Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 14
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 14

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 14
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Augu«t 24,1975 Inefficiency, Apathy, Drought Gremlins of Soviet Agriculture Birdman Guests at a motel along Chicago's lake front had a bird's-eye view of who was dropping in as hang gliders competed in the International Delta Kit Championship in Chicago. Towed aloft by speedboats, the gliding enthusiasts soared over the lake and attempted to land on target in the lake. MOSCOW (AP)-Soviet agriculture, that weak spot in the nation's economy, is again paining the Kremlin as the result of a 1975 grain harvest which apparently will fall below expectations. As a result the Soviet Union is once again shopping abroad for grain. A spring and summer drought has been blamed for the shortfall. But other perennial Soviet farming gremlins-inefficient management, lack of workers and machinery, apathy, poor grain storage and transportation--have also contributed. The Soviets could subsist very well on the reduced harvest, with no need to import more grain, if the leaders hadn't promised the Soviet consumer more meat and other imrpovements in his bread-and- potatoes diet. With the expansion of livestock herds and the increased feed rations per animal, the Soviets are hard-pressed for feed grain. * * » THE GAINS in Soviet agriculture have been undeniable in the last 10 years. But they've been made at an inordinately, high price. While agricultural investment has more than doubled since 1965, farm production has increased by only 50 per cent. And while the Soviet Union devotes far more of its budget to agriculture than does the United States, Soviet farm output is only about 80 per cent of U.S. production. This is true despite the fact that 30 per cent of the Soviet work force is in farming, compared to 5 per cent in America. Why the difference? First, the^Jnited States has a better geo- Six Argentine Towns Stung With Wave of Terrorism ; BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) - Terrorism erupted in six Argentine cities Saturday and police said they found the body of a kidnaped army major 24 hours after a Marxist guerrilla communique announced -he had killed himself. ; The worst violence was in Cordoba, 450 ·miles north of Buenos Aires, where one ^ policeman and a guerrilla were killed in a ;street corner Shootout, police reported. · Police sources said the body of Maj. Ju- "lio Larrabure, kidnaped a year ago, was found in a plastic bag on a street corner in Rosario, 200 miles to the north. They ,said it appeared "semifrozen" and showed -"deep marks on the neck." - A GUERRILLA COMMUNIQUE sent to .newspapers late Friday said Larrabure ;strangled himself in a "people's jail" last Tuesday. The deaths in Cordoba raised the casualty toll in a week of violence around the country to 24 dead and 30 wounded. More than 500 people have been killed in terrorist attacks from the right and left in the past 12 months. The new violence came as embattled President Isabel Peron demanded an end to bickering in the Peronist parly to assure the survival of the movement, the government and the nation. "We require the total end of internal struggles, personal ambitions and twisting of doctrines," Mrs. Peron told the opening session of the national Peronist party cor, gress. * + * THE NEW TERRORISM hit Buenos Aires, La Plata, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Resistencia and Parana, with shootouts, bombings and sniping. Besides the street corner Shootout in Cordoba, gunfire, apparently from snipers posed in buildings around the main plaza, also was heard in the city. In similar violence Wednesday and Thursday, 10 persons were killed in Cordoba. In Parana, 250 miles north of Buenos Aires, terrorists set off five bombs and erected barricades in the downtown area as pedestrians scurried for cover. Gunmen opened fire on private homes and set a car on fire in Resistencia, 580 miles north of here. Gunmen also fired on two police stations in Santa Fe, 170 miles to the north, and bombs went off in Buenos Aires and La Plata, 35 miles to the south. There were no victims in the blasts. The Peronist party session was behind closed doors, but the presidential office distributed the president's remarks as more than 200 delegates began meetings to choose new party leaders. Mrs. Peron heads.the party, and political observers have discarded the possibility of her ouster despite deep ideological differences within the movement. LAST BIG WEEK! YOU CAN REALLY SAVE! Fantastic prices throughout the store. We need the space for our new merchandise. You save money and get quality, nqmebrand merchandise during this final week. The items listed below are only a few examples of our STORE-WIDE SALE. THESE ITEMS REFLECT "SUPER-LOW" PRICES AND "SUPER-HIGH" SAVINGS FOR YOU! Was 13 PC. 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And this area, which is now completely under cultivation, isn't favored by the weather. Low temperatures and overly moist lands prevail in the north and lack of moisture exists in the south. "Very severe droughts occur once in three years," former agriculture minister Vladimer Mastskevich has said. In addition to greater drought susceptibility, the Soviet Union has a considerably shorter growing season and frost-free period than does the United States. In order to counteract these disadvantages, high efficiency and productivity are needed from Soviet farmhands during plowing and harvest. These qualities, however, are not much in evidence. A Soviet Academy of Sciences report states that 20-24 per cent of the total grain crop is lost every year because field work isn't completed on time. Kulakov has admitted that plowing takes an average of 40 days, when it should be completed in 20. Western experts have blamed the low productivity on lack of incentives for farmers and on excessive central planning that fails to take account of local conditions. The 48,000 gigantic state and collective farms are operated under a central state plan, with little decision-making by the farm managers and workers on what crops to plant, the size of the crops and almost all other essentials. The massive agricultural bureacracy allocates machinery, spare parts, fertilizer and seed to the farms, and the resulting red tape, meddling and failures contribute to the loss of productivity. The Soviet press is rife with complaints about shortages of machine and spare parts, the bad quality and unsuitability of machinery, the inability to get them fixed and the lack of storage, transportation and repair facilities. The enormous problems of efficiency and incentive facing Soviet agriculture are brought into sharper focus when one considers that the private plots of farm workers, occupying only 3 per cent of cultivated land, are responsible for more than one- fourth of the gross agricultural production in the country. Gear Collapses; Plane Lands Safely BUFFALO, N. Y. UP) - An American Airlines plane with 109 persons aboard ripped up part of a runway at Buffalo International Airport here when its landing gear collapsed Saturday morning, officials said. No injuries were reported. The left wing of the Boeing 727 was extensively damaged, officials said. The plane arrived here from La Guardia Airport in New York shortly after 10:30 a.m. The cause of the apparent malfunctioning was not immediately known. The runway remained closed Saturday afternoon. the low price leader Sale through Tuesday, August 26. See our big ad MWEDJ.M.P.M. WE REDEEM FEDERAL ilili SUN. MON. TUES. 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