The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1930. ·THE DAILY COUR1BK, PA.« At the Theatres The Paramount "Skin Deep" te a story of life in the raw--Monte blue la the »tar and the. show In at the Paramount "Skin Deop 1 'i« a Warner Bros, all- talking; Vitaphone picture ami this fact makes It possible to convey to the audience with telling eifaet the impulses and reactions of tho astonishing people who come an! go on the screen. The leni»on of gangland are rt- voa!ed vory h u m a n l y It is shown that thea-^ outcasts of Bocioty have im.pulr;e« much the sam* as lho*» ot other clansen of society with Wttich they are at war. The re- tilt la a eerie* of gripping situations which Tiolde Iho interest of the audience from the flr»t to the final word. In addition to Monte Blue the cast include* Davey IXK, BeUty Compaon, Alice Day, John Robertson, Tully Marshall, John Bowers, Georgia Stono and Robert Perry A special feature at 7 o'clock ia Amos and Andy. The program also incladee a n-ews reel with Graham McNamee explaining eaca event as its thrown oh tho screen, and a chapter* of "Tartan the Tiger," n serial which 1« beiMR looked forward to from week to week With keen interest. Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday I-^artcle Joy will bo starred in "A Most 1 Immoral Lady." The Orpheum Maurice Chovalier, who has bacome the grnateet European actor to achieve ettccesa in American films since Einll -Tannings, will be 1 seen and heard in his most gorgeous picturo to data when "The I^ove Parado" opens at the Orpheum Theatre for a three day run beginning on Monday afternoon. "Tlw Lore Parade" i« something different in all-talking musical film productions, just as Chevalier ie a -personage entirely different from all other screen typ««- In the first place "The Love Parade" was written for the audible screen. It !« not a film version of any previous Atage production, It was created 'eapreesly for tho screen's values for amusenvent uppermost In the tniadfl of the geniuses who created It. In the second place "The Love Parade" wa« directed by Erhat Lubitech, ·who was named by vote of critics In a poll tafceu by 'Film Dally ae the lorornoet ditector in the movie industry. He has never turned out a failure. One of his greatest pictufee ·w*s "The Patriot.'.' Then there are other qualities that «*frjr "Th* Love Paradf" to the tore as probably the greatest musi'cal ro- mancf) of the Now Shew World. The Jflretto or dialog was written by Ernest Va.Wa and Guy Bolton. Both »r« veterans of their craft. Bolton has -written the hooks for over r0 ·operetta* and musical comedies. Heading; the supporting caet of "The Parade" is Jeannjtte MacDonald, lov#ly Philadelphia girl Who made a rapW i;Umb in nlufcicft! comedy through two or three years of hard ·work abetted by a personal charih and beauty that juat wouldn't allow her t slay in obscurity. The Orpheum Sherlock HolnJes, the world renowned detective, walled until his 4Snd birthday to tnaka hie ilret appearance In tho all-talking motion pic- turee. In 1887 Sir A. Oomm Doyle presented him In his fln?t (tory "A Study in Scarlet." Many othfJr popular tales followed. Now thii? popular detective character can be seen and heard at the Orpheum Theatre in "The Keturn of Sherlock Holmes." CllVe Urook is cast In the role of tho super man- hunter and you will meet m«t of the characters Irora the books, auch as Sergeant Qripper, Dr Walton, Moriarity and Solly Cheesecake Tlw reason for "The R turn of Sherlock Holmes" was the untimely murder ot Captain fxmgmor'\ on the eve ot his eon's Veddinfc to the ilaugh-* ter of Dr. Wat«on. HolrncB took lip 1 the trail which led him\into a thrilU Ing adventure. Tho mastery of several iricka ot legerdemain was forced on Brook by the action of the- all-talking screen play In which ho appears In the story, Sherlock Holmes disguleeu himself as a hreruber of the orchestra on a trans-Atlantic liner! In )hte guise he appears on the program of the ship's concert and performs several amateur stage tricks. Whlh thua engaged, he secures possession ot important papers. The program also lndud«« a movietone act, «ound new« reel and all-talking comedy. MARCH 16 TO 23 FIRST AID-HOME REMEDY WEEK Sponsored by National Association of Retail Perry Township School Outing at Olympia June 2 PE3RRYOPOLI8, March 8 -A picnic has bM5ti planned for ail ihe Peffy township school children at Olympia Park on June 2. Suhool chiidren from Banning, ^VVhiteett, Layton PleAaant Grove, Jackson, Victoria, Banrtihg, Star Junction and Perryopolln fere to attend. The Hoy Scouts ot rarryopftlis, under the leadership of J. K. Stimmcl, held a meeting Thursday veiling in the high school building Miss Y V b n n e Snyder df I'erryo|olis is spending some time traseling With her father and mother, Mr and Mrs. J. Buell Snyder. The Strand The first great dramatic spectacle »f t!t» talking srreen--Radio Pictures production of Plorong Ziegt-eld'n fabulous operetta "Rito Rita"--opens at thf P t i a n d Theatre, Soottdale, Sunday nlajhl at 12:01 A. M. W i t h ' J o h n liolos and Bebe Daniels heading « gigantic cunt of players, fcinRern, tlfthcers, beat.ties and apc- cialty perforrhers, "Rio ilittt" takre Swallow* W«leomt«t Of all the feiithered flock that swarra to Scotland's shores In spring or early summer nuno is more assured of H bcnrty welcome than the sw allow. The first slKht of it Is ahrayti hailed.with the liveliest satisfaction. In mnny country dtstrl-ta th* in- hnbitnnt* believe that a wish expressed on first sighting a bird I* certain to be fulfilled, HO long as the \tlih is silently expressed and not ;»nfld#d to nnyonp else. It Is · common bll*( ftmonfi villnge maidens nlgo that If they breathe their longinp for a constant lov'er when they se« the gwallow for the first tlmo they w l l ' hnve thplr fond hopp realized before the bin! departs in the autumn. its place among tin- great screen plays of all time. In its wealth of dlvewi- flwl °.nUrta!))mcnt it has doubtless never been equalled. fiert Whdeler and ftobeff Woolsey play the comedy role« th^y treated for Ziegfeldr Dorothy Lfcj, the baby-talk girl of "Syncopation: ' Helen Kaleer, on« Of Ziegf«lrt'« Klotiflwl fSlrls; Don Alvardo. and Renevant, Frortcli sUige star, and other.s of the feaCured caei. f i a r r y Tiertiey, cohtixwer of tho original tuneful score of "Rio Kita," addeil two nfw song hita to the picture. CitnlnJ'a graltd op«ra Chorilfl of SO voicf«; the Pearl Raton ehai-im of 110 Hollvrood beautlet:, the fitst stock chorus in motion pictures, and a symphonic orchestra directed by Victor Baravelle are other features of the film, which was directed by L,uther Roeil, Gr«ftt TuMttj[ the Clfil war Jamcn B«- t-hnnan Ends cbnstruotfe I Iron-clad Fteafnf»f» nnd mortar bouts for the ifnlted State* iforernmenn He constructed the great steel-arch bridge- HcroH«i the Mla«l«Hlppi at S-, Louis during the y*»ur8 1867 to 1874 Ho*e»er, ihc *ofk Upoh WHICh hlf reputation principally rp»t» w*» lit deepening snd Hxlnff the channel At the rttottthfi of tho MlsslMlpjU by mefttii of jetties, whereby the narrowed tfeam vrah tnncle to scour out Its t hrtnnel and clear gedlniflnt out to sea. Shortly foe- fore his death he 'projected a scheme fop a ship railway across the lsthmu of Tehaufateftec In lied of no IstbumlAn cunul. Use Tlwy bring Proverb H*« M*ny fortnt "A bird in the hand la -n-rtrth two In the hush" comes frpm tt "ollertlon of Rcotflnh »a}'fn«i found In John Ray's "rohintfat ColleOtldn of Ifnftllsh Prov- erbi," a hook which appeared first In 1670 and which went through several editions. Th6 original bhrnne, as found In Unjr, Is, "Setter a fo*J ib hand nor two fiyihft." fn. another form It appears In a Collection by John Hey wood (154t) aa follows: "ftetter one bird in hand thari ten In thA wood." And there are many other early variations, orte, at least, from the Hebrew, two from the iTrencn, and two from the Spanish.--I' Paramount Theatre Last Time Today VITAPHONK A Li, TALKING **««s*^**^ Monte Blue and Betty Compson -in- SKIN DEEP" Vitaphone Art Mud Tnlklnr Serlni Special, 7 O'clock -- AIHOH and An4y (·rnhani Mi»Niim««i HxiilhlnH the MtiWs U«1 31 outlay, Tiiosdu} and WultlPKln,v Lcatrice Joy in "A Most Immoral Ludy M FILL MEDICINE CHEST, SLOGAN The C?ood Samaritan is pictured as "The First Fir«( Aid" In tho natUpnai reminder which has beon Befit to drugjirlets all over America, announcing the n i n t h anniversary of "J*trfet Aid-- Homo Remedy Week," fixed for March 16--23, The idea ot an adverttelnpr-ntor- chandlsing otics-a-year drive tlifted with eprittg housecleanlng was given to tho drug World by Sterling Products, In., In 1P22. Preparedhes tor meefing atioldent or sudden Illnesa is emphasized as n s^neiblo and eoaB-on- able aalos tlftn Which serves to alleviate neediest fcurteritie and undoubtedly save life. The National ActWelfttion of Druggists *portflof«d thia plan and later added Phartn*cy 1fVe*k as an autumn festival for Intensive advertising Aud salesmanehlp Id the drug worW. The National Wholesale Druggists Asis«ciatlon and the National Association of Drug Clerks have joined tb» N. A. R D. In establishing boCh trteee fwtivale ot selling aS spring and autumn fiituff« for the welfare of humanity. "Fill That Medlcln* Chest ?ttw" is the slogan rt "First AW-- Home Remedy W*ek" fthd hao been froth th« beginning. It wae Dr. WilUUm E. Weiss, general manager oJ Sterling Products, Inc., himself a grdoate from the rankw »f r*t*ll drtif gists, who first eaw the value ot "FlfiBt Aid -- Iforao Remedy Weok" ind wherever live-wire druggists have cofiTMrated hy showing a 'vindoW flllfrd With sug- geetivc first aids both for accldetu or ilineee, and their hoiii* ncW»- papcr advertising spAc4, thej- hav« added cheerfully to their March business. Pouesftion of Vert of B»rd It Cltimed MlddlctoWttj N. T.--WlltUtn Sh»k*- spoAte's drinkinK of stick and ale st til* MeruiAlfl tavfrn did t»t tftet«l** his waist Weaswr* beyond * perfect thirty-two If n W»1steo»t now In th« [)OSB*«»lon Of O. 8. B*th*W*y, 3r., ox- ocutor of the «*tat« of th* l»tt Dr. Julia E, Brsdnei, U «utb«ntlr, Doctor Brndnrr bdrolmiSed th« rvaistcoaSt frotn Je»s* BAttesvell df Mid' dletown, who claim* t* bis maternal grandmother, Mrs. MArjr V*rnoft. daughter 6r .t*6i«t Sh*ke«pe«r»i of Birnilnjrlmni, England, James Shake- xpeftre died In 1818, He claimed to b« fifth In Ha*«l d*»Wbt, According to the Bakcwptls, from the celebrated Blliabethan dramatist Tbe only *itsnt docutnenta on the nuthentlcity of the waistcoat ftnd Other rallct, which Include a work bftf por porting to hare b««n rtftrte by Shakespeare's mother, sod a snuff but, *£6 tffldavlts made by J«M« BnkcWell wlien the relics Ware Hold to Doctor Bradner, Bakevrell asserted the relic* W*r* given to MM, Msry Ann B»ktwell, wife of .Tdslan J. Btkeweil, when *»* visited Englfcnfi Hi 1862. Oft th« front Of tit* coftt is a lacing Of Sutln bro- cflde IA wfilcd a deHifttt of crMm r*a and pale blue flowers has been WfcfUefl with st!k threads. The latin, Wn!eh was evidently black, is writ W6rti on the mlucn. ' The phrat mMsttrement just beneath thfe armholes is eJf«ot)j» IhlHy-slx. Japan'. Wireless Will Link Sotlth S*a Itbs Tokyo.--A plan to connect Japan AM tho feouth Seft island* b.t wireless telfcgi'iiph Will be realised this year by the cftmmuhlcbtlons detwrtment, according to tH6 Vernacilldi- pr*s«, nie sum ot yen 180,000 foi 1 expenses of the Tokyo telegraph bureau opening the new service has been appropriated, it I* understood authorities short!? will order the JnpaneJie Wireless Tel?gr{lpn c6m|Bfaj» ta estah- IIsi; the new service with upward of yen 1,000,000. Upon completion of the new stations there will be two lines--the British owned Cable* and the Jnpahe#R government rndio. Telegraphic rates will he lowered rt'beiJ the new service in opened. Woman, 100, U Nur»ing Sick 3on-in-L»w, §0 Disko, liid,--Mrs. Bktoffii ltyeri» one hundred, Is serving at) Httrle for her eighty-teHf-old gon-ln4»W, Wil- Ham Secor, ^HtlCaliy ill with fiftrtteti Ing of the ftfieHM. UHs wife; eighty, who Is in good health, is asslsilti| her mother. Ml-3. M.Ver« eelebr*ted altain- ing the cehfyry mark t«»t fall by * three day visit at Fort Wa^he and an auto trip. OrltJh »f 9e«tiUl The did Scottlmh nnilrtd 4f "Th« Bonny BfcH of" Morty," Is based or* Huntley's asB*«»lnntldii of .voting Mnrnv in liwi, And nn old lep*nd d»- Clares that the bereaved mother had jk picture of nftr murdered son painted on I inert and cnritcij ns A bbnnni- through titllrihurgh N» proplflihi fhe crlmo. A fet* yetirs ago, iH siplorlhg long dtsUH§(l rooiiis iii ttififkiih* Oft*tie, this llnep pictVir* wfcs aiftcovered among fortftiitn luihlier by the present Karl «Jf MOriiy, Who has )»n! It stretched *nd fanned *k « i)l«-'« of funilly history. Fort \'ukon, AiftskH.--Around Fort Y u k o n tnere l» an average *f i/S5 fin,\» In the }*ar during vvhi^h the tempera t u r e dropf, fteloVi zrro, w i t h freezing w e n t h f r r rtcottslonall.y dcdurriiis la the three dumtrer months. JORPHEUM THEA + + · ·^ I AfEA/l / My Love ybnide' tyms,$tai/fheSwt let's Be Cwam' Monday--Tuesday--Wednesday MORE THRILLING THAN EVER! He sings, makes love for you. 1*he entertainment idol of the world -Maurice Chevalier. Here's thd pit)- duction. that amazed New York! The screen's first original ttitisical-ro- mance. Tuneful! Sophisticated! Hilarious! The roguish romanco of a beautiful queen. An engaging, exciting cast. Dazzling costumes. Lovely Women. MAURICE CHEVALIER The love terade AN ERNST LUBITSCH P R O D U C T I O N WrttM JIANETTE MACDONALD LUWNO LANE LILLIAN ROTH CL ^tiromoum (picture Also All talking Vomedy. Movietone Act and Soiitui 1, 8:30, « and 8:80 octtff - - fhe old It 1 * ibou* ttte did stoue, Was kJatfa A oz beiaced a}.atlbe. of eoaay. a 1 cif fas maculwK fflert /7tufJ6s At the End of the Vista A vista in landscape gardening is a framed We#. One may be inclined o think that so grand a *oi'd can on y be applied to grand vicnv«. T* be sUt 3, a moiitttftliii a glSclei 1 , o r - a ·disl'S it gllmttse ot the ocoan, affOfd vist B which one wll! travel far to flee, ai d there are torttilmte gafdetls, In i v- vored places, which hatfe diin'i views. riut lacking Brando-Hi', one tody st '1 Have vleiftB iii hi« garden. A vl« w ffohi a window to vvhfere an .tpple tr -e arcBes ovei 4 a pool, is a \ t o t a i t i e lUfelWfc of n \fd bath rtttnkcd wl it ftoWer ferotips, of ft viesv IhHoU ,h framing Ifoe lo^ft tb a Buntitier stun et hiny he a vlsla. 1« the ^rimll garden visUs are of two classes, 'those which ymi at-ea e, aiid those whteh you discover, T id location where a gafflen Is made rti \y provide attractiVei vieWH v eikher o t- slde, oi- withiil the sii'deii areai Th SB slinuld be prfeserved mid Ihn Views o£ them hroinsrly frattitpd to emphas «e their beftUt). A vista ahmild he e- velopbd* iii those p o i n t s wliffe ( n e flrrtl looks upon fhe Sai-aeu or f e- quehtly views U. A window often uic upuii the garden frojn n dlnlnsr rot in, or living room, should trattie a Ule i«- luR jiifclUre This iilctufe is callyil he t « t m i n u s of the vlrtU, or the tefttil iai feature, 1ft the email #flrd«n rme 1« «'«!! il- vl^efl to seek charm, rnlher t h « n r le- gaiu-e, Impiefl^lvoiioiK or n o p t i f s t i al!on In such f»iUtirfi. A garden s at, caii'ipleil w i t h l o a v e p , auit /·urroitii 1 cd *lili n i a n i t i i f t of s u c h b(?.ii;iy »» I" tntiko an i n V t t h i B howsrt tt «ffi»U j: xl which mirrors flowers about its margin; a sundial set id a nook of the slU'Ubbery bofde"1", any Composition' Which dftllghts the eye -frill serve as the termihuii of a vlsla. Ahd charm will be greatest when the planning of tile fllcHtfre is not obvious; when the pl«afiihg vle^s which hloet th« Visitor's eye are ilot too boldly labeled: "Tilts is a planned vista." The gardens which delight »k Most are those vVllosb effects, howcVdi' cunningly devised) seem him pie and liatural, ! | t ! ORPHEUM THEATRE! ··» TODAY -m. $ ALL TALKING $ THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES WITH CLIVE: BROOK 4. Also All-Talking Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound News Brlckwocb Mad* U«* o^ by duildaf* Long Ago Babylonian ttthlrllire* explored, either at Ur of st othtr sites, Include tiivee chief tytjB of brlckwbrh. One Is k burnt bfldli nitich Mkf fhft modern article, exempt t H n t ttw» bah) l« iinnl- er, fh6 Second l» Unhit)'nl llrlck, pi.s- lined frtr IBS* liiititH-titnt stmc- iinU ruiciiiliiihlj Hit' miohe biluk ot the preswht SotHilwcW, 't'liei third lit tt curved brlok, lllit « pttrt of a cylinder, ftjiiKU-enlty iniiile .Hiring one pWtod nf Bllltylohllili HrCllltecture, feltllM boaiiB* of «ome tm'UiM of drying over rounded U)gi, or f(*r «nne otli- f\ rett»nn now fOrgDtleii. To these t»4rw rP»Mlt dl»Ortvi'He» apparently Bd*1 two «UM P«rli(*r tyf)*«: The crossed brickwork--called tli« heri'lngbmic pnt- going of Iho rW«Miil,v fcunrl Mini the fln.v linii|iK \\h!i")p nrf nrtl yd h i l i ' k i i»l n i l . A d d l l l n n n l f t P l H l t K w i l l tie tiwitlJpd w I M i iMIPr^H) by *v?fy onik wlirt li 'tir!oiia About the of fivillied man. Hear What Yort Sod! Hcaf Wliat YOB See! 3 DAYN STAFTI1VCI f|J* JM ·% m J\ MONDAY MAR. 10 I MIDNITE SHOW SUNDAY, MAflCH 9 I DEAfe TOT IS A TINT Mft* BH-Uf MATTHBW8 PEAW NOAH-- U" A MAN HAS A SHARP ToNlaLJE^ WIL.I, HE SAY CUTT^« M.P.SCHBlRHft OEAF2 TAKE YH«! ANO WILU IT KILL. r , AS ' YOU THAT VAR-MOUTM 1C A te*#T Pl*KlN»««rT, WOULD YOU CL.ACX MB A S »Ut?«^ MRS BENJAMIN PEAR NOAH t-.B HICW,

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