The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 1, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, July 1, 1918
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PAGE TWO. 'THE DAILY COURIER, CdNNELLSVrLLiE, PA. MONDAY, JULY 1, 191S. ol Those Wio Have Answered Oil to the Colors: The servicti "Sag and honor roll of the First Christian church were re- ,,,,,.,,,, OF ,,,,,. ,.,, OCT[ u rp|, dedicated last evening following a n t " A 1 K O * " A l l l K W . U . A L f l MJ Charming patriotic appointments in I.Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Miller and-children,.I eloquent 'patriotic address by the pas-' L CHRISTIAN CHURCH HONOR ROLL AND GERMANS OCCUPY TIFL1S Continued from Pagre One. nrnfr»Tiftw 5 U n t by a mlca ott tlle FTencn COMl - UliUlLAllUrl; lias bera landed at a French port, the I Navy Department today was advised. : Hames Appear in the l.lst Th'is is the first news received of the vessel since a dispatch several days ago from Admiral Sims'reported she had struck a mine and was sinking. · keeping:'with the Fourth of July pre-j Georgia and Ben, Mur.phy's Siding; vailed at' a delightful children's party Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mills, Bitner; it which Mrs. T. Jjl. Brennan ot Chi- Robert..Gorman, McKeespor.t: S. J. csgo, was hostess Saturday afternoon at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.' T., J. Brennan, in Johnston avenue, in honor-of the-s-iith birthday of her; little .daughter, ·MarrwiA The hours -were from 2.30 to 5 o'clock. A color scheme of red; white- and blire, with..American flags forming the .attractive decorations,'. was carried out, Vartoas:games were jilayed, and each chiM .was given a red. white and blue cap'as.a favor. A" rr.usical program. Including selections ty a talking machine, was'. ;;reatly enjoyed, by the jitUfr. guests, --Later a daintily f a r ranged luncheon "was served on the lawn. The center of the table held a large Jack Homer pie, attached to which were streamers of red ribbon eitendittg to 'the place oT 'eaoh.' At the other end of the ribbon was a dainty fa-tor.'. There, was also a-birth-. day cake, EoKUng sii-candles^ cant 6T:th'e-age (it ihe. honor Mirs. Birenii8.n'had as her allies Riith "aii'd-'13«th"er'-Humbert. Out. of town gueSCr'were .Regina.'and, ilohn' Doyle r of 'Pittsb'urg, and Margaret Utonnelljr- of'.-.Brownsville. · Fourteen small guests, were present. · · Miss Gj-evieve^Soisson, Miss Anena Sotsson. -sOts'faai Itonn-elly and Miss Marion McMahon. of ' Chicago, Miss Gehevieve'Soisson's house guest, with Robert "White of Conenllsville, Charii.s Miller of Scottdale : and Robert F. Hbpwood, Jr., of Uniontd'-Tn, spent Saturday evening at the Summit hotel,; -attending the- -' dinner dance.;- - · - - .The monthly business, and socUJ meeting of the B. Y. P. U. at the Firsi Bnttermore, ConnollsvUtB, and Mrs. H. B. Miller. and Mr. PRSONALS. Mrs. Lawrence Winkler and children of Greenwood arrived home yesterday from aa extended visit with relatives-in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Misses Helen aad Lulu Carroll'are attending the meeting of the National tor. Rev. 0. W. Buckner. and the sing-1 ing of patriotic numbers by the choir i ,,, A "-hanKcl and congregation. The honor roll was | unveiled by Miss Louise Sofsson. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Soia-| son, who wore a beautiful gown- of; MOSCOW. July 1,--A state of war has been proclaimed in the province OF TABRIZ L A I I I 11KFORB TURKEY. WASHINGTON, July 1.--The United »!lk of the national colors, aad Harry,,,,. les Eovcrl , m ,. nt hi ; s formally prc- Rcstotski, superintondent of the Sun-, seiu . d w t n e Turkish government d.vy school/ Miss Soisson called tha lhe rcp ort that Turkish troops at- roll while Mr. Rostofski made known 1(.,,,,,,,,; a n d sackcd an Amorican noa . the unit in.which each, so far as w a s j p l t a l nt Tabriz, Persia, and seized the known, is serving, and wbcre. Pittsbure Oita weak. Mrs, Corinue V. Borland being held i Evans Bamha'rt, Company D. 110th 1 of Me- ! Infancy, France:. Le'roy Barnhart. The i American consulate there, with a re- tiuest for an explanation. M DF.STROVKBS ' ON T.IK Forimi. WASHINGTON. July 1.--Fourteen destroyers will be launched from American yards on J u l y -1. aerial station, Key West, Flo.; Lle'it-i-lOO HOt'SKS, ...1 SHU'S Randman of Greenwood. i °" a D - Brooks, base hospital, Fort) rOXSL'KKIi IX V1RE. The best place to shop alter all. j McPherson, Ga.; Harrj- Burkcy, Campi AMSTERDAM, J u l y ].--la a lire at , . vn. -- - , , . , _ , . _ . Keesport relumed home this mom- telcsral)h ' r studmt - Carnegie Tech, ing after a visit with Mrs. H. P. Sny- Pi«aburg: Hugus Bowman, Quarler- (Igj. j master's Department. Camp Holabird. sirs. Earl Porter 'and children o f ! M.; J ames A. Bowman. 20th Engin- Carneys Point, N. J.. are visiting th« | ««. France; Raymond Balaley. naval' former r s parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. " Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. I Lee: James E. Colborn, 334th Infantry, j K a r k a l in the «a of Marmora ncnr Mrs. A. WhittaJcer, Mr. arid Mrs. C. j Camp Shurman; Robert P. Colborn.[Constantinople on Friday 300 houses E. Wbittaker, Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Zqrawski, Mr. and Mrs.' W. H. .Whittaker, left-Saturday evening for New York to visit Corpora! '-J;' C. Whlt- honorably discharged from service; I a- 1 " 5 35 shops were destroyed, the William Cole, !o France; George! B "rlln Vosnlschc ZeitunB report's, Cooper. In British .-irmr: Douglas Cor- i ' and three schools also vin. naval radio school, Cambridge. taker, who expects to leave soon foi jMnss.; James B. Coughenour, ' duty overseas. j Infantry, France; Edward Miss Sarah Seaton and Miss Louise 1102nd Field Bakery, France: F. W. Painter, a stenographer for the West j Crossland, 364th. Aero Squadron, t lenn Railways company, have rented an ^apartment in the Tumor building. West Crawford avenue. Miss Catherine Han sptnt tho week-end .with Mrs. K J. Mtith ot North Side. "Pitteburg. Mrs. G. F. Rogers- of Clarksburg, "W". Va., has returned home after a visit, will.relatives here. For tie best and cheapest repairs on that roof, conductor or spouting, see F. T. Evami Estate---Adv. Mr, and Mrs! B; W. rails and son Waco. T«a 5 ; Clifton Crowley, tary detachment, 1.10th Infantry. France; Fred Daniels, Company D, llOti Infantry, France; David Our- were burned. 1 i:. S. TROOPS TO III! I rv K0..n_ ox PARIS, .laly I.--The "Stars and Stripes" announces that detachment of American soldiers will be sent to Homo lo take part In tho Fourth of J u l y cV-l .·.lirailcm th..rf.. nell. Medical Corps. KeHr Tex.; Harry Edmunds, 1n Franc*; John J. I Folej-, 301. M. R. S.. France; Sorgc- ant Charles Frcltn. Company D, UOth I'LOTITISC r.\ Infantry, France; Corporal Pretts, Company C. 136th fif.RJfAXT n'UTAfLEI). AMSTERDAM. July M.--The German imperial clothing dopartment IP- Bugene suot i an orrtinance today under which Machine | n r w cloihins ran no longer be ot- Onn Company. France; Bugler Wll-; t a i I ) W ] ,.,,,,:,,,, 1DC a pp,: ratlon Ham Fretts. Company HOth sanitary d«partrn«nt, 110th Infor.try . . . . _ _ _ _ _ _________ _ _ _ ___. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _..,._ ..... ___ , church' will be held- tomor- j returned to their home In Johnstown j Infswry, Trance; Frank ninj; at 7.30 o'clock in. the · last night after vii.itine Mr. and Mrs. i sanitary detachment, llot row eveninj; at 7.30 o'clock in. the · last night after vii.itine Mr. and Mrs. i sanitary church. ''All young people of the con- j Earl Ritchie of -Greenwood and other France; John ent, lloth Inmtry. F'rijJee. Con.rai Of- gregation. ai:e invited.. . .. j relatives in thh. section. Beers' Training School. Camp Gordon; -..- · - · -- . .. j P- H.. M^Kevflt and daughter. Miss Roy Grimm. Camp Ij_c; Frank Oro. Announcement has beea made of [Mary, were gussta of Mr. and Mrs. jcotl, in British Army; Kwing Hannon. the of Miss Ruth Beegh- j Harry "Weimer cif Youngwood yester- 3i9Ui Infantry, Fraoco; John W. Kin- OUTICIZMAL1ANS . . -- - : . --..--.,... . .»^^ v , ^v^.,, ,,. *._,!- JcAn .^laildjn ]__.nd_i in UospJljt! ffr ley of South. CQanellsYillt, and They attended the dedication of I caid. Kc-;iy Field. Tcias: Orland j ..laklnp Slnrrinp; Rrmark. geattt Cloyd GroaJi. solemnized Satur-| Holy Cross "Roman Catholic church j Leigbty. Camp Les; Riuwpll Utnhart. Jo j, n Mi/lclln ".-t -roars old WBS day in the parsonage of the Baptistjat Youngwood. Misses Sadie and j c. S. S. Pres. Grai.; Lawrence in- I "knocked out" In a Wate- .w«_t rep- comjianled l»y a properly certified fUtraicnt gtvlr.R In deud! a list (it tii« clotht-.n already in the applicant's church in Hempstead, N. Y. The j Katherine McArdle also attended the bride, who Is' a 'daughter of S. A. j dedication. Beeghley of South Connellsville, re-1 Robert F. Hopwood, Jr., of Union- turned honii this mornings The sol- j town was a ConnelljvHle visitor Sun- dier brides;room, who is with Com-1"ay evening. Mr. Hopwood is home pany G, 5..;-d Infantry, is at an em-i on a short furlough from Detroi' barkation awaiting orders to inhere he is stationed at the Packard leave for clKty overs-as. The "Woman's 'Home ami automobile factory in the accounting Forl Hoary: Alben J. llunn. 3Mth Missionary 1 societies of the will meet department of the quartermaster's Foreign f division of the army. First! Elmer Smith of Billings. .Won., is hart, address unknown; Moaro« Marl- | 1M1 m. w about i:.M o'clock Sondav etta, Coioj»-.(y D. UOth Infantry, morning, when bit by a dliili thrown France; Harry P. McCartney, 102nd Field Bakery, France; Joseph .McCartney. machine gun service. Franco; Goorgo sanitary eD^ 116'Ji Infaalry; J. E. Molagn«, Wed- afternoon" at 2.30 th* chorcli 'chapel. o'clock in Infantry, France; Tweed Oito. 51st F/nginecrs, Camp 3i;ivotr. Va.; Gi^orRe B. Percy. KIrd Engineers, FVjrt Benja- vlslUng his'sisters.'the-MJp» Smith ,,,,, Harrison; Byron Porter, M aa of Dawson, and Mrs. J.-A. Wetherell I embarkation camp; Charles F. Ruth. !of North Pittsburg a t r i Miss Grace Robinaor:, who is ^ Jiweiih "McCoanei'i Bible class ployed by the government in Wash- f^.' of the.First'.Presbyterian church will meet tomorrow night at 3 o'clock at ington, D. C., Is spending a. vacation at her home in the West Side. the home of Mrs. F. E. Markell in Isa- I Mrs. Oscar Johnson of Uniontown bella road. , (visited her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. JB. Pigman of East Crawford avenue Mrs. J/'W. Treiiberth -will entertain j over Sunday. the O. N". T.'Fancj-wurk club Wednbs-j Miss Iva Wales-bury, rhyslchl day afterhoan at her home in" South istnictor at the high school, and Conn«lls.Tiil B. party of high school 'girls. · retur Bear Run. ' Saturday night Miss Waterbury left for the east. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Swan and little daughter have returned home from Cadiz, 0., where Oiey were called by the death of a fric-nd, Mrs. Doyle -Copeland. who did in a Steubcnville, Mr. C. TV'. Miller gave a chicken din-] 0 " hospital following an operation. ner LI bonor of Ms ten .diildren at! Thc ' were accompanied The tclio-vring ushers will .serve during the month, at the First Presbyterian church: W. ],. Wright, George ^Griffin.^..!;. Hirst, A-. B. .Morton,. '."Jam*!. May, Hugh Sauter and Ripioy Laughray. ' 321st Field Artillery. Camp Gordon; ctn - IJnford F. rtirth. Jr.. 3«2nd M. ii. S.. Prance; I,loyi J. Shaw, sanitary «.«.- tachmenl. nOtii Infantry. Front*; Horl«n C. ShanX. lath Englne«'r». France; Frank W. Showman. Co.n- pany D, 110th Infantry, France; 1V.I- liam Stickel. Q. M. C,, Columbus. ).; John ISmmett Stii-wagon, naval li.m- pitai. Fort I^V-OUH, Colo.; Witliert if. SliUwjigon. Conipany 110th Infantry. France; IJroest Tar- rned home Saturday from an outing at ,,,_ , o ^ j,^ A ^. Am]r , w v. TrorabLoy. Company D. 110th Infantry, France; Charles Umbel. 13th Engineers, Camp Upton; James J. Ky- land. Jticksonvillc-, Fla.; Charlea Parker, San Antooio, Texas. It is the plan of the ohurch, Rev. j g ^ jinid' ih Buckner announced, to kc-cp in .ouch \ v!a · arrested by an ltal. f u. a f t e r Maddin wa« alleged to bar.: said tiit Italians wen- no d--·--d good. The war question, occordias to '.ho IK.UCC. wa_; being discossi-d, and when .Maddin road' 1 his alltged rpjnarJc an Italian bit bi:n with a di.ih, cousin; a wound to tho bead, Michael HaJosick. a tricwl of Maddin's, took up tin? dght. but tbe Kalian cscnp.d, Haiduck. charg*..i with difionlerly conduct and int.rferins: with a doctor, was arrested by Ueu- tensnl McDonaid and Turner. He was rt.ltsafti'd when ht Icfl a J12 gold watcii as a forfeit. Maddin »'a.f taken :o the Coita^c- StaJp hospital. wb(?r« he is -e.itins easily. AZENSKYARRESTED Former Queen Street Heslcipnt !lal.-l Itefure Aldonnan Hovard. CbarRed with making and m a i n - taining a nuisance. Iadore Azensky of Leisenring N'o. 3 wjts taken before Alderman S. H. Howard thin morning of t b e case. He was " arnjMed on Information of .Wsrh,Mne in South Connellsville yes- Mlss home ° f Ca ' llz - of McKeesport; Mr. 'and Mrs. Frank! Berliii and daughter, Oma. Geraldine I terdav. Kis family includes Mr. and j Mr - and Mra - F - w - ^"r'sot of Will's Mrs. John K. Ritenour and son Harry i road aTlci Mr - and Mrs - s - w - Metzler jof Uniontown lefj yesterday by aino- f mobile for Camp Mcade. Annapolis of ScottdUe; - M r and Mrs Jerry j Junction. Md., to risit their son, Llcu- ot-.Greensburg; Mr. and Mrs'.'. tenant DEUa Wri ;*t Miller and three children of Mr- an d Mrs. "0". O. Adrian are vis- Indian Eead; Mr. and Mrs Edward itin S relatives In Steubenville. O. JBakei-ind two children of Moyer; Mr. xfl " **""*" tl '"' ( -»»"-- -' and Mr». Miller atxd two chil- Miss Adelaide Eland, milliner at Ko- backers' store, b?j! gone to New York dren and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller, and ancl from thcre wl11 so to her home in son Charles. · · " Toronto, Can., to spend lier vacation. ' " I Miss Mary Er;ett, a stenographer The regular meeting oE the Woman's l f o r tho You £ n TrJSt company, return- Guild ol the Trinity Episcopal church : ed to work this morning after a feu- will be held Wednesday evening, July w ?* s ' vacation. , "at the. home of Mrs. Paul' Gcrke in - . - _ - E«st_ Washington avenue. ·.."" i · . · . . - · · ·;· ^ OTijng to the Fourth there will be · no meeting of the Business "Women's Christian association this week. __.. ..IThe montlily bnsiness meeting of ~ th«r Wtn'One ."Class "of the United Brethren-church will be held'Tues: . . : . day evening, .at the h o m e , of P. B. Nooa'at-East Connfllsvtlle,'tie mem- .'---.b'ers.leaving on. the. o'clock car. "' Tbe fej^lar "meeting'of t t e W . M. A. " w i l l be' held. Friday afternoon at tbe -churi-h at. which time a report will be made of the convention in "Wil- kinsturg. ..... . xhe'hoine of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. " ' Miller "was the scene of a very enjoy- aile-^attsring. yesterday, the affair - -being, in honor of the 57th..birthday - . of ^Irs* Miller. The .following were - "presentr'LewJs .Miller,, Miss Edna - "Miller'arid William '-Eehard; .'Penns- ville; Jtlm Miller Bud son Clyde, Lei; senrtng No. : 1; John Thorttton, Con-i : nellsvin'c";'-Mr. and Mrs. Russell Btt- ·; dren. Kenneth, Mildred, Rachel, Har*,' ol.d..and.Howard. and/Charles .Watts, tKtean's Crossing; ' -vist Buttermcre and .daughter Mabel, Miss Emma Ford of Pittsburs was the guest of the iUisses Lowney yesterday. . . Miss Julia Lowaey, a" student mirsp at the Pittsburg hospital, spent Sunday .with her''s, Mr. and Mrs. | Jere Lowney. Mr. and-Mrs. A C. Stickel and family, .and Mrs. Catherine Stickel of Mill Run left yesterday for Atlantic City to spend thi. summer, was made by automobile. wltli the boy.i ami to send Ihrai re-| H e n , r t l Officer George Hettel. who memlirances on their birthday annl-| R ) i l l m o ( 1 thal A «,nsky. after bcin« rerearios and Christina*. SHOULD ASK ADVICE j '..-amed f o u r rtifferent times to clcut] [up the preinlFCH about his house in Queen .street, moved away without Registrant.. FHlinu-Out HueMlnnnalres! ^ man promised,, he would have Are Matinir Mistaki-s I place clcanod by \V ednesday j night. Mo was given to undcrstan-l Many questionnaires which ar c be- i h n t if hp did not take immediate ing returned to the local draft boards ar t( on he wotlld again bo arrested, are not being properly signed by regl- trajits and In some places are improperly filled out. Registrants who do not understand f u l l y Ihe requirements set fori-h in the questionnaire are requested to talce the blanks to a member oC the legal advisory hoard in .having them pre- for assistance pared. All questionnaires must be signed and sworn to and affidavits must be! made for dependency and industrial M I- - anf i -Mr... First'Ripe Toninfoes. K m m c r t Hirks. Sr.. a well known colored man living in Isabella road claim? to have the first ripe tomatoes borne grown. He picked several out of his jardnn last Fridtiy. Attorney S. R. O o i d a m l t h found a ripe one in his garden Sam relay. The trip- claims. All raim who registered under the recent draft have received their questionnaires and rather than later experience difficulty in making claims for exemption or causing some other confusion they are asked to have as- Mrs. Antonio ilartucci and Miss Leah'Nosi.hese Tere the guests of friends at Scottcale yesterday. afternoon. ; Bfiss Ifary Britkmari and Mrs. J. .B. Ulery,.the latter of Grcensburg, have gone to Chicago to take a course in the Industrial School of Applied Arts. Mrs. E. H. Gerhart and son, aierlp, have returned, hiune from Kecksburg, where they were 'the guests of the former's sister, Mrs. Ira Kick. : Clarence Gerhart, remained for a longer visit with his auat: f slsiance m answering them. mLTOWNFUNJD $216 tor Horn. James R. Crawford are tbe proud parents of a daughter. Eloisc Crawfoi-d, born Friday, June. 21. at tbn Crawford liomc ;it nepttblic. The is now conuwscd of a daughter and son. oodFr Amount Raised For Cross at Festira! Satnnlajr y\ "n'omcn of KuIHown, Tower Tyrone township, in a social Saturday night, I n f a n t Dies. An infant daughter of Norman and Florence Bryner Portcrfteld. died yesterday at the family res-idence at ] Reidmore. Interment was made to- Ked | day in Hiil Grove cemetery. lllij-s Hoixl rro|iorty. Charles Stickc- Uas purchased the raised $216 tar 'the Red Crass. The. 1 "s iclc » cc "·' S. F. Rood iu Angle street at the school house. lad wl " t a k e P^^sion us soon as affair was heM One lot of Tub Silk Waists, all izes, values to $3.00, special $1.05. an One lot of Georgette Crepe and Crepe de Chine Waists, all sizes, values to $4.50, special $2.95. v "One lot of slightly soiled Wash Skirts, values to $1.50, special 79c. These are wonderful values. Suits 1 rack suits, values to $27.50 special $14.95 I rack suits, values to $40.00 special S22.95 1 rack, suits, values to $60.00 secial S33.35 All Our Sleeyeless Jackets Values to $22.50 }/3 OFF One rack of Dresses, values to $25.00, special $12.95. Silk Dress Skirts from $5.00 to $19.75 values. One-Third Off. f : ; f f One lot of sleeveless Sweaters, values to $4.50, all sizes and colors, special $2.95 Silk One lot of Fibre Silk ! Sweaters, sleeveless, values to $7..TO, all sizes e and colors, special f $4.95 , The Store Ahead TKe HOME of QUALITY, and SERVICE* 129 to (33 N PlTTSBURG St.. Eutterick Patterns MANY VOLUNTEER to Soliihrs Xt-xt vpnilKT. ! MRS, joilN HOWARD. The possibility or the soldiers in the j Airs. John H o w a r d , ^ j years old, a Hold brdiiR allowed to vote at the com- ' resident, of Ligonk-r. dind w h i l e on a 1:11; tilpcllon lias cnuaod Covornor | visit to rclaiivc.s nt-ar Champion. The B]-umb:uigh to be bombarded w i t h re- | immediate caute o£ her dcaUi was quests from all seetionB oi ibo sUit«J ; heart failure. She has been an in- i'or appoininiea-t.s as election cominis- ; valid for more than a year from a riioniTK.. | conijilicalion of (iiseases. For many Tho letters call the governor's a t - 1 years she has: been an ardent worker leniion to t } w? fact t h a t ihe writers I in ciiurcii and Sunday school work of wouhi not object to being sent over- | the Metliodisi ^jjscopal church of her rfi-aa for service. This may or may [home town. She leaves a husband, a nnt bi- because at 10 cents a mile g o - ; mother, a dauj^h'.er and one Bandi n g and coming t-bc commissioners to ; daughter and a IIOM of sorrowing Krancc wou!-\ collect in the neigh- · friends. Mr. Howard, her husband, hnrhood of .'fSOO. - iis a nephew of|S. H. Howard of Con- H b cstnuaied that Pennsylvania : nellsville. Undertaker C, ]i. Brooks will have at least 200,000 men in the ; removed the remains to her dangh- scrvice by November, tlie preat ma- · ter's ^onjc- in i Lisxmier, wiiere the jorhy of whom are voters. Last year · funeral took pl;Vce Sunday afternoon, srvL-rai P^iiDpylvanians w o r e ' · J*,mc oO. » si-nt to tbe various t r a i n i n g camps · « -- t h r o u g h o u t the U n i t e d States; anri ELIZAUKTH SPI3SAK. one commissioner was started to Elizaboth ^jje^jak. seven moi;ths old, I-'runcc to take the votes of men in ; daughter of Mr! and Mrs. Michael lhe .Rainbow Division, but he got out Sposak of Crawford avenue, West a few hundred miles on Uie ocean and ' Side, died Saturday. Funeral .sorvice-; was returned Tor some reason. j were held vft is * morning frDm St. It njuy require .ISO uoininlf..sioncrs '· John's Slavish chjurch ir tla 1 West in November, if all ur.its are to be j Side, with intenrieiLt in St. John's canvassed wherein there are Peunsyl- ! comotery. van iang. DOCTORS FfllLED TO HELF But Lydia E. Pinkhajn'.n Vegetable Compound Removed the Cause of · this Woman's Illness. CATHERINE MORRIS. Catherine Morris, one year old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter A great crowd attended. The Y. M. C.I Mr ' H ° od and talr ' 11 J : leave to . , , , ra,i,,--~ T,._ _i....^ delplna to reside. Typboi.l Epidemic. 1 Miss Jennie -Crosslood '1st. very received here Saturday by Harry T. Mr -and Mrs I*- i Cros5laild '* th « Wost sl ^ Ker uncle. ' ana .ur*. 12- , ^ere ,, an-, epidemic of . a b o u t 200) "'·' Miss j A. band from .Dlckerson Run played. Thn Pittsburg Lake Erie railroad officials sent four oil headlights for I illumination o! the grounds. A piano scarf donated by Mrs. "William Ansell was auctioned off for ?31; a centerpiece given by Mrs. Harrison Cable brought a goodly sum. Fred "Walters was auctioneer. 5? *PTASCE M FKICE B ITES-STINGS, W«h U» p uU with wum, ffttt water-- .tben apply---. 25c--oflc--$1 Oil I C^lMd^Tth" 1 B / U " TSWi !*'Crossland s . fath ,r, J. I. Crossland. who was one of the net ms flied about a week ago. Miss Crpsslahd-Aas a l number of and friends here ' Firet a BaugSter. j News was received '-today- of'tlie birth', laist night, at "Washington. 'PJL of the .Mrd of a daughter Lau a, Louise to Mr md Mrs Harry M ' Camic It is tlle first baby in the ' family The mother was . former. v [Miss Gladys Coriwar of ConnelisviU;. 1 j^qnes Bon B«n 1'artr. M o n d a y ' night, July 1. Markell aiL Kiterle.-Adv.-28-3t. CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use ForOver 3O Years Always bears tbe Signature of dclpbi Service at Hospital. Young people from the Methodist Protestant, church conducted a song service yesterday afternoon at the Cottage State hospital and donated $3.75 to the patients' fund. May Itatsc Honor Flag. Mayor John Duggan this morning suggested that the Fourth of July would be an appropriate day to raise the honor flag won in the Third Libarty Loan on the city flag pole. ; Stork Leaves fcirl. ' Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Jones of Scottdale are r-ceiving congratulations upon _the birth of a daughter Friday. Mrs. Jones was formerly Miss Esther f Irene- Whittaker of Connellsville. "cj;ro Stonls .Veiners. Charged with stealing weincrs from Gus Meila, who v.uus the Yough House j Morris of Lower; Tyrone township, weiner stand .Frank Randolph, a r.egro j died last night at,10.30 o'clock. Fun- was arrested this m o r n i n g by Patrol- | eral from the house tomorrow after- man Hulli. Mela had been uiissir.g | noon at 1 o'clock with interment in his wt-iuers for several days but could Cocliran cemetery, caver catcii the thief. This morning -he sa-w Randolph take LUe meat, and | MRS. B3SSTE MYERS. 1 with Patrolman Sulll caught the negro j Mrs. Bessie Myers. 28 years old, hiding ia a stable iu Church place. Hej 1 1 ' 0 ' 1 yesterday at her ho:ne in York j n-a.s placed in ;he l ! You will find them In our ad columns. Hehirus to ".York. Miss Ma.-fearet Tipping of the West Side has r rturned to work with the American Manganese company at Dttnbar after recovering from injuries received last -Monday when a horse she was driving became frigbt.- avonuc. Funeral tomorrow afternoon a.t 2.30 o'clock, with-, interment In Hill Grove cemetery. Deceased born September 3, 1889, a 1 daughter of William and Almeda lioste.tier Randall. She was a sistin- of C. F;. Rauiall. "Worcester. Mass.--"I took Lydia E Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound for weakness and pa: which used to fce. me m bed for tv. days each montb. tried many ficcto/ -without benefit unl I vras really discouj aged. My mothc urged me to tak Lydia E. Pinkliam V e g e t a b l e Cor pound as it hi helped hersomuch. did so and soon sa ^ a change for th ·S U better. I kept f . ' takingitandamno ' so well and stror . . that I can do ail n housework, even my washing and I ha. a little baby who is as healthy as could tsk--thanks to your Vegetal Compound."--Mrs. F. H. STONE, i BowdoinSt, Worcester, Mass. Women who suffer from displao m e n t s , irregularities, inflatnmatioi ulcer.ition, backache, headaches ar nervousness should lose no timeingivin this famous root and herb remed; Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable -Cs-' pound, a trial. Your Child's Skim will be free from chafing, scalding eruptions and all soreness if you use Sykes Comfort Powde, For more than 25 years it has been heilini and preventing skin soreness. 2Gc at me Vlnol and other drufl S.OP. The Comion Powder Co., Boston, Mass. 3r«re Hcaltj: Sales. The real estate firm of A. E. Was- ened acd ran off. Jiiss Tipping was ' oner Company has sold the A. C. severely bruised and scratched by ; Carson lot in Vest Crawford avonuc being dragged for some distance. i to Edward Washington. The same firm has sold the 1. c'. Smut;: proper- Just Over the Bridgf ConnellsTillf (M'cst Side) Cndergro Throat Operations, Mrs. Jessie Smith of South street, and Eugene liasson, three years oid, j of Crawford avenue, West Side, under- , wont throat operations at tho Cottage] Stale hospital this morning. ?.y in North Eighth [street lo .Miss Jessie Shrum of Indiainapolis, Iiid. $170,!l8S,-.9. in fed ICross Drive. Red Ci'oss subscripijons in the :ec- ond war fund drive aiiiount now to ?170,OS8,304, with retuiVns still com- If Tou IVant Suraething ing in. nationc.l lieadquartors has an- Advertise for it in our c!as._ifled col- | nounced. Tbe first fund amounted to iimn.. ^ n p GeD ' -· w ord. , -.'"ni Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trained Buttery READ THE COtTBIEF' ~- gJ -,-f. / -' k~ !k,- It,, ^.. t

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