The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1938 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 12
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P'.GETWELVR THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIIXE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 193S. Basketball Basketball SCHOOLMEN URGEti) TO CLEAN UP SPORTS Sportorials By JOHN H. WHOEIC Sports Editor IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION After finding thiit five Fayettc county high schools (also ona from Greene) had violated eligibility rules during football or basketball seasons, the W. P. I. A. L. decisions committee tempered a deserving punishment ol expulsion by placing the offenders on "probation" for one year. Rather than jeopardize contemplated programs of athletics by forbidding scheduling o£ league members in good standing, the committee decreed that the six be denied the privilege ot competing for league championships until March 1, 1939, although H will permit them to book league-schools for games. ~ The ruling means that North Union, South Union, Point Morion, Georges Township, Unlontown and Mapletovvn cannot participate in the tiack meet ncxUaajCln-Pitt -Stadium nor m-thc basketball winter as'well as other tournaments sponsored by the league. None may qualify" for football championships next fall. . The committee's verdict was that three boys were over age, three nonresidents, one not in school semester preceding football season and three had migrated unlawfully. Had the schools been punished by suspensions, North Union and Uniontown would have computed their time from the football seasons But since thi committee acted under a provision of the P. I. A. A. code that permits it to impose less severe penalties, i exercised its right to fix the time o: the probation. Our position on violation of eligibility by schools has appeared hcr before. We icpeat that it's pathetn when schoolmen, entrusted wit! development bf character of children resort to foul means to strengthen athletic clubs We regret that sonv provision is not made in the law fo the penalization of the individua who is responsible for such viola tions because, as it is, the students are the ones who sutler in being de pnvcd of league competition. W hope the time will come when prin cipals and coaches of schools com imttmg breaches of eligibility rule will bo properly chastised. We arc more determined in ou position that the league and Its oil! cials cannot, and should not, be cri ticized as somo have done. Th league merely drafts rules that ar interpreted by the officials A schoo enrolling subscribes to those rcgula tions. It then becomes its duty t live up to them. And if the schoo is ever in doubt, it should query th decisions committee before using plajcr- Many schools have boon do mg just that thing and as a resu' they do not become involved in sue controversies The decisions committee hande dovvna justvoidict. The penalty th \ olators had coming to them wa more severe than they received an these schools should be grateful the were given an opportunity to pu Ihcir house in order without inter ruptcd athletic eumculums. Som of the schoolmen actually expccte to be suspended, holding they fc "we have it coming " As a result ot the committee ac tlon, it" would be well for all of tl affected schools, and others in th countylwho probably might come i the same category, to make it the business to follow the Golden Hul They would not onlyrbrmg more re spcct for themselves but great honor Jtor their schools and the boys aBd'girls TM So much for our views. Now wh: about Jhe school officials who \vcr involve^ How dothcy feel jn vie of what has transpired? North Union, South ..Union., ar Point Mnnon are 'Satisfied" with ti committee ruling. They took th attitude a, ".house cleaning' was . order and they were glad that m i tcrs finally, came, to a head. Whe charges' began to make the round North "Union decided to prosccut knowing that it, too, would becom involve^. Point Marion felt it w time to call a halt to some of th things-that havo_beoa, going on an sparedZno one. "South Union sees brighter future for league-supervise athletics as a result, that officials be abI2 to -witBs-tand sorilc.of th pressure brought to bear on them. We bad no opportunity to talk wi UmonUSvvn officials after the rulin but did"while the committee was dc liberating. Tho conversations left u undei the impression they felt pun ishrrcnf of "soma kind was In oiclc but they were fearful of suspcnsio which jlight cause irreparable dam igc to athletics. Maplctown's repiesentotlvc, wh left before the committee ruhn ·-aid things were in a "terrible silua tion and couldn't keep going th vvav," and he excpcctcd drastic a twn Geoigcs Township was bitter .oop President Sees Need for Cooperative Spirit Among Members N. C. Evans Says There's No Reason for Using Ineligible Player. TELLS COUNTIANS TO START IN OPEN *T am~flrmly convinced that when coach plays an Ineligible boy he is olibcratcly violating the "league m C. Evans, president t the Western Pennsylvania Inter- chojast!e_ Athletic League, declared Her the decisions committee, ol which ho is chairman, heard cvi- icnce in protests involving »ix chools that were later placed on probation for violation of eligibility regulations.' Air. Evans (peaking to the group if about two dozen schoolmen at the Vhite Swan Hotel at Unlontown Vedncsday evening, asked for the cultivation of a better spirit of co- iperation. "Let's start from scratch and start out in the open," he to'd the school men--coaches, principals, supervises and others. Mr. Evans, who llvej at Braddock, told of the hard work nvolved in'operation of the organ- zation, nil done by men who nre not paid and said: "It grieves us that you 'cllows will take undue Drivllcgcs. All we ask is that if you believe in lie league that you will live up to ts rules,. Let us resolve that we'll Uvo up to these rules." He said that there lias been unwarranted criticism of the league md charged that "one of the most iascd" of all newspaper critics was ·Fats" Kennedy of Unlontown, point- ng out that Kennedy had been directing his fire at the league rather lhan at the schools who are commlt- ling the violations. The league president, Uming his remarks back lo the schoolmen, inli tint the league wa" a voluntary organization and that all who were now members had sought admission and that is hen they became enrollct the schools subscribed to the romti- tutlon and by-laws ! "U you don't like the rules of the i league, for God s sake drop out," Mr. Evans declared He said that the various school principals should get together nnd talk over their problems in order to reach a common ground for discussion in a frank vein matters of importance to all of them. This, he indicated, would have a tendency to eliminate much of the "wool pulling on the other fellow." He said U-at the coaches have an organization in the county and they ibould devote this association's cllorts in the direction of better and clean sportsmanship The president told the schoolmen that the legauc rules now make It compulsory for a school using an athlete to prove that he's eligible. Heretofore it had been necessary for the school making a protest to prove that the boy was "not eligible This, he said, should cause the schools to be careful about using a boy whose eligibility may bo doubtful. "There Isn't a coach in the world that doesn't know-whut boy will be eligible for his team," Mr. Hvans declared "I am firmly convinced that when a coach plays an ineligible boy he is dchbcratly violating the league rules." Ho Jamented the fuel that while the coach will perpetrate the violation the school principal Is the one held responsible by tho league. The league president made it clear that when officials aie not able to find-complete records for a student they should not permit him to play in athletics Mr. Evans explained that the committee would soon begin deliberating on the protests and would return decisions that-probably would not be populai with all who arc interested He. pointed out that the decisions committee was the only committee in the lc igue that is elected, not appointed, and to those wno would feel they were being unfairly treated in the verdict he advised that they appeal before the regular -learue meeting in May nnd voice whatever Some Salient Facts For Schoolmen President William C Evani of the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League, at various times during tho protest hearing at Union- own, commented on some important matters pertaining to rules The remarks, all good advice to those interested in scholastic athletics, included When schools exchange eligibility lists before a game the full name of each athlete, his age, residence and place of birth should be given. When a boy is legally adopted, the league will recognize it in determining eligibility. When guardianship papers arc presented, these do not necessarily form the basis for establishing eligibility. Tlie league was organized In 1SOG and every case before the decisions Committee Ins been decided on its merit*. A precedent Is no criterion for other cnscs When a school uses an ineligible pliyer. It automatically forfeits the rifiht to pliy for a championship Should an ineligible boy be u«ccl in the first game and then dropped nncl the school proceeds to w i n the remainder It could not claim the championship As soon as a nchool learns it ha used an ineligible placr. the principal should nolify the school ogiins whom he had plajcd to that o7ec and if the game hid been won to inform him It was being forfeited The Information then should be 'orvvard- cd to league officials. A Ictiguc member cannot pla a non-league member in athlc'ics tr-a docs not have eligibility rules rs strict as the W P I A L A boy uho has played with on out- »ldo team, not professional, hovv«vor can then pliy with a school club hu once he id a member of a schoo team he cannot plaj w ith anj outsld outttt Waiting until the day before nn Important name to advise a "1 Ittcr opponent that a boy is ineligible I considered an unethicil practice I it the duly of every school to notifj the other Immediately upon Icnrnin; that a boy is not eligible The decisions committee neve guarantees the eligibility ot a play er. Schools appear before it, how ever, before using players nnd as! for a ruling whereupon the commit tee advises the schools that "accord Inff to the facts presented lo us' thi boy is or it not eligible. The reaponsi bility of pla ing, however, rests wilr you--the school principal criticism they may desire. "As a matter of fact we would welcome any criticism you may have to make before the entire league membership at the annual meet ng,' Mr. Evans said, pointing out that at that time officers would be elected and among them the members of the decisions committee in · denunciation of the committee's i iifi| n 14 n fir-dings. Principal Dan Svvaney told W i l l BUY Many MaiTIDS O i rmau William C Evans, -'· - r also le 11 uc president, that the ruling w isn't the end even though there was no appeal fiom'the decision In a public statement Swancy dccHrcd he was ROing to take tho matter into tho halls of the State Legislature to "wipe the W P. I. A L. off the athletic map Georges, defending John Nicosia whose pircnts reside In Smithficld, produced a copy ot a court guardianship dccrco under vv hich grandparents were to look aftci him But the major contention revolved over Continued on Page Thirteen. To Get New Postoffice PARSONS, W V i Feb 25 --Three *hous.nd dolln s \\ill buy a lot of stamps but icidents of Paisons are determined to spend thnt much for postage by June 1 The reason Representative Jennings R indolph announced the town will qu ihfv for .1 pos-tofllce, providing receipts ioi the flxcil veil total S10 000 Postal officials here snid $T,000 was needed. Pirates Train In California For 14th Year PITTSBURGH, Feb 25 --Cali fornla's unsurpasocd value as a base ball training place, in affording idc; climate and other requirements fo the conditioning of major leagu players, is attested by the manner i which the Pittsburgh club has clun to the Golden State as a spring prac tice spot Thii is the fourteenth year in th last 15 that the Pirates chose Call forma for their preparatory worl For eleven years in succession, the trained at Pabo Robles, and the. return to Sin Bernardino this sprin marks the third time in the last fou seasons they have pitched their cam at the latter place. And the choice was not made unt the Buccaneers had tested a numbe of othei states From year to yea thoy'tncd Arkansas, Georgia, Florid, Alabama and Tcsas, with prelim nary stops in Indiana and Kentucky Then they moved to California, an now it is a habit When the National League u reduced to eight clubs from 12 i 1900, the Pittsburgh club trained i Thomusvillc, G.I In 1901, the Cor sairs went to Hot Springs, A i k , an continued there for 10 consccutiv year:, In 1917, it vvi: Columbu Ga; In 1918, Jacksonville, Fla, an in 1919, Birmingham, Ala Next II Springs was tried again for fou ye-ats, but in 1924 the Bucs got taste of California and they hav been using the Golden Stale cv since, with the exception of 193 when San Antonio, Tex , vv as given whirl. From 1924 to 1031, mclusiv. the club worked out at Paso Roblc and now Snn Bcrnirdino gets th Pittsburgh phyers agiin, after play ing hos.t to them in 1935 and 103 SPEED STUFF By Jack Sards aoftfA. AM6RICU Vkufte SPfSO if is MBR SUccessWe , vMo CecejJ-n-V SKXfeo To li!t- Church League Begins Second Half Schedule The second hilf of th- Y-Church CIRUO got under «av Tuesday night it the Y. M C A g mnasium w Ith hree exciting tilts being plajcd. The r'irst Prcsbj tcrlans looked impressive while losing to Lalscnring Pres- tenans, 34-29, with Luckcy nnd May IcidinK the scoring attack The United Brethren turned back St John's, 40 to ,28, nnd the Clnistians outlasted tne United Prcsbj tcrlans in a free scoring contest to capture a 61-43 decision The line-ups Ltlscnrlnit Presby. G H Hcsn. f 2 C. Hess, f 2 R. Goodman, c 1 D Goodman g 8 Bailey, g 2 Gets Kentuckj' Post Pts 4 4 2 16 Totals Prcsb)terlan Luckcy, f Vernon, f Miller, c Rcnncr, R Mn, B Johnson, g 15 F. ----- 0 1 _ 3 4 0 3-1 Vts .0 1 2 f, a i Totals . . 12 5 20 Non-scoring substitutes--Mantcll U. B Robinson, f . F Miller, f . . Stone, t Ray, f B Miller, c _ Rude, g Witt, g . Emerick, g Totals St. Johns Hcrchko, f Karpeak, f Palochak, c Galik, E Liposky, g G. _ 0 _ G __ 0 _ 0 _ 5 7 0 0 F. PU. 0 0 13 G. 1 4 2 2 2 4 40 F. Vts. 2 4 2 10 2 0 Totals . 11 Referee--Stillwagon. Umpire--Harper. 28 Christians Conway, f .. Pen us, f H Blocks, f F Cartvvright, g , P. Cai. vnght, g K Biooks, g Totals . V. F. Hart f R Fiibuin, f . _. Hjatt, c _ D Fiibuin, g ,, Miller, r. G. 8 1 4 _ C 6 .. _ 27 F. Pta. 2 18 0 2 1 9 2 14 0 4 2 14 7 61 r. Pts. 1 17 0 0 0 4 IB Totals 19 5 43 Rcfeice--Harper Umpire--Stilhv agon. Games Tonght. United Brethren vs Lois Prcsby, 7 P M First M E vs. Daw "on M E , 8 P M St John's H N S vs First Presbj , 9 P M. HOSE GAMES IN Y-CHURCH CAGE LEAGUE : irst Methodists, United Brethren and St. John's Triumph. KARPIAKSETS SCORING PACE Three exciting and hard fought james were played in the Y-Church League Thursday night Freddy Miller and Witt paced the United Brethren to defeat Leisenring Presbyterians, 43-36 St John's Holy Name Society sunk the First Presbyterians, 45-38, as Karpiak put on a great scoring cxhbiition by tallying 24 points The final game found D. Blascy and T«, Shaw hitting the hoop consistently to account for the bulk of the scoring as the First M. E quintet nosed out the Daivson M. E 45 to 40. The line-ups: U. B. G F. Pts. Rude, 1 1 Robinson, f ... , 1 F. Miller, c 7 Emerick, g 3 Witt, g 5 B. Miller, g 1 Totals 18 Non-scoring substitute--Dunston Lelsenrinff Prcsby. G. F. rts Homlc Shlxel) . .. boM of athletic* Selection or Bc-nic Shlvclj ns new director of athletics at the University of Kentucky, at Lexlop- ton, his been announced Sliivoly, nn All-American lineman at University of Illinois In 1927, nuc- cecd* Chct Uynne, head football coach and athletic director, who was forced out --Central Prcf* Amps, Ohms and Volts Capture Ducks Games In West Penn League Bowling on the West Penn allevs, the Amps won the odd game from the Cycles, the Ohms took two out of three from the Meters and the Volts scored a similar vlctoij over the Watts jn the West League The scores WATTS Penn Duckpm Center "Water Squad Beaten By Allegheny Connell-ville Recreation Center aquatic team encountered a "tough" opponent Wednesday when it took on the Allegheny Y. M. C. A in Pittsburgh and the locals came out on the short end of a 46-17 score The North Sidcrs have one of the clissiest tank teams in Pittsburgh, having a commendable record. Dean Pcrshing, brilliant frcc- stv ler for the locals, w as in the lime- ight, coming in first in the 100 and 220 free style events. Mclntyre was outstanding for the Y. M. C. A, club The local club was minus the services of "Bud" Spear, due to illness The summaries. 160-frcc style relay--Won by Allegheny "Y" (Mclntyrc, Faust, Aikcn and Hunt) Time 1:22 6. 100-yard breast stroke--Won by irake, Allegheny, second, Bill Mc- Konna, Allegheny, third, Alesantnno, Center Time 1 24 7. 100- ard back stroke--Won by Mc- Inljre, Allegheny; second, Unger, Allegheny, third, Chambers, Center. Time 1 19. 40-yard free style--Won by Aiken, Allegheny; second, Hunt, Allegheny; third, Phytulak, Center. Time 21 Diving--Won by Bill McKenna, Allegheny, second, Joe McKenna, Center 100-y.ird free style--Won by Pcrsh- ing, Center, second, Mclntvre, Al- leghenv third, Aikcn, Allegheny Time 5Q 3 220-ard free style--Won by Pcrshing, Center; second, Hunt, Allegheny, third, DeBolt, Center. Time 2 32 180-medley relay--Won by Allegheny, (Hake, Mclntyre and Faust). Time 1:14 5 H Hess, f . C. Hess, f R Goodman, c -Washabaugh, g _Goodman, g Bailey, g Totals . Referee--Harper. St. John's Maccyko, f Karpiak, f Palovchalk, c Liposky, g Galik, g Hudock, g 12 0 4 10 3G G. --11 5 F. Pts 0 4 2 24 0 10 _ 1 0 _ 2 1 _. 0 0 Totals Presbyterian Vernon, f _ . Luckcy, f -Miller, c -Renner, g , May, g .21 G. _ 1 _ 0 _ 5 3 45 K. Pts. 0 2 __ 3 Witt 144 Godfrey _ 122 Wamhoff A Mongol! Bertram ,, _ Turncy Talr Decker . _ J. Murray , -- , 05 123 33 74 62 89 135 139 121 10D 103 77 106 117 120 150 160 149 H5 58 72 99 103 88 429 427 365 385 284 242 270 282 297 Totals.. _ . 0 1 5 032 7131960 Bair B Newmycr . Davidson F. W. Jones Purbaugh Silcox E Jones . VOLTS H5 150 118 1B3 157 142 105 152 112 114 158 117 108 148 no ion 08 99 107 413 418 425 380 398 298 224 Totals _ 755 691 602 2048 PANTHER SCARE STRIKES COUNTRY Covotcs Thin Out Deer KAL1SPELL Mont, Feb 25 -- Cojotcs Kill more- deer than all the hunters put together nccording to Ch-iirman James WliiH of the locil spoilsmen's is ociation On a recent tour he found 62 carcixxcs of dcei that had been killed by prcdatorj I TEXALINE, Texas, Feb 25 --Children in this aiea aie not permitted to ride on horseback after cows at dusk since ranchers along Carnzo creek found several cnlves killed by either a panther 01 mountain lion The laige cats are not i Itivc to this area but oceasionally one sti lys down the C i u i 7 o fiom thr ne trbv | mountains Moorman . Qondlff . Kunkle _. _ Fitzgerald ,, . Bishop Pi ice Lmdsiy Totals _ . Kuhns Sly Allen Quinn -- Stilhv agon _ Blocks, -- Totils Sipan u i \\aul _ Hufihes Ad tins Lew is CYCLES 147 126 ,, 149 141 190 -- 155 .. _ 99 97 155 m 107 10-i 106 163 153 111 94 112 118 130 118 426 401 415 404 ·?20 3J3 J36 Willow Inn Juniors Swamp Youngwood Five jThe Willow Inn Juniors swamped the Youngwood Tigers 46-25 Monday the F. Pts at Stile Armory. Fant paced victors, scoring 13 points The line-ups: Willow Inn Sanzonc, f ._. Mouison, f Fant, c P Mongell, DeBolt, g S Mongcll, g Mai r, g Totals Younpvvood Bianda, f Crosby, f . Long c Yarnald K Kckich, g Totals, 12 Scoring by quarters W/llow Inn 10 9 10 17--46 Youngwood 3 0 6 16--25 Referee--Robinson 796 668 AMPS _ 142 137 -_ 143 -- HO 138 147 139 _ 132 no 661 2125 132 153 13G 146 131 126 25 Duqucsnc Club Whipped. Duquesne lost a 34-22 verdict to McKcesport in the Section 6 tic playoff game at Pitt Stadium 431 131 348 686 C71 698 2055 OHMS 113 100 141 09 171 125 ni '20 115 130 116 171 H7 81 433 Anderson 100 98 86 284 Totals R Mui i ay Hild Potthott 354 Dasue 408 Piciee 381 295, Totals . 594 671 METERS - 177 172 _ 109 . 93 . 121 140 620 188! 110 121 U5 75 127 112 106 107 100 640 823 552 1815 Totals - -- . 16 Referee--Harper. Umpire--RuH. '. M. E. G. 'ike, 1 o iVclling, f 2 2 13 15 6 38 F. Pts. 0 0 0 4 Continued on Page Thirteen. Ask "PAUL" about Firestone's Specialized Lubric- tionf Complete Protection For All Moving Parts Factory Trained Lubrication Specialists ROAD M.KVICfc W. Apple Street. I'hone tl.

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