The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 11, 1939
Page 9
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Second Part Pages 9 to 16 VOL. 37, NO. 102 CONNELLSVILLE. PA., S A T U R D A Y KVJJNINC, .MARCH ] 1, J030. SIXTEEN PAGES. "Bluebeard's Successor" Goes on Trial in France For Deaths of Six Women Radio Information At a Glance By HAROLD ETTLINGBR United Press Stan Correspondent. VERSAILLES, France, Mar. 11.-Eugene Weidmann, 31, "BJuebe.ud's successor," and his gang ol cut-1 throats went on trial Friday, charged j with mm during Jean do Koven, a ] beautiful American dancer, and live I others. | Judge Edouaid Leamle looked pale , and drawn on the high bench in the ( gloomy assizes courtroom where' Bluebeard Landru was convicted of! mass murdets 18 years ago and sent on his way to the guillotine. Leamle spent all of yesterday reading the official reports of WCidmann's crimes. He couldn't steajp last night.; the report- w e i e that giues,ome. Weidmann and his gang opciated from Weidrnann's villa in the Pans submb, St. Cloud. They muidered deliberately as a business, the state charged, and the villa was both the slaughter house and the burial ground of the victims. Miss de Koven of. Brooklyn, touring Europe with her aunt, was lured there by Weidmann. who said he would get lier a theatrical encasement, .strangled, and buried under a porch. Then Weidmann tried to collect ransom from the aunt. The state demanded the death penalty for the stolid Weidmann, a German, and theie seemed little chance that he would escape the guillotine. His jury was made up o[ middle-class Parisiens of this Paris surburb. A heavy police guaid was stationed at the Courtroom, where lour lawyers, directed by the famous Vincent de Moto-Giafferi, began the battle in his defense. One of his attorneys is Mrs. Renee Jardin, who formerly taught school in the United States. Others are Robert Planty and Jean Raoult, The state also sought a death sentence for Roger Million, charged with committing one of the six murders, and asked lesser sentences for Colette Tricot and Jean Blanc, the other Tscmbevs of the gang. Although one Paris newspaper reported that Weidmann had vainly plotted to escape from prison on the j eve of his trial, Mrs. Jardin said her client had turned to religion and had been a model prisoner. "The only thing I can do for my parents is become religious," she quoted him. "I have no illusions about what the jury will decide, and I'd like to try to scjunre accounts beforehand." When captured after a battle with Popeye Weds Olive WCAE--1221 KC. (3:00--Bob Crosby's Orch. 0:15--Evening News. 6:23--Musicale Interlude. 6:30--Gray Cardan's Oixh. 6:45--Religion in the News. 7:00--Avalon Time. 7:30--Lives of Great Men. 7:45--Inside of Sports. 8:00--Tommy Rigcs and Betty. 8:30--To be announced. 9:00--Vox Pop 3:30--Hall of Fun. 10:00--Dance Oich. 10:30--Larry Clinton's Orch. 11:00--News Parade 11:10--Joe Rines' Orch. 11:30--Horace Heidi's Orch. 111:00--BernieCumnnns' Orcn. 12:30--Bob Crosby's Orch. 1:00--Shep Ficld.'s Orch. 1:30--Joe Reiehman's Orch. TONIGHT KDKA--980 KC1 6:00--News; Sports; Weather Tempera tu: e. G:OG--Year Moue oC the Air. (.15--Manuel Conlraies' Orch. 6:30--Rcnfie · of llic Mounted. 7:00--Message of Israel. 7-30--Qucstio-i Bee. 8:00--Don Hrsch News. 8 !r--Ben Cutlu-'s Orch. 8 30 --Brent JJotife. fl.OO--National Barn Dance. 10:00--Symphony Concert. 11:30--News; Weather: Tcmpertaure 11 45--The Music You Want. 12 00--Barney Rapp'i, Oicli. 12-3d--Far North Broadcast WAS--1290 KC. 6:05--Leiglilon Noble. 6:15--News of the VVovld. 6:30--Saturday Swing, 7.00--Americans at Woik. 7:30--Joe E. Browp.. 8:00--Johnny Presents. 8:30--Professor Quiz. fl-00--Honolulu Bound. 9:30--Saturday Night Jwrrcnaders. 10.00--Your Hit Parade. 10:45--Capitol Opinions. 11:00--News With Ken Hildebrand. I I IE -.Jack Dunr.y Orch. 1! 30--Charles Baum's Orch. SUNDAY Ready for work at the studio in New York arc Jack Mercer ami Margie Hines, after a Florida honeirmoon. You probably know both by the sound of their voice but not by sipht. Margie is the film voice of Olive Oyl, and Mercer is the voice of Popeye, in tbc animated cartoons- News of Tri-Town Community police, Weidmann confessed the mur- ter, Janet Marie, of Vanderbilt were ders. But later retracted and said that Million did the actual killing. Although there was no room for spectators in the courtroom, Versailles was crowded with curious from Paris and police issued passes to enable the 100 witnesses to get through their lines. DAWSON, Mar. II.--Jane Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Moore of Vanderbilt has recovered from an attack of grip. Mr. and Mrs. R B. Bauer and daughter, Peggy, of North Dawson, motored to Belle Vernon Wednesday evening to take their granddaughter, ^ Janice Bauer, to the home of her j parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bauer, j Miss Peggy Bauer remained at the home of her brother and sister-m- law. Mrs, C. J. McGill of North Dawson, who has been 11! for several weeks is slowly improving. Thomas Louderback of ConneUf- ville, Mrs. E. D. Brewer and daugh- Tnursday callers in Uniontown. Mr. and Mrs. J. Earl Roberts and son, Joseph, of Point Marion returned Home Thursday after spending near- Jy a week m Vanderbilt due to the illness and death of Mr. Robert's mother, Mrs. G. B. Roberts. Their son, George, a student at Carnegie Miss de Koven was the first victim (Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh. " ' -- . - . . . . was j 1Gre Wednesday for the funeral service. E. D. Brewer of Vanderbilt went to Pittsburgh Friday to take Miss Ruth Harlan to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment. Df the gang. Weidmann enticed her lo the St Cloud villa and, during a friendly talk, walked around behind her and seized her by the throat, strangling her and burying her body in the celler on July 23, 1937. Six weeks later he murdered Joseph Couffy, a taxicab driver, and in October he and Million killed Jeanine Keller, an Alsatian governess looking for a job. Roger Leblond, vaudeville impresario, and Fritz Frommer, a house to house salesman, were killed later and Raymond Lesobre, a renting agent, was the last victim. West Penn Power Denies Charge of Breaking PUC Law By United Press. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 11. -- The West Penn Power Company Friday defended itself against charges of violating the Public Utility Act of 1937 in the first case to be heard under the act in Pennsylvania. The private utility firm is accused of building rural extension power lines in territory pre-empted by a Rural Electrification Administration c-opoerativc. Friday's hearing, before Examiner Norman Billey of the PUC, was based on a motion of the commission for West Penn to show cause why il should not be penalized for extending its hnes in violation o£ the act. COUNTY RELIEF BOARD MEMBERS DECLINE TO QUIT UNIONTOWN, Mar. 11.--Fayette ·-·ounty's board of the Department of E J ublic Assistance has taken no action to comply with the request of Governor Arthur H. James and resign. A member said it was prepaied to meet at the call of R6v. John Campbell the Price Adjustment Payments for Wheat Growers Announced George Kline Dead. George Khno, 71. died suddenly Wednesday night ai his home at Rices Landing whore he had resided ·ill of his iifi;. lie ieavej one daughter, one brother nnd one sister. Pennsylvania wheat farmers who plant within their 3939 wheat acreage allotment as set by their county agricultural conservation committee, will be eligible for price adjustment or parity payment of 11 cents per bushel, according to an announcement by the Fayette County Agricultural Conservation Committee. This price adjustment payment, the committee pointed out, is a separate payment and is in addition to the regular agricultural conservation payment of 17 cents per bushel which will be made to coopcrators in the 1939 A. A. A. farm program who plant within, their acreage allotments. Counting both price adjustment payments and regular conservation payments, the total payments which will be made to cooperators on the normal yield of their wheat acreage allotments In 1939 are 28 cents per bushel. Those \vheat farmers who have already planted within their 1938 wheat acreage allotment may make application immediately for thii price adjustment pasment ot 11 cents per bushel. To receive this pnymerit it is not necessary to wait for the farm supervisor to make the annual Fall check-up when applications for the regular conservation payments are made. The Fayette County Agricultural Conservation office, located in the Court House at Uniontown, will supply application forms for this purpose to those farmers whose wheat acreage is now within their wheat allotment and will arrange to check wheat compliances on other farms as soon as notified that the president, 1 farmers hnve complied. The State Agricultural Conservation Committee ha^ announced that all wheat farmers will now have until May 20 lo comply with their wheat acreage allotments in order to qualify tor both these p,i\ments under the program. Any wluai now planted in excess of the allotment ma tie mov,*ed, closely pastured, iiarrov,ed, disked, plowed under as green manure or similarly disposed ol'. After May 20, any wheat in e:;- Asks for Divorce. CREEXSBURG. Mar. 11.--Ehza- '·wUi A. River of North Belle Veinon *as filed i-uit for a divorce from her j cess of the aliotmem must be siul : lusuamt, John F. River, charging i that it could not m a t u i e lo bo ^ru^lu. !hanc:-'od as yr WCAE 8:00--Organ Recital. 8:30--Four Showman quartet. 8:45--Anirt'al News Club. 9:00--Phyllis Morton. 9:15--Tom Tcinss. 9:30--Grandpa nnd Snuggms. 10:00--Radio Pulpit. 10:30--Music and American Youths. 11:00--Emory M. E. Church. 12:00--Music for Moderns. 12:30--University ol ChicaRO Round TabU. 1:00--Lutheran Hour 1:30--Kennell Time. IMS--Sunday News 2:00--Lets Go Back to the Bible. 2:30--Barry McK.nley. 2:45--Fables in Verse. 3:00--Sunday Drivers. 3:30--Vivian Delia Chiezn. 3:45--Bob Bccktr. 4-00--We the Wives. 4:30--The Win hi K Ynurr. 5.00--Saturday Afternoon in Hose- dale. 5:30--Spelling Bot. 6:00--Catholic Hour. 6:30--Show o{ ine Week 7:00--Jack Benny. 7:30--Band Wagon. 8.00--All Star Show. S:00--?.iar.h.atum Merry Go Round 9:30--American Album of Music. 10:00--T:ie Circle. 11:00--News 11:05--Johnny Mes^ner's Orch 11:30--Charlie Burnetts' Orih. 12.00--Chick Webb's Ore)]. 12.30--Bob Crosby's Orch. Bus. KDKA 8 00-- Trails ol Happiness. 9 00-- to Coast On a 10:01) -- Russian Melodies. 10:30-- Aloha Time. 10 45 -- Music ot Today 11:00-- e,.!vary Chun I,, 12 0(1-- liadin City -Munc Hail. 1 00-- Great Pl:is. 2-00-- Magtc Key at RCA 3:00 -- . \rmco Band. 3 30-- Kev.iwil of .Vus.i- 4:00 -- F-Jotr.otei. on f a m o u s Fc^t. 4:15 -- To b.^ annnum i*t! ·1 3D -- Vesper -- Shadysidc Church. 5 00 -- Metropolitan Auditions. 530- The M - n from Cook-. T» 43 -- Dog Heroes. C Of)-- Muiic P!c:iiC. C-l.' -- Sunday New p.-ipc: ot the Air. (i 30-- A Tale of Today. 7 0 0 -- r\"e-A- Yo:K Woiicl Fro- !4r,.m. 7 15--l'i,j)-jl.,r O.TM" 7.30--Selh Parker. 8 00--Cli vcland Orrh y UO--Hot!} wood Pl.iyhou^c. 3.30--Waller Windii.ll. »:·!."--Irene Ricl; 10 00-- Ronninre and R h y t h m . 10.30--Cheerio. 11-00--Mils.?; news. 11 -.15--Mi.^ lonary Ei nadcast. 11M)I)--l.:irry Omton';. ( J r c h . 12 30--Hi'ib.c Kay's Ori.h. WJAS G:00--St's Church. 10-00--Church of the Air. 10:30--Aubade for Strings. 11:00--First English Lutheran Church 12:00--Major Bowes' Capitol Family. 12 30--Music from Italy. 1:00--Church o( the Air. i.30--Salute lo New Yoik World's Fair. 2 DO--Americans All. 2-30--Words Without Music. 3.00--Pittsburgh Amateur Hour. 4 00--Rev. Charles E. Coughtm. 5.00--Tnduj's I'logr-im 5 05--bt. Lou's Blues. 5 30--Hen Berme's Orch. 6 00--The Silver Theatre. 6.30--Gatuwai to Hollywood. 7.00--People";, riatlonn. 7.30--Scieen Guild. 8.00---This is KI.-W York. iJ.OO--Ford Sunday Evening Hour. 10.00--Mc-l'.dy and Madness. 10.30--KMtenbfri Comments. 10:45--Capital Opinions. 11-00--A-t Giles' Oich. 11.30--Archie Blccr's O,Th. Legislature Considers 16 Proposals for New Sources of State Taxes MONDAY WCAE 7:00--Morning Express. 8.UO--New*. 8uJ--Today's Almanac. 8:30--Do You Remember. 8:45--Hits and Encores. 8:55--Health Column. 0:00--Jean Abbey 9:15--Gems of Melody. 9:30--Band Goes to Town. 9:45--Musical Mirror. 10:00--Central City. 10:15--John's Other Wife. 10:30--Just Plain Bill. 10:45--Woman in White. 11:00--David Hnrum. 11:1E--Lorenzo Jones. 11:30--Young Widow Brown. 11:45--Roac. of Life. 12:00--News. 12:10--Melodies. 12:15--The O'Neills. 12:30--Carters of Elm Street. 12:45--Si'ngin* Sam. 1:00--Musica] Caravan. 1:15--Bernie Cummins' Orch. 1:30--Melody Jewell Box. 1:45--Voice of Experience. 2:00--Elinor Sherry. 2:15--Polly Entertains. 2:30--Kitty Keene. 2:45--Utility Hail. 3:00--Mary Marlin. 3:15--Ma Perkins. 3:30--Pepper Young's ""amily. :45--Guiding Light. 4:00--Backstage Wife. 4:15--Stella Dallas. 4:30--Vic and Sade. 4:45--Girl Alone. 5:00--Dick Tracy. 5:15--Your Family Mine. 5:30--Jack Armstrong. 5:45--Orphan Annie. 6:00--Science in the News. 6:15--Evening News. 3:25--Sports. 6:30--The News on Parade. 6:45--Del Courtney's Orch. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Edwin C. Hill. 7:30--Big Swing. 8:00--Al Pearcc and Uis Gang. 8:30--Richard Crooks. 3:00--Hour of Charm. D-,30--Eddie Duclim. 10:00--Contented Houi. 10:30--Pittsburgh Playhouse. 11:00--New Parade. 11:10--Sterling Young's. Olth. 11:45--Lou Breeze's Orch. 12:00--Sammy Kaye's Orch. 12:30--Bob Crosby's Oreh. 1:00--Bernie Cummins' Orch. Waynesburg Gets Pledges to Frafs WAYNESBURG. Mar. 11-- Sixty- five btude-tts wc"e pledged to various Waynesburg College -fraternities and Phi Sigma Fraleim( -- J,un tlyerx Puim Marion: Lestei Crurnny, Deny. Pin Lamba Tnela Fiatcir.ity -Mill old Qucc.-. Mount Pleasant: Noi- man Km, L a t i u b c , Klmor Chi = ko. .KM'infi to JvDKA 6-30_.Mi!s.Cul Cluck. B Markit-. 7.00--Musjcal Cloih. 7-15--Western Trails. 7:30--.Musical Clock. 7:45--Uncle RUM,. 8:00--News. 8 05--Musna! Clock 8.15--Dr. Sunshine, 8:30--Musical Clock. 9:0(1--Shopping Circle. 9:15--Linda's First Love. 0:30--The Editor's Daughter. 9-45--Gospel Singci. 10.00--Tcna nnd Tim. 10:15--Jane Aidcn. 10:30--.Terry Sears' Orch. 10:45--Houseboat Hannah. 11:00--Mary Marhu. 11:15--Vic and Sadu. 11:30--Popper Young b Family. 11:'J5--Getting the Most Out of Life. 12.00--News,, Weather; Temp. 1":15--Kobcy Bits. 12:30--National Farm Home Hour. 1:15--Farm Radio News. 1:30--Women in the News. 1:45--Happy Gilmans. 2:00--BeUy and Bob. 2:15--Arnold Gnmm's Daughter. 2:30--Valiant Lady. 2:45--Hymns of All Churches. 3:00--KDKA Home Forum. 3:30--"Taient-Teacher's Association. 3:15--Tea Time Tunes. 4:00--Club Matmee. 5:00--Rakcv's Orch. 5:13--Terry and the Pirates. 5:30--Don Winslow of the Navy. 5:45--Tom Mix Straight Shooters. G:00--News, SporU,. 6:06--You Movie Magazine of the Air. 6:15--Manuel Contrares' Orch. 6:30--Music--Sports. G:45--Lowel Thomas. 7:00--Orphans o£ Divorce. 7:30--Song Pictures. 7:45--G-Men and Crime. 8:00--CarMn Robir.son rind His Buufcaroo.s 8:30---Those \Vc Love. 9:00--You Don't Say. i):30--Westminster Choi;. 10:00--True Or False. 10:30--National Radio Forum. 11:00--News. Weather, Temp. 11:15--The Music You Want. 12:00--Al Kavehn's Orch. 12:15--New Perm Orch. 12:30--Erskme Hawkin's Orch. WJAS 7:30--Musicale. 8:00--News. 8 15--Marjor.c Stewart. 8 30--Musicalc Review. 8:45--Cheene Melodies. 8:55--Today's Programs. 8:00--Richard Jv'axwell. " 9:15--Manhattan Mother. S:30--Joyce Jordan. 8:45--Bachelor's Children. 10:00--Young Dr. Malone 10:15--Myrt and Marge. 10:30--Hilltop House. 10:45--The Stepmother. 11:00--VolkAvem's Musicale. 11:15--Scatlergood Baines. 11:30--Big Sister. 11:45--Aunt Jenny's Real L i f e Stones. 12-00--Mary Margaret McBride. 12:15--Her Honor, Nancy James. 12:30--News of the World. 12:45--Our Gal Sunday. 1:00--The Goldbergs. 1:15--Lite Can Be Beautiful. 1:30--Road of Life. 1:45--This Day Is Ours. 2:00--Doc Bartley's Daughters. 2:15--The Life and Love of Dr. Susan. 2:30--American School of the Air. 3:00--Curtis Institute. 4:00--Ruth Carhar:. 4:15--Today's Programs. 4:20--Not So Long Ago. 4:45--Nan Wynn. 5:00--Music Restoration. 5:15--Howie Wing. 5:30--Baron Elliott's Orch. fi'05--Rhythm Roundup. 6:15--News ol the World. 6:30--Bob Trout. 6:45--Talk of the Town. 7:00--County Seat. 7:15--Lum and Abncr. 7:30--Eddie Cantor. 8:00--Cavalcade of America. 8:30--Mode! Mmstiels. 9:00--Lux Theatre. 10:00--Guy Lombardo's Orch. " 10:30--We, the Jury. 10:45--W. P. A. 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. 11:15--Sammy Kaye's Orch. 11-30--Cab Calloway's Orch. 12:00--Clyde Lucas' Orch. Masonfown Woman Put On Probation Special to The Courier. PITTSBURGH. Mar 10.--Nellie Savage, '2ii of Kusonumn, was placed on probation lor three years when Mi pkadcd g u i l l v in Federal CUUH lii .1 cKuije ot IniRim; ihi un- durscim'iit 't :i CiMli.i.i C o i i s e i v u t i o n Crimp c-ht'ck iiiid [las^iny L The ulteiiai' Uibt October when the check, v. Inch v. as payable lo a person ot the s-.m e n,\mf, -\\ab delivered to liei by :ht poitolli-.-c The sentence was imposed by J u d y F P Scnounm«kc:. Dunbar Township Man Gels Conviction Appeal UNIONTOWN, Mai. 11. --Jerry Gombone ol Dunbar township was allowed an appeal from a summary conviLtinn finding nim guilty ol' reckless dm ing I'l Dunbar township. Gimlwne said he stiuck Herman Conn with his automobile while the latter was riding a bicycle. He said he was fined S10 and costs by a justice of the peace but contended that he is not guilty of the charge and ;hat the magistrate- did not have jur- i^dictjon in t h e case. Mermaid in Furs By MOREY J. POTTER United Press Staff Correspondent. HARR1SBURG. Mar. 11.--Sixteen, proposals for tapping new revenue sources were under scrutiny of the House Ways and Means Committee today notwithstanding Governor Arthur II. James' recommendation that the State be operated the next two years with yields of existing taxes only. They ranged from a State lottery legalizer disguised as a ''protective investment annuity plan" to an outdoor billboard levy of five cents a square foot annually. Offsetting these potential revenue raisers were a halt dozen bills repealing existing taxes and extending exemptions to them. Held for consideration along with the hodge-podge of fiscal suggestions were bills sponsored by Representative Edwin Winner, R., Montgomery, Ways and Means Committee chairman, to enforce the Governor's recommendation that 5163,000,000 worth of emergency relief taxes devised by the Administration of his Democratic predecessor, former Governor George H. Earle, be held in effect throughout the next biennium beginning June 1. The eight bills to extend the emergency levies probably will be given final committee consideration soon after the Legislature reconvenes Monday night. There appeared to be some basis for belief some of the taxes might be discarded in favor of replacements from the heavy file of revenue-suggestions on the committee shelves as sop to interests remembering James' campaign pledge to ease the tax burden on industrial and business establishments. Participating in tha annual parada of fur fashions in Miami, Fla., Mias Mary Joyce Walsh wears this luxur- ,ious red fox piece over her swimming aoit. News of the Day At Normalville XORMALV1LLE. 11. -- A union meeting -was opened Sunday night at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. Richey is delivering Uie sermons. Everyone is "welcome. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Shank of Con- ncllsville visited friends here Sunday. -Mr. and Mrs. Chelsea Bigam and familj have moved from the Frank Bigam pioperty to Greens-burg. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Firestone have vacated the Miner property, moving to the Fiank Bigam property. Mrs. Homer Fullem and Mrs. Jesse Kooser were Connelisviile visitors Saturday TVIiss Lelia Miller and Helen Ritenour were shopping in Connellsville Wednesday. Mrs, Carrie Miller was a Connells- villo shopper Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Henderson and Mary Bungard were in Mount Pleasant Saturday. Mrs. Laura Feuhrer and daugh- teis, Pearl and Irene, oE West Leis- enrmg visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Miller Sunday. Madeline Aheam and A. G. C. Sheibondy arc reported on the sick list. Mr. Sherbondy is confined- to his bed. Mr. and Mrs. Reid King of Masontown and Mrs. Lottie Basinger of this place spent Sunday with John Basinger, \vho was a pat.ent at Aspinwali: He returned home Thursday. William Queer, James Clark and Christ Springer of Ligonier, Bennie Hichey and Lorraine Kuhns of Champion vere visiting fiiends here Sunday. Madeline Rheme spent the week- New Hagan Dairy Store Open; Dozen Given Employment The dairy store ol the I. N. Hagan Ice Cream Company in the corner room of the Firs? National Bank Building in "West Crawford avenue-said to be the finest ot 12 operated by the company in "Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia--was thrown open at 11 o'clock today. As in the others the business will embrace ice {cream, dairy products, meals and lunches at the self service style, delicatessen, and fountain service. It is said the interior is the most beautiful of any establishment in ConneUsville--pure white, with blue trimmings, and brilliantly lighted. Fixtures furniture and floor coverings are of matching colors. The room is 60x23 feet with kitchen and storage space to the rear. All the work o£ renovation and remodeling was done by local contractors. Likev/ise the employes are drawn from the local supply with the exception ol the assistant manger and the cook, both of whom have been on the Hagan staff. The opening ot the place provides employment for a dozen persons. Henry E. Slimmel, who for two years has been in charge of the store on the West Side, is manager. Jack Townsend of Morgan town, "VF. Va., formerly of Brownsville, is assistant. Fred Luckey succeeds Mr. Stimmel as manager o£ the West S-de store. He has been employed there for some time as assistant. Leiier Written Four Years Ago Costs Sloan's Firm Order for 109 Cars NEW YORK, Mar. 11.--A letter written four years ago by Alfred P. Sloan, president of General Motors Corporation, refusing to scive on a committee to promote Floyd Bennett Airport as an air mail terminus, cost % end with Dorothy Swartzwelder of I his company a contract for 109 police Connellsville. Baltimore Firm Low Bidder on Turnpike In Bedford County By UniLccI Pi ess. I1AHR1SBUIIG. Mar. 11. -- The S773.918 bid of the Empire Consi ruction Company, Baltimore, Md., was designated by the State Turnpike Commission Friday as the unofficial low of 10 submitted tor a contract to g: adc and drain five and a half miles of South Penn "superhighway" right-of-way in East and West Prc\; townships, Bedford county. To Fisht Mine Fires. PfTTSBLRGH, Mar. 11. -- The United States Buieau ol Wines is prepared to supervise a project to extinguish there coal mine lires in tlie city of Monesscn, Pa., whenever officials, there obtain a WPA giant ijf S600.000, William J. T'ene, of the ln- cal bureau, rcve.-iled. Kir« Destroys SOMERSET, War. I I . -- File destroyed the f.irn home of Harry Colemnn, a mile and a half south of Berlin. Tuoday aitomoon. An oveihcated chimney was believed to have fired the shingle roof. No household effects were sued. cars. The board of estimate rescinded a contract with General Motors and gave it to the Fargo Motor Corpora- lion, a higher bidder, after Deputy Mayor Henry H. Curran passed out copies of Sloan's letter to board members. The letter, addressed to former Police Commissioner Grovcr A. Wialen and dated September 3, 1835, said: "Naturally, f appreciate that it is probably to the interest of New York City, if we are to consider that by itself, to have Floyd Bennett designated, but f am not concerned with that . . . I am concerned in this case witn the besi service at the lowest pi ice, and according to my beiief, the Newark Airport (at Newark, N. J., DOW the air mail terminus) ·neetb the issue better than Floyd Bennett docs " James L. Lyons, president of Bronx borough, said he voted for rescinding tiie contract "because the Mayor (F. H. LaGuardia) feels that in this case it might teach Mr. Sloan a lesson." Joseph H. Lambert Dead. JOHNSTOWN, Mar 10-- A cerebral hemorrhage was believed to have caused dcaih ot Joseph H. Lambert, S8, Stste health inspector, in Memorial Hospital Wednesday. He suo camocd a Law hours after neighbors found him unconscious in the yard of his home at Morrellville. He was a former police lieutenant and Tri- State League baseball player. His widow, several surviie. brothers and sisters

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