Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 10, 1972 · Page 1
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 1

Charleston, West Virginia
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Sunday, September 10, 1972
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GAZETTE - MAIL Sunday Morning, September 10, 1972 CITY E D I T I O N THE OUTLOOK -- Sunny. High in tho 70ri. More weather on Page 14A. A N D W O R L D - * £ i i e « y ' 4 "v Highwall Strip Study Revealed by Governor By Herb Little WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. ( A P ) -- GUV. Moore revealed Saturday a study is under way of whether it is economically feasible to strip minu'coal without leaving a highwali or earth spilling down the mountainside. In an earlier appearance be- cause ranged all the way $7 "I think 1 ought to be paying million to $28 million. thc tax on a loaf of bread "" surX1n S nfo±l J VUhlha ?i a 'l' R a t h c r t h a n exci «Pt f ^d pur- surplus in piospect for the third;chases from the tax across-lhe- consecu we year ,t is nolneces-jboard. Rockefeller said be °- ,u°,'- a v e a quid P r °| would favor using a credit or in an earlier appearance be; _.:quo. -that is, to offset what-j rebate system to" give low in- fore the same group, Moore's jport might not be completed cvcr e loss would be Irom ;com e families some relief from Democratic opponent for gover- until after thc election, but said ,, , f s , \ ., j sales tax payments. nor, John D. Rockefeller IV, it was possible it would be: . ock . efellei " said not every-, , , said Moore's special ad hoc | ready for release as soon a s ; , " ? ln the Democratic state' IF ADDITIONAL revenue be- :ommission probing the Buffalo three weeks from now. platform 'necessarily reflects iconics necessary to meet the Creek disaster "did a good At least 125 persons died in tlle views of the candidate fon state's mounting road bond sur-jtbc Feb. 26 flood disaster in Lo- ?°-L ernor ; ..%.^ d ^; ! Please Turn to 1'g. HA. Col. 7) County, which occurred j job-somewhat prise." to my These were among highlightsjwhen a Buffalo liming Co. re-! of separate appearances byl f u s e dam broke and released a: Moore and Rockefeller at the West Virginia Assn. convention here. The format allotted each candidate 35 minutes, of which up to 15 could be used for a speech huge water impoundment. Soon afterward, Moore appointed his ad hoc commission,) which made its report last] Tuesday. At the time Moore ap- TM iu ,_, ui u uc uocu mi a apeecn pointed the body, Rockefeller and the rest for answering criticized its makeup. Rockcfcl- questions. Rockefeller made a| ler - however, said Saturday he brief talk, but Moore elected to bad not yet read the report and use his entire time answering ms favorable reaction was questions. ; based on news accounts. '· Moore was guarded in his ^ n discussing blame for the! comments about the strip mine ;tragedy, the report came down study, made in response to al' !ar d on the Buffalo Mining Co. question about environmental^ 1 * 1 its parent firm, the Pitts- problems. Rockefeller advo-' ton Co - ?ates outlawing strip mining j MOORE SAID Saturday "the but did not touch on the subject:use of some executive muscle" Saturday. :may be required to bring about affective response by the coal SPOTLIGHT ? 72 Football Seasojr. A Special Look for You THE STUDY involves the. fea- --Section F industry to the report. He' Dog That Isn't Beth Hellenbrand of South Hills poses by a symbolic fireplug while holding a dog leash attached to a halter supported by wires, the latest in eye-popping fashions about Charleston. (Staff Photo by Leo Chabot) Nixon Visits MIDEAST Pennsylvania Israeli, Syrian Planes Flood Area Battle Over Golan Heights WILKES-BARRE. Pa. The Associated Press There was no verification of a _ ., \ ' '· · · - Israeli and Syrian warpianes second engagement by Israel. President Nixon made an unan-| foug ht a swirling air battle Sat- Israel also reported one of its nounced, flying visit to this;urdey over the occupied Golan missile boats sank an Arab flood-devastated city Saturday (Heights, with Israelis cheering j guerrilla boat outside Lebanese and told disaster victims he[ * i r O n TM 1 * e about each one of you." Flying by helicopter from Camp David near Thurmont, Md., Nixon toured one of the many hundreds of homes that were virtually destroyed in the massive floods triggered by Tropical Storm Agnes. Then he visited with residents of a trail- . 1 c ,, The Umted Nations Security Care Council was summoned into ur- jgent session to deal with Mi- deast developments. Israel claimed its planes shot down three Syrian jets in the Golan Heights encounter and returned safely to base. Syria con- territorial waters Friday. The MeGovem Has Spy In GOP Camp Los Angeles Times A L B U Q U E R Q U E - Sen. George S. McGovern's campaign has a high-level inside source within the Republican re-election machinery who has sup- Palestine news agency Wafajplied detailed information on the Watergate incident and an ear- said an Israeli boat was sunk Friday off the Israeli coast. The aerial battle was fought in clear view of hundreds of Israeli motorists, enjoying a morning outing on the Jewish New Year near the Sea of Gali- ceded the loss of three planes.llee. They cheered as they saw twojo^ground^missile fire, butjsyrian planes go down. A Syrian spokesman said Syri claimed two Israeli jets downed. IN er community where the homeless are being sheltered in fed-' erally owned mobile dwellings. L ., ,. . , » - - -- -The President made the im- Coun ^ mee ? n fr W1 S s Set , f ° r 10 Golan Hei S hk causin S material J±,^?±"l of f'- ^lTM.! 3 -" 1 -1^- A - u N : . s P ok es m an ^d human losses." It was it to consi-1 called *" ia's fighters and fighter-bombers \ORK. the Securityidelivered "a strong strike in the C camp lh witn Carlucci, deputy director of the Office of Management and der air strikes by Israeli jets j strike Israel launched Friday in into Syrian territory. Syria and Lebanon. ! Olympic athletes in Munich last _,,,, ** iTuesday by Arab commandos. TO RESIDENTS of the trailer! The U. N. spokesman said village Nixon said Carlucci basjSyria requested the emergency "personalized the government. "| council session in a telephone ,, . , , ....,,- _ Israeli warpianes made a se- Budget and a Wilkes-Barrc na- ries of raid / Friday on targets Uye who is coordinating federal jin s ia afld ^^ jn ^ ( A COMMUNIQUE from Radio disaster relief activities in lhe. tion for the kffl|ng of n Israelj |Damascus said one Syrian area. inivmniv. ntViiofoc, ;« MI,*;,.*, !,,,- Sukhoi SU7 was shot down in the dogfight and two other planes were lost to Hawk missiles. An Israeli spokesman said the Syrian jets made a futile attempt to raid the heights, were intercepted by Israeli jets, and three were shot down. All fell in Syrian territory, he added. In Amman, a Jordanian army spokesman reported 18 persons were killed and 17 wounded when rockets exploded in Uc village of Zneibah'near the Sy-i(Please Turn to Pg. 14A. CoL 1) Speaking of the OMB official, Nixon said: person. That's what we want your government to be--one that cares about each one of you.' call and letter to the mission of C h i ne s e Ambassador Huang 'He talks to every individual Hua, council president for September. A Syrian c o m m u n i q u e claimed Israel sent over another ! wave of planes 90 minutes after Nixon pleased his listeners by|the Golan Heights dogfight Sat- predicting Wilkes-Barre will belurday. that Syrian planes inter- rebuilt "better than ever." !cepted and hit one of the intrud- (Plcase Turn to Pg. 14A, Col. 4)jers. lier attempt to bug McGovern's own campaign headquarters, The Los Angeles Times has learned. The informant was a source of Wednesday's charge by Lawrence F. O'Brien, McGovern's national campaign chairman, that some of the same individuals who were caught inside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate apartment complex on June 17 had made a similar, abortive, effort to snoop on the McGovern headquarters on May 27. sibility of moving earth lateral- added: ly to uncover coal and then! "This report means busi- 'bringing it back in," Moore ness...I believe that the coal in- said, dustry will get the message." Diverse South Dakota -Mother of Presidents? He said on-site experiments have been conducted and specifically mentioned Raleigh County hi this connection. Moore said experimental results gave some ground to hope the method could be employed without "materially raising the price of coal." The Governor refused to reveal who is conducting the tudy. He added the study re- Issues on which Rockefeller and Moore disagreed included removal of the retail sales tax from food, a step which is advocated by the state platforms of both parties. Moore said if he is re-lected, he will again ask the legislature, as he did in 1969 and 1970. to take the tax off groceries. He noted that estimates of the ;tate revenue loss this would i Always on Sunday .. IB Building News 5C Business News 4C Classified Ads .. 5C-11C Columnists 2C Community News ... 5B Current Affairs 1C Editorials 2C --1C. 3C Home, Family 1E-12E Magazine .... 1M-24M Obituaries 6B-7B Page Opposite 3C Sports 1D-8D Travel 22M-23M. Your Bridgework .. 9A DER FUEHRER Declassified War Study Shows Hitler As Man Torn Between Two Identities Bv John Noble Wilford This led to explorations of; rooms in the air-raid shelter of © .Ycir York Times Service Hitler's toilet training and trou-,the Chancellory in Berlin. If he NEW YORK--Late one night bled family background, his fun-i had hoped for some dramatic n October, 1943, a psychoana- yst in Boston stuffed a secret manuscript into his briefcase nd boarded the federal express damental masochism, his sexual suicide, as Langer predicted he perversions and love of pornography, his depressions and rages, his abiding insecurity or Washington. He had just land driving sense of mission ompleted one of the more cere-1 and omnipotence--all of which ral intelligence assignments of (was included in the manuscript Vorld War II: Six months of i Langer was delivering to the might, he was frustrated by the onslaught of advacing Soviet forces. In their haste, German troops failed to burn completely the corpse so the charred remains of Hitler were found four days later by Soviet soldiers. robing the strange psyche of j Office of Strategic Services in Langer reached his conclu- dolf Hitler. j Washington. sions by applying Freudian The psychoanalyst, Dr. Walter! According to Langer, in ]M3. techniques of analysis to what C. Langer, had done everythingJHitler was "probably a neurotic ' was known of the German dicta- possible to learn what made psychopath bordering on schi'! tor ' s carl ' life and wartime be- Hitler "tick" so the allies might 7n nhrptiin " ihavior and by comparing the might know what to expect and could plan accordingly. He had done everything, that is, short of putting the Fuehrer on thc couch. zopnrema. by comparing the Moreover, he saw Hitler as ai r c s u l t i n 8 data with tnc clinical weakling who masqueraded as a! hlstones of Patients with "he- bully. Hitler thc failure casting : h a v i o r a l patterns, tendencies " reasons NOW. 29 YEARS after that j preservation, as October night, the secret psy- Fuehrer, the superman, chological study of Hitler--- himself in the role, unconscious:and sentiments very similar" to ! ly for reasons of mental self- Hitler s. Hitler thc MCGOVERN. here for a rest i which was circulated among after his first week of post-La-1 American and British war plan- bor Day campaigning, repeated' ners as the definitive anaylsis of the latter charge about his own I thc man they were up against-- headquartes at a press conference Saturday in which he said he had the names of the individuals but would not release them now. Asked what the source was, the Democratic nominee said: "Well, I can't disclose that, but it's a fact. You'll have to accept it on faith." (In Washington, a spokesman for the Committee to Re-Elect the President, said there would be no immediate comment on McGovern's allegations or the (Please Turn to Pg. MA, Col. 5) has been declassified. It is being published as the main part of a book, "The Mind of Adolf Hitler," which will be released by Basic Books Sept. 22. Langer interviewed a score of people who had known Hitler more or less intimately and who were available to American intelligence agencies. He combed books and newspaper accounts for clues to the dictator's behavior patterns. He read and reread "Mcin Kampf." searching In this way, Langer said, he 'was able to piece together what "It is his ability to convince ; H l l l e r s childhood must have others that he is what he is nof b e e n hkc ancl wh ' !le was con- that has saved him from insani-| stantl - v stru Sglmg with an ident- ly," Langer said. j ' Langer accurately predicted | that "As Germany suffers sue- Nvorkl down l n ruln - crisis-- a personal struggle l h a t almost brought the whole cessivc defeats. Hitler will become more and more neurotic" and in the end would commit suicide. "It is probably true that he has an inordinate fear of death," Langer wrote at the]said. HISTORIANS WHO HAVE read the study are "struck by the accuracy of the predictions," John Toland, who is at work on a biography of Hitler. ADOLF 1IITLKK In the '30.s- for passages revelaing Hitler's that Hitler unconscious drives. , graph on Hitler and in books on Others cite it as a pioneering:Martin Luther and Gandhi, model in applying modern psy-j In the 1943 analysis, Langer cboanalytical techniques to the'wrotc: understanding of historical fig-j "From our experience with other neurotic psychopaths ue are probably on firm ground . . , .. .,, - .when \ve suppose that Hitler's April .in. 19-4,). in his private thc psychoanalyst, in a mono-. 1 (Please Turn to I'?. S.\, Col. 1 ) conclusion of his analysis, "but being a psychopath he could undoubtedly screw himself up into thc superman character and perform the deed.' 1 Historians ures. Although still controver-!( generally agree)sial, this technique has since : ; killed himself on ; been applied by Erik Erikson '·· There's something for every taste in The Charleston Gazette. For instance: ·*· Humor--Vacationing Gazetteer James Dent returns to brighten that morning cup of coffee. if Help--Our Help Line is your link to unanswered questions. ·*· Environment, Consumerism -- Monday's Living Page keeps you posted on these two vital areas. ·k Opinion--Don Marsh on Mondays, incisive editorials always. The Editorial and Page Opposite pages of the Gazette swirl with thought. +· ADD TO THESE "regulars" some specials and you've got the Gazette's great reading package. This week's specials include: When there's a baby shower in Seth. all thc women know whether to buy pink or blue and so far, no baby boy has had to wear pink. A Seth seeress can predict the number of children a woman will or does have and the sex of each child. Gazette reporter Rosalie Earle tells how the seeress does it. »· OKAY, FOOTBALL FANS here'? your chance to prove your skill in picking the winners of the area high school and college games, as the Gazette's annual Pigskin Picks contest begins this week. Get out the record books and get busy. There's another treat for sports page readers as assistant sports editor Bob Baker--better known for his golf and bowling coverage- takes a ride with the Morris Harvey College rowers and reports on his trip. That's the package you'll get in The Charleston Gazette The State .Veirspr.pcr This Week The Daily Mail is on the feature trail again and this week will bring you stories about Howard Stanley. Jay Rockefeller and Chuck- Wright, along with all thc news you always get. Take a closer look: »- STANLEY STEAMER: There's another Stanley in Charleston who is making n name for himself in labor. He's Howard \ V . S'.;mlo\. brother of Miles C. Stanley, president of flic West Virginia Labor Federation. AFL-CIO. He and William D. Ford are the talk of the federal .wilding where their !nbr;r speaks for i;e!f. Sam Hindman has the story. CAN .T.\Y make it? An A!.ibn;r,i;tr, *ho TMipratod to West Virginia no year-, .-ipo ;loub!,s thai. Jay can ever make it as a West Virginian, even if he is elected governor. The ox-Alabamian is the Daily Mail's own Adrian Gwin who explains hL, reasons in Monday's editions. *. WRIGHT'S RIGHT: No one knows Chuck Wright, former aii-s;air football player at Stonewall Jackson, like ^'huck Landon, Daily Mail sports writer. Lan- :lon was a close friend of'.'.- at Marshall I'niversity \\iiere the former SJHS star now is fo capitan of the Thundering Herd team. For the inside on MU's team, young L'uidon and veteran Keith Walters arc your best bets itet'orc kickoff time at Huntington's Fair-field Stadium at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. All the news and then home means "MOKE in thc MAIL," the iln Pail

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