The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COtTRIER. CONNELLSVTLLB, PA. SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 1913. (Emnrfef . I of the War Chest plan Is that It will ft HENKT P. SNT0EB, Founder and Editor. l!7»-19Ji. . JAMES r and Treaa. BualnesB Manager. JOHN L. GAN'S. Managlngr" Euitor. WAITER S. STIMMEI* City Editor: ,, MISS LTNSE B. IONCXIA* Society Editor. , MEMBERS OP "~' Associated Press, · · lureau .of.. Circulation. sum ^L9*ociat«d. Dairies, ·Two c«ntr p»r copy. SOc por month; yiair by "mall If l»ld In advanc*. er** B»;-»»eona class matter at · :«C WTTJJAM K SHKJtaiAW, "Hospital Unit L. American S X pedHlonary Forces, France. '*·· . 3IJQBR, " . . American Expeat- Forces, .France. SB»tt«l HAROLD BICKET. Ifi'th Field Artil- -- irjr- Forces. France. i" ELOYD-B. coy, , 3. A, Fort Myer. Va. JU1IUS GROUSE. Caapaa -- E,' I"" Engineers (RaUwar). Am«rlean Expo- ditlonary Forces. France. JAMES J. McPARTLANB, Companr B, 63rd Ensl"««. (Railway}. I 1 " 1 Benjamin · Earrlsori." InflJai»po- 11s. Indiana. - . · -ItUSSEIi* I*ENSABT, c a a President Grant, tJ. 3. Navr. CAKIj STEHUE,- 3rd Conwany. _lst Battalion. In* ~f antry · Replacement Bri- gad*. Camp Left. Va. Tke A»«0d«ted PreM. __ r The Associated Press is ex- cluslTely entitlwi to the us« for 11 republlcation of all the news ' dl»a*ei*es« credited- .to it or not ; otherwise credited in this paper * and also the 'local news published herein. "The city council should Bot side- itep the conduit question by dispos- las at It without further effort to reach » more satisfactory solution than te provided by the ordinance now before that body. While this measure. even when cause the people of tie community, without any distinctions of class, religious belief, occupation or station in to feel that they Are having a larger part in the work ol fA'ar relief. it wil£ enlist them as sti than as spasmodic suppo agencies conducting · the ought also to lead to making practically every citizen a participant and thus lighten the burden tor all. Against tlie advantages that have been-presented in favor ot the plan there Is the fear, expressed by some persons not familiar with the actual workings of a War Chest, that it will fail to stimulate giving in the degree that special appeals now do. There will absent the elements ot a friericUjj rivalry between communities to surpass the efforts ot each other, which, factor, it must be admitted, hag been very- potent in swelling the totals', reached in former campaigns. Again, * tie establishment and maintenance : ef a War 'Chest will entail more or less expense, possibly greater, in the aggregate, than the former "drive" methods. The services of a number of persons will be almost constantly required to look, after the collections on pledges and of still others to exercise supervision over the administration of the whole system. The experience of communities in which, the War Chest has heen introduced is reported to have been satisfactory thus far, but the'test of its efficiency cannot be said to have come within the short period during which the plan has been in operation. Tlie real test will come when the first enthusiasm over the Introduction of the innovation shall have waned. If the Interest slackens to the extent that the available chest funds are not ample to meet the respective needs ot the agencies which are to be the beneficiaries, to that extent will the plan fail as compared with the former method of raising money through intensive campaigns. Hoirever, the need in Fayette county is to learn all that is possible to be known about the project and Its adaptability to this section. After a consideration of the merits and. faults of the system the composite judgment of representative people from the ,different communities and from different walks and stations in life may safely be trusted to determine the advisability at its adoption or rejection. WANTED--TWO GOOD STRONG men for asti loaders. Pay -2^c for 40 cubic foot wueon. Can eaatly make J 6 0 0 per day. WEST PBNX POWER STATION. 28juiie3t WANTED -- FIVE TEACHERS IN Stewart township Boa.rd meets July lit. .Write JOHN HAKBAUGII. Sec- ratary. Victoria. Pa. sljunellt WANTED--WXDMIJX FULI, TIME I salary ,J24. Spare t i m e 50c an hour, selling guaranteed h a s i e i y to -wearer. Permanent. Experience unnecessary. INTERNATIONAL MILLS Norrib- town. Pa. 29junc'U* The citing 1 of Fayetto county soldiers tor "bravery at the front having beffun ire may expect to ftnd the names of maiiy ConnellavUle boyt In the lists when they get into' the game in real earnest. The Scottdale auxiliary of the Red Cross is assuming all the proportion** of a whole chapter. They can't scare the ConneUsvilli district by settinsr big quota-s for Liberty Bonds. Red Cross, Savings Stamps* any more than by big quotas for men to serve Uncle Sam. Tomorrow Is the day and your church the place to begin your preparation for a proper observance of the Fourth ot July this year. 'amended to overcome tbe very reasonable and proper objections that have been raised against it by members of council "and others, will -not rial our city entirely of the overhead wire menace, it will b« a step in that di- j rection and pave the way for an eventual and complete solution of this problem. To'adapt the present ordinance to the needs ot the sit'uaticm; to make proper provision for safeguarding the rights of the city and leave the way open for compelling other electrical transmission and service companies to place their wires underground, will ' require some very thoughtful' study of the situation and a complete re-drafting of tbe ordinance before' council. That body ought not to "take- the easiest way out of the dilemma by declining to make further inquiry and Investigation into what is necessary to bo done to pro- · Bm ls angrily demanding of .--- tect the future-interests of tue city. Stria to know how and why It all hap- d alontr the Piave, In due time The Methodist are not usually (t've to incendiarism but burning a r - o r t gage will not subject them to any very revere penalties of th* law, neither will It be regarded as a breach of church discipline. printing itter Charging up the cost tickets will douotJess move of the railroads in the direction of adding to the burdens imposed on people who have to travel.- Tho ex-Czar has been assassinated; the ex-Czar has not been assasai- nat«3, just as you care to take the roraora coming ont of far-oft Russia. %· ' II the Central District Telephone " H company is not willing to accept 1- ^ the conditions tbe council may deter- J; mine to be"" best for the city to im- f.j poae.jtbe project should not even then V be abandoned by council. Instead, ': steps should be taken to compal the fc," placing ot wires nnderground,' as [·,. council, under the powers conferred J. upon the third-class cities, has the ;/ right to do. THE IVAR CHEST. The persons- Interested in tUe establishment of a Fayette County "War Chest acted w'sely in deciding 10 submit the proposition, to a public meeting- 6r~ citizen's* for co'rfsfderation' and dee'iicm. "Without a fuller knowledge ot ttte plan, its purposes and methods, thai the public at large at present possesses comparatively few persons be in a position to intelligently decide upon its merits. Itt support ot the creation and maintenance of a war chest it lb urged that; the plan provides for the elimin- gross hoodwinked people back It. home the will then be asking the same question Bill is now asking ot Karl. The CJivrrpaifrn drlrers of Connellsville have won another Distinguished Service Stripe by pasting "War Savings Stamps all over Bill Hoheniollern. ~ OPEX LETTEK. To Putter LjiosMng ApproTini; His Attitude on Badal Prejudiced To Rev. M, A. Lanblng, Scottdale, Fa. Care The Courier, Connellsville. Dear Sir: -- / ,, Vour, communication of Hay -'3rd to the editor of The Courier In the lasuo oC May 29tfi has come to my notice and I would not be true to myself were I to raba this privilege of expressing 'ray warmest greetings to an American -who is a. true patriot and whoso sentiments are expressed In the spirit such as you have. 1 wish that more ofus would realize that the Influence of prejudice to any great country whose principle is to exercise equality and grive liberty to all Its subjects, and upon which our great country has prospered to become the world's greatest nation and .to^make its influence felt in the entire universe and for which -we are today engaged in the -world's greatest conflict, and it is tbe duty of every true American to "suppress undue prejudice. For this reason I again congratulate ' you and may the day come when ·Winch has reported .Qn. _tOe_m.'Utcr do j every American will realize his d u t y not indicate, the manner of sustaining ',o the country and its constitution. atitin of the intensive "drivei," that have been necessary 10 be made from time to time to raise" funds for the Kwar relief activities. A single he war -chest "yh'ich further efforte"of that character would be unnecessary. * While the published recommendations of the committee insult to the constitution ot our Out Cent m WonL No aavertlMmMits for LeM Than IB Catotm, CtoMlfled column* ctove at DOCB. Advertisement* of wanta. sa ttc.. receii'frd alter Uimt hour will Bet appear until tlie day follow: WANTED -- YOLill BAKBEIUNO RENDlNE-a tt WANTED--COOK AT ST. HOTEL. 29 WANTED--^BELL BOY AT SMITH HOUSE. 25junetfd tiraore Oaio Freight Station. 29june.U "POR~SAL.B--SEVEN PTuATK GLAS9 top floor caaes. hat case, r e f r i g e r a t o r , meat rack, block, marble top counter ' and combination electric grinder GEO. C. McGILL, Dawson. Pa, 2 G j u n e l t * "WANTED--COOK AND CHAMBI2K- maid at TRANS-A3-.LKGHENY HO- EEL. 25junet£d WAITED -- PORTER, NOT draft, at JIILL 11O11SE, Scottdal*!. ·WANTED-- SALESMAN AT ONCE. Citli at 3U? Wetot Crawford avenut. WANTED-- GIRL- FOK G E N E R A L housework. 516 JBa»t Patterson uvc- nue. Tri-State MU. »J«no FOR SALE -- THBAP, SIX 11KAO ponri work horses, three scis double harncwa, f o u r good road wugonH, on« J dump wagon. I n q u i r e TtRTlCD BROTH CRS COAL COMPANY, South | Conn*!lsvtltc, Pa. Trl-Statc phone 240-W. - S j u n e G t LOST -- BBTWREN CONNELLS- villo anrt Pltt.ihttrp two 32x1 aum tiros and rims complete. Re ward oC S2R for r e t u r n . TV. D. BICE (V»n- n o l l s v i l l o , Pa. 28june3t WANTED--OI1.ER AT WliST PCNX Power station. Mast be over IS ycard and steady; wafres J7T.50 per month, wltli eootl chance for advancement. 2Sjune3t . FOt NI -- I.MnR'fc.LLA. and pajlnc; Cor this ad N o l l r o . , "/cTm?uTA/BR! ItANTFACrimBR of R u b b e r Stamps Ml W U H I cniw- ford avfmic Complete of n t u m p s u p p l i e r . S i l j u n e C t WANTED--COAL MINERS ON EN- try work at new mine of Lincoln Gas Coal Company, near "Washington. Pa ; » hour shirt. Apply S W. VANCE, Superintendent. 27jime6t ollci*. '57Ti~coNT;Ebrs\niAi3 NEW AND Second llantl F u r n i t u r e Store la now I prepared to d° u p h o l s t e r i n g and re- . finishiiB fjoods In al! the lalofit rjc- , si^ns. We arf .ilso prepared to re- , nalr locks, inake keys .ind all work ! alonp that l i n e 123 South Pittsbunr i ·street. Trl-Stato 762. ISjuneSl WANTED--LARGE MA.VUFACTUR- er wants* representatives to sell 3hlrt3. \ underwear, "hosiery, dresses, -waists,, skirts, direct to homes. Write for freft ( samples. MADISON MILLS. 503 Broad- I way. New York City. 18aug2Ct-sat the war. chest, U is presumed that the system of monthly paymenjs by tho subscribers'. (or the duration of the war, as adopted elsewhere, would be the means whereby the ch(st fund would be provided. Plainly such a method would · reduce the matter of and live up to its noble cause. ALFRED J. KOBACKEK. THE OXE DfTBREST. I ·west laat nitfht to see the show, a play I've long adored; but little Eva's tale of woe just left me feeling strongest arguments urged m favor of creating a war chest -Further, it our giving to the- war auiliiailes to a · bo -ed. I SB**- £lt«a cross the bay, but j ,u * - * w ' f e l t no pleasant i thrill; for I was ( system, and lhat is on^ of tbe tnlnkins ot some war to can oW Ka[s . er "Bill. And Marks the lavryer hewed his gags, and failed to make me Erin; relieve those dii,iat erected unselfishly patriotic citizens who have j to ^ee"th*e" baseban'gamc. *wKh cronYes spent their tim* tttnd^sacrificed tUeir i three or four; the pastime's pretty business interests' in", condiu ti^ tbe j much^ the same as in the days of yore. been to render this very"valuable and 1 were thinking of the Hun,' of war necessary serice, it is little short of i across the brine. J knew not which -n imposition to ask them to continue t e a m won ? r Iost - and didnt secni co I it iudefiutelv. True, - other persons 'I T could be asfced to take ihe burdens , t of these, campaigns upon thftaselvest I' Jbut new groups of campaigners, even e (it Just as wUlin^ but lacking the ez- f perience and special knowledge, the 1 Jformer have acquired, would ,doubt- l ;Jess b« much less successful than ^ *those who have conducted practically * ^fcll tbe drives tcus^far made, * " Another, and important, advantage Aaniinbitrator'H Notice. j "^FST^nT'oF'^CIlAULES LAUCI1MN,! la-p of the borcmeh of nuntmr. c o u n t y i nt F a j c t t o , and Btatu nf P e n n s y l v a n i a , , dfcceafeocl Letters of jicimtnlbtrutlo.i ! t m the above lamed o«ft.itr h a i r i n p T j liecn granted to the untlci al^nod, n o - , Lice Is hereby tfiven to nil p « r s o n n i n - j dcbtcd to hfiitl cutato to make Str-mod-] into p a y n u n f , a n d tn ibo»f having clalTH t h p ^mif to present 1 t h r m p r o p e r l v n t i t ^ O R t i c UPd for i*et - tlemcnt. fOSFPH U STADER. Acini* Co-nni'tlfc-vUte, ren»J-TJvan- ia. H G MAY, Attorney. W A I T E D -- CLEKICAL IfBLP J _ _ (male) for the pencral otlice uf :L j ^ ot | c , larffe corporation^ permanent- positions and splendid opportunities for advancement to i h e rlg-ht parties. State age, experience, and salary desired. Address Auditor, P. O- Box 333 Butler, Pa.- 27junc3t WANTED--CrOVisRNirENT NIS^DS _'0,000 clerKa at Wftshmgrton. Examinations everywhere in July. K x p o r - ience unnpcosi5ar-. Steti and women desiring g o v e r n m o n t positions w r i t e ( for free p a r t i c u l a r s to J" C. LEOX-1 ARD, (former CU i\ Service E x a m i - 1 ner), 8S Ketiois building, Washington. 2 i J j u n e ~ NOTICE IS H K R U B V GIVKN THAT the purtnf-rslup li-.tely Hub-nitta? b"- twcon Aloe C b m n and J. Gardner oC the city of ConneUsvlllo. County of Payottc. and State o£ Ptinnsyl\ ani.i, under the firm natno gf Chmti Card- j ncr. w.u* dissolved on ttie - G t h chiy or .Tune. A. D 3 0 I S , by m u t u a l conirent Ail debts owing to the said partner- b h i p are to le received by tlm said Alec Chinn, and all dem-inds on th«- said p a r t n e r s lip sice to bf» p r p u c n r p d to h i m for payment. ALIX CHI NX, J. GAUDXEP.. 27june6t VPIANTED--DISTRICT MANAGERS an«*4 local agenta to represent old o^- i tabll»hed Pennsylvania Health und j Accident Compan Something now, "Complete Protncilon," Policies c o \ e r a l disability by sicknesra. accitlont, niu- i uraJ. Accidental Death, for $1 00 p e r ' month. AH occupations, both sett.-;. | Liberal contract to cap.tble whole o r , part time men. JuMrei-s N A T I O N A L RKLIEF ASSUKANCK CO3IPA.VY, IOC South Fourth street., P h i K t d e i p h i i, Pa. 2 9 J u n c - l - J - J u I y * | THOMAS Smith, A l o r n t j.. El. CLARK VS. CO* A WANTED -- TUB ST. FHANCIS Hospital Training School for Nur-'CH. Plttaburs, Pa., lyffers a. three j ears' ] course to youoK w o m e n over e i g h t e e n { years Of ape, having tho ncef ssary ! qualifications. The course includes aU the branches of nursing, and in a«ldi- j tlon, hydrotherapy and nra£, T h v v } hospital has a capacity of five him- i drcd bedfi, and Is ainiiatod w j i h tlii 1 *! University of P t t t s b u r c f o r teach In (? \ purposen For further p a r t f c u l n r s -iy- ply to tho DIRECTRICES OF YUP.SKS. C U i k In thu Court o: Common Pfesa of Fuyetlc c o u n t y . Pa.. No. 35E March Term. 191S. To Cora Clark, respondent: You are hereby not'.fled that the auhpo'-nji nnf alias trubpoena in thi? Case h n v e been r e t u r n e d "Non nflt inv p r i t u p " you are therefore requirLnl to appear In tlie Court of Common Pirns of K a y c t t f CTUQty. Pa., on tho second Monday of J u l y of .al(l Court. A. I") 1318, to answer the iibol and complaint flled t h t - r c i r , and show cauw. l£ any you have, w l i y a divorce from the bonds of m*i.trlmon should not be jrran led the U b n U a n t ^ibo^-e numotL THUS U HOWARD, Sheriff. Sh r't's OlHce, J u n « i., 1S18 juni*-7-H-21-2S FOR RENT--APARTMENTS FLORENCE SMUTZ. 24J«netf FOR RENT--ROOM WITH DOARD 124 "West A p p l e street. 1'Ojunetf FOR RKNT--ONE G ROOSC HOUSE. Call Boll 408-R. 29June-3t' FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM for {gentleman, 203 South Prohpect. FO R P-ENT--TH RKn UXFURN* ISH - cO rooms, bath. Apply 310 West C r a w ford. C S J u n e C t * FOV, RENT--TWO XJNFUItNISHm rooms for light housekeepme. No children. 503 East Green at. ITJunceodtC FVr FOR SALE--USED HUDSON AUTO, model 33, in good r u n n i n g - condition. Inquire 104 TV. Crawford or Wells Mills Garage. ISjunotf. SOU SAV-E--1,000 KEKT ROUGH lumber and nlightly usi'd fldorlnpf. JOHN ROBINSON", S p r i n g f i e l d Ilo-itl. ' R. D. No. 3. 2 9 J u n e f i t * , FOR, SALE--AT^L. K I N D S OF R U U - ber Stamps m s t n u f a c t u r e d by (J. N. FULLER, 309 West Crawford 30juneGt care ;for everything on earth'-! a frost, save doings "over there." I do not care for printed booka, for music or for art; there's nothing 1 now but war gadzooka, that rtlra my weary heart. I Co not care for politics, for statesmen and their spiels, for all their foolish bag: of tricks I wouldn't srive two wheels. I do not yivrn for c o u n - j ty fairs, for picnics In the woods; al 1 mortal thlnps are fakes and snares,' save irar, and !t's the {roods And i t ' alone Is -worth cur while, until our cause iff won, until we've canned t h a t j thine of guile, the autocratic Hun. ' FOR SALE--1-TON N A S H TltUCK, equipped w Ith coal body «nd cnb; j f!r*a-cltiEM condition. Too small Em { present ute. Inquire C. L "\VORK, ConnfJllsvllle, Pa. 2 9 j u n c t f d . ~FOR SALB--FINE I3L.EVRN ROOM I modern stone residence. larg-e Inu*n. ·would make JL fine home f o r doctor. W i l l sell at a, harpain. Address "HOME," care Courier. 20junotfI-sat FOK SALE -- A CORNER LOT a Euick or O l d H i n o b i l G car if ^ n Boo-d condition, E. F. DeWllTT, Pcottdalt-, ' FOR SM.-K--FIVE ROOM HOUSE!; and four OCIPS of land k n o w n aa the Henry K i n f r property, opposite srhool j h o u ^ e at Cros 1 * Roads, for 91,800. M{c;ht take Jess for cash it sold soon. Owner expecra to be d r a f t e d noon, reason for selling E F, PeHTTT, Scottdale. E ^ J u n e l t !T*utillt. Sal«- uf Valuahlf Ren! Ei«tn(f. BY VinTl'l? OR AN OKf?:R OF t h e Orphan H' c o u r t of F a y o t t e c o u n t y t h e un'l*'r«iirtH i d t x t c u i o r nf t h e c p t a t o of .To-oph .Msr.viH, d«c-ii*pd win o f f e r ! at Public S.Uu, on t h e premises, at the corner nf S o u t h ,\rcti .srroel and v'hurcn Plaop, on P iturday, J u l v 2 0 t n , J 3 I 8 . at i o'clock. P. M., n i l the follow, me descrlbi-d r«nl estate: All t h a t certajn piece or parcel of '.and. i?' In the City n f Oonnclls- , Mile. P a y e t i c C o u n t y , Pa,, a n d bounded and tlR^crilj'Ml as follrvwH, t o - w i t : I B e B i n n i n i r a t the nortt-w U'-t; corner of Lot No 1V In the Oeneral Plan nt the borough, f n n w City), of Con«ell«- vJJ!/ mid 2,t t h e c o r n e r of C h u r c h Plncc and nri a'Joy. k n o w n as South Ar**)i f i r c M ; rhp; ru along" Church Pliiri* in nr n i M c r l y direction. Ji OH- (,-inre of 1SS t**(t, more or lex*, to property lim 1 of Joseph 1* Stader: thence aiorsr prop* rcy iln«» of .Towcph j 'j Stndf-r !n :t s o u t h e r l y d i r e c t i o n . A distance of IGf. f c r t . nwr^ or R-a", to Falrvlow n vi*nue; t h o n c c ,i.lonp Fair · view avenue In a woaf r l y d l r r c t l o n , a distance *t ll»8 fc«'t. more or lens, to an ull!y, known a^ South A r r h s t r e e t ; t h « n c c alnnpr "nUl alley, k n o w n r.a South Arch street in a n o r t h e r l y d l - rcrtion, a rll'slaT*" of lfj" Tent more or \f*n to the place of bficlrmlnjr ft~.fl b^Jntr Lotn NOH l r ^. 131 aJid the western part "if I,ot No. J 1 3 in tho Cloncrtil .Tirl h o i n « t h « Mimo jirrniiHn'i ^old find r o n v r y p d m the said Jfmei'h Mervls ny d c f d of K l n o r a B 1 *, K x c c u t r t x of t h e estate of A n t h o n y R. H u n n t n t r , dc- cc.ihed. dul ed Dpct'rrber ?·, 1910. and rpcordod In the lire-order H Qffire of Fnyetlf county, Pa , in Deed Book. V f f l J .D1. al pagf 153 There i« erected on «f,ild pn l mls.c» a. l i v e r y stable and u RIIraire, ar rt n c v p i a l o u t - b i i i l d i n g a Thl* property IH w e l l located, heln7 only !OT fi»ct distant f r o m Main sirtt't j or C'-rtivford .1^'' 1 "t'^^ and Js well ,Titlapt"d for b u s l n f f . s purpose*?. ! Terms n f Sale--Ton ( 3 J per cent day of **alo; balance to nvalo one- ! third of the purchase price, on con- , rmatlon c f sale by the Orphans' j C o u r t of Fayette county one-third w i t h i n six (6) m o n t h s from confirmation of '-'lie. and one-third w l t h u i j t w e l v e ("i: ) months from con Hi mat! on of sale | tercet at six (6) per cent per a n n u m , \ find to be spc:ired b.* bond ^nd m-ort- papc. with t h i r t y (30) day sci fa. and insurance clauseA, w i t h the privilege tn the purchaser co a n t i c t p n t c all of rratd payment" at any t j m p h p f n r e the m a t u r i t v SAMUF.L 5 MKRVTS, JCxo- ! cutor of the TCstato of lom?nh Jfervib, Decea»-1. S R. GOLDSMITH. Attor- nev. CHAS M. FEU. A u c t i o n e e r juno29-july-6-13 AM ORDINARY WASH-BOILER. AS ft HOME CfVHHEi* Complete iostrvctioxLs for hozm onajng and dnriug witl be seat t* Ui« Tvwicra of thu paper upon appH- cakioii to the Nation^ War Gnjdra WaituBtton, D. C, an- By Parcel Post to ytur door S-nd 3-our money now. ~We will ship ac once. Parcel Past char^-iis pud, Barred Plymotith Rocfcs and Rbo«te IsLind Reds a c 25 for $ 4.BO SO for 5 9.W 100 for $17.50 Alsc "SThite and Bro%vn Leg 1 - hc-rns at 55 fo- ,J 4 06 " 56 for .? 3 00 !$D for ?la.50 BLETS RIDGE POrtTHT FAIUf Bell I'hone 1779, Uniontown, Pa. H O M E S FOR SALE 3 Room House, South Connellsville * MX» 5 Room House, N, Prospect St 700 3 Room House, N Proapexit at 730 5 Room Double Mouse, Wheeler *W B .Room. Uouao, N. 7th St BW 3 Room, SnyOcr- town 1,050 0 Room House. N. 10th St. 1,200 6 Room, South ConnoUa- villo, rental $15 l^KJ j Room Cottage, Franklin ·t Room House, R. SUi St.. l^KW It Room C'otttRe, Crawford 3JIM) ·i Roo-m TVotibo. JOUi S t . . . . 1.50O 4 room IIou«a, South 9th S t r a e t li»00 ·i D o u b J e Hew aw, E. Crawford Ave., 8 rooms each; rontal $20, each t.SOO 6 Room House, E. Gibson. 1,050 G Roam Double House, W. Craw-ford 1,700 10 Room Double House, N. Prospect 1,800 5 Room Double House, Uyndnian Rt 2,O4H) G Rnom Modern Iloua*, i South St 2,000 G Room Modern IIou#o, E. 31113 »t 2000 0 Room Home, Poultry JjOt, Frances Ave. 2,30O 0 Room. Modern IIouso, ttth St S»300 10 Room IIou«e. Hyndman St 2,r»fW S Room House, S. 1th St.. 2,500 9 Room Ifodfrn Houee, JcfTorson St 2*500 G Hoom Modern House, N. t*th St =JiOO 0 Uoom Modern H'ouso, 'nth St W. S 2,500 12 Room MoQern Ho-mo, stJLhle on brick road ,. S.5OO G Room Modern Homo, N. ftth St.. Wo,"!. Ride ajsoo C Room Modern Horn*. 5 Room Plat. Franklin A\ c 2,tOO 8 Room Modern Home, Arch St S Room Modern Home, N. 8th St., Woat Sidn 36 Modem House, Morrell Avo 8 Hoom iroi)5o, 12th St... 5 Room. House, E. Fair- 10 Roorr Double House, Franklin Ave 7 Room Modern House, "ft*. Crawford Ave 8 Room Modern House, N. GLh St 7 Room Modern House, 12. 0 Room Modern House, N. Jefferson 32 Double House, W. Crawford Avo 8 Room Modern "Ious«, E, Crtvwford Ave 0 Room Modern Houso, JefCoraon 7 Room House, 1011 Aetna St. South Side . 0 Room House, lot 200x134, Francla Ave 0 Ro-om Modern House, nwir J-elflf-nrlng- 8 Room Modu-rn House, Kllsa St 5 3-toom Modern House, S. Sth fit 8 Room Modern House, Jeffemon st Q Kiom Modern House, E. Murphy Ave 9 Room Modern Home, E, 8 Roo-n Modern House. E. Gibson Ave. . .· 0 Boom Mod. House, Arch St., above B. O. depot 0 Room Houso, Highland Ave 12 Room Doirble House. S. 9th St 0 Room Mxxlem Mouse, G. G Room Modern Houae. S. Sin Si 0 Roo-in Modern Home, N. Plttaburp St S Room Modarn HOUBO, S Pih St 5 Room Modern House. S. Slh St 8 Room Mo-lorn House, S. 8th $L 6 Room Modern Houe, X, 12 Room Double Mousf, S. 4th St 7 Room Modern House, E, Fairvfen Ave 10 Room Double House, Davidson Avo P Room Modern li'ouBC, 3 8th St. 8 Ytom Modern Home, V i n e St S Roorn Modern Housti, S. fith St 9 Room Modprn. Howse, l*lncoln Avo. 1-1 Room Doubio HOUIIC. 35 Crawford Ave 10 Room Modern Home, S. Sixth S t , West Side ... 8 Rormi Modern House E. M u r p h y Ave S Room Mrxlorn House, W. 5 Room Modern House, S StJi St 10 Room Modern Bouse. E. 2,TH) 2^00 2.SOO 2..SOO 3,000 3,000 a,ooo 3,000 3,000 3,000 :MMK» 3,000 3^200 3^00 3,200 SJJOO 3,500 3,500 3,500 3,500 3,700 J.700 4,0M 4.OOO 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,200 4^OO 4,500 4,500 4.5OO 5,000 8,000 3,000 fi.OOO S.200 0,000 7,noo 0 Room Modern House, E, Crawford Ave 10 Room Modern Houae, 1C Room Modern Double H o u a f , S M h St 17 Room Wodwn H'OUBB, Race St S Boom Dwelling?, B Room Flat. Stor^ Room 22sBl and fi Room Dwsl 3 ingr. all modern situate on S. PiUsburs St., rental 5120 per month 12.000 UnTCK HOMTCS FOH SALE. 32 Roo-m Modem Brlcfc, K. Rrd St 5,,*HM 8 Roo-m Modern Bungalow, E, Crawford Avo, 5.SOO 8 Room TH'odern Brick, Vine Pt 1C Uoom Modern Double Brick, W. WaahJnffLon Ave H Room Modern DnubJe Home and one 5 Room House. H. Cedar AVQ.. 8 Hoo-m Modern Double Brick, %VlilB Koatl 12 Room 3-Btory, ex. One 10 Roo-m Molem House, S. Pittaburff st 30,000 13 Room Modern Home, W. Apple St., 10,000 Storo Roam and Dwell Jng-, frontage RG feet E Crawford. near "Brimstone Corner.... J£tflWt House, E GriMsn St... 31,000 8 Room Modern Doub3« Brick, E F*alrvlow Avo. X3,0»o 14 Roo-m Modern Double Brick E. Fairviw Ave. 1-I.OOO FARMS. 9 Acre Fruit; and Poultry Prurm. near city 1.700 10 Acre F r u i t and Poultry Farm, near city 5,500 0,000 5,500 0,000 A. E. Wagoner Co, 3098 V?. Crawford ·WEST SIDK. CO3VN~EI.L Hoih Phou'n. IV. S. S. Issued by fie Unlf«d States Government Pay 4% Interest Bur Tlirift Stamps! Systematic Buying ils tlie Only Way to U Ip the Government Remarkable values are offered you this in every department. Special attention is called to the remarkable values in the dry goods department for women, misses, and children's wear. f ou know, or ought to know, that domestic dry goods, or cotton fabrics, are increasing in value more than any other class of goods. There is a great lot of odds and ends, very desirable goods, suitable for any use a woman would like to make of them, being o'tfercd at cut prices in this inventory sale. You may be able to get them after reading fhis announcement and you may not; they go rather quickly when put out o nsale. We call your attention further to the remarkable values in our shoe departments for women, misses, and children. There is a very desirable line of fancy colored high top shoes, only a few ,, sizes of each line, assortment broken. These odds and ends are being closed out--it is a bargain opportunity. Look through the different departments and you will find in every one of them, attractive bargains. Only three more days of the Inventory Sale. 63 Laree Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good. All the newest and best styles are here. · Men, women and children -with real Shoes. LOT VALUES That Cannot Bo Duplicated Anywhere--That S-M-A-S-H .All Precedents in Value-giving! LOTS as $ low as On Your Own Easy Terms SO Located at Poplar GroYe--A beautiful spot indeed--the coming residence district of Connellsville--only a 15- minute walk or a. 5-minute oar ride from "Brimstone Corner. When you consider that farm lands in. Fayette county are being sold at greater prices than you are offered this land right at your door in a developed and constantly improving neighborhood--then you'll start to realize how big these values really are. Extensive Improvements-Water in front of every lot, street improvements and fine shade trees. Church and Public School nearby. Every convenience right at your command. It costs you nothing to get all the facts'--simply -write C. B. McCORMICK P. 0. Box 144. COKKELLSTILLE, PA.

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