,, ,, ,,..,, ,,.. ... _ O- Cameron, SecreUrj of li(uiHln K of P e n n s y l v a n i a Fo-bruary 81--M. i,dgo.r WhiJp, a Minor ClUr^nn Title Trust CTinnary, G u a r d l n n . as Hta«ted by Peter G. Catttoron, Secretary o-f Bai'nklnp of P e n n s y l v a n i a Februaj-y 62.--Leila Bleanor Cherry, 'a Minor ..Citizens Title Truot Company. Guardian, as Slated by PnU«r n-a i«« u^.« «i-.. ~ Ol Cameron, Secretarj oif Backing of 1'ennsj I v a n l a March Od--Anna Honza, a MWlOr Citizens Title Trust C'ompany, G u a r d i a n , as Started by Pftw G. Carne-ron, Secretarj ut H-uvltlnj^- or P e n n s y l v a n i a March wonza. a Minor CiHtens Title Tru*l C'ompany. Guardian, an KUrted by Honza, a Minor ·Margaret 11','. i 88,- «. a Minor G. Canforon, Seeretarj jf Ba.!iitlnfr of P e n n s y l v a n i a ' March Citizens Tltlo Trust Company. Guardlun, a« Klatcd by Petc.r 67.--Mary Kuehner, a Minor , .Citizens Title'* Trust Cc-mpuny, auardlHn^a'if KUutPd' by Pe(c.'r O. Cameron, Serrotarj of lia.nklnft of Pennsylvania Ma.r-h , a mwvor ....Citizens Title Trust C'ompnn.v, G u u r i i l u n , as stoned by Pe-tcr (Cretan of JtbuiklnK or P c n n s y H a n i a . . . . . . . . JMa,rch Trust C ompap.v, C S u a r d l n n , as Suvtrxl by pflsr G. Came-rort, Seeretarj of Bajiklngr of P e n n s M v a n i a March 68--Berth* Kushner, a Minor ., 70.--Susannah Kushner, a Minor 71.--Emllo Cipolettl, a Minor .., 72.'--Angelina Clpoletti, a Minor Cipolettl, a Mhvor . .... Citizens Title Truirt Company, Cuaivilnti. as Hla-ted by Fotor 1 ' 75,-Perr, Opa^etl, , Minor 76. -- Carolin« Gipolettl, a Minor mpa^ ^ 13. Cameron; Secretarj of B a n k i n g ot Pennsylvania ...... February ,O)t!'/.en» Title Trust. Company, GiifirxlUin, /is Stated by Peter °' C * me ' ron ' 5««" «-ar of Banking of i'uiiosylvanla ...... February 77.-- 01|v« Ixu!se Kerihaw · Bl»ck»lon», Minor ..... ,, ..... CfUaeru Title Trust' Company, Guardian, ni Staled by Peter* Bonk, . Minor ....... V.-wftM?."^^.^^ 7 9 ._ B «,ert w. Cberr,. a Minor . . . / . . a S a ^ ' ·'I, 28, 28. 23, '-'8, 28. 28, 10, 5, 5, 3, .1. 7, 3, B, 3. 18, IS, 18. IS, is. 10, 10. r.cii 10JIO laau joao ittyii 10.'JO jlOHO 1030 1930 1030 1050 J030 1930 1930 ittau 10!W IM » ItXSO lo:',o a M| tt or Allee RHch.,, . 89.--Oe«t«n of IJjinklnB: of P e n n s y l v a n i a . . . . F e b r u a r y ·on-pany, G-uardfan, as Ktated by Pet or l». Cameron, Secretarj of B a n k i n g of .Pennsylvania Matx-li §2.--Violet Rltcbey, a Minor Citizens Title Trust Company, G u a r d U i n , as SU-led by PHer ^_ o» ,, ..-,, -- Banking of I V n n s j l v a n i a Mu-reli pany, Guardlun, ns Stated b Pe-Ccr Q. Cameron, Secretarj of B a n k i n g of Pp-nniylvanla Vebruarv Mtrecn, a Minor Citizens Title Truwt Company, GUardUn. au Kta.ttd by PKer Mt-» r^?,' aaln , cron - S«cretarj of B a n k i n g of P e n n s y l v a n i a ." F o b r u a r v M1BOr · · · ' Citizens Title Trust Company, Guardian, as Kuutd by Peter ... . _ . ,,, _,». Cameron, Secretarj of B a n k i n g ot P e n n s y l v a n i a F e b r u a r y 80,--Albert* Garoher, a Minor ........Citizen* Title Trus-t comply, Guardjan, as ytaU-,1 by Poler ,, _ . _ _. _.. G - Cameron, Secratarj of Banking oC Pennsylvania . . . . Febrnarv ST.--Clyde R. Bisaw, a Minor ..-, ...GTtlzens Title* Trust company, Ouawian. as Stated b v P e t V r _ __ _, ' ,., Cj. Cameron, Secreiarj ol Ba-nklnsr of Pennsylvania F e b r u a r y 88--James H. Blgrarn, a Minor Citizens Title Trust C'ompany, GinuHilnn. as Staled by Pete._,O- Cameron, .Secretarj rtf Banking or IVmisylvania. February a Minor GLUced* Title Ti-uM. dompamy, G u a r d i a n , as Stated by Pe-u-r _.»' Canieron, Secr^tarj .of Banking of P e n n s y l v a n i a February Minor CttiBe-nji Title Trust C-fmpa.n,y, Guardian, as Siaud by P«ter G. Cameron, Seci'«tarj of Bunking of t'e-nnsylvaniu February 01.--Sophia nudklewlcx, a Minor ... .Citizens Title Trust CXmpwiy, Guatxilan, as Stated by Petor L .,, , _ _ l Q- Camoroh, Secf«tar of Banking of Pennsylvunla February 92.--EUI« Fosbfihk a Mllnor .,.' CttiwMM) Title Tru»t (Xmnw-ny, Guard Inn, as SlateU by Petlr . _ , ,, ' -,,*»· Cameron, Sccretarj of Banking of Pennsylvania , February 93,--John Poabfl-hJc, a Minor CUIze.nB Title Trust Company, Guardian, aa.Btated by Pi-ter -, ' , , _ t l · · _ O - Cameron, Secretarj of B a n k i n g of Pennsylvania .*, FebruarsH M.~-Ja.m*s Polbrlnit, a Minor Citizens Title Trust C^ompa-ivy, Guat-dlan, as Statwi by Peter . G, Cameron, .Secretarj of Banking of Pennsylvania ' , . . , . , Febiu'a'ry 05,--Peter Bryo-nt, a Minor Citizens Title Trustt CNsmpany, Qua.rdInn, as Stated by Peter i O- Cameron, Secraturj o-( Ban-ltlrig of Pennsylvania, Febniary "»»« ,, 8».-- Jtwphln* ,, _ ,, _. ' 00.-- ROJW B«ll Bigam, a '06. 07. I.--Roiert Bryan-t, a Minor Citizens Title Trust Compamy, Guardian, as Statesa Sky Petor ' *' G. Cameron, Secretarj of Bankln»r of P e n n s y l v a n i a February '.--Wanda Gay, a Minor?'".., , .Cl Miens Title Trust Ootnpo«vy, Oiwrdlan, as Stated by Peter i G. Cameron, Scicr^tarj ot Banking of Pennsylvania .,.:' FebruArv 98.--Robert G«y,, « Minor O(tiien.s Title As Trust Company, Guardian, as Stated by Peter G.'Cameron, Seerstarj of Banking: Df P c n n s y l v a n J r t - . . . . . . Jfebrtifci-v 00.--StanleJ-y Gay, a Minor OKlsena Title Trust Company, CJuaixilan, as Stated by Peter ' G. Cameron, Seoretarj of Honking of Pennsylvania, ., F»bru»ry 100,--Ce«elia Banks, a Minor ........Citizen* Title Trust Company, GuaiNjinn, as Stated by Peter' G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania ...... February 101.--Josiah H. DllB, a Minor ..Citizens Title Trus* C^mpa-ny, G-uaiMlun, as Stated by Peter ' G. Cameron, Secretarj of Banking- of Pennsylvania, March 102,--Ma-ry B. OUs, a Minor Cltlzoop Title Trust Company, Cluq.rdlun, as StaUd by Peter O, Cameron, Secretarj of Hanking ol Pennaylvania * . . . , March 103.--*M»ry E. Brywon, a Minor ..Cj'tlaena Title Trust Compttniy, Guardian, as Stated by Peter Q. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania ','.,"., 104,--Elizabeth Crow, a Minor ........Citlsena Title Trust Compomy, Guardian, as Stated by Peter G, Cameron, Secretary of Banking- of Pennsylvania , March 1 OB.--Nevada F. Balsinger, a Minor ..Citizens Title Trust Compainy, Guardian, as Stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania .., , MareK .OHlitenB Title Trust Company. Guarding aa Stated by Peter' G. Cameron, Secretary df Banking of Pennsylvania ...Citlaena Title Trust Company, Guardian, as Stated by'Pete*' G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania, .'. 108.--Andrew Jaokeon Campbell, a Mln-or ....... A Clltizena Tltlo A Truert C omp«fliy, Guardian. AS Staled by Peter * · G. Cameron, SeoreUry of Banking of -Pennsylvania loe..--nolaaid P. 'Tat», a Ml nor Citizens Title 8r TfuaL Compamy, Guardian, as Staled by'ipVt'e'r' G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking- of Pennsylvania 110.Y--Henry Gilbert SWnej»on, a Minor.Ci'tlzena Title A. Trust Compamy, Guo,txllan, as Stated by'p'e't«r , G. C»m*ro-n, Secretary of fiankiiifr of Pennaylva-nla 5. 111.--HevliuUd Ba»tley "The Second National Aank. of Uniontown, Penne, AdmJn!«trii)ter 112 --Albert R. Brynei- ., Plummer y, Brynef, Ex scutor TM'~ r 118.---Laura A, Bill* .Emma K. Bill*, Executrix »·--... AUDIT NOTICE). All partle« U?t«jr*i«tec(l are hei-eby no-tlfted that »n Audit put will be m««e »p of all tl )B , aatd H»t will bii B*ll*a oj» Mondey, the 81»t d*y of April, 10SO art 10 o'clock A, M. ( and comtln.u. 'Saturday* artd Sundmya excfcpted) until tle Hut »hall have been dlspoeod ot. Re.flster af Wills and Bx-omclo 106.--James J. C. Baftnger, a M-lftor 107.--Wln|fr*a'rj»Mrherty, a Minor March March 28, S3, 18. IS. 18, 1, IS, IS, 18, IS, is. is, 18, 18, 18, 18, 38, 18, 5, 5, r. '», ». a. ·% HJJli 10:111 l!):;ii 103t| imt 10SO lf»1n 1*3o 1930 JflSft Iflio innn *ain 1NO lot* Mara*, a, ita* Z IMS Use Oar Classified Ads PATUO.MZE HO1U WHO ABVEBT18B U| THK

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