Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 18
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 18

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 18
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,1975 ADAMANT Inmate 9 s Cling to Innocence Outweighs Chance for Freedom By Victoria Graham SAN QUENTIN. Calif. ·.·? - Leonard Swing Scott could sign a paper and walk into the sunlight that splashes a rocky coastline and touches the roses beginning to bloom beside San Quentin Prison. At 78. he refuses to accept the parole that would end his 17 years in prison. He did not murder his wealthy, socialite wife, he maintans. and to accept parole would amount to a concession of guilt. "Hell will freeze over before 1 got out on parole." declares the dignified, white- haired Scott, slamming his fist on a table and turning his back to the sunlight. "Parole isn't freedom and 1 want to be free. To accept parole would be to admit guilt and bow to an unjust system." he says. Corrections officials say Scott, a model prisoner, is the first man in California to refuse parole in order to m a i n t a i n his innocence. The case is one of a few in the world in which there was a murder conviction without a body. Is still bears the scent of money and mystery. "I am innocent. 1 am incarcerated illegally." Scott said in a small.inter view cubicle surrounded by other prisoners who were talking to loved ones, planning release, aching for parole. * * * SCOTT, once an investment banker, bon vivant, world traveler, glanced at them with disdain: "Other men would beg to be let out. Please, please parole me, 1 they'd say. They'd crawl. Well, let those poor suckers out. "I'm not free yet, but I'm going to be. And 1 will ram it down their damn throats. They will never do this to anyone again." After years of legal battles. Scott has asked the California Supreme Court for a writ of habeas corpus. He contends that there was no corpus delicti -- evidence of a crime: that the circumstantial evidence against him was insufficient for a murder conviction: that the trial court had no jurisdiction; and that his right to due process was violated by the judge's and prosecutor's comments · about his not taking the stand in his own . defense. · The judge told the jury it might reasona: bly infer guilt from his refusal to testify. After a long and highly publicized trial. · Scott was convicted in Los Angeles in 1957 of murdering his 63-year-old wife who dis- . appeared May 16, 1955. She was worth 'about $650,000, most of which Scott says he i put in her name. ; He was her seventh husband. Scott says. ; and she was his second wife. :; Although her body was never found. par- · tial dentures and an old pair of glasses · were found in the backyard of their ele- - ' gant Brentwood home. Charred bits of a ': woman's clothing were found in an inci- ! nerator. Leonard £. Scott Adamant Inmate man, carries a walking cane since he injured his hip in prison. He implies he needs it for protection. A model prisoner who keeps to himself, Scott first was eligible for parole in November 1974. He says parole officials kept presenting him with parole agreements. "Time and again they ask me." Scott says, "and 1 keep asking them: 'From what in hell do you propose to parole me?' They can't answer. 1 walk out. "If I accept the parole agreement. 1 would be subject to the jurisdiction of someone for the balance of my life. Nobody's going to tell me where I can go or what I can do. "Parole is not a release from incarceration. You can spit on the sidewalk and be sent back to prison on another charge parole violation. Then they've really got you." After 17 years in prison. Scott still wears his prison garb neatly starched and creased, with the practice of a man accustomed to flawless tailoring and handmade suits. ' There's an air of arrogant outrage about him. He outlines his case with the precision of a lawyer, leading up to his points BUT HER BROTHER testified that on the day of her disappearance he saw Mrs. Scott putting luggage in her car. Other w ,th the zeal of a raconteur. witnesses said during the trial they had Scott has filed one appeal after another and has accumulated more than 500 pounds of legal documents. He does not engage in prison activities and spends vir- seen her in various parts of the country, in Canada and Mexico. Scott said he didn't report her missing because she had disappeared before and he had hired his own investigators. He was indicted on charges of forgery in handling her estate. The charges later were dropped. He fled to Canada and was arrested at the border after a year-long manhunt. In the meantime, Scott had been indicted on charges of murdering his wife. He tells a tale of terror and implies he was forced to flee because his life was in the help of a new lawyer, William Hestel of San Francisco. "Scott's trial was a black eye for the entire judicial system," says Nestel. "We're going to find, I think, that Mrs. Scott is dead. I believe she died several years ago. All I know is that my client didn't kill her. She was an emotionally unstable and inbalanced woman who fled when she felt there were problems she danger. He says there was a conspiracy to didn't want to face. "I believe she left, and once she saw the problems she was undergoing she kept on running. The longer she stayed away, the worse the problems became. She was like a frightened animal " * * + BEFORE HIS latest action, Scott won get him out of the way. to kill him or put him behind bars and to claim his wife's money. He does not identify the alleged conspirators. He was kidnaped and beaten up for 19 hours by men who wanted him to stop searching for her, he said. He said he was some judicial support from U.S. District followed day and night by goons, that cars Court Judge Robert Peckham in San Fran- surrounded him and tried to run him off c j s co. the road, that he spent night after night in Peckham said Scott's case "is far from different motels to keep his whereabouts frivolous" but denied his request for a writ secret. of habeas corpus, saying lie had not ex- He believes his wife was alive long after hausted stale remedies, he was convicted of her murder and says Peckham dismissed three of Scott's ar- she may have been kidnaped. guments, but supported his claim that his In 1963, he says, a lawyer went to see i4th Amendment rights had been abridged him in prison and wanted him to'sign pap- by the judge's instructions to the jury. ers divorcing Mrs. Scott. "I was told to either sign or get a shiv in the back," said "Of course I'm angry," said Scott, "certainly I'm resentful, but 1 have suffi- Scott. "But how in the hell can you divorce c i en t control over my emotions. Never gel a dead woman?" * * * SCOTT, a healthy, distinguished looking so frustrated that you can't think. In this place you have to be flexible and resilient." SPEAKERS and STAFF! Pastor R. L. MALLORY Rev. R. L. Mallory will bring the dedicatory message. Pastor Mallory is a pioneer of the Full Gospel message in the Kanawha Valley. He has been preaching for 59 years and has built several churches in this area. He was heard daily on the radio program Tidings of the Morning for over 18 years. Evangelist HELM FUNK Rev. Helen K. Funk serves Glad Tidings as Minister of Education and organist. She also ministers as an Evangelist and teaches the Young Adults in the Church School. She has had 40 years of experience in Gospel work, and her ministry as an Evangelist has taken her over much of the United States, including Hawaii. Assistant Pastor TERRY KIRK Terry Kirk his family have come to Glad Tidings from the Chas. Assembly of God. He, along with his wife, Carol, and Son, have taken up residency on the church property to serve as Asst. Pastor and minister of Visitation. He has taken 3 venture of faith by resigning from secular work to fulfill God's calling as a full time minister. DORA COFFMAN and VKKIE PIPPIN - Dora Coffman and Vickie Pippin (not shown) ore both graduates of Southeastern Bible College and come to Glad Tidings from Tampa, Flo. where they were engaged as teachers in the public school. They have traveled in Children's Crusades and are in charge of the Children's Church at Glad Tidings. Miss Coffman also serves as Youth Director, and Miss Pippin leads the choir. SPECIAL SPEAKER-THUR.-SAT. WmiAjjl CBROSKY MrtfNMtltMl Plf tcttf FvM CM pel fastness Men ONE WEEK SPECIAL DEDICATORY SERVICES! Aug. 24-31-7:30 p.m. GLAD TIDINGS ASSEMBLY 121 Mill Road (on 2V« Acres) Hurricane/ W. Va. l-64Exit#8 Come and Help Celebrate the Opening of the Beautiful new Air Conditioned Sanctuary! "BRING ALL YOUR NEEDS TO JESUS SPIRITUAL-PHYSICAL GOD WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS" SPECIAL SINGING "DEDICATION NIGHT" Tuesday August 26th CHOIR Nursery Available Infant and Toddler PHONE 562-3074 Bill is the son of a Kentucky moonshiner. He was introduced to liquor at age six, and soon become on alcoholic. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, the Holy Spirit drew him fo a saving forth in Jesus Christ while he was watching football on television. Since this time in 1955, has been a faithful layman, seeing many come to Jesus and mony miracles done wherever he goes. A special message of God's Power From ROBERT (JUNIOR) TOTTEN-Director of Outreach. "GOD CHANGED MY LIFE" "II COR. 5:17-- Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a "New Creature"; after 14 yrs. of Booze 8. Pills, on the verge of suicide, in desperation 5 years ago I cried out the name "JESUS" and experienced "The NEW BIRTH" (John 3:3). Also received the mighty Baptism in the Holy Spirit. God has completely delivered me from Alcohol and Pills and has helped me to live an overcoming Life (Gal. 5:16). Through the person of the Holy Spirit I have been sharing 'God's Love and Power, in local churches, street witnessing and wherever I meet people. Presently I am active as Director of Outreoch, Glad Tidings, President-- F.G.B.M.F.I.--Kanowha Valley Chaper. Do YOU wont to meet Jesus in a personal way? I personally invite you to come-- God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11). He will come to you right where you are! Praise God! "Behold I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and OPFN THE DOOR. I WILL COME IN TO , and will sup with him, and he with Me." Rev. 3:20. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME "We expect miracles" ·PUCES EfftCTWE TUNCI TUESDAY NK.2fi.1975! IMM or ooMif AGUK itfft( A itiii MAIS FIRST-OF-WEEK STAR VALUES!! HYGRADE'S HOT DOCS 12-01. PKG. COUPON WITH COUPON $10.00 PURCHASE FOLGER'S COFFEE 3-LB $048 .CAN L · Coupon Eiptre* Sol., Aug. 30,1975 · One Coupon Per Family 'fc._, ir Sfc '$ Uvw?$ »: «;···?; ··-£'·':·: Fairmont's LO-FAT 2% MILK GALLON $137 BIG STAR BREAD · KING SIZE , 20-01: LMVH $ KRAFT'S AMERICAN or PIMENTO CHEESE *. s i!^.. ; ...IOOZ.PKG.I 1C .Om-OEPT. STAR VALUES! FRESH MEAT LOAF » $ 1.39 FRESH BAKED WHITE BREAD -39 JUICY PLUMS V IB: NOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE! KANAWHA VALLEY STORES... OPEN 8*«MIDNIGHT MONDAY THRU SATURDAY... OPEN SUNDAYS 10 A.M. 'TIL 9 P.M. * KANAWHA CITY * 1408 MOLEY AVI. * NITRO * CROSS LANES* SISSONVIUE * VIRGIN) A STREET SPEHCER . WHlTiSVILli . CiDAi MOVE HOUM KMAIII THE SARI

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