The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1938 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

;PAGETEN. ; THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELL,SVIL,L,E. PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25. 1938. Approval Practices For Soil Building Announced by AAA HARRISBURG, Feb. 25.--The Pennsylvania State Agricultural Conservation Committee today announced the list of soil-building practices approved for. use by farmers. participating in the 1938 Agricultural Conservation Program in Pennsyl- valia. The list includes those, improvements in handling crops, ias- tures and woodland whlch-rthe committee selected asfmo'st Important to the progress of ;farming^ in" thb State. The prograrnioft'ers.pss'islnnee,' amounting to part of-the;-cost~-in- volvcd, to farmers who use these conservation measures. The 16 approved practices for 1938, It is pointed out, are vcryisimllar to the practices ol the conservgiion-pro- gram c*^atrmst;iw.o^eja^cdesligncd~ to preserve and improve the State's soil and forest resources. The .'enactment of .the Agricultural Adjustment Actot J938, thcrcpmmit- tee stated, will cause some changes in other details of the program, but added.'aiowevcr, that the soil-building practices, which continue to be the main part of the program In the northeast, will not be changed. ThelPcnnsjtLyanla practices include improving TiflyTmd' pasture land,- plantlrife forest trees and improving woodlaiid. . . ._ In rcf erring.' torthc cmph.n?_ls_pla_ced by tliet program on sound · farming practices, the State Committee said that uSc of lime, and superphosphate on haj! and~pasturo land,, refores- tation^the~hew'secdinKs of legumes along 3vith ihe other practices on the approvcd..list, are of.groat value to PeiuisylvATjia.ifa.rrners and Pennsylvania farmland.' It pointed out that for sears farmers have been doing ;as much of this work, as they, could iafford,.-and .that"thc cooperation of trie 'government through a national conservation program has made jpossible, an unprecedented -rate of progress"on-.^Pennsylvania farms. This- year a "nations! list ot soil- building practices was Included in the announcement of the outline of the nationwide- agricultural .'conser- vation'program. The Pennsylvania Slate ICommittcc, with the approval of officials of the northeast division of the "Agricultural Adjustment :'A- roinistration, selected from that list the practices especially suited to the needs ibf Pennsylvania farmers. EacK practice will earrrthe .farm-, er who; uses it a certain number of credits! This Is a change from last ycarVsystom under which each practice carried a per acre rate expressed in dollars. ,-THc State Committee said, that oh' a per" acre basis, most of;the payments : for using soil-building practices will not beT'materlally different from last year's. f The-complete.. list of approved Pennsylvania practices for 1938 follows: · : '' , 1. Planting-forest .trees. . , 2. Improving'woodlands. ' 3. Excluding livestock from farm woodland. ' ~ " " 4. Seeding pasture mixtures. 5. Rcseeding. . . . 6. Establishing new seeding: of alfalfa". : ' " · ' 7. ,Esablishlng new seedlngs of clover.7 . . . 8. Careen manue. : _9. Seeding winter, legumes. 10. -Mulching .orchard or vegetable land. ~ ,...-· . . , ' . . ' . . 11. Btripcropplng. 12. -Contour furrowing concrop open pasture land. 13. Terracing. . . 14. Liming crop or pasture land. 15. Applying available phosphate acid. · 16. Applying available potash. Local Youth Paroled, Companion Sentenced jTo Delinquency School -Special to Tho Courier.. - ', UNIQNTOvSfrPcbrZS;--Although his cotjiefendant, Harry McGann, a juvenilj, was ..ordered--·to George Junior;Republic -school-for delln- quents;;a one-year parole was granted Tuesday by Judge Cottom to Albert r.Cerilll, Connellsvflle, 'charged by J.' H. MeNutt : with breaking, entering nnd-larccny. The ^hvo~defendants first came to the attention of ..CjtjKPatrolman Fred Moorhouse; as --they-endcavorcd to "thumb" ajrlde to their homes. The officer Crought McGann to the station but Cerilli,; who_ eluded arrest, was pIcked3P-later" by "Moorhouse and Patrolman Harry Chancy. Questioned by the police and Night Chief Malik, the culprits denied any wrong-doingjrnd~osserterth'ey wore only "ffying to thumb a ride back home."- Investigation revealed they had entered the- Ayarchpuse and stolen a;mptorcjrcK? generator^ valued at $32,-a motorcycle exhaust pipe valued ^t $7.50 and a battery valued at $10.95, all the property of McNutt Cerilli was directed to pay costs of $32.HI njnd abide_by provisions of the parole. : . --" Tru(k : Drivers;Face \ -Speed Prosecutions Many truck drivers are feeling the wroth of State Motor Police in the campaign to make the hlghwa'ys safe and eliminate In part at least the heavy loss of life and property damage-through accidents. Truckers throughput the district have been arrested for violation of the speed limits which vary according to the type of license plntes carried by- the truck. Pleasure : cars are "permitted a maximum of 50 .miles an hour on State highways. The limit for trucks, however, ranges from 25 to 35 miles an hour. -.Trucks carrying plates 'with the letters S, .S, P-or U are permitted 35, trucks with plates carrying V or W are allowed 30 and those with Y or 2 are restricted to 25 miles »n hour. ·- · · · ··"·· Is This the Oldest Living Cow in the U. S.? - ; : . ! _ _ -- "Old Red" celebrates n, birthday Is'Shis the eUttl.livfng cow in the United States? I birthday Feb. 25. Known u "Old Red" »h« ha* The cow. owned .by Edit Rapp and.her brothcr-in- I borne « calf every year since she was two, having law John Hetrick of Berne, Ind., celebrates Its 40th | given birth to 37 calves. ' JLed.Army Flyers Uetrt. CoL.Robert OWt . · . leads, flyora to new record All records for airplane travel between tho U. S. and Argentina were smashed when tho U. S. army'* "dying fortresses", led by Lieut. CoL Robert Olds, above, · completed a good-will flight to Buenos Aires, from IJkngley Field, Vs., making on* atop at Miami, Fla., and another at Lima, Peru. Fljing time from Miami to Buenos Aires was less than 32 hours. --Central PrcM Couple Permitted To Withdraw Pleas UNIONTOWN, Feb. 25.--Complications developed Tuesday through interrogation by Judge Harry A. Cot- tob, and -two _ defendants, George "RohnY attd Erwanna' Welsh, who only the day before signed picas of guilty, were permittodty-the-court to withdraw the"d.stand: trial in March on charges of keeping a bawdy house, keeping a disorderly house and adultry at Lake Lynn. ". The woman said she signed the pleas without knowing what she was doing. Frledcns Sinks Boswcll. Somerset Township High of Friedens, Somerset county Class B champions,, spilled-Boswcll, 20 to 16, by coming through in the fourth-quarter with a great drive. Direct Relief Rolls Decline FayeHc county's direct relief load did an about face during the week ending February 12 when there was n net.decline of 731 cases'its a result ot the opening ot 610 and the closing of 1,350, bringing an end to tl'.c consistent gains of former 'weeks, according to figures made public at Harrisburg by- the State Department of Public Assistance.' The decline was 9.2 per cent. Of the cases opened 578 had lost private, employment, 14 were taken off the WPA and 27 for other reasons .while of .those closed 182 received work from private industry, 812 were placed on WPA active list and 356 ;for other .reasons, including unemployment compensation. There were 4S3 applications for assistance while on the rolls were 7,237 cases representing 29,863 persons and expenditures aggregated $67,221.80. The week ending February 12 brought a drop in Pennsylvania's direct relief rolls for the first time in 13 weeks. (During the preceding 12-week period the direct relief population increased approximately 62 per cent, from an autumn low of 431,700 persons to the February 5 high point of 697,589, the dominant factor In the rise being industrial unemployment.) The net reduction of 4,761 cases (15,610 persons) registered the week ending February 12 was the largest weekly drop since August, 1936. Both WPA employment and Unemployment Compensation contributed substantially to the decline. Cases closed during the week because of Unemployment Compensation totaled 1,486 and Included 5,447 persons. Cases closed because of transfer to the Federal Works Program mounted to 7,963--the highest weekly total In two years. The direct net effect of private employment on the relict load continued to be adverse; although cases opened because of loss of private jobs declined for a fifth consecutive week. On February 12 a total of 209,222 cases, representing 681,979 persons, remained on State relief rolls. Relief applications continued to decline. The week's total ot 10,913 was 1,358 below the number reported for. the previous week. Subpoenaes Issued For Witnesses Before March Grand Jurors - UNIONTOWN, Feb. 25. -- Sub- poenaes have been Issued by Clerk Daniel J. Rlordan in the bfflcc of District Attorney James A. Reilly for witnesses who will appear in the many cases slated for the March grand jury which convenes at 10 o'clock Monday morning. Three murder cases and several "bad" manslaughter .actions have been prepared for presentation to the grand jury, the prosecutor said. COPTRICMT. TO«. tine rutlXK SYMirtTr , For the pedestrian it'sa case of the survival of the fittest" Third Party Musi File Petitions by April 27 For General Election If there is any third party movement for the general election, It must be done by April 27, it was revealed today as attention was called to the procedure necessary for the filing of such candidates. Political bodies not taking part in the primary election that proposes to take part in the general election must file petitions between March 28 and April 27. It is possible to set up a dummy slate, that is to have persons for whom such petitions arc filed, withdraw in favor of other candidates. The last day to substitute names In this manner is September 19. BLASTED SMILE MAY BE R E B U I L T MULLENS, W. Va., Feb. 25.--Lee Belcher, Simon store clerk %vho had part of his face blown away when he mistook a torpedo for n nut, would have grinned today it he could. Dr. Ward Wylie resorted to plastic surgery to restore the torn part ol Belcher's countenance. Half ol Belcher's tongue was blown away and his Jaw broken. Meycrsdale Team Beaten. Shade Township High took the Measure of Meycrsdalc, 34 to 21, to stay in the running for the first division in Class A in Somerset county. 'Ihe win put the school into a tic with Boswcll for third place. LAUGHEEY DRUG STORE ... Will Qivo ?1.00 Worth of Medicine to Each Family In Posponso to Th/s Ad! W E W A N T erery tamllr to have a bottle of this grand old Indian Herb medicine. To prove the value of thli wonderful pleasant lasting product of N a t u r e , y o u r Druggist has a' Breed w i t h bur Laboratories to m a k e you thU liberal offer. In the treatment of Stomach, Gall bladder. Liver nd Kidney trouble! you will be delighted with In mild thorough reiulti. Within eight hour, it will usually drive po!»on§ from the body that ara black ai Ink. Rheumatic and NeuritU naln« and ache» will a a rule »t.-irt to diuppear the second or third day. Swelling and stiffness usually require* eight to ten doses. However, Bloatins. Indigestion and Gas In the stomach arc usually relieved with but one dose. Rcs- uhttion of the Bowels is most Important and you eon usually depend on full and free elimination within eight to ten hours after taking the first dose. This special offer is good Friday and Saturday as well as nil next week, or until our present stock is exhausted. Each person will be limited to three bottles as we want this special offer to benefit as many families as possible. You will receive the large $1.50 family sized (3 weeks treatment) for only 49c. The savins of $1.01 to you is made possible by the co-operation of your Druggist with our Laboratory and is good only while this present stock lasts. Sequoia Indian Herbs is sold to you on an absolute money beck guarantee. If you arc not entirely satisfied with results, your purchase price will be refunded. Mnil orders lOc extra. Laughrey Drug Co. 112 So. Pittsljurtrh Street. ;t»». St. Paul Claims It Is No Longer Center ofCrime ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 25.--St. Paul today pointed to Fcdenil Department o£ Justice statistics as proof the city no longer merits the title 'crime center of the nation" given it three years ago by Attorney General Homer S. Cummings. Cummings condemned St. Paul as a "haven tor criminals" -late in IS24 when a staff. of about 50 Vcderal Bureau of Investigation men was being maintained here to clean up six major kidnapings of the previous three years. At' that time John DillioRcr and Baby Face Nelson were practicing' machine gunning on Minnesota sign posts and law officers, the Barlccr- Karpls gang snuggled safely in several hideouts in and about St. Paul. Several police officials, who since have been ousted, were operating gambling and bawdy houses. But last year, according to F. B. I. figures, St. Paul dropped to third place in crime ratings among Minnesota's three large cities. St. Paul had only one murder for each 67,901 of its population compared with one for a little over 50,000 of the population in Duluth and in Minneapolis. On a percentage basis, St. Paul zl- so trailed the other two in larceny and in auto thefts, topping them both only in one classification, liurglarics. There were no kidnapings lifted. Files $50.000 Suit. 3BURG, Feb. 25.--Mary Irene Bai mgardncr of Pricedalc has entered , uit in the Westmoreland county Cf of North' damngjs. she alleges that on February 10, last, she was standing on the bcrm of a road leading out of Pricedale and was struck and knocked down by an automobile belonging to the defendant. urts against Frank Fairley Belle Vernon for $50.000 Vy hen a girl is an expert with a cake Some senileman s heart is sure to ache TO WIN HER PILLSeURVI BIST THE "BALANCED* FLOUR--MAKES GOOD BAKING BETTER Clover Farm foods are household favorite* in millions of homes in 26 states. Clover Farm brand merchandise is always Topi! When you use this brand you.know, none.better. C1XVKR FAKM COFFEE Full n»vor--Kwlt COCOA F*wTl ntrrnx-tfc. nirh Smooth Coco* 'With A Won4trfal 2 Tomatoes^ 2 TM 21 c CtOVKU VXRH Peaches Salad Dressing - «tv« Y*v »Kl»4* JL Ifew Tm-l. CTfOVmt FARM Mayonnaise "- I5c otvorat rA.nx HANDWICU Spread 2*- 25c Will « CtXVBH VAAM SauerKrauf Cb«M«« W*M* feuM* Xxmmt ' CI.OVKU ITAHJt Tuna Fish ^*20c Will 0+r, 1%M Weeded Ton* Hominy PURE G R A P E J A M Fin cut '.T ncord Grnp · 2Sc Mint* From Fin cut '.T«"*v Concord CtMVKK VAIUf , N O O D L E S GeklepIuMM Brond or Viva 2 'AS: 29C SUNSHINE COCOAJVUT SUGAR COOKIES -- 15c HYDROX COOKIES "·· 29c Klnic of Cook I r ItnnilwIrbrM TIlU-llI/U ASSOHTKI) C O O K I E S 2"»-25c BULK FOODS Peaches ·*· 15c KTfr* Choice Apricots "·· 2Oc K t t f M Chole* Prunes 3 "». 25c Rice 13c HOSR VAHIKTY OLOVEE FARM BRANDS KNOWN FOR QUALITY SINCE 1882 Old Fashun Peaches % WorfU C«MH Dmerthr TIM* t,^d»mm Bartlett Pears TV« KraU Yo« Win lie lr»»4 To terr* LarcenC _ Can ZOC 0 for 3 JO Fancy Sliced Pineapple '^23c H'm Dlrrrt From Ifftwittt C tor 2.33 Whole Peeled Apricots SSf 25c A H*Al Addition To Anr H«»l « f or IvtS Sweet Gem Peas 2 Si,, 35c Thrj Slmplr Melt In Your Btoutb 13 for SXMk Small Green Lima Beans can I9c Tender Garden r«A« Rose Leaf Bacon ^- c . 27c ! Hotel Sllrrrt. A Saprrlop n n . ron Cured JuMt IllKlU--And It'K (he Cure Thnt Mn/crM ThU Huron So Flnvorr. RODDA JELLY EGGS 2 Lbs. 2Sc With Ihr llrnl Jolly Cratrr And My How Thrr Mrlt Im Vonr ftfouth END BREAKFAST MONOTONY AND SBSVE OI.OVER FABM CEREALS R I C E P U F F S WHKAT FLAKES C O R N F L A K E S Crltip. Crnnrhy nni1 Oellcloo* 3 s ^« 2Oc B R A N F L A K E S Hrrved WltX OI4 O A T S 2 SS- I7c

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