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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, July 1, 1918
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1SS«nnw-W'i'"«» Cpnnelbville'c Biggest and Best Newspaper- Sworn Average Daily Circulatiira Last Week s 6,832 VOL. 16, NO. 198. CONNELLSVILIJE, PA, MONDAY EVENING, JULY 1, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. (BRITISH FLEET; BELGIUM, 1 CHANNEL PORTS, IDENMNITY OF 45 BILLIONS, HUN CLAIM NEWGERMANGAS MAKES MEN VERY m AT STOMACH | One of Latest Hun "Weapons Described Jn Earl Bus* Asides Kaiser Bill Would Have All Captured Cdionies Returned, Gibralter Returned to Spain, a Little Recognition for Austria and Some for Turkey and Bulgaria. [TERMS OF PEACE OUTLINED IN PRUSSIAN PAPER ·· By Associated Press. [ .' - . PARIS, July 1.--Great Britain must turn.over its -war fleet tto Germany, returp Gibraltar to Spain and..restore Egpyt and the Suez canal to Turkey. Great Britain,- France and the United States'must pay Germany an indemnity of at least forty-five Billion dollars. Belgium and French territory must be surren- leredi These are among the conditions included in the German peace program published in the Naehrichten pf Goerlitz, Prussia, by Count Roon, a member of the Prussian house of lords, i according to a Havas.disp'atch from Basel", Switzerland.. ] ' . . Count Roon says Germany is entitled to the .following terms ] because of its strength and until they are realized there should {be no'armistice and no cessation of submarine warfares: !, Annexation of Belgium. · Independence of Flanders. . Annexation of the .entire Flanders coast, including Calais. Annexation of the Briey and Longwy basins and the Toul, lelfort and Verdun regions eastward. · ) " Great Britain to cede to Germany such naval -bases and coaling stations as Germany designates. . ' : . ' Great Britain must return Gibraltar to Spain, cede its war fleet to Germany,-restore Egypt and the Suez canal to Germany. Restitution to Germany of all her colonies, including Kaio- Ohau.·'.· , ' ·' ' . Greece must be re-established under former King Constan, ine with "frontiers as before the war. Austria and Bulgaria will divide Servia and Montenegro. " Great Britain, France and the United States must pay all t Germany's war cost, the indemnity being a minimum of J45,- idO,000;000. They also must agree to deliver raw material im- * i France anti-Belgium are to remain occupied at ttieir expense ^ ietil the conditions are carried out. ' f ~ty -*Eit/r j Into -Training SdmolSnon. I Wllllkai F. Brooks, .etty editor of |.Yf ' NeiKs;- Roy. "W. . Mohsberger and Children's to irudr to become a trained nurse. Her mother, . returnlbV'bo^i^. HiJs 'mbrnmg. .Three Conneilsville 'girls arc now;training in tie Children's hospital, Miss Helen Ward and Miss Donella Schoonover A MEDAL CONFERRED BY CITY OF VERDUN TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION For Benefit of Ret Cross at Uie Picric at Graham's Cross Inp on Fofcrth; Bonatlon of Mrs. K. M. TOtfae*;' A bronze medal, conferred upon tie defenders of Verdun against the ter-. rific assaults of foe German army under the Crown Prince in 1916, will be . sold at auction at th e picnic at Graham's Crossing on the Fourth, and the proceeds donated to the Red Cross, ». The .medal, which is the generoas contribution of Mrs. K. 31. Wallace to the cause Cor the relief of "war sut- I ferers, was racently received from Mme. Andre Saltnont, formerly Alias I Zita Wallace of this city-. Mme. Sal| mont received t'ae . medal from her husband.' Dr. Salmon!, a surgeon in the French .army, who was stationed at a base hospital near Verdun for two years. All those who took part in the actual defense of the city were awarded the medal. Accompanying the. medal, which is now on exhibition in the window of .Hooper Long's store, is a' small pamphlet descriptive of the medal, bearirig the signature of. the acting mayor and thu official seal of -the city of Verdun. The dedication oi! tbe medal is Uuu expressed: , "To the commanders, to the officers, to, the soldiers, and to all; to tbe heroes, known and , unknown, living a.n'd' dead, who triumphed " over the avalanche of the barbarians, and immortalized her name a.11 over the world and for future centuries, the cfty of Verdun, untakcn and standing amid her ruins, dedicates this medal in acknowledgement of her gratitude. (Signed) E. Beytrea, . the ' adjutant serving in tbe office of tbe mayor at the meeting for the. qj.unicVpa.1 council of Verdun, convened in Paris this 20th day of November, 1816." This medal, which is perhaps- tbe most 'valuable of all war rolii to ne iV .Xi i certain.., tu TB-, - wben^oifered \ for sell's Letter. PENETRATES MEN'S MASKS Tken the Temton Gunners Follow This Cp With Others "While They Are Cleaning the Mwks: Effects of Jlm- tard OM Aw DcttrJbed by Writer. . . :«nies R. Stauffer of Acme^ will leave having previously entered.. July 15 for the North Carolina itate college at Raleigh N. C., having «n specially inducted under a call 'or auto tradesmen by Local Board .'or District NoJ 2. George Gault of f Oawion," will go to Lehlgh university ' ·'akSouih' Bethlehem, Pa. . .Brocks an-d Honsberger have been if deterred classes, and. at their own r.eq"ieEt nave lieen assigned to the 9t$outin£ent whicn leaves'- on'. July 15. "; Txjcat Board No. 5 has the same call '(open; tor men in its district, .but no re- aaests have yet been .draftees |*hqjivish to take-tlie/special" training. '"Any''"draftee., .in .thei fir-st four'classes · liay. make application to be sent to schools^ ·"'. .'. FATETTE 3U5 YOUX6JEST NAVAI OFFICEB. "Walter 1*. lavis has beep named commander of a United States destroyer patroling the. submarine zone, according to a letter received by his parents, -Director of tbe Poor and Mrs. E. E. Davisou of, Uniontown. Commander Davison is thought to be tbe youngest officer in th* navy with that rank. .' ' .- sale on. the Fourth. It is understood that a well known business man of the city has expressed ntmself _as will- Ing to pay at least $1,000 for-'iL EI»WARI WITH All,ren TEOOPS. Edward L. Sudziak, -located somewhere in France, writ-el that he is in j ' " the b*st ot spirits and is at a camp' where he can see soldiers of all nations. He states that the weather In JDWARD O'CO.VSOR jfOW : .. - A . IX KTH EMJIJTEEBS. France is similar to that c* oar coun- fidward J. O'Connor, son of Mr. and try »t ; this time of the/year. Sudiiak : Irs*.'Frank O'Connor of East Craw- if -with the 112th Azraulance Com- tord'avenue, has been transferred pauy, 103rd Sanitary /Train. He was Iran'the 39th Engineers to 'the 35th . formerly i member ofj.the 110th Regt- SngJneers, Company L. occordinsr to a · ment Hospital Corps, ii' f'tw received by his parent*. V- I ' 2 !,,'«"· · ! ------ ' · · ' ' ! · ' ' · 'lAWBtXCE MOOKMAtf ;JAf3TAEC MJI.1S OS* ' I IS ENGLISH POET. f ."·;;? , ' TKEIfCH SOU* Lawrence MoonnajT has arrived at f.'Mrs. Gtorgiaaa Mills ..of 'North' a European port onJSan English ship ttatit street, has. received.} a -.card chartered by th* United States for SrOTff'bsr son, : ,Caiptaln. Harry : JiiIl«,. troop txansportatioi t ::-·..: ^ _ ^.--, .-,». :.- . overseas, letter 'to his mother, SUBMARINE SENDS . t BRITISH HOSPFTAL SHIP TO BOTTOM By A^aociated Press. LONDON, July 1.--A Teuton su'o- marine sank the British, hospital ship IJandovery Castle, 116 miles southwest of Fastnet, on June 27, the British admiralty announced today. .The Llandovery- Castle. was home- · ward bound from Canada. She car- jried .'i58 persons. This total included SO Canadian army medical corps men and '14 female nurses. One boat containing 24 survivors so far has reaches port Mills is witli-'the SSfth lifan- COOIET WITH . ncs fooler. 61 Fiircbtoce, at- l to' the. 320th InfiBtrj, h»« ar man o( South Con second mate. RATXOSD SMTH-jTRAHSFEBllTSl) Raymond Smith haa been tranale £.-- -- i-- -- -- -- ^-~* -- *TM«.^, ----··--. nas oeco trnaie fred' safely In .France, according to Humphreys to Cam ocl.i^celrtd b . by Iriead. here. nr \.~t -toys-it or BIO ecus. JCsmeron Wilton has -written from IrtiiKe to til jl»t«r, Mr«. Oeorjre Wag- ',»r.ot n««r.Conne!I»vlll«, tk»t h« i. ''-'-frit wXsw.he can a««r ta« roar of H* fcly of; the food but'U in need of /nw tobacco. He does not like f inch smokes, he . says. Wilson is i. ttf' Company B, 3J7th Inlantry. SUGAR riGULATIONS li Elect Tstoj;! Users Jt»«t Beyort Tk«Jr Sfidj at Once. Sugar reK^ilations f^vernins the months of Jnly, 'Augus-t and September became effective today. Every .laer and .handler of sugar must immediately report to the county food! administrator the stock of sugar on band July 1 und an estimate of the requirements for .the next three ._ months. ] ^ .-.f:^: -WST'.tX KiGLAft'AKXT. Failure so to : i)o by July 15 will de\ Samuel ,G«ilo of QonBellsTiU* en-jprive users and; handlers-of the'right. 'Sst!rt?ln the Regular Army at th«'tJi-buy more surar during the remain- J.R. WAUEK TKATCFKXKEI) fe'4- TO CAMP BIX. LDfc D. Addtaon Walker, who for join* time has b»en located. at Camp -ilt«; Uttle Rock. Ark., hu be» iriniSf erred to .Camp Dix, New Jersey. 5r v ?Walker is a brother-in-law of A. j.: jfiickel, and practiced it Heel* Eriilions to enlisting Jn military serv^ f:f.'Hra;. Walker and children are UlJi'hlni »t"Uamn Diat. · ' ed. He is a son i P. Smith. /according to a hjre. H. G. Moor- ellsville. He is CAMP Sycamore street ed ' frotn Camp Laurel, at Laurel, Mr. and Mrs. J. .TICK SAFE OTF.RSEA9. Antoala Martncd has received a letter from his Brother, Nick Ma'rtvic- cl, tellinc of his sate arrival overseas. Marrucci Is attached to Company A, 59th- there" M»y 1. left for "over BYERSFLENNIKEN KILLED I Well Known Dawson Han Fnll« Under Train in Kew CasBe yards. Falling between cars of his train in tie-New Castle yards of the Pittsburg Lake Erie railroad yesterday, Byers Flenniken, formerly of Con- neilsville but more recently of Dawson, was so badly injured that he died a lew hours later at the New Castle hospital. The accident happened at noon. He. died at 5-o'clock in the evening. The remains were brought to Dawsou. and removed by. Undertaker "W. H. Farkhi'll to the home of a sister, Mrs. ~V'. B. Niswonger, where funeral services -will be held | tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock,. fol- | lowed by interment in Cpchran cemetery. . Mr. Flenniken liad been on the railroad about a year.. lie boarded at the Dickerson Him Y. M. C. A. He was a son of the late Thomas and Jennie Flenniken of Carmichaels. In 1898 he was married to Miss Margaret McLaughlin of Connellsviile. Mrs. Flenniken died several '.years ago. There survive'two daughters,/Nell and Ethel of C6'nneH.mlle, a brother, John Flenniken of Dawson, and the following sisters: Mrs. Niswonger, Dawson; Mrs. Albert Flemini;, Con- neilsville; Mrs. George Cochran, Jr., Connellsvflle, and Mrs. S. J; Cossell, Homer City. rscrulting station : Continued trorn Page Oac. nr ' .1? '"..:'' · TRAlSEfG FOR SC2SE, ' ' ' Sat- der' of the yeiar. This - applies to wholesale and /retail grocers, bakers, confectioners; ice' cream manufacturers, druggists, hotels, public eating honses, bearding-.houses . and -all SIcKe* lett Saturday for Phlladclntia to ente-r «, . manufacturers.'or users of sugar; also '··-. dealer in sugar of evenr kind For erery despicable trick the Huns .may attempt to play upon the American soldiers, they may rest assured ttey will be paid, and paid with interest Ttat is the determination of every boy who has gone Over [There, and while they are waiting for the time to "go after" the Huns, they are working with all their might to get ready to call the turn on any trick the minions of Bill Kaiser may devise, "We are working hard and, ;-any number of hours," writes Earl K. Hussell, of Company E, 15tt Engineers, in a letter to his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert "W-emer. "But it is to beat the Huns, so we are willing to work. They spring some new, low-down trick every day. They are capable of au'l are practicing every dastardly trict under, the sun. But we are .going to ay them back in their own style.- If it's fighting they want, we will surely give them ail they want. Believe me, we are going to make them sorry they ever fired a gun or cut down a tree. It Just takes a new stunt like this to put u s . i n the spirit, of extennlna.tlng the whole German army. "They have a new kind of gas that they soot over. If a person is unfortunate enough to be canght napping and get a whiff of it, they are made very sick at tbe stomach, and a few minutes after the gas mask has been adjusted the victim Ifc seized with violent vomitiug. It is bat. a short time until tbe mask fills up to the wearer's eyes and has to be removes. It is just at that momedx that the cowards send over another and deadly gas to catch tbe poor tm- fortunate who is trying to Chang? masks or clean out the oid one. It .takes ; ; j_aat,r^n«:-:.jJiigltT«'VeTpcricnci5 'with.' these gases to make .tbe tnbsl timid boy in the, American -bunch fight like an Indian. "The mustard gas that tbe Hnna use is another torture. The gas at" tacks alt tender parts of tbe bodyii under tbe arms and knees, around ,thti neck and waist causing much, suffering as it eats. Into the skin. · . " "This morning we had quite an. honor conferred* upon oar company. We were lined up along a road for morning inspection by our company" officers. The captain was proceedins with the" Inspection when who should! drive up bnt one of th« greatest mei in the world today; .the man entrusted with the command of the American Army in France.--General Pershing. He alighted fromchls machine, walked over to our company and. passed up and down our ranks givingt each matt a looking over from his shoes! to bis tin hat. Ho did not have a single fault to fine with either our officers or the enlisted men. This' was a very rare occurrence, it being un- usoal for tie commanding general of an army as large as ours is here tb stop and Inspect a single company. It pleased ail of us. "I met a Y; M. C. A. secretary, a Lutheran minister from Philadelphia, who knows Rev. Burgess. I was detailed as bis assistant for a -month. 1 certainly am glad that Councils :i!le responded so well to the Third Liberty Loan. We need the money. Oh! you-haven't any idea of the.enormous cost of the war; you could, not have without being over here to see Tfhat is being done. "1 think we have tbe Huns in « box. We could drive iJieia from France wltb the army we'nave now, but .the · sacrifice in human ?,ives on our side would be great. The generals of the Allies are saving as many men as possible. The Germans are slowly beating themselves, Just, as a moli beats out its life against a covered flame. We can hold them, and'hold them to the finish!" LUNCHES FOR COKE WORKERS AFTER THEY WORKTURN FOURTH Graham Grove TJcnlc Committees WIH look Alter All Who Attend Ited.Cross BencOt. To accommodate men who are going to work a full day at the coal and coke plants in this region in tie Fourth of July; arrangement.'! have been made by the picnic committee oi the lodges which will hold a corn and or roast at Graham's Grove on that i day for the benefit ot the Red Cross, to'provlde them with a lunch any time after they have worked their turn. The lunch will be served lot all day and there will be enough oa hand Tor everyone. 'Alter hearing o£ the decision ot i the operators to work a ftill day on j the Fourth oC "July, on account of the necessity of keeping up the coal and coke supply, the picnic committee met and arrange'] to have the'luncli serv- GERMANS OCCUPY MIS, CHIEF CITY IN CAUCASUS; WESTERNFRONT IS ACM Capture of Asiatic City is Announced in Delayed Telegraph Dispatch From That Front; G«r» man-Austrian Prisoners in Region Being Or* ganized; Fi.-ench and British Improve Position*, GRAND DUKE MICHAEL ISSUES FIRST MANIFESTO By Associated Press. LONDON, July 1. -- German troops have occupied TUlis, th'« capital of the Caucasus government and the largest city in tb» Caucasus district, says a delayed Exchange Telegraph dispatch. from Moscow. Organization of Austrian and German war ln that region has Annans. 3en | FBJB3VCH ADD MOBE TEBKH'OET Df of the biggest picnics ever held in PARIS, July 1.--French troops last night carried but 'tea. Fayette county. Pair weather is | operation on the Manie iront south of the Oicrcq which resulted. promised by the weather, man, and ! in the improvement of ijhe French positions in the vicinity of tickat committees ^ report that sales j Tassy-en-Valoios. The liermans counter attacked in an effort are going heavy. The s ^tir^ amount j (. Q recover j-^g g roun( j g. j ne( j by the French Saturday night in ^rVULa^s,T EvVrdge!^^ 10 ^ 0 ^ 051 ^ 01 t W S " - ' in the city is participating in the pic- iTM e Drench retained th«|r newjpositions in tlreir entirety. nic. Antonio Bcfano has competed the sporting program which alone is worth the price of an admission ticket. Boxing bouts and wrestling matches will be staged. Three fistic matches have been arranged and they are of the same high class which i-s given in any city. The picnic .will last the entire day, from 10 o'clock in the morain.s until night. Committees are preparing the grove and cither committees have talren care of the ox and corn roast ANDREW MADER,DUrfAR YOUTH, IS SEVEMY MlCHAEi CAIIrS OJT RUSS TO OTKRT.HBOW BOISBETIX. LONDON, July 1.-- Grand" Data Michael is reported, to have issued a FW D TTl IT ! manif es *° stating that he considered 111 DAI iLCj i t lis duty lo restore and regenerate I the Russian people, says an Andrew Mader. a well knoMJn Dun-! Telegraph dispatch from Moscow unbar bor, has been severely vjounded j der date o£ Juni 25. He calls upon. in battle, according to a telegram re- ' " · · · · - . ceivcd by his sister, Miss Aiina! Mader, from the War Department. ' TWOMILUONSTO BE SPENT BY W. M. Young -Mader's parents art I dead, and J. H. Foltz of Iunbatj,i guardian. He spent all his \1] Dnrebar until bis enlistment- service about a year ago. if both IN IMPROVEMENTS L T. U. DOING ITS SH,%E IVork at Cnmbertand, 3ld, to Ilogin linmediuk-lv; Yards to Be Expanded. The Western Maryland railroad, un- j dor the direction of Mr. Thompson o" Its engineering: department, has begun ,[-impTOvemoMs*in-"tbW-vlSln-h ^"bT Ciffiif berland Uiat will entail an expenditure of two million dollars and will probably require IS mouths to complete. in the courae of a 'Eev davs the .Anderson Bros, steam shovol out/it from Altoona will be scraping '?ff the moan- tain side at the upper end of Ridgeley, preparatory to lie lnying of. four Jn Furnishing Men for Array an and BnyinR Liberty Bond). The annual report of the In ional Typographical Union sho 1 this organisation and its are bearing i;hoir full part in On- ' r '4,08f 'jouTneymert mem- the people to overthrow the preeeot government. BBJT1SH FOBC1BS TXCSffTE THEBtt FOSITKWS. LONDON, July 1.--British troops last night in a minor operation, in the regioa northwest of Albert effected an. improvement in the British positions and captured machine gnns and pris- -' oners, the war office announced to- · jday. Activity of the German artillery in the region between Albert and Arras and in sectors of the Slanders front is reported in today's war office"" statement. . . . . : .., si--. '-; .,.. ..Taking ; tb e.lag^es^verjwath/ofr'sthe ' Aisoe the'Prericc captured, a. German-. ··· strong point near-.Cutry, sovoh-mst of Soissons. adding to theij- recent · gains in this sector. bers and 656 apprentices were in tbe army and navy forces of the* United States and Canada. OC this number 7S have fallen in battle or died in the military camps in America. To thi! de-iPEKSHDfS REPOKTS pendents of these men mortuary benc-! Df The union has invested ?SO,000 in tracks of one hundred cars ca^acitv. i Liberty Bonds and the subordinate or- A better connection will ithus bt! made ! gunizations and individual between the Ridgeley and Knobiuount j have invested more yards, and the latter are to be expanded through the constructiSi of an additional track oa Ccdai: Cliff curve. Rociwood and Garrett passing sidings will be extended to make the' road a double track system between Roclcwood Junction and Garrett, a fits have been paid to the amount of: WASHINGTON, July L--The Army ? 23 ' 150 - (casualty list today coniaiMd ti names, divided as follows: KIBwl la action, 5; died of ;vround6, 4; died of in action, 1. | distance ot five and a half mi/es. The showil from tne (act that ihe st ' rike ccal from, the Penosj ivania region will be diverted to the Western Man-land from the Somerset and Cambria mdual members accidents and o*«r causes, 5; died of than $3,000,000 in disease, 7; died ot aeroplane- aoei- thcse securities. The earnings of the ent, 1; wounded sweretyi 36; fi2,000 members for the past year " amounted to moro than $71,000,000. That the members are in accord with President Marsdeu G. Scott's declaration that "There should be no strikes or lockouts during the war," is ALLIED AYIATOBS KHX. braauh oE the -Baltimore Ohio at Hockrwood Jaaction. At the request of Director General McAdoo the Western Ma.ryland will soon discontinue service between Cumberland and Piltsbur.g that they , may be able tb move the vast a m o u n t ) of coal from these region;! to the seashore. expenses of the year were but J1.237. Conneilsville Union, No. 321, has AST) WHBCK AT PAEJS, Jnly 1.--«ve persons killed and 1-1 injured at Mannheim, Germany, Saturday morning by- bombs dropped by AuWd aTj»tor»^. says a H'avas dispatch from Basel, furnished !hre e men for military and j Severe property damage also r*«mlt* navy service: Ralph .P. Sliger, of TheUd. Courier office; Louis J. Cole, of The NeTv-s office, and Frank Cox from. th£ Pryce Printing company. YOUGH CLAIMS VICTIM Rumanian tfraploye at B. £ 0. Tsrd« Gets B«yond Hli; Deptb. The Youghiogheny river claimed .another victim Saturday night about In Sale 'of /unmermw Interefc Jn 6 .30 o'clock, when A. Krigian, 28 $4,000,000 COAL DEAL tie 0,«enmhoning Coal Company. i Tbe report is current in Somerset | that D. B. Zimmerman has disposed of | his holdings in the Quern aliou ing Coal I company to a syndicate of New York I capitalists ..for a consideration of $4,009,000. The deal is said to be tor Mr. Zimmerman's entire holdings in this enterprise, consisting of more than 90 per cent of the capita! stock. Toe Quema-honing Coal company is the largest independent coal mining 3lrs. Inrin Asls Htjiaring. Application - for a . habeus corpus hearing on behalf of Mrs. Sarah Irwin alias Sara Wright, charge's with the murder of Raymond Bartel!! bj Patsy Medio, recently, itiund :guiltyol the crime,- has "been Died and a. hearing will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.before Juflge E, H. Rep-: pei-L The in-it was filed by Attorney S. Ray.'Shelby who has been retained by. Mrs. invin. : · .- Be»ttr Improves, W-iUiam Beatty,. who has. been la the Morgantown hospital for the patft hwo weeks for treatment of injuries sniftered while at work, was brought to bis home here Saturday- everting. Mr; Beatty !s a Baltimore. A Ohio |brakcman, and he was found lying along the railroad tracks at Morgantown In an unconscious.condition. Made Head Karse. Miss Viola Addis has gone'to Philadelphia where she head nurse at the Presbyterian hospital;: where she was graduated in nursing, tor a- few months. - ' Wagnn Works A'ot Sold, .The transfer of the CrossJaiid W^ on' works on the West .'Side, as^. announced; Saturday, was on a l«ase for u year and not a .sale. Harry .T, Crbssr land said -today. Fair· tonight and the noon'weatUer forecast for Western Pennsylvania.' · . . . Temperature Becord. 10IS 1017 .Maximum --; 90 -S3 Minimum ' , . . .64 . 69 ' -Mean . '----^ 12·· · 7«'- Itoe 'iough river rose during the niBht from 1.10 feet 1 35 feet years old, a Rumanian, was drowned while in bathing at a point in the river near the Baltimore Ohio shops. Krigian, who -was one ot 40 men employed on the repair tracks of the Baltimore Ohio railroad, with, sev- BOLSHEVIK TUSSS OTEB FMET TO , LONDON, July 1.--The Bot«h«Ti)Ei government has surrendered to Germany a part of the Russian Black Sea fleet which fled to Hovo Bo»sj6k. when the Germans captured Sebasto~? pol, says an official telegram fronn Moscow. The other . ships were blown up by their crews. Germany* has promised not to use the warships and to return them to Russia, attec the conclusion of peace. AKEBICAlf CASUAJ,TJBS TO BATE TOTAI WASHINCfTON, July 1.--CasnsJtlea' In the American expeditionary foreen or 1 ·- lit tuu -o-iji^i JUAU UA.J.M;UJuunnry »o eral other men -went into the river. I thus far reported total 10,383. ^ They had not been in the water long!this number 9,331 were in th* Army 'when Krigian, who was unable to and 1.252 la the Marine Corps, swim, goi beyond his depth and I Army casualties were as toDow"- sank. Efforts of his fellow bathers ! Killed in action (including 291 to rescue him were fruitless. Later operation in Somerset conlaty. It op- I f - ne body was recovered by men in erases the Ralston, Zimmerman and I koats. A large crowd gathered on the Rocfcwood plants, which produced ap- i oridge and the lower yards when the proximately 700,000 ions of coal last ! D °dy was brought down on an engine year. The product of these mines, known in.'the tide .water mariets as "Admiralty coal," has long be?u used by our naval vessels. ENGINE NOT FEASIBLE UnrtvoraMe Jieport on Invention Designed to Get Power from Air. By Associated Pr«*aa. WASHINGTON, July l.--An unfavorable report on "garabed," tt.e mysterious ervgine "which its inventor claims would take power out of the air and propel anything from an air- and taken charge of by Funeral Director J. E. Sims. Funeral arrangements will not be made until the arrival of relatives of Krigian. Rev. M. S. Kanaga, pastor of the Trinity Episcopal church, will have charge of toe services. Krigian was single. at sea), 1,491; d-ed of woonds, 47S;i died of disease, 1,287; died of accident and other causes, 465; wounded in action, 5,024; missing in action. (in-eluding prisoners), 385. The summary of casualties among the marines follows. Deaths. 407; wounded, 842; in hands of enemy, Jt; missing, 2. WILSON FATOBS FEE-EttAI, COXTBOT, OK fl'IBra. WASHINGTON, July 1.--President I Wilson today informed the House In* ; terstatc Commerce' Commission that i h e is heartily in favor of legislation Cards Ifnniing Draftees 'ot Fit. For. :all t horizin B "i e government to .take Service Arrive 7f!re. ' |over the telegraph and telephone lines. A resolution authorizing th« 19 ARE REJECTED . Cards announcing the rejection or ^aftees who ha,! been sent to; plane to a battleship, was submitted i«ini»B camps by local Boarfl for Ws-i to the Interior. Department, toy by ! trict No.. 5 were receives: this. morn- | the committee of scientists .vlucb tested the invention atBo«ton Satur to eo lltlcc aj, with the approval of congress Tie comauttee announced it d d not mg The names of the men rejected: v follow: · . .;.' ' Bert Raymond and'William. T. 5 lev both of Stewarton, sent to Fort- i over the lines prob- rted favorably by Uia i TO REPORT, SAYS PERSHrNC. ·\VASHINGTON, July 1.--Eicept for iveased artillery activity o n both ^ energy Kflled Under FalU ,Kik« : Gosal. was,Instantly killed Sat- arday -when n.e was caught ay a tall ot l,la e m. tbe mines of the Ccnnells- Vi'le Centril Co^ce coanpan,/ latim, Harry .H. B r o w n , ! £ r t iliiant Miller, James E. Mc- CJJEW OF j Samuel j George 'WiUi: Dowell, Thomas B. Rayenscraft, Joan K. Thomas,:Earl Myers and Mike.Jare- shl, all sent to Camp'Lee on May 29; and .Albert G. Hirst, recently sent to Carnegie Tech in PittsburE- WASHINGTON, July 1.--Thi:'

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