The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

PAGK FOURTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER, ( UiNJNLLSVlLLE, PA. .·-RIDAY, MARCH 7, 193U. EXTRA! English Pilgrim^ Escape To America AFTER disheartening delay 55 and brisk cnc^un- X J L ters with the King's Soldiery, an intrepid band of English Separatists, composed of the Scrooby and Gainsb°rough congregations, made go°d their escape from the port of Southampton. Their destination is reported to be somewhere along the northern American Coast. . . . Hear About It Tonight! on the air at 8 P. M.from S T A T I O N K D K A Stand by the dials at eight o'clock tonight, for there's a thrill in store for you! You'll hca r the first of a weekly scries of breath-taking dramatic episodes that lie close to the hearts of freedom-loving Americans. These sketches, arranged by a noted authority on Colonial history, are ba«ed on fact, and include many heretofore unreported incidents. The playlets will be interspersed by contemporary nrrafical selections. There's not a dull moment durin g the thirty minute periods. The Freedom Oil Works Co., sponsors of this unique departure in the way of radio entertainment, iarite you to listen-in tonight. FREEDOM GASOLINES MOTOR OILS SALE MOW ON fir tconvmttal Tranipertottt* AT /////OR EAT SPRING YOU CAN SAVE f ^^ "t f 5O75 SALE OF Visit this sale* f sales today! See the scores of once-in-a-lifetlme rallies! MlngJ with the enthusiastic bargain seekers that are saving from $5) to $75 on used cars "with an OK that counts/' Unusually hem y sales of the 1930 Chevrolet Six have brought us an over-supply of Jood used cars taken in trade. To clear our stocks quickly in prep iration for our regular spring business we offer you the sensational low prices below. Included in this sale are many low-mileage fii e cars bearing the famous red "OK"' tag--cars of quality and def endabillty that have been thoroughly reconditioned. The most ama sing values will go quickly. Hurry to this bargain ·vent nowl Sc lect your car while there is still a wide choice I d*-J WC" «DJL I O 192S CHEVROLET TRUCK -- a i'our-cylimler llj ht delivery truck suitable for a 1 akery or grocery store. Sold "w th an OK that counts ·1926 FORD : TRUCK*- with Tliis truck "will lot of money t. can't it bo, you? prico is right -.. 1924 FORD SE )AN -- four-door type. In good jondition. 'A good family car, unt sttally cheap 1928 CHEVROLET COUPE -looks und runs like a new car. Come in and see it yourseVf- you "will like it Jf VIA A KT^flt. $300 ;TERL D U M P automatic hoist. make some one a us summer. Why The $125 1927 CHEVROLET CAB AND CHASSIS--one ton si/e. This truck will be excellent for post hauling. Must be sold as we need the room 1925 STAR COUPE--An ideal car for the man who drives to and from v.ork. Will be sacrificed at 1927 Dodge 4-Door Sedan Mohair 'upholstering. CJood paint and tires. Motor in. finr shape. Come in and see this cur. A special at $15O Small D o w n P a y m e n t s -- E a s y 6. M. A. C. Terms MASON MOTOR GO. 127 West Appl e Street. Phone 105. Connellsville, Pa. * i Bay OK Used Cars From Tour C h e v r o l e t Dealer Paramount Theatre Today--Tomorrow THCAPHOffE ALL TALKING Th»*tarr of · wo- wfao dodble- liw whole world* mrhnimg YJUphone Act and Talking Serial Special, 7 O'clock --Amos and Andy (·iraham JtcNamee Explains the N^s lioel Admission--Matinee 10« and 25c; N!gl»t t5e and H."c Monday, Tuesday and Lea trice Joy in "A Most Immoral Lady" At. the Theatres The Paramount l''or ujy Lhoatro patron wjio seeks xcltinj; entertain meat--aud who drx»H not setk it.--thftre is a grut treat in Ktor» at the /'aramount Tuoatr-u Warner Bros., is presentins Hlno In "Skin Doep " From llm Mark ^idnnrBd Jones story Gordon Itigby has developed an enthralling eater'jJninciit and tb© diroctor, Kay fihiright, has caugbt the u l n m t o r mooil of the sto.Ty. The »toiy concerns a contain crowd of tindorworld charttcl«rB, but they aro glvon a distinctly now slant. The human equation enter* into t h l u story «us it bas entered into none ulhers wo rein ere her having He-en. Monte IMuo playB tho Icadpr of a gan-g of crooks with all tluu d«tt artistry which has niado liitn HO popu- litr. lie shown the heart of the crook as offsctively as though hi were not ou'Uida the law. The girl he marries runs pi r«tt to have him Hfrnt to prison and then MKi-ks to iuduco him to commit murder to have him o u t o f the way The manner in which she Is thwartod, and bow tho good impulses of the crook win out, are interesting Chases oil tho thrilling htory. Warner Bros., lias surrounded Monte Blue -with an excellent cast. The fact that this is an all-talking Him maltes the selection ot the playera more important. The cast includes adorable Daves- Ije, Betty Oompson, John Davidson, Alice Day, John Bower* and Georgie Ston«. The program alwo i n c l u d o a Amos and Andy at 7 o'clock, a chapter of Turzau the Tiger, a thrilling serial, and an ail-talking news reel featuring Graham McNamee. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday i^eatrice Joy will be seen In a "Most IiiwnoriU Lady," Ohiopyle OIJIOPYLE, March 7--O. M Waters ;i boiBines caller in Uniorrtown Th UP Hi ay. Mrn. W. J. McFarland wae a recent 6liopi)«r in Uniontown. A. H. Jenninga is spending a few days in Uniontown. Samuel Shroyer and Frank Nichol-j won were amoiiff tho husincw callers I tn Cf'ttflaenoe Thursday, | .(ohn W. Holt tva« a caller in! Uniontown Thursday. Ja»b OhJ*r of Mi3J Run vaw a pla-u-anf, caUor 1n OhiopySe Thursday. "W. Oro*n nf B n l l i t n o r p Md \'',-ii n The Orpheum "The R e t u r n ot Sheilo''k H starrhtK Olive- Vrook, la tho a l t r a c t k i u todriy at t h e Orpho^ m. SlK'riock Ilohnes, Sir A i U j u r Oonan Doylp'a famous d e t e c t i v e oh racter. urrivnl in t h e I ' n U e U Stat^.= today. HP wasi inlcrviewc-d al (jtiarai int by Hh!p newj. repu-U',-s A.i u c ml, ho proved lilmiielf to he a an pi r-wiud, l o l h n t f the rc-porteis l!uir nai OT and tho jjapnrs Cor w i n c h t h e y w 3fe reporting -- Ihe-n e x p l a i n i n g lo t h m how he had deduced t h i s informal! n. Slinrlock Holmes was ver\ r c l i u - tant to tdro any irif'rniatiir aa to what brings him to t h i n ooun ry but, upon beinK pres-Kcd b report -rs a n d photographer*, he finally ; dmitted that he has rioi onu to tlu United States to Hbow tho A t m - r l f u i people what he looks l)ki He is he e in an effort to tind the fk'iuh. who n uidereit hJH friend, Oaptatyi LfOiigmoro, in. London, some timo ago. ThiB btory, v s h h h has alir clcd so much attention, is bristly sun raariaed below. Oaptain Longinoi'e V.IIK mur lered, on the eve ot ais son's) i n a r r i u g - to the daughter of Vi. Watsoii, Jherlock Holrnos' old f r i o u d . Moran, one of the henchmen of Pro 1 ' 1 MorH rity, the master criminal, did i h e trie with a small mysterious box and escaped with a scaled envelop* 1 . L jngmore livoxi long enough to F u r n m o n his son, Roger, and send h i m in pi rsuit of Moran and the impeifi, The chabc of W o r a u le Roger aboard a. trans- A t l a n t i c , uteai iship on which Moran served ·IA ship i doctor. Morau drugged Kogfr and vkliiaped him i\ft the ship sailed for America via Cherbourg. H U disui pearamie caused the police to suspuc him of the uiurder of hii, father, A sound news reel, nil-tail me comedy aud niovietone ,ict aro also included. The v feature picture for Monday, Tuesday anil Wednesday SB ' t'he Love Parade,-" starri'ig M.uirice i 'hevalier. Bladder Weakness Makes Life Misery! DnJly Annoyance, Troublesome tf 1,lvtft of ThooiHiuiIn Writer Who TV!!* Whn To lo Kor ttulcfc Il-ll«-f. ] taaiUictins, Pains in ff-ct caller in Ohiopylo Thursday. Mrs. F. Gloarion of Chalk Hill was c u l l i n g on Oliioiiyle frleiMlf Wednesday ovonitig. fatronize thos.e who art f r e q u e n t h u t scanty I ' r l n a t l n n w i t h ) b u r n i n g and p n l n , (TT I ins-tip -nlE'li ts -- j arc smi« if (life m-irp trnublwioinp ( h i l l B i i o u i i l l i q v c prompt aLU'ntion bt- j for» !tif} r c u f l j a, tm'if pprloui mntge. I NII m a l l o r how stiibUoni y o u r casi | m.iy Hi»'m (i) br or iiow m a n y m«!lcliH»sf I s o u ha% · ' r i ^ d \ \ i t h o u t results-- don't t h i n k your roptlttlon is hopeless or the n a t u r a l i-onscqupin'o of iiilvancinK years u n t i l von h a v e i r l p t j t h e amazing; v a l u e of l)i- F o u t h w f M - l l i ' B " I ' H A T A B K " On a s t r i c t KWirmitpQ of t n o n r v lnu*k MH first f j o \ pnrctwisisl if von do not ii-rcivp H i v l f t a n d h a t i s f y i n K r t l i n f Union DrtiR Co.. 01 any K°«d tlTUSS!- 1 *! w i l l K i i p p l v you « Illi "Tratiibs" in grilled |fir-ka(roH coritainltiR a t e n days' q u p p l ) ff f l i i ' v Ijrli g jfrcat relief I n Hilr 1 of 4$ hours a n d a wois'li'rful Imp r o v r m r n l iic-ltli 1 'f t e n Iaj«, ynii w i l l bo gri'itly pi caved -- !f t h e y do not h e l p , HUM cnm you n o t h i n g ! Ask your ludav -- Aflvrt'tiecment. Confluence OXCIO, Marrh 7--The .1. 0. L. Class of lh3 Methodist Bptecopal Sunday schoo] JjeUJ an o)d-taiihionel Hunting party at tho hoin-e of the president of the clas«, M're. Emma /Jumbert ycstetxlay. A large number of the members of UK clas« were present. A very enjoyaole day 'was spent by all. Taylor Glover, a well known lumberman of Ursina, was a business visitor in town yesterday. J. C. Clark of McKesport WINS fn town yesterday transacting business. The hand of aft'Hction has lakl itself pretty heavily on the family of Engineer B. F. Brown. Mrs, Brown and. daughter, Ixiuise, are both recovering from severe attacks of grip while little Caroline Ohipp, of Mor- gantovvn, W. Va., who with her mother is visiting at the Brown home is improving troui rut illness and Mrs, Brown's faflier, Kdwurd Nytle, has j u - f t resumed work afler a tavern I daye' illness. 13. II. Miller, a well known cigar m a n u f a c t u r e r of Berlin, was in town yesterday on business. Miss A l m a Tressler, n well known nurse of Ursina left yesst-erday for a vtalt to Bratldock. ORPHEUMTHEATRE Today and Tomorrow Lovely Girl's Plipht Calls Famous Stnnih Again Into Limelight. All-Talking! D Also All-Talkmg Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound News 'THE RETURN OF SHIRLOCK HOLMES ·TITM Clive Brook · a Qanxmawnl Cftctwe Bridgeport RR! DO WORT. March Mr. rind A i'VariK 1/andy ami cliildren of. Charitable Socicl.v BA8T HAM, Kiig.. . M a r f h 7- cicty conducting dnnoes or . . . . ., chaririwi is called tbra Brciad Dripping j ni Mr. ami Mr?. A. C. Boy PI on Sun- jlul ! d n v ' .-' M r p . ]5cal | Rklgoview werp. vieltins at th-c Mrs. C. S. Webenthai ie ill at her home in Hammondville Vernon Baker ot Scit'dale was visiting liie griuUlpaientfi, Mr. anil Mrs. Emauuel Baker t,n Suicday. Mrs. Harry C h H e f n e r of Hammond- 1 ville IB improvin'i n f l « i an illness of', threo vs-cfks. 1 Mr and Ml*. I. H. BollniRer and ; c h i l d r e n of M u n i " 1 !ea«,in! wore viMtwiK fll Hie hom« 'if Mrs B o l h n - j pcr'.s brother, (i. .1. M o r g a n on H u n - ' clay. j Mr« Koniiptl and l u n r f l v o f ' Beaver Falle have returned bom* after spending a we«k with Mr. ami Mrs. David Ktrmoer. Mr. and Mrs. (.'oorfio Ensio sp«nt Monday in (rcen»burg. Mrs. David Q,Us-«r h.u, lxon ill at her home in IhinimotKlville. i h e past wopk. L o \ i B Kpftcr of l i o n Suii'liij at (h? home ui Mrs- \V K Srastlov. Dse Classified hriivsr ilaughlcr,

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