The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1918 · Page 8
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June 29, 1918

The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Louis 8; Pittsburt"!'.' ; : ' · . ' · York 6; Philadelphia-1. .,. Brooklyn-Bost; cold ..w.eather ·.· Chicago-Cincinnati; rais. ·'. Bong Men ol Tl GiVen Sendoff ,':' Jtln i«r Sew .Ctanrefcj' of Obwr»«ir EhUadelpW Pittsburg Brooklyn Cincinnati;-'; St. Louis Tofc/s Scfcefliile. Ptttsborjat St.. Louis (2). ', ' . at Boston. : Philadelphia at New York. Chicago at Cincinnati. 1:. O..G. p. tome* orft AMERICAS LEAGUE. Yes1*rd»j's Besnlto. Nev York 10; Philadelphia 2 "Washington S; Boston" 1. ';St Louis S; Chicago 1. Cbicigo 6; St. Louis 2. Cleveland 'Zi Detroit 1. , Scottdare; Georgi Mllef Staniteg ef the Clmta. and «x esea lots; trout Seottdale bor- ^rewFagy^^-e^jgyrotCTi^^ ·· r .^,,. y ..-.,~ f . : ^,^,y.^ v *·.***,*-·:·· . . . . , - - . . , . . . . . . . ,.,^;.^,,v ..j.. s . p ^...... .. ^. , : . . -:' 1 ;'*..' ' . · · ' . . ·;· ' " -''· : "'.' i -. · ' - ' ' ' ·''I- ·"'·:'· j' f -s-'. '° : ':·'.'·· '·'·· ' " . : . , . ·;·-, · · : . , : _ . - · . - . ; .SAT0^DAT,;JTjris"i9, : 1918. -· ··',.;;;=.'·· "feHyc v'. . ; . " - -. · ·· · 3oimi^. : |:^m'EiijjrmjJ5. PA/, , . . , - ; ' '· \ -jieM at .the Re- chaach Jaat'wenmg for the , B»r.. E. R. Lambach, and' from the n, -with a large · oC.i£e^.eongE«e5Ktion, were In ..parsons took -part .._-»,,-· ;Kai» .solo. JGss i : C»loonr,:music, choir; adiress, " -;O. Glenn, pastor of the Luth- jufrch; ..solOiE. D. Fufler, "When ^s-"Corat Home;"' address. Hev. : i~, jistor of the'Tirst Beformed ^f'Greensturg. EOT. Laubacb a*3bort addrea* and the party Vent to .tile basement of J.-wnere refreshment.' were *iti,-£ZMl 'where a.verr pleasant so-. -25 S4 .424 -21 40 J41 Todar-s , Sf Lonis at Chicago. .' '· : N«w Yort: at Philadelphia. Boston at Washington. Detroit at Cleveland. If T MI Xre Huflag BngriM d the advertisetc colunms'oC Th 'Daily Courier. You will flnd them. "''. .IT«»« TTlas Cnp. i Ererson ceam oC tie Jmdor r Athletic league carried off the t.rver trophy by winning two ot Itlir^e games pla.Tel with Nortn ft^cup. .Monv of the boys' xts/^vere in altendrance at the "'game,','knd ,gtta.t Interest was Wjjrk'indent.' -."?"' · ; : -: ! :;X; -JUie«lUi)eo«i Sbo-ner. iUbsiOIiTe Rhodes gave .a rniscsl- -""^r/lhower^at'ier .home ye«ter- ibon J -for.,;-^3^s. .Paul' cone o« WE ooi^r *ti.o ««y SLACME CMMUND UCRi ! «-go to i:'uext.;;we«k..where she will iiooie. ,-MMi .vnr.'alce pres- Kr'received'.and' very" uice f re- tsvwere -served '' the guests AtUsr. flip loerti t'b*Jterc the Fonrfli.and ·;from tbomBiida of styllsX r : .TraatBd^; suits, coats L:at. / lSw'?st pnces on.-this l»'O«irajIcc'Sale wWcH is IMMT. on. .; lidtes' ..Store.^as 7011 get »Te»r."S!ottiJale,' Pa--Adv. *««rlr * .atiatmi^tttZ. ''iadiading "ad£ a?? fiegicra; Mflao; gaEdie:; IC«ts, - at ie7.*; street--Adr-- i' .·-'· : : ' : " ' · · . . . visit' C aC bostoess -/caller' in, vey;STi»niin. . of. : _ 'e'^-.Tdi^ \_amoiis'.. : Myrtle 'l^Jlfeic of . on GonnellsvUle triends and " ' " '. muel. Jtathews ,ot Jon-es -Mill, g- today .among- ConneUs- iflie.Jrieuds.aind.'shoppin{; v - " on the Baltimore -Sa Ohio ; . *jio, Kevnda Sips'-jof jrli;' iyendlnj: a few days air- ' TM f!9«vfriends. · - ' - · -..?·:,- "~"T. .Meyers of Conflneriiee,.'was "...caller bierr'tDdSyi'..'.!;- .is' transacting^;v.btisi-* -'--·"- anirUniorltown- Ohio track.-men _,_ ,_.-_,, tn- the Mocntaio' Water tepplr-'compat ,switch; today. ' aCS'M. UHg was a ..bosiness -.caller. i», read.'oor adTcrtising"colnmna. Ikf dbicWas from far ·xi.tUh uj hint UKUDI write to tk. NktfoMl W»r ~ ' »--!-- ~ * Z«ut for lOc 15c PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program For Hot Week The home of the best pictures for the best people . in the best 'and coolest theatre. ~" MOS'DAT ..- :'The Romance of 'a Fighting ' Pardon is A 5 Act Metro ' Screen Drama. Starring Francis X Bushman and Beverly Bayne ;Also a. Z Act Keystone Comedy. World Presents TUESDAY World Presents "THE CABARET" With, an all-star cast including Carlyle Blackwell, Mpntagne Love, 'June Blvidge, John Elridge, George McQuarric. ,_.The inside life of a. New Tori; Cabaret and the Bohemian centers ot the great city , Is vividly shown- In this pictnre, Also' a Good Comedy" and the . Universal Weekly. . . . *Tb«'.»ensatlon of^the hour" -- jEdward Everett .Hale's Immor-. tsl /American; Classic, "THE MAK TC1THOUT A COHSTBr' .Featuring oneof the nation's greatest stars; FLORENCE LA BADE.: - The ibest picture-j that. has ever been shown andi the greatest acting is shown riri ·this production. Also Current Events. "FKCDAY SATUBDAT "William Fox presents the Universal and. greatest star . ever screened in her best and latest, picture-- rTHEDA BAEA In a Theda Bara productioiij "THE TOBBrDDETf FATH"' Forced from her home by hen father Mary Snyder, /through a mans perfidy? sinks to the deaths . ,, » ' * Also, a S!de-Solitttng Comedy and "Universal " -Mary,.Garde'n in SFHEXTOO) l|s ppod fle^ws Ta ; Here is-ohe^ig table of fine pft :str iivs', including "f oyo«, Pananias and other popular, styie^-aH in the handsomest of :br»ids arid new shapes--.which" we are' : gbing to sell -at OFF They used tocost yon $1.50 to $6.00. Now if s $1.00 to $4.00. ."Wbicli is SO3iffi SiV^NG when tjou.:aitrp to think; that ill's only -June aJid there's ».whole sum- '· nieri "of stTaw^ttat weather yet to'comf!. · .. . Maybe you've already bought a hat good. 'Here's -your, chance to bay another, for you probably will ' buy; another before" the ".season's over. . '· . .'",;| haven't had a new straw yet this year,- here's the chanceyou'TB becnf-waitiig for. ' - ' ; ~| . AH and ONE LOT MEN'S SUITS Worth Today $2S;00 | Choice Choice We don't want you to get lhe;"wrong idea about these Suite. .There aren't a whole lot of- them, and,nor ; 'air:are new this season. They consist of: broken . lots .in-,-mostly small sizes, of which there is;, always an aecamolatlon: in 'every busy-clothrhg store.! sizes, in'th«"litrbut If your size is here--Oh Boy, whit .'rafae. 'i'liV,'.^.' · Some Time This Summer the - Boys Are --Fnll Crew Overall*, good tjus-litj, pialn bhie, KJV garment. --Full Crew O-rermfls^ sMfel stripe. $2.2S gannent. --"Our Own Make" Overalls, $1JO garoMnb --IfninB S«Jt OveraOn, SXOO rack. --SOTS' Overalls, 50c, 9*0, SIM each." ' or --Boys' Slip-Overs, 1 $1.00 .' ««»· . " ' · . . . . :-- Bnrs' Khiiti Pants, *li« to '»L50 pair. 1-- Ken's Work runts, *1SO. --Vea's Khaki P»ots, $1.25 to ' ' ' jis ode, --Drew Tints op to SIC. Boy War Savings Stamps--Sato GoM B^iiii'JiUmps. GOLFERS AT GARDEN CITY FOR RED CROSS Jolto G. Anderson, paired with .Walter Hasan, defeated Jerome'Travers and 7ame« Baroea in a.-apectai match for the Bed Cross at Garden Caty:. I. G. Anderson In ebown tn the picture, starting the match. . STRICT RULES FOR PLAYERS; Ball Toner* Who Trifle Witt Uqiior hr Cigarettes M»y Be -Handled' ·evaraly.: Ttie -National lecgne bii stnrted aomiithlng... The hew code which; the players, are soppoaed to roUow Is by, far : tiie most strict that, had ever been handed down by any leagne,; and- the* diNatJoiial has set'a precedent According to the new Tales, National league players who flirt with whisky to excess or burn too mrmy'cigarettes to Kralt the ideas of r ihelr managers may be handled severely, and the lenjrno · win . uphold anr : : manager 'in, Itoywra most keep track at therr own baccate. They must keep their uniforms clean. They moil restrict themselves to $3 per day for meals, ami diry moat live at any hotel the cWo selects. They, will, not tie allowed to ride In taudcabe at the dab's ex- It suspended by an umpire, a player jwffl. be dealWwlth Wording to the rewmmondatloni of President tfener to the board7-ot directors. There will be no appeal /from the decision of the board. In addition to this, the player who recelTa an Jnjory outside of the .service of his clnb will nave to stand" lor his salary being lopped' oft while III? i* absent. And acr player who ^misbehaves : In pnMlc, whether on or ·off Die Held, Is liable to floe and sns- ipeaetan or both. 1 . ThoJaew-'roles-were.adopted by the :)ecgBft to;-.Improve the quality of the [game'and serve also as a war measure. ! .·'*'·'.'.:· · . · i Thar aSmr-iirlthoat a donbt tint the i magnate* jteel they have the whip |hBnd'*gatnV And with the Fed league :· mere mitmory and the Players' fraternity sobdoed. It looks as thooga 'they live.,. -.-. ·1 TIGERS, WHITE AND RED SOX Three Tc«mi Will Settle Ra« for Flag In ArrMirlcan League,,SayaMan- ] 'ager Jennings, . EngrUe Jennings Is convinced this year's American race-will be between three tejims. . . - . ' · ' He caumt see Cleveland, St. Lbnla, Woshlnfton;-New'York or PhUadel- PWa. i .£-4 v · · : . . ' That leaves the flag between Boston, Chicago and Detroit.;, . .·· ; . '!The Boston clnli li'ai^nbt lo«t mnch strength ithrough the eiulatment ot a ; dozen plaiyers," dcclared^'Hnghle^ .^"'"In. the* trade wltiCack it aecored somev'caipaDle "perforinersf and .players v who wonffd-flt'ln nicely'on; nay team. , '"Cnlcago, has Dot : ;lo6t .strength. . ..'.Detroit, If It pldE»"np a pitcher or t-wo, wlir be In the..fight .ail the time. My iteam always has been a heavy hit- tint;, clnb and all It needed for three seasons was pitching strength to hold It up; "%plth Donovan developing, the roeh, it looks like we are going to have It this sea son." OFFER PRIZES FOR PLAYERS St. Louis Millionaire Will Give Money '.for Excellence In Certain Brands -of Performnnce. Enssetl Gardner, St. Louis millionaire and chief backer of the Memphis Southern league club, has ofteied'three prizes for Memphis piuyers.. of $500. for the most valuable player on the team Other prizes ore $200 and $50 ·for excellence In 'certain brands ofcper- ·fprmahce. '"Whether snch prizes'Come under the ban as laid down by the National commission. In the I/ajolo case, 'Is" qnestlon. looocowxxxjcoexxsoooa; J. B. KURTZ, N01ARY PUBLIC , AND REAL.E»TAT«. i We, * twitH CWHMllwUU .^.!v-^^p^««* - :.j,mm: mmmmpmfm^^mr';;.^ ...*·: ^^ 'Y6u:'caix-ijisp^ct , : ourI'atbck 'o'fc^V:-;-. : ; V.- ' oollectipii;! ; o'; .aeat 'patterns; ^aitdV'; '" ' 1 ways vlfejP:.; j'accUstpnied' to : ; fin'd'-' at ffija^oris: ; ;;;Jiiat : .' is because J we^toofetime^yw^tie : forelpciftj and ordfel^d; | tieriieiidous ' ' ' So .mu'ch/ibgtpdayi. But what;! ui tomorroVr^l:'; Manx-iittills have . beeri-,,'iaken;\6y?rl.ljy iiie govern- .1 ment;:and. 1 wiat;'iRu i gs are maniif' factiired: will Ve-'ss.: greatly. in~.d creased price. ' .These are. the;,| coriditioris-pur.buyers mustface.- wlien-present-.stooks are ex-, hausted. And Jt jneans that : our next stock will of necessity i be much 'higher priced. ' Tlie : IUigs on hand today are ': witbdut 'exception, priced ;25%. and even,more-under today's actual v,alue. Surely this fact is suggestive to anyone anticipating the purchase of new rugs in the Fall. - - - ' · The Following Prices Are Suggestive of the Many Splendid RUG Values That Await You HERE and NOW. .4 Tapestry Rugs, 11-3x12 ft: $35.00 : r 9 Axminstcr Rugs, 11-3x12 ft. ._.'.''$55.006 Boay .Brussels Rugs, Il--'3xl2 ft. $55.00 2 .Wilton Rugs, 11-3x12 ft. $70.00 -·2 Wilton.Rugs, 11-3x12 ft. ..,, $80.00 3. Wilton Rugs', 11-3x5 ft. SllOiOO S,.Wntpii.Rugs ) 9x12 ft _. $39.75 ? 8 Body Brussels Rugs, 9sl2 ft. ,,_ $40.00 9 Wilton Rugs, 9x12 ft $60.00 14 Wilton Rugs, 9x12 ft $70.00 4 Wilton Rugs, 9x12 ft. S75.00 10 Wilton Rugs, 9x12 .ft _.... $90.00 15 Axminster Rugs, 9x12 ft. $4-5.00 7 Brussels Rugs, 9x12 ft $20.00 22 Brussels Rugs,- 9x12 ft. :_ $'25.00 2 Brussels Rugs,' 9x12 ft. $32.00 Other Rugs, Large and Small Priced in Proportion One Lot of Transparent Brim Hats That Sold for $8.50 to ;$10»: These mcxiels are new this Summer. and ia most excellent style, being exceedingly popular everywhere with, well dressed women. * Next to the substantial saving, the best, thing about these hats is the splendid variety of choosing they afford you. Some bape tapestry crowns; some have velvet crowns; and some have lisere crowns;--while ribbons, Sowers and fancy feathers are .usjed as trimmings. And, we might aJfld, they are most delightful. ,' '? These popular ·-..·/,-· ·-hrown, navy, and black. . - ·;··· at $1.65 Dresses, Special ~^" No woman needs to be told" silks, and now comes the oppor' priced almost as low as today's ' In the case of black taffets to duplicate it at all. It is a fin ings. The colored taffetas are i in light as dark shades; woman who will need such . . while prices are no higher. ;eful sort of frocks are made from these ·f choosing from some fresh, new shipments, :e cost. . 1 o a yard, 38 inches wide, we would not be able ·aality, nice for either dresses, blouses or lin- 00 a^ard and are particularly good. They are e 35 inches wide. We strongly advise any buy them now while all the shades are here, aad Gold Bond Stamps Pa-- - on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. BECOME AH EXPERT SAYEK An account with the Title Trust Company of "Western Pennsylvania will prove valuable to you. Tie safety .afforded and liberal interest allowed are good incentives for regular deposits, thtis . helping' you to become an expert saver. . This is; the only bank in this community paying 4% interest on . Savings Accounts. PARAMOUNT JHEATRg lOc --TOPAT-- THE WORLD'S "MOST BEAUTIFUL BURGLAJL" THE STAR CAPTURED THE NATION. A STORY OF MELODRAMATIC ING. ALL ARE COMBINED IN THE GOLDSS^YN PICTURE, MADGE KENNEDY -IN" "''' "'· -~.-"~ "THE DANGER GAME" . . ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. --MOJTDAT-- - i . THE ROMANCE OF A FIGHTING PARSON IS "CYCLONE HIGGINS, D. D." A 5 ACT METRO SCREEN DRAMA OF LOVE IN HOMESPUN · 1 STARRING FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN AND BEVERLY BAYNE ALSO A 2 ACT KEYSTONE COMEDY. I , : BEAD TEE COTJREBB. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTHPHONES OPPMAHSTRANSFER OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. THEATRE --TODAT-- ' , PAtTLINB FREDERICK IN - "JIBS. DANE'S DEFENSE" Also the Paramount-Mack: Sennett Comedy. "SAUCY MADELINE" 3t03il*AT ..ASB TESDAY-- C3HARLIE CHAPtlN.IN "A BOG'S 1IPE" Also Dorothy'Daireoa-- in i'FijiRE TIP SAL."

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