The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 28, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1918. BaUy (Hmtritr.. HE-NRT P. SNYDER. Founder and Editor. 1879-J915. THE COVHIKIt COII*AY, K. M. S.XYDER, President. _ JAMES J. 0RISCOLL, f,--, Seo'y and Treas. Business Manager. JOHN L. BANS. Managing Editor. ·WALTER S. S.TIM1IEL, City Editor MISS LYNNE E. K1NCELL, Society Editor. JiEXTBERS OF : Associated Press. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania. Associated Dam«s Two cents »er copy. SOc p«r month: tS p«r year by mail If paid in advance. Ktttered' as s»cond class matter at the postoince, Connellavllle. Pa. LOCAL DISTRICTS INDRAFTDRA^NG Complete List Herewith Pub- lisht-d of Meu in Lottery Order. GROUPED BY HUNDREDS! « ltD 2 Br 155--fViUlan! R. Watson. Dan-son; John S. Hex, Duubar. li. I) 21G--·vnjlmrr, p. Phumek, Coalbrook. 2M--James A. Shaw, Connellsvillo. ]5S--Vmceiu J. -\ragleire, ScoUdale, Clarence H. Adam.s, Dunbar. 31 *IeivajTie Still, ConneJlsvilJc, R. D. 3; lwis H. Either, Mill Run. 6'i-r-Harry Craig, Mount Pleasant, R. D, 4; George Dumbauld, Indian Head. 241--Lancelot A. Lint, Daivson. Fonrth Hundred. 35--Clifton Breakiroa, Conaellsville, ·yaa J. Nen-myar, Vander- 2117 -- Harry TQininal, Dawson. 71 -- LiiAornou ii*. Mardi*., hioLttlulo, Milton Si.ydor, Connollsville, H. D. 208 -- Flunk C. Dunkle, Daw wn 17S -- John A. Ilariz, Ccmnollsvllle; John P Vj -- Samuel Leiseimug Simnoiib, Connells- TMDiT KTE3TISG, JU1TE 28, 1918. Hli;li«s! umber in Ilrn-rluc Affecting District So. 2 Is 248, WhUe in District 5 the Higbeftt It IS?; Councils- vOle loung Haa He-mis Hit 1 »e»rlce Fl«*. ·WTLLIA3I P. SKBKMAN. iMI ITait 1* American El- !*i«onary Forces. Prance. ·aiT.PTl p. SLSGBR. Cocvpany H, r?th Infantry. C S- N. A-. American Expeditionary Forces. France. MICHAEL OP.ENAL.DO. HAROLD RICHEY, Battery B. U7th Field Artillery, 2Sth Division. V. S- E.. G, American Expeditionary Forces. France. LLOYD B. COX. Comji»iy Tf. 'Tfi Engineers, U. S. A.. Fort Slyer, Va. JUIJOS CROUSE. Company B. 15th Engineers (KuJVway), American Expeditionary Forces. France. J V3CES J. McPAKTtAND. Corru'cmy B. 63rd Engineers, (Hallway), Fort Benjamin Harrison.- Indianapolis. Indiana. RUSSELL LENHART, U. S S. President Grant, u. 3. Navy. CARL STEHLE, 3rd Company. 1st Battalion, Infantry Replacement Brigade, Cans? Lee, Va. Below will be found a complete list ol men of 21 years of age m Districts 2 and 5, the headquarters ol which are in CounellsviUe, as their numbers were drawn in the draft lottery in Washington yegicrdaj. The j highest number :n District 2 is 248, i the highest j n jo. 5 is 137. The iirst ! ozone in each, paragraph is that of the I registrant of District 2, the second i that of District 5. The names are 1 gives, as tbey appear in tie groups ol hundreds in the drawing. They are: First Hcndred. 246--Carroll L. Flamgan, Connells- viiie. 154--Frank Curtis Hall, Connolls- vilie; Dwignt Kooser, Vanderbilt. 10--'Walter Alexander, Conneils- ville; James L. Morrison Ohiopyle 23--Frank Salpietro, ConnelisviUe; Marshal L. Morrison, Ohiopyle. 210--Edward R. George, Everson, 17---Pietro Dziedzic, Evevsoii; Bakratsas, Champion. Bill 3inl«r · Tke A«»ocl»t«* The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for re»ublicallon ot all the news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. 74--Charles M. Hibrot, Coat Atranase, Champion. 145--George L. buckey. Daw son; William H. Seders, Dunbar. 1S6--Raymond R. Rmgor, South Connelisviile; Leisenring. 207--Clyde Miller, ConnellsviUe. 226--Homer R. Kearns, Connellsville. 57--Jacob S. Bllenberger, Dawson; Oran M, "\Vaters, Ohiopyle. 76--Albert F. Whaiey, Bverson; John Urasek, Dunbar, R. D. 7S--Band Richey, Connellsvflle; William J. Os-H-ald, Adelaide. 122--Paul W. Wandel, Connelisviile; John A. Krysztofialt, Laisenrlog No. 3. 113 -- Cyrus S. Cmbaugh, Dawson; Amzi Hardy, Dunbar 62 -- William P. Tarr, Hunker; Ralph R. Roebuck, Dunbar. 18 -- George Jakubiak, Dawson; Albert L. Moon, Bidwell. H3-- Clayton S. CSriram, Connella- \-ille, R. D. 2; Frank Hartzcll, Dunbar. 223-- William J. Bloush, Connelib- ville. 2oo -- James W. Monosky, Conn»lls- ville. 51 -- James J. Grarly, Coinellsville; Harry B. Alillei, Mill Hun 81_FranciB J. McCaslim. Connells- rille, Michael DepaoUa, Vanderbilt. 173-- John H. Bisher, ConneUsville; John Pletro, Duntar 1SS-- Harry Henry, Connellavillc I 184-- Hoy E Colbert, Dawson; Nick | Siders, Vanderbilt. 8S-- Steve Ci,r«hcck, Broad Ford; Jesse R Sparks, Normalviile. 1SS-- (\ViUiam W Hoover, ConneUs- ville. 192 -- Clyde T vjlle; Cliftord B Moirisen, Ohitfpyle. 230--Albert C. Rofae. Connellsville. 1!)6--Joseph M. Hudak, South Con- nellsvilie. Bightli Hundred. 1S5--Joseph ililler, Uounelisvjlle, Brown Hall, Ohiopyle 59--Waiter F. Higgins, Scdttdale; Fred Cuppet, Somerheid. 37--Charles W. Loher, John Giomacky, Moant Pleasant, K. 0. Twelfth Hundred. ICO--John J. Brldrgum, Connells- vilk; Stephen Bllovesky, West Li'i- s e n r t n g 117--Garibaldi Fcniello, Connella- ville; Claionce R Wrilng. Chalk Hill. 139--Jaaac Goodman, Connollsvllle; Albert Ewell, Trotter. 333--Frdnk Showman, Counplls- ville; Forest D. Grovcr, "VVe^t Lciscu- nng 105--Charles, Krouse, Broad Ford, ·Carl Dulfield, Dunbar 42--John P. Brown, Mount Pleasant, Connells-'R O. 4, William H. G-hnst, Dickerson Stewart, Connells- llc. 245-- Walter F. Harry, Connells- Connolls- \ille. 224--Joseph C. S:esky, ville. 114--Fred D. Shelkey, South Con- nelisviile; William E. Hardy, Dun- IHE rr£L KEClXAriOSS. ^quiruig a coke operator or the Connellsville region to donate J2.500 E\erson; ' bar. | 3 1 !--Andrew Tober, Jr., Connclls- ville; Joseph Vansil, Vanderbilt. Viftli llnnclred. _ _ . ^ . 30--Louis DILlio, Connellsville; John Brasko, West I George Garland, Dunbar. 119--Leroy Smith, Connelisviile; Charles R Hawk, Dunbar. 187--John Ruenour, Connellsville; Louis Katoua, Elm Grove, 160--Jay W. Shingledecker, Connellsville; Mahlon Edwards, Yander- bilt. SS--William H. Basinger, Mount Pleasant, R. D. 1; Compton Groover, Chalk Hill. 49--Charles A. Maraha^d, Connellsville, R. D. 3; Charles L. Klngan, Con- 87--Donald K. SteUlc, ConaeJlsTilla; [nellsvilie. Alva H. Conway, Soroeriield. 25--John 209--Clarence McK. McMillen, Con nellsvilie. 177--Raymond D. Oiler, Conneils- to the Ifed Cross as a penalty for dis- \u\ e - j ona Radon, Dunbar, R. D. teganling orders and instructions o! I 4--*James Gray, ConnelUviIle; the Fuel Administration will have a j Charles C. Hennessev, Dunbar. ·very salutary effect upon the pro-, igg--james M. Ridgeway, Cocnells- duceti ot fuel who have been disposeo to regard the regulations affecting the j 539--George M production and distribution of fuel as! ville. Staley, Connells- more to be honored in the breach than tie observance. there has been disregard ot »ny ut the rules and regulations prescribed has been due, in most m- stances, to the failure of the offender* to giva thoughtlul or careful consici- 130--Francis A. Jack, Connftllsville; ·Hem-y Smith. Dunbar. Second Hundred. 229--Levi Basmger,'ConnellsviUe. 70--Alben H. .Martin, Connallaville; Clark Rowan. .Mill Run. 10S--Roger M. Kerr, Connellsville; eratiart to the seripub puipose which j *paul S. \Vesi, Vanderbilt. the Fuel Administration seeks 10 servii. At the inception of the plan for the regulation of the fueling iii- Del Sordo, Connellsville; Harry R. Shipley, Victoria. S8--Charles Af. Penn, Connellsville; dustry its failure was so freely pr-i- | Lloyd J. Hall, Bidwell. dieted that the disposition to p;.y 151--Anthony R. King, Connells- comparattvely little attention to tlie | vitie; Samuel C. Edwards, Broad Ford. orders was more or less generally manifested. There was not so complete realization tien, as has come 90--Warren Shellen-berger, Dawson, R. D.; Russell IfcElroy, Clifton Mills, W. Va. later, oJ the fact that the production | 65--John A. Yadeski, Coalbrook; and distribution of coal and coie JHobart Humbertson, Somerfleld. must be made to coordinate with, tae 125--Edward Goghn, ConnellsvUle; program for. speeding up our »ar | 'William C. Leaner, Dnnbar. preparation. Those persons m the industry who failed to so comprehend the objects and purposes of i-he Administration were inclined to 45--^Earl B. Vannest, ConnellSTille; Joseph Hines, Dunbar. 72--George" J. Atkinson, Mount Pleasant, R. D. 4; Albert Kemp, Con- lool; apon. the regulatory rales that I nellsvilie, R. D 3. were from time to auio promulgated, 135--Otto Strincr, Connellavilie; as little short of unwarranted interference with their rights and privileges. A few TV ere disposed to resent sucH an usurpation and still others conceived the idea that they could safely disregard the rules and orders. Ves-tly to the Joseph Conko, Trotter. 212--Joseph Warrick, Broad Ford. 61--Louis J. Cole, South Connellsville; William Proance, Dunbar. 234--Victor E. Feher, Connellsvilie. 91--Steven M. Danko, J r , Con- Beans, Connellsville; George D. Colborn, Mill Run. 5S -- Stephen S. Woiack, EVerson; Harold Victor, Dunbar. 12 -- "Gardie Craggotte, Connelis- viile; Michael McK. SanDer, .Vormal- ulle. 34 -- Bomar J. Breakiron, ConneUs- ville, H. D. 2; 'MoKinley Logan, Dunbar. 228-- John Delligatta, Connellsville. 149 -- Aqutlla R. Lambert, Counells- ville; Engar H, Firestone, Connella- ville, R. D. 3. 132 -- Walter C. Knopsnider, Freed; .Miles Klipa, Leisenring No. 3. 2-- 'William Millar. Connellsville, R. D. 2; Harry L. Strickler, Vanderbilt 247-- George A Hyatt, Connellbville. Sixth Hundred. 202 -- ^William Worry, Connellsville. 95 -- Hubert P. Wallace, Connellsville; F. Burnworth, Confluence. 77 -- George P. Bittner, Connellsville; Lewis Van Sickle, Clovertop. 46-- William J. King, Connellsville; Ira Burnworth, Ohsopyie. 243-- Orville T. Anderson, Connclls- viile. 227 -- Robert A. Mullaney, Connells- i-ille. 8 -- 'William J. Thompson, Connellsville; George Lovas, Vanderbilt. 107 -- Joseph S. Madigan, Connells- Joseph Lampart, Lfiiaenrmg No. Dawson __ a whole is it teat relatively it.^ persona nave been guilty of wilfull " violations. A large number have com' mitted breaches because of their Jail- ore to correctly inform ihemserves of , the requirements, but here and there haFe.bften. found a few who hare felt X-i »t liberty to make their own tater;p. ;-_"tail«is and applications of the regulations. T The Fuel Administration has been ;. patient with offenders, even to a fault, £ not desiring tj take drastic action i' except when circumstances made it ' - imperative to do so. This leniency JJ" Is not to be misunderstood as indif- ,- ferenee on part "of the Fuel Adminis^ trattoa. On the contrary it has been v made plain in a sufficient numpcr of '.'f, instances that the rules, regulations |r. r xrul orders are to be observed in both letter and spirit of the industry , nellsvilie; Earl M. Williams, Clover- A 32.500 fine lor violating Fuel Administration regulations wag a finer nnd for the Red Cross than for the fined. One good way to help stamp out Prussian ism Stamps. is to buy War top. 51--Frank V. Pisula, Everson; Harry B. Brown, Confluence 244--tLeslie E. Junk, Dawson. 63--Clark M. Leesig, Conncllsvillo; Mile* Purdo, Jr., Vanderbilt, 233--Edward I* Moore, Connells- 41--Walter L. Clabaugh, CoDnellv vUle; Raymond J. Soisson, OWopyie. j 84--Frank T. Walczak, Everson; Harry Shape, California. 'third Hundred. " 32--Hobart M. Patrick, Connellh- vllle; George Onuako, Connellsville 66--Eugene M Tippman, Connellsville; Harry B. 'Workman, Elliottsville. 16--'Albert Harris, Davidson; | Eichard Cramer, Champion. 203--William Worry, Connellsville 218--Frank Rrrth, Owensdale. 191--WHinn McK. Carter, Connellsville. 153--William Garlick, South Connellsville; Louis Pioli, Connellsvillo. 82--Steve WoJcischowEbi, Connellsville; Emmet E. Collins, Adelaide. : A German army officer boasts · they will soon beg'.n wiping American divisions as i' they that out were companies. But won't the Aim rican · companies be doinp something In the wiping; out line meantime? Savings) 238--Jesse J. Henderson, ConneHe- ville. 147--William J. Hushes, Connell»- ville; Harry E. Skiles, Dunbar. 55--Roy A. Livingston, Dawson; ^ "We are g:oinff to do bip things on £ the western front when the time comes, but we oupht to refrain from t talking big until the big things have be%n accomplished It will be sven ^ better to be modest then A disease known a*i "Fl indera jcrlppe" is prevaient behind th- Ger- 1 man lines but It has no terrors for tht* Huns compared with the prlo the Americans are getting; on the situation at the front. George T. McCormick, Dtinbar. 33--Hand Shank, ConneUsville; Ralph B. WortWngton,- Dunbar,. 56--Earl S. Lint, Daweon; Oren B. Ritenour, Indi.'n Head. 102--G. Carr Sheetz, Connellsville; Thomas E. Kelley, Dunbar. 48--Peter A. Komanda, Bverson; Heuel White, White. 206--Leo Viller, Broad Ford. rill. 3. D3--Robert H. Bates, "Lewis Bell, Dimbar. 92--Earl L. Cotton, Dawson, R. D.; George H. Hall, Normalville 190--John A. Franks, Jr., Connellsville. 131--Harry Sine, Connellsville; Joe Dinatale, Dickerson Run. 123--William R Rnde, Connellsville; Gabriel N'arfongalla, Dunbar. 16--Joseph Landy, Mount Pleasant; Michel Mehallick, Leisennng. 204--Isadore L. Horowitz, Conuells- ville. 120--Charles E. Jones, ConnellB- vilfe; William McK. Hall, Nonnalville. 194--Harry J. Crawford, Dawson. 150--James A. Riley, Broad Ford; Frank E. Bloom, Dunbar. 94--Joseph J. Skeigan, Stauffer; William C. Wallace, Adelaide 148--«John F Murray, Everson; Paul M. Roland, Conuollsville. 156--Joe M. PolakowdkJ, Bversou; Andiew J. Hatter, Dunbar, H. D. 1. 67--Arnold Redding, Pennbville; Samuel E. Brown, Acme. 40--Charles F. White, Connellsville; Jesse P. Franks, Leisennng. 182--William B. Lowrey, Dawson; John F. Owad, Leisenring. 38--William M. Long, Mount Pleasant, R. D. 1; Bruce McC Hall, Ohio-i pyle. Seventh Hundred. 232--Maurice M. Kendall, South Cppnells 'Ule. 7--'William McDonald, Connellsville; Henry Thomas, Dunbar. 37---Prank Luciano, Connellville; Thomas II. Shipley, Bidwell. vilie; Virgil D. Coniey, Cumberland, Md. 36--Raymond Coniey, South Con- neUsville; Harry L. Spaw, Farmins- ton. i58--Anthony .f. Bartbploniai, Conn e U b v i l i e ; 4 rrcy 11. Over on. \andtr- bilt. 85--Qbert Newcomer, ConnellaviUe, H. D. 2; Edward L Mihci, Dunbar. 105--Cataldo Corrado, ConneUsville. 172--William McK. Vance. Dverson; J A n r i r e w K. liipov^kv, rtrook^ale. 161--Gcoige A R u d o l p h , Uonieilb- vllle, Jesse \v. Pipur, Duabar. 33--Clyrie Huston. Connellsyille, *Come Bailey, Dunbar. 41--Floyd K«3°!ar, Coi'nellRvllle; Lorenza White, White 116--Charles Batlei, Cocnellsville, R D. !; AHa R. West, Ch.llk Hill. 13S--Walter J. Scliiler, Connellsville; 'William Bidding, Dunbar. 02--Albert J Firestoap, South Con- n«llsvllle; James P. Burger, Nornial- yille. 164--Worth Ciopp, ConneUavillc; Rayuier P. Boil, Juniala. 181---Henr" ^"owberg Counellsvitle, Thomas J. Graham, Dunbar, R. D, 1. 140---Russell Crawford, Connolls- ville; William E Humbert, Dunbar. 222--Charles F. Lelasch, Coanells- ullo, H. D. 1. Ninlh HnuAred. 128--James H. Ruli, Conneilsvllle; Flank Abriol, Jumata. 217---Eruno M Stnltb, Ottensdale. 197--Tony Giilott, Conneilsnlia, 3. D. 2. 103--Bernard Brodigan, Connalls- ville; James Miller, DJnbar. 70--Hike Wiailoskj, Davidson; John A. Thrasher, Indian Creek. 15--"John Edwards, Moyer; Lman R Adams, Champion 111--William Lashmsky, Conaells- villc, R. D. 1; Roy L. BuruwonU, Ohlo- pyje. 26--Frank Pilla. Connellsville; William Kern, Mil! Run. 110--Edward S. Devanoy, Dunbar, R. D. 2; George Chulko, Leisenring. 211--Jotwi A. Bassinger, E\erson. 194--Walter L. Rceke, Bvprsaa; "Norman Wallace, Adelaide. 157--Stephen B. Bibel, Everson; Earl H. Moyer, Dunbar. 31--Garyette H. Wingard, Connolls- vllle; Elinex Nicholson, Normalviltp. 96--John H. Miller, Freed; Samuel H. Glisan, Markleyshurg. 114--John L Giffin, Conaellsville; Ira Lowrey, Dunbar. 53--Andy Milbower, Davidson; Bryan Wells, Mill Run. 43--Matthew J. Glofiso, Connellsville; Harry E. Mitchell, Dunhar 142--ilarry E. Moore, Connellsville; John Wise, Morrell. 106--Albert C. Robinson, ConnelH- ville; Joseph W. Pirl, Normal-rule. 248--John T. Levergood, Dawson, 13!--John A. Koballa, South Connellsville; Albert Twardesky, Connellsville. SO--Harry L. Brltt, Connellsville; James R. Cain, Chalk Hill. Tenth lluiiilred. 201--Wiley L. Taylor, Dickerson Run. 127--Philip J. Cochran, Dawson; Joseph P. Wardzella, Leisenring No. 3. 101--John Balaley, ConrjelUnriHe, R. D. -'; Clarence E Junk, Uniontown, R. D. 1 159--Michael J. Burke, Owensdale; Albert Schmidtlie, ConnellsviDe. 170--JLeoaef J. Sterbiited, Everson; James G. Hall, Vandcrbilt. , 144--William J. Gallentine, Connellsville; Lee G. Dennis, Dunbar. 23--Fellppo Poggla, Connellsville; Ralph A Gibson, Dunbar. 22--Joseph Porayi, Davidson; Jesse Basinger, Rogers Mlllfe. 214--Frank J. Chledowski, Owensdale. 21--Phlllinp Lauzi, Connellsville; Ira W. Tissue, Mill Run. 180--Albert Rtciitcr, Connellsville; Jesso D. Myeis, Dickerson Run. 75--William E. Roscndale, Connolls- ville; Patsy Baer, Adelaide. 50--Charles Robenburg. Connellsville; James 0. Solomon, Indian Head. 47--Samuel R. Ensley, Connellsville; Burnworth, Confluence. 326--Joseph B. Dixon, ConncllB- vi!!e, Albert P. Rohm, Vaaderbilt. K--Fred Bogdansky, Dandson; Steve Rifaosicy, Dunbar, R. D. 1. 60--Earl R. Grove, Dawson; Jtc- Kmiey Grimm, Indian Head. 120--(Harry NlooU, Owensdale; Orlando DiCmtos, Dunbar. 205--Ralph Burkett, ConnellSTille. Eleventh Qnudreil, 183--John. R. Schooiey, South Connellsville; Amadio Lolii, Dunbar. 73--Ivan A. Dietz, Connellsville; Harry D. Shumey, Elliottsville. 167--Earl B. Richey, ConneUsville; Michael Byuse, West Leisenring. 169--Fred K. Marietta, Connellsville; Francis M. Cunningham, Ohiopyle. Ill--Charles R. Goodwin, Connclls- villc; Henry Banner, Wliite 163--Thomas H. Guard, Councils-' 175--Daniel A Ansel], Dawson vUle, R. D. 2; Andrew Michor, Leisenring. * 233--William ateCutcheon, Conneile- ville. 179--John S. DeTemple, Connella- ville; Stanley Rocha, Dunbar. ·'John Mockabee, Swagertown; 13--Jeas Wright, Connellsville; iWilhur R. Sherrer, Leisenrittg. There were no blanks in Unclp Sam's ' lottery yesterday, not even blank astonishment oa the faces of th- nura- [ ^er-holders- In furnishing 62 nven oat ot 100 to ^ be- sent from Fjiyette county on the ' next draft call Connellsville aiifl vlcin- ' Ity win he keeping up its end in usual Earry L. Smiley, Dunbar. 3--"William McK. Hart, Connells- vil'.e: Boyd Warne, Dunbar. 64--Andy Stwula, OwensdUe, Arthur J. Newhouse, Leisenrtng No. 3. 168--William H. Briner, Scottdale; Asa McK. Fike, "West Leisenring. aSS--Jai-ob E, Cogan. Dairson. 337--John L. Waller, Brerson; By- roa H. Brooks, Normalrille. 193 ville. Hohart G. Fisher, Connells- 52--John D. Butler, ConnellsviUe; Patsy Onofiio, Juniata. 6--''Jordan H. Taylor, Connells- James P. Workman, Markleysburg. 219--Steve J. Bamick, Owensdale. 24--Alexander Valencia, Dawson; Edw_ard Liston, Dun-bar. 14--'William Rohinson, Connellsville; John Bereiter, Dnnhar. 165--Uoyd Kinnear, Mount Pleasant, K. D. 2; Charles W, Bntt, West Leisenring. James H. Obler, Mill Hun. 146---Hess L. Brooks, Connellsville; Henry J. Stephenson, Dunbar. 9--'Lartclns Pelcrson, Darlington, S. C.; Amos C. JMK'er, Indian Head. 20-- Joseph Lovito, ConmallM-Ule; William TlKSUfl, Mill Ron. 220--William J. Sheppard, Dawson. 242~Jamos V. Rodgers, Connellsville. 100--Henry Ohler, Connellsville; William A. Hornell, Dunbar, H. D. 1. 115--James Speelman, Stafford; Ralph B. Raymond, Chalk Hill. 109--Norman S. Shultz, Canal Fulton, 0.; 'Charles 35. Jones, Jr., Vanderbilt. 215--Ear! Trump, Mount Pleasant, Run. 213--August Zellroore .Mount Pleasant, R. D 4. 17b--Frank Stanley, Daivson; John Kelly, 235--Philip Coayty. 171--Charity W .Vewcll, IJawton; -tohn Saukey. Jr., Lcistnring, 121--Harlon W Htgbee, Coch.-an- tou, Da\ r ld C. Thomas Dtinbat 221--William Q u e s t , 162--Albert Gabelt. Oweusdaie; V i c t o r C Gibson, D u n f u t i42-- Ariliur Walbitj. Coiuiell.,\illi',' John A Nygron, Connellsville. 118--Harry E Diggs. Connellsv.Ue, George Canetsco, Leisenriug No. 3. 97--William W. B u n , East Libertv; Clyde McK Feaier, Branciouville, W. Va. 236--Hobarl Thomas, Connellsville. 171--Aloysius H Cupp, Couuells- ville, Leonard Yauger, Vanderbilt. 152--Arthur C. Moore, Cor.nel's- ville; Lloyd Richtor, Connpllsville, 11. D. 3. 225--iLouis McArdlo, Connel'.svil'fi. KNITS 49 PAIRS SOCKS Woman From Oregon r ltnnship Has too Kocunl. Forty-nine pairs ol completed socks and another pair ou the way is a record m knitting made by Mrs Harriet A, Hague ot Silver ton, Oregon, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Josiah Frqed of Duubar township, Mrs, Hague who 3s well advanced in her 70th year, cast on the stitches for her 50th pair of soeki yesterday morning and expects to complete her work Mrs. Hague is the widow of Lieutenant Hague of the Mtli Pennsylvania Cavalry and has a son. Lieutenant Rdvrard Hapue m the army at San Francisco, and a nephew, Russell Smiley of near Umontown, on the fighting line in Prance. She is an active worker in ihc Red Cross at Silverton and expects to keep on knitting /or the soldiers, despite the fact that she does not at present pnjoy the best of health, until the vrar closes. Mrs Hague formerly resided near Untontowi:, but for the past 50 years has been located in the veal, spending some tune in Iowa. Since the death of her husband she has made her home with her daughter, Mm, Grace Allison at Silverton. This is her first visit to Pa-yette county in seven yeara. HcCormJek Claims Dog. Tho dog which was picked up by the police at the Baltimore Ohio station Wednesday mght when thf draftees were leaung has been claimed by Street Commissioner TSTlIiarn McCormiek "Bil 1 " was busy on the War Savings Stamp ca".\as-s yesterday and did not miss the dog u n t i l in the evening. The. dog was a very j valuable one. Home FIUBI Hospital. MKss Sarah Bowman, who underwent an operation at the "West Pean hospital, Pittsbuig, has rorurnpd to j her home at Cherry Lane farm, Dunbar township. WANTED -- YOUK buainess HBNDINB'S. tt WANTED--BEJL HOUSB. BOY AT SMITH W ANTED--DINING ROOM CURL AT TLAS HOTEL, South Counullavillc. WANTED--COOK AND CHAMBUR- roald ^ TRANS-Al«LJSGmCNY HO- EEL. -!5junetfa WAITED -- PORTJ3R, NOT IN draft, at UJ.LL HOUSE, Scottdale. W. S. S, hj Ufc I'nitod s Ovrernmeut Uuy Tlirift Stampst S}Kli*malis Unylug lt tl»» Only IVay to IIclji 1 lic G" ernment* Hemarkable values are offered you this week in every department. Special attention is called to the remarkable values in the dry goods department for women, misses, ami rhildren'a wear. You know, or ought to know, that domestic dry goods, or cotton fabrics, are Increasing in value more than any other class of goods. There is a gr^at lot of odds and ends, very desirable goods, suitable for any use a woman would like to make of them, being offered at cut prices in this inventory sale. You may be -able to get them after reading this announcement and you may not; they go rather quickly when put out o nsale. We call your attention further to the remarkable values in our shoe departments for women, misses, and children. There is a very desirable line of fancy colored high top shoes, only a few- sixes of each line, assortment broken. These odd3 and ends are being closed out--it is a bargain opportunity. Look through the different departments and you -will find in every one of them, attractive bargains. Only three more days of the Inventorv Sale. 63 Larg-e Irepartmeat Stores* Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good. All the newest and best styles are here. Men, women and children with real Shoes. present purpose. Cheap to q u i c k cash ; Notlre of b u j e r . Address X cnro Courier. I S j u n e t t WANTED--OILEK AT WEST J J iNN Power station AltljjL bo Dvor IS yoara and sloady; WM?en $77 50 pe.- moinh, with good cbJ4icc tor advancement 28june3t FOR 3Ar,K-- SJ3V3SN PLATE GUASS :op floor cases, h»tt c.isr, rc'rigcr Ut. p. meat rack, block, marble top c o u n t a r An1 f O i a b i n a L i o n electric grinder C McGH'l*, Davfaon, Pa, ot rnrtiXTTililti. GOOD STRONG men for ash loaders Pa 22i(,c foi J O c u b i c Coot \v-aKOn. Cin fi.i-lly miikf 1 Jfi.OO pnr day WT3ST PICNN I-*O\VKU ST.VTIOK. 2Sju-ioJt NOTTOK IS HEKBBV GITEN THAT the p t r l n e r s l n p ]aieJ3' subsisting b»- tw eoi Alec Clnnn and J Gardner of the eily of Oonnellsvillc, ConntV of PayetlP, and State of Pennsylvania, u n d e r the firm name of Chinn Gard- "=r. u-av dissolved on the 261h day ot June, A D I!il8, by mutual content. . A i l debts o^/ln^^ tc» the *.aid partner- FOR SALE--CHEAP. srX HI3\D b |,| p , irc to bt received bj- t«-.e said pood work '·or'.c';. three gets d o u b l e i Alec Chun and n i l demands on tin- h.irncsB, f o u r good road w j^ons.__on^ Sri lci n a r t r t e r s h i p a i e to he presented B BOTH D^S CO \L COMPANY, Tr]~Slatp South lhone to for CII1NN, 0 7juneCt WANTED -- FIVE TEACHERS IN Stewart township Board it PIS J u l y l«t ·VVrlto JOHN" H A H E A L J G H Secretary, Victoria, P.i 21jiine9t TVANTUP--SAU:SJ.iAX OR SALCB- lady' Outdoor w o r k antl a. c°°d oppor- t u n i t y tor the riffht. pe"s«n AUtlreds XX care Courier. I S j u n e t t OUorcc Notfec. ]*OTS FOB SAliH--THK JOHK T i; m biM. H^irTaiJnT'Mclce^r^'wTmarnai Hoeff properlv tast P.irlc A d d i t i o n , A l ' o r n e j i and South Side, his been divided M \ R Y M DAVIS \S DAVID W .imonK the li-ir-, Mrs Johnston w i l l Davis. In the Court of Common Pleas soil Iier holdinpB on liberal torms anil i n f rayette cuuoty. Pa. !vo. 438, March lerm. I'llS To David "W. Davis. Re- sjmndenf You are hereby notified that the subpoena and almM bubpoena in very reas-onabjp price Some choice lots on both paved anU uii|.ived streets \Vill help firancc buyers if they want to build. Ijong time easy payments fur Lhose vriihine to b u i l d WANTED--COAT., MIXKRS ON CN- try WOI-K at "-^v. mine oC Lmcoln Gas Coal Company, near WashJn£;t^n, Pa ; 8 hour shift A p p l y S. AV VANCU, t h i s oase have been returned "Non cst Inveniiif. '* you are therefore required to Super! n tendon t. 27jun«6t W A N T E D - (malfl) Cor the CLERICAL HEIP general ofTice of large corporation^ P e r m a n e n t positions and splendid opportunities !oc advancement to the right parties State aprc. experience, and snlftr* desired. Address A u d i t o r , F O. Box 839. Butler, Pa 27June3t O*»x. FOR RENT--APARTT-TENTS. FLORENCE K. D. 2. ·*Floyd Coleman, ConneUsvlUe * aijunetf FOR RENT--ROOM 1V1TIJ BOAP.D. 124 West Annie htreet. XOjunet^ FOR SALE--HEAVY HORSE, TWO wagons and hwneiia, JOE PEDLO, Franc'a avonno and Tenth street. 2 6 J U D 8 3 C * l.iior Lots located on Wishintjton j app( . flr J n lhe Court of Common Pleas nnmed Consul! any estate agent j, avei w h y a divorce from'tho bonds of -write direct stutintr w h a t lot or lots arc wanted STITWART 7OHNS- TON, 1208 House Bui dins imony should not be Rrantr-d the l i h f H a n l abo\ o named. THOMAS SherilT Sheriff's office. LOST -- HBTWCKX" COKXELI^S- viUe and Plttsbur^r two 3 2 x i a u t u ttrcs and rims comjilete. neward of i »!5 for r e t u r n W. E. RICE. Con-1 rpllsville Pa. 2«junc3t Fonnd. FOUND -- GENTLEMAN S GOLD wa.icn Saturday, oppo-Tite Touch House. Owner can have same b? calling- at -25 First street, West Side an i paving for this ad 26jun FOB SALE--USED HUDSON AUTO model .IS, In ffood vurning: condition Inquire, 104 W. Crawford or Wells Mills, Garage. JSjunotf. FOB. SALTS -- OAKLAND B.OAD- ster, -wltn ti-uclc bed Too litr"t toe Xorice. THE CONNELLSVILLE NEW AND j Second Hand Furniture Store Is no-w I prepared to do uphoistorme and re- [ finishine groods in ail the latest de- , bigrns We are also prepared to ro- i pair locks, make keys and all work alone thj,t line. 123 South Pitt3bur(j , street. Tri-State 762. 25june5x ' By Parcel Pcm to your door. Send o u r money now Wo v. (11 ship at once. Parcel Post charges paid. Barred Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Rede at 25 for $ 4 50 50 for J 3 00 100 for Jl? 50 Also "White and Brown Leghorn 1 * at 25 for S 4 0 0 50 for j g.QO 200 for $35 50 BtrK RJDGB POULTRY FABBI Bell Phone 1779. Unlonto-wn, Pa.

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