The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 28, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1918
Page 10
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PAUJE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEIiSVIUJB, PA. JUAE .iS NO EARLY CHANGE COKE PRICES; FURNACEMEN FEEL THAT COKE PRODUCERS HAVE BEST DEAL The Advance in Ore and! Freights Add $1.50 to Iron Costs. ALL FALLS ON PRODUCER Coke Makers Free Present Increased Burdens* oi COKE-STILL VERY SCAKCE JUTorts to Increase Stocks Futile; Odd IrtU Hard to Pick tp; Little Contract Aetiritj; Pirst JJattery or By-Pro4-ct Ovens in at tlairu.n. SpecLil to The "% eek y Courwir PITTSBLKG June 26--"While the flTlng of coke pnce= is uader ihe jur sdicuon of ihe Fuel Admimstia- non Uie common viev. is that the decision of the "Wu" Industnes Board, coaunuing the set pnces for iron^and steel for three monica more through September 30 means that there w ill | b« no change lu coke prices dt ] eost in the near fulure It is pointed OJt/i however that through the advance in Lake Scjerior iron oie prices at Lake Erie dock, 45 cents the rurnaceman will have to pay an average of abt ut 85 cents tec ton of pig iron more or iron, ore while the Ireishi rate ul · on coke and limestone will TIl^DE SCIIM VR\ The Conne Is\ Ulo coke region means to faho^ its patriotism by maJcing- a full daj s" run on July FourJi. The decision to celebrate the day by keeping at *orit was finally made yesterdu. morning after the receipt of a. telegram from iPjol Administrator Gar field urging 1 tne (nera«ors and vorkmen to avoid the loss to tne war program of a day s produc tion of coking coal and coke In response the H C Prick Coke company and aJl tho independent operato-s \ ery v. i ingly gave assent to tho program In earl ier ears ant without the es individual plants of the region base nade runs 01 holidays bj employmvnt of vhat is knowr as a short da'v but he forth coming Independence Da will be the first in the historj of the region vrnen a full run order h*xs been In effect a all plants Operating conditions remain nery much the same as *or somi, ·weeks jiasu General^ the. situ atlon hat, impro\ »d estimated production havinc- -Jsen to ap proximatelj 34a 000 tons' a total exceeded b but one previous weetc of the present \ eir to date The list we*"k of March recorded a total of 352 000 tons but it dropped the next week o 333 000 tons near ·which figure it has held e^er «mcc The fact that coke prices -were not disturbed n conjunction wit the reafhriruiMon of ?teel prices ind he Increase of or" by 45 rents eau^e*; the furnace men to feel that the coke p oducers ha'v c Tiuich th*. better of the price deal , quiet so far as concerns 01 average an inciease or 6» cents per dmarj marke , transactions almost ton of pig iron making a tota! m ti, c OI1 i y business done being m tie lonn o£ allocations which the War create IT Jie cost of maiung pig iion of folly $1.50 a ton, this whole m- crease that falls on the pag iron p-o- $· fducer being due practically altogether *s* to Jie advanced freight rates wherein as the coke produce'* will scarcely W feel the f -eifcht advance It is re- fe garded as possible, therefore that at some future time there will be a fj8 movement looking towards a reduced ^ price on coke so as to distribute | mo "e broadlj the expense o paying ^ the hlgne-r freight rates. Purnace- "S- men claim *hat the coke producers are Industries Board continues to drs tribute to merchant furnaces in favor of consumers TTO have war work The supply Q" pig iron remains Ear from plentiful The Carnegie S eel company last Friday blew in its idle stack at C^iirton and now has 56 o£ iis o9 furnaces ia operauoa The mar ket remains quotable at the i»et Hm its which were reaffirmed on "tfonday for another three months to run through. Sepiem-ber SO the bast deal of all in Die mat | Basic ter at price fixing and point ont that tne coke operator makes much more money on coke than would be m-ui» it tie coal ware sold as such Coke continue^ decidedl scarce in the sense *H^t there is barely enough to keep tie furnaces m operation and practically none with which the 'ur might accumulate stocks, ani- locs as they are to do so Even the . present efforts to accumulate }ust a ! little extra coke to insure against dif- fltulty next week when it is {eared tiio plan to work on Independence Day may not result in lull production, uo meeting with -very little success "Nearly all tfie transactions in *pot coke tnat are made are directly be tween coke operators and represema tares of blast lurnaees Many furnace · Interests maintain representative!, in the region, both to keep track of *neir regular shipments, and also to pick up any odd lots that ma arise aid tt is only verj occasionally that any eoke gets past these representatives to be offered to the trade at large ^Practically no furnace coke is passing the hands at middlemen as No 2 foundry Malleable Forgre S3-, "(I J3C 00 J3300 S33 50 JS2.00 turn ice. they could make a profit onlj b securing a commission irom tne seller t and m the i_rcumstances sel'ers are These prices a r e f o b Freight from the \alleys to Pittsburg which advanced from 05 cents to $1-10 on May 22 advanced yesterday to ?1 40 IRON AND STEEL TRADE * SATISFIED WITH THE PRICE jMflNUAIiON Furnace Men Do ot Relish Addition oi 4o Cents Per Ton to toe Price lor Lake hoperior Iron Ore. Special 10 The Weekb Courier NEW 1ORK June 26--The Amen can Metal "Market and Daily Iron Steel Report w_U review tie steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows The iron and steel trade is in the main well satisned that the War Industries Board has continued 1 the set maximum prices for iron and s^eel for another taree months, through September 30 Merchant blast furnace interests do not relish the ad vance of *5 cents on Lake Superior to make any concession , iron ore whicll Wlt2l tbe a d\anced from the sat maximum price A limit- f f rPJ giit rates on coke limestone and «d amount of foundrv coke is passing' through brokers' hands, but even this is sometimes handled without a comm SSIOJD-. The rnarkeu remains qt-ot able at the maximum limits as folio us. Fiirnacf ^6 00 1 F lundry 72 hour selected "=7 00 ! ·Crushed ove- 1 inch some minor supplies will add an average of more than $150 per ton of pig iron, to the cost at the typical northern furnaces The large steel interests are not materially concerned as nearly all of them produce a-s ^7 3/j i many of them both buy and sell to from the renewal of a *ew ! arrive at the proper mixture; contracts expiring June 30 and re newed between the same parties at the $6 00 limit there has been no con tiact activity eicept the sale of th coke that -9, ill be released when the Youngstown Sheet , Tube compan Doubtless the basis of the prce de cision "was the co*;t scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission Tvhich The public will have a better idea of the liberal ty or otherwise of the War Inputs in operation its by product adr i dust'ies Board to the iron and s ee! tion, 102 ovens this event bejig x | industn when earnings reports for pected about August 1 Unlike the the second quarter are given out a contracts thi» company had when it fe^ weeks hence Forecasts are that put its first ovens in operation which the earnings will pro^e much larger · changed from coke to coal at the tone, I than those of the fl-st Quarter tLe present coke contracts are for' coke only between 15 000 and 20 000 tons a month and the coke has been sold elsewhere de'iverj to begin -when it is released by tie former par- chaser The Carnegie S^eel company began operations this week at the first bat- BACKACHE; LUMBAGO AND RHEUMATIC PAINS VANISH OVER NIGHT ttery ovens of tat new by-product jjlant at Clairton. The first five bat- jtenes -were bu It ahnost as a unit, and the present program Is to have the - waole of the fi\e m operation b about 2Oth Century Ju»t Hub It On You can have Gu*nujt«od ii-r money bock say-a the Connells /ille Drug Company If 20th Centur Liniment doesn dri\e that soreness stiffness lameness and pain from your tired, achingr back and limbs, 20th Ctntury L. nlment ncver^ disap points and ·will neither burn ror blist ic relief froni Neural muscles. Don c ""Ink that because 20th Oen (f September 1 or 640 ovens The re^ mamder of the plaait comprising five |f battenes contracted for long ago, and ^ an rfeven-vb. batter} contracted for a *ftw weeks a^o are erpected to be completed by about the beginning of ir At rated capacity the total I £1^7"Han't "dims evens would have an output! comforting soothing 115,000 tons a wee^. and it is be. that more than 100,000 tons a . can be produced readJy 5V3ule ! new operation will dra-w coal m the Connellsnlle region and will release no coal it will re- a great deal of coke woris la- and this as well as tae rrfpaso much tran*»portatton capacity is to beneut the -other Con- op«rations, "With tne 640 ; at Claarton 180 ovens at r^ve- ^laud, 204 ovens at Lorain and 102 _ relief with the first "Ub Try it tonig-ht and see i' ou don t feel fit as a fiddle in the morn- Ing If it rtoesn t do all and more tran we claim for It, take the "bottle back to your drug-gist and he wlU. -cturn you your money wtthout question J^eep a bottle in the house aJt the time Ton may need it on snort notice and remember that it is only xld on the money back if dissatisfied plar The ConneHsville Drug- Company can at Youngtowik all scheduled ir completion between about Jnne 1 Jiuid. September 1 there s about 200^#00 tons of add'tioaal by-product coke j^-orldftd subject to coal supplier, and ^ "~1 Buppil«* are not overly good area ; vhild scajcely azu^hmg has been towards providing reserve* for e winter t iron nwxket coniiuu«i. ex- C*me»t Mills on Rref erence IJst The cement industry has been accorded preferential treatment to secure a reasonable fuel supply conditioned trpoa curtailing operations to a point wnore production will be only sufficient to meet direct and indirect war requirements If Tou ffant S Advertise for It In our classified col- nmn One cent .- word. WELL, MEN! It's Good News Today Here is one \xg table of fine soft straws, including Toyos, Panamas and other popular styles--all in the handsomest of braids and new shapes-which ~#e are going to sell at ONE-THIRD OFF They used to cost you $1.50 to $6.00. Now it's $1.00 to $4.00. is SOME SAVING -when you stop *o think that us only june and there s a whole summer of straw hat weather yet to come Mavbe ^ou'^e already bought a hat- All right well and good Heres your chance to buy another for you probably will buy another before the season's over If you ba\ent haa a new stiaw yet this year, heres the chance ou ve been waiting for ONE LOT MEN'S SUITS Worth Today $2§.00 Choice Choice ^To don t T*ant you to get the wrong idea aboot these Suits There aren t a whole lot of tbem and not all are ne^ tb.s seaeon. They consMrt of broken lots in mostly small sizes of which there is always an accumulation m every busy clothing- store Not all sizes in Uw lot but 11 jour size is here--Oh Boy what value. Some Time This Summer You or the Boys Are Going to Need-- --Full Crew Overalls, good qnalrty, plain bine, Ji50 ganwnf. --Fall Ore* Overalls^ sttfel stnpe. $2.35 garment --«0nr Own rttakc" Overalls, $1.50 garment. --Union Sort Overalls, $3.00 each. --Boys' Overall";, SOe, Me, each. -- Boys' SHp-Ovws, J1.00 --Boys' Khaki Parts, tl2o to $L£0 pair. --Men's Wort Pants, S?.W. -- JCen'g KhakJ Fante, SL2 to SSM. -- West Cajw 15e to sec. -- Dress Panic np to $10. Buy TVar Savings Stamps--Save Gold Bond Steaps. Bowytz Market WEST SIDE Beans, per Ib. Pare Preserves Lard, per Ib. Baked Beans, 2 cans Simerkrant, large can _ Dill Pickles, per dozen Jiffy Jell, package Pumpkin, 2 cans Faaej" loose Coffee, per Ib. Catsup _ 17c _ SSe _ SOc _ 25c _ lac _ 2»c -- He _ 25c _. 18c _ ISc These are a. few of the low priced articles in our store. We always carry a full line of fresh meat. Bowytz Market Corner Crawford Avenue and Eighth Street, WEST SIDE. LOOK-OVER THE TOP With Laughs and Boars BKOTS BEJEDS ASSOCIATED PLAYERS Are Martin's Big Drirers at the SOISSON THEATRE Every Day and Pleasing All Who Sit in the Trenches. Xew Bfli Today and Saturday BROWN ING'S NIGHT OUT A side-splitting Coined}- with a Helange of Staging Specialties. r cxt ^Vce'i the Comedy Company is Strengthened by a Anmber of Tip Top Vaudeville Acts. You can Lnspect oar stock of room-size Rags today and find pretty much the same attractive collection of neat patteins arid beautiful colorings you have always been accustomed to find at thib store That is because we took time b^ the forelock and ordered tremendous stocks early So much foi toda-*, But what of tomorrow ' Man\ mills ha\e been taken ovei b the govein ment and what Rugs aie manufactured will be at a greatly increased price These are the conditions our buyers must face when present stocks are exhausted And it means that our next stock will of necessity be ranch higher priced. The Rugs on hand today are without exception priced 25% and even more under todai s actual value Surely this fact is suggeotne to anvone anticipating the purchase of new rugs in the Fali The Folio-wing Prices Are Sug^esiive of fche Many Splendid RUG Values That Await You HERE and NOW. 4 Tapestry Rug= 31-3x12 ft . Sf.00 9 Aimmfater Rugs Ij.-3xl2 ft S".00 6 Body Brussels Rugs 11-3x12 ft $"».").()() 2 Wilton Rugs ±1-3x12 ft «i70.(l( 2 Wilton Rugs 11-3x12 it . __ $SO.()» 3 Wilton Rugs 11-3x5 ft $110.11(1 G Wilton Rugs 9vl2 It . _ _ «:J'I.7"» 5 Bod Brussels Rugs 9x15 ft $10.00 9 Hilton Rug, )x]2 ft . . 34 Hilton Ru^b 9\1_ ft 4 Wilton Rugs 9\12 ft 30 \\ Ron RiT h = 9xi. ft 15 A\nunste Rus;s 0x12 ft __ 7 Bnisse's Rugs 1x12 it -2 Brussels Rugs 9x12 ft 2 Brussels Rugs 9x12 ft _ __ . $60.00 $70.00 %7).0(( sio.oo ^J5.00 ??0.00 S2 .00 S!!2.00 Other Rugs, Large and Small Priced in Proportion One Lot of Transparent Brirn Hats That Sold for $8.50 to $10-1 These models are new this Summer and in. inos* excellent stjle, being es- :eedmglj popular everywhere -\\ith well diessed \vomen Next to tho substantial sa\ing, the best thing about these hats, i a the splendid vanet of choosing the} afford oa Some hape tapestry crowns some have \elvpt crowns and some have lispre CTOWTS --while ribbons 'loivers and fancv feathers are used a trimmings \nd we might add they are most delightful These popular coiors--brown naw and Taffetas for Cool Summer Dresses, Special at $1.65 and $2.00 the Yard No woman needs to be told what u^efm sort of frocks are made from these silks and now comes the opportunity of choosing from some fresh., neu shipments, priced almost as low as toda-s s v holesale cost In the case of black taffeta at SI 65 a vard 35 nches wide we would not be able to duplicate it at all It is a fine soft qualm nice tor either dresses blouses or lut- ings The coloied taffetas are all $2 00 avard and are particularly good- They are in light as well as dark shades apd are 35 inches -nide W e strongly advise airy woman who \\J need such silks to buv them now while a 1 ! the shades axe here, and while prices are no higher Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. BECOME EXPERT SAVER An account with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania will prove valuable to you The safety afforded and liberal interest allowed are good incentives for regular deposits, thus helping you to become an ex- pen saver This is the only bank in this community paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts tvvwtsvffrtiWMnsvvMtaswfw^ THL 'ttOAUDS "MOST BLVUTIFUL BLRGLAR. THE STAJi WHO CAPTlJ RED THE NATION i ' TOE\ Or MELODRAMATIC DAB- ING \1L. Uijj COUSINED I\ IHE GOLD\VT\ PICTURE UAJ5GE KLWEDIT L\ "THE DANGER GAME" ALSO A GOOD COAIEDl L\ 2 4.CTS THLDA BAR\ IN "DUBARRY" ALSO ilARl G-LRDFN I\ A ·A SPiFMlII) S E N M R " nsvvvwvvnjvvvfMttvvtn^^ READ THE COUBIEE. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. P VL U N L Rl DERICK IN -MKSi D V * S 1)1 , i N«;i ' "\\ODLD TOlj MARR\ HI\ " j ,011 were n tie sane predicament as Mis Dan ^ \ou II ha^e t «oc iln p CLU c ECI all the ins and outs of us vital plot bctorc ou Mn ntclligcnth answer the ques tlOH The Pa aironnt ^Jacl xonnett ( " o n c d v · V i C\ M i D I 1 I M " MoDdai and Tuesdaj--Qiailie Ch-iptm m "A Dog's LUc"

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