The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 1, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1918
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 1, isaa. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVEUJS. PAGE THKEK. - f I ; MaKers UCH a change one year has wrought in the Nation that held the name of the "most extravagant on earth. Conservation--our patriotic watchword--has become fashionable among the proudest families It's no longer "the thing" to try to outshine one's neighbors. Business men who can offer sterling opportunities to economize now are doing a worthy service to their country. We are doing our bit. These hot midsummer days are the best of Conservation days in our store. Ir/sthe -~ . Spring That Makes the Bed If you must economize on a bed outfit, don t let it be on the sprn^ for upon it* strength, resiliency and durability depends aojnd, refreshing sleep Betfer a les» expensi/e bed th.iii a cheap wring or mattress We carry omv standard ipnngs--the best make* upon 1 he mar 1 - et--and guarantee tnem to j be satisfactory in every respect Ii\ D E S T R U C T I B L E C O I L SPRINGS, mzde of carefully tempered v-irc coiK secjrei} fastened and japanned FABRIC SPRINGS vnth japanned fra-nea of angle sled braced and bolted at corners Flaalic 3nd guaranteed for 20 jears WOVEN WIRE SPRINGS made with hardwood or all steel irames 'witn cable edge and strongly re enforced with flat wo en cables or wire spnngs BOX SPRINGS -- sanitary and dust proof -- for immaculate bedrooms. 5est Springs at Fair l'nc« Mattresses for 100 Per Cent Efficiency Four hours of sound sleep are worth eignt of timing and tossing on a hard bet! U you would get the most out of your «If -- menially and plrv^ically -- doo t sent on the mattress you Our special cotton feltmat- are made or brand new cotton m a sanitary factory comfortable Single, double and crib sizes. ·v Sound in Quality Sanitary in Make i Sensibly Priced Links of Happiness in Lifetime's Chain iiimitiii ill i nimii minium mm mm mn mi Minimi m minium 11 nnini/ Living Room, Dimng Room, Bedroom, Kitchen --each room acos, inviting spot--each a lntk in the chain of home happiness We know, from 3'ears of experience m furnishing new homes, ;ust how important each link is, for the whole chain can be no stronger than its weakest link So · Our" 4 Room Outfits are planned to make home the prettiest, cosiest, most convenient and inviting spot m all the world for two young people to begin hfe in And if you get half the }oy out of your home that we hare had in. its planning, we'll be more than repaid for the price sacrifices we have made. Choice of several plans, ranging from $250 Up T HE expressed thought of one woman is echoed by many --"I just hate to think of all the opportunities to economize that I lose when I take the children away for the summer. ' But a few wise women, -who are absent during the hot weather, have solved the problem most satisfactorily by making a special trip here to take advantage of our midsummer prices. They have proved that the savings more than repay , them for-the effort. ' I r ON V.KD ( LEASABLE Miles of Them J have gone f r um here to carrv cool d^ight into huidrcds of hom*j». But these nxxicrn r frigera tor* with tbe JT good cab» network snowy porcelain humps and perfect m*af* non are a far cry from the old tinjeice box. $8 £0 Up Baby Strollers just the carnages for little tod who can Sjrt op and rakf ntl*x " Tie chikhreo cm wheel them e«*s*!v Pi iced from $ $11.50 Up r i Your Joy in Your Home, need not be tempered by dissatisfaction if yon choose your furnishings from the generous display of better furniture you will .always find berv. Our interest m our customers never stops short with the purchase We want you to be satisfied and to ted us if yon are not. Tina Qswen Aaae Suite for the Dmins Room Js i good en-ampt^ nt tb« «s»4^tt values you will find. OQ o«r floors m irtxierate priced farralure during this month In spite of the scarcity of Wai not. we hxre some beantifnl smbes tr, that much - desired wood at surpnsHigrv modest pnces. Mahoganr aod Oak also m ccorea at handsome effects. and Dining Room £ 1 O A A A arul Sutlfs 4JLC'U.UU Upwards Porch Swings Stnoog com/ortabte rb of solid oak,, hung by galvanized chain*. The indcatructabte kind thnt will jfive vfcara of good ser vice. S"\eral aixe*. pnoed from $345 Better Baby Cribs Sensible, wnttarr safe cnb« of spotless emmeJ or sunny brass with drop sides that defy inquisitive bain fingers. Priced at $8.50 to $20.00 SCOHDALE STREET 200 YARDS LONG HAS 24 MEN IN SERVICE chorus Rev I E Runk wa« tbe last . c u t even below tbe present C6*»t [Speaker Tlie services closed b thp J though the good* arr* all pprtect s^j. singing of The Star Spangled Ban »onable and of the nio^t desirable ! ner The CJ A R band fuinisbedl icind SBVP j o n r mon^ \t\ \v.t,e 1 music during the afternoon ^penrHnt- at thi** hilv r.ea.rinot ^a c t h i n we«k B t n t l i n g e r * Broadw i\ Indies Siorr* fecoildale P L as \ou Spt oft the t tr--Ari\ Off t/ Se« Sou Mr intl Mrs Cbdrlt 1 ' Bloc ni a.;id tamiU left lswt nigJit for m embirk Vandcjrbilt. i Ohiopyie. SERVICE FLAG IS DEDICATED 1 Janes heeeu, Father tl. A. l»mj- Img ml Re». I. 1. R»it -Hake Elo- ({Rffit Yddrc^ses sjH lining Women ! Co e -- Ad\ J"-lt Miss \nna Kate Sbupe entert-uned ' at d*ner at her home on Fridni eve i nn£ Cor Mis'? Marion Bambnck tnd Has H a d H o n o r i h e r house gueof Miss Cathenn of benclmir Total Froelich of punxsutawney and Miss I Mith Campbell cf "West Newton The ation camp to ;ep Jotin Bloom a son ol" 64. ,other quests were Miss Glue Bloom ftho is about to leave for Frame and Miss Rnth Murnaw C asotme 2Sc Wells MiHs Motor JfoJieti Il-iffi) Avenge. j C t r Mr and Mrs M J Kennedy have i received word from their son Ueu- \ ten nt Jack Kenedv one of tbe "SO sen to tbe advanced school detach mem In France that he had com- 1-3 ' To Elks CooTe»tlon wfk, Tne Sco'iflale B P 0 E is makiHEJla!!feui WEAK, RUN-DOWN jfOHEN hiK Letter Will Stv Other 1omtn Keep I n n Hoir Strou etli to Tae C u u n t r r u n d o u n Condi ton no strengt i d and no ambition \ltcr doc- bCOTTDAL£ Uuly 1 --A comciit- i preparations to send a delegation of |toniig for a, w h i l e aid getting no bet j _ B .*_. i- - «i ' raen from the local lodge to the con- ter I tried \ i n o l and to nrs surprise John Baker, tee composed of tfrs ilrt Prank Bates VLrs Tobn Kutner- ford. Mrs- Kenneto Anderson, Mrs Mary Berry \lrs Maiv Campbell Vrs Charles Shantr and Mis Leslie vention to be held at Atlintie Cirr|i t bunt mo i p inc strengthened my trom Jlllv 8 to 32 One of t^e larger . whole c ^trm -- M r s V, m D Daw- patriotic parades ever held is "cbed son Jled i t ,,.,,, be reT i e «, e d br Pr«i rbe laason «· guaranlae V.nol i« Stoner a r r a e d a service lUg cele- d e r t WllQOn Every loclge represent- b e ause it is a constitutional remedy ave lts servlce flagsvln , f ,, e j cottuml h p p t and cot] l u e l s Bag w,l naTM 16 stars " :e "^ WaS " reaented to bration for oiTM resierday af- " " " , * T O C c e s s OWn 0 o w n s 6 4 « BrowBtown h»s 64 boys m ft aod bad o4 stars on us flag Fourth , the!B b) L n j anilliary o{ No , of tbe Scottda , e Rcd Cross and wlU tones imn md manganese peptonates i"d glycerophasptato, U.c most M,e- f , | h D . Co Cnime u wlte ° " verr pleasant afterroon Albtrt Shirw. . «». Albert Sthir old " leT ~ died after a prolonged illness Satnr- ' Fia * ur S ire Msumg at the home ot dar at 2 30 P V at Ser home at Uthe '· alcer 5 Parents ^Ir and Mrb G 24 boys in the service Ihe affair *as t so tiat'this c»n be seen held In. the open it the corner of j BirthrfaT Obscrrtd Btoadiray and Foijth a»aue Rob y ies Edith Evans \»as giren a sur- en P.rcy presided Pruyer wa^ of- )pri3 e" party at her home on'Saturdav fered by Re\ 1 E Runk Mrs Frank j a j, ernoon ,, hooor of hr birthday Bates scjis ' Liberty B« 1 and The ^r tnv ,,,,.,, pres enf= were received by Long Trail ' James Ke"gaa save an [, er an rt a adrirtss _on the Sag. sho fins that the ,,,, spent boys of 61 and tile bo'rs of 17 and ^ IS vtre flghtins lor tht same pnne.- pl«s He u a ed Comrad* J E r«tt of Colonel Ellsworth Post G A H., and Joe CaBerty a t d Felix Me i BtYtrn ot the United S!aie= N'a\ laoxnc on furlortgb't to demonstrate UBS tact This brougit round after round oC applause from the audience Ihe i«mce Sag -was unfurled by | Ethel Anderson Rose Campbell Marie Bates and, Margaret Femr ' Ssrvice Pl»s* ^vnit recited bv i}ogsn low Preparations have been Gwendolin Roemsnn Mi^s completed the best markets bail. Attwood ytnfe a (tolo Father been combed for *be best rallies- H. A. Lamblcs. pastor of St John s and now in our July clearance sale chnica, spoke laying b.Jore the peo- beginning Monday again w e r e ready ·^if 'heir dutv to the ^bovs Miss to offer mercnandtae- that we know , Attwood taen sing "Joan of cnnnot possibly be duplicated at the M the audience joined in the i prices In maaj- instances prices are evemrh ° * ' -- Adv Aa ' u ' Meyersdaie. MXYERSDAiE June 29 --Hr" jin gijfe Lentz and daughtei Mi^^ G-er truilo ha\e returned from a brief viut in Cumberland and Mrs Del'orest Lur]^ ig of ve*ton ^She leaves her husband and a »bv five months old The funeral se "vice will be Tuesday at t o clock at thi home Interment will bf at 3 r/rlvk In ,he Middltown csmeterv "Over the T»p." To a new July record i^ our only i Collins Bliine S( Hers of I ewn,*wn is here 1 for v weeks visit iMth relative"; and I friends x M's Annie Pike of Jjhns,town is visatlng relatives and t r e n d s here for 1 a few weeks , CHICHESTIE3 S PILLS \tV~V THBIUAHiMUBKAfB. A . a »a other ulflt- Ait. rovrili SfI H1UAD I , SOLD BY DfillOaiSTS FVERWHFRF V\ADC,RBILJ J u l y -fc-nest Mc- taJhsiLr vyli Jiap been tu Creaaon iinitanum f r tlie past several ^jnttts Arrived home Stmd tj evening ti vtHlt wl S his molivf r Mrs 0 ^ Mossci i i Ixive Mr mil Vlrs hfarry Uini* .Liul ii^s I !'h irn Kt-ed motored o J'ul^burk %csicriiai «nd v-isitetl Mrs J o v e who is A p u i r r t at the Mciti nospi al A A i^rectl and sou Christian M ss VUirv i^rerd imd ^rvilliarn Oswald (Jic latt r of LounpllsMllp w^re guests at a b o clock, d i n n e r it he lsaa Colbert home at j^at Libert; y«sterda Joseph Harshman of Jumata visited w i t h iis plr«.pts, Mr and Mrs Jicob tlarblmnn biirdav Mi and \ r^- R I Mone and mtughtei Kathciire o' Scottdale we e Sundiv calRrs w i t h \lrf Stoncr's larent. Mi an/J Mrs Wnliam Bail«y and fLiri Ij Afrs M'llliam Long and children of Couae'ls\illc a,rt» spending a couple of w e e k ^ with Mrs I .onus father Robert VIcBu-n'y ot Franklin own hip AI aa J^iicj Cochian who iias been ·eriouslj il fo- the ·»» months »a= ablp to ittend cburch yesterdav i Mrs Ha n B aeed and Mrs James Beatty \\cri- recent Counellsville bhoppeis Mrb Prank \ e » e l l and mother Mrs Soclirjst vh ted with friends in Connellsvi] o Si ndaj Mr a.nd \trs J P Blue of Connells- «Lle, visited w i t h M i s Bute 5 mother and sister Mrs Samuel StncUer and Mrs Be 1 ! MeClam Mrs Ben Brown o' linbar township, «as a recent Coanel scilie shop j per j VADERBILT June ^8--LiUi^ "\iiss Ivltaaor^ Bane daagnter of Mr md Mrs C 0 Bane is iisvting with | uer gianclparents Mr arntl Mr-, William Bailey Mrs Leoii Cou^henour visited with filends m Salisbury recently Miss Bli/abeth Le vis, is on the sicl 1 st 4IHtt Downs of T ast Lltcrtj T Scott Dunn J c -Dura" of Connells i lie and J b Ritunhouse nf near Snook we-e attending a meeting o! ibe rranKUn Coke (ompany Fndav Gasoline 26c Wells MiVls Motor Car Co ConnellsviHe--Adv-27-4t. Pitrpuize those who advertise. OHIOPYU3 Jwre 29-- VUss Heten Robinson nf \ rBlnia 15 spending a tew da\fi hTr- with, relatives Mrs (reorgp ilershberger bn* re^ turned to her home here afier several dav* visit with relatives at Mount Braiidock Mr-; D VI Woodmancv of Bear Run spent rrridav shopping in town FJ F Hamilton and ton Wilbur liftve returned from a weeJr/ vi^it spent in Pittaburg OraOPYU 1 July 1--.Mrs W i l l i a m " Mason ha; received word from her two sons sutm^ thev have arrived ' safelv in framr Bedenck C Ma ^on Is with Companv i llith United ita'pi Infantry and Louis C Vason I with Conpany B, J30th Int»nrtry ' Mr-i Lydia Collint left Satardav to ·Mbit rtlatives at Pltcairn Mr Baggs of Pittsburg spent Sat urdav and Sunday with his family at Belle Gro-ve Mrs DonneJlv of Conoellsville ·spent Saturday calline on fnends here Vincent Morrison was a caller in ConnellsvlUo Sawrdsv Mr-s Edward Icltnes of Confluence was viBitinp: relatives here recently Henry Bootbe of Pittjstnirp spent Situiday and Sundav in this vicinity Brown Hall of Oooora spent Sat urday calling cm Ohiopyie friends James Rush wto bns been at At antic City spent a short visit la town lait week on his wav home In Connellsville Mrs Lncy Welsh spent Saturdav evening and Sunday calling on Bidwell friends Mlw Mae Rowaa left Satnrdav for Connellrvjlle Trv our clizsifled advertisements Emphatically Asserts Worn Out, Lagging Men Can Quickly Become Vigorous and Full of Ambition 7 A DAY FOR 7 BAYS Don t %l*m* the man wfeo la *»l)y tired hU blood n*«tix mor* red ·erpvnlmi and lam fcr**ti ^nd nttrve* *r* crmrJnsr for food. O^r«n th* nffht kin4 o-f »ny tlr»d out. Inactiv* la^tinfir fel- IDTT c»n qyJcKly b« roaSc into a real man. So »Kfm m, »iiid«nt C bb* n«fTo«e *T0t»m wbt dT3»M «ll men * ad women who fo*l worn o*t i nd who find H hard to t*t «p ambition ·notiRb t» take » nssruiar job to grec A aekur« o' Bio terett At nn^ drug-Rjet TWar J * tte no« diwjo-rerv that tl I jot SVJTF BFPOSIT Mates Safe Important Papers! put* -vigor and ambition into people ·wto decpalrHd of -^ er am»*intinff to anvtHng- jn life. Peopl* whoa* nerves ha.^ « b*«n wrecked b^ too rapid 11 vine tf° much tobficco or alcohol hm f refr^mofl thwir - a o * HT than c-wo treeh« Ko matter from what n«rv«8 vrent back AQ you twa rnn do^rn nftr?oTii5 or tlr*4 «at yoti are gr«t an orletoal p*cltmc^ »* Bio-fdran at on.ce Tafc* two taM*4e after each mta] and ons betor* bo£ rtme -- eev*n n da\ lor »T«U 4A79-- then one att«r oach noe-Al tin alt «rt gone "hen If rou still lack ambit***, tl bATun t the erierr kfrsn minded mva chase mon«T rul lint rn4-blo4*4( JOPV««B yotir y«r- be rladlv r«tvrn*4 "N oi* t» Pfcy»kri»Mi There It no Hftcrci About th» Irmula. of Elo-lArAn, it ir prjnled on »verr p*tcha*» H«TP it i » L«cl tbin Calci um Glycai c- phoBphats Iron Poptonata MiJtn.- n«ae Peptouatp SrU Vux Vomtei. - Cip«;iciim Kola. TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS ONLY Ic A WORD A private home cannot be equipped j with !afe deposit facilities Fc.r ei- ajiple Several oomfortablp lomes ould be a t n cost not to exceed be expense O f intnalUng ^afe iepoBit vaults in The Cititens Niuional Bank But the safety of our vault department is available for tvery home in th-is city because we ent individ«aJ safe deposit boxes at A small annual fee. Chi? bank is ocaied at 1SS Norti Bittaburg street -- Adv The, COAST t/NE to The delihi» of roar racit Honored on all D C Line it. ttckctt unt extra chiric The D ft C lontrna loflures the be* ·ad p« "J 1 ^ 1 ?* ««T":^ Sn'ety trut bojth rould be dc* water « «enlttod,bp nhra Two ipleM) d aod C3ty of AJocna Il-oicralrVou wee^ to MacktnHC IslnnH Protn »,,d Tho»i«r« frOO t M"Froa D«ri« Mocday* and Simjrdayt 5J» P day* itnd Fndaya S % A M Send 3-ccnt autsp for tlluttratcd pUDrjfalet i Grr»t L«l» roau Addmt t C Eiw Dc*ri4t,lClciu

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