The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 28, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1918
Page 6
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SEC. THE DAILY COURIER, CONTCELLSVEULE PA. FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1918, NEW PREFERENCE RULES FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF COAL I r- ^ »« Hetalkd Instructions For the of Administrators ··! Traie. 'MANY REPORTS REQUIRED 'Tram Skippers, Jetton, CongmBwn »nd AdBUBistratioB Officials; COB- received ttom the district representa tires and the consumers of coal within his state each state administrator will receie from "Washington a weekly report showing the produc j tion of coal in his own state properly j classified the consumption of coal in 'his own state and the stocks of coal on hand ; Under this plan of distribution each consumer should arrange for shipments from the same source of supply |. as last year if possible When ar- j rangemcnts of this kind cannot be i made, due to an^ caiibe the consumer The W»»kjy courter should matie e% cry effort to form some District represenUUre* of the Fuel a 6 *" connection in a coal-producing .Administration have been instructed to district from which a coal supplv is »»i Kales t»der Wkh* T)!- »( Shipments C»« Be H»de, observe the following preference rules -jn distributing coaJ available preferablv under a contract i arrangement. Coal operators -»ill i* 1 Distribute coal In amounts TMf- ur B ed to make tnese new contracts ttcient to take care of current require- I w " n the consu-ncrs whenever possi t»en»s ot all consumers on the Pref | bl e ' n order to reduce to the minimum ·ercnee List.' Current requireimnU ' t h c number of applications tor assist- anean s«UTlcieiit coal to take care of anc6 to tte 5t »« "d local admims their Jeiiy consumption and. in addi- ' »ators an amount necesserv to i " W1lt!n cll!ed u «* n for assistance br a consumer who has been unable to make Arrangements for his roal supply thc state administrator is direct ed to communicate with a district representative--n« er with an mdlv-id ual coal producer---who can ship to j the consumer with the request that. if possible the district represent* _ 'build up xhe reasonable reserves ·which, are required to insure uninterrupted operation The reserves required will vary with the distance from tne toorce ot sappy and the a-milable transportation facilities 2 After making distribition under CD airy remaining coal can go to at al] times to the storage re- 1 of those consumers on the Pnf mace list. the Prefer *^ Te arran s* W| lh one of his operators Mice U*, but only m an amount nee" I t o eotcr into a eon^act with the con- eMK, tor their daily consumption Bnmer "V ! amOTnl of -° al *· re *. After making distribution under «f res », » 1 » ca TM" , ** accom (1) and (» if tkere should still be a "" "'f mp ! J sh .? d '. (tbe di f nct """^, balance ot coal it shflt be sentettre shal! *rect shipments to j I u deradeo by the state and, il " d coa!Inner in accordance with re- | loetl fxl administrator givmg pref I-"" 5 '" 085 "hicS may be received from j the state administrator from time to j time provided he can do so without, ·violating the instructions from the War Industries Board which may be in effect at the time In placing; these ] requisitions the state administratoi will of course take Into consldera tion the total amount of coal which the state can expect to receive from the district representative under the allotment plan to be announced by , the distribution division, ann also | whether or not the consumer belongs in one of the preferred classifications -Whenever district representative is unable to nil a requisition from a state administrator he shall so advise the latter giving the reasons for his! inability In such cases the state ad- | mmistrator shall make an efforr to secure the coal from other district representatives who can ship to the consumer and if no one of tue dis tnct representatives is able to make the shipment the state administrator may in an emergency, divert coal to the consumer If no emergency ei- ists the matter sboald be referred to ' the director of state distribution at at inference as between the coasum- an em the original Preference List. t*» ant decrM of -p-eferenee has al- rtablihed cod will in- fuel, steamettip bunkers of pleasure craft and by- Btaati--and you are hereby ia*traeu4 to see that shipments go to take care of these re- i first. T%» Preference Lin which is now rftoettre pnTMea th* folloxn( clissi- ·) (b) Army and Nary, together with department* of the federal gov (e) State and county departments and instHutions (d) Public utilities («) Retail dealers. (O Mannlicturinj plants on War ladastries Boards preference list (C) Manufacturing plants not on TVasbingion War Industries Boards preference lilt. k) Jobbers (1) Lake (J) Tidewater Classes (a) (b), (c), (d), (e) aad (fli j atso furnish 8Uch other mtarmMm to ·TO comprise th* preference lists and.the district represeutat-ies as is no* preference in coal shipments will be authorized relative to contracts with given to all consumers within thes* 1 eonsnmers coal production car sun- clauee IB. accordance with instiuc p | 7 elc r thu wnich the War Industries Board i j^ a^ct representative win Iwue from ume to time I send a TBekl re All coal ongmally classified under ja anl inUtrator Into who (ID, (i) and 0) will be redistributed, 5hlps a and will finally be classified under' - Mine operators aban report, wch day to the district representatives a list of the cars shipped during thc d*} giving consignee and destination of each car Mine operators shall shall he one of the other classifications show same ume _ nig rt the anmber that pan which may go for j each state du preceding week through trfew.ter or to Can to each c i asslfl ^ UiB1 Pja ^ gpw ^f eiyort ada throngh the lakes Tbe redistribution of coal to con »«*« m dasae. (a) and (b) will b. »udl«i trorr -ftaslunstou Wash IB ^. will also supervise shipments uTcertam plants in classes (d) and I (0 »d in sach cases proper notraca- lion wfll be given the state fuex «d in whose state ence ,,,__. ° Pe TM tor company or other per- « m * TM ** 1 "COMW. or diverts ^ *?*' TMf°" s " cb f « "*?"'?" tO ^ r L* Stn f' "' '* ""ose terrttorytke coal ong- A IM of class (d) consumers in this slat* wfll be famished each state administrator by the statistical section of tb« United States Fuel Admimstra t'ott at Washington Thif, list will (fve the name, location and require ments for each plant b counties Tka state and local fuel admintstra tors will be required to check these lists and make such additions or de- ductioBs as ftey may find necessary to keep the lists complete anud ac curate. A list of class (e) consumers in his state will also be furnished each state administrator by the statistical sec- thm, which list will shoir for each eeoaty in the state the name and loca tion. ot each coal dealer m the coun ' ty, teiethcr with the 1117 tonnage delivered to the customers of each dealer over the greater part of the eastern territory of the country A Hst of class (f) consumers will b* assembled by a postal card questionnaire to each manufacturing plant la tke country in duplicate--one card to te returned to tne statistical section at -Washington and one to the ststc administrator in whose state the plant is located. Tke distribution division at Was*- iBitea will supply each district rep- resMitatrre with a complete list of class (ty consumers for each state melmJed in the district represents tiv«*3 Chipping zone is coaformance with the lists assembled b; the state administrators With these lists to guide them state and local administrator* and district representative* are directed to gire their attention to building up proper stocks of coal for all consumers in the preference classes in accordance with instructions issued by the War Industries Board from time to time Guided by the wwltly reports from consumers administrators will be aWe to direct Increased shipments to preference clas^ consumers who are not making sufficient gam in t-eir stocks of coal as weil aa to check iklpnents to those consumers whose Blocks are accumulating too rapidly In order to control the distribution ef ooej to domestic consumers and m- 'daetrial plutj br retail dealers and jwacen mines, they will be required to ·aake a special report to the state administrator IB addition to the weekly re?trt3 2 shall also report recoa- or diversions to the statistical section at Washington instead of to the district representative. Slate Administrators may mak» di \ersions of coa 1 consigned to their respective states in the event that such diversions are necessary to relieve emergencies but m no event shall thev divert coal consigned to ' consumers whose requirements are under direct supervision of TVashing ton except on specific authority from ·Washington In all cas«s of diversion I by a state administrator he shall im- I mediately report the diversion to thc original consignee the new consignee aad the district representative in whose district the coal originated suing in each case car number and initial and kind of coal rhe district 'representative shall transmit this in formation to the shipper Local ad ! ministrators when authorized br state administrators may make diversion of coal consigned to their respective territories under the same conditions and restriction In such cases they must immediately report to the state administrator the same information in regard to ttie diversion, indicated above, which information will be promptly transmitted by the state administrator to all parties af- 'ected In making dh crsions state i administrators shall at all times re- jspect the boundaries established by 1 the transportation lone system Each consumer in classes (c) to (g) inclusive is required to make a .weekly report m duplicate is regard 1 to his coal situation one copy going I to his state administrator and on" copy going to Washington This re-' port will show the amount of coal OGJ hand at the first of each week the receipts dunng the T eek the con- ·JumpTion (or for retail dealers the amount of coal on hand at the «*nd of the week the nmrtber of days supply which this amount of coal on hand represents and the producing district from which the consumer is receiving coal In putting this plan into effect the puolic utilities retail dealers and mannfaetnring plants consuming over 500 tons per annum will be covered first, followed later i by the smaller manufacturing plants. 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