The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 1, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1918
Page 4
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""CTT"^ ' rots. T ' DAILY "CQXJH.IE11, CONNELLSVUJjB, PA. , JULY 1, 1918. i4ft- $: f,''. £"··· - rr is;I *" · rounder and Editor, THG coinritBR ; ; JA3SES ,'J. DRISCbl*L, , - Sie'y and. Tr*a«. Business 'Man ·(: JOHN L. S. City Editor. MIES LTNNE B. ' Society Editor: - S OF-: '. : Associated Press. . '· Audit Bureau of Circulation. P*nnsylvaaia ; Associated : TailU«. \.Two cents' per copy, 50c month"; l£ p«r year by rcaiJ \tpaid in advance.. ^·Entered as second 7 class matter at pos(.office, .ConneUsylUe^-Pa- 4 '_ f . 1918. Tw · mctiTC ; members.' Tfiis · campaign m*4*^_Uie : -e^cottra^eitui^ af. thrift UMf;-producti6p-. But-it iiiiMiQS niuob TBore than.. 7 this, i. It also : mentis... to make our /people realize. tbeir'MHdar- ity and .'.mutual jidterdepeaience and to make -them understand ' that the government. fc-r«fttty...Uiei:re-.., XJicrp; f6rV^i't'!s-'a. mbyemeirt''t6" ; £iiife all craft Different race stocks' .into' Tone -sreitt ' ly -a movement for nationalism.^.' and " ' ' '''''' : ''" . .· . - - v · Between^ thirty 'and' forty millions pi our -people: today.. . qvn \Liberty Bonds aad "War 'Savings -S'ii;ihps. Ail of. us who come in. this : clr;Si5 "have an increased sense of loyalty -lE-d responsibility to. ihc-governmcnt. The Treasury ^apartment has .ottered. through the ".War Savings plan a groat opportunity lor the entire natin to group ItscU. into War ; Savings societies ;or thrift '. clubs! and thus be of; immediate and direct service to the government. , . 7 - s h o w M tt total of. -1S.OB1 ovena .In the rcR-ion o£ which 8,741) are in blast and ·1.312 -are :ldte with 'a- total estimated productioc ol 6S.463 tons. .Shipmenta for the week · 1 -Neither ' fe. government pro' Carter's 'FI««. WILXJLAM P. SHERMAN, ;* Hospital Unit li. American .£*· pedltionazy Forc*«C VTADC*. TLtLFS F,: fflilGER, . -. Company H, Uttfc Infantry. V SlyN. Ai. American Expeditionary -S'orcca; France- (HAROLD . Batt«ryC.'''B; UTtU Field ,' -VrtH- l«rr. -8th JOivialoiC "U- S. N. G^ Xnriricfrb Expedition- , an"' Force-s;- France: LLtm B. COX" ttlh Engineers, Xj. S, Ju-SoTt»Myw. Va. """ JXJUXFS. CROUSE. - -.' ''' Company E.-.--.15ttU Emcineera (Railway), JtmerWfcri B=;p«- . dHionry S'f -rces. .France. JAMT2S- J; --SJcPAKTIiAIfD, . - mpany " B«-". G2rd Enyuieers, RiawayV"T or * Benjamin * Harrlsqn, ImUanapo · ~~ ~ ' - " " . f ml! ari _ grain and traditions nor through' the 7jjj f _, ^hahtfrg n." the people were;w* in any 'way prepared for this sti'iigjfle. We were a spendthrift^nation. ; Dje;of the roads to .national. unity, snd national force ia this war is throjph thrift-using-Uie -word to include · both . increased production in every,,field, and also the conservation of 1 those tilings which are s'desperately needed for | ihe wiuuing of the ·· war, .The conscl-] entious- thrifty' man .today '"will., can- i serve; food as requested fcy the Food , Adrcinistration; he-will'conserve Jtuei i as requested by the Fuel Administration; and; he will conserve to the best i o! his ability the labor and materials] w.aich' the. government, needs 6y ; .ooti uwng his money for purchasing aaj: of \ the non-tesenUals and thereby using; up materials and, labor needed by. the' --* U. S.-S. ¥*T«ald»af Grant, fc. 3. " " . * " " " Navy. - . - CARL STEHLE, 3rd .Company, 1st Battalion, ln- i'antry Replacement l*ri- sade. Camp. .Lee. V.u ;governmrat- He will, government^ securities, toirust : the jspendins of his money to tjae govern- {ment la. order to-speed up tKc war and j to secure the 'joace of overwhelming victory. Lr'all of us join in this ; mjvement.i^ n ck h; a. local The success of the "War Sa'irings cam- su ' Hrr arm paign means art immense .-Addition to our war .strength. :.Jt alsc\nieanB th'e first step in economic wa oC Lhb Past Condensed f r o m the Fll«« of The Courier. · V FRIDAY, .» '£eEaIle(i;"report [or the w e e k ending July - , 1S8S. of the ConneJlsviUe . X.500 ciira dls-trlbutcd as f o l l o ipofnls Plttsburff. ~ ^ to p o i n t ? cast, 1,200, a decrease of,: 50 cars as corr;|;ircfl w i t h the previous -wet'li-. . ' Thomas E b b u r t , Wiir..Prttctiartl and Arnold Coolniai) vliave n harrow escapo from d r o w n i n g w h e n thetn- skiff cap- : stz«rf when they, a t t e m p t ' t o Jnnd n. raft of JtipK. at KeU Ijongr's .rnill. They reached, rthore \ry means oC a 'cubic attached. to a raft- ". , Harry, ' the 10-year-old gon 01^ Mr. and iHrs. Thomas Warner, drowns Jn' the race oC Cathoun .Compan3''s mill.' Mrs*. Jtihrx M a g u l r e dies of burns received. when an o i l . can explodes w h i l e Ah? Is pouring kerosene on half dead coal5 In the ."tore at her home in Hichlanr! avenue. " , The fMJowiue ofHcers oC Coke Center castle, Mo. 3i, Knights of ihe Gold"Ea^le, are elected -for six ·months'' term: Past chief, F, P. K u b - ]er; n o f i i e chief, MichaeJ Darr; chief, li-vin Hay«; t-evt . . ,, priest. Hoover;- venerable · hermit, Genres t j c w p l l « i i ; - master of records, S, H. Howard., clerk "of exchequer, A, J. Brown; . kopprr of exchcnutr, -T. A Xlmrfiennan; »lr herald, "W. P. Clark: worUiy bard, Keuben Miller: w o r i h y ^htimbeilain, L. FJtxmier; ensign. William Buttermore: esquire, John 8»t- termore; first fniard*man, K. N. Crate: second /guartltrman, John »nb: trustees, "W. p. Clark and John Xccb. Dr. J"; C, McCienathan of this place, reads ft paper on "Bacteriology," o*r fore lh» fjQartPrly mcetJnp of the Fayette County Medical society In "Unlon- tOWTl. "Wtork on the foundation Cor Sols- son's new business room on Slain street 3s bepun. »ed C. Xcilpon. .lf*«»er of *. The Associated Press is er- ·clusiveiy entitled to the use for Trepubll»tlon ;tf . a l l · th-3 - - n e w * - *' dispatches 'credited ,to ii-or no^- V.othftrw'tsV. criaHed'.tri this paper" ;:and;':also \ i h o - ;*oca.l -newe pub-5 lishod -herein.'.--'-r ". - '.. ,' ^ .the Baltimore A c h i e f ' on ,V. FEOin* TO-HRLF -JB'AfcYv ; -The decision" to" stmd American troops to Italy :wUt be received with as much satisfactf^n among Ameri- cins as it is hailed with jr in Italy. The magnificent manner ic which the Italians have stemmed the tide of the oR-rushrag Austriaas and sect them. inT. disorderly rout bacjt across the Piave, has 'been such""-? significant achievement qf the war that the victors are entitled 10 reeosr.itfon of the nxoet substantial kJnd on part'of the Allies. ' ' ·At the moment that recognition caa better nor- more' fittingly ex- preesed.thaa toy-.placing American, aol- di*rs shoulder .to shoulder -"with, the Italians In order to dr^ve . tfce Austrian allies ol the Kaiser f 'orit or northern Italy. Tne adirauce detacnme its ot,"the American; troops are "already on their wsy, to be followed by larger contingents later. ..American, aviators contributed ao-little part/to the success in deaUny a'staggering .blow to . tb* Austrians, taeir-intrepidity, dash j aad daring 1 , exciting . unbounded admiration of the Italians. The knowledge that American soldiers are com- iag will serrre-to-strengtiien"the deter- zoiiuiUoii of the- -Italians to-follow. tfcexr deteftfc-oC- the AustrJans.with still] more rigor" ao3 J effectiveness,''" It" sbowi to rh« Italians "that the spirit of;.co6p«ration animates all the Allies aad serves notice upon Germany and her allies that th*y cannot hope to dis- ; forces opposed to them, will JOHMT that the gain made them is not only to*be held bat the advantages accruing from, it forjwbat come,aZter the war, We "must never' return to- our haphazard i spendthrift ways. Thrift should be [made a national habit as part of our [social and Industrial.readjustment. J General- BemHardK-: famous- .-"apostle ]of.fr4r» had an effective Illustration .of some . o £ . his doctrine the other day jAvh'en the. British licked the tar but v6t his, army In the .battlt of\th« Xiep- pes forest. rJu«t » : case f i t the British ·sword .beiPsr,-,ff?ronser .th^n' both thi pen and the-sword of tb* Hnn-'" The weatherman has relented The stronger the "win the wur" spirit becomes in America t h e - mar« certainly" will Berlin, including" even that n/nruts.tiQ£ f The cornerstone O n t o r».nro»d. frcJtrht at TO badly w. ncc?sjiar'. of t h * M n u n t Tlion WANTED -- .YOUR business. ' KENPJNE'S., BAJtBERINO ST. JAMES 2Sjune2t --BEIA, BOT AT SMITH 25junot£d WANTED--TRUCKJERS , AT BAI*- tJniore " O h i o "freight Station. WAITED--CC/OK AND CHA.MBEK- maid t.i I'KAflES-A-LLKGHENY HO"BEL. I 25junetW WANTED -- POBT.BR.- NOT raiL at HZI.L, HUUS15, ScoLtrfiU, WANTEI---SALKSMAN AT ONCE. Call at XQ9 Went Crawford, uvcrtar. WANTED--GIRL FOR hovisework. 616 st Patterson ave nue. Trl-Sr.ite 243. 2'Jjune3l WANTE'D--/TO BUY SECOND Harley-DavtCison n i b t o r c y o l o , w i t h side car. I n q u i r e Box 211, Broad Ford, Pa. " WANTED--OILER AT WEST PBNX Power station. Must be over 18 years and steady; waffes »77.60 per month, w i t h (food chance for advancement. SSjuneSt WAXTJBD--TWO GOOD STRONG men for a.»h loaders. Pay 2214,0 for 40 cubic foot -wiiEon, Can easily make 16,00 per dny. "VrEST PEKN POWKP. STATION. ' : - · £Sjune3t LOST--LAXrES' OPEN FACE SIL- ver watch.. Regard if returned to Courier office. . Ijuly2t LOST--FRATERNITY . PIN WITH j name Don L. Boyd, date February 23, i 151S, engraved oa reverse side; not I Piiwnable. R q i u r n to Courier office a n d . receive reward. IjuiySt* , . LOST -- BETWEEN CONNELLS- 1 ville and Pittsburs two 32x4 a u t o ' tires and rims complcLo. · Re-ward of 125 for r e t u r n . W. E. RICE, Con- nel^svine. Pa- - 28junc3t LOST--POCKETBOOK CONTAINING sum of m o n e y and g-old watch, eithei on Western Maryland train f r o m Plttsburg or between W. M. depot and T h i r d street. Rewa.rd i* r e t u r n e d to Courier office. I j u l y S t FOUND-- XIAtBRELLA. OWXCKR recover aame by calling: at ~ L 7 Cedar avenue. I d e n t i f y i n g and for this' ad, W, C. l j u l y l t * POUND--RED HEIFER, ABOL'T 1 1 year old, ai. John Bitner farm, below ' C3reek church, L e i e e n r l n K No. i. O w n e r ! can have name "by calling and paying ; tor da-mages done. IjulySt.' Notice. c. N. PULLER. MA of R u b b e r Stamps. 30[i West Crawford avenue. Complete line of stamp supplies., 2 9 j u n e 6 t ·"" bln'MOlutiujt tit 'PITAKTED--COA.U MIXEKS ON K N try urorlc at new niim of Lincoln (5a» Coal Company, near W n n h f n ' c t o n , I'a.; 8 hour slilfu Apply ,S. W. VANCE. S u p e r i n t e n d e n t ,I7ju: WANTED--EXPERIENCED STE.N"- oerapher Cor Q s t a b l f s h e U C o n n c U a r f l l e business house, preferably one who ha« had aomia experience in p e n o r a l otllce work and ftllnj;.' Stato prcvUnis ex- peri anca and salary expected. Address Box 458, C o n n e U w v f l l e , Ptu. * J J u l y S t GIVEN THAT j the p a r t n e r s h i p lately sutipistfn}? b e - j Lween A l e c Chinii and J. Gardner of i the c i t y of ConnelJsvjJIc, County of. ; Fayette. find State of Pennsylvania, j u n d e r the firm name ol Chinn G-ard- j ner, WILS dissolved nn the 2 C t h day o£ . June. A. £t. ISIS, by m u t u a l consent. ] AH debts owing- to the said p a r t n e r - j ship are to h received by the said I ) Ale« Chinn, and all tlemandfi on th«; { | fiaid partnership to he presented · ' to h f m for payment. J. GARDNER. ALEC CHTN.V, E f j u n e C t NotEr« to Contrad » FOR SAliK--PLANT BKAN'S NOW for canning and fall use. Our atock includes 8urp«f'(s StrineJesd Green Pod. Red Valentine, Si* Wneks, Black . ,, , -;- - Wax, Goldfln %Vax, D w a r f . K e n t u c k y } b u U U l n t f , .I'nlontown, Pn. Baptist c h u r c h in ,N«vr Haven is laid, i -Br on( t crt| Potf a n ( j o l h o r m^cJUin-i Two propoeals wIU be rftquirc.l A Rp»cial fain Is r u n from M o u n t i .,.,,, ,^u 1l»_._ n _« i». - ^ * :_ _-t. . . . ! CQUS SC«««*. BIDS WJLL BK RECEIVED BY THU J Si. John Human C a t h o l i c cont?reEmion i uf CTonneHm-ilJe, Pa.. Cor t h n p r o p e r i erection and completion of a school ! b u i l d i n g , a parish house and a Sitf- f t«rs' home, as pf:r pJans and specifica- j lions prepared by J o h n H. Hurnvm. ; Architect, 032 First N a t i o n a l BanU Persons from alf over the CQUS North Pltuihurj? street- o « an o t f j r m s c ^ i n - i wo p r o p o s a s w e r e q u r e AS \ ANCHOR G U O C E r i Y . 118 I follows? First, a pronontl for th*- f u l l ! county Attend. ·WANTED--GOVERNMENT 30,000 darks .at Washington, fixaiot- nfttlDflB everywhere in July. Kiper- DeUlled report of the Connellsvllla iencc unn^vcetBiary. Men itnd -women coke trade for the week ending June i rfesfrinc crovernJO'snt foi-HLons w r i t e ·2$ wh;ww % t'JtjU of IS.fiOS oven* \n tb-s for f r a o partictilarB to 'S. C. LKON- of which 13,613 are fn blast a n d , ARD, { f o r m e r Civil Service Ivxami- on o w c , n la^t a n '5.0»5 idle, .with a. total wtlmat«d product Son of 143,644 tons. To , 595 K f l n n l a buildine. ton. 29june5t' . i tablinhed ShipmeiUff for t h e week Jig-greg 7,520 oarfl tiitfirlbuced R K '/oilowt*: Pltiahuff:, A"5* car-*; t o point* \ 3,620 cars; tc-. poiuVi taJit. 1,1*1 c»r:».; a decrease of 47S earn as compared. Acclflpnt comuatij'i *· with, the prcviom- weak. J "Complete Protection," Recruits for D are* camfi- } ^ability by *lcknevs, nccideni, nlt- ItiK on the WtfcshlnKton fair grounds j ««-^ Accidental Delith. f o r J l . D O per a. waiting ordcni to move to San f r u n - j month. AH occupa'lions, both xnxt*. ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'hole or 'ATIONAb REMEy.ASSUlt.VNCB COMPANY. tOG erection and comt'letion of the t h r e e bulldingra aj» per plans furnished as a i whole, the second proposal for the -, erection and compl-stion of the parish | h o u n e and a Sistrrs' home under one propowiLion and ihe ychool separated ,ind m e n t i o n e d and b o t h ' enclosed ' u n d scaled topcthcr. Bids for the above work w i l l he ro- c()ived up to 12 o'clock noon of J u l j - 2 ^ . 1518. Plan** and sptcicatloaf can be St. J o h n irewnt olU «-{TuJti!k," C o n n e i l P v i l l r . Pa. Health and , n o m t t n C a t h o l i c Concn TM fr . ' ' E?£-jV, KATHKR Tt'SEK", C u.,ntu.i, ,,*.., iollcles covers } P a jQH.V I!. UAJtMAN, Architect, U n l o n t o w n , Pa, j u l y - I - 3 - 6 . Cisco from which place t h r y will sail ' Wb*r»l contract to eapxblv for Manila to join the Tenth R«r*rl-! f a r t tim * «wn.. Ad*ir*«» N ; ceived ".he to Co» tract o r: WJl.L, BE KE C o u n t r y Co it roller ot . Th.e morft Intently you terd.-»'s serniona .ibft roor. you \iuderfltand that this y«ar*a .Fourth of Ju'y should b« a day tif consecration, 'titit. distraction for father yourself or your i «lection as prlttctpai, nor did W. MS'yew- j Brown, vie* i principal. a.pply. :b'. win j'Broumfteld was elected principal : 000 American aoldters in France hav« in . Jenne Penn Marriace Ucens** ar^ granted {jiiiCT\tov*n -as. follows; John Spe nnd KJIa Dooms .of :Connell*rilie; i Charl«!« L. HatfleM of C*nnell«viUt and. S *·**" Brooks of Kormalvltle; j, j tlon. hydroth*rapy and mnwnan'f. ^^ j hospital ha» A capacity nf fl,-e ' h u n - dr«d beds. *nd i* afflllati»d *'it'n t h r Unlver^iij'.. of Pitt*lorer for-, teaching pnrposfts. For f u r t h e r pRrticuliir?' np* ply to th! DIRKCTRESS OF NUTtSKS. It promises to be 1 -Tackson of Mount Braddock and Le^iff of Connftllsville: J, H. W and Alice C. Hutchison, both of Spring- ! To c o u n t y , l-'ennfylvuiMa. nt his t h e Court House, I "n Ion town, and by t h e County Conf Wash \niet on c n u p t y , Penn- at hit* office in t h e Court House. 'A'-urhiiiprUm. P e n n s y l v a n i a , un- t f l 2 n'clovk P.'M.. Monday. July J 5 t h , to be wtK?rwf Jit - o'clccJc P. AI"., Unkn town. Pa.. J u l y J 6 t h . 1?1S, for the J*cklnK and relocating of the ppan of the steel s u p e r s t r u c t u r e on new roller neMn unti ?hois and t h e repairing" of one r t r e r pier and encasing, t h s nam^i In concrete of t h e Mononga- j heln Rlv^r BrldRe at B e l l c v o r n o n . ' Pennwylvunla. b e t w e e n Pnyctie and · Wanhincton countios. · I Pinna, pror'osaJ/j and specifications j for the nbove bridge can be ttecured at i thft ofllc«f of the C o u n t y and ! i Bridge EnRlnc-fir. C o u r t House, Vnion WANTED. of ConnftllsvJIlei J, U. McCoy j CX»SVKH ^LAN OR "WOMAN ~~· · -- · » w --..,»····.-.--. ·--«... ^ -*..,,^, ^ ...m. Inttresl tholr friendn ;md others ( t o w n , T c n n s y i v a n i a , and n c the officf , township;' John ."W. Showman and ! whoKt names will be AuppHetl, tn a ! f f the County Ilo;wJ Engineer, Courl ; A.lene Kern, .bo".h of. Sprlnfr3e'd t o w n - · aafc, peffmnent, dlvlrfend-poj'lnj; oil j House, Washington. 'Pennsylvania, Cor j ihlp: Albert S. Jonen and Corn, ni Btoctc. . T h i s piock now on a 12 per i the sum of five dollars (?.00) per set. \ both of. Broad Ford; "Wttrrun, cent basfj*. dividend)* monthly. H A J The proposals to be s u b m i t t e d In rtu- *T .Miner and 5Jary M. Danneeker, both of 15v«r50n. - * . A delightful Jn-wn fete ,\K held a t ih» . ; home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ixjt Kush at the · corner of Aetna atrcnt and Pattera-on CTuarlOf* T. Het»el stsUs hin market on Pittsburj rtr««t to C. StouTttr of Scottdal*. Kelt .-tjonB 1 and Frank Coag'hena'.ir ret urne-d home w i t h n ^ t r l n p of per cent dr.clar*d for U n u n - · plicate (one copy tn each office) UAlly small capUaltxn.ttsn--no debts i a c*rtifted check dratvn on a or bonds. Stock- ««Hin|r · r a p i d J y «| Back or Trust Company in }l:"fi f per share. nroutl lo do. While.-others hear the aword. and shield, ·where mighty anniesj meet. I'm busy in t h e ' harvest field, and \ about 5fl basa after irpendlnf- the day srhockinR aheavea of wheat. "I'm shed-; at. SrL'nerfteId. " ding: sweat, instead of blood. It Hows ; The ConnellsrlUe Military Band in endless title, and as I wipe away tho " holds UB third annual excursion to flood, my bosom, swells - w i t h pride.. I ; t A^htabala. The hand was K - ·ork which you w i l l Kxperieuce unncces^a.ry- W r i t e today, moat (riving: reference)'. H. L. afANDBVlLtiB, " J n v « « t j n « n t Broker. 120 Broadway, Xe-w Tork. FOR RETT--APARTMENTS. FLOR- know I have not'lived-'in ..vain, whatever, you maty say, since T can help to save the and earn : three bones a day. The sun beats down upon my h o t t e r ' y e t , and a n ! along- my labored track..the ground ln\ ' damp .wJth we»L The work is hard, j Jud by' about 200 persons. The volunteer company recruited by Jortph W. Hough meftts at the armory to orKnni«2. TH.CR90AY, JTliY 2. 3WW. tailed report of the Connelld-vlllc ar«: to ,b pwjMtd-to the utmost. As France w*s stimulated to new endeavors, and the Germans forced to tjiit, "by the presence of .Ai will the Italians take new iaspfra-j this wrary war jar done, and you sire up | region of which 15.362' are in blast and thra, «nfi ( the Austriaus M^triencej JJ* f*p^^.°.JL d .. th .?, fr V?. 1 to mo ! c * 32 .°i» i( i»e. with a tota ' · and dread, from the sight of the' St^S^onUe^ttTM ^^^^^'^:T^^ ^"^^^^^ 16-1,833 bcrocd tbe Tenhian plains. 'The Ital-. i*a£_.bATe._prpxea...theaieeiye3 to ,1)Q such -bTOliant-flglitcrs tile 'Americans wlli f««l just as proud to join vitb them as. they have been glad .to aerre. wilji equally '·RLliact toemen of. tie r 'THRffT A ; . - · · · · - -HABK.-" · " " ·; · · Of otiarse the primary *J- ddipg tbia'"-war-Isi and will-'.be.. JHa Army. But there caif o« ho great Kaif in-war 'today unless" a'great nation stands back of it. The moat important of. all.our neods,3s immense- \r to JtVengthen'the flgnting'line "at the front, says TheodWo Roosevelt in the KaBsas_Clt» Star. But it can'not be permanently strengthened unless the whohe'nation Is organized'back of (he front, "ft e need increased production, by all- We need thrift-and .tie avoidance of extravagance, and. of waste of money upon honessentials by all. We need the Investment, of .our mocey in sovernm'ent securities by alt of us. . The govftrnment. tarougt the War ;Saving» campaign, oSers the oppor- -- ,.i^r...-'-_.-^y jnjj^aaai j n the'-njt- i a gresit national mover : mettt to sacureSaese ends. .The Treasury Department proiKjses as a means to achieve these eufc.'that all our people torn themselves into .thrift clubs a whoIey^The'Armyi'.is people 1 »ton!d ; b* , im-iU' 'the-! g'.c children o/ The member of fh»n C ?^"'"n l ! , n slleiLV " " f w h M t - a n d i p l t t s b u r s . 2.518; to point, then fen n t H U o n n more. He also S-CI-VKS, ] to points you doubtless know, -who does the .work To eat. M 5 n ; ea?t., 470, an of 117 FOR RKNT--BOOM WITH BOARD. 12* West Apple street. 20Jutietf c r p d i L in P e n n s y l v a n i a equal to t e n ; per cent f V O ^ j , } of the n m o i i n t of the proposal. be d e p o s i t e d w i t h either ( h o propnfi-ais, the Hams inode ablt; 10 t h e Treasurer of the c o u n t y . Tin: rlehl to reject »n- and all proposals is expressly reserved. H A R R T ICJSlXCiER. THOS. J. LJXDKRM'OOD. County Controller5. julj 1 -1-6-13 FOR Call Bell B ROOM HOUSE. FOR RBJCT--FURNISHED ROOM for gentleman. 2P3 South Prosjiect. FOR BKNT -- THRRE eti rooms, hath. A p p l y 3) ford. STA.TEMBNT OF CinCUT-ATION, j Slate of Pennsylvania, County of F a y - ! ette, BS. Before me. the subscriber, a Notary; Public w i t h i n a n d for aald County and ' State, personally appeared J, AVvlie I Uriscoll. who bt-lnff duly sworn accord- I Ing- to law. did depose and sixy: ' That he Is Aaslslnt Alanagrer of Circulation of The Courier, a d a l l y news- 1 , paper published in Connollaville, pa..' and that Lhe n u m b e r of papers printed duritiK t h e week e n d i n g Saturday, · W FOR KMN-T--FIVF. vith bath and as. ^3 J u n e 2!, 1P1S, was ;IB- follow t Craw-i J u n e 34 '6.SSO J u n e 2 7 . 29jime5t* j J u n c 2R 6.«3ft J n n e 2 8 . J u n o -6.. .'. .6,8'JiJ J u n e 29.. HOUSE at hand; who. barred from ahootliip up { Treek. cars as compared w i t h the p r e v i o u s I the toe. noes forth to tilt the land', t feel. I am the ont "best bet, .-the 'puv that'a safe-«nd sane: the ground bc~- liind is. moist with sweat as thoug-h there's been a rain. · FOR BKKT--TWO L A R G E DESIR- Addltlons to the hiph ?chooi b u i l d - ' a b l e furnished roomn Cor Mg-ht house- Inff at J^eiaenrtns: No. I win be made | keeping-. All convenlenL-es. 410 Xorth Edgar A. Guest d u r i n g the summer to the extent of «0,OOD. The West "^enn inaugurates the new trolley system...Into Brovmsville. Car3 I are m«t at the edge of town -with a j brass band and escorted bjr cheering crowd !o tho "Went Penji station. S. P. Ashc, assistant, secretary nf the T. M. C. A., resiunn to take a po- Piltsburg- street. I j u l y l t :·· · ; '; .:. LIFE. ' ' . "Wonder .-why we come to earth, Why the mystery of birth, Why th« days of living- breath And th*. majesty .of rteath? It la not for. .pold or fame, Not -alone for toil"'Or (fame. And sometimes it aeems 'to me That t h f s trip throug-h llfe.m.ufft be Ordered so t h a t ' w e may know One another'.b'ere below; Jjlty's a iret-acquainted spell; '· ' · A chance . to know rour brothers .well. It's a. round of. days and years ; FlIledNrlth laughter ay and teara And oC strugg'IinK'towards a g"oal. As a trial for.-the .soul. Here we come. to "learn of m*n; Here -we come to see them, when ; ·They : are' M their best and worst. - ««is'must be^humans.flrst FO R SAJjK--FRESH CO W. IN- quire U. G. FIRESTONE, It. V. D. No. 1, ConnellsrllJe. Ijuly3t* FOU SAL.F--OR TRADE--GOOD HET2EJ. 3115AT AlAJiKKT, Wcat Side. IjulySl sition as a teacher in- the TMttsburg: fresh cow, extra heavy milker. HARKT Public Playeround!!. H e will r e t a i n i n ' - - - - the fal! as 1 a teacher of mathematics in the hlph school. J . Notice is received at the po.itoffice | FOR SALEL of increases in the salaries of t h e ' model 33, fn postal clerks here effective July 1. . The PayeUe county Jatry-ers hoid their annual picnic at W-ashtnffton's Spring, alone the National Pike. A delegation of Conn«Usvllle attorneys ? 130,852 March 149.431 - April 139,180 USED HUDSON AUTO. May H9.1C2 _ _ r u n n i n g : condition. J u n o 141,596 inquire 104 W, Crawford or TVeUs Mills I July 1C3.575 Garage, ISjuncti, j August .-. .165.59E . . Daily nvcrajje fi,l!J'j ThiLt the dully circulation by m o n t h s for the y*sar 131S 10 dalo was as follows: 1933 M o n t h . Daily Av. , January 175.3G3 6.520 ' Fobmary I G C J O f i 6,507 March J . . . 170,732 G.5G7 April 173.82.1 fi.6S5 May 181,253 C.713 That the daily circulation by months Cor the year. 1917 to date was s follows: 1917 Month. Daily AV. January 157,361 attends the picnic. Five men nre inj»r«J at the Dun- 'West "Pralned SALE-- -(,000 l u m b e r arrd s l i g h t l y FOR UBed ROUGH flooring 1 . JOHK ROBINSON, Springfield Road. U. D. No. 3. 29june6t» Lana : H«tzci is confined tn h o r i Apple street home w i t h a | anlile. suffcrod while stci- . S0june6t _ _ ,, ,..7 «· _ , TOM v s s u i.Dnni.-' .FOB SAJ.i--J-TON NASH TRUCK, He was the 'fatrier pi': oC:ri . itu-m; die · cfcance . to Life's a iset-acquainted trip- And the .world a mlg-faty ship Pluns-ln? on througrh 'storrn "~ srome destination nnel ' 'noblest'3crTfrd : G«-i's plan, · . hie feltuw" "man. .GFct; ,»yju«latedv..with .your kindi . .ppenvhoth^Xour' heart ,and:--mittd. Strctch'^ijO -'tJb«m·;·«;·· helpful- h'vjd, Ivnow : them yftll and ·undertrtvtnd ."WT»»t';it-'iSs'-they;-'iie«k: "afar. ···;.'. '-., ·Aad'ybo'ilTJrid how-, fine"they ar«. Do not. ^ive'.yoor lile alone."--" : Knbw-;;y(;,ur. neighbor and''be~-1cnoji And. ;rerD t eniber,\night and.'dayr. ' Ansrels. Kf^ff in "mortal-·ciay-.f.-^.-.;- 1 8S years 'old, di«s. of K. -T. Norton! ' School "board apaln adjourns in a deadlock. After 10 ..ballots arc taken a principal for the ^ccond ward school . coy]ii- not be decided on.* ' · ,nd shin*- T.nvit'atlona are sent out for the . Frlck', Veterans* AiTHnciation ' basket I picnic 1 to he held at Ohtopyle 'July 2*," . B". .R. TfKtcr. last year. jr'tricipal of the'- VanrtTbilt schools, and clerk Jn t h e ' N e - w Have", town covncH. is ejected vice principal of; - the - N e w Haven schools hy that school hoard. -·";. ; : TJrashInfrton J^erd^ . conpresfrfona? WLnrildatc?. o n ' the :Socialist' ticket. Js- BUff's^a challenge .to;- all parties to di- h[linvnublic. questions) 'of-·'imt»ortanca at'^ShadV.'CrT-oye-'Park. qn July. 10. when the ;.Spcialf»t : 'Claris"w^I!v;grath#r ther«. FOR SALE--CHEAP, SIX HEAD good T».'ork horses, three setn doubto harness, f o u r good road -vvas-ons. one dump wagon. Inquire PIERC1S BROT.'ffBRS COA L COMPATTj;, Sou ill Connellsvllle, · Pa. Tri-Statt phone 240-W. a S j u n e G t September i)ctobei! 156,233 N o v e m b e r 153J32 December 155,843 5.66T 5,52-1 5,446 6.147 6.1S3 6.16? MSB 6.327 Total 151.343 5,853 Anil f u r t h e r aayeth not. 3. WTI/IE DR1SCOLL,. Sworn to and .subscribed b u f o r e me this 29th daj- o£ J u n e , 1918. J. B. KURTZ. N'. P. : vVant Ads--1 Cent a Word. . - u?eI tn Th*; Daily"' Courier " brlrifir results. Try them. - Of All Kinds PRINTING not the cheap kind but the good kind done here. By Parcel Poet to y o u r door. Send y o u r money now. We w i l l ship at once, ; Parcel Post charpfts paid. Barred P l y m o u t h Hocks and Rhode! I n l a n d Reds at ·J5 tor i 5 4.DO 50 Cor , $ 9.00 100 for 117.50 Also White aad Brown Legr- horns at 25 for J 1.00 50 tor.. 1 J S.OC) 100 - f o r . H5.50 BLTJE HIDGB .POCI.TBV KAHM Bell Phone-1779. Uniontown, Pa. There is a lot of special hot -weather raiment in our stores for the July demand. Don't wait_ until the last day, buy now what you need and benefit by the savings offered. The prices may not be possible for a long time. Men's clothing, boys' clothing, women's, misses', and children's clothing, of ever)' description; cool, hot weather, July specials. Many of them are a class of goods that we will not be able to duplicate on, perhaps we wilt not be able to get them again for years. Mills that manufactured these goods are out of business--the Government is using them for making clothing, blankets, underwear, etc., for the soldiers; prices are advancing. Many of these lines today would cost more wholesale than our retail prices; therefore, if you are in need of, anything in the wj.y of raiment for men and boys, if you are in need of any summer dresses for women, misses, and children, or goods to make summer dresses, skirts, or shirt waists, buy now, buy while you can get the goods. You can get radically what you want now; later you will be obliged to take what you, can get. 63 Larsc Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good. . AU the newest and best styles are here. Men, women and children with real Shoes* LOT VALUES That Cannot Be Duplicated Anywhere--That S-M-A-S-H AU Precedents ia Value-giving! LOTS as $ low as On Your Own Easy T Locateil at Poplar Grove -- A beautiful spot indeed -- the coining residence district of Covmc!!sviJle -- only a 15- minute»walk or a 5-minute car ride from "Brimstone Cor- When you consider that fan a lands in Fayette county are being sold at greater pric-as than you are'offereri Ujis land right at your door in a devMopad and constantly improving neighborhood--then ycu'll Stan to realize no-w- hig these values really are. jExtcnsive Improvements-Water in front of every lot. street-improvements and fine shade trees. Church and Public School nearby. Every convenience right at your command . It costs you nothing to tret all the facts--simply write C. B. McCORMICK P. 0. Box 144. COXSELLSVDLLE, PA.

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