The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 28, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

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Store J. GRODZIN and SON Extra! Extra! ladies' Hats at. $1.95 Next to West Penn Waiting' Room CONNELLSVILLE, PA. )ME INTERPRETATIONS OF RULES AFFECTING COAL AND COKE SALES 31* Kad« By tt« Ueeise Board, |-'Harimf Amtborttj to Make L JDeelsioBS. CLEARER DEFINITIONS Hare T Mi riMk«M am* SntrfcttM* FUtrntr; JU»r An W«ekly Cowtor . ·· ili 111 at qwctionc baw arisen !· tile yropar interpretation to be · to certain of the roles and reg- ot tin ynel Admraistratloa ; tb* grantits ot licenses for ot coal and coke. For th« __ j of p«nout interested the flram Board baa grouped tire dect- ^IM« mad* br it. The dedaaons upon !tt» President'* proclamation, under i the rales and regulations were , ar» a follows. Lake ports for trans-shipment by water · The interpretation placed upon this rule 13 as follows A licensee as Jobber truer, as heretofore purchase and resell coal or coke for Jus own account. Bis profit is, not limited except by Rule 1, which provide! that he shall not ask, demand, or receive for such coal or coko more than the applicable government mine price at the date ot shipment. In Rule 2 the amount ot commission is prescribed u, follows A licensee who acts as purchasing agent of coal and by authority of a retail dealer or consumer without becoming the owner thereof may charge ,-. purchasing commission not exceeding (a) the sum of fifteen (15) cents per ton of 2 000 pounds oC bituminous i-oal (b) five (5 per cent) per c*"nt of the delirered price of smithing coal when certified in writing by the retail dealer or consumer that soon coal is to be naed for smithing purposes only The combined purchasing commissions of any rumber of licensees who act for a retail dealer or consumer in shipments of coal shall not exceed j the commissions herein allowed for one licensee No licensee shall charge | any purchasing commission as j ur- Joek, trestle, or yard. KJtTietaKtt dealer wire sells carload Ota of coal or coke without physically laadllng the same is required to have (J license. fjL salesman who acts for one or nor* licensee* where all bills and '·ports are made in the licensees 1 Actual cost of coal, f o b mine. 2 Purchasing commission. 3 Freight charges if paid by licensee. est hi a producing company Is in a position to dictate tie policy of such producer and could prevent It from selling to any consumer or retail deal- 4 Other allowable charges paid by I er who does not eaiploy the licensee lOt-Tt'Iuired to hare a license but is jHMtrued to be an employe of the re- atv dealer Payment for his services juutot be added to the price allowed 6'iretail dealers by local or state net administrators. gUcenses will not be denied bocacse lie "applicant has entered upon the tnsfaess of distributing coal or coke Jtar April 1, 1918 fole 1 prescribes that "a licensee ( »s owner or selling agent -for an- ih*r sells coal or coke without phys Sail; handling the same on over, or injugfi bjs, or its own vehicle, dock H»tl or yard, shall not .ask, de- Mad or receive for such coal or coke lot* iaan the price fixed ar the Free- lot or the United States Poel Ad iSaUtrator for such coal or coke f. o ^cars at the mines or ovens, and * fritt at the date of the sale thereof !·· are (S) cents per ton of 2A»0 wilds of anthracite coal when sncK ^-----, incurs the expense of repack coal at Atlantic o- jsiiSaJ^**-^----^, More queaOons have thus far been raised nnder th-s rule than any Other upon which interpretations have been made as follows A licensee, at purchasing agent, may bay from any producer or licensee at the applicable government to Rule 3 may commission allowed m Rule 2 A licensee acting as a selling agent for the producer may subject to the provisions of Kule 3, charge the purchasing commission allowed by Rule 3 on coal purchased from another producer A licensee who has been authorized by seieral consumers or retail dealers to purchase coal ma} an agent enter into a contract with one ir more producers for the total amount which such consumers or retail deaie-s have authorized the licensee to pun base A licensee may, under Rule 2 guar antee to the producer the paynwnt of coal or coke purchased for a retail dealer or consumer The licensee may use his regular forms for Invoicing coal The invoice need not contain the printed or stamped word "Agent" at the top thereof. 'Where only one licensee acts «a purchasing agent, the invoice must state in secaratA Items. ' licensee The invoice of the producer may be made oat to (be consumer retail dealer or licensee, if made out to the licensee, it mart be the licensee "Agent." Two or more licensees acting purchaahig agents for -» given shipment may divide the purchasing commission as they may mutually agree "Whea two or more ficcuaeea act as purchasing agents, the invoice must state, in separate Items 1 The actual cost of the coal f. o b mines If purchased by and charged to the licensee rendering the invoice. 2 The namber of cents per ton conEtotntmg the share ot the purchasing commission agreed upon as the compensation of the Licensee rendering the invoice. A licensee may subject to the provisions of Rale 3 charge the purchasing commission allowed in Rule 2, wben acting for a 3obber in Canada who holde a license from the Fuel Controller of Canada provided such licensee is not controlled by or does not control such Canadian jobber Purchasing agents are restricted to commission in Rule 2 on all ship ments of smithing coal made after April 1 1918, even though contract of sale was made prior thereto A licensee acting as purchasing agent for coal, for which no mine or base price has been fixed will be restricted to the purchasing commission specified in Rule 2 Rule 3 specifies the persons who are entitled to receive commissions for the sale of coal and coke as fol- lowa No licensee shall ask, demand or receive any commission, charge or profit as broker or purchasing agent from any consumer or retail dealer for the purchase of any coal which is owned by such licensee, or in which lie or it has any direct or indirect interest, or for selling which such licensee is entitled to receive any commission or compensation as selling a^ent or otherwise, or which was produced from a mine controlled directly or indirectly, by such licensee or by the controlling owners of such licensee or'from a mine whose oirner or the stockholders, members, or partners who control such owner also control dir*ctly or indirectly such licensee Decisions on questions raised under this rule have been as follows One of the main purposes of Rule 3 is to insure retail dealexs and consumers the option of deciding Zor themselves whether tbey will purchase directly from the producer or employ a licensee to purchase for them If the licensee is in a position to dictate the policy .of the producer so as to prevent sales to a consumer or retail dealer who docs not employ the licensee as purchasing agent, the pro- { sumption will ariee that there is a di- j rect or indirect control as purchasing agent, and therefore controls such producer -within Sic meaning of Kule 3 Tie test of control will not be limited to the ownership of a majority of stock. Ownership o the stock of a licensee by one or more producers, constitutes control uritbin the spirit of Rule 3, and prerents the hecmseft purchasing commtesiOD on adding coal pro dnced by any of said producers A licensee having an agreement-with with a producer to handle its entire output becomes a selling agent and cannot collect a purchasing commis sion on sach output. The practice of a licensee charging a purchasing commlesum on coal pro duced by a t mine controlling controlled or owned by another licensee where such other licensee in turu charges a purchasing commission on * coal produced by a mane controlling controlled or owned by the first li censee will be considered as an era sion of the rules and regulations got enuag the distribution of coal anil coke A licensee as purchasing ascot must not make anv proat directly 01 indirectly other iban his purchasing commission. A licensee who has received or i« entitled to a commission from a producer cannot ask demand or receive the purchasing commission allowed m Rule 2 even though the purchase is invoiced to the consumer at the ap ifoi* plicable government mine price A Mr -nsee cannot charge aay sum in addition to the purchasing commas sion allowed by Halt. 2 for services rendered as a luel engineer TELLS HOW TO GET BACK OLD TIME AMBITION Discoverer instructs druggists everywhere not to take a cent of anyone's money unless Bio-feren doubles energy, vigor and nerve force in two weeks. 7 A DAY FOR 7 DAYS DUNBAR LOSES GAME Dickerson Bag Team Winner in Giunc at That FSaee. The Dcnbar baseball teem lost to Dickerson Knn on the Dunbar grounds last flight 3 The game was close /uic! interesting 1 through- cue. Mi nerd pitching for Dcnbar was working in good form and got 11 strikeouts to hie credit The batenes were, for Dtmbar Minerd and McLaugblin for Dicker son Ktm Rudolph and Dennla. Keeps Teeth Clean and Gums Healthy Specially indicated for treatment of Soft, Spongy and Bleeding Hntual Garage 615 West Crawford, guarantees al "wo'k oiy acetylene welding re pairing, all machinery work "We are j ready to sell gasoline and oil carbon burning Call Bell 857--Adv--28-2t AH Drauwla and T«M Cwatcn. Women Conl Inspector*. Among the 6 513 women fining 61 different kinds of jobs on the Penn sylrania railroad there are a xtomber of coal inspectors Wlo to Merchants who advertise their (ood* A licensee owning a majority inter- Ttm .Daily Con ~ BEAD THE COURIER. Any maa or -woman who finds th*t the ire ffolng- backward tr» not aa ttrong ttt they used to be, have 3o»t confidence in their ability to accomplish things are nerrous and run down ·hould take two Bio-feren tableti alter wtcii meal and one at bedtime. Seven a day tor aeven days Then take one after each me*l tmUl the supply IB exhausted. Then If your nervousness Is not cone. If you do not feel twice aa strong 1 and energetic aa bo lore If your alugrgiab diftpooltion has not been ch*n/r«d to a rig-orouB active one take back the empty package and onr money wJ.ll be returned without comment. No aoatter what excesses, worry-overwork--too much, tobacco or alcohol ·--hare weakened, your body and wrecked your nerves any druggist anywhere ia authorlrod to refand your money on request if Uio-feran tha mlg-lity upbtdldor of blood zouvcli and brain doea not do just what i» claimed «or It Ifote i* jnarrtela*** There i* no eecret about the formula of Bio fereiu it IB printed on every package. Her* It is lecithin Caldnm Glycero phosphate Iron £*eptonate fiCanffanese Pep- tonate Ext. Nuz: Vomica Powd. Gentian Phenolphtlialein, Ol«are*iii Capat^ cuni, """ "" N O T I C E To Merchants, Manufacturers Garages and anv one whom it mav interest in Connellsville, Scottdale, Mount Pleasant Damson Vanderbilt and Dunbar Beginning Monday, June 24th, Wells-Mills Motor Car Companv will make daily round trips to Pittsburg for parcels and express up to 250 pounds in anv one shipment Phone as jour instructions. Wdls-lills Motor Car Co. CON1SELLSVILLE, F i. Bell Phone 1022. Tri-Stote 502 HOBF 1)E CHA3CBB.I, OF FI,ls,fl-COJX)B£l CKOTtm. ' BURY YOUR CABBAGES CABBAGES STORED- HOCTS OF- IH A R A N K OF Robe dc chambre of flesh-colored cldffoQ, lace trimmed, with girdle in soft pastel shade* of pink, kueudar and green. Storage a an anfMrton. form of grepareica* m the m»Uer of oo mEpIj T1-. Ifetacorf V^r G«rd«, Commi»m«n», of Wink»»jtlliii, HMO * boolc on d»B gnhjexi bjEnx bow it a done. Wrde for it, cndoiml 9 ccois for .postage. Bumstead's Worm Syrup A «afe and snre Remedy lor "Worm*, Stood tho tect for 50 ycstri XT ITBVEK f AXIaS To cljiiaren it is an an£el of mercy FI.EASL'USra^ TO TAKE ZTO KIC3CSTCSS H"O FXT7SIC 2TBEJIED One bottle has allied 132 worms AH Onu;- gijits and dealers, or by mail-- 25c a tot, Zst. C A. voaeKtrrefsR, J* n , gnn« t*^ WEAR** 1 "' 5 1 QotMng 8 aoaoooooooo

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