The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1930 · Page 17
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 17
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FKIDA.Y, aiAKCH 7, 1930. DAILY n MASTER of MONEY 1 I BY ROY VICKERS / CHAPITER XL1X. IT P P O S E he overawes Abramovel and his men-suppose they turn against usT" suggested Shirley. "Then we have the ransom business all over again," he answered. "They won't cut our throats. We're worth more to them alive. But If that dons happen, take the first jpportunlty to slip teto the dug-out "I shall be able to break away to the Serbians, probably--and the Serbian* will make short work of Abrmmo'rel'a little lot But it will only com* to that If our diplomacy fails. F re had a bit of training in thia sort of thing, you know. The Mexican outlaws are pretty lively 1 "It is hard foi Monsieur, who is- an American, t understand our ways," said St( phanos, grinning; "You have your armed men here and yowr scouts. I come into' your camp and T tell you that my nearest man is ten miles away from here. I, Stephanos, have not shed blood for three years. It has been unnec*sary. My word la sufficient." "Right! I will accept your word. You will attack this camp. Go ahead and do it," snapped Alan. Shirely was watching Abrarao- Tel's m»n. Mont of them spok« French enough to follow'ijlhe palaver, and there was no doubt that they were afraid of Stephano*. They shrank as. from a blow at Alan's wprdi of defiance "Mo.isieur is insolent because he believe* these m tn will attack me. She -itaprered back a couple of paces. Alan was landing, every inuaclc taut, his, eye on Stephanos, who held the dagger within a few inches of his cheat. "Go and stand by the door of the sh.ick, Shirley," commanded Alan in French. "Don't tfo in. You can watch me punish this cutthroat" Breathlessly, Shirley obeyed, than watched, fascinated beyond her control. For some ten sec- wads neither men had moved Then Alan's fist crashed into the bandlt'H face and he fell to the ground bleeding. In an instant he was on his feet. With knife upraised, he sprang a* a panther sprint's. She thought that Alan had fallen and her he-art missed a beat, bui the next moment ha was standing up with the i*y thrilled at his sheer abundance of dynamic energy. He WM not worried--fa* wa« enjoying hboaelf. In the camp she had seen another side of his nature. She had BMC the man of action, brisk, alive and more than a little brutal. "You'll let me stay, won't you, Alan?" "Oh, yes. Nothing »ery violent will happen. I'm going to build thia railway, Shirley. If Stephanos can stop DM, good luck to him! Her* he ii, by the way. By jove! PietaMWiue beggar, ijrn't he?" girwf, too, looked with something approaching admiration at a man of nmgniflcent phynqne in full Balkan dress art ride a pa»*a»l« Arab. 3ns riding boots were near and his accoutrement* clean. Behind hint, in obvious respectfulness, walked Abramovel and some thirty of his followers. As they reached the clearing, Stephanos dismounted and one of AbramoYel'* men took his horse, Shirley stood clos« by Alan's side. Stephanos advanced and wh«n within a few spaces saluted in Western military fashion. Alan returned the salute and Shirley bowed. "Well, Stephanos, what do you ·want?" asked Alan, speaking in French. "Monsieur is a little abrupt, 1 answered Stephanos, whose accent, Shirley noted, was if anything rather better than Alan's. She watched the bandit look contemptuously at Alan's shirtsleeves and obviously contrast them with hia own magnificence. "I come on a matter of business. 1 wi«h to offer you the protection of my poor forces." There was a short silence during which Alan waited for Abra- movel'a men to get within earshot "Thank you, but you come too late." said Alan. "I have already made arrangements with Abramo- vel." "Permit me ,to say that you" have done well. My cousin' Abra- movel and his men are wejl known. But his force is small. U? awjj, for example, is more than double the strength of his . . . Monsieur haa anything to ·ay?" "Yes. Go to tha devi], Stephanos. Abramovel and 1 will fight you." itf He had gripped har with hit fight arW» Mhi7« with the left he held a long dagger point»d at Alan. A little object lesson, Monsieur. CalE upon Abraiibve) to attack me --now." Before Shirely realised what had happened Stephanos had made a swift, catlike movement and Mixed hex. He had gripped her with his right arm and was pressing her close to him, vthile with the left hand he h»ld a long dagger pointed at Alan. She ebuld just see Alan's face--and she forgot the bandit, forgot her own predicament in wonder at what she saw in his eyes. "Don't do anythinar, Alan!" she whispered in English, in terror leet he should throw himself upon the bandit's knife. · "Madame pleases me, Monsieur," said Stephanos, still holding her. "When 1 return to this camp to discuss the matter of your rmiuom, Madame shall be part of the price." Stephanos reloaaed her. whole weight of Stephanos on his shouldfirt, bin left hand gripping the harhd that held Out knife. ' "Look at this, you fellows T' cried Alan, and slowly turned » complete eirvie. "'Look at at«.- phanos' knife. Se« It? ... Watch ft." A twlrt of th* wrist and the knife fell to the ground. Staphanoi was iwrlad, head-first, after it. "Oh I" gasped Shirley, the tears streaming down h*r face. "Oh, how gorgeous!" For a moment she could *e* nothing, and when she looked again 41an was bending over hii foe. the knife in his hand, 'Get up, Stephanos!" he order ad. The other was sitting, dazefl and d'd not more. "Get up'' reared Alan, and kicked him vio lently n the side. "Get up!" (To B« Continued Tomorrow.) Home-Making Helps BT EL£ANC« ROSS. In D»/«n*« of Telephone Marketing. Denn of Cardinals Honored by Italy'* King, I RE vteittng In-law, nHurvenmrfUee wttao "and ·uirar, And eealo* meat Inapeaked «»d houaefceepere prided *-ey«d T at Cora's oompetenoe in down «n ·oftloe Job and keeping boose, n«rerthel«ea re«arded h«r a bit tkrlftlwid in one reop««t. Corw dM all her marketing by telephone, -A-h, that's whore you waote a lot at moaer." eigbed the old lady. "Ton can't choose, but have to take what they wind you, and you probably r«y top jrice tot second-rate stuff lota ff. Usrtea." Tea. ow Mile are high," admitted Cora, "but one thing Is imr« w« do Vet the beat-. And I haven't tho dme to BO marhetiag my»elf. I «M try n ror 1 a wfai'e -- atoppod eft at Uw» Shop* each ev«nlng juat ba(or» I came borne, but tbat w«* juirt too ·xhauet- tng at the rnd of a b«ay day. Standing around unUJ I got waited on, trying to decide wtMt was beat wbwt there w*»n't mnoh left to thooae from, and then the thought of beeqe to co-ok It wa* foo mnch." "W~ty d!4n't you mark»t en jmu wa,y downtown UienT" Com lawfbud gwitty. "Too doot fcaow how preciova every awneti to wtran you have to dreaa, prefMt.-e a tat of breeadant, and «*» down to tk* offlcc by * o'clock. Mo, what I ftnalty arranged traits oe nicety. Xrery noon, when I go oq}t to lunch. 1 telephon« the marketnutn, ftnl oot what's freeh in ^ejetablae and ocder it together with whatever m«*t or ftah I've deddcd on for dinner tbmt BlCht. It only takes a, minut» or two, and It's delivered by the ttme I arrtv* home. And I'll teU y«a «nr«n thai M Mrenuooa eoougte, and I*m WmU pleeuxd on the atgittm w« din* ··f Bttt mMh«r-tn-law eUD doubted-- ebe wouldn't trust any market to ·and ·«· everything, eight naceen, ae In tb« not go»cr»- sealed. Today that's MI nbootete ae hwee oar a. Oo*«mnu*it liiopeetloa at (ooda and ecU«s and. MULitatloo, th« paok- and tradetaarkia^ of fooAi ay known ad-rerttneru wbo are re- »poii«ibl«, and root.t important, the modern methedH br which a high ·tandard of wsallly 'to uniform--an them) have made t aotnnwtMtt un- U' soiMT'loe every bit of k«tlna% If a crocor ar bartnher «c l«li j i i m n inferior KaeAn on » tetophone wall, be dot* It «Ojr ·ends order There are jiienty OS 1 others . _ hiffh-ffrade prodaets who wont make such u. mintuke. N« qaeeUon about it --telephoning an or«tor ta nMob mem oo«Tenl«nt than tru riling aroand to do marketiMc. And if we dtacam)llhta of aome atatnwt kiaal ot tbxtR, w* T:de thing, dtotrtut of the ta a There are at - wfcen parsonwl maikettnf Is deeb- abU. To becln wtth, tto* attop whteh !· to reeeiv* tfce m»Jor part of oxte'a orders steroid tuure a pexocal «e»c» over. Shop* that e»»T e^r the kaet qaallty--no oeoond--ate etott at tbn«--are the ro« J thoo«h ,_ - - - ·TerTthinjr will he » oft AJteo, poreonal markt*l»««- i» a *rc*t help when one dotdKtt know wttat to order. The afctbt of dtfferent foods, truttt, *e«*abie« ataaflayed conveys pleasant »m«iiiiooa. One learna about the icreat number of foote awUtahi. -- tooioefrMT those of courae th«*r priee never eaton Deftor*--by them dinptayed U tite rwer ta Market Helpful Advice to Girls His Imminence Cardinal Vannutelli, doan of the Collega of Cardinals and oldest living member of the Papa! court, recent)? celebrated [his ninetieth birthday. The vener- fable prelate was presented with ; 100,000 lire at a birthday gift ;frosa the King of ItaJj. iFormcr Governor 1 Seeks Senate Scat ANNZB I have been goir* wtth girl 1 vh* says ahe caree very much «bout me. Bhe Is 2S yean and X am 23. I really kne Ue girl and am Mire the la true to ma. There U another gtrl, a friend of hera, who Is very friendly wtth me. and i» alwaya talking about me behiod my back Do you thlok «h» Is trying to part ua, er what hi her Idea? Do you mink I would be safe to marry or do you think I would be --pvfatf · ntotakeT IXXVB-BOOND. L OVB-EtrND- There !· enrtdently a «elfi*h and deliberate reatron tor the goealp of this girl, and 1 am sure ou are sensible enough to real- ·· it. TuJte no notice of the girl or bar «oa»!F "* «or **«e iMaoe' of of y«i«r friend and youraett, I advise you to ceaae all frtend- By ANNIE,LAURIE R AJTNTB We are a club of girls who are faithful oh ore h member*. We are alt peppy and modem and enjoy a vood thax, but so far re have been unable to find men who ·alt ue. Will you pieaoe tell u» where we coMld tieet the rlcht type of feUow* ontald* of the church? We go to a Klrle' aehoal where we hare very httd» oaemoe to meet WALJUPTUJTTBRfl. Tour latter hnpltoa that you ar» atl san« and eeoidbl* Kir In. and I am euro that, Boonar or Uft»r in your church (tcttvlUea and cooia affairs, that you will form congenial riendahipa. There Is no eet rule to t .(low aa to wher* to go to meet th» light kind of man. Thoae things juet happen. JTat* takes eare of PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE Bben 8 Draper, of Hopedal*. Man., fonner army captain, recent y announced hia eamdidjwy for -.he Un£ted_ j3fcaU|_ Children of fmportant Fathers Have Ha d Lot The family is nn Institution for the aierajre, H r n n n o t esi^ly tolci »tc outstanding rnPinb'M's ff, tflr 1 istance, the mother Is l-o bp.iutlful, t ils may mean nntcli trouble Jor t!io fiunlly. There arc raodfst beauties ill* In this world, hut as a rule nn adrairei beauty has n different aim In IHo Uu n Lo be n good mother Cl Tlicy \ i n u t to bet 1 ' lldren of in portant hiuo a p n r t i c u l a r l y 1 irfl lot. rnb and sh iiilcl be- como llkp tliolr ffllhort,, hut tl) 9 fs especially dlfllcuit if he rvislics lirough life like a meteor. Napoloo i't son was nothing, 'lite same fate iwalled Goeth«'s son. Children of pn ticuiar- ly successful parents t\re disc urngcd. Their own conflict, mainly uroon- scions. devours them All C *hein pprliniifi could be happy It ney did not f.eek always to be like the! f Ether. Uootho, in Us old ajjp, has uttereil some illuinlnaUnijf nonls on t! is problem: "There are people wbo are ex- '«)!ent In evory way and l»c ides so lorable that everyone lifees I be as they nre. But this LH hitpos ible because the K!"IS of Hieiie ppopl are so unusnal. Take a/Moznrt or a taphael. Ono dors not mention how nu a,r good boys ruined themselves beeni se they could not equal their mode t." jBe- cansfi of moclCBly, or peihap» because of grief over his own son, Go »the did not '··oniment upon tlio fact that b« himself waa on« of those lovs ble and parllcnlnrly glfUd natures wh. burned 'up everything tbat roitfes nt ir their Klory.--From "Critique of r. vc," by Fritz Wlttets. Many Old-World Firm* Centuries in B tsinesn Although the United States may iay claim to havini; niorp Iiuhist la! concerns than nny othpr countrj, U certainly cannot compete in 1 ngth of life of manufacturing compar iea with the Old world, Any firm ht» e wWcb is 30 or 40 years old M ronskjred tm- usoaliy long established, and · wunpJes of longer life ore few, says h* W«ll Street Journal. In Germany, howerw, there ar* two hardware firms which made lu raashoes for George Washington's Co itlnental army and have been lu nclrta ce more ttian 2QQ years. There Is a 1m je chain manttfacturlng concern In Jennany whfch has carried on under be same name for morn ihan 400 yt irs. Bnt the (jranddnddy uf them all in the copper producing business of Matifetd Kupfsr, A. O., which has IK -ne that title for about 700 i lltera- erm for drill, a» modern hide the rth and A South nd Ant- J ises, n o - 1 TO (hose it, tasto, te sevin Id Vtei'B intf gar- at it mroa fit \a Jove. TmOLDHQME N S-ETTIN'UP ONE SICK DANC5E ^ LISTEN TD TV1E ' x^'^- / **s / * THAT Of4E SCH.1D WAS WORTH THA.»4 A =£ *v The term "seven sens" i It nseil us u g(noral all of the scaB of the v known at various time. Ii tlmox It has bi*m held to In great oceans »nfh as the South Atlantic, the Noith a P*ri(!c, the Ixidlnn, Arqflc srctlc oceaas. The sswn S.P rording to,anclent teaching, * of undersfandlns, speech, slg hcarirfK, smoll and touch. T wonders of the ancient wo the pyramid* of Kpypt, hin dons of BflbTlon, Mausoleum rarnassus, temple of Dinna *as, Colossus at Rhodes, P Alexandria, statue of Olymp _ -i-ist***** "HANK TRAIN OPS,,-me UOCAJ- woresa DOO-TOT*,.., VJAS JUST M -THE R ' SHT . M ° O ^£ E 2 ,"«*-? COMPV.ETTJSU-Y KNOCKED OOT -THB CLOSBl 'HARMONY FOUFt^VITH A BoSNL. u«TBt i»Asrr r*RSS» NUMSKUU. DE-AR. NOAH * VALUABLE. I HAVE" To RAV TACKS?, ' OWMBDA DEAR OLD ' !· OM(» IFBOME WAS NOT' BUILT tN * DAY, -WAS »T ' 8UIUT AT M1C»HT? EVA COCM*»r PHAB NOAW-IFA TREE STANDS OUT ^..^v., ,,,,. THE OTHERS, IS VTA POPLAR. DEAR NOAH - IF A Ob« HA* OOC, ~~ DOBS A PA*r*OT r'-TICKS.* s*i «*.« Diet and Health. OY UIU1 HUNT PtTtHS,)-.^ AUTHOR Of atr AHD Ht AITH* AHD PtT TOR CHILOM** neck. ·go. Ing Bvtolle.i Olt nd* DOCTOR: I hav. an enlarged glod at the aide of my I noticed tt alout two years My doctor tells m« It la notb It has not grown any larger, but 1 do feel two at er very small In npa uear the first on*. They do not bother me, ai d I fed per- f? -tly well, but I RP s no reason for hi vlnR- this con di ion. I am 25 i irs old. M " lulu J l «ters, M- P. Rejected Lover Kills Two John Pita, of Patenon, I . J,, being; guarded in the Lowell Hospital, following his fatal shot ting ef Angelina Roderlquee, hi* former Sweetheart, and Matilda Silva, 10 year* old, during the wedding ceremony of Mrs. Mar; Silva Gomes at Lowell, Mass. (Inset) Matilda Silvn,, 10 year-ol I slain flower girL ' The Home Kitchen Bj ALICE LYNN BARRY , At to Cooked Oy*en. I T KBAIjt.T pay* to ci ttivat* a taste tor raw oyvtera- -in fact, tt is a eultivated tfcai) among rooet pei-nono. The id ex ft owaJ- lowmg thta Uttle blyeawe » hole and raw ion't alluMng on the t ret occasion, ffiycept for the appetite whetting condiments which accoin, any the dlwh. It'e the raw oyeter* howuver, that haa all the vitamin B frit*--A, B »nd C--And It )· most v boleaome and dTgeetMa *a th« raw eto I*. However, mkiny Pfopte cannot jvercome a prejudice aglnat the ra r oyster, 'aUhough they do Mke the fi wor well enough to ·)'oy tt cooked la that cane, on* can wU malt* up for the A and C vitamins, t 'htoh are destroyed by oookJug, by m' ting with other foods which do cont -In thorn. Milk, for ejcatrnple, What t' e oyster* lock th* milk irappllos, a id «o au oyster Btew is one of the n oat nour- iHhtng and wholeeornc of foi ds. How^ over, It l« subHtamiul enoi gh for a main dish--(» couipltta lum boon, for example. And ^sc, if oy itera lire served ^s s.n aocorrtpunlmf it to the me*.l. they naeii soinoching not quite no filling A-ny of tb« gnx i vegeta- blfiai will lo. Anfl bit of baoon heipe sJeung too. Oysters Horn d*Ooa*re, Hoi, 1J oyatorfl on half «he)l. ^i cupful ahoppeJ ileJt!e 13 wnall strips of baxion Plao» the oy»tei« on t! · broiler rack. Put « dab of th« chopped plckla on eoch-oyater, a n t a strip of bacon to cover on toj of teat. Place under y»e IwattiT. I 9 d W«W» ·on» eMe ef the baoan ertfp*. turn Iti over until the oyrt«r stde Is npl»hed,l By that time the oyators too will be) eooked and sllghUy curled. Serve) three or four per person en shell, direct from oven. S doann maduim^toed oyste ' 2 tabie0pooiM butter. S tomatoea. 1 rr*en pepper. H oupful eraoker crumbs. ( large (tribe of baoon. Cutter a large baktag-pft.n, the breadcnimbs thichly on It, The* place the oysters In row*. Put silc*j of tomato and a «prlnldlng of choppodl treen peppers over "them and the ·trips of bacon ion top. Plae« undftr[ a broiler and cook until baron In] eriap on* both sides Oyster Carry. I dozen oyM*m. 1 tublfupoon butter. 1 tabluapoon flour. 1 teaspoon curry powder. H teaspoon naJt. ^4 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon t'unon julpe. , I/eat the oyatera In their own' juice, and when they curl, remove from the fire, drain and place to a, baking dish, Melt the butter tn a, saucepan, add the flour,, pepper and curry powder, al»« the Iwnonl Juice end rub to smwUinesB with. the Ucjuld from the oyatare, then pour over^tbe oyster*, »prinkl« the) top with a dash of cracker crumbs' and, place under thf broiler for a few minutes to brow n Sc-i ve in bak*ajh Swollen aj ywliaro ill the bcdv mean an In- fe 'tlon w h i c h U ey are trying to block. Those tn tho neck become swollen frequently on account of decayed teeth or sjmo Jn tory condition in tl o mouth and throat or on the bead If the glands are jwollen only In the neok and you have no Apparent III health, I would suspect some tooth. I suggest »B« Ing a dentist, and possibly an X-rcy, to rut* out any root Infection. Sometimes, after the cause of ?lan] ·welling haa been removed, the glands may still remain enlarged. Yon woxild liaye to see your physician to see If. be advises si rglct.) removal or treatment with the X-raya, if they were deforming. * · · Mr K.: Vitamin B known as th« anti-neuritio vitamin Because tts ab- seac» produces ,irr«at -llsturbanres In the nerve tissue (flmt preceded by IntPfltlnal disturbance.', lack of appetite and irritation and Indigestion), la now known to have another factor which prevents pella jrn fM 3 factor.) (It Is called by f o m e Invertlgn- tors, vitamin G.) The foods high In vitamin B arar tome toes, cabbage. epinacb, beans, yeast -sd yeaat extracts, and the wbolt grsin cereals and breads. The P-P facto.- In gen«r«U Ic not affected so much by Booking as the entl-neurltlo factor. I'rolongred cook- Inp In an open vessel, BO that free RCCBBB to th« oxygen of tha air la given, la much more d-Btnjctlve than short, quick cooking !n a covered This )» ono it the reasonis, that vegetables should not be cooked so long. Twenty minute* are usually long enough, and many vegetables can b« cooked leas then this. They are better to the teeth also when there is some flrtnnese to them. (In the foods tbat are acid to the taste, such as tomatoes, the vitamin B tsj pioro stable to cooking-.) Many of those vegetables can be eaten raw, and a good-sized freeh raw salad should be part of the dally diet Beans, at course--tbat Is, dry beans--could not be eaten raw, but green beans can, or they can be cooked very slightly and in a minimum amount of water. Vitamin B fa receiving more at-, for It has been found thai uiii.ny obscure cases of loss of appetite, especially Irt children and babiqa, with consequent maJnourisb- ment, are due to insufficient amount* of foods containing this vitamin. So now wo are giving: cod Hver oil for \ itajjilna A and D. orange, tomato or cabbage Juice for vitamin C, and vlt- avoae for the vitamin B. If you ars Interested, we hare aa article on Balanced Diet which y6tt may have. See column rules for ott* talnjug: this., ( · » » Minn C.: No, there Is no way oC removing: a urethra! caruncle--the .rma-lJ, reddish mass at the mouth of tho passage that leads from the bladder--except an operation, either with the knife or cautery. It Is a simple operation, so do not continue to suffer with yours. To my knowledge It never soea away of Itself, « * * Mrs B.: Our pamphlet on Hygiene of Women answers your question. Send for th^.t, please. See colunm rules. Editor's Note- Dr. Peters cannot dlag-noso nor give ifcrsonal advice. Your questions, if of general Intorest, will be answered tn the column 19 their turn. Hetjuesta for articles of pamphlets on hand must be accompanied by a fully eelf-addresaed, stamped envelope, plus the following small charge to help cover cost of printing and handling: for oach article wanted, two cents In coin; for each pamphlet tan cents In coin. Tba pamphlets are Reducing and Gaining, ffipne of Women, Kidney ant ntaadcr Disorders. Address Dr. Pelpia, In rura of this paper. Write eglbly, and not over 200 word* JAIL CELL, IS THEIR BRIDAL ALTAR Although u jail c 3 ll is the altar for'their ceftmony, Catherine Schweitxer and Fehx JBarbee, of Cincinnati, 0., arc looking forward to a happy married life. The bridegroom must serve a 10-year terra in the state penitentiary at Cohimbud for robbery. After his rel«a«a the couple plans to be married again. Pholg shows them in Cinci*

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