The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1918
Page 3
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sJATtfilDAY, TONE 29, 1918? IUTI,Y COURIER. COXNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE THKJHffi. \ At the Theatres, THE PAEAJBttlST. . "THE DANC-jSR GAME"--In which Jfadge Kennedy, the popular Goldwyn star, is seen in one of the best roles of her career, Is being shown today. B*reft of her bridal veil and orange blossoms. Miss Kennedy is seen in a series of amazing situations totally unlike any she has yet had to face in the comedy-dramas walch brought her Into fame and caused her to be acclaimed "the find of the season." No longer is she the girl who gets.her- self into scrapes, then depends on her eyes and her smile to extricate her. Always Madge Kennedy's errors on the screen hare been social onos, calculated to shock circumspect dowag- !ers and not the public in general. I Much more, serious are her u ,ubles ! in "The Danger Game." (or site b o - j I comes a desperate, hunted little creature known not to the society , parasraphers, but the police. She ap- I pears as Cl.vlie, the w i l f n l l daugi.ic-r i of the rich, with a penchant for litcr- , atur'e, imagining that she has but r r ·write a hook to find herself famous. [Miss Kennedy is sup-pom:! by Ton: ! Moore and other screen s;arr, of. prominence. A selected comer':' i:; also being shown. Tuesday, Ji:ne K!-! vidso, Carlyle BlacUwc'U. Montagu: . Love, George XacQuan-ie snd jc-lv.i Bowers will appear la '"Hie Cabaret," .'a five-part V.'orld Jtitttrc. V.'eSr.e-- ' day and Thun'.ic.y, "The Man "Without LITERAL BOLSHEVIKS. Ernest Poole, the Russian expert, salcl at a Pnd:ilfst meeting in Tro.v: "The Bolsheviks nrt 1 applying to tho ' Germans the Tnlstoitm principle of | non-resistaiice to evil, btu they are fnl- I lowing Tolstoi ton nremlly. To be tno literal is to hi! ludicrous. | "It's like the cns-e nf the l»r, | who was learning :hc ropt-s or. n first trip. "Til yell out t h o nnnies of (Tie flu- ' ' tlons.' his tcaohpr saiil t* hini. 'nnd i j ymi ll.stpn nnd tluni yell tht: same nt j i-your enil.' ! ) "So tho train started nlT and when ; I thu first stop cumc thi- voter.-in nt the i ! front nf t.ho car yelled Tnlii: Inlii ;· alirt ! i EJjf^n the new mn;i nt :he roar door ! yell oil: "'SM:IIC nt this end! Same ot tills; e n d ) ' " ' 1 new jjl'.otdgt^j).. u : .'.liss iiolen \Vo3dro'.v Bonci^-coiJ^in c;f tuo pri.\-i tlont, v.''i--:) leaver her homo at '. \VlUic j'.ciuc every mornlus to f i l l bur . p;s;tio:i an infortuaiion desk girl al ; tiic iieadciuartcrs of the District or '..Jolurv.jia chapter of lie Red Cress. .! Formerly ahe diil canteen work, as- .'."isting :n sri-.iLS incals io soldic-rs ·\ passing throush Washington. PrUGStanism in ti'.e Home. · "What pxcnsi- docs tills man sive for j deserting his wife?" i "Ho snys hpr conduct w:is Teutonic." | "In n-liat respect?" '· "Ir set-ins she hit him w i t h a poUor | a f t e r he had aRreerl to svispend hostHM'i tie.s." · M Patience on a Pullman. "\VJmii do yon expect to arrive at your destiniitlon?" "Hadn't, thought of that. When I trftv?l now I simply get on hnnrrl ft f n i l n and w n i t nnd see ivhut happens.": , anrt Miss M y r t l e Paul, two of the cap- ! i tain's nieces, who will be v l f i l i n g in j I Cnnncllsviilo for a short, time, have j ' l e t i s r n e d t'roif. \Vilkcs-Darrc, anrt 7/iio | ' a r c very special siTgers. «'ill part:ci-| p-iie In the meetings over Saturday U"'l Sunday. Meetings as follows: |ltf.ial open air on Sunday evening at 1 P. 31. r ''S salvatlm ineetiiig in the hall a S P. M. Everynody we I- ^ con:e. . i Not Quite. "It w n R tin; sure wny the cavemnn took to secure Ills lady love b? pnr siiitig her and knocking her down." "Oh. I don't know. Even then it was a case of hit nnd miRs-" Confluence. a Country." starrine Florence Labadie. supported by a cast ot unusual excellence, will be shown. Mary Gar- den will be seen soon in "A Splendid \ Sinner." ' coNPi_.u£::cr:, June as.--Mrs.' George Mickcfi- and nine daughter have returned from a visit of several days with friends in ConneHsvlllc. i So It GOM. We codify our lawn. But acme ffet by m. Our work Is lost because Th«3' ju5t defy 'era. References. | "Dirt you as)$ Iho new cook why she I left her last plflce?" | "Xo," responded youn? JVfrs. Torklns. i "I didn't p-t a chnoce. She kept me j too busy trylnp to explain why'our lust;. cook didn't slay." HAIR'S YOUR PRIDE USE HERPICIDE T HAT of refinement, that illusive charm which, beautiful hair gives is now within the reach ot every woman. If you have longed tor a preparation that would actually stop falling hair, rids, your scalp of dandruff and transform unsightly-.and unruly hair into lustrous beauti-^ fill trepses. you will certainly find it in f Jfeubbro's HCerpicidc Even the sensation of the first aplicition will absolutely convince you. Herpicide is an indispensable requisite of every household where personal pride and cleanliness reign. Herpicide stops that annoying itching of the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and promotes health, vigor and luster of the hair undreamed of before. MBK: Jf your face smarts after shaving--apply a little Herpicide while your face is wet. Just try it. Tell your barber about it. Herpicide for Mother, Father, Sister and the Boys. ^o 0 * CA'.ITIOS: The Wtrh tax on alcohol, clue to tie war, 1ms rnuscii a flood of watery Iiair dressings l.'hni keep tlio hair d u m p aw! .stiokv and chill t h e scalp by slow evaporation. The stinmlfUinir and antiseptic action of alcohol is absolutely iHXicssary and Xi'Wbro's Tlerpirirfe (contafninp 40% alcohol) trill he kept up fo tbe skind-Tni rt£ftrdles.s of^tbe cost. Do not delay, bny a bottle TODAY. Sold h j Drug and Dep't Stores. o ;' Applications at the Better Barber Shops. "*?« .*·* «s c OKriTKlTI THEATRE. "MRS. DANE'S DEFENSE" -- In this Paramount - photopl?,y, Pauline Frederick's portrayal of a woman hunted to the last stand, straining every nerve to hide the deceit of her who is life and finally s u c c u m b i n g in a most huma-j way. is a masterpiece, and entirely t,p to her usual high stand- ^f^.,, Younkin has reulrn( , 4 ard. Monday and Tuesday, Charlie Chaplin appears in the million dollar i comedy, "A Dog's Li£e." Corner South Fittsburg and East he is getting along nicely, ·euirnfl in Grecns- ^., ^. b " ^^ putsbiirg 1 T . [n Ha)] an off ; cia , of lhe Ep . { worth Ij!ague of lhe - Jte ihodist Episcopal churcb of the McKeesport district- is attending the annual conven- | German "Gaa." Eiclted Hun Soldier--Oh. Sir ECnme- j rad, I gif meins«lf np 1 I to you main-self sorr^ndor. Sir Kamerncl! I-- ; British Officer-- Cut It short, man. . This Isn't a bnlly opera.--PasiiagJ Show. ; tTNITED BRETHREN CHURCH-Sunday school. S.45 A. M. Public warihip. 11 A. It; subject. "Is the Church Remiss, or Has Christianity "Failed?" Jr. Y. P. S. C. E., 2.30 P. M. Sr.. V. P. S. C. E., 6.-15 P. .VI. Public worship, 7.45 P. ·!!.; sut.ject. "The Needs of tho Church or the Church at Sardis.'.' Prayer meeting \Vednesday evenki? at 7.45. All are welcome. J. S. Showers, paster. . . - *" TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH, M. S. Kanaka, vicar. Services held in church house, corner Fairviev; avenue and Prospect street. ' Sunday school, 10 A. M. Morning prayer and sc-r- · A. M. ' LUTHERAN CHURCH, i Green streets. Sunday school at ' lion at Perryopolis. 19.45 A. M. Preaching services a t - I I ; James Doyle of ConnellsvilJe . was ! A.. M. and 7.45 P. M., conducted 'by | a business visitor here yesterday. ·Rev. Alpha K. Kline of Jconnetle. | Word received by Mr. and Mrs. '. Consistory will hold its regular i Charles Marquart from tlieir SOD, ' monthly meeting in the study ot the : Fred, who is in France, stales he is : church on Monday evening at Y.30 '; well and gi-ttins along well. ; , cloc ^ The Woman's Missionary { Misses Leona Smith and I.«ah i s o c ( e t _ haa postponed its regular! Show arc delegates f r o m the Metho; thl meeting £rom Ju i y 4 ' t o l l . i d i s t Episcopal church to the Kpworth ! · =· . A Wl»e One, "He In old bat very wealthy. Yon didn't tell him, my dear, that you dliin't love him?" "Oil, n o ; I LhouKht I'd w«it until »£-. ter "wt were nMirrled." . h c a r s a , l n the chape] - on Fri . ; day eyeillng . , y e|ected 7 _ 30 0 - clock Rt , v ,_ _ Nace _ a c t i e cnarge of the work as o£ Ju , } . j and wi]1 conrtuct the firs[ League convention at Mrs. -V. 1. McMillcn of Ursina was shopping and visiting friends in tow« yesterday. Mrs. Joseph Dicksor. -'. Connells- No Diltlnctlon. "My anceKlorp caroe over vrll.h the Grat settlers. Maybe yoc don't beJIcve me." "Why not? They dWn't deport (oiks then." regular services on Sunday, July 7. ; ville was visiting Mr. ,ind M-s. John . j Dncis here yesterday. THE MiTHOblST PROTBSTAXT . Mn=. William Biinnrorth and dnush- Cnurch, West Apple street. J. H.: ter ' Ln " l5C ' havo re '-'"- net! f r o m * visit Lambertson, minister. Class meeting.' ^' h Mrs - B»rnworth's slatrr. and 9 A. M. Sabhath school, 9.15 A. :i -1 ^ri ^tlrc'e'r'eal Pi" '·I* · Ro m " ' 'chr'isliaa "'Endeavor Paul Gnllor has returned f r n m racking, 7 p.'II.; topic. "The Power i C * m ? L f° ~ here he 7«f «' an hr-n- of tho. Cross in Africa;" leader, A. L. TMh] e discharge owms to a physical A Little Mixed. "Tour husband is always chaffing, Isn't he, Mrs. Com?ui?" "Ob, dear me, yes. I tell him h la quite a chaffeur." I | The Logic of It j "It Is odd tlmt gossips are so often ; ffiren us authorities." "Not at all. for what they s*y i ?oes." Seaman. la the evening at 7,15 the lout irill be opened for baptism, and neir members will also be admitted to the fellowship ot the cliurch. The 'Bible school will meet at, 10 A. M. Strangers are invited to worship with , us. COVEPCANTER CHURCH, S. B. **-*---···- -*-· · ····· i --Houston, minister. Sabbath school the mortgage will^be burned^by Harry ' at 10 A. M.;- Preaching service at 11; " ' sermon topic, "Our Responsibilities." Evening service, at 7.30; topic of discourse, "Promise in the Apostolic and Post Apostolic Church." C. Y. P. U. , at .6.45; topic, "Lesstm Prom ths Story- of Nicodemus." . Prayer meet- in«. as usual. disability. Meyersdale. A Substantial Cain. "Do you think Jane has fonnd much In her hnstend?" "I don't kBOw so much nbont him," but she has In his VERY SARCASTIC. MBYKRSDALE, June 2S.--Mr. and' Mrs. Harold Sipple, who were recent- j . THE JlliTHODIST EPISCOPAL ; ly marr ied, returned from their wert- i : Church, G. L. C. Richardson, pastor. i d i n g trip on Tuesday and in the eve- Sunday schol at D.45 A. II. Preaching service at 11 A. .U. Rev. J. J. Wallace, D. D., ediior of Pittsburg Chrisitian Advocate, will preach and the mortgage will be burned by Harry Dunn. Kpworth league at 6.-I5 P. il. ' I Preaching at 7.-I5 P. M. by Dr. 'Wal- ning were tendered a reception by '; the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. i George Sippie, at. which a largt? ci?-ci-; I of their friends attended. Refresh- ' meats were served. [ Mr. and Mrs. W. K. House!, who foi j -... 0 ... .--,, ,. -- ,j -- . . -- .some time resided In Keyser, \V. Va. i Prayer meeting on Wednesday, where the former, had charge of an \ evening at 7.-15 P. M. · . · JA. a,ud P. store, were guests of Airs. THE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN _ Church. South Pittsburg street and plonoa avenue. "SVilliam J. Everhart, minister. -Morning worship at 11 IHousel's parents, Mr, and Mrs. "W. A. i . . :.THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. PA- trio^c services in "honor ot soldiers -and sailors; a spiritual preparation . for a san% aud. wholesome .Fourth ot .July. At-10:4D A. M., "The Battle tine at tixe Home Front." At 7.45 P. H'., "Our Roll of Honor." Re-dedi- caUon-of the church's ;scrvlce flag at the eremng services. George TValk- er. Bockner, minister. PTRST BAPTIST CHOKCH, SOUTH Pittsborg street, Wilbur Nelson, pastor. Sunday .school at 9.45 A. M: Public worship "at 11 A. M. and 7.45 P.- M. Morning sermon. "The Par- Ott Disciple." Evening sermon. TVfcst Ttinfe Ye of Christ?" TRDnTY. . REFORMED CHURCH. Graves several days this week. Mr. House! left yesterday for Connells- vlile where he will have charge of a ; store for tho samo company. Mrs. ! o'clock; sermon topic, "An Upward j Hnusel will join him later. Look." Evening worship at 7.45 Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Kemp uu . o'clock; sermon topic, "A Prayer lor l a n d Mrs. Lloyd Imler have rel You." Sabbath school at 3.45 A. 11. ; from a visit with their relative :p and Mr. j ·eturn-?cl j juniors at 3 P. M. Intermediate Y. P. 'and Mrs. Ozias IVeirner ia Grennvilla! "~ " ' - ' " " - - ' tow.nship. j itiss Fannio Graves of Cleveland FARMS 'KA.H Ce?fA"»".1uriSVH-LR, 1*A-, FOR SALE! per 60 Acre Farm 1 miles from City, acr« .................. * 27 Acres Faslure Land 1 1-4 mils from c i l y . . . . * ISO ACT*. Fn-rm at Confluence, Pa. p*r acre ..... 8 25 Acre Frnrt Farm near Scorilale, Pa. ........... 56 Acre Farm near Nor- mtlvJI)*. Pa ............ S 10 Acres L-ind on Brick Koad ................ *1 10 Acre Farm near p n r i n c N'o. 1. .* 10 At-.ri^ Fruit and poultry Farm, host in country. near city .......... 10 Ai:rc Farm. 2 miles Irom f \ \ . y . 1 room hsuwn anO Rood outbuildings. Coal not polil. 200 line P^;ich trecr ST Plum. tr-es, 40 Appl* 1 :TO*;», 14 Pear tree*. Quirvces and t'tif rry trees. S4 foot d r t l t e d well. Price ---- *2, EiT I -* Ar.res u-e.'l Improved Farm near Juniata. lil drr^s of four foot coal, now open on farm. 7 room house. barn. o u t b u i l d i n g , a'.I In pood repair. This land Is ex- trn sood. 20 mimitOR wa:k f r o m street car line. Price ..... - ...... «n, A. E. WAGONER CO. YV'KST .SIDE, Onth rttfmex. ConneMxvUlc, To. The Robinson Folding Bath Tub SEE OUB LOCAL AGENT ... j Frank D'Auria 6U Tori Arenne. T. 0. Box 450. CO7iTXISTIXT J E, PA. A^cnt in Fayett*, Westmoreland and Greene Counties. Tbe ROBINSON FOLDING BATH TUB has solved tJifi baXMng problem for those homes where modern bathing facilities are lacking. This Tub folds in a roll -when not in use and can be laid away back ol the door, under the bed, in the garret, anywhere. Set up and ready for use in a jiffy . Every Tub is guaranteed for 10 years against any defect in manufacture. This means that the tub you buy will give you ten years of satisfactory service. It will enable you to have all the convenience of a modern bath room in your home. A refreshing, exhiliratiag, invigorating, bath in any room in the house, whenever t desired. Will siand -water as hot as can the human, body. This-Tub will be on display in Anderson Loucks Hardware Company's window on June 2Slb. 2PLh and 30th. Any one desiring to purchase, can leave orders at this store. Prices--Black Tub, $11.00; While Tub, $16.00. TRY OTTR CLASSIFIED ADLETS. , - . . . . j C. U. at 3 P. M. Senior V. P. C. U. at 0.15 P. M. THE FIRST PE£SBYTERIAN j church, J. L. Proudftt, pastor. Sab- 0., is visiting at the home oC hor parents. Mr. and Mrs. \Y. A. Graves. Miss Hilda Lichty returned "Wed- i Sunny Mite--I don't blame dat dog ot yours for tryin' to bite mo. Lady--Why not? "Because It shows his lntnlllu«nce. De last time I cnmc dis way I handed him a piece of pie you gave me." ^^uii.u, u. jj. JL iuu«.it, ^u^ikui. uuu uLinn i^nua iJUjiiLy i K L u r f i e r i ^en- bath school at 0.-15. .Morning service | nesrtay from a few days' visit with at 11; celebration of the Lord's Sup : i relatives in Cumberland, per. Evening service ab 7.45; sub- Miss Klla Philson ot Berlin was a ject. of sermon, "The Imitation ,f j guest at the home of her brother and .Christ." Christian Endeavor at 6.46. j sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Phil! "Wednesday jvenirtg prayer meeting i son on Wednesday. · j a t 7.45. ' ·--· Mr. and Mrs. P. S. THE SALVATION ARMY. CAP- tain E. S. Dawaon, Misa Ruth Paul . Hay nf Brothers^ valley township were shopping and calling on friends in our city on Wednesday. Works Botfc Wayt. "The more w« set," you've heard bkfor*. "Ttie more we want"--and yec It often workM thl» way: The raor*. W« want the less we get. FAMILY Logieil Deduction. She--Wbat is all tho trouble about At Hog Islnnrl, denr? Hi--Oh, 1 believe It Is aoinethlnu obuut Uii wiDply ol pig iron. EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are- Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. Send Whitman's to Your Friends in the Service Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Navy man than a box of candy. There isn't any better than Whitman's, so -why not include some in the next box you. send to training camp or overseas? . We Have It In All Size Packages. Collins' Drug Store South Pittsburg Street. PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS ' " ^ " WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. Bi C. A. VOIGHT

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