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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 8, 1930
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JLiast £4 dition urtett Connellsville's Biggest and Bett Newspaper. The Bei t A ivertising Medium in the Yough Region. P . 2 rice £* VOL. 28, NO. 99. TU* Wrvitl? Courier, Founded July 17, 1878. The tmllr Courier, Founded Ho rember 1O, 10O3. Merged. July IN, 1!M». CONNBJLLSVILLE, PA.. SATURDAY EVEMNG, MARCH 8, 1930. TWELVE PAGES. Has Great Lead SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SANFORD DIES SUDDENLY Overcome in Dentist's C h i i i r j And Succumbs Half Hour Later at His Home. UREM1C POISON THOUGHT CAUSE WASHINGTON M a n h S -Tragedy a«t I t s hand upon the Supreme Court again todav w i t h the Mid.len death nere of Arfsoc alo .Justice K d w a r d Care-v Sanford a native of Tennessee, who \va.'i 6." v c a r - old Sanfo'd d o I ' ho'-" a'ter ^yioon. lollowin? a sudd* a at'ack JusUicc Santoi d who had bean in ( o m p a r a t u e h good hoalth collapsed) v bile sit in in a dentlatVi chair and | w a s imni' v iii v e i v e-moved to h's home! on C o n n c c U i u t a v e n u e , just a tow | blocks f r o m the ' ou*o \\hero former ( hief J u s t i c e Taf hai been lightitig !·!' bis l i ' e for n ^ o i p t h a n a m o n t h The jurist never legaincd eon- t-eiousne j« and died within a halt hour after bo us .-onght home The fntal a t t a c k was understood to have Le«n caused h\ iireniic poisoning w i t h wtrch tho justice has been ?iit foring for some lice. a l t h o u g h he has not bep-n o r i t U a l l j i l l l i e had sat on the bench carll^i i n the wtek and attended to lu^ dut es w i t h his uBiial This n o r n i n R , he-net p-r Sanford was bothered by a t o o t h a c h e and telephoned to t*\o S u p i e t n p Court ho would In* unable *o attend I h f r o n - ferp-neos tod-n.v News of tho death w h i c h c a s t a r:ill of gloom o\er his .isr.sooiate^, tame n » physledans of Taft imported t h e toi mer Chief Jus-tire and Prc.idont to he weakened further today from the long struggle he has made for life since | lecened tvere txta POLICE SEEKING TWO LOCAL MEN AS SOMERSET BANDITS Connellsville .Stolen Car Fouml At Mountain Town, Somerset Car Here. Jl MO II to DP: J A N E I R O , l.ra/il. March 8. -- Julio Prebles, th i;overamnt p a i t y s p r e s i d e n t i a l a n d i d a t e , w u s t i l l leading his o p p o n e n t Getulio Vargas, of the A l l i a n c e , by nearly 400,000 votes It das M. D. L. Brooks Dies In California; Was Store Manager Here Marshall D L. Brook 0^ years old, a lorttier resident of foimoll^ville, died oi Wedurtday ai his home at San nicKO, Cal., n c t o r - l i n g to word ATTEMPT TO ROB GASOLINE STATION he- was forced to ,*ive up his duties on the Supreme Court seveia! weeks ago. Wbile Santord Is y at the point o£ death at 1m honx nnknow n to hi.- colleagues, the} were congratulating th«* dean ot the r u r t . Oliver WondeP Holmes, on hie Sftth bii thday today Tentative funeral plans provide t h a t Justice Sanford's body will bo shipped to Knoxville, Tenn , for burial. The wife of Justice Sutherland or tho Supreme Court was present to :oriso.lo Mrs. San ford shortly .titei th* justice's death CONNELLSVILLE HIGH DEBATERS WINNERS TWICE 4 CounellavUle High School made an impressive, start in tho debates v/hU h on Friday night i n a u g u r a t e d the 19'JO schedule ot a c t i v i t i e s in the Kayette county section of the Pennsylvania Forensic League, s i o n i i K a doublu t r i u m p h over t'olut .Mai ion. In- tho other competition. Uunbar Township and Perry T o w n s h i p split, i on tat-h negative c l u b v. nnuig. in Only foui schools p a i t i c i p a U d in in* t h e first r o u n d of th * debates, N o r t h (.'nil u T o w n s h i p aud South Brownsville d e f e r r i n g their i ontest to Tuesday evening The Connellsville ailirmative Uara, mad' 1 u;- of Pauline Kohrn and Wil- Ham Kiiait. defi-atccl lh» I'onit Marlon! negative jpeakera, J^silu Scott and Clari'iiu C'ark, at fit Conuell-sville A u d u u r i u m . CounellsviUe s net;»tiv« l e m o b e n t a 1 lives lOloauor Doiiuadio and Margaret I .Small w o n li't-tu the, I'oint Marion a t - I U r m « t i v c t l u b , t!cor 0 -i i Anderson and J I aal Tafr, at the 1'ottu Marion school. Tho Uunbar T o w n s h i p negative sI'tuKerfc, Kdiiei H i i i " i aud K o b e i t Ilarpti, won I i o m the 1'eii} Towu- sulp afltrmativf c l u b , composed of. Craig Mnrtin and Ma Thrafaiiei, at Perrjopohs. Tow t ship negative I t h i e l Jay Snj dM aud defeat! d tho buiibui i atiiri|iatlv«s, anil K jlert Beutty at the iijieurlng No I a i i d i t o r i u n i Monday night, .Man h 10, the de- Mi. Brooke, a, nat vc of near Champion, Saltlick t i w n h l p , t o r many yearo leskled in Comiellfavillo befole moving to Mo'int PhMMint, whore he pstabiished hi neelf in a uta- tlonei-y wtore w h i n l i he 'jperated u n t i l lailing hoalth forced him tt i?o to tho Rocky Mountains. Fue yeaie ago he left Mo int Pleiuant and he was for a time located in Auzon i Later he movpl to San Biego While in Connellsvill" , Mr EJrooks for a time had charge 01 Hunt'b shoe jtitorp in Pittfihurgf stre t. Ho also j 'ondueted the Hhoo d partment of , Kobackero Htore HP v as a charter I member of Connelte ille Jxxlge, Benevolent , l'iotpai\t» Order ot KIK^. and word of his densiss hat icon\pyed in a telegram to John 10. Wallace, local seeietary sent, by the San Diego lodge secret!! iy Mi Hrookt. ia sui vive by hib w i f e and fcoveral brothers aim distois, bev- eral ot tho latter reaidli g in the Indian C'rerk Valley*- \li Jamea A, Ryan ot 213 \Vebt Wash! igton avenue In compliance with th · reaufst of .Mr Brooks, hits remaim will 1e in- U-i red iu tho I n d i a n Ci *e!v Valle -where he wab b o t n and i eared. Tho bod) will t»e whippe*! l i o n San Diego MoiKlri} and w oxpec ed to a r i i v e (Viniiellaville early b i-ldaj moi n- iiif; o/«!' tho Baltimore o Ohio Hall- icnd. Airangenionts ha e not comploted City police are conducting a search for two bandits who attempted to hold up a gajollue station proprietor in Somerset last night. That the banrliH are from Connelh.- \ H ! e Is established by the fact that a machine stolen here early in the opening was found in Somerset and that an automobile stolen was found here earlv today. ' J G Smitloy, operator of the Hack Lumber Company, notified police headiquartera at 7:30 o'clock last night that a machine belonging to the lumber concern had been taken trom iu front of his residence In Snyder street. The tbeft waB announced over tho teletypts system and Somerset police uotlfled authorities the automobile had boon located there about 3:30 o'clock this morn ing In tho meantime the teletype earned Information about a cai stolen in Somerset, together w i t h tho fact that the bandits had endeavored to hold up the proprietor £ a gasoline station in that town. Two shots were iirc-d at the station onei atoi but he was not injured The machine, a Bulck coach, was lound today by Patrolman Carl Bishop near t h e plant of the 13 A. L/undy Company MI the north end of the city It is believed tho bandits stole the lumber company automobile hort* fot the t r i p to Somerset and then abandoned il oily to steal another lor the t e t u r n joutnoy State Polit-e will bring tho Smitley cai here home time today. MOSES DECLINES TO ORDER REMOVAL OF TARIFF LEAGUER Latest Chicago Racket Victim Failed to Heed Fatal Warning Left, John "Dingbat" Otwrtu, racketeer, and his \ddon, forncrij wife of "Big Tlni'' .Vlitrplij j below top, Itohn Stege, deputy police comnils loner of Chicago; Imlnw, .Sanj "Shft" ow" Malejfa, Oljeri-iS chann'eur, fonnd lidii with KIP racketcrr. !!% U n i t e d Press. U ASIIINUTON", March 8 -- S f n a t o r Harrison. Democrat, Mteslfeeippl, today! '-"** demanded t iat Chairman Mors of the Heiuito Hul^s Committee, take steps to leinovo AVatron H l^oane from I ho room in tin Senate office building allotted to Senator G r u n d y , Republican, 1'onnsylvama. Harufeon told Mott« that if Donne w.i« not p u i nit ol GruiuJy'b office Jio w o u l d cnrrv t h e ane to tho Senate aud demand his removal. Moneb Indicated be would take no action on Elarrison'B demand. tie Cited Grundy's contention that loane in his personal employe and «nid the Sonale had no light to Inquire any t u t t h o r than that. Ha n icon's action forecaets a possible fight n (he floor over churgea that CJrumly haa moved the American Tai iff League News Bureau into the the Hiniate office building. R K K A N K J ( ' I P j l I V N I f c r i t f a t Prc is S t i l l \VHter OHlCAtiO, Maicli 8 --Two men one gray haired nnd firm chinned, the other young, with daio d e v i l cyee sat j facing each olhei in !iolic- headq lar- tors several monthF BE;O The older one spoke, quiotly, almost feolomnly: "Ol)orta, you'rp roung- ffc^t on of the racket now, whlu you're al ce." A defiant smllo lit up UK* face ol the young man He stuck a '-igarett In hi.s lips, lishteil it notifJinlaiitl}, ind blew a puff »f srooko -upward. In a drawliuR v o i c be announced he wai ablo (o take cure of h nwelf "Maybe." r e t u r n e d ihe older lan dubiously ' By tho way, Oberta, ea t h a t chair yo-u'ro fa.lU.iug in. Fui ny, but 1" other men in the racket sat ii. the same rbair You've h«arv of them--Torn Blligntt, M i k e Riler, U l l Clifford, Si Cawley and IVoJX) 8h ine and otliers I warred evry on« ot them to get out ol the rack t, and t ley all sat in that .sainf oluiir ?t the tl ue. That »am6 chair, U'eita--and n ry 'om ia j*ad na« '" In thlh one ai t ci^ama w vre Deputy Police Cammli»3ioa«r J* hn- Stag* and John ( W n s b n t ) Olx Ui, rai'/koteoi aih^polltn Jan Now Oberua, the thirteenth man to sit In that sinister, omincnn ch. Ir, is dead tStegea w a r n i n g hud b'en fulfilled; the little black chair } ad claimed another victim' Oberta and his (haufleur, Sarn CShadow) Matega wero found shot to death in a lonely spot just outside the cltv UmitB. Oberta's murder had made his wife a widow for the second time. Her first hnsbaml, "Big Tim" Murphy, had been slodn two years before; Booie racketeering was blamed for the Murphy killing, and likewise for tho Oborta-Malcga murder, but in tho newest case, the deaths wore charged agaitit the Saltis clan. The double cross was the immediate cause, according to Stege. /. 5. Leffler i o Erect Business and Apartment Building in Pittsburg St. hoen TORSO OF WOMAN IN BURNED CABIN; MAY BE GANG VICTIM CHIEF WALL ASKS AUTOISTS TO SEE CARS ARE LOCKED Tht Pfrir Ida Ja»niango, T o » n s h i p HisJ Uayle Stickler nipr baler.-- w i l l again S W I I I K into a c t i o n w i t h ConneiUvill? ,u'! lumbar T o w n - j ·woman might havo been o h l n in t h e outstanding c o n t e n t Utiri- bar w o n iho c o u n t ; c h a m p i o n s h i p aevt'U c o i n c t n i i x p j i a r t and t h e Cokev-^, twice uuinerup, are haul to k« iu a fair way to b r t a k ttiu Leiben- v i n i u n s spree 1'he oihor de- will fiurt North b'lion P o w n h h i p anil P : n Towiisluii b i t t h i i i j ; an v.cit ab Suiith Bro\Muvjll and Pcmil .Marion. The u f t h m a t U e ttum.i « i l l travel The t h u d l o u n d of ilfbate-s is scnecluled lor T h u b d t i j nls?hi, March U. with th»s,e i n i i t v s t s , t u v negative team i i a \ f ! i n j . Com el'^viiU- v-. Soul i t S r o w n h V i U e Dunlwi T o w n s h t j ) \ ^ .Nuuli I uiou Town» tip. A-'ci t / ' l o w i . M i i p v- P i , n t Mai ion BY U n i t e d Pi e» l^.VKK VILLA, Ill v M u - e h S.--The mutilated body of a j o u a g woman, mimed to n blwokened mass r was founl in the ruins of a cabin n a fletertptl summer resort 01 the nh'jroa of Deep Lake, near here, any today, a Rruesome clue, police 1 'lievt 1 , to a murder and Incentllarj II e to nicle its tiaues. The head, legs aud a i m s we.o missing and police expressed he opinion they hud been hacked oft before tho body was burned All means of itloutifyin , th( Dody had been buruod a\vay but p u J k o said its condition led them to b e l i e v e (he » i e r u n of known to h a u n the sum- resort t h r o u K h o u l t IB v v l n t f i the cabins are not i, c u p i o d bj t h e o w n e r s The hotly was discoveiei bj members of t h e Antioch tiro d e p a r t m e n t a f t e r t h e y had been sunitm net! to the bin/ing cabin bv Jidwarcl S ' h i a m , 40. a caretaker w h o has c h a i s e ol the but upd (Ottage and Several otheis. · Sale of the Shujsler-G-ormley pro - erty in N o r t h Pittsburg street it N o r t h avenue by John S Miller o 3 S Lefller of Scottclalo v an raa e k n o w n today and at the sarne- tine it w a s indicatod Mr Lefflei probab y w i l l erect thereon a 1^-o-story bull ,- ing, with store rooms on the groin d Chip-i of Police John C Wall today askol t h a t owners of automohileg take the precaution of locking them w h e n thoy are parked, either in the down- lo'vn (iectlon or in front of their | liomea. ( "Thwe fcooms to be an epidemic ol'i automobile stealing," said (he chle.fl today "Four cars were stolen in Unioutown last night, one was taken here and one in Somerset." lie also called attention to the fact that four Iheits of machines occurted lieie last month. "It will be a method of cooperating w i t h the police department IE each owner will lock His or her machine," !h* chief declared, a« It will then not be so easy for a thief to Ret mvay w i t h ;i parked car. STON'fi Hl'KMJJ) MY AUTO SHATTKUH PI.ATK A .stone catapulted by an automobile wheel jestrrd.iy shattered a plate window at the plant of the! Yough Motor Conipanv in SouUi Plttsburg .street. Ruth Signs Two Year Contract For $160,OOC MAYOR MINERD NAMED ON STATE COMMERCE BODY STORM UNROOFS EVERSON PLANT Friday's m o u n t a i n M u m unroofed the p l a n t of t h p S i o t t d i l Construction Companv i n B r o w n s j i p e t , i : \ o i - »vi Window- \ S P I r^poui'd h , o x \ n in and trees uprooted B«"'Hi «P r f ' h r ·· "rn l l \ c ., hoo'- 'di u nroii i ' i i l d r * n bpin^ "» I' 1 . i t ' » i P ' ' l v i.** 1 !,n K , Tall Odnrs liiltliitin. ! (!KKt«NSBUKG, M a u h S - A l a i g e f a t i P a d j i i i e charaVtci i^eil t IP b p i i u g | t t u ' t n o n i a l of Westinoii-la tl ' No "il Tall Cedai.-. of is )anon u t U « - i i \ High la^t night -\ i USH of 'M I v a-- i n l l i a U n l John L Hull) ol Mouut j i'U-usaui HotiK'i M H i i t h ol S i d t t d a l e j Paul Hottnia..! cit We- N e w t o n I \.(-!t «u tlio (r. \i\sjHirtanoi ( oininlt- · .\Uuor H D Minerd ha.s Ijeei, namtid liv ( h a r l e j T Kcpnpr president of the C o u n e l l s i l l l e Board of Tride, as the i-tat** councillor from Connells- vllle in 1 the IVnnsylvainu Statp Cham- l)ej of Pommoroe The annotirn en'eul wus made ut u meeting ot the dtifcLois of the hotud. uisht ST. 1'lOTlCRSBUnCl, "FLi, March S --Babe H u t h dropped out of the hold out class today and hlgiwd a. -inUrac \\herpby he w i l l conUnue to P/av witl the Now York Yankees al an a n n u a salary ot ?SO 00,0 lor UH- n^M twt yea's. R u t h , who long has Heeu the high est salaried player In ihf hh-tory i.i baseball, t h u s ^pt a ni-w mark i'oi compeuaatiou The new c o n t r a c t amounts to n $10,000 a year raite. The contract -was signed by R u t h and Colonel Jacob Rnppert, owner o! the Yankees, who at various tim^a throughout the winter have beou wranglln? o \ e r the wage quebtiou. j Colonel Huppert arrhed yp^terday and The d u e r t o i s coiiinnied theii mec t-! made the compromise proposal dually floor and apartments above. The property has a frontage of 86 feet in Plttuburg street and a depth of 195 feet. It is occupied by the Keystone, store and other businesses. Mr, Leffler is owner of the garage at Sc ottdale. West Penn Navy Goes to Bottom Of Lake Lynn The AVefat Penn "navy" went to the bottom, in yesterday's gale. The powei company's boai, the "Jean," equipped at a heavy expense for use on the suit'ace of the big dam at tho hydro-electric plant, was ripped from its moorings by big waves, and banged against the concrete abntpments of th^ clam until It broke up and went down. At that point 1t la estimated the lake is about 80 feet deep. When the boat was torn loose, men at the plant made an effort to haul It across the Jake Into a. fahelteiod potation. Before thii could be done, however, it crashed tho abutments with such torce that it went down. Two large giiholine engines furnished power ior (he ship and it had Its own electric generator. It was unofficially icported that the "Jean" represented an investment of $15,000, Davis to Make Announcement Late Today or Sunday By U n i t e d Press P1TTSBURO, March 8.--No statement was forthcoming from Secretary of Labor Jamee J. Davis and former Governor Gofford Pinchot, both in Pittaburg today to attend the funeral of the late Judge Richard K. Martin, in respect to the Pennsylvania political situation. Davis said he had decided to delay formal announcement of liia candidacy for the senatorial nom nation but denied he was waiting for William S. Vare's formal withdrawal from the race. Pinchot declined to disctice politics, saying "I am here to utter* I the funeral of Judge Martin and will have nothing to say on any political subject" "My plans are not oontlngant to any way on what Vare does," was Davis' reply when asked regarding the report he was delaying the Mnounc meni o£ hte candidacy until Vare declared hie position. "I desire to confer with a number of my friends, particularly those in Western Pennsylvania before making any statement," Davia said. Davis, who came here from, a conference in Philadelphia with Vare and other Philadelphia organisia) fon lead- era, plane to go to Sharon late today to visit hie sister, who is ill and will go from there tomorrow to Philadelphia or Washington. PHILADELPHIA, March !.--·Clear- ing of the politicsi ekies in Pennsylvania is forecast Jor eometitne within the next 24 hours, possibly v Ithin the noxt 12, according to all indications today. Observers here were predicting that before night comes down William S. Vare will havo eliminated himeelf from the race for the Unite" I States Senate and James J. Davte, Hecretary of Labor will havo made his formal declaration that h«i is a cndldate for the Senate post now heWl by Joseph R. Griindy. Darts' announcement ia expected to be made at Sharon, Pa., his oW home, eithe" thle afternoon or t rnorrow morning. COLONE BAIM WRITING REPORT ON RIVER HEARING Meeting in Flttebrarg yeatertay with Lieutenant Colonel Jarrin J Bain, United States Army engineer, mem- 1erB of the Youghlogbeny Itiyer Improvement Association learned lie is completing his brief on the matter and will return it as soon ae he baa conducted a further check-up on th« tonnage flsores recently submitted to him. The colonel wishes to corroborate the facts contained in the brief by personal interviews with representatives of the respective intiwrtriee which promised considerable tonnage when the stream ia made navigable. Congressman Adam M. Wyant, who hafl been active la the flght for a navigable Youghiogheny, was among those present. From Conrn llsvillc were Major John K. Blake, secretary of the Board of Trade, and Kenneth Reid. A picture o)' the group was taken by a newepaper photog «apher. B. O. PURCHASE OF SUSQUEHANNA IS RECOMMENDED By United Press, WASHINGTON, irfareh 8.---A-iQUist. tion by the Baltimore Ohio Railroad of control of the Buffalo tc Sue- quehanna Railroad by purchase of capital stock wa« recommend"»d today hi the examiner'e report o the Interstate Commerce Commieflicn. u n t i l Aloud ly evening. i (. I M O N T O \ \ N M a u h S -Ordered 1 to stop bv a man « hom hi^ b ' l l p v e d to be .1 mombei ct t h e Sttite H i g h w a y j P a n o l . f l p r b f i ' B i ' v a n oj OPT m a n , · o « i s h \ p wfv hold up and obbod of $7 in 01 Mi la 1 -' iv.cht s h o i t l ^ a l t r r II 11 i 'nt k en ( h ^ M« Cli ll.ui'ltr « n t n a d , i nt ,11 J l i - i n c ' - ' 1'hi b a n d i w o i c a 1 h r l m e i TAFT NOT SO WELL TODAY WASHINGTON, Ma it'll 8.--W. II. Tali siineieil i hiignt setback in his t o n d i t i o n tocia^ but was in no im- MitHlmte riansei His physicians haul tho foiin-ei Cue 1 ' J u s t i c e was 'not quite- so w«'ll .us he had l)een for t h p piM \c\\ dn-. Mo did not past, us Koori ,i nifchl A' u,-.ual smc his t o r i d ' t i o n bcsirin u .show i m p r o i p n i e n ' eariv in tho we»V- 1 agreed to, but .Huth at first refused to accept i l . U n t i l asked $85,000. The Weather Generally fair tonight, blifjhUy colder, Sunday fair with tlowly rising t«npeiattire is the noon weather lore- cast toi Western Temperature 1USO M i M i n u m S2 M i n i m u m . _ .'!£ Mean ia C. .!. Leniley Dead. MORGANTOWN, \V. Va, March 8.--- Cabslufj McCarl Lemley, 64, htate geologist and geological engineer for the Baltimore Ohio Railroad Company, died at hl home here Friday night HO was a member of the first graduating class in. the engln^rine- .school to be graduated from West Virginia University in 1SSL Hd was made consulting engineer by the Baltimore Ohio in 1900. WARMER WEATHER WEEK'S PROMISE By tfnHed Pre»s. WASHINGTON, March S - Tho weather outlook for the period vfarch 10 to 15, im luslve: North and Middle Atlantic Mates, generally fair weatber except showers Wednesday or Thursday; rising temperature first half of the wee) , (becoming: considerably above noimal followed by colder the latter p ^ r £ of. the week. Police Captain Qolis. OBEBNSBURG, Maroh 8.--Captain Thomas J, McJ^aughlk of the State J Police resigned, ye^tertiay. He -ame to Troop A, Greensburg barracks, in I'JOG as a private, fja did not announce why he had .rjjigned o, divulge the nature of."hit, f u t u i e plans. BURNED OUT CONGREGATION WILL CARRY ON Christians Will Hold Services Sunday at Arcade Theatre. MAY REBUILD IN DOWNTOWN Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALB, March S-.Atthongh flre completely destroyed the First Christian. Church yesterday morning, regular sendees Tyill be held tomorrow and each Sunday thereafter. Arrangement* have been made for the use of t*« Arcade Theatre, at Pitts-burg and Spring: streete, and tne congregation ivill worship thero tomorrow, Even while the · flami* i-aged through the edifice, the pastor, Rv. John C. Crowe, and B. L McQee, assistant superintendent of the Sunday school, were making arrangement* lor tho continuance o£ to charch work. At a session, o* tho ofllcial board, held last night, it was determined to use the theatre building. ' Tanjorary plans for immediate restoration o£ the parsonage were also mads but a decision regarding- the church itself lias been delayed. For a long time the conpregatlcn has denied to be closer to the heart of (he town, and now that the structure occupied by it will have to be rebuilt in its entirety it la felt that another location may be used. No conclusions in this matter were reached, but with temporary quarters already procured, the officers of the church will not be hunried In arrangements for reconstruction. While no figures were officially announced, it wag indicated the IOBB would be somewhere aronnd $30000 Denial was made today by aa official of tho church of a report circuit yesterday attar **« fi"* that a *i2,fioo insurance policy had been cancelled the day befora The program for Sunday's service follows: Sunday school, 9:30 A. M.; preaclt- Sf P ,T VlC S; 10:3 ° A- M.; meeting of Christian Endeavor societies, 6:10 P ·M.; preaching service, 7:$0 p M Howard Beegle, chief of the Scottdale Fire Department, expressed his thanJcB to the members of the Con- ueUaville and Mount Pleasant department who stood by to give assiataneo should It have been asked. CARNEGIE TECH INSTRUCTOR SHOT DURING PARTY By United PT«M. PITTSBURO, March 8. -- Newel) Gibeon, as, aa irtBtmctor ot chemical engineering at Carnegie Tech, was shot and seriously woondwi today during a wrty In a Squirrel Hill home. Waiter 0. Kreba, 25, at wbcEo home the party wae being held, and B. N Bane, 25, O f Pittrtmrs. are being held at Squirrel Hill police station. At the Homeojathks Hospital, a abort time .after the shooting poBoe said Gibson aocuBed Krete of firing th* shot. Police said O» «bootlng foJtowed a night ot revelry. Ueotenant Joton A. Jonee, answer- Ing a telephone can that Someone was shot at Penn Duumofcle Place " eaid he went to tt» home and foand Gibson sitting on a divan. "I'm fi hot r ,, He aw , u Get me to a hosptt.«l wlek___ J quick " Ueuteoant Jonas «ald Gibson mattered. Taken to the hoajrttal it -was found the bullet had punctured Gibson's abdomen. Bane, said to be a senior in the law school ot the University ot Pitteburg, was sleeping in a nearby bedroom' Police aaid he Is the eon o f D. H! Bane, prominent attorney ot Uniontown, "I had gono to bed," police «ported J3ano aa saying. "Kretw and G4b«on were in another room, r was ened by a shot. No, it wasn't loud. Jt wan sort of nraffled. I into th» room. Gibson wa» sitting on the side of a divan holding hte stomach. Krebs wafin't there., j gaees lie must havp been in another room." Police said th^y were unable (o question Krebs. Hte answers were Continue* on J*ajr« 8ix «ots to OJilnhomu. t lloj Lcvergood, well-known employe) of Hie Pitlfabui'g Lake Brie Raihoad ( it Dickorbon U u n , ha5 rane to Oklahoma lor hib hoaJlh lie, will be! located at Slinwnce. the home of his | brother, Judge John .Level-good. | Held fop Manslaughter. SOMERSET, Match S.--Earl Davis, driver of fhe truck which was in- ^olvcd in a collieion on the Sonuvtel- Berlin h i g h w a y in which Bd varl Moore, Somerset, was killed, was held unde»- $2,500 honil on manslaughter charges alter an mquirj'. NEW VANDERB1LT MINISTER WILL PREACH SUNDAY Rev. Thomas Wood of. Baltimore, Md, has betni elected pastor of the Vauderbilt Christian Church, succeeding Rev R. P. Browcll, resigned. llev. Wood will occupy the pulpit tomorrow at both morning and CVP- nmg feei vices. Salem Store Burn*. UNIONTOWX, March 8,--Fire, b*- lievnd to h a v a originalpd from plectru vurop, cariv Frldav de^troj-wd th* olotlilng hlors ( oE Louis Good«tein, larsesl retail merchandising house a' New Salem, at a loss oi S25,(MMu

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