The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIU B, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 8, ****** ****.t *************************************************** P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Hostess to Wales in African Illness ***» ******* ****»******************* Mrs Joseph Bmieher of Ogdon street haa returned from Oloveland, Otolo, where she spent live past two month* as tho ftu«Bt of hr sons-ln-la-w and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. William Rlngtor and Mr ant' Mrs. Charles Smith A son was born February 2, t» Mr. and Mrs S m i t h There are four boys in the fanvtb Dr 9tuart Scott announces removal of oflice to 302 Second National Bank Building--Advertisement.--6mar-6t Mrs. Joseph Taylor ot Barnesboro has returned home after a visit with her brother and ilster-in-law, Mf. am! Mrs Frank B. OaMej of Vanilerbllt and with frlenda at Dawaon Mr Taylor came to Vanderhllt and with friends at Dftwson Mr Taylor came to VandMblH to accompany his Wife home I'ppfrv'? Beauty Shnppp, 157 "West Crawford avenue, has secured » new orerator In the person ot Mlas Haz^i Snyd«r. Phone 1819--Advertisement. --Sm*r-lt H (! Witt wtw in I'niontown yes- v on buainefls Ijouiao Mack ot Sycamore a t reet in spond'ng the week-end with her iiranrlparonts, Mr and Mrs William M a c k ot Umontown. MI-»* Evelvn Gordon anil Miss Blira- beth Magdoiilz, members of the Con- nell'vllte Section, Council of Jewish Juniors, attended a benefit card party given Wednesday night tn the Oelphia Club rooms ot i ulontnwn by the Jewish Juniors of t h a t place / Mrs. Harry P Porter ot Scottdale ·was the guest ot liei mother, Mrs. J. D. Percy ot Kaat Cedar avenue yesterday. J-,man K Miller, w h o is employed in letrott, Mich,, is spending a feW days here with his famll. Mrs. W. W Halno-i ot K«st Cedar n\«nue has returned home after a brief visit with her aunt. Miss linlma Van Swear in gen of Union town Miss Mat Ian May, daughtei of Attorney and Mrs. H. George May of Wills road, who was home to recover from a blight illness, has returned to the Misses Ktrk school at Bryn M*wf. Mrs. A M. Johnson, who is 111, at her home in liast End, Is reported to be Improved. Mrs. Johnson. IB the mother of Dr I-, lale Johnson or Hace street Mrs L. Dale Johnson and daughter, Marjorle, of Race street, and Miriam Kaiuerei of South Plttsburg street, were Pittsburg visitors today. Miss Blanche C. lowllng. mimic, supervisor in the schools of Aiiquippa, is ^pending the week-end with her mother, Mrs Blance Dowllng. Mrs. E V. Somrmnfc ot Taconm, AVash., daughter of Mr, and Mrs. M. W Bridegum of East Washington avenue, le seriously ill .it a Tacotna hospital. She la b u f f e r i n g from goitre and ut the present her condition will not permit an operation. Mr« Sommers will be remembered by hei Connells- vllle friends as fttlsfi Mnry BrWeguru, Mrs. Davis W-. H^nderaon, wife ot Judge Henderson, who is a patient In. the Uniontown Hospital, '.a reported to be recovering slowly from the et- tecta of a recent serious operation. Mrj Henderson's mother, Mrs. Carrie K Keltor, who has been 111, continues to Improve. Mrs. Keifer makes her home with Judge and Mrs Henderou, Uae our "want" advertisement. CATHOLIC CHURCH FAVORS WITHDRAWAL OF IU.FROM HAITI Br HARR-lf W. FItANTZ, Unltod Press Statt CorreBpondent. PORT AU PR1NCIS, Haiti, March 8. ·^-PrslimlnaTy drafts of a. nolitical program designed to bring to an end th« United Statps nillltary occupation of Haiti, are In the hands of the Hoover investigating copitniseion. Leaders of the opposition iueluding Justin Sam, prime mover in the Damlen students 1 strike last year, Ooorges Legei, Se.unour Prade!, Antome Riga! and Pierre Hudieoiirt, ha-ve been given more time lo make a final revision of Umlr demands, which jnli be cliscuhed next week. Both the coniittiBSlon ami the Haitians appear satlHfled 'with, the progress that has been trta'de tlas Another power! til influence was thrown, on the side o£ American occupation opponents, when the Catho1K: Church, Suppoited by mom than halt the 'population of Haiti, aS represented by Archbishop Cohan, declared it» sympathy with the r«torm rtidve- inent. The churoUt Arcbblshop-Couun told the conuniMioii when it paid him a courtesy visit yesterday, abstains fiom politics, yet takea a profound interest lu everything ihat aBecta the \voll-D6lng ol the people, and there- lore will rejoice when the present uafortunate situation Is tmded. CARNEGIE TECH INSTRUCTOR SHOT JMUNG PARTY Continued trom fajre One; iaooherent and mombleU, they «atl. "VV'ltat'6 It All alxntt? i don't know. . n u ? Wy 1 keep my nun on the third floor. Ho-w'U H get to the e«c- ( ad floor? fhat'd whire you got me," lie replied tu Jjuwdloiitile. Mr. and Mw. Walter A Krete, imi- rite of the young man, are visiting in »t. Fetersburs, Fi.*., police eaitl. Last night KVebs i» aaW to have ln- Mt«d dfbson and Bane to join him in a party at.hte home. Both Gllwon and ^ane lire at the Downtown Y. M. 0. A. Gibson in a sou of L. C. Olbeon ot f.reen Forest, Ark. Ho 18 a graduate *f the University ot Arkansas. Kreba . a research engineer at the Bureau of Minra, avforrting to police. He and Oifwon h a ^ e beei- fftend* tar several monibs, U w a s «al1 t,«iBr t o d d v Hutio and Kreto* trill bn (jye'Btionori si liomirMf 1 headflnarters ia Coniiil I'olic« station buiidiog. Aunt Het BV ttOBKRT Qt'lLl-BX "M t h p bo ia a l l t t l r w i l d , lie come by it honest I've ^een his father go td the postofll e for h£« fflall on in Sunday." Among The Churches FIRST MBTTHODIST PROTESTANT, West Apple »tre*t, J H bam-bertson, minister--Cl IBS meeting at 9; leader, George Swallop. Sunday school, 9:4C, T. H Means, 'luperlntend- ent. Morning worship, 11 antl-ealoon lecture, nvp-mber'Anti-Saloon League Junior C. E., 3 Intermediate C. B., 6. S*n1or C E , subject, "Why and How to "Win Others to Christ," leader, Mary Partrhlll. Evening services. Special music Address by C C Kent, secretary Y M C A. Regular prayer-meeting Wednesday ? 3fl, In "barge C V Snader aud T. H Means. All are cordially invited OUUA BOARD LEADS INDIAN WOMAN TO KILL, CONFESSION REVEALS By U n i t e d Prft; 3. BUFFALO, N Y , MurcH 8 -JHodern police dealt with primitive belief in ItiysUclam--mysticism ol the oulja board, of wltt-hen and "spell«s"' j -tolay as they perused the cernfpirion Ot Mrs. Nancy Bowen, 80-yeat old Seneca, that she Killed Mrs Clotilde MATcb- and, wife Of Henri Merchant!, the artist. The aged woman sai I she Wiled Mi a Mitrcliand at the lUHtlgatioh oC Lillian. Jlm^raon. aWo an IndlAn. The concession related how ouija hoard seances with Mitts .I'tn-erson bad bi-ougjit about the belief In the m}"6tic "evil" of Mrs. Marchani Police say Miss Jiniierson was mollvutad by jealousy of the drtiBt's iVife because of the unrequited love Miss timerson held for Marchniid. The "ouija board" nfurder was discovered Jate Thursday when ft son, Ie»3 i, J r , 12 ciitno honi" troni school and found his mother's battered body lying on the floor of thi- living room. Police found fingerprints on the ihroat, lacerations on f h e scalp and finally a chloroforms oaked ja-pei watl In her throat, l^alghbois recalled seeing an Indian wonlfiti leave the huse an Lour before young Henri canie homo. Other permits had aoon and Indian woman boai I u bun downtown * OKLAHOMA CITY "JAKE" DRINKERS AREPARALYZED By U n i t e d Pi es*. OKLAHOMA ClTY^Okla., March 8 --More tban 300 peieona wore tecov- ering today from dffectq of drinking "jake," populai 1 low-pncftl iwtdilcant which paralyzfed the \ i t i n i e . Many were stricken it their homes yesterday. Physicians couW promise them no relief. At least 50 were in hospitals aud clinics where experts attempted to cletarmliu whether the malady would be fatal No deaths occurred, nlthough flhyet- clana reported many v ctiin« who hail noted only slight rnu cular twltchce early in tlie day Were 1 horse AU victim« told aut!iOHtie«! the Illness followed drinking of jdlhalca ginger dtetilbutetl Ijy 'lootU'gKerfl ana "bllml pig'' drug stores. A Federal ban uas placed oh the shipment of Jamaica ginger f i o u Kan- aoe City ami St. -Louie warehouses yesterday and author I! tes tiaid it' would exlet until epecialists are nble to determine th6 cause of the affection. Most of the victims lire in the part of th city where oil flekl men laborers lite. Many wisfe youths. Just Off the Wire By CTnltsd J'ress. iV, Moi-oli S--Edward L Doheuy, "'\ years old, retiiel till millionaire, was here today awaiting trial on a charge of giving former of the Inkrlor Albert B. Fall a $100,000 bribe. The trial id to start Monday. · · t NEW OUMBBRLAND, W V a , Maroh 8,--fire today destroyed the C P. Tele-phone btfiltMng and th* H-erron building and spread to others before it was under control. The loss was in excess of $10n,(KK). Lady; Joan Kathleen Grijrt wife of Sir Edward Grigg, high com- miseioner of East African protectorate, who ia host, to the Prince of Wale*. The Prince la reported to bar* contra*ted a taalarial illneJM while an hi* htint- in« brif IB Africa. Before her marriage she and her vifiter, were considered two of the moat noted beauties ia England. Looking for Barffthts f I! mi, read the adv^rUadnv oUutn«to of XiM .QoUir HOOVER SEES EARLY RETURN TONORMALCY President atod Cabinet Members Look for Industrial Rrtival Within 60 Ooys. ALREADY ON UPWARD MOVE By United WASHINGTON, March 8-- President Hoover 1 and the Commerce and Ijabor departments see the dark cldudK of uUempioynvent and lUBiness uiicer- taltity cloarfd away within 60 daya Tte Chlot Exec-utlve, Secretary ol Ooiwm«rce !«mont and Secretary of Ijabor Dalh word on record to tlitfe ·effect today In a series of optimJatlfr slni^mwits which Wore Isalied rtflw thry bad nuule a thr^sf-bmir otuily ot the latest iii?urtt3 ( The hanfl ot Mh HooV«r WBB seen In an appeal to tlie »7^r«g« cttt£4ti to help by starting ahead of litno thU y«af Uioso little jobs ot «l«unlng; up and repairing usiUilly done^ rtlwut ihc home In th« spflug-tlm*, so that many now une^\p!o«d tnay have WOfk This 8ug«e«Uon wets nidrts ia the joint Btatemont liy Davi* aSd Lamont, whkh wa^ i«BU»a W i t h that of tlie President f'om th* "White Hou»« late yesterday High pdlfili ot the Joint aitmtnury ot the situation vsere- 1 The worst effects 'of the «to'k market orejsli on einploymeut will pass w i t h i n 60 clays. 2 The tow point of boslnesB tic* pr«s8ion ,ind unemployment was reafhed in lato Docoinber anil early January Conditions have flteudily 1m- proved Bln c thon, 3 The amount ot unemployment, Ih proportion to the number of workers, la only one-third of one-half as setloufl as it was following the panico or 1!W?-08 ,md 1920-22. 4 A canvass ot trade* erhpk»ylng : iY.OOO.UOO person 1 ! itidleates ttint between 1,000,000 aud 1,126,000 more persons, ar-9 out of work now than at thin time List year fi Acute unemployment is confined to 12 states, while in the other 38 "seiihoual unempiojment" or ' Inlnor abnormal nuemploy men I ' id rapidly being absorbed. JJdspito Davis' slatenient TupMluy that "the delays In tariff legislation are more ruspoaalble today for creating unemployment than auy other factor," he said yesterday, in conjuttbtlon with Lanwnt, timt in "those IndustfleB aflected bv changes lii the laflff 1 ' th^ employment situation has "boefi eitlisr stationary or HboWlflg SHght dwlliie," The White Ilousfc 8t»t«heiit was the first Important one dBftlirig with business whicli JVli 1 . Ifoover has ftidd^ since his aeries tot tonfeWieeS with Industrial leaders liel'd fbllowlng the stwk maiket crash liiat fall. It was Wen here as an attempt to reassure the country's eommei'tilal interests which mlf;ht have become alahned ty widespread unemplOy^tneilt Oethoaatra- tlons Thursday iii a iltittiber of Amet- Ican cities, thnl more jobs Soon will Ue available and that tfado Will be ihore brisk. "Nationwide response to the requeat for incieased construcli-on and 1m- piovement work by public authorities, railroads, utilities and Industries is having a most material effect," the President said, i "Goiisti uction ' contracts In thews categories in January and February were from 40 to 45 per ceilt higher than ever known in tliofle aioutbs. The total umfctruclkm *drk for 1930 seems assured to be larger than even 1929. "The a m o u n t o£ unemployment is, Id piuportion to the number of workers, considerably less than one haJf (probabh- only one-third) of that Which resulted ti'om the crashes ot 1907-08 und "'SBO-liSi at this J*eiiod ot the situation. "The undertakings to maintain in ages have beQ held." NEW CASTLfK, March S--Dlstilct Attorney John S Powers ot Lawrence county and Attorney Charles S Mar- gtotti, special prosecutor, weie to decide today w h e t h e r Mia. Irene Schroe- (iei 01 jle-nii Daguc, indicted, last Monday by a giand 1ury on charges in connection w i t h the hlaylng oi Coi- poral Brady Paul of I ho State High- Wny Patrol, wouW. stand trial fiisl M1LE-A-MINUTE MAJt IT --BY VVcrJhcimcr Motor Co., W. (jra-nford Avenue. HOP INTO THB rtAllTYi AND see How L I K E THIS use D CIM: . \ WERTHEfMER MOTOR OC, SME'3 A OR CAT I DON'T»mTL-S OLD A N Y HA«0 we*-BUT i Htf WERIHflMER MOTOI 1$20 Ess 192}) ESN 1927 Was ex Coupe ex (loach h (Joach i ' We can't* smooth out rough rioadB -but WP CAN smooth your way towards owning a good car! 11)28 JJusex Sedan H)88 Essex Coupe 1028 Essex Coach Gotham Lays Plane for Gigantic Skyscraper Th« architect's drawing lor th proposed fl^ty-fftory Tower Bulk inf which Is to be erected by th Radio Coloration of Atrteriei Victor Company at the ecothwef corner of Lexington Avenue an Fifty-first Street, New York Cit The new fciant «tructHi*« if Gothic dealrrt «nd will ba ettdy f occuptttocy in the Summer af 193 Homes? Everyday you will dud home* nd Dome BltRe advortiaed In our elm »1- tied columns--read them over. Hosiick, Schictingcr Cumpft y Fetlprni and Hifltfl Taxes Accountants and Auditors O 1'nl'li llttlhllny iMttsbufgtl, fa. Concrete Blocks Wr hnVo lai'ge suppl ' well seasoned rocli fac j iind pld,irt concrete blockf , all sizes, made at cm- plan! located at 4tK stret t and Mpason Ave., W f t t aide, Cortnellsville. Consolidated Coal Supply Company PhOlle 1700. OANS $ 25 ^ ^300 If Ifou ?fecd Money tot -iflj' Emergency SEE US Fayette Loan Company . Title TUtsi Mldg,, 5th Floor. Connollaville Pa, Telephone 241 Bonded to the State. 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