The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 29, 1918
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Kg- ' JljfS, Oonnellsville's Biggest and Beat Newspaper. Sworn Average DaUy Circulation Last Week, 6,761 VOL. 16, NO. 197. CONNBLJL,SVILL,E. PA., SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 29, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. SUDDEN ALLIED OFFENSIVE CATCHES BOCHES UNAWARE; 1,400 ARE MADE PRISONERS French and British Troops Realize Objec-j COLOSli J; tives in Short Time and With Comparative Ease; Drives Simultaneous in Flan_ ders and South of the Aisne; Forty-two Names in Army Casualty List, 41 in the Marines. OF -HARttfES WHO IS BAM,!' WOUNDED AUSTRIAN PARLIAMENT SUMMONED FOR JULY 16 By Associated Pies*. Attacking the Germans suddenly on two widely separated sectors, French and British troops have improved their positions greatly and captured 1,400 prisoners. By their enterprise in taking the initiative unexpectedly the Allies apparently caught the Germans napping and realized their objectives in a short time. The British rectified their lines east of Hazenbrouck in Flanders. ' South of the Aisne the French drove the enemy back on the fe'iportant Ambleny-Montgobert sector which bars the open spaces between the forests of Compeigne and Villers-Cotterts. The Sghting here continues. HUNS ACTIVE 03V MEBYELLE SECTOR. WITH THE BRITISH ARMY IN FRANCE, June 29.--Last night and again early today the Germans put down vigorous , barrages along the sector north of Merville, but no further in' fantry action has been, reported. Great fleets of airplanes are constantly- wheeling over hostile territory today and conducting ti^er warfare against the Germans. Heavy artillery duels have been waged continually during the last 24 hours in the Merville region where the British yesterday mornfsig rushed the Germans back by a successful surprise attack, i Prisoners secured in this operation now total 9 officers and 392. men of other rank. Prisoners siate that their casualties have been very heavy as the result of the aerial raids. OPENING DF CURB- MARKET DELAYED UNTIL JULY 16 Lack of Green Goods on Farms Given as the Cause for Postponement. F COLD RETARDS GROWTH As Result Sot Any Farmers Arc Prepared to Answer the Ciill for u INSANE FROM PAIN MEYERSDALE MAN SHOOTS HIMSELF! J'olm Stein, 75 1'ears Old. i»ios SO 31iu- ; utts After Firing Bullet Into His Head. j Specla] to Tho Courier. MEYIDRSDALE, J u n e 29. -- .John Stein, aged 75 years, and one of Meyersdale's best known citizens, died a t , his home on Nort-h street, Friday, at: 32.45. Mr. Stein had been ailing for some time and suffered greatly, especially Thursday night,, and it is thought ho became temporarily in-' sane from suffering and while in that : state lie shol himself in the head. He WAR SAVINGS CANVASSERS SECURE PLEDGES AMOUNTING TO $204,964; DOWNS LEADS I'lcDtifnl Supply of Green Hoods; i lived about 30 minutes after the shcot- I(0t Head)' for L'su at Any Time. ln ^' Besides his widow lie is survived by the following children: George Stein, Mrs. Nora Winters, Mrs. John Ryan Although preparations liere been completed Uie opening o tbe curb market for Conaellville will, not be held cm Tuesday, July 2, but has been postponed for two weeks. The official opening day was this morning sot for J u l y 16, at which tiine it is expected that it yrill be possible to place on saJe- a larger variety of tann and .Mrs. Pius Sneicher, all of Some set; Mrs. "W. C. Batten, Nitro. W. Va.; Mrs. John. He'-vus, Martin, Ivy., and Mrs. John Adamson, Meyersdale. The funeral will bo held Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, with services at his laie home by Rev. J. Luther Fran 17., of Xion Lutheran church. One years 20TH ANNIVERSARY products. TJie opening day has been I son/ j U b c r t SlelUi died S6veral postponed on account of the lack ot [ a g 0 green goods ready for sale by most of the farmers. County Farm Agent P. E. Dougherty and Walter F. Scbenck of this j city went inis the country on Wednes- j Of Uvdlcutlun of the Christian Church day and vished many farms in order | Appropriately I'elebrateil. to learn what)the attitude of toe farm- ! The celebration of tin' twentieth j e r was on the curb market question, .anniversary ol' tbe dedication of the i The farmers were all willing enough I Christian church was the occasion for CLVDE 1MVS' TEAM LEAIS AU, IK WAJl SAVISUS CAJLPAIGX The reports by teams of the amounts pledged in the two days' War Savings Stamp drive totaling ?204,9G4 for this city, follow: No. Captain Subs. Amount Downs 326 ? 31,213 Campbell 312 2-1.880 Kenney j»4g 20.938 Ashe .234 20,476 Wright 289 17,214 Pryce JS7 17,061 Graham 370 15.860 Biller 153 14,362 Keagy 297 14,531 Leche 260 10^90 Long 218 10,005 Trader 114 5,575 Total P. 0. SaJos Grand toial -$204,964 . 90,000 With Credit of $90,000 Reported Total is $294,964. MOTHER DRIVE TUESDAY Result of Two-Daj Campaign Considered to Be Host Excellent ! ENTHUSIASM HARKS CLOSE Teams Assemble at 3Tason*c Temple and Cool Off on Ice Cream and Then Hear Keportsj George Camp* belt's Team Second; Kenuey TMrf, | to bring their goods to the ulty to sell, but pointed out that they would not : be ready by July 2. ! Many fanners did not get their | seed planted early this year, one reason for the lELteness o£ ihe crops, and the recent, cold spell bas also been a Col. Albert us W. Catlin, commaad- ing officer of the Sixth regiment. U. S. marines, and oni.- of the oldest officers l o t the marine corps, has been serious- I ly wounded in France. He has been ! in, active service more than -5 years, ! was in command of the marine guard of the battleship Maine vrh-sn that vessel was blown up in Havana harbor, and has since served In many quarters 1 of the globe. He has been abroad j since last October, having previously opened and organized the marine training camp ai Quantico, Va. setback. Oul. of many formers visited a very pleasing program of enter- taiumt'nt in uhat edifice last evening. The numbers consisted of musical and literary fra lures, all of which were well received. Hev. George W a l k e r, t h e minister, presided. Following prayer by Rev. BiiL-kiif-r, Kelso Atkir.s rendered a cornet .solo. CROSSLAND WAGON WORKS, WEST SIDE, SOLD TO LOCAL M ConnellsvOle again came to the front in patriotic drives for money when in two days' work canvassing teams composed of business men of this city collected a total of 5204,964 in pledges for War Savings Stamps. Tbe quota for Connellsyflle is $321,000 and adding 590,000 sold tnrengb. the postoffice previous to the drive, ·which is counted in the city's quota, |a total of J294.9G4 is now credited to ;this city. | Allowing for duplications and 1 i shrinkages, it is figured that Connells- A. E. WaKoner Heads J'evr Company,! vine is only about ?50,000 short of its Witii 0'. L. Armstrong and 31c- j quota and to go over the top as the on that fay. only two who had stiff 1- followed by a vocal w l o b ^ M r V R~os~s "^ ( ' rn " slan(l Partners, city has. done in the Liberty Loans cloat produce on hand to warrant a F. Lytle accompanied ' b y Ja'nes T!le slle yesterday by Waller J.! and Rod Cross drives, another con- trip to the oily, were founL jcharlesworth. A f t e r a roadins by i Jow ' s * Scotldale of the Grassland: vas = w ' r D = neld Tuesday, when it is Rothcr tbun start a curb market | Mlss Anna Mav colborn K T .Norton I wa son plant in N'inth street to Me-. b °P ed i hat 'J 16 total wil ^ swelled gave a raniai it-em talk on the bis-! c:ain Crossland, A. E. Wagoner a n d . over the 5321.000 mark, ton- of the churdi and tbr- .evwal i Oeor S 8 '·· Armstrong was announced Tnti canvassing committee did not structures and mrvtlnj; places u p to ! t«K»'. The company expects to open · a i l SA their territory completely and including the er.-etion and . "= P laot Monday. covered, and these will be finished of llu; prosrat s t r u c t u r e Sue-i The company will manufacture! w h i l e others w l l oe S° ne over a S a ' D program in- i vragons. dirt carts, coal wagons and! to « ei ** ones which were misscd jl beds for motor trurks. ! 'he first canvass. Tuesday night the i p a n c y CA^TDEE 400 HUNS. IXJNDjitfff, June 29.--In a successful attack in Flanders, oastj rTDCT I cC tOepppfwoods yesterday, the British took^mnrp .thjtijjjtnn yria- if 'j*vJ V ! Trar ofiftce annburicecrFoiJayr^rwo German field gun's]! TRftflPS iRRIVF ON ion to the machine guns and trench mortars taken, also! 1IWWO AIUVITU vn m this attack. ' ! with only two farmers on hand, the committee decided to postpone the date for two weeks, allowing additional time to get the products in shape. The persons living m the city are so anxious to buy goods fresh off · cet;di"ng n u m b e r s the farm that with only two men ou . ^lu,),,,) a violin soio by Master Wayne hand the first day, they would be .\[cKr-; a dui". liy Mr. and Mr.. cleaned out so quickly that everyone i caaricaworth; a reading by Miss dor- would not have a chance to buy. j trudc Lindsay; a ;olo by liobert \Vor- The committee fuels that by pon'-iuer; a duet by Mrs. J. J. Enos and poning the opening dale it will be co-; M n j . j^ [j. \voiiircr. and a viohn solo operating with the farmers as it will ; ^y rjyron Porter. be better to make tbe opening day \ Tll ^, M;il .,.j la .\ ono ,, ^u phiiatbca an auspicious one rather thaii h a v o ! n ; b l u classes, as.-iisn.-d by the Mail's only a few on hand, aa interest might class , contributed ,SO worth of kitflicn utensils und dJshc-3 as Ihcir The name Grassland Wagon Com- · canvassers will meet at S o'clock to pony will b e used in the conduct of:' rc J5 rt Ulei , r tl ^ a . ls f ° r l . ne day the bupines.-i. Mr. Armstrong is president ot the company: Mr. "Wagoner secretary and treasurer. Crossland shop manager. and Mr. THE ITALIAN FRONT i die out if buyers were turned away without being able to make a pn AT INSPECTORS' MEETING annivcrsarj- siJTome TBOOPS TO :RUSSLL i . By A^O^U-U ITOS«. LONDON, Jane 29.--The German government, according! WASHINGTON, June 23.--The first yes- CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE j Street CotirmisBioncr "William Me- '· 1 Cormick has the lot on K'ast Applo : I street ir ; thf rear of the Methodist ! church, where the market will be es- ; Sererul Local rt-rnons Attend All-Da j j J* I tabliebed, ready for the opening day. Jamcs S. Durr Attends Large Gathering of Officials in PiU/ybttrg. . company today from Zurich. Under this plan troops :"wiB be sent to restore order, assisted by Maximalist forces. jTTM15 BFFOKTS TV- KE3TOBE IiETES FAIL. MORIS, Imme afc--Oerman attacks ·it Ike irwt soatk-rest of Soissons for fte fUfMe of ejeetlag the French ttoDS takea bjr then on ·Ight were repulsed last : and tke French Ibw was held , Mcanllng to the statement 1s- «e* kj tke war eOlee today. If u operation northwest of Mont- *ldl»r AMcricaa troops took -10 pris- 011*0. ' In addition to their attack o» the BRITISH AXD DESTROYEKS Ef FI(!HT. LONDON, J'one 29.-^Four British torpedo boat destroyers fought a long-range engagement with a German destqyer force off the Belgian coast on Thursday evening. The action was broken off before any decisive results were attained. FITE SIMJO.V ARMY A-UE.VDMEJfT LOSES. ·WASHINGTON, June 29.--Prepara- (tloB to th-ir attack o« the tory to the passing of tbe 1)2,000,000- _; ndln _", the SolsMins area Ihe, Gcr. · 000 army appropriation bill today the! p TM e fi Han »»»t assault detachments agiilnst j senate rejected 45 to 19,' an amend- ' force sent by General Pershing but consisted of units shipped from this country. The troops consist largely of sanitary units but include other special j organizations. General March ex- I plained. On the whole, however, it | is made up mostly of non-combatant units. The comliatant troops will be eent by General Porshing as previously announced. Surveying Ihe entire battliefront, General March said the sitaulioa could be said 0 to be extremely favorable to the allies. He would make no comment on the intimation of an 1m- ! UNITED STATES TROOPS POLICING CITIES IN PANAMA CANAL ZONE on Orders Action in Accordance With Treaty fllth Government of Panama. By Awiociutod PTMIS. PANAMA, Juno 29. -- Upon orders from Washington American, troops ·began policing Panama and Colon at GaLhcrlnt; in I'niooUivo, About aevunty-live doh-gatos from the various Christian cnurches in · F^iyette county, atlendcd an interesting und iiiHtructive confBronco held yEHjlonlay 'm the Central Christian church in Uniontown. There were three aessionE, morning, afternoon aud evening, and the talks given at aJl were apie-ndid. The speakers were Rev. F. D. But- cbort of Cleveland. 0.; Rev. A. F. Hanea, Brownsville, and Principal A. E. Wright, Uniontown fvchoola. The coufwencitB were conducted br Rev. R. G. Manly of Republic, and de- Inspector Jamcs S. Darr is home from Piusburg. where he attended a o-day sesBioa of inspectors. June : -1 and US, in rh« offict; of Supervising Francis Feehac. of the Western ?enns3 r lvania district. "Ac- cidoc; investLgmioa," "Plant Lighting" a«d "Th-e Electric Code" were lopics for discussion along with other mailers ptiruuning lo tbe work of the inspectors. J. H. Walker, acting chief Tlio result of the two day campaign in Connellsville is considered excellent and the total was even greater than the managers had hoped te erpect. It is feit^o^a^^y^trfnore suoscrjptions co!u!S 'b'e'-'secDred. and th.c total of 3,008 is considered too small to stop with. At 9 o'clock last night the canvassers assembled at the Masonic temple and enjoyed ice cream furnished by a.member of the campaign committee. After "cooling off" the captains reported the results of their canvase. C. \V. Downs' team took first honors with a total of $31,213 and Goorge Campbell came second with ?24,880. F. R. Graham's team had the largest number of subscrip- of the De-partine-m and In- heights, southwest of Bhehns. | the President to raise an army ol 5,- · " " ~ " " The Italians droTe oH the Uernan FIVB KILI/ED IX ACTION, TWELVE WE OF WOUNDS. VASKINGTON. June 29--The Army casualty list today contained 42 namw, divided as follows: Killed in action, 5; died of wounds. 12; dled^ of accidents and other causes, 2; died o£ disease,. 2; wounded severely, 14; missing In action, 7. The list included: Olid ot accidents--Private Frank Urey, Laurel, Pa, Tf*n-OXE 5A3TES Cf MAB1XE CASUA1TI 1IS1. WASHINGTON, June 29.-- The Marine casualty list today contained 41 names; divided as follows: Killed in action, 25; died of wounds, 8; wounded severely, 7; missing. I. The list nclnde*: Killed: in action-- Corporal Harold Kerr,',;. Bellefontaine. O.; Privates Charles' Belk, Pittsimrg, Pa.; Walter Bi^rer, Pittsburg, Pa., and James I. Did*. Marietta, O. ,. Wounded severely -- ^Private David ·yr. amlin, Oberlin, O. rAKIS KSCAJPES Ef 1AST GERM-V ilE KAID. '~PAIHS, June 29. (Havas Agency) 000,000 men as soon as equipment and transportation could be provided. The first National Army division · f l i e . I h . U U by the Italians^ .the ; ment_proposing to speciflcaHy "direct" ^e^f MaTch'To'"nnounc^r^ is the 77th, raised in New York, trained at Camp Upton and originally commanded by Major General James Fraknlin Bell. It was taken across under Major General Johnson. Five American divisions which have been brigaded with the British for training have been returned to General Pershing's command with training completed. One of these is the 35th division, composed of Kansas and Missouri troops and commanded by Major General William M. Wright when it left the United States. General March disclosed tHat the official reports from the Italian front placed the number of Anstrlans captured at 18,000 and a large amount of . 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The I TMtional exercises by Rev. J. A. Whar! action was taken under the treaty of ! toa ot Porryopolis and Rev. R. U 3904 authorizing the United States to!^ 1011 of New Salnm. Rev. and Mrs. OVER 309 TAKES CATTrVE BT THE AKERICAKS. WASHINGTON, June 29.--Capture of 309 German prisoners and the destruction of tiree German airplanes by American aviators was reported today by General Pershing. FREIGHTER SINKS Qnondoga Strikes Iteef 09 Neir England Coast; Crew Bcacned. By Associated Press. WATCH HILL, R. I., June 29.--The Clyde'line freighter Onondoga Char- i w a r material. The'line of the Wave leston for Boston and Jacksonville tas Dccn entirely restored by the assume this police duty whenever Jt G - Jost her way in a heavy fog off Watch Hill last night, struck a reel and sank in shallow water after her crew of 35 had been taken off by coast- guards from the Watch Hill station. The Onondoga, a vessel of 2,6.% tons gross, was built at Philadelphia in 1905. FLAG DEDICATION. Baptist* to Bephtce Emblem Destroy ed kr Becent Storm. A ,new flag to replace the one re- Italians and in some places has been slightly advanced. PATRIOTICSERVICES At Christian Church Tomorrow, Including Be-ledication oi Flug. · Special patriotic services, designed as a preparation for a sane and wholesome, observance of the Fourth of July,, will be held in the Christian church tomorrow. At the morning hour Rev. George Walker Buckner, Parly' was unharmed by last night's i cently destroyed in a storm, has heen I ae minister, will deliver a sermon on German air raid, None of the bombs j .bought by the First Baptist Sunday j" Tne Battle L 'ne at the Home Front." dropftd. by the several machines j school and will be 'dedicated by ap- I In Ole eTem 'ng the subject will be which, attempted the penetration ot j propriate exercises near the flag pole i " Our :Ro11 of Honor," following the. dtfinaes between 11.30 and 12.30 fell on the city. OF T03T SETDLEK KJMTSED BT CHABLES. 7.OTJDQN. June 29.--Emperor Chart«a:oi Austria has refused to ac- :ept;.tk»-resignation of the Austrian Dr. von Seydlor, and has the Austrian parliament jinly 1$, according to an Ei- w Telegraph dispatch from which states that the "papers have published an letter from the emperor to to this effect. in front of the charch at 10 o'clock ! ly ' Dlcn the church's service flag, now Sunday morning. The pastor. Rev. ' Wilbur will make an. address. was necessary to maintain order. The Panama government has protested to Washington against the measure. Because the former administration had refusad to correct conditions In the two cities soldiers in the canal zone were forbidden to enter them and the civilian employes boycotted Colon and Panama until the mandate of the military authorities was carried out by the Panama government The new administration under President Urriola began to clean up the city "but in connection with this work announced that the election fixed for June 30 and July 7 woo'.d be post-r poned for six months because of the fear that serious disorder might occur if held on tbe dates set. by law. , Mrs. Charlotte Buttermore, Mrs. Clara B. Cover. Mrs. W. W. Kern of Connellsville; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Galley, Mrs. B. S, Luce, Mrs. Howard Adams, Miss Jeannette Pollock and John Adatri? of Peri-yopoiis, dnstry at Harrisburg, and P. L. Foltz of that department, were preeenu The inspectors, in a body, attended a lectnre by Mr. Poltz on boiler room hazards, fuel economics and powdered cotv.1 at the Fort Pitt hotel yesterday, given under the auspices of Lhe National Safety Council. HARVEST VOLUNTEERS tions, tnrniug in a total ot Downs' team had 326 pledges 370. and Campbell reported 312 subscribers. The ministers of the city will announce the continuance of the cam- for a day , rom not pledged themselves for any amount are asked to be ready to take at least a nominal sum of the investment. No reports on the amount of money secured in Uniontown have been made but the canvass there will be continued until the quota, is reached. Chairman llonsuker of JUasontomi SERGEAJfT JltrEKAY TVB.ITFS District Has Enrolled Twenty. | OF ODD FEKK:H HOJIES . George Honsaker, lucal chairman : Interesting facts are conveyed iu a, In the Mosoniown district, has en- ] letter from Sergeant Charles C Mur- Gal'ev Vanderbilt rollC(J 20 meu f ° r vollmlc - cr farm la -! ray, Company C, Ninth Field Battal' hor and turned their pledges over | ion, Signal Corps, in France, to his ! to the farm manager in Uniontown. | mother, Mrs. Margaret -Murray of the rftHfllUIIMITV OPDUirr I He ex P ects lo bave more in a few i v '" cst S idc - He says in part: l/UllUnUluH Olinfll/li !*»' 3 - M r - Honsaker urges farmers "1 arrived in camp after a nice trip- and Mrs. Ewing were among the delegates rcgiK:.;rcd. in need of help to fee] free to call on Itn: Bfley Spraker at 22nd Union !hlm. Gnthering at Dawson Tomorrow, j The following have volunteered: across tie Atlantic. This surely is a. the ship on,j ioy from beautiful country. Ou which I traveled was Rev. G. M. Riley of the Baptist j R ev. -Maxwell Cornelius. Jewis Hon- j home. Lieutenant Dana Wright I was church, Dawson, will deliver the ser- I saker, Ralph Gross, Walter T. M e - j very glad to see him. I knew him well mon at the 22nd community service i C a n n . Stanley Durkee, William M. at home. He was looking fine. Oa- the cburches of Dawson tomorrow i 1-ardin, C. G. Deffeubaugh, J. P. the way from the port on the train; BATHTNGJEACH OPEN Large Crowd Expected at South Con- ncUsvillc Tomorrow. The South · Connells-vllle bathing beacb is expected to be a.popular in ;; te 7° to '" a ^ud 'aThonor night in the Baptist church. The Wednesday evening community prayer service to be held Wed- Pouch, Ogle Long, J. W. Smith, Lindsey McCanu, S. H. Darr, Martin Shiveley, Ira W. Ross, Rev. neaflay evening in the Cochran Mem- i Cunningham, George Honsaker, W. ai ore of the cities I saw three boys with whom I wo.-ked on tie BaJti- Roy j more t Ohio railroad. They belong and W. T. Robinson. orial church will be in tlie form of a | L - McCann. W. M. Easter, W. F. Riley flag meeting. The program will be in 'honor of all the boys in the vicinity of Dawson whose name are on t h e snaroiuAi, FOR AXTOK. service flag. Parents and representatives of even' home that has a ser-1 Services Tomorrow for "West Browns- vice flag in the window are especially for both sexes have been erected, also refreshmeut tents. Attendants will be on hand to look after visitors to the beach. Ministerial greeting. The monthly meeting of the Ministerial Association will be held at the home of Rev. G. L. C. Richardson Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Nelson, Prick Offers Home an Hospital. H. C. Prick has offered his J5ew York residence to the police department of that city as a firat-ald hospital in the event of an air-raid or other war emergency. Faring P. L. E. Sen. This Is pay day on the Yough division of the Pittsbnrg It Lake Erie railroad. carrying 54, will be re-dedicateil with appropriate services. I Special musical programs have j been provided for both sen-ices. Por Red Cross Benefit i A social was held last evening at. the Florence school house, the proceeds for the benefit of the Red Cross. A large crowd attended. night is the noon weather for Western Pensylvania. the evening. Service flags will be hung about the pulpit. Families having boys in the service are asked to send in notice so that they may be represented in the flag. Man Killed In Action. Memorial services for Andrew Kramer Aston of Brownsville, who | to a railroad regiment. SERVKKURTAILED Beginning .Inlj- 3 B. 0. Trains 09 was killed in action in France, will be held tomorrow evening at 7.30 o'clock at the Centra! Presbyterian church, Brownsville. The star which , is o'l the service flag of the church in ; !jle v Iook bctter Ulan d » "»« ' T h e States. I haven't seen "We are billeted in a French village. It must have been-built a thou-. sand years ago. It surely is very old- All the houses are built with a stable, in. the middle. They surely do. look, funny. About all tie work -is dona by the women and children. The people treat us finely. They arc try- teach us French. Every bit ! ot ground is used to the best advantage. Their, gardens are great. They have lots of cattle in the part of the country where we are located, and und 50 Him Only to Kuiiimmt. Effective July 3, Baltimore Ohio trains Nos. 69 and 70 will not be run between Clarksburg and Fairmont, according to notice received this morning by City Ticket Agent Ray E. Shaw. Fair tonight and Sunday; cooler to; The trains will only run from Fair- 'orecast mom to Pittsburg and from Pittsburg to Fairmont. houoi- ot Aston will be changed to a ; sold oce at the sen-ices. | 1 Dr. Charles H. Harmon will deliver i the memorial address. ht)U5u smce l bave beea here -" Preaches at Bnntiar. Rev. J. W. Walters will preach morning a.'ad evening in tlie Presbyterian church at Cunbar. Temperature Record. 191S 1917 Maximum Minimum Mean The yough river fell night from 1.25 feet to 1.20 feet. 30 38 (0 68 30 78 during the Trotter Man Hurt. Dan Calvy. 47 years old, a driver in the mines of tl'o H. C. Prick Coke ?Iiss Gilmore in Washington. Miss Beulah Gilmore of Bast Fairview avenue, left this morning for Washington, D. C., to accept a position with the government. Miss Gilmore, who is a well known teacher in the ConriRHsville schools, expects to b e ; placed in the adjutant general's office. SCOTTIULE BOY E3X1STS IS JIAKLN'E SERTICE Clifford M. Smith of Scottdale has enlisted in the United States marines. Bass Season Opens Monday. The open season for bass ia Pennsylvania will begin Monday, July 1. company at Trotter, was admitted to I The new law fixes nine inches as the the Cottage State hospital for treat-i minimum length of black and yellow ment of a sprained back and an in- bass that may be taken. The old law jured foot suffered while at work. was eight inches. JOH" J. FBALY IS SAFE IS' FEANCE. Word has been received from John J. Fealy, who is wilh the 305th Ammunition train, that; he has arrived safely in France. He has been'- L 'iu training in Camp Lee. SEEGEA3TT RISSELI, WRITES OF PLEASANT VOI-AGE. A letter dated "Somewhere on th» Atlantic" oa June 2, icceivea by Sir. (Continued on Fasa Two.)

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